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					                                                           Tackle Hunger
                                                           This Super Bowl
                                                                            the souper Bowl
                                                                            of Caring is
                                                                            February 6, 2011.
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How to Give                                                                  on tHe weB
By Mail                                                                      eLCA world Hunger
Make check payable to “ELCA World Hunger” or “ELCA Disaster Response”        www.elca.org/hunger
and mail to: ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal, P.O. Box 71764,
                                                                             eLCA Disaster Response
Chicago IL 60694-1764.
with a Credit Card
                                                                             Resources and Publications
Make a secure credit card donation by visiting www.elca.org/hunger/donate
or calling 800-638-3522.
in Your will or estate Plan                                                  ContACt us
For more information on how you can make a lasting difference by             ELCA World Hunger
remembering the hungry in your will and estate plan, call the ELCA           8765 W. Higgins Road
Foundation at 800-638-3522, ext. 2970, or visit www.elca.org/foundation.     Chicago, IL 60631-4101
                                                                             E-mail: hunger@elca.org

      e L C A    wo R LD        Hu nGe R

                                                      sPRinG–suMMeR 2011


     Lent and
     Easter Guide
     Page 4

     Look insiDe FoR
     •		Month-by-Month	Activities	
     •		Sermon	Starters
     •		Fundraising	Ideas

                                                           Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance
    How to use this Resource
    Congregation Connections	is	published	twice	per	year.	Each	issue	is	designed	to	help	leaders	integrate	hunger	
    themes	throughout	worship	and	congregational	life.	This	issue	is	specially	designed	with	ideas,	resources	and	
    activities	to	help	you	plan	from	February	through	July	2011.	All	lectionary	references	are	taken	from	the	
    Revised	Common	Lectionary.

    Calendar At-A-Glance
            FeBRuARY 2011                              MARCH 2011                           APRiL 2011

       Page 3   Participate in the            Page 4   Plan a Lenten               Page 6   Put a “Good Gift” in
                souper Bowl of Caring                  Meal series                          Your easter Basket

                                              Page 5   screen the new eLCA         Page 7   observe world
                                                       world Hunger DvD                     Malaria Day

                 MAY 2011                               June 2011                            JuLY 2011

       Page 8   try taking Root for          Page 10   Host a Potluck to          Page 11   volunteer with Lutheran
                vacation Bible school                  end Hunger                           Disaster Response

       Page 9   Celebrate Mother’s Day       Page 10   Apply for a Grant          Page 11   Become a summertime
                in a new way                                                                Feeding site

    order	more	copies	of	this	resource	by	visiting	www.elca.org/hunger/          editor: Laury	Rinker
    resources	or	calling	800-638-3522,	ext.	2580.	
                                                                                 Contributors: David Creech,
    sign up	to	receive	a	monthly	e-newsletter	from	ELCA	World	Hunger	            krystal McClinton, Janice Rizzo
    by	visiting	www.elca.org/hunger/enews.
                                                                                 eLCA world Hunger
                                                                                 8765 W. Higgins Road
                                                                                 Chicago, IL 60631

                  FeBRuARY 2011
    sermon starter | SUndAy,	FEBRUARy	27
    MAttHew 6:24-34 Orientation to God                                               The	Sunday	school	children	
    In the wake of the worst economic slump in recent memory, many of                of	United	in	Christ	Lutheran	
    us have found ourselves worrying—about our jobs, about our homes,                Church	know	the	power	of	a	
    about our future. In times like this we want to clench our fists tightly         penny!	For	the	past	two	years,	
    around what we have out of fear of losing it. But Jesus encourages               they	have	been	raising	funds	
    the opposite—to give generously and to trust god to look out for our             for	God’s	Global	Barnyard,	the	
    needs, just as god cares for the birds and the lilies.                           animal	projects	of	ELCA	World	
                                                                                     Hunger.	With	10,558	pennies	
                                                                                     and	other	funds	collected,	they	
                                                                                     recently	presented	a	check	for	
souper Bowl of Caring                                                                $1,025.00	to	the	ELCA.	The	
                                                                                     Sunday	school	class	chose	to	
On sunday, February 6, nearly 100 million
                                                                                     “buy”	one	cow,	three	pigs,	two	
Americans are expected to tune in to watch the
                                                                                     sheep,	two	goats,	two	ducks	and	
super Bowl. At the same time, nearly one billion
                                                                                     40	chicks.	What	an	awesome	
people around the world will be hungry.
                                                                                     barnyard!	The	children	wrote,	
the souper Bowl of Caring is an ecumenical,                                          “These	animals	will	provide	
youth-led movement that unites young people                                          families	living	in	poverty	with	
under a single cause: to end hunger. More than 2,000 Lutheran youth groups           food,	funds	and	fertilizer–all	for	
participate each year. It’s easy to get involved—congregational efforts may          a	better	future.”	The	Sunday	
include creative fund raisers, a food drive or a service event.                      school	class	has	already	started	
                                                                                     fundraising	for	a	gift	next	year.
the money you raise can be donated to the hunger-related charity of your
choice. this year, please consider making a difference locally and globally.
select a local organization to receive half of what you raise, and send the
other half to ELCA World Hunger—where your gifts will be at work in over 60
countries around the world. Visit www.souperbowl.org and get a free starter kit.

