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                                July/August 2011 | £3
helping south london prosper

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                                              Brand new
                                              Our subtle change of
                                              identity ... Page 9

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                                              ... Page 22–23                                             Awards launched
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                                   Some banks look for their customers’ similarities.
                                   We look for their differences.
                                   Many businesses appear similar, but get to know them and you’ll discover surprising
                                   differences. Our dedicated Commercial Managers understand this and give you access
                                   to worldwide expertise in any market on any subject.
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 July/August 2011                                                                                 Foreword                                  3

In brief
                                         South London Business
All this month’s news           Page 4’s all about business
Prize every time
News from the 2011                        By Peter Pledger,
Bromley Business awards         Page 8
                                          chief executive,
Brand new identity                        South London Business
Marking our mark                Page 9

                                         Amid the gloom of rising prices; an
Chambers                                 economy that appears to be stalling and
Croydon, Kingston                        a frustration that the hard times are
                                         far from over, I have some interesting
Merton, Richmond,                        information and also some positive news.
Sutton and Wandsworth                      The interesting information is that there
                                         are even more businesses in South London
Events                                   than most people suspect and that the
The latest news and events     Page 22   entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. This
                                         information is from none other than the
Sutton AGM                               Department of Business Innovation and
Details and dates              Page 31   Skills led by one of our South London M.P.’s,
                                         Secretary of State, Dr.Vince Cable. The BIS
Keep it on the meter                     report published at the end of May 2011
Brixton bar Satay tells how              says that for every 10,000 adults across the
it made substantial energy               UK there are on average 863 businesses.
savings                        Page 32   However, in South London the figures indicate
                                         that for every 10,000 adults there are 1129
                                         businesses. This makes the 12 South London
                                                                                           “South London Business
                                         boroughs one of the most concentrated areas       continues to develop
                                         for businesses development and growth, not
                                         only in the UK, but in Europe with a total of
                                                                                           despite the challenges
                                         over 232,000 businesses of which 97% are          of the current economic
Cost cutters                             Small or Medium Sized businesses employing
Seven ways to offset the                 less than 250 staff. Despite the impact of the    conditions.”
costs of inflation              Page 16   recession, South London is and will continue
                                         to be a focus for business growth.                dinners. We continue to provide support for
Membership news                            The positive news is that there has been        businesses seeking commercial property with
This month’s news and                    renewed interest in South London by senior        approximately 45,000 hits on our property
new members                    Page 22   politicians. Both the current Mayor of            website in the past month. We launched
                                         London and the former Mayor of London             the Bromley Business Awards at Biggin Hill
Workforce morale                         can be regularly spotted in the region saying     Airport thus building on our successes in
The economic downturn is                 something positive about South London and         Lambeth, Merton, Kingston and Croydon. We
affecting our workforces                 their commitment to the area.                     directly employed a further 22 young people
morale. Is just having a job               Although businesses do not get a vote, we       as apprentices and we continue to increase
enough?                        Page 26   do create the jobs and the wealth of this city.   the training support we give to businesses
                                         I hope therefore that as the electioneering       in South London and beyond. As part of our
Care                                     intensifies, the main candidates will listen      development we have begun to roll out new
Top tips on appointing an                to the views of the South London Business         branding which you will see on page 9. There
attorney and dealing with                community. South London Business will be          will be more changes to come later in the year
someone else’s affairs         page 29   promoting these views over the coming year.       as we grow our services to support businesses.
                                           Coupled with the interest in South London,      I hope you want to be part of this success
BCM                                      there is a renewed focus on outer London.         by becoming a member of South London
Business Continuity                      The Mayor of London’s Outer London                Business. If you are not yet a member you can
Management                     Page 38   Commission led by the excellent advocate          join today for a flat fee of £100 + VAT.
                                         for development Will McKee, produced a
                                         very good report on the importance of outer
                                         London and on the needs of the area. Now
                                         the Mayor has launched a new fund to
                                         support the development of outer London
                                         Town centres. South London Business
                                         hopes that this fund is used to support
                                         economic growth and to stimulate business
                                         development across outer London.
                                           I am pleased to say that South London
                                         Business continues to develop despite the
                                         challenges of the current economic conditions.
                                         We had a record number of 12 events in                Peter Pledger – chief executive
                                         June from networking events to formal   

                                                                                                        helping south london prosper
4                               News

    South London Business
    4th Floor, Sunley House, 4 Bedford Park
    Croydon CR0 2AP
    Tel: 020 8681 0053 Fax: 0208 711 6303
                                              Nissan LEAF checks

    Julie Leggatt | 020 8253 4231
                                              in at Gatwick
                                              Gatwick partners with Nissan to drive an airport-wide
    Managing Editor
    Ross Feeney | 020 8253 4222
                                              increase in the use of low emission vehicles     Gatwick Airport’s CEO, Stewart                  Gatwick teams by up to 20% by 2015.
                                              Wingate, today drove a Nissan LEAF -              Responsible growth is core to Gatwick’s
    If you have a story you would like to     the first mass-produced, 100% electric          overall ambition to grow and become
    feature in the magazine, send it to       family car through North Terminal               London’s airport of choice. Gatwick can        check-in to mark the airport’s new              see a clear path to growing to 40 million
                                              partnership with the innovative vehicle         passengers each year by the end of the
                                              manufacturer.This is the first time that        decade but wants to achieve that growth
    Kingston Chamber of Commerce              a car has ever been allowed to drive            through responsible environmental
    Unilever House, 3 St James’s Road,        inside an airport terminal building             management. Partnering with Nissan to
    Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2AH             - made possible because of the zero-            encourage greater take-up of cleaner
    Tel: 020 8541 4441 Fax: 020 8541 4445     emissions omitted by the Nissan LEAF.           vehicles, and plugging in to ‘Source London’                   This partnership also coincides with the      and the national charging network ‘Pod
                                              launch of eight new public charging points      Point’ is key to delivering against that
    Merton Chamber of Commerce Ltd
                                              at the airport as Gatwick plays its part in     ambition.
                                              providing the necessary infrastructure to         Stewart Wingate said: “Opting to partner
    Tuition House, 27-37 St George’s Road,
                                              support the growing number of electric          with Nissan LEAF to promote and support
    Wimbledon SW19 4EU
                                              vehicles on Britain’s roads. These charging     the use of electric vehicles was an obvious
    Tel: 020 8944 5501 Fax: 020 8286 2552
                                              points, located in the                                                 choice for us as the
                                              short stay car parks in                                                brand’s goals fit with
                                              both the North and                                                     our own values and
    Sutton Chamber of Commerce
                                              South Terminals, will be                                               aspirations at Gatwick.
    Redlands, St Mary’s Road,
                                              available for motorists                                                  “We are driving
    Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7JL
                                              to use free of charge                                                  a programme to
    Tel: 020 8642 9661
                                              for a period of 12                                                     incentivise the use of
                                              months.                                                                cleaner vehicles across
                                                Electric vehicle                                                     the airport community
                                              motorists who want to                                                  and have set ourselves
                                              power up using one of the charging points       an ambitious target to push our own use of
    South London Business is published
                                              will be able to park for free for up to four    low emission vehicles to 20% by 2015.
    by Excel Publishing Co. Ltd, Portland
                                              hours, enough time to charge the car by           “Providing passengers with a wide
    Buildings, 127-129 Portland Street,
                                              more than half. Four of the charging points     range of sustainable travel options is also
    Manchester M1 4PZ
                                              are part of the ‘Source London’ network,        important to us and today, 40% of our
                                              the capital’s first city-wide electric charge   32 million passengers opt to use public
                                              point network. The remaining four charging      transport for their inward or outbound
    Andrew Jowett | 0161 236 2782
                                              points plug into the national recharging        journey. That is an increase of 2% on last
                                              network ‘Pod Point’.                            year. The fact that we now support electric
                                                The partnership signals Gatwick’s strong      vehicle motorists with the provision of
                                              commitment to reducing the airport’s            free charging points is great news and
    Andrew Bellis | 0161 236 2782
                                              CO2 emissions as it moves to increase the       offer great convenience for electric vehicle
                                              number of low emission vehicles driven by       motorists,” added Stewart.
    Gina Forshaw | 01925 751 425
 July/August 2011                                                                                        News                                    5

An Englishman’s second home is his castle (in Spain):
Top tax tips for buying holiday homes abroad
                                                 Taxes on acquisition                            inheritance rules: laws of succession, rather
                                                   The purchaser of property will generally      than inheritance tax. The UK does not
                                                 have to pay tax at 8% as either: IVA, the       penalise owners who use companies whose
                                                 Spanish VAT on newly constructed property;      sole function is to own the overseas home
                                                 or property tax, generally payable by           but companies with mixed uses can give
                                                 individuals not subject to IVA. In addition     rise to income tax and National Insurance
                                                 there is Spanish stamp duty of 1.5% or 2%       Contribution benefit-in-kind issues if not
 Paul Hodge
                                                 on property transfers.                          managed properly.
 Tax partner, Baker Tilly                                                                          Companies are taxable at rates varying
                                                 Taxes during ownership                          from 20% to 30% on their profits and the
Following the launch of the Spanish                In addition to council taxes or their         owner of a UK-resident company needs to
government’s holiday home road                   equivalents, rental income is taxable at        be aware that owning an active company
show, aimed at encouraging foreign               24% and non-resident owners who use             overseas can affect UK tax rates.
investment, Paul Hodge, tax partner              intermediate vehicles such as companies in
at Baker Tilly in Tunbridge Wells,               non-treaty countries may be subject to an       Capital gains tax
offers top tips for purchasing property          annual cadastral tax of 3% of the property’s     Spain has a capital gains tax whose rate,
abroad.                                          value unless protected by a double tax          19% is lower than the main UK CGT rate
  “Buying a property in Spain will expose        treaty.                                         but UK CGT is also payable by a UK-resident
the owner to Spanish taxes but unless they         If the Spanish property is rented out, the    owner, with credit given for Spanish tax.
become resident in Spain the tax issues          UK-resident owner will also be liable for
will be confined to the property and any         income tax on overseas assets or, possibly,     Take advice before buying
other Spanish assets, such as bank accounts      furnished holiday letting. This needs to be       Understanding the tax and other
maintained there in connection with the          considered too.                                 consequences of owning a property
property,” says Hodge.                                                                           overseas is essential before anyone commits
  There are a number of taxes that anyone        Ownership through a company                     to a purchase. It also enables consideration
considering purchasing property abroad will       Company ownership is still a popular           of the right vehicle for ownership to be
need to consider, including:                     option as a way of managing Spanish             decided on and set up beforehand.

Navigate the human resource maze with Lotus HR
In any business, one of the                                                                                   to pinpoint their HR issues and
most important investments                                                                                    see the connection between
an employer can make is in                                                                                    the problem and their customer
their staff. Finding yourself                                                                                 satisfaction and profitability.”
‘on the back foot’, forced to                                                                                   Gaby Nieland (Head teacher)
defend your position when                                                                                     says: “Yvonne helped us focus
things go wrong, is very                                                                                      on delivering leadership and
costly. That’s why many                                                                                       management tools designed
employers have a dedicated                                                                                    to increase the effectiveness
HR department helping                                                                                         and capacity of the team,
them navigate the maze of                                                                                     developing leadership that
employment legislation.                                                                                       ‘makes change happen’.
  Finding the right people,                                                                                     “Yvonne’s input was
developing employees in                                                                                       exceptional. Her clear, ‘no
their roles, dismissals and                                                                                   messing’ approach and
redundancy are just some of                                                                                   excellent people skills made
the issues business owners                                                                                    her an ideal role-model for
encounter, with absenteeism                                                                                   a leadership team that was
being one of the biggest and         is helping companies in London     the most from employees. To           constantly being side-tracked
costliest. “Bogus sick days cost     and the Southeast to become        minimise absenteeism:                 by ‘fire-fighting’ issues. Most
companies over £2.7 million per      better employers by providing      •	 Have	a	clear	absence	policy	       importantly, she enabled us to
year,” the CBI says, and losing      them with expert help, training       and procedure for dealing          recognise underlying issues that
a tribunal case can bankrupt a       and advice whether they are in        with all types of absences         were blocking our progress and
small business. Despite the risks,   the public, private or voluntary   •	 Communicate	what	is	and	is	        move forward in a way that was
many businesses cannot afford        sectors.                              not acceptable                     right for us.
a dedicated HR team to make            Yvonne Foster, the founder       •	 Take	consistent	and	fair	action      “We highly recommend
sure they get things right.          of Lotus Human Resource and        •	 Monitor	levels	of	absence	and	     Yvonne as a resource to any
  Demystifying employment            her network of associates,            investigate quickly                organisation.”
issues and keeping up with           have a wealth of knowledge         •	 Facilitate	working	from	home	
the ever changing legislation is     and expertise used to protect         if possible, where attendance      Book a free HR Healthcheck
definitely easier if you have a      their clients. They use their         at work may be problematic         today and let Lotus HR help
team of professionals at your        knowledge and expertise to                                               you to navigate the Human
fingertips, whose job it is to       provide workable solutions.          Yvonne says: “We believe            Resource maze.
help your business be the best       Finding HR solutions for every     in transferring knowledge
employer possible.                   colour of HR problem is what       and skills to our clients and         Lotus Human Resource
  Lotus Human Resource is            they do best.                      delivering a high quality HR          Consultancy Ltd
just that, a team of dedicated         Here are some tips to help       service. The service is tailored to
professionals whose expertise        sharpen HR practices and get       meet their needs, helping them
                                                         If you would like to join South London Business Membership please see page 22
6                                 News                                                                         South London Business

