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Summer 2010                                                                                 VOLUME 10
                                                                                             ISSUE 3

                                                                            Sgt. A. J. DeAndrea
   DATE: September 9, 2010                                                  Judy Slivensky
      TIME: 7:00-8:30 pm                                                
                                                                            CPAAA Phone 720-898-6884
 LOCATION: Anne Campbell Room
              8101 Ralston Road
                                                                              MISSION STATEMENT
  SPEAKER: John-Michael Keyes
                                                                             To bring together graduates
 TOPIC: Platte Valley High School                                           of the Arvada Citizens Police
            Incident                                                        Academy as a source of active
                                                                                volunteer support to the
                                                                             Arvada Police Department.
                                                                            To promote awareness of law
John-Michael Keyes represents
The "I Love U Guys" Foundation                                              enforcement and community
to districts, departments, agencies                                         issues and enhance relations
and organizations regarding school
safety. His professional career has                                          between the community and
included graphic design, software                                                 the Department. To
development, and workflow analysis.                                              encourage and recruit
The death of his daughter, Emily, at
Platte Canyon High School compelled                                         participants for the Academy
Mr. Keyes to bring his professional                                           through our activities and
expertise to the arena of school safety.
                                                  John-Michael Keyes
                                                                               community involvement.
The Keyes family's response to the events
at Platte Canyon High School was immediate
support for first responders and compassionate outreach to law                      MEETINGS
enforcement. The Keyes' hope these direct and positive actions can act
as a guidepost for families impacted by violence.                              Board Meetings will be
                                                                               on the second Thursday
A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the classroom response
to an incident at school. Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and      of the month at 6:00
other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and             p.m. in the Anne
trained for by school and district administration. Student safety also
transcends the classroom and extends socially as well.
                                                                               Campbell Room at City
                                                                               Hall, 8101 Ralston
The "I Love U Guys" Foundation is committed to providing hands on,             Road, unless otherwise
proven materials, helping educators and law enforcement promote and
protect student safety.                                                        notified. Members are
                                                                               welcome to attend.
With a combination of both humor and heart, the presentation includes
powerful reminders of the importance of school safety, the recognition
                                                                               Call Normalee Lee with
that no school is immune and whirlwind tour of the free resources              questions, 303-423-
available to districts, departments, agencies.                                 9006.

  CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                      Page 1
                                  CPAAA ACTIVITIES

                        Arvada Police Awards Ceremony
                                                                         By Joan Campbell

   On May 24, 2010, the Arvada Police Awards Ceremony was held in the Black Box Theater at
the Arvada Center. Awards were presented to citizens and sworn officers for their exceptional
work and contributions to public safety. CPAAA sponsored the 2nd Annual Arvada Police Officer
Appreciation Contest open to 2nd grade students in the city of Arvada. Three winners were
chosen by police department employees from over 100 entries, and each student was presented a
framed certificate and a $20 gift card from Target. Chief Don Wick introduced the winners
whose writing and pictures were projected for the audience.

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                          MORE CPAAA ACTIVITIES

                     Made a Difference Award
This letter was sent to all the CPAAA
volunteers that helped with the Section 8
applications. Congratulations to Judy
Kuester, Kellie Cox-Riede, Karen Graves, Jim
Petersen, Marilynn Maring, Diana Denker
and Ron Horn for making a difference.

Dear _________________,

“The achievements of an organization are the
results of the combined effort of each
individual.” – Vince Lombardi.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for
your hard work and assistance in making the opening of the Section 8 waiting list
on April 21 and April 22, 2010, such a success.

With your help, we were able to distribute 2,607 rental assistance applications to
low-income individuals and families, many of whom were homeless, elderly or
persons with disabilities. This number is more than double the amount we have
ever distributed before.

Our new approach of utilizing a “drive through” for application distribution
appeared to work very well and we received a large number of compliments from
applicants who utilized the drive through. We believe that response is due to all
our cooperative efforts that relied on your help to design and implement that new

Again, thank you for your help.


