Monday to Friday Lunch Menu

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					Monday to Friday Lunch Menu
full menu available 7 days lunch & dinner

     Turkey & camembert Panini                                            12
         turkey breast, camembert cheese, lettuce & roma tomato
         drizzled ẃ a cranberry mayonnaise & served ẃ fries

     Graziers Beef Pie                                                    14
         slow cooked tender graziers beef ẃ peas & puffed
         pastry, served ẃ a creamy potato mash

     Fish & Chips                                                         12
          classic beer battered barramundi fillet served ẃ house salad,
          fries & homemade tartare sauce

     BLT                                                                  12
             grilled bacon served on panini ẃ mesclun lettuce,
             roma tomato & drizzled ẃ aioli
             ẃ - avocado                                                  13.5
             ẃ - Cajun grilled chicken                                    16

     Steak Sandwich                                                       14
          150g rib filet served on panini ẃ onion, tomato,
          mixed lettuce, swiss cheese & bbq sauce

     Newmarket Burger                                                     14
        180g beef pattie, cheddar cheese, cucumber, roma tomato,
        mixed lettuce, onions & beetroot topped ẃ a tomato relish

     Pappardelle Primavera                   v                                   1
         roasted mediterranean vegetables & wilted spinach in a
         traditional napoli sauce on imported italian thick pasta

     Lunch Rump                                                           17
         250g rump - perfect sized steak for lunch. served ẃ house
         salad, fries & your choice of sauce

             hand cut chips & aioli                                       8
             asian vegetables                                             6
             mash                                                         5
             house salad                                                  3.5
             add grilled cajun chicken                                    4
             fries & aioli                                                4
    Cob Loaf & Butters                        v                         8
        oven baked cob loaf served ẃ sundried tomato & garlic butters
    Prosciutto Bruschetta                                               10
         prosciutto, roasted peppers & mascarpone cheese on
         toasted turkish bread
    Crisp Turkish Bread ẃ Daily Dips                                    10
    Asian Style Spring Rolls                                            12
         house made asian infused chicken spring rolls
         served ẃ soy sauce & pickled ginger
    Lemon Peppered Calamari                                             12
        lightly dusted & flash fried, served ẃ lemon & house
        made tartare sauce
    Asian Style Scallops                                                14
         scallops seared medium served ẃ a petite asian salad
    Newmarket Tapas Plate (serves two)                                  30
       turkish breads & trio of dips spring rolls, lemon peppered
       calamari, torpedo prawns, mediterranean vegetables,
       camembert cheese, asian style scallops & natural oysters
       finished ẃ newmarket sauces
    Coffin Bay Oysters Natural               g
         ½ dozen or full dozen                                          15/26
    Coffin Bay Oyster Kilpatrick Newmarket Style
         ½ dozen or full dozen                                          17/28

    Haloumi, Macadamia & Pumpkin Salad                gv                16
        haloumi, toasted macadamia nuts, roasted pumpkin,
        cucumber & roquette
    Thai Wagyu Beef Salad                                               18
         thai marinated wagyu beef served on zucchini ribbons,
         mesculun, cherry tomato, cashews & topped ẃ crisp noodles
    Traditional Caesar                                                  15
        crisp bacon, turkish croutons, cos lettuce, shaved parmesan
        & egg ẃ our own special dressing - anchovies optional
        add grilled cajun chicken                                       4
        add prawns                                                      6
        add lemon pepper calamari                                       5
Main Selection
    Pumpkin & Pine Nut Risotto        g v                                20
       roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, baby spinach in a creamy
       risotto topped ẃ mascarpone cheese
       ẃ - chicken                                                       23
    Gnocchi Ragu                                                         20
        soft potato gnocchi in a traditional italian beef ragu, topped
        ẃ parmesan

