GOLDEN DOOR SP A MENU Disclaimers by tomatoefries


									Disc la i mer s
For your convenience, an 18% gratuity is automatically

                                                              M E N U
applied to all services and distributed to the staff.

Resort Guests
Guests at The Dakota Mountain Lodge & Golden Door
Spa enjoy complimentary use of the fitness center and
may upgrade their access to include spa access, which
includes showers, locker rooms, steam & water amenities,

                                                              S P A
spa terrace & other lounge facilities.

Age Policy
To protect the tranquil nature of the spa and its
environment, children under 18 years are not permitted
to use the spa facility. This includes the Men’s and

                                                              D O O R
Women’s Lounges, fitness facilities and other spa areas.

If accompanied by an adult at all times, children ages 12 –
17 years may enjoy massages, facials, and body treatments
with the adult present during the spa treatment. Gender
of therapist may be chosen based on preference of
accompanying adult. Children ages 12 – 17 years may
enjoy treatments in the Hair and Nail Spa unaccompanied.

                                                              G O L D E N
Spa Hours
Spa Services                       8:00am    – 8:00pm
Fitness Center and Facilities      6:00am    – 9:00pm
Hair and Nail Spa                  9:00am    – 6:00pm
Retail Boutique                    9:00am    – 6:00pm
       * Hours of operation are subject to   change
               at management’s discretion.

Reservations & Cancellations
Booking your spa reservations in advance is strongly
recommended. Please call Golden Door directly at (435)
647-5555 or from the resort at extension 5555.

As a courtesy to other guests and to our therapists, we
strictly adhere to the spa cancellation policy: If you
must reschedule or cancel an appointment, workout or
recreational activity, please advise us at least 4-hours in
advance to avoid being charged 100% of the scheduled
activity. To cancel a package, we require 24-hours
notice, and for groups (8 or more persons), a 14-day
notice is required to avoid being charged 100% of the

Spa Gift Certificates
Spa gift certificates make excellent gifts and can
be used for treatments, spa retail products and spa
clothing, salon treatments and personal training session

                                          A Suite Escape
S pa I n d u l g e n c e Pa c k a g e s

                                          Indulge yourself and loved one(s)            My Dakota Honey
                                          in our Futari Suite. Relax as this           Revitalize and refine your skin’s texture with this
                                          package     includes    up    to     eight   Golden Door Signature facial using products
                                          50-minute treatments and includes            developed exclusively for the Golden Door Spa,
                                          a spa lunch. A true escape, the              uniquely personalized for the Beehive State. This
                                          suite’s amenities include a private          nourishing treatment highlights our honey oatmeal
                                          soaking tub, Japanese style shower           almond scrub and masque to soothe, soften and
                                          and tea service. Perfect for a               moisturize. Includes scalp massage, hand and arm
                                          couple or ladies’ day out.                   mask. 80 minutes
                                          Please Allow 6 hours
                                                                                       For optimal hydration, may we recommend the
                                                                                       HydraQuench Ultrasound Infusion add-in

                                          Mountain Master Tune-Up
                                          Specially    designed    to        relieve
                                                                                       Szekely Herbal Wrap
                                          tension and sore muscles for the
                                                                                       Named in honor of Golden Door Spa’s Founder,
                                          active gentleman, this series of
                                                                                       this restful experience begins with a dry brushing
                                          services includes a Gentleman’s
                                                                                       of the body. Then bask in the rebalancing effect of
                                          Facial, Sports Pedicure, and choice
                                                                                       an Ayurvedic herb-infused muslin sheet wrap. This
                                          of Ashiatsu, Mountain Salvation
                                                                                       warming treatment detoxifies the body to help you
                                          Massage,     or   50-minute        Golden
                                                                                       emerge peaceful and purified. 50 minutes
                                          Door Massage.

