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					                                Amwell Valley Ladies Auxiliary                                                                       WEB
                                          Luncheon Menu
                         Amwell Valley Fire Company, Ringoes, New Jersey 08551
                               Fire Company Web Site:

        Name (contact person for event): _____________________________
Phone Number: _________________ E-mail Address: ______________________________
                                      Date of Luncheon: _______________
               Beginning time: ______ End time: ______(Maximum-2 hour event)

        Prices:    Print out this menu, call or e-mail for current prices and to obtain a contract:
                    Phone: 908-782-1436          E-mail:
                                               Children under 10, reduced rate. Under 5, free.

                 soda and bottled water is available for an additional charge per person, if the bar is not in use for this event.

Choose type of party:

                              Sandwich Party                                      Hoagie Party:
                                (includes ham, turkey and roast beef Chips, pretzels, and pickles)
                                         Check four (4*) items below, your choice:
                                           *additional item choices, $2.00 per person, per choice

               Vegetable Platter                                    Bagel Bites
               Cheese & Cracker tray                                Assorted hot hors d’oeuvres
               Meat Balls                                           Kielbasa
               Cocktail Franks                                      Seasonal Fruit Platter (May – Oct.)
               Buffalo Wings

      Choice of two:
        pepper hash                                                         NOTE: Only the Auxiliary
        three bean salad
        cole slaw                                                           may provide food and
        tossed salad                                                        beverages for any event.
        potato salad
        macaroni salad
        baked beans                                                         Banquet Hall Events: 35-120 people
        scalloped green beans
        baked ziti