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					                                           NOVEMBER/DECEMBER                                  Issue : 3       Volume : 1
                                                                                              May Peace be your gift at
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                                                  A Time to Reflect                         Christmas and your blessing all
                                                                                                    year through!                  Christmas time is always a      news, events and general        tured the business to take it
                                       good time to reflect on the     communication as well as a      to the next level. Early indi-
                                       year that’s past and the        specials page for advertised    cators are that sales will
                                       good times shared by family     lines etc.                      boom in the lead up to
                                       and friends.                                                    Christmas which is no
                                       In business it is also a good    At head office we have ex-     small achievement in these
Inside this issue:                     time to look back and ana-      panded to include our new       unstable economic times.
                                       lyse your progress and          state of the art warehouse
                                       achievements.                   and office complex built on     All in all we have had a
Online Searching &                 2                                   the property attached to our    very strong year and from
Venting                                At Stewart’s Wholesalers it     existing warehouse. It has      the management and staff
                                       has been a year of change,      been a very strong year in      of Stewart’s Wholesalers we
                                       of growth and of progress.      both strip outs and export      wish all our customers and
New Brendale Ware- 2                   We have developed a cen-        sales and the extra space       friends a VERY MERRY
house                                  tral branding approach to       was a necessity.                CHRISTMAS and a PROS-
                                       the two parts of our busi-                                      PEROUS NEW YEAR.
New Outdoor                        3   ness namely “Commercial         At our Geebung branch we
Furniture                              Equipment and Commercial        had a change of manage-
                                       Furniture” As part of the       ment culminating in the
                                       branding exercise we have       upgrade of the systems,
More New Lines                     3   developed a central website     ranging and presentation of
                                       that gives access to these      the furniture business. Hav-
                                       branches of the business        ing upgraded the com-
Advertising in a                   4   from a central site.            puters, phones and inven-
Recession                              As well as describing our       tory systems as well as im-
                                       business as a whole our new     plementing a new account-
                                       website also has a page for     ing system we have struc-

  Christmas Quotes
   He who has not Christmas in
    his heart will never find it
    under a tree. ~Roy L. Smith                   New Brendale Warehouse Completed
   Christmas is a time when
    you get homesick - even
    when you're home. ~Carol
    Nelson                             As advised in the previous      although there is still         than happy with the end
   Christmas waves a magic            newsletter we have been         some painting and land-         result. (continues page 2)
    wand over this world, and          building a new state of the     scaping work to finish it is
    behold, everything is softer
    and more beauti-                   art warehouse at Brendale       now fully operational and
    ful. ~Norman Vincent Peale
                                       as an addition to the prop-     is already up and running.
   The best of all gifts around       erty we already own.
    any Christmas tree: the                                            Sonny Stewart said like
    presence of a happy family
    all wrapped up in each
                                       We are pleased to advise        all constructions, the
    other. ~Burton Hillis              that the building has           building of this site had its      Our newly completed ware-
                                       reached completion and          challenges but he is more              house at Brendale
Page 2                                                                                                             Page 2

           Online Used for Searching and Venting

 In a study conducted by the Austra-       product or service, with search en-          39% of respondents rated blog-
 lian Centre for Retail Studies for       gines being the preferred way to re-
                                                                                     ging services like Twitter and
 Google, it was demonstrated that         search purchases. Of these, more than
                                                                                     Pownce as being of "no value" to
 Australians research online before       80% said their research influenced
                                                                                     such research, 27% found YouTube
 they buy in many merchandise cate-       their purchases, at least somewhat.
                                                                                     useless, and 22% said the same of
 gories. The rule of thumb is that the    38% first checked online product or
                                                                                     social networking sites.
 higher the price, or the more techni-    service reviews when starting shop-
 cally complex the product, the likeli-   ping research.                                Among industries - technology,
 hood of online research rises.                                                      retail and travel fared best, while
                                          Specifically the study found       that    health care and insurance fared
 A piece on the Retail Advertising
                                          among active Internet users:               worst.
 and Marketing blog, speaks of the
 trend towards not just product re-                                                  If online reviews are ignored at your
 search, but customer care reputa-           59% use social media to "vent"
                                                                                     peril, it was only a matter of time
 tions.                                   about a customer care experience
                                                                                     before someone found a way to man-
 It says: According to a recent study        72% research companies' customer       age the customer review process.
 by the Society for New Communica-        care online prior to purchasing at least   That business is Yelp.
 tions Research for Nuance (covered       sometimes                                  Taken from an article published in
 by BrandWeek, ClickZ and eMar-                                                        Brandish Retail Intelligence
 keter) "there is a growing group of          84% consider the quality of cus-
                                                                                          October 3, 2008 Issue.
 highly desirable consumers (25- to       tomer care at least sometimes in decid-
 55-years old, college-educated, earn-    ing to do business with a company
 ing $100,000+) using social media to
 research companies. (They) will not         74% choose companies based on
 support companies with poor cus-         customer service experiences shared by          There is a growing
                                          other Web users online
 tomer care reputations, and they will                                                      group of highly
 talk about all of this openly with
 others via multiple online vehicles."
                                             81% believe blogs, online ratings
                                          and discussion forums give consumers
 Also from another RAMP blog:             a greater voice in customer service            consumers (25- to 55
 A recent study from OSC (covered in         Only 33% felt that companies take           -years old, college-
 eMarketer) shows that consumer           customers’ opinions seriously
 reviews play a big part in purchase
                                                                                           educated, earning
 decisions for US online shoppers. In         Search engines were deemed the
                                                                                           $100,000+) using
 fact, 61% said they checked online       most valuable online tools for research-
 reviews, blogs and other online cus-     ing customer experience                           social media to
 tomer feedback before buying a new                                                      research companies.

