CONESTOGA COLLEGE PROGRAMS

One Year Programs                  Two Year Programs

Certificate Programs               Diploma Programs
 General Arts and Science          General Arts and Science – Aviation Option
 Die Design (Part Time)            General Arts and Science – Diploma Option
 Human Services Foundation         Computer Programmer (School of Business)
                                    Food and Beverage Management (Co-op)
                                    Health Office Administration
                                    General Business
                                    Software Engineering Technician (School of Business)
                                    Electrical Engineering Technician
                                    Electronics Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op)
                                    Quality Assurance Technician
                                    Woodworking Technician
                                    Mechanical Engineering Technician – Numerical Control
                                    Welding Engineering Technician
                                    Woodworking Technology (Co-op)
                                    Advertising
                                    Information Technology
                                    Law and Security Administration / Police Foundations
                                    Social Services
                                    Early Childhood Education
                                    Paramedic
                                    Practical Nursing
                                    Recreation and Leisure Services

Three Year Programs                Other Programs

Diploma Programs                   Certificate Programs
 Business Administration –         General Arts and Science – Technology Option (1 semester)
    Accounting (Co-op and Non       General Arts and Science – Technology Stream (2 semesters)
    Co-op options)                  General Arts and Science – English Language Studies (4
 Business Administration –            semesters)
    Marketing (Co-op and Non Co-    Teaching English as a Second Language (2 semesters)
    op options)                     Employment Training/Readiness (8 – 10 weeks)
 Business Administration –         Microcomputer Software (School of Business) (40 weeks)
    Management Studies              Chef Training (Co-op) (School of Business) (2 semesters)
 Business Administration –         Industrial Engineering, Basic (Part Time) (303 hrs.)
    Financial Planning              Industrial Engineering, Advanced (Part Time) (363 hrs.)
 Business Administration –         Automated Control Systems (Part Time) (456 hrs.)
    Material Management (Co-op      Quality Assurance (Part Time) (285 hrs.)
    and Non Co-op options)          Computer Numerical Control Machining (14 weeks)
 Computer Programmer /             Computer Numerical Control Machining (Part Time) (352 hrs.)
    Analyst (Optional Co-op)
                                    General Drafting – Specialised options (Part Time) (576 hrs.)
 Architecture – Construction
                                    General Metal Machinist (44 weeks)
    Engineering Technology
                                    Machine Tool Setter Operator (Part Time) (1003 hrs.)
    (Optional Co-op)
                                    Career Development Practitioner (32 weeks)
 Civil Engineering Technology
    (Optional Co-op)                Career Development Practitioner (Part Time) (728 hrs.)
 Civil Engineering Technology –    Occupational Therapy Assistant / Physiotherapy Assistant (44
    Environmental (Optional Co-        weeks)
    op)                             Personal Support Worker (16 weeks)

Three Year Programs (contd.)      Other Programs (contd.)

Diploma Programs                  Certificate Programs
 Computer Engineering             Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (48 weeks)
    Technology (Optional Co-op)    Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (Part Time) (1224 hrs.)
 Mechanical Engineering           Motive Power Techniques (38 weeks)
    Technology – Automated         Welding Fitter (38 hrs.)
    Manufacturing                  Fire Fighter Pre-Service (3 semesters)
 Mechanical Engineering           Fire Fighter Pre-Service (Part Time) (3 semesters)
    Technology – Robotics and      Protection Support Worker (8 weeks)
    Animation (Co-op)
 Mechanical Engineering          Apprenticeship Certificate Programs
    Technology – Design and        Automotive Service Technician (24 weeks)
    Analysis (Co-op)               Electrician, Construction and Maintenance (28 weeks)
 Welding Engineering              Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (24 weeks)
    Technology                     Mould Maker (720 hrs.)
 Electrical Engineering           Tool and Die Maker (720 hrs.)
    Technology                     Welding / Fitting (720 hrs.)
 Electronics Engineering          General Machinist (720 hrs.)
    Technology –
                                   Carpenter General (24 weeks)
    Telecommunications Systems
                                   Electrical – Industrial (840 hrs.)
    (Optional Co-op)
                                   Electrical Motor and Apparatus Rewinding Repair (480 hrs.)
 Broadcasting – Radio and
    Television                     Plumber (24 weeks)
 Journalism – Print and
 Public Relations
 Graphic Design
 Information Technology
Post Graduate Programs            Post Diploma Programs

Certificate Programs              One Year Certificate
 System Analyst (School of        Environmental Engineering Applications (Co-op and Non Co-op
    Business) (28 weeks)             options)
 Human Resource Management        Wood Working Manufacturing Management
    (Co-op) (58 weeks)
                                   Early Childhood Education Resource Teacher (4 months)
                                   Youth Recreation Specialist (Part Time) (332 hrs.)

Degree Programs

Four Year Programs
 Nursing – B.Sc.N (McMaster)

                Information for International Students
                        (Conestoga College)

Admission Requirements
   Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12) or the equivalent.
   TOEFL score of at least 550 with a TWE of 4.5 or proof of English language proficiency equivalent
    to this level.
   Lacking the English language skills for direct entry into full-time study you may elect to enter
    Conestoga's ESL/English Language Studies Program. This program is intended for the international
    student who needs English language upgrading before proceeding to his/her regular College

The documents required from international visa students for admission are:
      Completed International Application Form
      Copies of all secondary and post-secondary transcripts and certificates (in English or translated
       into English)
      Copy of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English
       Language Testing System) examination results or other recognised international test of English
     Indicate that you wish admission to Conestoga's ESL/English Language Studies Program on
       your application.

Tuition Costs

PROGRAM                                 TUITION FEES                      DEPOSITE (Non - Refundable)
ESL (English Language Program)          $4,607.50 Cdn. per semester       $500 Cdn.
Tuition Fees                            $9,215 Cdn. (32 weeks)

Homestay Fee (9 months) : $550 – 600 Cdn. Per month
Student Residence: $2,000 Cdn. for four months.
Incidental Fees (includes Health Insurance Plan): $920 Cdn.
Average Cost of Books and Supplies: $800 Cdn.
Kitchener Transit Monthly Student Pass (9 months): $486 Cdn.

Estimated total cost for 2001/2002 Academic Year = $16,371 Cdn.

Housing Arrangement – FREE (See Details in Site)

In addition to the above costs students should include:
         Personal, recreation, sports, and/or cultural expenses that will be based on the interests and
          needs of each student.
         An amount of at least $1,000 if the student does not live in a climate similar to that of Canada.
          This amount would be needed to purchase warm clothing for the Winter season.
         Many students who live with Homestay families decide to eat out with friends a number of
          times per week. An additional cost for this could be at least $35 per week or about $1200 per
          academic year. For some students this amount could be considerably higher.


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