         BuLLetin-ReADY: souPeR BowL oF CARinG
         Copy	this	announcement	for	your	Sunday	worship	bulletins	and	newsletters.    united in Christ Lutheran Church
                                                                                      De Forest, Wisc.

  nearly 100 million Americans are expected to tune in to watch the
  super Bowl. Many of them will be hosting or attending parties with                 Do you have a story to share?
  abundant food, friendship and fellowship. At the same time, nearly                     E-mail	Krystal	McClinton	at	
  1 billion people will be hungry—some worrying about staying warm,                      Krystal.McClinton@elca.org.
  finding shelter and securing the next meal.
  Please join us in remembering the hungry this super Bowl—and give a
  donation to help fight hunger after worship on super Bowl sunday.


    Additional Lenten
    Resources                                                   MARCH 2011
    Order	these	resources	by	visiting	
    or	calling	800-638-3522,	ext.	           sermon starter | SUndAy,	MARCH	27
                                             JoHn 4:5-42 Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
    FeeD tHe woRLD Coin Box
    distribute	these	coin	boxes	to	          today, in many countries across Africa and Asia, women and girls
    members	at	the	beginning	of	             spend hours fetching water from wells. Like the women and girls
    Lent,	and	collect	full	boxes	            who travel for miles for clean, drinkable water today, the samaritan
    on	Easter.	Ask	those	giving	up	          woman who met Jesus at the well was on the margins of society.
    coffee,	candy	or	soda	to	consider	       Her vulnerability was particularly acute—not only was she a woman,
    donating	the	savings	at	the	end	         but she was a foreigner who was divorced and without a husband.
    of	each	day.                             Jesus offered her living water and then sent her to bear witness in her
                                             hometown. Her faithful proclamation brought belief and salvation to
                                             her townspeople.
                                             Likewise, today, women often bring change in the struggle against
                                             hunger and poverty. they produce as much as 60-80 percent of food
                                             crops and they are more likely than men to invest their income on
                                             their families by purchasing healthy foods and paying school fees.
                                             Many of your gifts to ELCA World Hunger support water projects that
                                             focus on women and children. support this work today and help
    Free.                                    women use life-giving water to bring healing to their communities.
    1 package = 10 boxes.
    order Code: eLCADs1003.

    40-DAY CALenDAR                      Plan a Lenten Meal series
    This	calendar	invites	members	       Does your congregation host meals before Lenten services? Why not join
    to	pray,	learn,	give	and	deepen	     together for a meal and fight hunger at the same time?
    their	commitment	to	hunger	
                                         Enjoy global cuisine while learning about the world and how gifts to ELCA
    throughout	the	40	days	of	Lent.	
                                         World Hunger are making a difference. Brand new from ELCA World Hunger
                                         is a complete guide to help you
                                         host six different meals during
                                         Lent. A guide for each meal
                                         focuses on a different area of
                                         the world and includes:
                                          Global Recipes
                                          Printable table tents
                                          table Prayers
    1 package = 25 calendars.             Discussion starters                Find	out	how	to	order	this	placemat	by	visiting	
    order Code: eLCADs0914.                                                  www.elca.org/hunger/lent.
                                          And More!
                                         Visit www.elca.org/hunger/lent for everything you need to get started.

                                                                               Get the videos
                                                                               wAtCH onLine
                                                                               download	or	view	the	ELCA	
new eLCA world Hunger DvD                                                      World Hunger Video Series online
                                                                               at	www.elca.org/hunger/video.
the new ELCA World Hunger Video series features the stories of four
different individuals and families whose lives have been transformed by your
gifts to ELCA World Hunger. the short videos average six minutes in length
and are perfect to show during sunday morning offerings, temple talks,
adult forums and youth group gatherings. Included on the DVD is a brief,
four-minute video to introduce the breadth of ELCA World Hunger and the
comprehensive program. try showing a video each week of Lent!

