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									   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                            CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT
  The Worldwide Young Israel Movement & L.D. EVENTS
          Pesach 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Eilat
                                                                              November 2008

Dear Friend,

Young Israel and the Davidman Family invite you to join us once again for

                       SPECTACULAR PESACH PROGRAM

We have been successfully running Pesach programs in Israel for 15 years, the last 7 of them
at the Dead Sea.
This year due to popular demand we have relocated, and after extensive search we have found
the perfect place to celebrate the upcoming Pesach vacation.

Our meaningful and exciting program will take place in Eilat at the beautiful five star

                              Crowne Plaza Hotel.
We believe the Crowne Plaza Hotel is perfect for our guests. The rooms are large &
comfortable, more closet & dresser space than last year. There is a beautiful lobby, spa, gym
& outdoor pool. You may visit the Hotel’s website;
in order to view the many fine features of this holiday resort located on the marina of the Red
Sea, Eilat.

Along with the beautiful weather, this year you will find yourselves enjoying the many
attractions Eilat has to offer, water sports, jeep rides, shopping, movie theaters (3D IMAX)
feeding & swimming with the dolphins and much more. There is something for every age,
from Baby to Bubby.

But most of all what makes our Pesach Program Unique is the special attention Ruby &
Lenny give to every detail insuring every guest feels welcome and happy.

As in past years we plan to take over the entire Hotel. With your help we will succeed and fill
all the rooms. Not only will the Hotel's kitchens be Glatt Mehadrin, but the entire Hotel will
operate as a Shomer Shabbat Resort Hotel in Israel’s famous resort city Eilat. Imagine -
Shirat Hayam (The celebration of passing through Yam Suf) will be overlooking Yam Suf!!

Mr. Yehudah Katz will again direct the Spiritual & Cultural programs. As in the past we will
continue having extensive adult, teenage, and children's programs, shiurim, daf yomi, lectures
& workshops, along with exciting nightly entertainment.
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                          CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT


   For your convenience our Pesach holiday will be extended for 9 nights, from
   dinner Tuesday April 7th (1 day earlier) until after breakfast on Thursday morning,
   April 16th (the morning after) For those who signed up for the "Second Day Yom
   Tov Package" on Thursday April 16th there will be Kosher L’Pesach food & drink
   in a private hall (separate from the regular guests of the hotel) and check out after
   There will be the possibility for a few private Sedorim, at an additional charge.
   We will try to accommodate partial stays for either the first 2 nights, first 4 nights
   or the last 4 or 6 nights, but no other combination.
   Each room is fully air-conditioned, equipped with a small refrigerator, cable TV,
   direct dial telephone, safe, hair dryer, and coffee & tea kit.
   Exquisite glatt mehadrin cuisine half board daily & on Shabbat 3 Seudot.
   Daily Sweet Hour & Ice Pops.
   Lunch during Chol Hamoed will be available (reasonably priced) either at the
   Hotel’s Dairy Coffee Shop or meat from the grill at the Pool Side Snack Bar.
   Entrance to the health club & fitness center is discounted to our guests.
    Special for our group - 10% discount on all spa treatments.
   15% discount for all spa treatments if ordered prior to April 6th 2009.
   Outdoor pool with designated separate swim hours as well as family swimming.
   Local Attraction Desk located in the Hotel Lobby offering discounted admission

As in previous years
   • Emphasis will be placed on special facilities, activities and programs for our
       children and teenagers.
   • Tuesday afternoon April 7 their will be Bus transportation to the hotel from
       Jerusalem arriving at the Hotel for dinner. Prior registration is required.
       Transportation back to Jerusalem Thursday morning, April 16th will also be
       available; here too prior registration is required.
       Depending upon demand for the second day observers a bus back to Jerusalem
       Friday morning, April 17th.
   • There will be a moderate charge for this service.

As in the past, we will have Glatt Kosher cuisine, with all dairy and vegetable
products Mehadrin, Shmeta L’Chumra, and Shmura Matzah products. There will be a
Dati Tzioni Minyan and a complete cultural and entertainment program, which has
made the Davidman Family Pesach experience so unique.

We urge you to join us and ask you to fill out and return the enclosed Registration
Form, as soon as possible. In past years, we had to refuse participants because of late
registration. Please note the Crowne Plaza Eilat Hotel has 100 rooms less than last
years Hotel. No registration form will be accepted without checks or credit card form
and a photocopy of your Israeli ID Card or Foreign Passport.
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                        CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT


We hope to see you among our guests this coming Pesach, and together we will all
enjoy another beautiful Pesach with meaningful programs in a dati tzioni family
oriented atmosphere.

                            For further Information,

Reservations Desk: 02-625-4983, ext 111

Local US # ringing in Israel: 1-202-280-7501

Fax: 02-623-0275


With best wishes,

Daniel “MUSH” Meyer              &       Lenny Davidman
Director of Programming                  CEO
Worldwide Young Israel Movement          L.D. EVENTS LIMITED
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                           CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT

    Please note all prices are in New Israeli Shekel and refer to a deluxe room

    Room Occupancy               Full Stay – 9 nights              Daily Rate
                              Tue Apr 7th – Thurs Apr 16th
    Single Occupancy                   13,800                         1,900
   Double Occupancy                    15,450                         2,000
    Additional Adult                    6,600                          800
    Additional Child                    3,000                          360
  2 children in separate
                                       12,360                          N/A

Infant 0 -2 years
Children ages 2 – 16
Adult age 16 & up

Prices of other room categories

Standard Room; (no porch northern view) Large guest rooms, suitable for a couple
or a couple with two children. These guest rooms view the Edom Mountains Reduce
the total room rate by 700 NIS.