    South London businesses urged
    they must go green to get ahead
    South London firms could be                                                                                of business thinking, and
    losing out to the competition                                                                              it is critical that local firms
    by failing to make their                                                                                   understand the significance of
    businesses more sustainable.                                                                               this shift or run the risk of falling
      The warning came at an                                                                                   behind their competitors.
    event held yesterday in                                                                                      “Kingston SMEs have
    Kingston which coincided                                                                                   made clear that they require
    with a new survey by Lloyds                                                                                increased guidance from other
    TSB Commercial showing                                                                                     organisations on improving their
    that although 41 per cent of                                                                               sustainable credentials, and
    London businesses believe that                                                                             so today’s event was designed
    becoming more sustainable will                                                                             to put customers in touch
    create increased opportunities,                                                                            with one of our 300-strong
    40 per cent feel they are not                                                                              nationwide team of business
    doing enough to capitalise on                                                                              and environment managers who
    them.                                                                                                      can help them achieve a greater
      With businesses citing financial                                                                         understanding.”
    concerns, poor economic                                                                                      Lloyds TSB Commercial
    conditions and a need for            senior manager for Lloyds TSB      solutions or impending changes     has developed a dedicated
    more support from other              Commercial in Kingston, Ian        to employment legislation.         sustainability website,
    organisations as reasons for         Noble, who urged firms in            Ian said, “Sustainability is     containing a free tool for SMEs
    lacking sustainable policies,        attendance to get serious about    an incredibly important issue      to use to help improve and
    over 100 local SMEs were given       sustainability.                    for all SMEs in the UK and the     develop their green credentials.
    sustainability guidance at the         A choice of interactive          wider international business
    event, which was held at the         workshops followed the             community. Embracing               For more information please
    Kingston Holiday Inn.                presentation where guests could    environmental practices has        visit www.supportingbusinesses.
      The event was hosted by            discuss alternative financing      resulted in a whole new era

    James Caan is the first to launch
    a business ‘app’ on the iPhone
    James Caan is the first to           raising finance, leadership, and   James Caan’s Business
    launch a business ‘app’ to           managing growth that any           Secrets is available free now
    show entrepreneurs how               aspiring business person can       for a limited period only.
    to start, grow and exit a            consult easily on their iphone     Just announced as “App
    small business                       or iPad.                           of the Week” in the Apple
      David Cameron, the                                                    store this week, the app
    Government and the media                                                has been downloaded
    are constantly telling us                                               more than 30,000 times in a
    how important SMEs are to                                               matter of days.                    Raising Finance, Cash Flow,
    the economy’s growth and                                                  “SME’s and small businesses      Growing Your Business,
    encouraging people to start                                             already employ 13.7 million        Expanding Overseas,
    their own businesses, but                                               people in the UK but they          Marketing Your Business,
    they don’t offer any tangible                                           will have to grow and employ       Leadership and Exiting.
    support. With so much                                                   many more if we are to               Each topic is introduced by a
    emphasis now on SME’s, there                                            climb out of the financial         video of James and broken into
    couldn’t be a better time for                                           downturn,” said James Caan.        detailed sections. For example
    successful business leaders to                                            “I wanted to provide a           Raising Finance is broken into
    use their experience to help                                            resource that would help all       Why raise money? How much
    other fledgling businesses and                                          business owners or encourage       do you need to raise? Business
    aspiring entrepreneurs.                                                 aspiring entrepreneurs to          planning, Presenting a business
      James Caan, one of Britain’s                                          start their own business. Too      proposal, Finance through
    most successful entrepreneurs                                           many young businesses fail         banks, Finance through friends
    and of Dragons’ Den fame,                                               through simple lack of all round   and family, Finance through
    has produced a SmartPhone                                               knowledge of the business          angels, Strategies for securing
    app to share his thirty years of                                        owner - this app covers the        investors, Investment readiness
    experience and success with                                             day to day challenges that are     and What if you don’t find the
    all Entrepreneurs, SMEs and                                             involved in starting-up and        money?
    business Start Ups.                                                     growing a business.”
      James Caan’s ‘Business                                                  Business Secrets offers          For more information please
    Secrets’ is packed with solid                                           comprehensive advice on            contact Nicola Nimmo on
    advice on topics such as                                                Hiring Talented People,            0207 399 6786 /
 July/August 2011                                                                              News                                         7

Good neighbours
                                                                                         Sponsored column

                                                                                         Acquiring a distressed
                                                                                         company can be a
                                                                                         great opportunity but
                                                                                         do your homework
                                                                                         When looking to achieve growth in
                                                                                         your business, you may be considering
                                                                                         opportunities to acquire financially
                                                                                         distressed companies, particularly if
                                                                                         you think there are synergies with
                                                                                         your own business. Whilst buying a
                                                                                         troubled company can be a good deal,
                                                                                         an attractive price doesn’t guarantee
                                                                                         long-term value and any buyer needs to
                                                                                         act carefully in such a purchase.
                                                                                           To properly evaluate the potential, you
                                                                                         should pay special attention to specific
                                                                                         aspects of due diligence that arise in acquiring
                                                                                         financially distressed companies. The value
                                                                                         you perceive may already be leaking away.
                                                                                           Due diligence may unearth potential
                                                                                         sources of value and it can pinpoint the
                                                                                         causes of a company’s financial distress. Once
                                                                                         you understand the reasons a company is
                                                                                         struggling, then you can realistically assess
                                                                                         the likelihood of returning the company to
                                                                                           Avoid the misconception that financial
                                                                                         distress is caused by too much debt and that
                                                                                         the company’s problems can be solved simply
                                                                                         by restructuring this. Underlying issues related
                                                                                         to the market or customers are likely to be
                                                                                         more relevant.
Bankside neighbourhood plan launched                                                       A company may be highly geared or poorly
                                                                                         managed, but that does not mean you can
                                                                                         turn things around by simply introducing more
                                                                                         capital or management of talent. Instead, you
•	 Bankside	one	of	eight	                    tailored, local planning framework.         should weigh up the potential for turning the
   Neighbourhood Planning                    We hope that through Frontrunner            business around to determine what actions
   Frontrunners                              status the Neighbourhood Plan will          to take.
                                             adopt these local concerns to shape           The task of successfully implementing
•	 Better	Bankside	and	                      planning guidance and policy for the        a long-term turnaround strategy can be
   Bankside Residents Forum                  local area over the next ten years.         daunting but with the right focus and plan it
   will work in collaboration                Local partners see Frontrunner as an        can be highly profitable.
                                             opportunity to get the neighbourhood          You should look closely at the company’s
On Thursday 19 May, the Rt                   plan right for all groups in Bankside:      products, know-how, customer and supplier
Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister                  residents, businesses and visitors.         relationships, market share, competition,
for Decentralisation, came                     The ambition of the Front Runner          production costs, industry conditions and
to Bankside. In his speech he                partnership is to be ‘The Best              other intangible factors such as employee
confirmed that Better Bankside               Neighbourhood in the World’.                relationships and particularly whether these
(BB) and Bankside Residents’                   Covering a catchment area between         aspects are still intact in a way that can be
Forum (BRF) are Frontrunners to              Blackfriars Road and London Bridge,         sustained.
produce a Neighbourhood Plan.                the plan will consider issues such            Review any short-term survival strategies,
Bankside will be a key pilot in the          as: the demand for more affordable          spending cuts on research and development
government’s plans for localism.             business and shop space; improvements       or discounted prices that may have irreparably
  Through the Bankside Frontrunner,          in design standards and the public          damaged long-term prospects. Perhaps most
BB and BRF aim to collaborate and            realm; ensuring Bankside has adequate       importantly the key asset from most businesses
produce an exciting Neighbourhood            dual use facilities (including dentists,    is their people and this asset has legs.
Plan, drawing upon the expertise of a        crèches, doctors’ surgeries, leisure          Acquiring a financially distressed business
variety of local partners and the London     provision and open space) and to            requires a combination of detailed analysis
Borough of Southwark. BB and BRF             continue to develop its attractiveness      and strategic thinking but by recognising
recognise that, for any neighbourhood        for large and international businesses.     the unique aspects of due diligence, buyers
planning scheme to be successful,              Frontrunner will engage local people,     can identify real bargains and avoid costly
it is essential that the business and        businesses and groups to create a           mistakes.
residential communities drive its creation   balanced and vibrant neighbourhood
fully supported by local government.         plan for everyone’s benefit.                For further information please contact Jo Rolls
  Bankside has, and is, facing remarkable                                                on 020 8774 7180 or
development pressure and change.
The area contains a diverse range of
residential communities and businesses,
all with diverse concerns that will
now need to be recognised within a
                                                    If you would like to join South London Business Membership please see page 22
8                                News                                                                                 South London Business

    Searching for the stars of
    Bromley’s business community
    Bromley Business Awards is looking for the ‘stars’ of the local business community to be
    able to reward and celebrate the borough’s many dynamic and innovative companies
                                                                                Peter Pledger, South London
                                                                              Business’ chief executive, said:
                                                                              “We believe that business
                                                                              awards are a fantastic way to
                                                                              promote and market businesses.
                                                                                “Bromley is full of excellent
                                                                              businesses – small, medium and
                                                                              large – in all sectors, and we
                                                                              want to give them the chance to
                                                                              show off to the world just how
                                                                              good they are.”
                                                                                Bromley businesses have until
                                                                              August 5th to put themselves
                                                                              forward for the awards which
                                                                              are free to enter at www.
                                                                              The winners will be announced

          outh London Business         was delighted to support the           at a Gala Awards Ceremony
          formally launched            local programme.                       at The Warren on Wednesday,
          the Bromley Business           “As an award-winning airport         October 26th.
          Awards 2011 at a VIP         this year, Biggin Hill is proud to       A total of 12 different awards
    reception hosted at London         be supporting the pursuit of           are up for grabs, covering
    Biggin Hill Airport on             excellence amongst businesses of       businesses of all sizes; they include
    Wednesday June 8th. The            the historic borough of Bromley.”      recognition for outstanding
    awards, held in association          Robert Walters was backed            achievement in the fields of
    with London Biggin Hill            by Andrew Wright, managing             international trade, hospitality and
    Airport, are a brand new           partner at law firm Clarkson           leisure and community support.
    programme developed and            Wright and Makes Ltd who said:           Businesses interested in
    organised for the first time       “CWJ has been a part of the            supporting the awards can
    in Bromley by South London         Bromley business community             call the Business Awards
    Business, and are supported        for many years and so we are           team on 020 8726 7968 or
    by Bromley Council.                delighted to be a sponsor of the       email: bromleyawards@
      The 2011 Awards are              Bromley Business Awards and to
    supported by a host of top local   be a part of this celebration of the
    companies, including Barclays,     best of Bromley businesses.”
    the Career Development Group,        Thorsten Seeger, Regional
    Lloyds TSB, Clarkson Wright &      Business Director for Barclays
    Jakes Ltd, The Warren, Xpert HR    Business in South London added
    and The News Shopper as well       his backing to the initiative, by
    as headline sponsor London         saying: “Bromley is a borough
    Biggin Hill Airport.               with a long history of successful
      Robert Walters, Development      business and a major contributor
    Manager for London Biggin Hill     to growth in South London. The
    Airport Business, which recently   wealth of talent is impressive and
    won Best Business Aviation         the awards are a great opportunity
    Airport in a nationwide annual     to celebrate the achievements of
    awards scheme, said the airport    local entrepreneurs.”
 July/August 2011                                                                                             News                                 9

Brand new identity Z-CARD® help
South London Business rebrand
Over the coming months South                        “SLB has grown and diversified                    brand, The SLB Group, to tackle projects
London Business’ members will notice                                                                  with a wider geographic provision than
a subtle change in the visual identity                impressively over the past 12                   purely South London.
of the organisation. Following twelve               years. Their visual identity had                    For the challenge of producing the
successful years of supporting and                                                                    design work we enlisted the help of
promoting local businesses we                           just lagged slightly behind                   one of our expert members, Z-CARD®,
thought it was high time we reviewed                                                                  winners of the SLB Best Business for
ourselves to ensure we were fit for
                                                       this fast moving process of                    Marketing Award 2009. Their extensive
purpose. Having naturally diversified                change. Working closely with                     experience working for many of the
over the years, we now offer services                                                                 country’s leading brands turned what can
from training and employment,                        the senior management team                       frequently be a disruptive and unsettling
lobbying and property searches, as                   we identified that the current                   process into one that was transparent
well as our prestigious awards and                                                                    and enjoyable. I’m sure you will agree
membership programmes. As such,                      identity was a little disparate,                 that we have created a corporate
we felt that our current identity                                                                     identity that is unique, memorable and
would benefit from a realignment to
                                                      lacked impact and the sense                     professional in equal measure and one
reflect the growing aspirations for the                 that it was a brand rather                    that will stand us in good stead for the
business and the professionalism of                                                                   next twelve years.
our staff.                                               than a name. Working in
  Additionally, as South London Business’           close consultation over several
reputation has grown over the years we
have been repeatedly approached to                       months we helped bring
work outside of the local business arena,
for example through support of the
                                                       unity and logic to the visual
Government’s Apprenticeship Scheme. So              representation of their brand”.
as not to confuse our customers or dilute
our core offerings we created a separate                     Liz Love ZCARD Managing Director

   Solutions                            Understanding finance for business
   for Business                         gateway2investment (g2i) & gateway2finance (g2f)
                        by nt
                    ed e
                 nd er nm
               Fu ov

                                Get ready for investment

                                & grow your business
                                Understanding Finance for Business is a programme            Would you like to find out more about how investment
                                designed to maximise the success of London businesses in     works for your sector?
                                raising finance to support their growth ambitions.
                                “If you’re a small and growing business in London, and       If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above
    We run monthly              looking to raise money, you can’t afford NOT to go on        questions then find out more by getting in
    events and 1:1              this programme.” Alastair Mitchell, Huddle
                                                                                             touch. We’ll then walk you through the stages
    sessions, please             Are you a small or medium sized business in London          and depending on what support is appropriate,
    have a look at               looking to raise money?
                                                                                             you’ll be invited to participate in either the
    our events listing           Are you looking for investment for your business and or a
                                                                                             Gateway2Investment (g2i) stream for support in
    http://www.                  specific project?               Have you been thinking about seeking investment for
                                                                                             raising equity investment or to Gateway2Finance
    events/2011/7                your company but don’t know how to go about it or           (g2f) stream for support in raising bank finance
                                 assume that it’s too difficult?