                                                                               oRDeR tHe DvD
                                    tHe kAFLeY FAMiLY stoRY
                                    Chicago, Illinois 8:29                     you	may	order	the	ELCA	World	
                                                                               Hunger	Video	Series	on	dVd	by	
                                    Watch the kafley family get a fresh        visiting	www.elca.org/hunger/
                                    start after living as refugees for         resources or calling 800-638-
                                    18 years.                                  3522,	ext.	2580.	

                                    JiM FReeMAn’s stoRY
                                    Spartanburg, South Carolina 6:00
                                    At 88 years old, Jim counts on
                                    home-delivered meals, visiting
                                    nurses and volunteers to stay
                                    healthy and free from hunger.

                                    tHe LinGson FAMiLY stoRY                   ALso inCLuDeD on DvD
                                    Kaseleka, Malawi 5:37                      ELCA World Hunger
                                                                               Promotional Video 4:20
                                    How can goats change a village?
                                    Watch as gifts of livestock help the
                                    Lingson family end hunger.

                                    viRGiniA QuisPe’s stoRY
                                    La Paz, Bolivia 5:24
                                    Watch as a microloan helps Virginia
                                    expand her small business and better
                                    provide for her family.

    stay up-to-Date
    with eLCA                                                 APRiL 2011
    world Hunger
    seRMon stARteRs                       sermon starter |            SUndAy,	ApRIL	3
    Did you know that there is a
    sermon starter available each         JoHn 9:1-41 A Man Born Blind Receives Sight
    week from ELCA World Hunger?
    Each one contains ideas and           Health and hunger are closely related: those who are hungry are more
    thought-provoking reflections from    susceptible to disease and those who are sick need more nutrients
    ELCA World Hunger’s director for      to get well. For this reason ELCA World Hunger has an intentional
    Hunger Education, David Creech.       focus on health care. We take our cue from Jesus, who also was
    Find them at www.elca.org/            about healing. In this text from John’s gospel, at the sight of the man
    hunger/sermonstarters.                born blind, the disciples wanted to talk theology. the religious leaders
                                          were more concerned with rules and power. Jesus, however, saw a
    FAst FACts                            man in whom god’s power was to be revealed. Indeed, throughout
                                          his ministry, we see that Jesus understood his mission to be rooted
    Did you know that the estimated
                                          in bringing healing and wholeness to those who were poor and
    number of people who will suffer
                                          marginalized. We are Christ’s hands and feet in the world when
    from chronic hunger this year is
                                          we carry on in that healing ministry.
    925 million, down from 1.023
    billion? Or that the poverty rate
    in the united states is above 14
    percent? sign up to receive fast
                                               BuLLetin-ReADY: Put A “GooD GiFt” in
    facts in your inbox each week,
                                               YouR eAsteR BAsket.
    and share these tidbits in your
    sunday bulletins and newsletters.          Copy	this	announcement	for	your	Sunday	worship	bulletins	and	newsletters.
    Visit www.elca.org/hunger/facts.
                                         Easter chicks and fluffy ducklings are more than cute
    eLCA woRLD HunGeR                    and fuzzy—they can change lives! this Easter, fill up
    e-news                               your basket with gifts that have meaning. Consider
    Receive monthly updates, ideas,      these options through ELCA good gifts:
    stories and new resources to          A $10 gift could buy 10 downy chicks to help a
    use in your congregation. Visit       family in Mexico start an egg business.
    www.elca.org/hunger/enews to
    subscribe.                            A $20 gift could buy a duck to help a
                                          family in Cambodia escape hunger.
                                          A $100 gift could plant an entire acre of cocoa plants to start a small
                                          business in ghana.

                                           tHRee wAYs to Give
                                           online                       Mail
                                           www.elca.org/goodgifts       Make your check out to the
                                                                       “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”
                                           Phone                        Send	it	to: ELCA, 39488 treasury Center,
                                           800-638-3522                 Chicago, IL 60694-9400