    Battered Barramundi                                                  21
         classic beer battered fillets served ẃ rustic hand cut chips,
         house salad & house made tartare sauce
    Newmarket Chicken Parmigiana                                         21
       oven baked crumbed chicken breast topped ẃ ham, cheese &
       a rich napoli sauce, served ẃ rustic hand cut chips &
       house salad
    Lamb Shanks                                                          22
       oven slow roasted till they fall off the bone served on potato
       mash ẃ a beef jus
    Mediterranean Chicken Breast                                         22
        chicken breast stuffed ẃ mediterranean vegetables on
        kipfler potatoes, wilted spinach, topped ẃ pesto & napoli
    Duck Pappardelle                                                     23
        duck breast pan fried medium on imported thick italian
        pasta & a dark wild mushroom sauce
    White Sambuca Seafood Risotto          g                             24
        pan fried fresh prawns, scallops, mussels, calamari sautéed in
        a creamy risotto & finished ẃ white sambuca
    North African Spiced Lamb Rump                                     28
        lamb rump marinated in traditional north african spices cooked
        medium rare served on risotto cake ẃ roquette & topped ẃ a red
        wine jus & tzatziki

    Market Fish of the Day                                               poa
        ask your host for today’s market fish
Newmarket Grill Selection

    Kangaroo Loin                                                     23
        tender kangaroo dusted in cajun rosemary & thyme char grilled
        medium rare served ẃ pesto rubbed potatoes, beetroot jam &
        drizzled ẃ beef jus

    Eye Fillet 200g                                                        27
         this delightful cut of beef is the most tender of them all & is
         best described as succulent, lean & tender. sourced from lush
         open paddocks surrounding the darling downs & aged for a
         minimum of 8 weeks

    Rump 400g                                                              28
       a classic primal cut of beef which comes from Kilcoy
       meatworks in south east qld. the beef bodies are a yearling
       product ẃ a hook weight of 340 to 360kg, predominately 75%
       bos taurus ẃ a fat depth of no more than 7mm. aged to our
       specification ẃ a supplier guarantee of ultimate flavour
       & tenderness

    Wagyu Rump 350g                                                      33
        this unique & superior breed of cattle is grain finished minimum
        500 days & ẃ a marble score content of 7 to 8 it delivers an
        unbelievable eating experience. simply a must for steak lovers

    Rib Eye on the Bone 400g                                               34
         a specialty primal cut of beef ẃ exceptional flavour & eating
         quality. british breed of cattle ẃ a marbling score of up to 2
         & a supplier guarantee of ultimate satisfaction & tenderness

    add reef to your beef                                                  8

    all newmarket steaks are served ẃ house salad
    rustic hand cut chips or mash potato & your choice of
    red wine jus, peppercorn, Hollandaise, mushroom or garlic sauce(g)

            hand cut chips & aioli                                         8
            asian vegetables                                               6
            mash                                                           5
            house salad                                                    3.5
Desserts & Coffee
    Chocolate Pudding                                                   7 .50
        served ẃ raspberry coulis, whipped cream & ice cream

    Apple & Mixed Berry Crumble                                         7.50
        baked apple & mixed berries served warm ẃ whipped
        cream & ice cream

    Sticky-Date Pudding                                                 8 .50
         served ẃ butterscotch sauce, whipped cream & ice cream

    New York Baked Cheese Cake                                          8 .50
        served ẃ raspberry coulis, whipped cream & ice cream

    Desert for Two                                                      16
         chefs tempting mixed selection of desserts, served ẃ
         smashed raspberry coulis, whipped cream & ice cream
         - serves two

Fortified & Cognac
    Galway Pipe                                                         6
        a pronounced aged character but maintains freshness & a long dry finish

    Bailey’s Founders Tokay                                             6
         rich ẃ decadent sweetness. a warming soothing indulgence

    Penfolds Grandfather Port                                           13.5

    Courvoisier VSOP                                                    10

    Hennessy XO                                                         17


    Flat White                                                          3
    Café Latté                                                          3
    Cappuccino                                                          3
    Long Black                                                          3
    Espresso                                                            3
     Macchiato                                                          3
    Affogato                                                            3.5
    Mocha                                                               3
    Hot Chocolate                                                       3
    Frappattoria                                                        3.5
    Baby Chino                                                          free