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					                                   St. Elizabeth Athletics
                                  Gymnasium Agreement

   We, the undersigned, agree to the conditions stated herein and to abide by the
   ground rules listed below in this document. We agree to pay the $200 fee (via
   cash or money order) in advance of using the gymnasium. When your function,
   and subsequent clean-up activities are complete, we understand that the gym
   will be inspected for cleanliness as well as any property or equipment damage. If
   any unacceptable conditions arise, we agree to pay to remit payment for any
   damages directly to St. Elizabeth Parish. Upon entering the gymnasium, should
   you find any unsatisfactory conditions or existing property/equipment damage, it
   should be reported immediately to the parish staff (412-882-8744), Athletic
   Director (412-885-1012), or facility manager (412-885-9596). Failure to report
   these conditions or damages means your organization will be held responsible for
   the repair/replacement/cleaning costs associated.

   1.        The St. Elizabeth Pius X Gymnasium is defined as the gym area, stage area,
             restrooms, halls, stairs, upstairs balcony, and kitchen. It also includes all
             equipment, either permanent or removable, as contained therein.
   2.        All areas of the gymnasium will be left in a clean condition after use. This includes
             collection and removal of all trash to the outside collection area, sweeping or
             mopping the gym floor and/or kitchen floor as necessary, cleaning the equipment
             used in the kitchen, along with counter tops.
   3.        Replacement or repair of any property/equipment that is damaged during the use
             of the gymnasium (e.g., chairs, tables, benches, kitchen equipment, scoreboard,
             lights, HVAC equipment, restroom facilities, etc.,) is the responsibility of your

The undersigned, has read and understands the ground rules for using the
gymnasium, and agrees to abide by them.

                 ____________________                     _____________________

Name             ____________________                     Kevin Miller, Athletic Director

                 ____________________                     St. Elizabeth Athletics
                                                          1002 Missionary Drive
                 ____________________                     Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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