Ham Ham Paradise by liaoqinmei


									                             Hamtaro Adventure: Kingdom Hearts II
                                Rated PG: Violence, Language
                                 Arc: Pride Lands: First Visit
                               Chapter 77: Lost King and Master

*Warning!! This chapter might reveal some scenes from Birth By Sleep.*


*Simba was seen sleeping near a near a ridge. A small Zebra with glasses walks to him with a
frog. They both have hamster ears.*

“You alright, Simba?”
“Ribbit! Yeah, you okay?”
Simba: “...Y-yeah. Sorry about that. What‟s up, Stripes?”
Sripes: “Well, according to Leo, you can‟t seem to fall back to sleep after another one of you
“Ribbit. Ribbit.”
Simba: “Warts, enough of the frog act already. I know you‟re trying to get into character and all,
but it‟s starting to get to the point it just... bugs me.”
Warts: “Sorry, Simba.”
“Hey, why the long face, Simba?”

*The meerkat and Warthog from the previous chapter walks up to Simba, Warts and Stripes.*

Stripes: “Timon! Pumbaa!”
Timon: “Hey there Stripes! Warts! How are you two doing?”
Warts: “We‟re okay, ribbit. Simba isn‟t. He can‟t sleep after that last nightmare.”
Timon: “Hey, Simba! You gotta lighten up and live a little!”
Simba: “Y-yeah...”
Pumbaa: “What were you thinkin‟ about?”
Timon: “Lemme guess: the past, right?”
Simba: “Hm.”
Warts: “Simba...”
Timon/Pumbaa/Warts: “Hakuna Matata!”

*When Simba heard this, he smiled, despite still looking a little sad. He then rose up and walked
to the cliff he arrived to when he had the nightmare.*

Timon: “Would you look how he‟s grown, Pumbaa.Why, when I rescued him, he was only as big
as Leo without the main. He was this big.” *Placed his hand at the height Leo would be at in his
lion form.*
Stripes: “That‟s when we showed up, huh? When we changed into our costumes, and became the
animals we matched the clothes to, we practically scared you guys to wet yourselves.”
Warts: “Man, that was funny, ribbit!”
Stripes: “It lasted until Pumbaa let one loose and ko‟d us with that smell.”
Pumbaa: “Well exCUSE me!” *Snorts*

Simba stops at the cliff and then just plopped onto it, sending some flower petals into the air. The
wind caguht it and begins to carry it off.*

*Wildebeest Valley*

*The group looks down at the open and deep area below from a cliff.*

Sky-ham: “Hey Panda. I think its time we tried out that new hang glider.”
Sora: *Whimper*
James: “Coward.”
Sora: “What? It‟s really high up!”
Andre: “Hmph.”

*Andre leapt off the cliff and landed with a three point landing on the other side below, wowing
the group above.*

Andre: “You guys capable?”

*Nala backed up and then leapt to the cliff below beside Andre.*

Andre: “You guys can manage right? I know Harmony and Donald can with their flying ability,
but I‟m worried about the rest of you.”
Sky-ham: “No worries! I can fly the others across! Well... as long as they aren‟t as heavy as a
Lion cub.”
Sora/Riku/Laura: “Aw thanks!”
Riku: “I‟ll meet you guys down below.”

*Riku backed up and then cleared to the cliff.*

Nala: “What‟s wrong?”
James: “You expect us to sprout wings and fly across!?”
Sora: “We‟re not going to make it!”
Nala: *Sigh* “I guess Rafiki is right.”
Sky-ham: “Don‟t worry about us meerkats! I can get everyone across in no time!”
Harmony: “I can fly everyone across, but only one at a time!”
Donald: “Same here! It‟ll be a team effort Harmony, so we can carry someone like Goofy
Nala: “Alright! I can teach you lions and Goofy how to clear that cliff! You can do it!”