           New Brendale Warehouse                                  Christmas is not as much about opening our presents
                                                                        as opening our hearts. ~Janice Maeditere
 The completion of the new ware-          refurbished equipment whilst not           a site to be truly proud of. Please
 house now gives us a real presence       interfering in our storage space and       be sure to come say hello to Sonny
 and the space we need to handle          presentation.                              and Enid and staff and take the
 our ever growing business.                                                          opportunity to look around whilst
                                          On our last trip to China we sourced       you are there.
 Our two warehouse in Duntroon            the beautiful powder coated fencing
 Street now boast a combined floor        we have used on the property and we
 space of over 2,500 square metres        still have a quantity available for
 under cover plus considerable us-        sale. Enquiries should be made to
 able outdoor space.                      Sonny Stewart on 3205 3619.
                                          Once we have completed the paint-
 This enables us to focus on
                                          ing of the buildings and the land-
 maintaining the quality of our
                                          scaping of the grounds we will have
Page 3                         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER

         Furniture New Lines all at Special Introductory Prices

            White                                                               Grey
          Aluminium                                                          Aluminium
            Chair                                                              Chair
          $59.00                                                             $59.00
           ea. + GST                                                         ea. + GST

                                    Aluminium Outdoor
                                         7 Pce Setting

                                           ea. + GST

                                           Chrome Chair
                                           with Red PVC
                          Chrome Chair
                           with White
                                            $75.00          Chrome Chair
                                                             with Black
                          PVC Cushion        ea. + GST      PVC Cushion

                          $75.00                             $75.00
                            ea. + GST                         ea. + GST

          Chair W/Blue
          Plastic Slats
                                                                             Heat Moulded
          $45.00                                                              Veneer Bar
           ea. + GST
                                            Red w/Chrome                      $99.00
                                            Back and Legs                      ea. + GST
                          White w/Chrome                    Black w/Chrome
                           Back and Legs                     Back and Legs

               Introductory Price from Now until Christmas
Why Companies Should Advertise on TV During a Recession
There is a an article on Brand Republic saying that total advertising revenues could be down as much as 10%. It
says that “the expected fall comes as clients tighten advertising budgets amid worsening economic conditions”. In
light of this, here are six reasons why advertisers should have nothing to fear.
1. Higher real incomes: Although economic inequality is rising, real incomes rose for nearly all of the popula-
tion between 1996-2006. If it weren’t for the rising levels of borrowing, this could have insulated people against a
recession. As it is, some of their increased spending will be going on luxury items.
2. Recession-proof industries: Not all industries suffer in an economic downturn. Wikipedia lists 15 reces-
sion-proof industries. These include such essentials as “necessities” but also “entertainment” and “cosmetics”.
Last time it was checked, these products and services weren’t inextricably linked to human survival. Advertising
has made us consider them essential.
3. Brand-building: Particularly with the FastMovingConsumerGoods industry, there is the temptation to use
direct response advertising. These give a short-term boost but not necessarily a long-term. Aside from “brought
forward” sales and provoking competitor retaliation, there are the effects of having the brand associated with
promotional offers, rather than any emotional associations.

                                                                            A PriceWaterhouseCooper/
                                                                            Thinkbox study shows that
                                                                                nearly 45% of TV’s
                                                                               revenue effects are
                                                                             delivered after the year
                                                                                 of the investment

                                                 If advertising becomes more about branding than short-
term sales, the overall benefits will be greater. And of course brand-building is particularly suited to TV
advertising. A PriceWaterhouseCooper/Thinkbox study shows that nearly 45% of TV’s revenue effects are
delivered after the year of the investment. (Of course, some might say this is an argument in favour of post-
poning spend for a year but I would dispute that). Not only will the effects be longer-lasting, but they will be
longer-lasting among more people. Because…
4. Commercial impacts are up: As we move to multi-channel, we watch more TV and more commercial TV.
Among Digital Television Recorder households, commercial impacts are in fact 5% higher (according to BARB,
ACB/LBS and Skyview data). And of course, brand-building ads are more likely to be DTR proof than direct re-
5. TV advertising is becoming cheaper: The “ IPA Marketing in the Era of Accountability” study shows that
TV advertising is cheaper now than it was 20 years ago.
6. Share of voice effects: (Share of advertising activity achieved by an advertiser in a category or market over
a fixed period of time. )Campaigns using TV see average market share gain of 2.7 percentage points per 10 per-
centage point excess share of voice (compared to a gain of 0.7 points for campaigns not using TV). Share of voice
has long been shown to be linked to share of market. If competitors are reducing their budgets, now is the
perfect time to increase share of voice and share of
Although given the compelling reasons outlined above, there
could be a game theory style scenario where each company in
the market maintains (or even increases) spend in the expec-
tation that their competitors will be reducing theirs. So,
spend remains robust but their market share remains con-
stant (all things being equal).

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