                                                                                   More ideas
                                                                                   get more fundraising ideas for
                                                                                   Easter by ordering a copy of the
                                                                                   ELCA Good Gifts Fair Planning
Buck-a-Chick                                                                       Guide. the guide is complete with
this Easter, join congregations from across the nation by having a “Buck-a-        everything you need to host an
Chick” sale. For one dollar, members can purchase and decorate a paper             event at your congregation and
chick for themselves or in honor of a loved one. Your gifts will help provide      make a significant impact on the
families living in poverty with chicks to provide a source of food and income.     mission and ministry of the ELCA.
send the donations to ELCA good gifts (ELCA, 39488 treasury Center,                the guide includes:
Chicago, IL 60694-9400) with “Buck-a-Chick” in the memo line. get the
coloring page at www.elca.org/hunger/lent.                                           step-by-step instructions	to	
                                                                                     plan,	promote	and	host	your	
world Malaria Day is April 25, 2011
                                                                                     Content	for	newsletters and
Malaria is a leading cause of death in the developing world—claiming a life          bulletins
every 45 seconds. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help.
                                                                                     Crafts and activities
Your congregation may wish to take action by recognizing World Malaria
Day. Consider collecting a special offering and using the litany below during        stories of	ELCA	Good	Gifts	
worship. gifts designated for the ELCA Malaria Campaign may be sent to:              at	work	in	the	world
ELCA, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764. For more resources visit               ideas	for	Lent,	Easter,	
www.elca.org/malaria.                                                                Vacation	Bible	School,	Advent	
                                                                                     and more
Malaria Day Litany             By	THE	REV.	CHRISTInE	nESSEL	
We gather in your name,                  We cry out for peace in war-torn lands,
Let us walk in your light.               Let us walk in your light.
We center ourselves in you,              We yearn for wholeness for our bodies,
Let us walk in your light.               hearts and minds,
We wait for your coming again,           Let us walk in your light.
Let us walk in your light.               We grieve for those who have died,
We give thanks for your promises,        Let us walk in your light.
Let us walk in your light.               We seek your healing from all disease,
We desire reconciliation,                Let us walk in your light.
Let us walk in your light.               We beg for wisdom for doctors,
We long for shelter against the night,   generosity from corporations,             Free.
Let us walk in your light.               inspiration for scientists and            order Code: eLCADs1017.
We yearn for healing for the children,   endurance for caregivers,                 order by visiting www.elca.org/
Let us walk in your light.               Let us walk in your light.                hunger/resources or calling
We crave compassion for the sick and     We place our lives in your hands;         800-638-3522, ext. 2580.
the needy,                               shape us with your purpose,
Let us walk in your light.               Let us walk in your light.
We mourn with the orphaned and
widowed,                                 We put all our hope in you, O god.
Let us walk in your light.               We trust in your mercy and find comfort
We remember our neighbors around         in your grace. As we remember those
the world,                               individuals and communities suffering
Let us walk in your light.               from malaria, we pray for your light to
We ask for the strength to give,         enter into the world and shine brighter
Let us walk in your light.               than any darkness. Let it be a pathway
                                         illuminated by your love.
                                         Let us walk in your light. Amen.
    Taking Root
    Curriculum                                                   MAY 2011
    Order	the	new	ELCA	World	
    Hunger	curriculum	by	visiting	
    www.elca.org/resources or              sermon starter |          SUndAy,	MAy	8	
    by	calling	800-638-3522,	
    ext.	2580.	                            Luke 24:13-35 The Walk to Emmaus
                                           Mahatma gandhi famously said, “there are people in the world so
                                           hungry that god cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
                                           When we celebrate the Eucharist, we remember god’s gracious and
                                           abundant provision. We gather around the table and our eyes are
                                           opened to recognize god’s way as revealed in Jesus. We take the
                                           bread and see god and understand that when we are fed, we are also
                                           sent forth to feed.

                                       vacation Bible school
                                       try the ELCA World Hunger curriculum, Taking Root: Hunger Causes,
                                       Hunger Hopes for Vacation Bible school. Flexible and highly interactive,
                                       the curriculum uses Bible study,
    tRY tHe Taking RooT                literature, art and activities to
    CuRRiCuLuM FoR FRee                foster critical thinking about
    Order a Taking Root Sample	Kit	    hunger and how you can make
    and	try	out	the	new	curriculum	    a difference.                            TAKING
    in	your	congregation.	Each	kit	
    contains	one	Leaders’	Guide,	
    one	of	each	of	the	five	student	
    handouts,	a	promotional	poster	
                                       Each of the four age-level
                                       courses (grades k-2, 3-6, 7-9,
                                       and 10-12) offer five, three-hour
                                       sessions of coordinated content
    and	stickers.                                                                 HUNGER CAUSES
                                       that can easily be broken up to            HUNGER HOPES
    GRADes k-2.                        fit any schedule. students love
    Free. order code: eLCACs1007       the highly interactive journals
                                       and handouts. And the Leaders’
    GRADes 3-6.
                                       guides give comprehensive
    Free. order code: eLCACs1010
                                       background information to make
    JunioR HiGH.                       and additional resources for each
    Free. order code: eLCACs1013       lesson. Order a sample kit and
                                       try it out free! Visit www.elca.
    senioR HiGH.
                                       org/hunger/takingroot for more
    Free. order code: eLCACs1016
    For	more	information	on	the	
    Taking Root	curriculum,	visit	