Edward G. Talbot
Executive Director

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                                 MORE CPAAA ACTIVITIES
   Workshop Summaries from 2010 National Conference Attendees

                          Observations from the May 2010 National
                              Citizens Police Alumni Conference
                                                                                               By Jentry Kendall

   The National Conference was held in Hilton Head, S.C at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Both location and
accommodations were superior and definitely contributed to the success of this year's conference.
My report on this conference will concentrate on the human side. It is always nice to see and meet new people
from other departments from across the country. It is especially nice to renew old acquaintances and to catch
up on all their news. This was especially true of those that had traveled the furthest. I am referring to the
contingent from Guam.
   I had the pleasure of meeting Sgt. James "Kimo" Baccat and his associate Edilyn Terlaje at last year's
conference in Anchorage, Alaska. They were both affiliated with the Guam Homeland Security /Office of Civil
Defense. Some of you may have seen photos of Sgt Baccat and Edilyn enjoying the snow for the first time. Due
to a change of jobs, Edilyn has transferred to the Justice Dept and therefore was unable to attend the
conference in Hilton Head but intends to join us for our conference here in Jefferson County in 2011.
   Accompanying Sgt Baccat this year were two very talented ladies from Guam Citizens Police Academy
Alumni Group, Rosemarie Barja and Debbie San Nicolas. And if I am not mistaken, this was their first trip to
the mainland. The ladies turned out to be "Super Shoppers" and greatly contributed to the Hilton Head
economy. Just kidding ladies. Sgt Baccat made some suggestions to myself and Capt. Dave Taylor as to some of
the things we might consider undertaking at the 2011 conference to make it even more exciting. Kimo is the
program coordinator in Guam and is responsible for liaison with the CPA and Alumni Group. He said that the
group is already raising funds for their travel to Colorado next year.
   My overall observations of this year's conference is that the breakout sessions were very informative and
those that presented them were very knowledgeable and professional. The food and entertainment was
outstanding and went a long way to making the event successful.

                          DUI TRAINING - Or How to Drive Drunk!
                                                                                               By Pat Ferguson
   Boy did we have fun driving drunk using D U I
glasses. The glasses simulate the real thing
(booze). This was an eye opener for I have never
had the chance to drive drunk. After they put in
the .08 DUI laws it was better not to try it.
   The Beaufort County Sheriffs Office set up
a course in the parking lot and brought a golf
cart along for driving the course. They showed
us how it was possible to go through the course
without hitting the cones. Then the fun began.
They gave us the glasses and told us to drive
through the course with the glasses on. Debbie
Hamilton was the first one to drive and did we
laugh when she took out the cones. But it wasn’t
so funny when it was our turn. Pat went next
then Normalee and Lloyd. Lloyd didn’t take out
any cones.
   The next thing we did was use the strongest glasses and try to walk a straight line. Forget that I couldn’t
find the line. The Deputy’s were the greatest for their patience with us. The sheriff’s dept is top notch and it
was a great conference.

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                               Page 6
             Reality Based Training for Citizen Police Academies (CPAs)
                                                                                        By Normalee Lee

Some CPAs around the country have active, hands-on Reality Training for their CPA attendees
instead of just lectures. All police departments that have Reality Training require a special release
form from attendees in order to participate in this type of training.

If you like to act, play games or feel like a kid again then this type of CPA is for you. Some Reality
Based Training activities may include attendees:

      Simulating building searches by hiding and searching for each other.

      Role-playing family violence/domestic violence calls. Some departments even invite the
       media so the community and press will better understand the dangers involved in these
       kinds of calls.

      Holding mock trials to learn about the judicial system in their communities.

      Handling/trying on swat team equipment and going outside to see the BIG “toys” i.e.
       bearcat, tanks etc. Some departments even allow attendees (who elect) to experience the
       Taser by daisy-chaining attendees. The effect of the Taser is lessened the farer one is
       from the source but still significant according to our presenter.

      Running the required Officer Obstacle Course. How well do you think you would do?

      Going to the shooting range to shoot different types of weapons.

      Watching a demonstration of an actual “pat down”. One officer hides weapons all over
       his/her body and then another officer does the “pat down”

      Practicing handcuffing techniques. Sure hope no one loses the key!!!

      Participating in a bank robbery scenario and then a detective comes in to explain how s/he
       would proceed with the investigation (maybe even assigning tasks to attendees). This is
       followed up with a judge explaining what would happen in court.

