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									   Hello! Welcome to our school!

   Hola, bienvenidos a nuestra escuela

   Hello! Zapraszamy do naszej szkoły
                   Our School
   Is called St. Thomas        Picture of school
    Aquinas Secondary.

   It is situated in a
    peaceful suburb in the
    West of Glasgow.
               Vital Information
   Picture of pupils      It is a mixed, Catholic

                           There are 900 pupils
                            and 60 teaching staff.

                           Pupils travel from all
                            over the West end of
                            Glasgow to attend this
                School Uniform
   In St. Thomas Aquinas
    Secondary, like in most
    Scottish schools, we
    wear a school uniform.
   We wear a white shirt,
    stripy tie, black
    trousers or a skirt and a
    black jumper.
   Most people agree that
    the uniform is smart and
               School Building
   Picture of school      Our school is modern
    buildings               because it was only built
                            8 years ago.
                           There are two separate
                            buildings which are
                           There are three floors
                            in the school and we
                            have a fantastic view
                            over Glasgow from the
                            top floor windows.
   We have many                    Picture of stage
    classrooms; science
    laboratories; a library; a
    dining hall; a drama
    studio; assembly hall;
    gym hall and stage.
   There is also an
    impressive Art
   Furthermore we have an
    oratory where Mass is
   Drama studio picture      Library picture
   School office picture      Technical department
   Gym hall picture      I.T picture
               Sports Facilities
   Picture of the pitches      With regard to sports
                                 facilities, we have two
                                 large gym halls and a
                                 sports pitch outside.

                                There is also a fitness
                                 suite with an excellent
                                 range of equipment.
The School Day
          Classes begin at 8.45 and
           finish at 2.50 or 3.40 on
           Mondays and Wednesdays.
          There is a morning interval at
           10.35 and classes resume at
          There are usually six classes
           a day; seven on the longer
          Lunch time is at 12.30 and
           lasts for forty minutes.
   English                  Spanish
   Home Economics           French
   Mathematics              I.C.T
   History                  Physical Education
   Art                      Drama
   Geography                Music
   Modern Studies           Technical
   Religious Education
     Important Members of Staff
   The school is run by      Our head teacher is
    the head teacher and       Mr. McSorley and he
    the senior                 has four deputes; Mrs
    management team            Kennedy, Mr Ferry,
                               Mr Dowds and Mr
We hope you have enjoyed
 learning about our school!

  Adios!   Do widzenia!

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