                                                                                         ROOT                     HUNGE

Celebrate Mother’s Day in a new way
Mother’s Day is sunday, May 8. Host an ELCA good gifts Fair and allow
families to purchase gifts in honor of Mom that will support women and
children around the world. Order the ELCA Good Gifts Fair Planning Guide            Every	year	the	“Bible	Explorers,”	
(www.elca.org/hunger/resources) for ideas.                                          a	group	of	children	from	
                                                                                    Grace	Lutheran	Church,	are	
                                                                                    encouraged	to	choose	a	mission	
        BuLLetin-ReADY: eLCA GooD GiFts FoR                                         project.	Moved	by	the	situation	
        MotHeR’s DAY                                                                in	Haiti	after	the	horrible	
        Copy	this	announcement	for	your	Sunday	worship	bulletins	and	newsletters.   earthquake,	the	children	
                                                                                    made	prayer	flags	for	the	
                               ELCA good gifts can change the world.                congregation.	Members	wrote	
                               As little as $10 can provide a pair of shoes,        prayers	for	Haiti	on	strips	of	
                               a mosquito net, a fruit tree seedling or 10          cloth	and	hung	them	up	around	
                               chicks for a family in need.                         church.	As	several	months	
                                                                                    passed, Chile also experienced
                               Your mother provided nurturing and a                 a	terrible	earthquake.	In	turn,	
                               loving touch when you were a child. Honor            the	Bible	Explorers	decided	to	
                               your mother this Mother’s Day by providing           raise	funds	for	both	Haiti	and	
                               these gifts to children and mothers around           Chile.	They	created	and	sold	
                               the globe.                                           colorful	magnets	to	be	placed	on	
  Join us for an ELCA good gifts Fair and browse more than 65 different             refrigerators.	The	Bible	Explorers	
  giving options that support life-changing projects and programs around            presented	their	wonderful	gift	
  the world. Honor Mom by sharing the love she shares with you.                     on	behalf	of	Haiti	and	Chile	to	
                                                                                    ELCA	disaster	Response.	



                                                                                     Grace Lutheran Church
      tiMe:                                                                          Boulder, Colo.

                                                                                    Do you have a story to share?
                                                                                        E-mail	Krystal	McClinton	at	

     Apply for a Grant
     from eLCA world                                              June 2011
     Is	your	congregation	fighting	
     hunger	in	your	community?	
                                             sermon starter |           SUndAy,	JUnE	12
     do	you	run	a	soup	kitchen,	
     food	pantry,	homeless	shelter	          JoHn 7:37-39 Rivers of Living Water
     or	a	different	ministry	to	help	        Waters occupy a large place in the Christian imagination. genesis 1
     those	in	need?	did	you	know	            speaks of the chaotic primordial waters. god’s spirit hovers over the
     that	your	gifts	to	ELCA	World	          chaos then speaks order into existence. Into what chaos do we want god
     Hunger	are	at	work	in	the	              to speak order? How can we use our voice to speak and create order?
     United	States—sometimes	
     by	supporting	programs	and	             Water plays a central role in the key story of the formation of Israel.
     ministries	organized	by	Lutheran	       When god is liberating the Israelites from the oppressive Egyptians,
     congregations	and	organizations?	       god guides them through the troubled waters of the Red sea. When
     For	example,	your	gifts	to	ELCA	        they thirst in the desert, god provides water out of a rock. What
     World	Hunger	support:                   liberation do we seek? What waters must we move through to get
                                             there? What thirsts do we long to quench?
       Zion Church in Madison,
       wisc.,	in	their	efforts	to	           Water also plays a key role in our own formation through baptism. In
       provide	personal,	household	          baptism we are both liberated and joined with god in god’s liberating
       and	hygiene	products	for	             activity. How can we help issue forth rivers of living water?
       families	living	in	poverty.
       Beautiful savior Lutheran
       Church in tucson, Ariz., as       Potlucks to end Hunger
       they	serve	monthly	meals	to	
       those	who	are	homeless.           Jell-O molds. Cookies. Hot-dish surprise. kitchens filled with the aroma
                                         of Crock-Pot bean recipes simmering all afternoon. When Lutherans host
       Good shepherd Lutheran            potlucks, hungry members and visitors alike flock in at the promise of good
       Church in Denver, Colo., as       food and fellowship.
       they	provide	English	as	a	
       Second Language classes,          But that’s not all potlucks can do. Potlucks can also combat world hunger.
       child	care	and	transportation	    Potlucks to End World Hunger is a movement started by two Lutheran
       services	to	those	in	need.	       pastors. the idea is simple. Host a potluck and take a collection for ELCA
                                         World Hunger. In 2009, 27 congregations participated and raised $4,400 for
     What	is	your	congregation	up	       ELCA World Hunger. In 2010, 120 congregations participated and shattered
     to?	you	may	apply	for	a	grant	      the goal of $10,000.
     (typically	$500	to	$6,000)	
     for	anti-hunger	work	in	your	       the tradition continues into 2011. When will you or your congregation hold a
     community.	Submit	applications	     potluck to end hunger? Make it festive and hold one near a major holiday like
     by	July	2011.	The	application	      the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Do it near World Food Day (October 16)
     can	be	found	online	at	             or thanksgiving to reinforce the fact that when many of us gather with friends
     www.elca.org/domestichunger.        and family for meals, over one billion people will go to bed hungry.
                                         For ideas, resources and more information visit www.amonthofpotlucks.org.