    Contact us now!
    If you’re interested and would like to know more about the programme and how to apply,
    you can visit our website at or send an email to

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10                        London 2012                                                                                            South London Business

     On your marks, get set...
     The effects of the                                                                                                             currently travel to your site
     London 2012 Olympic                                                                                                         •	 Assess the impact the Games
     and Paralympic Games on                                                                                                        could have on deliveries to
     transport will potentially                                                                                                     your site
     be felt across a much                                                                                                       •	 Prepare a bespoke travel
     wider area than directly                                                                                                       action plan
     around the Games venues                                                                                                     •	 Test your travel action plan
     themselves. London 2012                                                                                                     •	 Minimise the impact the
     Travel Advice for Business                                                                                                     Games has on your business
     (TAB) is helping businesses                                                                                                   Businesses across London
     prepare for the impact of                                                                                                   are already benefitting!
     the London 2012 Games.                                                                                                      Please email keeponrunning@
       Increased demand on the                                                                                          with your
     public transport and road                                                                                                   contact details, organisation's
     network is likely to cause delays                                                                                           address and number of staff.
     for commuters in affected                                                                                                     If you have under 200 staff
     areas. Journeys made by your                                                                                                online support is available.
     staff, customers, visitors and                                                                                              Businesses are encouraged
     those that deliver to or collect                                                                                            to confirm if they are located
     from your business could be                                                                                                 in an affected area using the
     affected. By avoiding non-                                                                                                  maps available online. If you
     essential travel and rescheduling                                                                                           are located in an affected area
     or re-routing essential travel             the online tools to develop                   affected areas are benefitting     you should use the online
     where possible, you can help               an action plan for the Games                  from free one-to-one dedicated     tools to develop an action
     ensure your business continues             and test any actions in                       support to help them prepare       plan for the Games and test
     to run smoothly.                           advance. Businesses of all                    for the Games. If your business    any actions in advance. If you
       Several areas across London              sizes are currently preparing                 is located in an affected area     have under 200 staff and are
     have been identified as affected           for the Games. Actions being                  and you have over 200 staff        currently preparing for the
     areas. Detailed maps have been             considered by organisations                   located in one site, you may be    Games contact us and let us
     produced for affected areas.               include reducing travel by                    eligible.                          know how you are preparing.
     Businesses are encouraged to               encouraging staff to take                       Dedicated support can help       Please email keeponrunning@
     confirm if they are located in an          annual leave or home working,                 you:                     
     affected area using the maps               changing the times they                       •	 Identify the impact the
     available online.                          travel to avoid travel peaks or                  Games could have on your        Find out more
       If you are located in an                 changing transport mode.                         business              
     affected area you should use                 Large organisations in                      •	 Assess how staff and visitors   traveladviceforbusiness

            London 2012 is getting closer, and the Games are going to have a significant impact on
            London’s transport network, affecting businesses across the capital.
            To help yours keep on running smoothly, a free business toolkit has been developed. It’s full of
            helpful advice on things like scheduling deliveries, flexible working hours and alternative travel
            options. Just visit us online to start planning, and make sure you’re in shape for 2012.

 July/August 2011                                                                                          Advertising feature                          11

Launch of ‘LoCATE’ focused on stimulating
business and enterprise at Biggin Hill
LoCATE @ Biggin Hill is a 21st century           economy. We must build a new model
vision for aviation-led economic                 of economic growth – where instead of
growth at one of London’s major                  borrowing from the rest of the world, we              “Britain has to earn its
economic centres. It encapsulates the
expression ‘London Centre for Aviation
                                                 invest and we save and we export. Our
                                                 economy must become more balanced”
                                                                                                     way in the modern world.
Technology & Enterprise’                                                                             We have to become much
  It embraces a cluster of stakeholder             The four strategic initiatives for LoCATE @
businesses from the private and public           Biggin Hill are: -                                   more productive so that
sector who have identified the wealth of
benefit available by focussing on Biggin Hill
                                                 •	 GROW – by delivering on development
                                                    potential for both aviation-related and non-
                                                                                                     we can lead a high-tech,
as a destination for business and enterprise,       aviation businesses. More buildings utilised.     highly skilled economy.”
maximising the economic development              •	 CONNECT - using the role and purpose
potential and working to share the wide             of the airport to connect with local people
range of opportunities and benefits with the        through business and tapping into a global      upwards to a higher level of development.
local community.                                    economy.                                          Jenny Munro, the airport’s recently
  The real winner in the development             •	 INSPIRE – harnessing the dynamism and           appointed MD, says that LoCATE @ Biggin
initiative will be the 1500 new jobs that can       diversity of local companies to enhance         Hill is going to be a vital component for the
be created, both directly and indirectly, from      skills and competitiveness. The planned         longer term, a high level framework geared
a successful implementation of a cohesive           Academy will play a key role on these           to more efficient use of existing facilities for
strategy.                                           issues, contributing to the training of young   the greater benefit of the wider community.
  At the heart of this strategy for growth is       people.                                           “These are exciting times for Biggin Hill
the Government’s recent ‘Plan for Growth’        •	 IDENTIFY – by engaging with the strong          Airport, its strategic stakeholders and the
which seeks to create the right conditions          heritage of the airport alongside a             surrounding community. LoCATE @ Biggin
for businesses to progress by removing              branding for the cluster of businesses.         Hill is the output of a significant amount
barriers that are preventing them from                                                              of work and collaboration which serves to
performing to their full potential. When the       The Mayor of London has identified Biggin        articulate the value and potential of Biggin Hill
Chancellor George Osborne and Business           Hill as a Strategic Outer London Development       as a centre for inward investment, business
Secretary Vince Cable launched the plan          Centre (SOLDC) in the latest draft London          development, job creation, skills upgrade
in March, they said – “Britain has to earn       Plan. This important new status focuses            and prosperity. It will fully support the future
its way in the modern world. We have to          on the need to move forward in order to            development of Bromley’s Local Plan as
become much more productive so that              maintain competitive advantage, making             well as Biggin Hill’s emerging position as an
we can lead a high-tech, highly skilled          2011 the right time to start moving Biggin Hill    SOLDC” says Jenny Munro.

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                                                                                                                         24/3/11 11:49:48
12                               News                                                                             South London Business

     Benefitting from experience
     Expert guidance is vital to help employers manage people effectively in working
     longer and more flexibly now the DRA has been abolished, says CIPD
     Employers need to refresh         for business and the economy        more effective performance              a ‘rain check’ and make sure
     their approach to people          as a whole. HR professionals        management. With this in                their policies and practices are
     management, policies and          will be able to follow practical    hand employers will be able             up-to-date.”
     practices, to ensure they are     and up-to-date guidance on          to focus on the benefits and              Sarah Veale, Head of
     in line with the changing         flexible retirement, recruitment,   unique contribution they can            Equality and Employment
     age issues reflected in           selection and promotion,            gain from better performing             Rights, TUC, said: “Scrapping
     both the Equality Act and         pay, benefits and pensions,         older workers, such as                  the default retirement age – a
     abolition of the default          appraisals and performance          their skills and experience,            law well past its sell-by date
     retirement age (DRA).             management, training, health        which they can both apply               – is a welcome step forward
     Updated guidance from             and safety, redundancy and          directly and share with other           in helping businesses manage
     the Chartered Institute of        termination issues - all of which   colleagues through coaching             the retirement of staff in a
     Personnel and Development         help to support and sustain         and mentoring. A significant            fair way.
     (CIPD) and the Trades Union       business success.                   proportion of workers do plan             “But while most employers
     Congress (TUC), Managing            Dianah Worman OBE, Diversity      to carry on working beyond              have already moved on
     Age, will help address            Adviser, CIPD, says: “Our           the traditional retirement              from retiring staff without
     the challenges that many          research has shown that many        age, due to both financial              consultation, some do need
     organisations face today.         employers already recognise the     and personal reasons, but               to refresh their employment
       The guide supports Acas         valuable contribution made by       also thanks to more flexible            practices and this guidance
     guidance on managing without      older workers. The challenge        approaches to retirement.               provides all the information
     a retirement age and will offer   now is to move away from            Employers seem to be                    that they need.
     employers and unions ways         the outdated mindset of some        recognising this need as the              “We’re particularly keen to
     to develop and cement good        employers who may feel that         appetite of older workers to            see more employers offering
     employment practice to gain       older workers are past their        work longer continues to rise.          flexible working, so that
     the most benefit from an          sell-by date.                          “We hope this guide will             older workers can phase their
     increasingly diverse workforce.     “The abolition of the DRA         help smooth the transition              retirement. This approach
     The CIPD has consistently         has removed the ‘easy option’       within the employment cycle             can benefit employers,
     worked to demonstrate that        of an arbitrary retirement age,     and the extension of working            older workers and new staff
     this is not only good for the     forcing employers to step-up        life, giving employers a                looking to benefit from their
     well-being of workers, but also   to the challenge of developing      valuable opportunity to take            colleagues’ experience.”

                                                                              Are you a busy
                                                                              organisation in need of
                                                                              extra full time staff without
                                                                              breaking the bank?
                                                                                  Could you offer a young person aged 16 - 24 the opportunity
                                                                                  to gain work experience in an office role and a nationally
                                                                                  recognised qualification?
                                                                                  For 9 months you could gain an extra pair of hands for your
                                                                                  business from just £119 a week.
                                                                                  SLB will employ as well as train the apprentice.
                                                                              Benefits include:
                                                                              ■ You have no hiring cost or increase in headcount
                                                                              ■ The apprentice will be an employee of SLB ATA
                                                                              ■ No recruitment costs to your business
                                                                              ■ We’ll source and recruit all of the apprentices
                                                                              ■ You can participate in the selection of your apprentices.
                                                                              ■ We source and manage the apprentice NVQ training & development

                                                                              Apprenticeships are available in:
                                                                              ■   Business Administration
                                                                              ■   Customer Service
                                                                              ■   Plus many more

                                                                              For more information email
                                                                              or call 020 8253 4253
 July/August 2011                                                                                     News                                   13

Going for growth
London companies looking to expand over the next 12 months are being invited
to take part in a new Fast-Track Business Growth Programme

Run by Inspiring Business                                                                       Director to discuss business issues, share
Performance (IBP), the programme                                                                experiences and support each other to
is open to decision-makers at                                                                   achieve their goals.
organisations with between                                                                        A government grant of £1,000 is
10 and 250 employees. It aims                                                                   available for eligible companies to put
to bring together groups of                                                                     towards the annual £2,600 +VAT cost of
between 8 and 12 people from                                                                    the programme.
different companies who will                                                                      John Telfer continued: “Towards the end
share ideas and support each other                                                              of the year staff will be asked for their
throughout the programme.                                                                       views again to see how the organisation
  A free initial staff survey, determining                                                      has improved. For an investment of as
where changes can be made to improve                                                            little as £135 a month, this is a great
performance, efficiency, productivity,                                                          opportunity for companies that are
employee engagement and effectiveness,                                                          serious about growth.”
                                                  John Telfer, Managing Director of Inspiring
will form the basis of a report which will                                                        Free online management training via
                                                                 Business Performance (IBP).
be reviewed with a Fast-Track Business                                                 is also
Growth Programme Director and will               well as benefit from one-to-one advice from    available to every company that signs up
determine whether or not the programme           a qualified and experienced coach.”            to the Fast-Track Growth Programme.
is appropriate for the organisation.               Should the business decide to go ahead         Initially being run in London and Kent,
  John Telfer, Managing Director of IBP, said:   with the Fast-Track Growth Programme, an       the programme will soon be rolled out to
“As the Investors in People centre for the       action plan will be agreed and one-to-one      companies across the South East.
South of England, we are used to delivering      coaching with the Programme Director
a high level of service to our clients. The      will begin. Throughout the 12 month            To find out more about the Fast-Track
Growth Programme is the perfect extension        programme, several ‘Mastermind meetings’       Growth Programme, visit,
of our services and will allow businesses        will take place which will allow all the       email or call
across London to share their expertise as        organisations working with the Programme       0800 612 3098.

                                                             Switch to us for a relationship
                                                             you can build on.

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14                                         News                                                                                       South London Business

     More balls than most
     Juggle your way to success with proven company shortcuts

                         More Balls than Most
                         Juggle your way to success with proven                                needed to make those
                         company shortcuts                                                     vital first contacts
                         By Lara Morgan                                                        to implementing the
                         Published by Infinite Ideas on 17th June 2011                         creative decisions that
                         ISBN: 978-1906821-73-9                                                will set your business apart
                         Paperback £12.99                                                      from the rest to developing
                                                                                               a company culture that will
                                                                                               maintain momentum and deliver
     “Lara’s tale is an inspiration                 an unshakeable belief in her               growth. Each chapter includes
     to any entrepreneur. Her                       skills as a saleswoman and a               ‘Lara’s Laws’ – practical guidelines   the most famous brands in
     determination and energy                       determination to learn from the            that will steer you through the        the world, such as Bulgari,
     saw her build a highly                         best, Lara began her career at             challenges a growing company           Aveda, The White Company
     successful business from                       the age of 23 on the steps of              will face, as well as ‘Company         and Penhaligon’s. Born in
     scratch, and this book shows                   the Dorchester in London’s Park            Shortcuts’ – invaluable business       Germany, she left school after
     how she did it. I recommend                    Lane with a miniature sewing               models for managing and                ‘A’ Levels when her father went
     it to anyone who has the                       kit to sell. Her naivety in aiming         monitoring your progress.              bankrupt. She lived and worked
     vision and courage to go it                    for the high-end of the market               Now more than ever, Lara             in Hong Kong, the Gulf and
     alone.” Luke Johnson, Risk                     resulted in her very first order and       argues, it is the ‘small, fleet of     New Zealand before moving
     Capital Partners LLP                           an important business lesson:              foot, flexible business models that    to the UK and setting up her
                                                    how to use a prestigious client            will be first to markets, while the    company in 1991. She is a
     •	 Lara	Morgan	an	                             to open doors for new business             big boys flounder’. More Balls         founder member of the Young
        unorthodox, highly dynamic                  opportunities around the world.            than Most shares the story of her      Entrepreneurs Organisation,
        business woman shares the                   Just under twenty years, several           extraordinary and exhilarating         now EO, was a finalist in the
        secrets of how she built a                  million bars of soap and a                 journey to success.                    Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman
        globally-recognized business                portfolio of top brand names                                                      of the Year Award, and has also
        from scratch and sold it for                later, Lara sold the majority stake        •	 Developing	a	positive	culture       been a three times finalist in the
        £20 million                                 in Pacific Direct for £20 million.         •	 The	Seven	Steps	of	the	Sale         Ernst and Young Entrepreneur
     •	 An	inspirational,	straight-                    In More Balls than Most Lara            •	 5-star	customer	performance	        of the Year. She was famous
        talking business book about                 charts the outrageous highs and               standards                           for taking her entire company
        how to grow a small business                lows of starting up a business             •	 Cut	once	and	cut	deep:	the	         on holiday to Barbados to
        and optimize sales                          from scratch and the many                     tough times                         celebrate their success. Lara is
     •	 Practical	advice	for	young	                 obstacles there are to overcome.           •	 Client	wins	–	ideas	for	            now focusing her passion on
        entrepreneurs looking to                    Sticking to her mantra of never               reaching the impossible to          Company Shortcut, an online
        start their own business                    being afraid to ask, or to make               reach                               platform for entrepreneurs to
        as well as small and large                  mistakes, she describes how                •	 20	ways	to	motivate	your	           access unique time-saving check-
        company managers and                        through sheer hard graft and                  staff without paying them           lists and business performance
        CEOs                                        with a seemingly inexhaustible                more                                measurement systems to
                                                    energy, she acquired the                                                          increase their effectiveness and
       In her first book, More Balls than           knowledge and skills to become             About the author                       accelerate growth.
     Most, Lara tells the extraordinary             the hugely successful CEO of                 Lara Morgan is the founder
     story of how she transformed                   one of the UK’s fastest growing            and former CEO of Pacific              For further information on More
     her company, Pacific Direct,                   companies and shares the lessons           Direct. Basically a ‘world-class       Balls than Most or to arrange
     from a cottage industry into an                she has learnt along the way.              saleswoman’ with a massive             an interview with Lara Morgan,
     internationally recognised supplier              More Balls than Most covers              belief in herself and her              please contact Tim Moore on
     and manufacturer of amenities to               every aspect of building a                 company, she revolutionized            01865 514 888.
     world-renowned hotels.                         profitable business, from learning         the hotel amenities market,            Alternatively emails can be sent
       Driven by little more than                   to display the confidence                  bringing together some of              to