This type of training sounds not only fun and challenging but also one that you will long remember. I
think it would be exciting if we could include some of these activities to our CPA experience.

                      CERT- Community Emergency Response Team
                                                                                        by Nancy Mayer

   A great class offered at this year’s NCPAA Conference in Hilton Head, SC, was an overview of
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). The CERT program educates people about disaster
preparedness for potential hazards that may occur in their communities. CERT members can assist
others in their communities or at work when professional responders are not immediately available
to help. (Info taken from the CERT website –
(continued on Page 8)

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                      Page 7
(CERT continued from Page 7)

    The overview provided at the conference gave us information about the program and how it
relates to other emergency response teams. The official CERT training program consists of seven
sessions that include disaster preparedness, disaster fire suppression, disaster medical operations,
light search and rescue operations, disaster psychology and team organization, and disaster

   When a participant has completed their training, some communities may issue ID cards and
safety equipment to them. Some first responders also acknowledge CERT trained citizens and allow
them to help with disaster situations. Each community is different, though, and citizens should
check with their local emergency management teams to determine where help is needed during

   This conference class was well attended and provided just a fraction of information regarding
CERT. The presenter recommended that attendees review the CERT website for more information
about CERT in their neighborhoods. From the website, “CERT is a proud partner of Citizen Corps
and the effort to have everyone in America prepare, train, and volunteer.”

                                      Traffic Investigations
                                                                                     By Lloyd Ferguson

        I attended a presentation for at scene traffic collision investigation by the Beaufort county
Sheriff's office. I learned that there is a series of events that lead up to the occurrence of an
accident. It is up to the at-scene investigator to take charge of the accident scene preserve the
evidence. The investigator must have a broad knowledge of traffic laws and sort out facts from

        If possible the drivers must be observed and questioned separately to locate
contradictions. All witness need to be located and questioned. All of the statements are then
compared for uniformity. In the case of hit and run, it is often difficult for the investigator to
identify the missing parts of the accident. This is a challenge but not impossible. With skillful
police work the investigator can determine the make, year and body style of the vehicle, damage
sustained, direction and speed and tire impressions. Often key evidence that was left behind is
enough to locate the vehicle and driver.

        In the case of a single vehicle fatality, the investigator can determine the cause by tracing
a series of events that led up to the accident. It is important that the physical evidence is
preserved in-order to effectively determine the events. The inspection of the vehicle, it's
condition and it's defects can aid in determining the cause. The contents of the vehicle food,
animals, drugs, alcohol, maps, etc can aid in locating the cause of the accident.

        There are numerous possibilities that cause an accident. It takes a highly skilled
investigator to make the correct determination and locate the exact cause of the accident. The
investigators that work the traffic investigation have many years of service. They are dedicated
and they go to extreme length to find the truth. The presentation was informative and

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                    Page 8
        At 2010 National Citizens Police Alumni Association

L-R Back Row: Mike Rohr (J), Jim Shires (J), Marilynn Maring (A), Larry Piehn (J),
Normalee Lee (A), Pat Ferguson (A), Lloyd Ferguson (A), Carolyn Taylor (J)

L-R Middle Row: Jentry Kendall (A), Nancy Mayer (A), Terry Daniels (J), Captain
Dave Taylor (J)

Front Row: Deb Hamilton (A)

A=Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
J= Jeffco Sheriff’s Citizen Academy Alumni Association

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                 Page 9
                               The Agency of The Year Award
                                                                                       By Deb Hamilton

Congratulations to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) for being honored as The Agency of The
Year by the National Citizen's Police Academy. JCSO was honored at the NCPAAA annual awards banquet that
was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on May 13, 2010. JCSO was
recognized for their outstanding efforts in conducting a Citizen Police Academy program and promoting the
CPA concept. Captain Dave Taylor accepted the award. We are very proud of JCSO and their citizens’
academy alumni organization.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is sponsoring the 2011 Conference and CA3 is hosting the 2011
onference to be held at the Denver Marriott in Golden.