                                          Please Allow 4 hours                         May we recommend LED light therapy for advanced
                                                                                       skincare benefits added to your experience
    Indulge                                                Tr e at s
    Facials and Skin Care                                  Facials and Skin Care

    Oxy gen Infusion R emedy                               Anti- Gravity Face Lift
    Re-discover youthful, glowing skin with    an          We combine specialty serums with our ultra

    ultrasonic infusion of our Oxygen Plasma               micro-current technology to instantly tone,

    Potion. This treatment helps awaken tired              lift, firm and re-educate tired facial muscles.

    skin and encourage oxygenation to bring back           Your skin will look younger and firmer and

    beautiful tone and texture.                            naturally glow.    This age-defying facial is

    50 / 80 minutes                                        highly recommended for anyone seeking a non-

                                                           invasive alternative to surgery with optimum
    For overtired bodies, our Oxygen Inhalation is
    highly recommended to ease discomfort
                                                           80 minutes

                                                           May we suggest a series of treatments for
                                                           optimal results or the Ultrasonic Exfoliation
                                                           to double your benefits

                                                     Ultrasound Exfoliation: Advanced non-invasive alternative
                                                     to traditional microdermabrasion, leaves skin glowing.

                                                     Eye Lift: Non-Surgical Micro-current replenishes and
                                                     lifts the eyes. See visible results in minutes

Fa c ial A dd- On s a n d A d d -I ns                The following may be added in to any facial experience:

Enhance your skincare ritual with
                                                     LED Light Therapy: Red light therapy to heal skin and
one of these advanced therapies:                     stimulate collagen or Blue light therapy to treat acne

25 minutes
                                                     Ultrasound Infusion: Infusion of serum to the deepest
                                                     layers of the skin for restored glow in minutes. Choice
                                                     of serum for individual skin type
                           Center Yourself Ritual Salt Scrub                     Futari Massage for Two
B o dy Tr e at m e n t s

                           Bring yourself back to Center through this Ritual,    Share a relaxing Golden Door, Aromatherapy, or

                           which fuses touch and meditation techniques           Warm Stone massage with a companion or loved

                           to rebalance and reconnect the mind, body and         one in our spacious, private couples’ Futari Suite.

                           spirit.   Fluid massage movements and precisely       50/80 minutes

                           placed hands utilize organic salts, pure essential
                                                                                 To enhance the treatment, bask in your own private
                           oils, fruit and plant extracts to release tension
                                                                                 whirlpool before or after your massage
                           and free energy flow within the body. You will be

                           completely refreshed, grounded and ready for the
                                                                                 Wasatch Warm Stone Massage
                           next challenge. 50 minutes
                                                                                 Be one with nature as a warm evergreen oil is

                                                                                 massaged into your skin while natural stones are
                           Lavender Zen
                                                                                 placed on your body to release blocked energy;
                           Using lavender from local vendors, benefit from
                                                                                 bringing you in balance with the world.
                           this herb’s ultimate healing and soothing powers.
                                                                                 50 / 80 minutes
                           Breathe deeply and inhale the calming and balancing

                           benefits of birch, lavender, and eucalyptus in
                                                                                 Mountain Salvation Massage
                           this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa
                                                                                 This massage is designed to get you back on the
                           experience which includes a two step invigorating
                                                                                 slopes or the trail, targeting those areas most
                           full body scrub to exfoliate and envelop you
                                                                                 stressed by physical activity. Your therapist will
                           before a full body massage with Birch Oil. Take
                                                                                 use our special high-altitude blend oil and pain-
                           the experience home with you as you enjoy your
                                                                                 relieving menthol and Ilex gel for a record
                           included lavender spa gift. 80 minutes
                                                                                 recovery. 50 / 80 minutes

                           Add a guided labyrinth meditation for the ultimate
                           Zen experience
                                                            Spa Reflexology
                                                            A relaxing take on the traditional art of Reflexology,

                                                            this service begins with a hot towel cleansing

                                                            ritual. Following this relaxing interlude, specific
   Eastern Harmonies                                        pressure points on the hands and feet are stimulated,