                                                                                                  Does your company have a

      As a busy entrepreneur, we understand that you will often be so preoccupied with what
                                                                                                          power struggle?
      is happening now that you may lose sight of your future.
      That’s why; if you really want to give your business some focus for growth, a business
      review and preparation of a strategic plan is an absolute necessity!
      Creating a strategy for growth helps you re-focus your business on delivering the
      outcomes that YOU want and provides an effective framework for positive change.
      Up until now, you may have been following a ‘normal’ business plan and yet you’ve
      expected extraordinary success. Have you ever tried thinking outside the box?
      That’s exactly what we will do as your Business Doctor.
      With our individual approach, we guarantee to help you recognise the potential in your
      business and ensure that, by putting the necessary foundations in place, you can look
      forward to a profitable future.
                                                                                                      Improve the environmental impact of your
              M: 07852 385 157 - T: 0845 293 8464 - Skype: Davidblackburn2
                                                                                                      business, increase your green credentials
         E: - W:
                  21 Parsonage Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4AW                                   and gain that commercial edge
 July/August 2011                                                                                      News                                     15

Website contingency and London’s business
managing downtime       property owners could
No matter the size of a                                                 be owed £9 billion in tax
website, offline time will
harm your business. At
best it questions a business’                                           According to latest research        could be owed a refund. For
professionalism and                                                     by Portal Tax Claims, a             business owners within the
damages the company’s                                                   specialist capital allowance        40% tax band, this equates
reputation; at worst it                                                 tax returns claims company,         to over £9 billion that could
could cost you new orders                                               commercial property owners          be claimed back by London
and customers, resulting in                                             in Greater London could be          business property owners alone.
queries and complaints.                                                 missing out on more than £9           Shaun Murphy, CEO, Portal
  Ideally, websites never go                                            billion in tax returns.             Tax Claims;
offline, but even the biggest      planning, make sure that               The company aims to help            “Literally billions of pounds
online services can fail for       the people responsible for           businesses claim back tax           are due to commercial property
numerous reasons. How quickly      the backup and recovery              by utilising their ‘capital         owners across the UK, but most
and efficiently the problems are   procedures are established.          allowances’, which are              lack the necessary expertise to
resolved is the important factor   If your hosting provider             allowances available to             make the claim which can be
to you and your customers.         cannot provide a service level       commercial property owners          a complicated process. As we
  It is essential that website     agreement (SLA), you should          who spend money making              only make a charge if successful,
codes, files and databases are     seriously reconsider entering        certain qualifying improvements     we would urge any commercial
regularly backed up.               into a contract with them.           to their property, such as          property owner to give us a call
  This information is likely         An annual review of the            installing fire alarm systems and   as they have nothing to lose
to change frequently, so           website contingency plan should      air conditioning.                   and have potentially tens of
committing to scheduled            be integrated as part of the           During a trial of the new         thousands of pounds to gain.”
regular backups is the best        business strategy. It is essential   proposition it reclaimed, on
option. Equally important is       any emerging inadequacies are        average, £105,000 for each          If you would like to find
storing the files. Make sure       highlighted before an emergency      business in outstanding             out more please call
this data is kept at a separate    situation arises.                    capital allowances. Portal Tax      0845 000 0450 or visit
location. If data contains                                              Claims estimates that 96% of
private credit card details,       For further information              businesses – that is an estimated
remember that the storage          on Ecce Media, please call           234,500 in Greater London -
must be PCI-DSS compliant.         01689 874 395 or visit               that own their own properties,
  When reviewing contingency                    or commercial property owners,

Computers more than five years old?
        zebra IT can help

Recent research shows that 7 in 10 small businesses fail to
replace old PC’s, on which they rely for storing business-
critical data. According to a study of 600 IT managers (by
research organisation Vanson Bourne,) companies are
increasingly abandoning the typical three-year refresh cycle
of their PCs, with only 30% of businesses sticking to their
plans in the next three years and 18% not even trying. The
current economic climate is cited as the main reason.
  As a result, the average age of a UK work computer is over
five years – twice the age of those used in German companies –
and 40% of employees surveyed, find their work is significantly
compromised by regular computer crashes and lost data.
  Here at zebra IT we appreciate that every company is having to
make hard spending decisions but sometimes you may not realise
what is at risk by cutting back. We aim to link your business plan
to an IT strategy ensuring current and future needs can be met in a
flexible manner.

       zebra IT more than just business IT support

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16                            Finance                                                                         South London Business

     Sponsored column

     Family businesses
                                                 Seven ways to offset
     – look forward to                           cost increases
     future growth                               For many businesses in London, 2011 will be the
                                                 most difficult year of the economic cycle. As public
     Family run businesses have long
     held a significant role in the UK           sector cuts take effect and consumer confidence falls,
     economy. The contribution of                companies will need to find new ways to cut costs
     this sector has and continues
     to be far reaching, extending
     beyond financial input to the UK
     economy, to acting as a breeding
     ground for entrepreneurial talent
     and start up businesses. But for
     many family-run businesses,
     ensuring a succession plan for
     subsequent generations means
     finding more innovative solutions.

     The prolonged recession has meant
     that for many family business owners,
     selling to outside investors is either
     the only option or the most profitable
     option to keep the business going.
     Menzies has seen an increase in the
     number of family business owners            Ian Strange, ICAEW’s London Regional
     choosing to sell the business on rather     Director, said: “Although recent figures
     than keeping it in the family. In most      showed a fall, inflation is still high.
     cases, the younger generation simply        This is just one of a number of pressure
     has no desire to take up the reins of       points facing businesses, especially
     the business.                               small and medium sized companies
                                                 (SMEs). Cutting costs is one measure
     This is part of a long-term trend.          that is within a business’s control               5. Technology
     Parents can no longer take it for           though and can make a difference                    Using technology can help in a number
     granted that sons and daughters will        between a profit and a loss.”                     of ways – working smarter, not harder.
     follow them into the family business,                                                         Better communications technology can
     and they have to look further afield to     To offset cost increases ICAEW has the            reduce the need for meetings. Simple
     find investors.                             following advice:                                 technology improvements like email
                                                 1. Consider the product or service                instead of post for invoices could save
     Another aspect of this change is that all      Re-examine the basics of your product or       thousands in stamps alone and Skype
     businesses now have the opportunity         service – can you add value (selling price) for   makes video conferencing free.
     to expand internationally. This is no       little extra cost or provide the same for less
     longer the preserve of big business,        cost? Cheap materials can often diminish          6. Financing costs
     and many smaller businesses are now         the end result which in turn will damage the        If you’ve got any form of borrowing,
     looking internationally for future          brand and affect sales. Ensure that any cuts      it might be costing you dearly not only
     growth. However, in this area they lack     made don’t diminish the unique selling point      in terms of interest payments but also
     the skills of larger firms and recruit or   (USP) of your offering.                           arrangement fees and costs of reviews. In
     purchase the necessary expertise.                                                             addition covenants on loans and overdrafts
                                                 2. Find cheaper sources of supply                 can increase costs. So make sure you have
     For solid businesses looking for              Many suppliers will offer new account           the right source of finance for the need, and
     external investment, this presents          benefits and there may be significant benefits    look for ways to pay down debt.
     an opportunity. Investors like family       to switching. New suppliers, competitive
     businesses because they tend to be          pricing and improved alternatives could have      7. Taxation
     tightly run and the owners are closely      moved things on considerably since you last         Is your business fully utilising the
     involved at a practical level. Investors    reviewed your supplier.                           allowances and reliefs to which it is entitled?
     want to see the opportunity to develop                                                        Even after the 2011 budget reductions relief
     the business. One of these is if there      3. Tackle overheads                               for pension payments are still generous.
     is a way to develop the international         Overheads are costs such as people, space       What about the NHI holiday for start-ups in
     capability of a family business             and energy costs. Using any or all of these       regions outside the South of England?
     expertise.                                  inefficiently is costly. Organising workloads
                                                 and workspaces can have significant                 Ian Strange added, “The second quarter
     If you would like further information       improvements. Think carefully before making       will be difficult because of tax increases
     regarding any issues featured in            redundancies though – consider alternatives       and public sector cuts. Businesses need
     this article then please contact            such as changing staff hours.                     to be on their metal to conserve cash and                                                                      cut costs. This will put them in a good
                                                 4. Moving goods and services                      place when the recovery becomes more
                                                   If you monitor the costs of transporting        firmly established. A conversation with a
                                                 goods and people you will have seen your          chartered accountant about potential cost
                                                 costs escalate in the last few months. It is      savings may pay dividends.”
                                                 unlikely that the price of fuel will come down
                                                 soon so perhaps now is the time to evaluate       Further information can be found at
                                                 possible alternatives.                  
 July/August 2011                                                                                        Legal                                          17

Local law firms show
                                                                                                   Sponsored column

                                                                                                   To Tweet or
                                                                                                   not to Tweet:
signs of recovery                                                                                  Six ways to protect your business
                                                                                                   Joanne Kavanagh, Head of Employment at Morrisons
                                                                                                   Solicitors LLP, investigates employment law issues
                                                                                                   raised by social networking and outlines practical
                                                                                                   steps for companies to deal with these issues.

                                                                                                   Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – social
A Law Society survey has revealed                                                                  networking sites are part of everyday
that legal practices in South London                                                               life, and the work place is no different.
are seeing an improvement in fortunes                                                              But with loose-lipped (free-fingered?)
with an average increase of 0.2 per cent                                                           employees, it opens up a myriad of
practice fee income in 2010, following                                                             legal liabilities.
a reduction of 6.5 per cent in the
previous year.                                                                                     Posting offensive comments or images
  The key findings in the Law Society                                                                Making offensive comments on Twitter
Law Management Section’s annual                                                                    and Facebook that have a derogatory
profitability survey, sponsored by Lloyds TSB                                                      affect on their job or their employers can
Commercial, reveal the financial health of        more important for me was the measure            lead to dismissal – and if it’s proportionate,
law firms.                                        of profit after deducting a realistic notional   employment tribunals will uphold it. The
  Firms are also beginning to recruit again.      partner salary – at 7.3 per cent of fee          employee’s rights of privacy and freedom of
The survey reveals that the 200 participating     income this is a terrific improvement on the     expression in the Human Rights Act 1998
firms reported total recruitment costs of         2.3 per cent shown in the 2009 survey.”          will be taken into consideration.
£2,141,614 to recruit 1,022 people, while           In light of the results, it has never been     Misuse of employer’s confidential
the average spend on non-salary overheads         more important for legal firms to work           information
per fee earner dropped to £35,551, down           with a bank that truly understands their           LinkedIn can present serious problems
from £41,959 in 2009.                             profession. Darren Cable, Lloyds TSB             because an employee may post his
                                                  Commercial continues:                            employer’s business contacts and use them
Law Society President Linda Lee says:               “Our specialist relationship managers          after his employment has ended.
  “The Law Society annual LMS Financial           are trained by the Law Society as Lexcel         Excessive use of social networking
Benchmarking Survey is a key tool for             Consultants and they have a real working           Use of social networking during
firms looking to assess the way they run          knowledge of the Legal Services Act              office hours can have an impact on the
themselves as a business.                         and the challenges and opportunities it          productivity of a business, but employers
  “For the profession as a whole it is a          brings. They are determined to work with         need to be clear about the rules.
useful indicator of the financial health of the   our solicitor customers to equip them for        Relying on online information when
sector. Although there are signs of recovery,     success in 2011 and beyond.”                     recruiting
process is slow and firms will be looking                                                            Employers who use information stored
at how they can continue to grow as we            Jon Cartwright, Partner at Hazlewoods            on social media sites such as Facebook to
emerge from the recession.”                       LLP, added:                                      recruit job applicants are at risk of unlawful
  Now in its 11th year, the survey, which is        “This is the second year we have               discrimination claims.
produced in association with Hazlewoods           compiled the LMS Benchmarking Survey,            Six practical steps to protect your
LLP, a medium sized, niche accountancy            and it was very pleasing to see practices’       business?
practice specialising in advising the legal       financial performance begin to correct           1. Update your disciplinary policy to prohibit
profession, is widely regarded as the annual      itself following an extremely challenging           unauthorised disclosure of confidential
health check report for the smaller end of        couple of years. We have some exciting              information online, damage to reputation
the legal profession.                             plans for the 2011 survey, including the            and excessive personal social networking.
  The Law Management Section of the Law           commencement of quarterly snapshots              2. Introduce a social media policy controlling
Society, a membership association designed        of key financial data to make sure                  employees’ unacceptable use of social
to assist those in the management of legal        participants receive real value out of it.          media during working hours.
practices, invited members to complete            We are really enjoying our role.”                3. Ensure that you have a robust equal
the annual financial benchmarking survey                                                              opportunities policy. Taking steps to
questionnaire and to provide two years’           Other key findings included:                        prevent discrimination can be a defence to
data, allowing a direct comparison of both        •	 Median	fee	income	per	equity	partner	of	         a claim of unlawful discrimination.
years’ results on a like for like basis.             £455,650 (2009: £469,666).                    4. Quickly deal with complaints of
                                                  •	 Median	equity	partner	capital	increased	         discrimination or harassment on social
Darren Cable, senior manager,                        by 7 per cent to £135,191.                       media sites if the incidents occurred at
specialist markets for Lloyds TSB                 •	 The	median	cost	of	a	fee	earner	was	             work.
Commercial in South London, says:                    £40,240 compared to £43,938 in 2009,          5. Review contracts of employment
  “In a year of unprecedented change                 a fall of 8.4 per cent.                          to ensure they state that LinkedIn
for the legal profession, it is pleasing to       •	 The	ratio	of	partners	to	fee	earners	            contacts remain company property and
see another increase in the number of                remains static – a median of 1 to 4.             information stored on social media should
participants in the survey. I am convinced                                                            be returned on termination.
that firms who are actively seeking                 The survey helps firms plan for future         6. Ensure your recruitment processes are
external comparators will be in the               financial objectives; big profit increases          non-discriminatory and that you have
vanguard of success.                              require detailed understanding of                   objective business reasons for rejecting a
  “In many ways this year’s survey shows          financial performance. Benchmarking                 candidate.
a steady, consolidating scenario, but two         against other firms helps firms face up to
things struck me. First was the increase in       the challenges of the new legal services         For more advice email Joanne at:
median net profit per partner from £89,621        environment, and consider the benefits 
to £106,297 – a rise of 18.6 per cent. But        of external investment.
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18                             Features                                                                      South London Business

      Sponsored column

     Commercial property
                                                      Stride Treglown start works
     statistics – the ones                            on new YMCA in Croydon
     worth knowing…
                     Julian Fagan
                     Senior Surveyor
                     Business Space Agency

     It’s been said that 85.7% of all statistics
     are made up on the spot – here at
     Glenny we invest considerably more
     effort into capturing and analysing
     commercial property data. Our latest
     Databook provides in depth analysis
     of the property market throughout
     South East London and Kent, providing
     an essential source of market data for
     anyone with an interest in commercial
       At a time when opinions on the market are
     freely given but not always substantiated, it
     is vital for businesses that decisions on such
     crucial issues as where they operate from, or
     indeed consider relocating/ expanding to, are
     based upon sound and accurate information.

