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What is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider?
A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider is a company that offers business services and
applications that are delivered over a broadband connection from a reliable cloud-based
datacenter. These services would otherwise require the business to purchase and maintain their
own on-premise equipment. SaaS is also referred to as on-demand services. SaaS solutions are
more cost effective and flexible and are expected to become an important approach for businesses
to build their services infrastructure in a more economical manner and allow them to focus on their
core business.

What is unified communications SaaS?
Unified communications SaaS is the integration of all your communications services into a single
easy to use, cost effective, suite that is fully customizable and delivered on-demand to your
business. Services include digital voice PBX, email, conferencing, IM/SMS messaging, Web
collaboration, desktop sharing and inbound call center services. You pay for these services on a
monthly per-service subscription basis. With unified communications SaaS, you can eliminate
significant CAPEX expenses such as email servers, voicemail servers and PBX hardware. The
cost of the communications software, the rights to use the software and all maintenance and
support services are included in the monthly subscription fee.

How does SaaS compare to on-premise solutions?
1.   Unified Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)
     PanTerra Networks offers a revolutionary on-demand service that is hosted in cloud-based
     datacenters and can be accessed from anywhere. Instead of incurring the heavy CAPEX costs
     of buying, installing and maintaining in-house communications systems such as PBXs, email
     servers and voice mail servers, small and medium sized businesses will benefit from a model
     that lets them buy communications services the same way they pay for electricity, on-demand
     paying only for what they use.
2.   Operational Optimization
     PanTerra services can be quickly provisioned in minutes. There is no need for customers to
     maintain specialized support staff to manage the heavy maintenance costs of on-premise
     equipment. This approach dramatically simplifies and streamlines day-to-day operational
     tasks. Productivity is optimized!
3.   Flexibility and Simplicity
     Businesses can easily up-scale or downsize with tailored services and features. PanTerra
     Networks’ services can be activated in minutes, regardless of the business’ geographical
     location. The services are easy to use, have an intuitive dashboard and provide detailed self-
     help documentation.
4.   Single Point of Contact
     By hosting all your communication services at PanTerra’s unified communications platform,
     PanTerra is able to offer single billing simplicity, single customer support efficiency and single
     login security. PanTerra Networks assumes all the support, training, infrastructure and security
5.   Futureproof Communications
     PanTerra Networks is a Technology “Unified SaaS” service provider. We develop all the
     technology behind our services. That means our customers get “Futureproof
     Communications”. PanTerra is able to offer the fastest customer response to customer
     feedback and new feature requests. When new features are released, all existing customers
     gain access to these new features instantly.
6.   On-demand Pricing Schedules
     With the PanTerra on-demand approach, customers only pay for what they use. There is no
     seat contracts, no expensive CAPEX investment or useless features that are not necessary for
     the business. Customers are able to start with just the features they need with competitive
     pricing schedules and add more features or locations when they need to.

                                         WorldSmart is a trademark of PanTerra Networks. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

                                1153 Bordeaux Dr., Suite 102         Toll Free US: 800.805.0558             
                                Sunnyvale, CA 94089                  Main: +1 408.702.2200                   
                                                                     Fax: +1 408.716.7070
What are the advantages of SaaS over traditional on-premise approaches?
  ♦ CAPEX versus OPEX. For customers of all sizes, the SaaS advantage is the elimination of
     CAPEX for a more efficient OPEX payment model. You pay as you use instead of paying
     thousands or millions to install and maintain on-premise hardware. 
  ♦ Shorter implementation cycles compared to a typical in-house rollout of the
     communications system. SaaS services can be quickly provisioned in minutes. 
  ♦ Your business can focus on its "core competency" of running the business, instead of
     implementing and maintaining hardware, software, help desk, and other internal
     communication system issues. 
  ♦ Eliminate or reduce recruiting expertise in the communications field. 
  ♦ Guaranteed "up time". SaaS solutions can provide this guarantee because they invest in
     high-end hardware and operating environments in reliable data centers. 
  ♦ Affordable access to up to date technologies and tier-one communications services and
  ♦ SaaS users do not have to pay for software licenses they use, install, upgrade or fix. 
  ♦ Full integration of multiple services and upgrades is delivered with a single point of contact
     for support. 
  ♦ You benefits from the economics of pay-as-you-go, up-scale and downsize with just the
     right services and features you need to run your office.
  ♦ Faster responsiveness to feedback and new feature requests.

What are the advantages of PanTerra’s unified SaaS offerings over other SaaS providers?
  ♦ One-stop-shop unified communications service. Instead of having multiple SaaS providers
     for different services such as conferencing, email, communication, collaboration and call
     center services, there is a single point of contract with common services such as
     provisioning, support, directory, address book, billing and payment. 
  ♦ Unified user experience with no need to learn and understand different user interfaces from
     difference providers. 
  ♦ Fast start up with the right features and the ability to scale as your business grows. 
  ♦ PanTerra’s technology leadership which allows us to provide fast customer response and
     efficient feature enhancement and implementation. 
  ♦ Single bill and support number to call with no ambiguity regarding responsibilities.
  ♦ Competitive pricing schedules with value packages to fit different businesses needs.

What services does PanTerra offer?
PanTerra offers a suite of unified communications SaaS services including PBX, conferencing,
email, messaging, collaboration and call center services. For more information about our
WorldSmart suites as well as tools that come with the services, please visit http://

How is PanTerra's services priced?
Like typical SaaS applications, there is a low, monthly subscription fee which includes most
services in an unlimited fashion. The advantage is lower predictable costs that can significantly
aid in your budgeting process.

Can I see a demo of some of these applications?
Yes. For additional information or to see a demo of the unified communications services PanTerra
offers, contact us at 800.805.0558 or email us at

                                       WorldSmart is a trademark of PanTerra Networks. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

                              1153 Bordeaux Dr., Suite 102         Toll Free US: 800.805.0558             
                              Sunnyvale, CA 94089                  Main: +1 408.702.2200                   
                                                                   Fax: +1 408.716.7070

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