                                                            encouraging the body to find its own energy path and

                                                            release blockages which may be the source of pain or

                                                            discomfort. 50 minutes

Mind B o dy & S o u l C o nne c t i o n                     Ay u rved ic Exp eriences

Labyrinth Meditation                                        Shirodhara
After a brief background and description of approaches      This harmonizing treatment begins with a soothing stream

used in walking the Labyrinth, your guide will lead you     of warm oil flowing onto your “third eye” to ease the

in a meditative walk. Entering the Labyrinth brings you     mind and encourage a REM state allowing for the body

into a sacred space that creates a sense of balance and     to repair itself. The oil is lavishly massaged into your

peace, reduces stress, and facilitates decision making.     hair and scalp, followed by a light facial massage.

As a restorative tool, the winding path that takes you      50 minutes

to the center becomes a metaphor for the healing

journey. 50 minutes                                         Abyhanga
                                                            This brisk, traditional Indian oleation massage technique

Life Coaching                                               is used specifically for nourishing skin, lubricating

Unleash your full potential, achieve goals and live         tissues and joints, and calming the nervous system.

with greater balance and authenticity. Begin a journey      An Ayurvedic herbal wrap concludes this therapy to

of self-discovery with a Life Coach who helps you           further rebalance the body’s subtle energies and

explore, clarify and identify areas in your life you want   release stagnant toxins. 80 minutes

to change or enhance in some way. 80 minutes first

session / 30 minute follow-ups
Fitness & We l l ne ss
Fitness Assessment
In this session a personal trainer assesses your current

fitness level by testing aerobic capacity, body composition,

flexibility, muscular endurance/ strength, blood pressure

and heart rate. After analyzing the results, the personal

trainer develops workout guidelines to increase your
                                                               Hair & nail Spa
fitness level. 80 minutes

Personal Training                                              Hair Services
                                                               Style Consultation • Blow Dry • Haircut and Style
Create or enhance your workout with a one-on-one session
                                                               • Special Occasion Style • Permanent and Partial
with a certified personal trainer. Our trainers address        Wave • Deep Conditioning • Relaxer • Comb Out
your specific needs and assist you in creating a plan to       • Single Process Hair Color • Full and Partial

meet your individual goals. 50 minutes                         Foil Highlights • Glossing • Corrective Color •
                                                               Scalp Treatment • Shampoo and Set
Nutritional Counseling
This session begins with a profile to determine your           Nail Services
                                                               Golden Door Signature Manicure • Spa Manicure
personal wellness goals, health issues and lifestyle
                                                               • French Manicure • Full Set of Nails • Fills •
habits. After a body composition and dietary analysis,         Golden Door Signature Pedicure • Spa Pedicure
our Nutritionist will discuss eating behaviors that            • French Pedicure • Ritual Hand and Foot
                                                               Treatment • Paraffin Treatment • Polish change
may be preventing you from reaching your goals as
                                                               • Nail repairs
well as imbalances that may be occurring in proteins,

carbohydrates and fats. Recommendations will be given          Men’s Services
that include dietary, lifestyle and behavioral guidelines      Gentleman’s Haircut • Sport Manicure • Sport
based on your personal wellness goals. 80 minutes

Body Composition Analysis                                      Mineral Makeup Services
                                                               Mineral Application • Mineral Makeup Lesson and
Need motivation to get in shape? This assessment uses near
                                                               Application • Special Occasion Mineral Makeover
infra-red light technology to directly measure your body

composition. A final report will include your body fat         Waxing Services
                                                               Lip / Chin / Eyebrow / Full Face / Underarm / Full
percentage, body mass index, water weight, base metabolic
                                                               Arm / Stomach / Full Back / Half Leg / Full Leg /
rate and current caloric intake. A personal trainer will       Full Leg and Bikini / Bikini
review the report with you to assist in creating a realistic

plan for reaching your goals. 30 minutes

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