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					           Chapter Three: How the World and Mankind Were Created

DIRECTIONS: To help you prepare for the quiz on Ch. 3 in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, answer these
questions. You may copy the answers to ANY 10 QUESTIONS onto a sheet of notebook paper and turn them
in at the beginning of class for 20 bonus points. The answers must be correct.

1.     Night and Erebus were the first two children of Chaos.
2.     Who was their child?
3.     What's Hamilton's theory about the personification of the Earth and Heaven?
4.     What sprang from the blood of the injured Heaven?
5.     Why does Zeus eventually overthrow Cronus?
6.     How does Rhea fool Cronus?
7.     How does Zeus rescue his siblings?
8.     What happens to the stone that faked Cronus out?
9.     Who helps Cronus in the war?
10.    Who are Zeus' allies?
11.    How does Zeus' punish his enemies after they lose?
12.    Who is Atlas and what was his fate? Who then must Zeus fight to become undisputed world
13.    How was man created?
14.    What do Prometheus' and Epimetheus' names mean and why are they apt?
15.    What does Epimetheus do for the creatures of earth that earns his reputation as a scatterbrain?
16.    How does Prometheus come to man's aid?
17.    Describe the various ages of man, starting with gold and ending with iron. How are the men like
       the metal that gives their age its name?
18.    What two gripes did Zeus have against Prometheus?
19.    How did Zeus get revenge?
20.    What does Pandora's name mean and why is it apt?
21.    What's in Pandora's infamous box?
22.    Why does she open it?
23.    What's the result?
24.    How does Zeus personally punish Prometheus for helping mankind?
25.    What does Prometheus know that could help Zeus in the future?
26.    How does Prometheus escape?
27.    Does the Deluge remind you of any other stories?
28.    Why does Zeus send the flood?
29.    How many days did it rain?
30.    Who was saved? How?
31.    Why doesn't Zeus get angry at their survival?
32.    What are they urged to do?

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