       Some example “highlights” extracted from
     our Databook are noted below:
     •	 Occupational	demand	for	industrial	floor	
        space grew by 45% from its Q3 2010 level
        over Q1 2011 and now stands at almost
        double the low point in demand recorded
        in early 2009.
     •	 The	major	improvement	in	demand	has	
        arisen at the larger end of the market with
        occupier requirements for buildings in        Warings Contractors Ltd has                   Due for completion March 2012,
        excess of 50,000 sq ft almost double the      appointed Stride Treglown to work           the provision will make a significant
        level recorded in the latter stage of 2010.   on a new home for the YMCA in               contribution to Croydon Council’s
     •	 The	levels	of	Grade	A	office	stock	           Croydon funded by the Homes &               Housing Strategy, as SLYMCA Chief
        have declined significantly over the          Communities Agency.                         Executive explains: “We would like to
        past few years, with new build office                                                     thank our partners in Croydon Council
        accommodation in the South East London                                                    for their extensive support over recent
        and Kent regions standing at 396,000                                                      years allowing us to reach this significant
        sq ft at the end of Q1 2011 down from a        “Planning consent was                      milestone. We are fully committed to
        peak of 800,000 sq ft in 2009.
     •	 Occupier	requirements	for	small	office	
                                                       granted for a 10-story                     working to improve the lives of vulnerable
                                                                                                  people in the borough, and we are looking
        suites has remained relatively steady. More      building providing                       forward to seeing this major project through
        than 80% of current unsatisfied demand is                                                 to a successful completion. The new facilities
        for units of below 10,000 sq ft.                  temporary living                        at Alexandra House will provide the step
                                                       accommodation for up                       change in quality of accommodation our
       Despite the economic outlook                                                               vulnerable residents need and deserve.”
     continuing to represent a challenging                 to 80 people”                            Architects from Stride Treglown’s London
     terrain that businesses are having to                                                        office will be working to ensure the new
     negotiate on a month to month basis, our                                                     development will be of the highest standards
     landlord, occupier and developer clients           The new-look South London YMCA            in construction and design as well as
     recognise the opportunities and gains that       (SLYMCA) will replace the existing 1960s    setting a new benchmark for SLYMCA’s
     can potentially be made through strategic        building with a brand new, modern           environmental target of BREAAM Excellent.
     reviews of their business premises.              development to be known as ‘Alexandra       The hybrid scheme will predominantly be
       Whether you are considering expansion,         House’ – a revival of the building’s        built using volumetric apartment units
     relocation or seeking greater impetus in         historical name.                            stacked vertically to create the structural
     disposing of void properties, Glenny LLP           Following extensive local consultation    mass of the building sitting above a concrete
     remains extremely well placed and eager to       including a major resettlement              podium level at the second floor.
     assist.                                          programme for previous tenants,               Architectural Associate Marco Oliveira
                                                      planning consent was granted for a 10-      commented; “We are delighted to be
     For a free copy of the Glenny Databook Q1        story building providing temporary living   appointed as the architects on such a
     2011 and to discuss property opportunities       accommodation for up to 80 people in a      significant project for SLYMCA in Croydon
     for you business, contact Julian Fagan on        mixture of studios and two person shared    and look forward to delivering a highly
     020 8304 4911 / Or         flats, as well as offices and community     sustainable, thoughtful building that will be
     visit                           support services.                           enjoyed by its residents for years to come.
 July/August 2011                                                                                                Finance                                  19

Traditional banking
pays dividends
Croydon bank, Handelsbanken, has                      case assessments and are empowered to
announced the opening of its 100th                    make decisions here at the branch, from
British branch. The new branch,                       corporate credit lines to tailored saving
located in the West Yorkshire spa                     and borrowing rates, and are able to serve
town of Ilkley, will open for individual              our customers locally, without customers
and corporate business over the                       having to refer to call centres. We know
coming weeks, once the local team is                  our people and patch best, with head
in place. The Bank employs over 800                   office there to support us. We always take
staff nationwide, with five of these                  a long-term view, investing time with our
working in the local Croydon branch.                  customers and focus on the needs of the
  With over 700 branches in 22                        individual and not on the sale of specific
countries, Handelsbanken has built its                products.”                                          local decisions to experienced local staff
success around a unique combination of                  Despite the continuing economic                   has seen us grow rapidly, both in scale
decentralisation, customer satisfaction,              downturn, Handelsbanken last year                   and reputation, throughout the economic
and prudent financial management.                     announced the opening of a record 27 UK             slump. Although we don’t set out with
An independent survey of British bank                 branches, leading to the establishment              specific targets, we’re well on course
customers* has ranked Handelsbanken                   of a third Regional Head Office in                  for another record year of expansion in
number one for satisfaction and loyalty               Birmingham to support further expansion             Britain, as more and more customers
among both business and personal                      in Great Britain, its fastest growing               appreciate our way of local banking.”
customers for the second year running.                market.                                               Handelsbanken is hosting a series
This is a position the Bank has enjoyed in              Speaking ahead of a series of regional            of events in London, Birmingham and
Sweden since surveys began in 1989.                   events to celebrate the 100th branch                Manchester to mark the 100th branch
  Hazel Hellier, branch manager of the                opening, Anders Bouvin, Chief Executive             milestone across the Bank’s operating
Croydon branch, said “Core to our growth              of Handelsbanken in the UK said: “This              regions. The city centre events will bring
has been satisfied customers and a                    milestone has been reached thanks to                together customers, staff and professional
preference for what is often referred to as           the confidence that our customers have              friends from each region, invited by local
“traditional banking”. For us it’s nothing            shown and by us sticking to our knitting,           branch managers to share their views
new, the Bank has been run on the same                offering traditional community banking              and experiences and discuss the factors
principle of decentralisation for the last 40         based on close personal relationships               behind the Bank’s growing popularity in
years. My team makes their own case-by-               with customers. Our belief in entrusting            Great Britain.

Advertising feature

London crowned future super city
The economic downturn has                 Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds,                                                 playing on the world stage and are
fundamentally altered the UK              Brighton and Liverpool. Each                                               often a part of much larger global
business landscape, providing             super-city will become a key                                               businesses. We are working with
a catalyst for growth for                 driver for business in the area,                                           them to celebrate and hone their
trailblazing businesses and               specialising in distinctive growth                                         strengths and to use them to help
entrepreneurs, according                  industries and innovations – they                                          drive opportunities and successes
to a new report The Future                are already being shaped by                                                into the future.”
of Business 2011 from                     today’s new entrepreneurs.                                                   The report also anticipates a
HSBC Commercial Banking.                    One of the interesting                                                   nation known for its skills and
The report which was                      elements of the report predicts                                            knowledge with investment
commissioned by HSBC and                  a renaissance of Britain’s                                                 by research-led companies set
compiled by trend forcasting              manufacturing hey-day                                                      to break the boundaries of
agency The Future Laboratory,             and a return to the world                                                  biomedicine, nanotechnology and
was undertaken from                       buying goods that have been                                                materials science and pioneering
November 2010 – March 2011                manufactured in Britain but                                                work already underway in energy
to build upon the 2009 report             with a 21st Century update.                                                resources. It highlights that all
and explore the future of the               Carol Bagnald, HSBC’s Regional      Carol Bagnald, HSBC’s regional       of these developments have to
business landscape in the UK              Commercial Director in London,        commercial director for London       take place with an awareness of
and investigate why business              said: “As companies across                                                 globalisation and that competitive
models are set to change. The             the capital continue to thrive          In addition to this overall        advantage is no longer about
report gathers insights from              and constantly look for new           optimism and amongst the             location but about capitalising
nine industry experts and                 opportunities, this report offers     Olympic build up, the report         on a new generation growth
quantitative data from 500                them a glimpse of what the future     has identified particular growth     industries.
entrepreneurs and decision                will hold and the exciting business   clusters in photonics and digital
makers across the UK, asking              trends that are starting to emerge.   services, creative industries        To read the full report
them about their attitudes and              The business environment of         and plastronics. These clusters      please visit
behaviour towards business                London is stretching out to an ever   identify parts of London that are    businesspublications
and employment.                           diverse and thriving South, West,     becoming known, due to their
  The Future of Business 2011
identifies the super-cities of the
coming decade with London
                                          East and North and overall London
                                          remains a super city, leading
                                          business development and growth
                                                                                particular skills and knowledge in
                                                                                these industries.
                                                                                  At HSBC we recognise that
retaining it’s title alongside Bristol,   within the UK and Internationally.    businesses across the capital are    The world s local bank
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20                            Features                                                                           South London Business

     Students are
                                                     Repeat course in export
     hitting the
     headlines                                       development for entrepreneurs
     Useful Times online
     newspaper launches –
     written by students, for
       Useful Times, a new online newspaper
     written by students for students, has
     been launched by the brothers behind A team of budding
     journalists, who are all currently
     university students, report on a wide
     range of topics that are of student
     interest from art to current affairs, film,
     music and science on the site which is
     free for students to access.
       Editor of Useful Times - mature
     student, Brian Plumridge said: “Useful
     Times provides a fantastic platform for
     students to engage with each other and
     communicate the world’s news from a
     student angle. Our journalists know the
     topics that are of interest to the student
     population and it’s a great tool for them
     to build up their experience and report on
     subjects they are passionate about.
       “We’ve had great interest from students
     wanting to be involved with Useful Times
     and we welcome any one currently studying
     at university with an interest in journalism
     to get in touch.” Brian is studying for a
     Post Graduate Diploma in Online and Radio
     Journalism at Liverpool’s Hope University       The modular Executive Development               taking the correct and necessary steps to
     and has always had a passion for the media      Programme (EDP) is available exclusively        build global partnerships around the world.
     and journalism.                                 to London-based companies currently             In the early stages, the modules were very is        on UKTI’s Gateway to Global Growth              useful in overcoming the initial challenges
     the brainchild of Useful Ventures founders      scheme of advice and support for                we faced, helping to define our international
     Andrew and Mike Howes. The Useful               experienced exporters.                          export strategy and the steps we needed to
     Ventures banner covers a series of concepts                                                     take to achieve this.’’
     geared up for the student lifestyle including                                                     Parveen Thornhill, UKTI International Trade and Usefulstudents.                                                         Director for London, said: “At a time when
     com, the free innovative web-based job               “Global opportunities                      global opportunities for business growth have
     site providing a wide array of one-off,
     short term jobs for students to earn money
                                                           for business growth                       never been greater, as well as encouraging
                                                                                                     more companies in the capital to get involved
     whilst at university. Useful Students is                have never been                         in overseas trade, UKTI’s aim is to help existing
     now available in 22 cities across the UK.
     The site is of mutual benefit to businesses
                                                                 greater”                            exporters increase their competitiveness and
                                                                                                     diversify into new markets.
     and anyone wanting help with odd jobs                                                             “UKTI was proud to win Best Trade Promotion
     at home as they can post a job on the site                                                      Organisation last year because of the Gateway
     for free. Postings on the site have ranged        Starting on 16 June, the EDP covers the       scheme, and the training programme developed
     from unskilled labouring, dog walking and       fundamentals of global business and is          with Cass is part of this push to enable firms to
     gardening to skilled tutoring or website        packed with practical and real-life examples.   realise their international potential. It focuses
     design and coaching. The more unusual           The five course modules include:                on the crucial role of London’s entrepreneurs
     jobs have included a hypnotist’s assistant                                                      in driving exports, helping them develop the
     and bouncy castle attendants.                   •	   International	Financial	Management         skills and knowledge they need to tackle
       Andrew Howes, operations director             •	   Making	Strategy	Happen                     overseas markets effectively. The positive
     said: “Ultimately through the Useful            •	   Client	Service	Management                  reaction from companies that attended the
     Ventures brand we are aiming to create a        •	   International	Marketing                    first programme has encouraged us to repeat
     student community for which the Useful          •	   Corporate	Responsibility,	Leadership,	     the course this year.”
     Times site will be invaluable. Through               Culture and Ethics                           Colin Carnall, Director of Executive
     our ‘Useful’ outlets we can communicate                                                         Education at Cass Business School, said:
     with students and offer them a bank of            Amber Hunter Love, General Manager            “We’re pleased to be working with UKTI
     resources for making University life more       of art licensing company the Bright Group       once again to help exporters unlock
     affordable. It is well documented that          International, who attended a number of         the international trade potential of their
     the cost of attending University is set to      modules last year, said: “We are currently      companies. With our world-class faculty
     soar so we hope we can offer valuable           expanding our global export markets from        and strong links to the City of London, Cass
     resources to make the experience more           just the USA to Australia and Asia. The Cass    is well-placed to provide training expertise
     comfortable for students.”                      modules reassured me that the business is       tailored to the needs of businesses.”
 July/August 2011                                                                               Features                                21