                 L-R: Sgt Mike Jennings, Lieutenant Dick Powers (NCPAA president), Captain
                 Dave Taylor

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                       Page 10
                                UPCOMING EVENTS

                                         NCPAA News
                                                                                   By Joan Campbell

        Greetings from the National Citizens Police Academy Association (NCPAA). CPAAA member
Joan Campbell is currently serving a second term as a director on the NCPAA Board and heads the
Bylaw Committee with the able assistance of committee members Marilynn Maring, Nancy Mayer
and Dick Ward.
        NCPAA is very excited about the 2011 NCPAA Conference which will be held in May of 2011
in Golden, Colorado. At many previous conferences, a frequently heard question was “When are we
coming to Colorado?” Next year, this will happen; and CPAAA will play an active role in making the
conference a success by taking on the responsibility of organizing the Opening and Closing
Ceremonies. As many of you know, CPAAA has several members in NCPAA who have regularly
attended past conferences. Next year we hope to see many Colorado CPA alumni at this important
event that serves to strengthen lines of communication between citizens and sworn officers
through education and the sharing of ideas.
        For further information about the National Citizens Police Academy Association and a look
at the 2011 Conference, please check the NCPAA web site:

                                     ARVADA SEARCH TEAM FORMING

                        Do you like the out-of-doors? Do you have an eye for
                        details? Do you want to learn more about Police Work?
                         Are you looking for an active way to support the
                        Arvada Police Department? If you
                        answered yes to any of these
                        questions, then the New Arvada
                        Search Team may be for you. Hope
                        you completed your application by June
                        30, 2010 for the Search Team. If you
                        are interested in the Search Team and
didn’t complete your application, contact Normalee to be put on
the waiting list.

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                 Page 11
                          2010 CPAAA CALENDAR

July                                       October
01        Newsletter posted                TBA   CSI Conference Registration
08        Volunteer Recognition 4-6 pm     01    Newsletter posted
            Memorial Park                  14    Board Meeting 6-7 pm
08        Board Meeting 6-7:30 pm          28    Murder Mystery Dinner
19-23     Provide Lunch for Teen Academy

August                                     November
12        Board Meeting 6-7:30 pm          03    CPA Graduation
                                           11    Board Meeting 6-6:45 pm
                                           11    General Meeting-
                                                   Elections/Program 7-8:30 pm

September                                  December
01        CPA Starts                       09    Board Meeting 6-7:30
09        Board Meeting 6-6:45 pm          31    Pizzas to PD
09        General Meeting 7-8:30 pm
15        Newsletter articles due
18        Car Detailing

     CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                        Page 12
                                                              CPAAA BOARD

                  BOARD MEMBERS                                                                     MEMBERS AT LARGE
   Chair             Normalee Lee                      303-423-9006                     Joan Campbell                         303-425-1384
   Vice-chair        Lloyd Ferguson                    303-424-1329                     Pat Ferguson                          303-424-1329
   Secretary         Maureen Tooher                    303-423-7239                     Debranne Hamilton                     303-422-7025
   Treasurer         Nancy Mayer                       303-423-3716                     Jentry Kendall                        303-420-2727
   APD Liaison       Sgt. A.J. DeAndrea                720-898-6666

         MEMBERSHIP FOR 2010?
                                           Citizens Police Academy Arvada Alumni
                                                      Membership Form

   Your membership is annual. Please complete this form and return to the address below. We appreciate your support.
   Check one:                  Renewal                          New Member

   Mr./Mrs./Ms.      Last Name                                 First Name               Middle Initial                         CPA Graduation Year

           Address                                                           City of Arvada                    State                          Zip

   Phone Number                                                                         E-mail Address

                                                            ANNUAL LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP
                  Must be a graduate of the Arvada Citizens Police Academy to be an active or non-active member.
                   Active Membership $25                                                  Non-Active Membership $10
                  Includes: quarterly newsletter, advanced training                      Includes: quarterly newsletter, non-voting.
                  Socials, activities, voting privileges.

                   Business/Associate Membership                                          Family Membership $40
                  (minimum of $50)                                                       (two or more person at same mailing address)
                  Includes: quarterly newsletter, acknowledgement                        Includes: quarterly newsletter, advanced training,
                  In newsletter, decal, non-voting.                                      Socials, activities, voting priviliege.

                  Return this form and your check payable to CPAAA to:
                                  Arvada Police Department
                                  8101 Ralston Road

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                                                                                                       Page 13
                               Arvada, CO 80001-8101

CPAAA NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2010                           Page 14

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