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Lancaster District Local Forum by pengxiuhui


									                                      Lancaster District Local Forum
                        Notes of the Lancaster Forum for 17th May 2011, 10 am – 12.30 pm
                         The Knoll Resource Centre, Westbourne Road, Lancaster LA1 5EF
                                                01524 586195

Nichola wrote the notes.

Who was there: James Hughes; Nichola Buczynski; Jane Sutherland; David Grundy; Ruth King; Gulshan
Bashire; Michael Atherton; Mark Pedder; Amanda Topps and Mark Shackleton who chaired the meeting.

Apologises from: Bethan Hiscox & Natalie Vranges.

      What?                                          What we said                                        Action

                        We introduced ourselves and said where our favourite place to go on              None needed
                        holiday was.


            Last        We read over the last meeting minutes and discussed the actions. We all          None needed
            meeting     agreed to aims and objectives of the group. James had raised the issue of
            notes –     medical notes not being filed and stored correctly at the health task group
            report      and this is now resolved. React are still trying to get involved with training
            back on     for nurses and health workers.

Local PB Agenda / January 2010                                                                                         1
                   Concerns around cuts to police funding- Julie Dockerty advised us that the
                   cuts are still under review and when this is concluded we will know more.
Questions asked at What can individual budgets be spent on & can they be used to fund
the Partnership    support for people to work- Julie said if it is linked to assessed needs then
board              it is ok and advised there is quite a lot of flexibility although it is not just
                   “wants.” Julie said if a person is working, social care should not always
                   fund support there are alternatives such as job centre plus and benefits
                   from working were discussed.                                                       None Needed
                   FACS bandings- Clarification was asked for on funding for people
                   assessed at moderate. Julie said it was likely the Fair Access to Care
                   criteria will change and no longer includes “Moderate” but people will be
                   reviewed before any support is changed or stopped and needs maybe met
                   by other support groups such as help direct.
                   Communication Aids staying with young people- This was discussed and
                   the head teacher of Red Marsh school, Catherine Dellow agreed to discuss
                   with the education board.
                   Partnership board representation- Suggestions were made as to who
                   should be on the board, Julie suggested focussing on a project and inviting
                   key representatives to the board.
Shortages and      There was a concern to some individuals that Social workers are not                James to raise at
changes to the     visiting people anymore and it was raised to whether people know how to            self advocates
Social work Teams. contact a social worker if they have any problems. It was explained that           meetings-How
                   now people tend not to have named Social workers like they use to do.              and where to
                   People have been contacted by the review and assessment team and                   contact a Social
                   appointments for the same day made, individuals scared as do not know              worker.
                   the social workers and may not have support staff with them to support
                   with review. It was unknown what the criteria were to get to see a social          To ask PB-is it
                   worker now. Amanda explained how the Lancashire wide teams would look              possible to know
                   and at present only the management structure was known. The social                 who is in this

Local PB Agenda / January 2010                                                                                       2
                        workers are undergoing restructure and still putting in for redeployment. If     team and area
                        somebody needed referring to a social worker they would ring the                 they cover.
                        Customer Care number.
Issues people are       People are struggling getting on and off some buses still, it was also           James to
having with Buses       discussed how people are treated on buses. Valuing People Now board              feedback after
                        will be discussing the issue of transport at their next meeting.                 Valuing People
                                                                                                         Now Board
Learning Disability     Hate Crime is the topic of the week and it was discussed we should do            Nichola & James
week 20th-27th June     something in the Lancaster/Morecambe area.                                       to organise with
                                                                                                         friends and
                                                                                                         James and David
                                                                                                         to report back.
                        Last meeting was Cancelled, next is in June and the theme is Transport

Feedback from the
Valuing People
Now Board
                        At the last shaping the future meeting Transport was the theme and both
             Any        bad things and good things where discussed such as grumpy drivers,               James to report
             issues     driving off, rowdy school children etc. This information will be taken to next   back information
             for        Valuing People Now Board in June.                                                on reviews.
people with             James is going to Chorley today to find out more about reviews and to get        James and Mark
learning                information to pass on to individuals so they know what to expect.               to report back
disabilities?           James and Mark going to ARC’s Friend or fate-Mate crime conference.              after conference
-Shaping the future

Local PB Agenda / January 2010                                                                                           3
            Any        David & James did not attend last meeting so could not give any feedback.   None Needed
            issues for
/ Carers?
                   Assistive technology was the main topic at the last providers meeting. A
Providers          presentation from Tunstall healthcare Ltd was given. Smart phones with          This should mean
                   specially apps to assist people to remember medication or to give step by       improved training
                   step guides to people to do individual tasks. If people where interested        opportunities
                   then a referral to David Barton Occupational Therapist is needed. Amanda
                   told the group how across Lancashire they are working on invest to save,
                   e.g. Telecare specific to Learning Disabilities.
Feedback from the Discussed Partnerships Boards agenda for next week. Normal standing              None Needed
Partnership Board items and for everyone to agree to the Terms or References. The
                   partnership board will have an action plan as discussed in the last meeting
                   which are national priorities linking with Valuing People Now. David asked
                   if they would look at people with PMID within action plan. Amanda agreed
                   and said there would be a champion from the PMID task group on the
Friends and        Dining club to start soon called REDS (Really Enjoying Dining Society) trial    None Needed
Relationship Group dates have been set for June, July August & September, looking at 4
                   different restaurants that have a possible happy hour to make it a bit
                   cheaper and good accessibility. Flyer to follow soon!! Cinema club,
                   Lancaster has happened this month, Morecambe one next week on the
                   24th May at 5pm.
Health Task Group Flyer attached for an event on Wednesday 15th June at Flyde Day services
                   10.30-2.30, lots of taster sessions including, information regarding Lets Get
                   Moving, WiiFit, Good Vibrations, Bikes to try out, a raffle etc - See flyer
                   sent out by Amanda.                                                             People interested

Local PB Agenda / January 2010                                                                                    4
                      Web enable provide support for the Partnership board website at present.      to inform Amanda
Website Train the     Computer literate people are needed to do a 2 day course at Preston to
Trainer               enable them to train people with Learning disabilities who we support to be
                      involved in uploading data and information to the website to ensure it is
Profound              Champion put forward to come to the Partnership board meetings,
Intellectual and      nominations are needed from people on the group. David asked if they will
Multiple Disabilities also be attending Valuing people now board, this hadn’t yet been agreed
Group                 and maybe too much for one person, it may be a job share would be             None Needed

                    Employment Lancashire- Job centres having huge changes. A directory is
                    being put together including information people need when they leave            None Needed
                    college, its being discussed the best format to ensure it is future proof and
                    won’t become out of date as soon as made or printed. Possibly including
Any Other Business? Positive stories and circles of support.
MEETING ENDS        Stephen Neaves to do minutes at next meeting                                    To meet again at
with a closing                                                                                      the next meeting
                        12th July 2011
                        10.00 am - 12.30 pm
                        The Knoll Resource Centre, Lancaster
           Next
          meeting        01524 586195
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Local PB Agenda / January 2010                                                                                    5

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