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					  4100 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416 952-926-5611

Satisfying the appetites and souls of People since 1995
                                     Burgers and Sandwiches
                                 Includes a choice of French Fries, Coleslaw or Potato Salad

             Tuna Salad Sandwich                                                                      #21 Falafel Platter
              Our popular tuna salad                   Our Black Bean and
                                                                                                  Falafel, pita, hummus, lettuce,
          on whole wheat with lettuce 8.99             Mushroom Burger                            Israeli salad and Tahini 10.50
           Egg Salad Sandwich
                                                       Classic Veggie Burger                              #31 Sabeech
      Prepared with eggs, celery, onions and
                                                    Served on toasted bun, lettuce,          Split pita filled with hummus, lettuce,
      mayonnaise Served on whole wheat
                                                         tomato, pickles and                  grilled eggplant, hardboiled egg and
            bread with lettuce 8.99
                                                        Fishman’s sauce 9.25
                                                                                                 spicy mango Amba sauce 8.99
         #1 Walleye Pike Sandwich
      Our own beer-battered filet of walleye      The Better Veggie Burger                             Tuna Salad Pita
     served on toasted bun with tarter sauce      Whole wheat toast, lettuce, tomato,
                                                                                             Split pita sandwich filled with lettuce,
               and lettuce 11.50                   pickles, onions and mustard 9.25
                                                                                             tuna salad, hard boiled egg, cucumber
                                                                                                         and tomato 9.50

                                                 Spaghetti Dinner
                                         Spaghetti topped with Italian red sauce
                                      served with garden salad and bread stick. 8.50

                                                  All Day Breakfast
                                                  Available from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM
                   A Three Challah French Toast 4.75                     G. Scrambled Eggs 2.00
                                                                         H. Nova Lox and Bagel 8.75
                   B. Five Challah French Toast 7.95
                                                                             Parve cream cheese, tomato and onion.
                   C. Three French Toast with Scrambled Eggs 6.75        F. Toasted Bagel with Fruit Jam
                                                                            or Margarine 2.50 (par eve cream cheese 1.50)

                                               Entrees (Available after 4 pm.)
                 Chinatown mushroom, Asian vegetables and cashew stir-fry served with rice 9.95
               Spanish style cod filet with tomato, olives, peppers and onions served with rice 12.99
                    Poached salmon filet with mango sauce. Served with crunchy coleslaw 12.99

              Gazpacho Soup 4.95 Bowl                                                       Hummus and Pita 4.50
            Chef Ron’s Onion Rings 4.75                                   Potato Latkes with apple sauce Two 4.75 Three 6.75
            Beer Battered Fish Filet 4.75                                                 Falafel Balls with Tahini 4.75
              Crispy Veggie Asian Rolls                                                      Veggie Corndog 3.50
           With Chili Lime Sauce. Two 6.95, Three 9.99                                        Potato Knish 2.99
            Mock Crab Rangoon (6) 4.75

             Beer-battered filet of walleye pike served with French fries, coleslaw and tarter sauce. 12.75

                 Chopped Garden Salad with Beer-battered filet of walleye pike and tarter sauce 13.25

                                Fresh Garden Salads & Combinations
                       California Salad                                            South American Ceviche Salad
           Fresh strawberries, bell peppers, cucumbers,                    Crisp lettuce topped with mock seafood ceviche salad,
           mangos, toasted cashew atop of crisp lettuce,                   egg, tomato, cucumber, radish and tortilla chips 13.50
         Served with raspberry poppy seed dressing. 9.95
                   Salad Platter Combination                                          Stuffed Tomato Platter
     Choose a combination of four items: pickled beets, fresh                 Tomato stuffed with our tuna salad. Served with
      fruit, coleslaw, hummus, stuffed grape leafs, cucumber                        potato salad and fresh fruit. 11.95
     salad, tuna salad, egg salad, Israeli salad, or potato salad,
                    Served with pita bread 9.50
                                                                                Pasta Louis Salad
                 Chopped Garden Salad 3.50                    Mock crab Louis tossed with shell pasta, sweet peas, tomato
     Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radishes and croutons          and egg. Served with fresh fruit. 10.95

                                            Half Sandwich Combos
                       Choice of tuna salad or egg salad on whole wheat or seedless rye bread
                                         Lettuce, Tomato and Onion add .50
      Choice of Cup of Soup of Gazpacho soup OR Chopped Garden Salad with a half Sandwich 6.99
                                      Bowl of Gazpacho soup with a half Sandwich 7.99

        Beverages                                        Sweet Things                                 This and That
         Fruit Smoothie 2.95                        Fruit Pie 3.75 (ala mode add $1.00)            French-Fries Small 2.25, Large 4.50
Pepsi Fountain soda, with refills 1.75                Chocolate Sundae Cup 1.75                             Israeli Salad 3.50
Brewed Iced Tea, unsweetened 1.75                    Brownie Sundae Deluxe 3.50                        Coleslaw, Potato Salad 2.25
       Coffee or Hot Tea 1.75                        Cookie (chocolate chip, oatmeal or                        Pickle 1.50
           Fiji Water 2.00                                 snicker doodle) 1.25                              Pita Bread 1.50
       Dr. Brown’s Soda 1.50                                Cream Pie 3.75                              Schug (Hot Sauce) .50
 Fruit Juices, Orange or Apple 1.50                        Mint Brownie 3.50
        Israeli Malt Star 2.00

                                                          Kid’s Menu
                                   Served with French Fries OR Fruit Cup and Small Fountain Soda
                         Spaghetti and Sauce 4.50                            Little Fishes with Tarter sauce 6.75
                           Veggie Corndog 4.50                              Half Sandwich Tuna or Egg Salad 4.50
The 9th day of Jewish month of Av is the saddest day
 in the Jewish calendar. It commemorates primarily
  the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
 almost 2000 years ago, but other tragedies as well.
 To lesson our joy during this time it is a custom to
refrain from eating meat and wine from the first day
             of the month until the 9th.

   At Fishman's we help facilitate this custom by
      offering a special 9-Day menu with fish
              and non-meat offerings.

  This year the 9th day of Av menu begins on July
22nd and continues through July 29th. July 30th is a
     fast day and our restaurant will be closed.

Visit us July 31st for our regular delicatessen menu.
                      Thank you.

  4100 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416 952-926-5611

Satisfying the appetites and souls of People since 1995