Crowne Plaza Suites Arlington by liwenting


									Crowne Plaza Suites Arlington
Arlington, TX, United States

Owner    Equinox-Park Inn
Size     200-rooms + Public Spaces
Scope    Interior Design

LEO A DALY was tasked to complete design for
revitalization of this 200-room, all-suite hotel to
reposition it to a Crowne Plaza property. Owner,
Equinox Hotel Arlington LP, required a fast turn-
around in creating a custom look for a standard
room package cost.

The hotel was given a contemporary flare with
bright colors that invigorate guests as they head out
for the day, while the new Avenue H sports bar is
a vibrant and enjoyable place to end an evening.

The full service restaurant was designed as a multi-
use space that can double as a meeting area. Each
suite features a wet bar with new granite counter
tops and refrigerator. The challenge was to
reposition the hotel to capture two market
segments, the business traveler, and leisure guests
who --- visit many of Arlington’s attractions.

By working with the owner’s Executive Officer, Bill
Fleishman, who is very knowledgeable about the
industry, and who contributed valuable insight,
LEO A DALY was able to meet the owner’s

                                                        "A benefit LEO A DALY provided on the Crowne Plaza Suites Arlington project
                                                        was a unique design within a tight budget. We have achieved the ‘WOW’
                                                        factor we were looking for."
                                                        Bill Fleishman
                                                        Executive Officer

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