Gateway Gym ppt by hedongchenchen


									   Gateway Gym
“The Gateway to a better life”
           Mission Statement

   To provide a health club that will give you
    the most complete health benefits
      What does Gateway offer?
   Teach you how to be healthy and fit

   Assist you in being healthy and fit

   Give you the tools to be healthy and fit
    Teaching you how to be healthy
                and fit

   Informational Classes about health,
    nutrition, and fitness

   Personal Trainers who will sit down with
    you and create a diet plan and exercise
Assisting you in being healthy and

   Personal trainers walking you through
    your newly crafted exercise routine

   Group fitness classes
Giving you the tools to be healthy
             and fit

   Top of the line Cardio Equipment

   Free Weights

   Exercise Machines
   Full Membership

   Part-time Membership

   Daily Membership

   Family Membership
              Full Membership

   $40 a month

   Full access to the facilities

   Guaranteed permanent monthly rate for
    the duration of membership
        Part-time Membership
   $25 a month

 Access to club Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
 Or
 Access to club Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun
            Daily Membership
   $8 a day

   Access to the club for the one day only

   Attend classes that have an opening for
    that day only
           Family Membership
   Discounted Rate
    – $60 a month for married couple
    – $100 a month for family of four

   All the same benefits of full member
               Join Today!

   Stop by the membership office

   Call 559 555 6554

   Email at
Gateway Gym
             A Place For

 Exercise
 Fitness
 Health
 Friends
 Fun
    Gateway Gym

*Gateway Gym does not really exist,
   but is a made up creation for
 communication 165 at CSU Fresno.

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