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Canadian Citizenship Test


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Before you begin your test I just want to take a
moment to congratulate you on your exciting journey
to be a Canadian. There would be an experience to
talk about for years to come and to share with future
generations as the make their way to live here also.

I have no doubt that you will study the questions and
answers and pass with flying colors. All those who
have purchased this test passed and there was
absolutely no failure since this document was
published and put up for distribution.

Take your time and memorize all the answers. Thank
you again for purchasing the test, it really makes me
feel good that in some way I am contributing to
newcomers to easily pass this hurdle to become a

Please help me spread the word around and God
                    The Canadian Citizenship Test – Please being your quiz.

1. Who are the aboriginal people of Canada?

     a) First Nations
     b) The first inhabitants of Canada
     c) Metis
     d) Inuit

2. What are the 3 main groups of aboriginal people?

     a) Mohawk, Sioux and Apache
     b) Metis, Mohawk, Inuit
     c) First Nations, Metis, Sioux
     d) First Nations, Metis and Inuit

3. From whom are the Metis decended?

     a) French and English Traders and First Nations Women
     b) Spanish and English Traders and First Nations Women
     c) Portuguese and Dutch Traders and Metis Women
     d) English and French and Inuit Women

4. Which group of the Aboriginal people make up for more than half of the population in North
West Territories and Nunavut?

     a) Metis
     b) First Nations
     c) The Inuit
     d) Sioux

5. Why are the Aboriginal people working towards a self government?

     a) They are trying to regain control of decisions that affect their lives
     b) To better represent all Canadians in government
     c) To save their land from environmental destruction
     d) To protect wild life and forestry

6. From where did the first European settlers in Canada come?

     a) Portugal
     b) Germany
     c) England
     d) France

7. Why did early explorers first come to Atlantic Canada?
     a) To mine for gold for British Empire
     b) To farm lands with the Metis
     c) To fish and trade with the First Nations people
     d) To hunt for buffalo with the First Nations people

8. What three industries help early settlers build communities in the Atlantic regions?

     a) Gold, coal and copper mining
     b) Farming, fishing and shipbuilding
     c) Fishing, trading and farming
     d) Fur trading, gold and hunting

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