*A few minutes later...*

*Sky ham transported Hamtaro and James to the other side, with Sora and Laura clearing the
cliff with Harmony and Donald carrying Goofy to the other side. Sky-ham‟s Gummi Glider has
Orange and red where the yellow and green of his other glider would normally be.*
James: “You should‟ve told me that we could glide across.”

*Pride rock*

*The wind that carried the flower petals from earlier drifts to the tree. When it passed over,
Rafiki caught part of the flower petals.*

Rafiki: *Sniffs flowers.* “Hm...”

*Rafiki goes down into the Tree Hollow, which is his home, and then placed the flower petals
into a turtle shell. After shuffling the petals around, he looks to the petals, then looked at the
drawing of a lion cub on the tree he made. He starts laughing when he leaps to the drawing. After
dabbing his hand into some sort of red berry mixture, he then edited the picture as he laughs into
realization that...maybe someone he knows is still alive and well. After he finished the editing,
the picture was now of a red mane lion... Simba.*

*Back in the Wildebeest Valley...*

*The group was walking towards the other side of the valley.*

Nala: “When Simba‟s father, King Mufasa, died, we were told that Simba died alongside him.”
James: “I bet that liar Scar told ya that.”
Nala: *Stops* “Nice guess.”
Pashmina: “But if Simba really is alive, do you think we could convince him to go back and stop
Scar‟s reign?”
Beast-ham: “I wouldn‟t be so sure. We don‟t if he is even alive or not.”
“Better think again, young wolf.”
Beast-ham: “Huh!?”
Everyone else: *!*

*Rafiki walks to the group and then advances up a small cliff to talk to everyone.*

Rafiki: “It is time!”

*Rafiki points to the direction the group was heading.*

James: “Why are you pointing that way? Aren‟t we going there?”
Rafiki: “Your goal rests in that direction.”
Snoozer: *Zzz....* “Goal... red mane... lion...” *Zzz...*
Penelope/Lazuli: “Red Mane Lion?”
Nala: *!* “It must be Simba! Everyone, hurry!”

*Nala rushes ahead.*

Sora: *!* “Wait up!”
*Everyone rushes to catch up with Nala...*


*Stripes looks to the Desert And sees a shadow of a lioness at the distance.*

Stripes: “Oh no.”

*Stripes runs into the jungle.*



*Stripes runs in with Warts, Bunni and Leo looking at attention.*

Leo: “Stripes, what‟s wrong?”
Stripes: “A-a Lioness! She‟s heading this way!”
Leo: “Did you see anyone else with it?”
Stripes: “Ok, I thought maybe I saw a couple of Lion cubs with her, so maybe she‟s a mother.
But when I saw the shadows get closer, I saw a whole bunch of meerkats with them!”
Bunni: “Meerkats?”
Warts: “Ribbit! Maybe they‟re their food, ribbit!”
Leo: “I don‟t think so, Warts. They would‟ve eaten them. Something‟s up, and we‟re going to
find out what.”

*The Djungle group ran into the jungle.*


*The main group walks in and looks around.*

Sora: “Where‟s Nala?”
James: “Probably looking for Simba.”
Bijou: *Sniffing the air...* “We‟re not alone.”
Hamtaro: “We‟re not?”

*Leo landed to the ground in his animals form and unleashed a mighty roar, with Stripes, Warts,
and Bunni changing into their animal forms in midair and then landed beside Leo.*

James: *!* “Who are you!?” *Summons Keyblade*
Leo: “What the... who are you guys?”
James: “Stand aside! We‟re looking for Simba.”
Leo: “He‟s here, but we‟re not telling where he is!”
James: “Gee, thanks for telling us. Now where is he?”
Bunni: “Li‟l Leo, you‟ve done it again!”
Hamtaro: “Huh? Li‟l Leo??”
Hamtaro: “Leo!? Leo of team Djungle from the Ham-ham games!?”
Leo: “What a sec... how did-”
Hamtaro: “It‟s me! You know, Hamtaro!”
Leo: “Ha...Hamtaro!? Everyone, take off your costumes!”

