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Consumer Reports Appliance Comparison by liwenting


									                               Consumer Reports Appliance Comparison

1. Choose one kitchen appliance you are interested in researching and find two different brands of the
   appliance to compare.

2. Large/Small Appliances to Choose From: Oven, Stove, Range, Dishwasher, Bread Machine, Deep Fryer,
   Espresso Machine, Mixers, Toasters, Toaster Ovens, Food Saver, Crock Pot, Blender, Juicer, Grill, Freezer,
   Ice cream maker, Coffee Makers, etc.

3. Fill out the worksheet comparing the two appliances (15 points)- like you would if you were to purchase
   them. The last question on the worksheet asks you to defend which of the two appliances you would prefer
   to buy (20 points). You may include this in your paper instead of the worksheet.

4. Write a one page paper evaluating, comparing and contrasting the two different brands of appliances (30

5. Along with your paper and worksheet you must hand in a sheet with a picture of your appliances and any
   information that you could find on the appliance like warranty, features, etc (10 points). You may copy
   and paste the appliance’s features but the information must be presented legibly and in an orderly way.
   Please cite the website(s) at the bottom of the page (10 points).

                        Find Cool Kitchen Appliances at the Following Websites:
   1. Search for TV show entitled “I want that” Look at kitchen appliances once you get to
      the show’s home page. To get more information on a produce click “buy now.”
   2. : Smart small appliances like bread machines and microwaves.
   3. : This site primarily has large appliances: ranges, refrigerators, freezers,
   6. Has the following appliances: Built-in Ovens, Compactors, Cook tops, Dishwashers, Disposers,
       Freezers, Hoods & Vents, Hot Water, Ice Makers, Microwaves, Ranges, Refrigerators, SpeedCook Ovens, Warming Drawers
   7. Top of the line coffee makers and espresso machines.
   8. Small kitchen appliances.
                                      Consumer Report Rubric
Completion of Worksheet: (Accurate, Neat, Thorough)       15 points

Paragraph supporting/defending chosen Appliance: (Validity to arguments, minimum of 5 sentences) 20 points

One Page Paper: (Double spaced, 12pt font, 1” Margins) 30 points

Picture and Appliance Features: (Readable Presentation) 10 points

Works Cited: (Proper format at bottom of page with appliance features) 10 points

Accuracy & Thoroughness: 5 points

Spelling/Grammar, Transitions, Flow of Paper: 10 points

Total: ________/ 100

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