UKTI helps Croydon manufacturer
breathe life into exports

Baby ventilator manufacturer SLE already exports over 90 per cent of its products
to more than 70 countries, but when the award-winning company looks at new
overseas markets, it turns to UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) for advice

Created at a Bermondsey kitchen              the firm appreciated the potential of        easier. We’ve had a long history of
table in 1956 by the present                 developing markets. “We are a niche          commissioning in-country reports through
managing director’s father, the              manufacturer and there is a finite           the UKTI Overseas Market Introduction
company has grown to be one of               domestic market,” said Bernard. “In such     Service (OMIS), and attending overseas
the leading global providers of                                                           exhibitions with assistance from UKTI.
neonatal ventilation products,                                                            Without this help you could spend a
with a turnover of over £12m.                                                             lot of money in completely the wrong
  SLE designs, develops and manufactures                                                  areas. UKTI’s support and guidance help
specialist life support equipment for                                                     you to focus your efforts. We have been
newborn (neonatal) patients at its base in
                                                 “Flying the flag for                     helped to meet key contacts, potential
Croydon. Products range from neonatal            UK manufacturing,                        distributors and get ‘warm leads’. It would
ventilators (for very premature babies)                                                   have taken us a long time to find them on
to devices for larger babies who still          SLE was awarded the                       our own.”
need help breathing. Products are sold
direct from the UK or through overseas
                                                 Queen’s Award for                          Despite the company’s clear success in
                                                                                          overseas markets, Bernard still consults
distributors across every continent.             Enterprise in 2009”                      his UKTI London International Trade
  Flying the flag for UK manufacturing,                                                   Adviser, Bryan Treherne, who has over 40
SLE was awarded the Queen’s Award for                                                     years’ experience in international trade,
Enterprise in 2009 and this year took the                                                 for expert advice and information.
gong for Best Business for International                                                    Bernard continued: “We went through
Trade at the Croydon Business Awards,        a specialised area, any growth has to be     UKTI’s Passport to Export and Gateway
but the company’s global reach was by        achieved through sales in other markets.     to Global Growth programmes with
no means planned.                            To get incremental growth in the UK          Bryan. He is an enthusiastic supporter
  Managing director Bernard Nelligan         would be very difficult, as we already       of exporters, and passionate about
explained: “For many years we were a         have a majority share, so we have to sell    manufacturing, being from this
much smaller company, exporting on an        into emerging markets.”                      background himself. The support he
ad-hoc basis. We were an engineering           Bernard understands that winning           provides is tremendous. There is tons of
company, and if someone beat a path to       business in the highly publicised, high-     information out there but you have to sift
our door then we’d sell to them. It was      growth BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)   through it and it’s not very focused, but
only in the last 20 years that we began to   economies isn’t always easy. “When           with help from an ITA like Bryan we can
take exporting seriously and saw it as the   approaching developing markets, such as      be fast-tracked through the whole export
route forward.”                              India or Brazil, where we had no history     process. I would definitely encourage
  Despite strong domestic sales and          and were going in cold, we’re grateful       other companies to tap into the resources
a market share of over 50 per cent,          for any support to make that process         of UKTI.”
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22                                                  South London Business

     South London Business summer BBQ
     On the 14th July, South London
     Business is hosting a unique
     networking event for members and
     non-members to network in a relaxed,
     fun and informal environment.
       The Networking BBQ aims to provide
     London businesses with an excellent
     networking opportunity to meet new
     business contacts, find out what South
     London Business has planned for the
     rest of the year, and most importantly
     strengthen business relationships.
       The venue, Devonport House, is situated
     on the World Heritage Site in Greenwich
     and steeped in naval history. It’s the
     perfect location for businesses to enjoy
     the London bus, without the bustle. The
     building is only a short walk from Cutty
     Sark and Greenwich Station is full of
     maritime history.
       All tickets include a glass of Pimms (or a
     non-alcoholic beverage) and all you can
     eat BBQ food.

     If you would to join us please contact our
     events team on 020 8253 4293 or email
 July/August 2011                                                                                    SLB Membership                         23

Welcome to new members
Adourable                                       Croydon Park Hotel                             Merton Community Transport
020 7887 6163                                   020 8680 9200                                  (MCT)                                          0208 648 1001/7727                                 
Adourable has a range of stunning               The 4* Croydon Park Hotel, located in
jewellery, bags and accessories working         the centre of Croydon and close to East        MCT provides innovative accessible
with various international designers and        Croydon station with its fast links to         transport solutions for the communities.
brands providing our customers with new         London and Gatwick, offers guests a
and exciting pieces throughout the year         choice of superb accommodation, bar            Plan-London Ltd
and helping them to create their own            and restaurant, an onsite health club          020 8613 6630
stunning and unique look.                       with pool and onsite car parking.    
                                                Hotel Verta                                    Plan-London provide measured surveys,
Barbaros Unisex Hair Salon                      020 78013520                                   Land Registry compliant lease plans                                      and commercial EPC’s for all types of                                      properties, not only in London but the
We are an established hair salon open           Hotel Verta is a sensational hotel             whole of the UK.
since 1988 specialising in all hairdressing     situated at London’s Vertical Gateway:
Cut and Styling, colouring perming,             The London Heliport. That really is            Proactive Wellness Ltd
Foil hi lites or low lites, hair extensions,    something unique. And that’s why               07874 025 046
Brazilian blow dry, hair straightening,         everything we do has to go above     
Bridal hair.                                    and beyond what is expected.         
                                                                                               We offer Health and Wellbeing
                                                Intercreative Design                           Coaching to greatly improve life
CamperVantastic Ltd                                         and career performance
020 82916800                                    07977 518 341                        Intercreative Design is a unique               SBM & Co                      commercial interior design and fitout          020 7582 9473
CamperVantastic is an award                     specialist, strategically set up to maximise
winning VW California campervan                 its clients return on investment, offering
hire and campervan store that                   ‘turn key’ solutions whilst prioritising       Chartered Accountants
offers everything you need for your             their individual requirements. Services
campervanning adventures.                       include; space planning, building              WPF Therapy
                                                consultation, building survey, 3D              020 7378 2000
                                                visualisations, M&E consultation,    
Catherine Johnstone                             construction drawings.               
Recruitment                                                                                    WPF Therapy delivers support to
020 8680 5777                                   Jasnelle Accountancy &                         organisations through soft skills training                         Bookkeeping                                    and support services. We see over 500                         0207 998 8025                                  clients weekly in our accredited talking
CJR is a successful, leading independent        07576 643 442                                  therapy services and deliver professional
commercial recruitment business based                            training programmes and CPD from intro
in Croydon, covering permanent and                                 to MA level (validated by Roehampton
temporary office based positions from                     Uni) to hundreds of students.
entry level up to Executive level and with an   We provide efficient and affordable
outstanding reputation for quality, integrity   Bookkeeping, Accounting, Management
and professionalism in the delivery of its      Accounts, Payroll, Self-assessment
services to both clients and candidates.        Annual Returns, Year End Accounts for
                                                small to medium sized companies, sole
                                                traders, partnerships, self-employed and
                                                all types of organisation

                                           Up coming event
July 2011
14th                         South London Business Summer BBQ, Devonport House,                £40 (inc VAT) Members         Greenwich
                             Greenwich                                                         £50 (inc VAT) Non- Members

To book onto any of these events please visit
   or contact the events team or telephone 020 8253 4293
24                                    PA                                                                          South London Business

     PA Central, a virtual
     executive assistant
     company, are celebrating
     their third year of operation
     Founded by experienced PA Linda
     Nicol, PA Central uses the very
     latest in telephone and computer
     technology to provide their clients
     with Executive Assistant support –
     from their South Coast offices.
       Starting a business in the thick of a
     recession was always going to present
     challenges but Linda was determined from
     day one that she was going to succeed.
     “Some friends and even some experienced         – all across Europe. We work in the way the       the right people looking at the site –Linda
     business colleagues questioned my sanity        client wants – not the other way around, so the   said “The internet is where people look first
     when I said I was starting PA Central           client gets exactly what they want rather than    these days – so getting our web site at www.
     when I did but my view was that if we           bending their way of working to our systems.” right was very important
     could make the formula work in the                                                                to us, we now get a constant stream of
     prevailing economic climate we could                                                              enquiries through the web and it has been a
     make it a success at any time.”                                                                   very effective tool for us.”
       Their initial clients have stuck with them                                                        She continued “We have built up a wide
     and PA Central has grown over the years. “It       “We work in the way                            range of clients from sectors that include
     hasn’t been meteoric growth, but enough
     for us to expand – our clients have been
                                                        the client wants – not                         Independent
                                                                                                         Financial Advisors (IFAs), Estate Agents,
     widespread – in both terms of their location      the other way around”                           Accountants, IT support, Business
     and their industries.” said Linda                                                                 Consultants, Business Coaches, Solicitors,
       PA Central have clients based all over the                                                      Online Retailers, Event Organisers and
     UK – from Cornwall to Manchester, they even                                                       many more. By investing in the right IT
     have a client in Spain and have worked with       Much of PA Central’s marketing was done         and telephony systems from the start we
     someone in New Zealand. “Being virtual – it     initially through networking and direct           have been able to accommodate most of
     doesn’t matter where our clients are based –    business contacts.                                our clients requirements, in fact I don’t
     that’s the whole point.” continued Linda. “We     They have also used the web extensively         think we’ve been stumped by any requests
     have one client who has extremely complex       and have redesigned and improved their web        to date – we’ve probably scratched our
     travel arrangements that change constantly      presence constantly to get the right look and     heads about how to do what was needed,
                                                                                                       but by working with the client and our
      About PA Central                                computer and telephone systems, we               technical advisors we have always found a
                                                      ensure our clients are well looked after.        solution. We’ve constantly invested in new
      For more information contact Linda                Our business experience includes               equipment as requests come in as well,
      Nicol on 0800 008 7336 or by email at           working with private sector clients              for example we upgraded our printing and                       of all size from major publicly quoted           copying facilities early on to accommodate
                                                      corporations providing PA support                a client who needed good quality A4
        Our senior team have worked in many           to board members, CEOs and senior                documents produced ”
      different environments, so they know            management teams.                                  Looking forward Linda said “I think the
      exactly what you should be expecting              We’ve also worked in small to                  economic climate is going to remain difficult
      from a high quality executive assistant.        medium sized companies as well, so we            for a while yet, but I am optimistic that PA
                                                      know the pressures they come under               Central, by offering a quality, cost effective
                                                      in their day to day business. We’ve              service will continue to grow and expand
                                                      worked with Charities, Voluntary                 our client base. Controlling costs seems to
                                                      groups and the Public Sector.                    be the order of the day for many businesses,
                                                        Over the years we’ve supported                 but it has to be done in such a way that
                                                      consultants, serial entrepreneurs                the quality of service doesn’t suffer. That’s
                                                      and project managers – in fact we                exactly what we offer for all our clients and
                                                      doubt whether there’s a single form              for small businesses in
                                                      of business we haven’t worked in or              particular we offer the
       What they all have in common is a              with over the years in our wide and              opportunity for them to
      dedication to providing a professional,         varied careers. That experience is what          project a professional
      efficient and effective solution to             we bring to you and your business to             and efficient face
      our clients. Working from our well              help you and give you the professional           to their clients and
      equipped offices with state of the art          backup you need and deserve.                     prospects.”
26             Human Resources                                                                             South London Business

     Trouble at t’ mill

     Falling standards of living and job security
     undermine workplace morale, says latest
     CIPD quarterly employee survey
     Employee confidence and trust in
     senior leaders has dropped to record
     lows as the economic downturn
     continues to erode workers’ standard
     of living and undermine job security.
     These are the headline findings from
     the Chartered Institute of Personnel
     and Development’s (CIPD) spring
     2011 Employee Outlook survey based
     on a representative sample of 2,000
     people in employment in the UK.
       The survey finds the proportion of
     employees saying their standard of living
     has worsened in the last six months
     has increased to 37% from 31% in the
     previous quarter. Public sector employees
     are most likely to say their standard of
     living has worsened (47%) compared
     with 35% of workers in both the private
     and voluntary sectors.
       Although job insecurity has edged up
     since the previous quarter, with 21% of
     employees thinking it likely they could
     lose their jobs as a result of the downturn
     compared to 20% last quarter, there
     is again a big difference in the sectors.
     Almost one in three (30%) public sector
     employees say it is likely they could lose    findings highlight the importance of           The survey also finds that job satisfaction
     their job compared to 19% of those in the     senior leaders in organisations putting      has fallen over the last three months
     private sector and 27% in the voluntary       even more emphasis during tough times        from +39 to +34 this quarter, which is its
     sector. In all, 21% of respondents say        on how they communicate, consult and         lowest level since the CIPD started the
     their organisation is planning to make        involve staff where major changes such       survey in spring 2009. Employees working
     redundancies, rising to 58% among             as restructuring or redundancies are         in the voluntary sector remain the most
     public sector respondents. In all 29% of      being proposed.                              satisfied (+44), followed by public sector
     voluntary sector                                                      “Evidence            workers (+38), with private sector staff
     employees say                                                       suggests that where    least satisfied (+33).
     their organisation                                                  employees benefit        On top of this, the proportion of
     is planning                                                         from effective         staff looking for a new job with a new
     redundancies, as
                              “The survey finds the                      communication          employer has increased to 24% from
     do 10% of those in     proportion of employees                      and feel their views   19% for the previous quarter. Like last
     the private sector.                                                 matter, and are        quarter, respondents from the public
       Perhaps not          saying their standard of                     taken into account     sector are least likely to be looking for a
     surprisingly against
     this backdrop, the
                             living has worsened in                      before decisions
                                                                         are made, they
                                                                                                new job and those in the voluntary sector
                                                                                                most likely to be doing so.
     net proportion            the last six months”                      are more likely to       Claire McCartney adds: “The job
     of employees                                                        remain engaged         satisfaction scores provide evidence
     agreeing they have                                                  in their work and      once again of a fixed grin effect, where
     confidence in their                                                 committed to the       workers tend to be more satisfied
     senior leaders has fallen to a record -31     organisation.                                during tough times. This time public
     from -23 for the previous quarter, while        “The survey underlines the importance      sector workers display that ‘fixed grin’,
     the net trust score has also fallen to -8     of the Employee Engagement Taskforce         with job satisfaction among this group
     from -1 over the same period. These           launched by David Cameron last month         considerably higher than private sector
     figures are calculated in the survey by       to support and encourage organisations       workers, despite or perhaps because of
     subtracting the percentage of employees       in building the leadership and               the turmoil being experienced by the
     satisfied from the percentage dissatisfied.   management capability needed to boost        sector. In these circumstances it seems
       Claire McCartney, CIPD Resourcing and       morale and increase the number of high       employees are more satisfied simply to
     Talent Adviser, comments: “The survey         performance workplaces.”                     have a job.”
 July/August 2011                                                                                      Care                                      27