*After a bright light shone out, the Djungle teams were in their Meerkat form, surprising the

Riku: “They‟re...Meerkats!”
Laura: “That‟s not all. Their ears!”

*The group noticed that the Djungle team had hamster ears that matched the Ham-ham group‟s
ears by shape and appearance.*

James: “Hamster ears!? They‟re from our world!”
Hamtaro: “You guys are the Djungle team!”
Warts: “And you guys are the Ham-hams, ribbit!”
James: “How did you guys find your way here?”
Leo: “Well... we found a strange light one day, and the next thing we know, we were falling
through space and we awakened here, in our costumes... that allows us to become animals that
matches the costume‟s appearance.”
James: “Any logical explanation here, Maxwell?”
Maxwell: “Well, the costumes are from our world, so maybe the costumes must allow them to
change into the animal that costume represents.”
Beast-ham: “Yeah, but I‟m a wolf, yet I don‟t wear a costume. Why‟s that?”
Maxwell: “Your wolf blood must‟ve reacted to this world, allowing you to change into your wolf
form without the medallion!”
Okini: “Now that‟s convenient!”
Laura: “But why did me, Riku, and Sora change into Lion cubs then?”
Maxwell: “Maybe depending on who appears here, and their personality.”
James: “I‟m not following this.”
Leo: “Wait... you guys are looking for Simba, right? He‟s over in the oasis. But I‟m kinda
worried... Where‟s that Lioness that was with you?”
Boss: “You mean Nala?”
Bunni: “That‟s her name? Well, we better find Simba and quickly, before she finds Timon and

*The group runs towards the main part of the jungle. Part of the group that hasn‟t met the
Djungle team introduces themselves*

*Part way to the Oasis*
*As James continues to run, something flashes into his head: A Keyblade that is shaped with 3
pointing edges, the „teeth‟, connected with to a long to the blade and going down to the
Loophole, which is gear shaped, was falling down and when it hit the ground, a man with jet
black hair, a goatee, in a white jacket with the symbol that looks like a Heart with a cross below
it, was on his knees, glowing in light. The other man, who had brown hair in the style of
“Ansem‟s” hair, wearing baggy pants with the same symbol as the older man‟s on his belt,
wearing a muscle shirt and a wearing two bands that looked like that holding up his pants. His
left arm is covered in armor. When the man with the armor tried to catch the other man, the older
man faded into light and disappeared. That left the man with a defeated and tearful expression on
his face and to only utter the words of the man he tried to catch...*

“Master Eraqus...!”

*As soon as the man‟s tears hit the floor, James snapped back into reality, after shedding a tear,
catching Dieter‟s attention.*

Dieter: “James?”
James: “Uh I-I‟m alright.” *Quickly wipes face*

*Dieter looked worried...*

Dieter: (Is his memories returning...?! Damn. That means the seal is unraveling. I should‟ve
known that after losing my heart and becoming reunited with it...)
James: “Hey dad?”
Dieter: “Huh?”
James: “Uh... I guess it‟s nothing at the moment.”

*Pashmina also saw the tear, but she kept quiet about it.*


*The group runs in to see Simba surrounded by several Aerial Knocker Heartless.*

James: “Heartless!?”
Sora: “Look! The Lion in the middle!”

*The group notices Simba, and after a mighty roar, the Heartless disappears without leaving their
hearts behind.*

Sora: “Simba!”
Simba: *?*

*Sora, Donald, and Goofy moved ahead of the group to stand in front of them. The Djungle
group ran to Simba‟s side.*

Simba: *Defensive stance.*
Leo: “Easy does it, Simba. Those guys are good!”
Sora: “I- it‟s me- Sora! Donald and Goofy are here, too.”

*Simba walks up to the trio, and after a flash to see them in their regular forms, (With Sora in his
KH1 clothes.*

Simba: “Sora! Donald! Goofy!”

