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dodo illustration for interior decoration


									33dodo – illustration for interior decoration

33dodo – design, production and marketing of af-
fordable wall décor in an internet-shop. Vinyl stick-
ers, wallpaper, PVC/plastic and cardboard décor.

We invent, we produce and we market. Ourselves.
Initially I was looking for a business that would
employ my illustration and design skills, as well as
those of my friends.

I chose vinyl stickers. Not too innovative, but the
market was offering only franchised foreign designs
and commonplace clipart.

The company was created in 2009 with 70000 rubles
starting capital – it was invested in web-site pro-
gramming and packaging. Everything else was out-
sourced at the time.

This is just ‘fun’ business. We quickly became popu-
lar in our small niche, our designs were frequently
featured in various blogs and forums.
Team of 33dodo

Raya Ivanovskaya        Alena Khozina                  Areva
director, illustrator   art-director, иллюстратор      manager

We also attract many Russian illustrators who create
stickers and wallpaper design for us.
33dodo is cuRRenTly WoRking in TWo diRecTions:

1) Retail sales on our web-site:
- 500-700 unique visitors per day;
- 80-160 orders lodged monthly;
- 1500 rubles average basket.

2) Bespoke decoration of spaces for business custom-
ers: cafes, offices, entertainment centres etc.
We have our own production department:

1) cutting plotter;
2) Plotter.

Thanks to our own production we can not only quick-
ly deliver to our customers, but also experiment with
new materials and technologies.
Our PrOduCts:
Stickers (vinyl). 210 designs – variable colour and size for each. About 90% of
web-site sales. Produced to order.
Our PrOduCts:

Wallpaper. relatively weak for now. Only 10 designs. Around 3% of all sales.
Our PrOduCts:
Other décor. Mobiles, cardboard and PVC elements etc. Circa 7% of sales, often
bundled with stickers as a ‘decorative solution’.
Apart from retail sales we do bespoke wall déc-
oration projects. i consider it a promising niche
– often the walls in an office are empty and a
quick, affordable decoration is needed with-
out real refurbishment. Project net prices vary
within 40000-200000 rubles; decorated surface
may be 20-200 square meters.

examples of bespoke solutions:
Business Incubator
A patent office
develoPmenT PlAns

1) expand the production to be able to experiment
and introduce new materials, including Pvc and

2) expand wallpaper collection, improve produc-
tion quality. strive for “Russian designer wallpaper”
market niche.

3) develop “office wall decoration” direction.
Thank you
for your

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