Family tradition
Tony O’Flaherty follows parents’ footsteps into the care sector

Demand for care of the elderly in the                                                           Candidates don’t need to have experience in
UK is rapidly increasing in particular                                                          the care sector as they will receive excellent
care in their own homes.                         “I have seen how my                            training, but they may well have experience
  To meet this demand, family man and
South London resident Tony O’Flaherty,
                                                 parents’ work in the                           looking after a relative or friend.
                                                                                                  Home Instead services are tailored to
has followed in his parents’ footsteps and     care sector has had such                         the needs of each at-home client. They
opened a business specialising in caring                                                        include personal care, home help and
for the elderly in the London Borough of            a positive effect                           companionship.
Wandsworth and is looking to create 40             on people’s lives”                             Keep an eye out for Tony driving around in
                                                                                                his classic 1962 Rover which he will be using
jobs in the area.
  The new office of national award winning                                                      to visit his clients.
at-home care company, Home Instead
Senior Care will be providing care services    subconsciously I knew I would eventually         For more information about the services
across Battersea, Clapham, Balham and the      work within the care sector as I have been       provided, or on joining the team as a
surrounding areas.                             in close contact with the industry and am        Caregiver, please call the Wandsworth
  Previously working in the IT &               familiar with how quality care should be         office on 0208 871 0006.or visit
communications industry, Tony decided he       delivered. I have seen how my parents’ work
wanted to run his own business. Both of        has had such a positive effect on people’s
Tony’s parents and his uncle own and run       lives. The whole ethos of Home Instead
care homes, and he realised that this was      Senior Care stood out to me, with their
an area where he could help others too.        main focus being quality of service that suits
He quickly looked for opportunities, finally   each individual’s needs.”
settling with Home Instead as their ethos        Tony wants to talk to other local people who
perfectly matched his.                         have compassionate and caring natures and
  Commenting, Tony said “I think               are interested in working with elderly people.
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28                                     Care                                                           South London Business

     Counting the
     cost of kids
     Charities launch largest childcare survey as Britain
     ranks among most expensive in the world
     Save the Children and Daycare Trust                  Government the impact such high costs
     are launching the biggest consultation               are having on families – particularly the
     of parents across Britain, looking                   poorest families.
     at how finding affordable childcare                    Sally Copley, Head of UK Policy, Save
     affects their lives.                                 the Children, said: “Childcare is so
       The childrens’ charities want to find out          expensive it’s becoming a luxury that
     what impact the rising costs of childcare            only families earning a very good
     are having on families; from forcing them            wage can comfortably afford.
     to cut back on household essentials to               For families on low incomes they
     making it difficult for parents to find or           simply won’t earn enough to
     keep jobs – especially the poorest who               cover their childcare bill as well as
     could be priced out of work because of               living costs – effectively pricing
     the rising costs.                                    the poorest families out of
       The survey comes as new OECD research              work. We hope this survey will
     puts Britain among the countries with the            reveal the impact of childcare
     most expensive childcare costs in the world,         costs on Britain’s families so
     accounting for 28% of the average net-               the Government can better
     income for a two-earner household – more             understand the barrier such
     than double the OECD average of 13%.                 costs create.”
       It costs an average of £177 per week                 Anand Shukla, acting Chief
     for a full time nursery position for a child         Executive of Daycare Trust said: “Our
     under two in Britain. For families living            research shows that childcare costs
     in severe poverty, with an annual income             have risen every year for the last
     below £12,000 (£230 a week), the high                ten years. We know that childcare
     cost of childcare is simply too expensive –          is expensive but we need to know
     making it impossible for them to find work           how much of a barrier it is to
     or keep a job that brings in enough money            parents being able to find or keep
     to cover the childcare bill as well as their         a job. Daycare Trust frequently
     living costs.                                        hears from parents who tell us
       The recent reduction in the amount of              they are not working or are only
     childcare costs covered by Working Tax               working part-time because they
     Credits, from a maximum of 80% to 70%,               cannot meet these exorbitant
     leaves many families on low incomes                  childcare costs. We are
     with an extra £546 a year added to their             urging all parents to
     childcare bill.                                      complete this survey, and
       The survey is being sent out to                    support us to campaign
     70,000 parents throughout Britain and                for affordable, high
     the findings will be used to show the                quality childcare for all.”

      The survey is being distributed throughout the UK to parents and
      childcare providers and is one of the biggest consultations on childcare
      to date. The survey can be accessed on:

      Childcare providers wishing to obtain copies of the survey to distribute
      can download copies from the above link, or order postal copies which
      can be returned via freepost, by contacting
 July/August 2011                                                                                               Care                                         29


Top tips on appointing an attorney and dealing with someone else’s affairs
With an aging population, unfortunately            had dealings with. They will require either the      your loved one will qualify for full funding
a greater number of people are now                 original or a copy certified by a solicitor. Where   by the NHS.
losing their mental capacity to make               possible, only provide a certified copy as once
decisions than ever before. Where                  the original has been lost there can be no           Making gifts
provision has not already been made, a             replacement.                                           As an attorney, you have a very limited
person’s financial affairs are handed over           Remember to contact all relevant institutions      ability to make gifts from your loved one’s
to a person appointed as a deputy by the           – think about banks, building societies, the         assets. Regular gifts that they may have made
Court of Protection.                               Department of Work and Pensions, private             before on special occasions such as birthdays,
  It is therefore more important than ever to      pension providers, National Savings, portfolio       anniversaries or religious events should be
make a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to          manager, accountant, financial advisor.              ok but larger gifts must be authorised by
ensure that the “right” people are dealing with                                                         the Office of the Public Guardian. Failure to
your financial affairs. However, even once an      Deciding on investments                              obtain that authority could leave you having to
LPA is in place, there are other hurdles which       As an attorney, you are now expected to look       personally pay the money back!!
can cause attorneys problems.                      after the assets of your loved one. You may be
  Chris Thurlow of Hart Brown sets out his top     able to leave investments as they are but there      Health and welfare decisions
ten tips on what you should do if a loved one is   may be better ways of investing to get a better         As well as an LPA to deal with your loved
at risk of losing their capacity.                  return or a more tax-efficient outcome. Take         one’s property and financial affairs, they should
                                                   advice from an independent financial advisor,        consider making an LPA to give you authority
Don’t leave it until too late                      preferably one who has no links to particular        to make decisions for them about their health
  Once a person no longer has capacity to          financial institutions, so that they can give you    and welfare, such as decisions about medical
make an LPA it is too late to make one. Do not     the best advice.                                     treatment that they receive and even decisions
leave it until your loved one is already losing                                                         on life-sustaining treatment. Again, don’t leave
capacity – plan ahead whilst they have capacity    What would your loved one want?                      it until too late. Make the LPA now.
and get an LPA in place.                             Remember that you must act in your loved
  Illness and accidents can strike anyone of any   one’s best interests. You are acting in their        Make an LPA yourself
age at any time. Make an LPA now and do not        place and on their behalf. Always take into            You will see how much work there is for an
leave it to chance.                                account their wishes and their needs when            attorney. However, this is still less work than is
                                                   making decisions.                                    required by a deputy appointed by the Court.
Get it registered                                                                                       Seriously consider making an LPA for yourself
  An LPA cannot be used until it has been          Paying care fees                                     as well in case you suffer an accident or illness
registered with the Office of the Public             One of the biggest expenses where your             and lose your own capacity.
Guardian. At present, it can take 3 to 5 months    loved one has lost capacity is paying for their
to get an LPA registered and in the meantime,      care. You may not have immediate access to           Take professional advice
nothing can be done! An LPA can be registered      funds whilst the LPA is being registered with          With many potential pitfalls, it is always worth
at any time once it has been made. Why wait?       the bank/building society. Explain this to the       taking professional advice from a solicitor when
Get it registered now so that it can be used as    care home or provider and they should be             making and register an LPA. For example,
soon as it is needed.                              understanding – they deal with this all the time.    what if your loved one only appoints you as
                                                     Also remember to make sure that a proper           an attorney and then you are no longer able
Getting the information                            assessment is carried out by the local               to be an attorney? A professional will assist in
  If your loved one has lost capacity and you      authority of your loved one’s needs and              ensuring that appropriate backup provisions are
need to take control of their financial affairs,   how much they should contribute towards              in place. Solicitors are aware of the issues that
you will need to register the LPA with each of     their care. It may be that the local authority       can arise and can help to make the process as
the financial institutions that your loved one     will pay some or all of the fees or even that        smooth as possible.
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30               Sutton Chamber

     Sutton Chamber launches Business Bursary Fund
     As the university fees seem set to                                                                 “It is important that young people
     become prohibitive to some families,                                                               interested in business are encouraged
     Sutton Chamber of Commerce, in                                                                     to study it at university, and this bursary
     keeping with the Big Society ethos, has                                                            scheme by the Chamber will do just that. I
     launched a Business Bursary fund to                                                                am sure that the Fun and Sports Marathon
     be used by students who live in Sutton                                                             Day will be a great success.”
     and who are studying business at                                                                     The scheme was designed by Anthea
     university level.                                                                                  Lashley-Small, director of Clavel Rowe
       To launch the fund, a Fun and Sports                                                             Public Relations who commented “The
     Marathon Day was held on Friday June                                                               Chamber as a membership organisation
     10th at The Tennis Academy in Rose Hill,           L –r: Peter Pledger CEO of South London         considers that there are various routes to
     Sutton and the business community was           Business, Paul Burstow, M.P. for Sutton and        business. Sutton Chamber has supported
     invited to come out and support this event.         Cheam, Anthea Lashley-Small of Clavel          such business related projects as the Young
        Games were organised by The Tennis            Rowe Public Relations and Paul Cawthorne          Enterprise programme, the Apprenticeship
     Academy, while the gym was made                           of Sutton Chamber of Commerce.           scheme, Speed Networking, Smart Biz
     available throughout the day to the                                                                which is a business start up exhibition
     business community. The concept was            programmes, there were three networking             and business training for SME’s in the
     that the business community and their          opportunities during the day.                       form of seminars and workshops. It was
     staff come out and loose pounds to               At a recent Chamber Breakfast where               therefore logical that the Chamber sought
     raise pounds. For those who were not           the scheme was announced, Paul Burstow,             to help the younger business minds as they
     able to manage the games or exercise           M.P. for Sutton and Cheam, commented                prepared to enter the world of business.”

     Cut Here Web Design wins
     young enterprise award
     Summit Enterprise from
     St. Paul’s School in Barnes
                                                                                                                   “We are delighted
     walked away with the Best                                                                                     to have taken
     Overall prize in the Young
     Enterprise South London
                                                                                                                   part in the
     Finals, but Cut Here Web                                                                                      Young Enterprise
     Design of Greenshaw High
     School did not come home                                                                                      programme and
     empty handed. The team
     has returned triumphantly
                                                                                                                   express special
     having won the best trade                                                                                     thanks to our
     stand award.
       Cut Here Web Design used
     their stand to showcase                                                                                       Fred McDonnel, managing
     their work and used two 19                                                                                    director, Cut Here Web Design
     inch flat screen monitors,
                                        L-r :Luke Freaney , Rajiv Patel and Jason Sayer, Anthea Lashley-Small of
     donated by Tesco in Sutton,
                                        Clavel Rowe Public Relations, James Occomore, Fred McDonnell and
     two laptops placed in front
                                        Rosewan Aydogan.
     of a backdrop displaying a
     montage of press clippings                                                                                    companies, has established
     and a photo presentation with                                                                                 joint ventures with two other
     Tesco non food trade manager                                                                                  local companies, is in talks with
     Christian Cunningham and                                                                                      another web based company
     their mentor Anthea Lashley-                                                                                  and has attracted business from
     Small of Clavel Rowe Public                                                                                   as far away as Sudan in the form
     Relations. This stand attracted                                                                               of an IT recruitment company.
     the most attention on the day,                                                                                  Along with being named
     due to its professional image,                                                                                South London Regional winner,
     the technology used and the                                                                                   Summit Enterprise also won
     content on the monitors.                                                                                      the Most Innovative Product
       Though disappointed                                                                                         or Service Award. This team
     in not bringing home the                                                                                      designed a combined pen with
     top prize, Cut Here Web            Fred McDonnell, managing director of Cut Here Web Design receives a        a perfume dispenser. The best
     Design’s managing director         colour television from Christian Cunningham of Tesco Sutton                company reports went to Aspire
     Fred McDonnell said “We                                                                                       of St. Olave’s Grammar School
     are delighted to have taken        a business. Through her we            Enterprise programme, Cut Here       of Opington, while the best
     part in the Young Enterprise       developed joint ventures and          Web Design will now disband          presentation was won by Phoenix
     programme and express special      learnt about sponsorships. We         but will re-launch as a fully        of Tiffin Girls’ School of Kingston.
     thanks to our mentor Anthea        also thank TESCO in Sutton for        fledged company. Presently the       Over 100 companies participated
     Lashley-Small who has exposed      their support”.                       company has attracted work           in the South London area of
     us to the intricacies of running     Under the rules of the Young        from local and international         which eight made it to the finals.
                                                                                                          Sutton Chamber                      31

Joining forces to benefit you                                                                        Chamber member
                                                                                                     wins Award
Fifty guests turned out for the first
joint Chamber and SLB Breakfast                                                                      Congratulations to Richard Strom of
which was held at the Holiday Inn in                                                                 Ignite Strategies who was named
Sutton. Guests came from Sutton and                                                                  Young Enterprise Business Advisor of
the surrounding boroughs of Kingston                                                                 the Year for Sutton and Merton. He was
Upon Thames, Croydon, Merton,                                                                        nominated by the group he mentored
Wandsworth, Kent and Reigate.                                                                          This is Mr. Strom’s first year as an
  Peter Pledger, CEO of SLB explained the                                                            advisor on the Young Enterprise
new membership package being offered                                                                 programme. Young Enterprise is
by Sutton Chamber and SLB which allows                                                               always seeking new advisors. Visit
any current member of the Chamber to                                                                 their website for more information.
automatically become a member of SLB.                                                                  Many more schools will be taking
As of October of 2011, for an additional          membership, Sutton Chamber members                 part in Young Enterprise next year.
fee of £10.00, each Chamber member on             get the benefit of attending all SLB/              Both Sutton and Merton Chambers
membership renewal will be offered the            Chamber events, in other boroughs at their         are searching for 15 more advisors to
option of continuing the membership to            membership rates. The draw for a bottle of         support schools in their boroughs. A
SLB. The benefit of this arrangement is that      champagne was won by Anthea Lashley-               briefing event will be held for new
in addition to not having to pay double           Small of Clavel Rowe Public Relations Ltd.         and existing advisors before the new
                                                                                                     companies are formed in September.