Deluxe Room; Large guest rooms suitable for a couple or a couple with two children.
These guest rooms view the lagoon and the hotel’s pools. Prices above.

Studio Room; Large and spacious guest rooms with no partitions. Suitable for a
couple with up to three children. Additional 200 NIS per night.

Junior Suite; offering a bedroom and a living room with a connecting door. Suitable
for couples with three children. Additional 400 NIS per night.

Deluxe Suite; Beautiful suites, offering a bedroom and a living room. Suitable for
couples with three children. Each suite is equipped with a Jacuzzi for two and one & a
half bathrooms. Each suite has a large sun balcony offering a magnificent view of the
bay. Additional 800 NIS per night.

Guests staying in either in a Junior Suite or Deluxe Suite will receive a daily
newspaper delivered to their room, bathrobe and slippers for use during their stay.

Daily Rate on Shabbat & Chag add 150 NIS. Soldiers on active duty who are
joining us on a daily basis receive a 10% discount.
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                          CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT

All the guestrooms are equipped with cable TV, safe, hairdryer, small refrigerator,
and a coffee and tea kit.

Second Seder & Yom Tov Lunch on Friday April 10
     Adult 150 NIS
     Child 100 NIS

Last Day Yom Tov Thursday April 16
Includes (Our Pesach Group officially ends today after breakfast) a private Hall for
Yom Tov Lunch, regular Hotel Dinner after sundown, sleeping and breakfast Friday
morning April 17.
       700 NIS per single room
       825 NIS per double room
       350 NIS for each additional adult in the room
       250 NIS for each additional child in the room

                          Payment Instructions
Please fill out and return the enclosed Contact Info & Registration Info Forms. No
Registration Form will be accepted unless it is filled out completely and it includes
the following;
    1. Full Payment, payable in 3 checks to L.D. EVENTS LTD, dated in
        accordance with the following schedule; 1st Check: 1/3, dated currently
        2nd Check: 1/3, dated January 10, 2009 3rd Check: 1/3, dated February
        22, 2009
        Or 1 full payment by CREDIT CARD (Please fill out the enclosed form &
        send with your registration form in place of the checks to L.D. EVENTS LTD,
        Do not send the credit card form directly to the Hotel.)
    2. For Israeli citizens and residents a photocopy of your Israeli ID Card
    3. For Tourists a photocopy of your Passport ID Page
    4. Mail to L.D. EVENTS LTD
                Post Office Box 29280
                Jerusalem 91291 Israel
        Fax to 02-673-9722 (from USA 011-972-2-673-0722)
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                          CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT

                   Conversion of the NIS Price into
                    United States Dollars (USD)

For those guests who have Non Israeli credit cards;
On the day the Hotel Charges your card the NIS will be converted into USD
according to the representative rate of the USD published by the Bank of Israel at the
actual time of charging your card.
This will save you the credit card conversion fee (of 2% - 3% depending on your
card) and insure you of the best rate for your dollar at the time.

Those wishing to pay with USD check or cash;
Converting your money into NIS will be done at the time your check clears the Israeli
Bank using the banks conversion rate less all the Bank fees for the Foreign Currency.

Those depositing check or cash into our American Bank Account; will benefit
from a similar set up as those using a Non Israeli Credit Card based on our payment
days to the Hotel. Please call Lenny for more detailed info 02-673-0721 or from the
USA 1-646-328-0800.
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                          CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT

                   Contact & Registration Forms
Reservation will be confirmed only upon completion of both forms, full payment &photocopy
                              of Israeli ID or Foreign Passport

                                 Please print clearly

Contact Info

Last Name                  First Name              Spouse’s Name       ID or Passport #

Address                             City                  State              Zip Code

Email Address                                    Home Phone

                                                 Work Phone
Names & ages of family members in your party

                                                 Mobile Phone

                                                 Fax Number

                                                 Other Numbers
   The Worldwide Young Israel Movement is proud to present

                           CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL EILAT

Registration Info

Family Name                                   First Name

# Adults    # Children      # Infants under        # Rooms
            (ages 2-16)     age 2                                     Full stay

                                                                    Partial stay
                                                                 From                   Until

Please fill in names & ages of guests in each room divided by room & room category

Second Day Yom Tov Package        Are you interested in group transportation?

   None                               Yes            No

                                  Special Dietary Specifications
Name                                  Sugar Free          Salt Free      Vegetarian -           .

                                      Other -                                                   .

                                  Special Requests and/or Comments:
Afdor LTD.
Crown Plaza Eilat
North Beach. P.O.B. 1666
Eilat 88000, Israel

To Crowne Plaza Hotel Eilat / Afdor Ltd

I ______________________________ here by authorize
the Crowne Plaza Hotel Eilat / Afdor Ltd to charge my

credit card _______________________________________

Number _________________________________________

Expires _________________________________________

Digits on the back (amex on the front)__________________

Name ____________________________________________

ID # / Passport # ___________________________________

Signature _________________________________________

Telephone # ______________________________________

Billing Address ____________________________________



Please attach a photo copy of the card

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