*Simba ran up to the group, and needless to say, Simba was happy to see them. Sora‟s group
laughed at the sight.*

Simba: “What happened to you?”
James: “This is your home world, so it‟s only fair that we transform into animals that usually
seen here in the Savannah.”
Simba: “I see, so you guys are from other worlds, like the Djungle team.”
Donald: “Hey, how do you about-“
Leo: “We met Simba ourselves.”
Simba: “You guys are from the same world as the Djungle team, aren‟t you? That explains your
ears then.”
James: “Well, we keep certain characteristics when we change into animals and that. But, how
do you know about other worlds then?”
Simba: “I‟ve traveled with Sora, helping him. Speaking of helping Sora, did you find your
Sora: “Yep!”

*Riku walked to Simba.*

Riku: “Riku.”
Simba: “You look different, but you really are his friend. There‟s no objections to-“

*Just then screams were heard in a distance away, in the jungle. Catching everyone‟s attention.*

Panda: “What was that?!”
“Help! Simba! Heeelp!”
“She gonna eat us!”
James: “Oh for Pete‟s sakes.”
Simba: “Timon? Pumbaa!? Something must have happened in the jungle! I got to go help my
friends!” *Runs into the jungle*
James: “Leo, do you happen to have a Lion costume handy?”
Leo: “I usually carry two in case I have to wash the first one.”

*Leo grabbed out a second Lion costume and tosses it to James. And after James caught it,
James steps into the costume and turns into a Lion cub.*

James: “I had a feeling this would work! Beast-ham, Let‟s go!”
Beast-ham: “Huh? Uh, sure!”
*James and Beast-ham ran into the jungle.*

Pashmina: “Those costumes really work...!”
Penelope: “Shouldn‟t we go after them?”
Pashmina: “Oh, right.”


*Timon and Pumbaa gave scared murmuring as the one that cornered them, Nala, walks up to
them. She about to attack them when Simba pounces her. Beast-ham and James ran in.*

James: “Simba, wait!!”
Beast-ham: “What are they doing!?”

*The two fought the way Lions do. The rest of the group ran in.*

Sora: “Simba, stop! It‟s Nala! Don‟t you recognize her!?”
Laura: “Stop it!”

*The fight stops when Nala manages to pin Simba down. Simba then realized who the Lioness

Simba: “Nala?”

*Nala stopped growling and backed off of Simba. Simba walked up to her.”

Simba: “It‟s me, Simba!”
Nala: *Stares a bit before confirming it is Simba.* “Simba!”

*The two were excited to see each other again.*

Nala: “You ARE alive!”

*Timon had the look of what the heck is going on!?*

Timon: “Hey! What‟s goin‟ on here!?
James: “Gentlemen.”

*The two turned around to see the group members that are lions, then screamed to run away.*

James: “I‟m a not Lion!”

*James then turned back into his Meerkat state and removed the costume. Timon looked

Timon: “You mean you‟re like those Djungle whosits!?”
James: “We‟re from the same place. We‟re the Ham-hams. Hamsters that when we‟re here, in
this particular world, turn into meerkats. Sora, Riku and Laura are Lion cubs. Beast-ham is a
different case, „cause he has Wolf blood, which explains why he‟s a wolf.”
Timon: “Translation?”
Simba: “He means that he‟s friends with Sora, who‟s friends with me. They‟re all friends of
Timon: “So that means... nobody‟s planning to eat anybody else for lunch, right?”
Stan: “Most of us are Meerkat, dude. We‟re not going to be lunch anytime soon.”
Penelope: “You should‟ve seen what I did to those Hyenas!” *Giggles.* “And of course, what
Pashmina did too!”
Pumbaa: “Are you sure they don‟t wanna eat me like I‟m some kinda pig!?”
James: “Most of us are vegetarians. We can‟t eat stuff like that.”
Sora: “We won‟t... but you are a pig, right?”
Maxwell: “Actually, he‟s a Warthog.”
Pumbaa: *Snaps out of hiding to turn around.* “Call me Mr. Warthog!”
James: “Whatever Mr. Pig.*
Pumbaa: *Nudge*


*James is shooting across the jungle yelling “This is going to HURT WHEN I
LAAAAAAaaaaaaanndddd.......” And then a thud at a distance was heard.*

*Back at the group*

Andre: “I‟ll get Mr. Idiot.”