  JuLY 2009                                                                              Help kids in Your
Lectionary Connection |
                            JuLY SUndAy,	JULy	26,	2009
                                  2011                                                   Community
                                                                                         Federal	nutrition	programs	like	
John	6:1-21	Multitudes are fed after a little boy offers to share his loaves and fish.   the	national	School	Lunch	and	
    sermon starter |              SUndAy,	JULy	24
Have you ever stopped to think about the young boy who offered to share his
                                                                                         Breakfast	program	help	families	
                                                                                         in	the	United	States	who	struggle	
barely loaves and fish? When the disciples asked around for food, the young
                                                                                         with	hunger	and	poverty.	Tens	of	
     didn’t stop 13:31-33, 44-52 The Parable of the Mustard I make?” But
boy MAttHew and say, “What’s the point? What difference can Seed.
                                                                                         millions	of	children	rely	on	these	
    Three offered up
instead he Parables five loaves and two fish—what many would have seen
                                                                                         meals	each	school	day.	
     small, insignificant contribution tells a such a large crowd. nature his
as aIn this collection of parables Jesusto feed great crowd about theBut withof
    the kingdom of heaven. In the gave thanks, and fed a kingdom is
small gift, Jesus took his offering, first two, we see that themultitude. small          But	what	do	families	do	over	
    and unnoticed: a small mustard seed, leaven in dough. In the last three              the	summer	when	school	isn’t	
    we see that the kingdom is precious: a treasure, a pearl, a great catch of           in	session?	For	many	families	
    fish. As we work toward the goal of ensuring that all are fed and satisfied,         with	low	incomes,	“gap	times”—
    we can sometimes feel that our efforts are too small or too feeble. But              evenings,	weekends	and	
    this is god’s kingdom and god’s work, and we hold to the hope that                   summers—are	especially	
    our small efforts today, unnoticed as they may be, will one day grow                 challenging.	To	learn	more	
    into a beautiful tree that brings life, a loaf of bread from which all will          about	how	your	congregation	
    be sustained.                                                                        could	be	a	food	site	or	sponsor,	
                                                                                         visit	www.summerfood.usda.gov.

                                                                                         God's Global
                                                                                         Barnyard Coin Box
                                                                                         distribute	this	interactive	coin	
                                                                                         box	to	Sunday	school	children	
                                                                                         to	teach	them	about	how	
                                                                                         animals	help	fight	against	
                                                                                         hunger	and	poverty.

volunteer with Lutheran Disaster Response
Looking for a summer service project? Why not gather a group to lend a hand
and make a difference in the lives of disaster survivors. Lutheran Disaster
Response has several volunteer opportunities for groups of all shapes, sizes             Free.
and skill sets.                                                                          1 package = 10 boxes.
Lutherans are well known for long-term recovery—some efforts last for                    order Code: eLCADs1004.
months and years after a disaster. there may even be an opportunity
nearby! Visit www.ldr.org for an interactive map to learn more about available
volunteer opportunities.


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