*Everyone laughs as Andre, who‟s also laughing, uses Time magic to locate James.*

Simba: “Could you guys excuse us for a few minutes?”
Timon: “Why am I not surprised?”

*Simba and Nala walks to the Oasis.*


*Nala and Simba start their chat about what‟s going on...*

Nala: “Simba, you‟ve got to come back to Pride Rock. I thought Sora and his friends might help,
but they can‟t interfere with what‟s going on. You‟re the only one who can save us from Scar.”
Simba: *Stops, with down look.* “I can‟t go back.”
Nala: “Why?”
Simba: “Hakuna Matata. It‟s something I learned out here. Sometimes bad things happen and
there‟s nothing you can do about it.”

*Walks to the cliff James zipped right over when charged by Pumbaa.*
Nala: “Simba...”

*A part of the group walks in. Timon, Pumbaa, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Cappy, Penelope, Lazuli,
and Hamtaro walk in line saying Matata after Timon says Hakuna*

James: *Sees Nala walking* “Nala, what‟s up?”
Nala: “He‟s not the Simba I remember. Something about Hakuna Matata...”

*Nala walks into the Jungle*

James: “Hakuna Matata?”
Maxwell: “It means „No worries.‟
James: “What‟s up?”
Bijou: *Gasps* “I hope those two didn‟t get into a fight!”
“I‟m pretty sure they didn‟t Bijou.”

*Andre walks in with James dizzy from the earlier blastoff. He just shook it off.*

James: “What happened?”

*Simba walked past the group and into the Jungle.*

Hamtaro: “Someone needs to talk to that guy.”
James: “I can.”
Ham-hams: “Heke!?”
James: “Let me figure out what‟s wrong with him.”
Sandy: “You sure?”
James: “Positive.”

*James walked to the pond.*

James: “It‟ll have to be later though. For now, let‟s relax.”

*James jumped into the pond.*

*End of Chapter 77*



*Oxnard‟s stomach grumbles, causing the group to have sweatdrops*

Oxnard: “Say, we haven‟t got anything to eat since this morning!”
Timon: “You need lunch? We know where to find some!”

*Timon looks around.*

Timon: “The food is all over the place!”
James: “All I see is bugs.”
Timon: “Exactly!”
Hamtaro: “Wait, so you‟re telling us that we have to eat bugs?”
All members of the group Except Lazuli: *The lines of being grossed out*
Lazuli: “Cool!”
All members except Timon and Pumbaa: *Sweatdrop*
Timon: “Yep!”
James: “You‟re serious?”
Timon: “We meerkats are insectivores! We eat a bunch of things, but mainly bugs.” *?*
Maxwell: *Reads book, and sweatdrops* “He‟s not kidding.”

*James looked green and so did Bijou.*

James/Bijou: “Excuse us!”

*The two ran back to the oasis.*

Timon: “What a couple of lightweights.”
Maxwell: “I wouldn‟t blame them.”
Pumbaa: “Did you know we actually got Simba to eat grubs when was a cub? He practically
lives off them!”

*Everyone imagined it, and then everyone looked green except for Lazuli.*

Hamtaro: “I‟m done.”
Laura: “Same here. Everyone coming?”
Everyone else but Timon, Pumbaa, and Lazuli: “Right behind you.*

*Everyone headed for the Oasis.*

Timon: “Your friends are complete lightweights, you know that?”
Lazuli: “Yep! When are we eating?”

*Two small images would show Penelope and Lapis grossed out with surprised looks looking
like they said “EH!?”*

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