Apprenticeships: good for your business                                                              If you want to volunteer or find
                                                                                                     out how you can you can benefit,
                                                                                                     please email your details to admin@
Nearly 50 local employers, local and                                                       
regional training providers, Sutton
teachers and employees from London
Borough of Sutton attended this highly
successful business breakfast on 6th
                                                                                                     New Members
April. Following an explanation of the
Apprenticeship framework and several
examples of good practice within
Sutton, attendees participated in a
workshop to consider how to take this
national initiative forward
  The feedback received from the meeting
and the ideas, comments and suggestions
made, will help the 14-19 Education team
and training providers with the support                                                              Paul Cawthorne, director of Sutton
of the Chamber, develop a programme of                                                               Chamber welcomed May’s batch
apprenticeships to support Sutton’s business      Lloyd Foster, a former apprentice, now employed    of new members and those who
                                                  with Sutton Council, speaks about his experience   renewed their membership.
community and young people.
                                                                                                     These are as follows

              We’re behind                                                                           Catalyst (HR) Ltd
              you Theo                                                                     
                                                                                                     Turpin Barker Armstrong
             Congratulations to Theo                                                       
             Theodoris who has been
                                               The Sutton Chamber of Commerce will
             shortlisted for a South           hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday            Tall Horse Accountacy
             London Business Award             19th July 2011 at the Ivory Lounge in       
under the category Commitment to                                                                     Jigsaw 4 U
                                               Sutton beginning at 12.00 noon.
the Community. Good luck Theo.                                                             
                                                                                                     Sutton Housing Partnership

 Handbags at High Noon                                                                     
                                                                                                     HR Dept
 Women in Business have been invited              in Sutton. Hair Location will be styling hair
 to let their hair down and enjoy                 while Skin & Body Ritual will be giving mini       Morgans Chartered Accountants
 themselves while doing business at               massages, manicures, pedicures and even  
 a garden party theme networking                  tanning for those who are a bit braver at a        South London Export Club
 event. Handbags at High Noon, is                 business event. The event is sponsored by
 expected to attract at least 100 ladies          The Tennis Academy and Natwest Bank –
 following the last event in November             Sutton branch in association with Matthews         Sutton CAB
 2010. The event will take place at The           Business Associates, WSI, P&G Associates,
 Sutton Tennis Academy from on Friday             Skin & Body Ritual and The Best of Sutton          Sutton Chiropractic Clinic
 29th July, 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.               and Clavel Rowe Public relations Ltd.    
   Ladies are invited to wear a Mad Hat and         Registration for exhibition stands or
 enter the Mad Hat Competition where              to attend is now open on the Sutton                WSI Internet Consulting
 the prize will be a gift voucher from BHS        Chamber’s website.                       

    To contact Sutton Chamber: T: 020 8642 9661                 E:             W:
32              Merton Chamber

     “Merton Chamber of Commerce is the backbone of representation
       for local businesses in the borough – of all shapes and sizes....”
     As we enter our 19th year we continue             The Merton Means Business programme
     our mission to develop the interests of         is for just about any business operating
     the business community based in the             in Merton! Whatever your circumstance,
     London Borough of Merton and South              Merton Means Business is here to help and
     London.                                         we are just a call away!
      Our membership numbers continue to               We are ready to take your call, whatever
     grow so whatever size your business is you      your question, we can help with advice,
     will meet new business contacts and enjoy a     information or pointing you in the right
     host of benefits by becoming a member of        direction.
     Merton Chamber of Commerce – visit us at          So no matter what size your business is… to find out        we will have the answer so call us today for
     how we can help your business.                  FREE advice.

                   Merton Means Business is a Merton Council service managed by Merton Chamber of Commerce

     Connect, develop and grow...
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        5th July 2011
     •	 Wimbledon	Business	Forum	6th	July	2011	
     •	 Networking	-	Raynes	Park	Business	
        Breakfast 7th July 2011
     •	 Thinking	of	Starting	a	Business:	Business	
        Basics 12th July 2011
     •	 Emergency	First	Aid	at	Work	13th	July	
     •	 Merton	Chamber	AGM	&	Networking	
        Evening 14th July 2011
     •	 Finding	and	Keeping	Customers	21st	July	
     •	 Networking	Lunch	and	Learn	21st	July	
     •	 Networking	Lunch	and	Learn	18th	August	
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      Brixton Bar saves £1,680 on energy use
      A Far East restaurant, Satay Bar,                                                             part-funded by the European Regional
      located in Brixton’s Low Carbon Zone                                                          Development Fund.
      has saved nearly £1,700 per year on                                                             Helen Clark Bell, Go Green Plus
      energy costs by implementing energy                                                           project manager said: “This is great
      efficiency measures.                                                                          news that Satay Bar has achieved
        Owner of Satay Bar, Patrick Foster                                                          these savings, demonstrating that
      said the most effective action has been                                                       simple measures can help businesses
      improved monitoring of energy use within                                                      optimise energy efficiency and reduce
      the business. “I take meter readings once a                                                   running costs. This is particularly
      week and input them into an                                                                   important at a time when energy
      on-line energy management                                                                     prices and landfill taxes are rising.”
      tool. I’ve successfully reduced
      energy consumption by 14%,                                                                    Further information on Go Green Plus
      or £1,680 a year,” he said.                                 biz the enterprise arm of         and details of more business case studies
        Patrick worked with Lambeth Council          Merton Chamber of Commerce, offers             can be found at
      and Go Green Plus, who gave him a free         12 hours free support and advice to            and businesses interested in
      environmental audit and developed a green      small and medium sized businesses in           receiving free advice can
      action plan designed to help businesses        six local authority areas – Kingston,          contact on
      reduce CO2 emissions and save money.           Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, Sutton              020 8947 0055 or email
        Go Green Plus, run by southlondon.           and Wandsworth. Go Green Plus is     
The advertising and features supplement of South London Business

  Beat the
  business criminals
34                    Business crime                                                                                      South London Business

     Croydon BID tackles crime
     An innovative scheme funded by                           police, Croydon Council, transport providers     Email:
     Croydon’s Town Centre businesses                         and other stakeholders, and was established        “Crime and the fear of crime can have a
     has been making the area safer and                       two years ago. It has more than 140              negative effect on the quality and use of
     more secure for residents, shoppers,                     members who share intelligence in order to       our Town Centre and this is why Croydon
     workers and visitors alike.                              identify and target persistent offenders who     BID has taken action to ensure we remain
       The Croydon Business Improvement                       are then excluded from the Town Centre.          safe and secure for everyone.“
     District (BID), the company which represents               And the statistics bear out the success of       The success of the scheme focuses on
     and is funded by the Town Centre                         the initiatives, with crime figures down 10%     improving communication between local
     businesses, has been working directly with               year on year and shoplifting re-offending        businesses, the police, neighbourhood
     the Met Police and local companies on a                  rates at 12%, well below the national            enforcement officers and other key
     series of initiatives which has helped reduce            average of 20%.                                  organisations.
     crime by around 10% in the last 12 months.                 Ros Morgan, chief executive of Croydon           Members complete incident forms online
       Following its creation five years ago,                 BID, said: “The CBCP is a first rate example     so the Business Crime Reduction Manager
     Croydon BID identified making Croydon                    of what can be achieved when local               can record, analyse and disseminate
     Town Centre feel safer and more secure as                businesses work in partnership with each         this information. The National Business
     one of its top priorities. As a result, it agreed        other and the local authorities to make a        Information System (NBIS) is used to
     to fund five extra police constables patrolling          real difference to an area.                      identify and target persistent offenders and
     the Town Centre, who are match funded by                   “It is estimated that it costs £19 billion a   troublemakers who commit the majority of
     the Borough Commander, putting an extra                  year and around 25% of all recorded crime        crime. Police photographs are also used.
     10 police offers regularly into the Town                 takes place in and around town centres.            All of the information collected helps to
     Centre. In addition, Croydon BID provides                These statistics are bad for investment and      drive the exclusion notice scheme which
     further funding to the British Transport                 employment if not addressed and here at          excludes persistent and prolific offenders and
     Police, which provides extra police officers at          Croydon BID we see tackling these issues         troublemakers from members’ premises, and
     the town’s major transport hubs on key dates             as key to the Town Centre’s continued            deters criminals from the area.
     and events throughout the year.                          economic success.
       The extra police have helped to create                   This document was prepared on behalf of        To find out more about Croydon BID’s work
     confidence amongst businesses who in turn                Croydon BID by White Label Publishing Ltd,       making the Town Centre safe and secure, visit
     are more ready to report shoplifters and                 trading as White Label                           its new website at
     take an active role in the Croydon Business                Consultants. Registered number: 7084279. or
     Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP).                      Office address: Suite D&E, 6th floor, Carolyn    drop into the BID-funded
       Led by Croydon BID, the CBCP is a pro-                 House, 22-26 Dingwall Road,                      Croydon Visitor Centre by East
     active partnership between businesses, the                 Croydon, CR0 9SF. Tel: 020 8726 7968.          Croydon Station.

                                                                                      Hampton Security Consultancy
                                                                                      Delivering Security Excellence
                                                                                      At Hampton Security                  the utmost importance and
                                                                                      Consultancy we have                  our team is committed to
                                                                                      a wealth of security                 satisfying those needs.
                                                                                      related experience from                Whether your requirement is
          Hampton Security Consultancy                                                working on elements
                                                                                      of the UK’s critical
                                                                                                                           for a new, integrated security
                                                                                                                           solution, the comprehensive
                         Delivering Security Excellence                               national infrastructure              review and audit of existing
                                                                                      to local schools, premier            arrangements, the compilation
                                                                                      shopping centres to vacant           and writing of new policies or
                                                                                      properties and everything            help and advice with sourcing
           Hampton Security Consultancy                                               in between.                          a reliable and professional
                Introductory offer                                                      Hampton Security
                                                                                      Consultancy is focused on
                                                                                                                           security service provider
                                                                                                                           through the whole tender
                                                                                      providing high-quality service       process you can be assured
         One half day security review with full report                                and customer satisfaction            that our knowledge, coupled
        (worth over £200) with 10% discounted rate                                    - we will do everything we           with absolute integrity and
                                                                                      can to meet and exceed your          discretion, will deliver a
                     for follow up work*                                              expectations. Our operation          thoroughly professional,
                                                                                      is based on the belief that          first class and cost effective
                                                                                      our customers’ needs are of          solution.

                                    Contact us on 07967 259157 or                     Contact us today and take the first step towards security excellence
                                      Michael JW White MIPSA MSyI, Director
                                                or visit                              Email:
                                                                                      Tel: 07967 259157
                                    and see what we can do for you.

                                   * Terms and conditions apply...
                                                                                                  0930 0013 5892 1935

Attention all business owners.
Protect your business today.
Be safe and save money with a 100% guaranteed custom-designed CCTV
installation. Call 0845 054 2535 for a FREE site survey and risk assessment
and a FREE quotation now.
With a perfect CCTV installation you can monitor your business 24 hours a
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Peace of mind - Protection - Deterrence of criminals - Minimised risk - Increased staff productivity -
Remote online access - Reduced pilferage - Till protection - Event recording - Event replay - Evidence
collection - Reduced Insurance Premiums
CCTV Camera Europe is London’s leading CCTV service. Our FREE site survey lets us design and quote you
for a CCTV system solution tailored to your business and your needs. We professionally install the CCTV
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With the right design, equipment and level of support we can 100% guarantee you perfect CCTV.
When you’re 100% satisfied, you receive a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Certificate of Compliance.
That means that your CCTV system meets all legal requirements. We also offer you maintenance and
support options to make sure you always have perfect CCTV, year-in, year-out.
Battersea-based CCTV Camera Europe provides high-quality cost-effective CCTV Installations in the City
and throughout the Greater London area. Our primary focus is on installing, servicing and maintaining
CCTV systems that make our customers feel safe, secure, and in control.

“I can go home at night and not worry. I know the CCTV
 is watching my business for me.” Matteo Pantrini - Scoop Ice Cream
Whether you need a simple single camera solution or a complex internet-controlled CCTV installation we
offer a reliable, professional service, backed with the assurance of Silver Level NSI certification.
We have specific solutions to meet the needs of a broad range of customers including hotels, embassies,
retailers, professional offices, property managers (car parks and access to apartments), sports clubs,
restaurants, pubs, clubs, homes and more.

  GUARANTEE                                                This could be the most important business
  Our unique 100% customer satisfaction guarantee          decision you make all year. To receive your
  means that we’ll provide you with a perfect CCTV         FREE CCTV site survey, risk assessment and
  and won’t ask for final payment until you are 100%        quotation call 0845 054 2535 or visit
  happy with our work and your new CCTV system.            www.CCTV-INSTALLERS-SOUTHLONDON.COM

            Call 0845 054 2535 for a FREE quotation or
   36                  Skills and training                                                                                              South London Business

                                                                                                                     “The quality of training has been good
                                                                                                                     and there is a good relationship with
                                                                                                                     assessors and candidates in terms of
                                                                                                                     following up progress.”
                                                                                                                     Clive Griffiths, Safety and Event
                                                                                                                     Manager RFU

                                                                                                    “We are very pleased with the
                                                                                                    flexibility of the assessors to come
                                                                                                    to the locations to see candidates
                                                                                                    Vilita Emsley, Youth Leader,
                                                                                                    Kingsfield Youth Café

                                                                                                                          “Our last apprentice exceeded all
                                                                                                                          expectations, including going on to
                                                                                                                          win an award for his achievements
                                                                                                                          whilst at motive8”
                                                                                                                          Sarah Cleland-Smith, Director

                                                                                                             Call us today to discuss how an Apprentice
                                                                                                                      could benefit your business
                                                                                                020 8607 8306

            Vitality, resilience, productivity!
32962-SLB Training Solutions.indd 1                                                   6/6/11 11:50:24
            Evidence shows that healthy, active employees contribute to a more                
            productive workplace, with reduced unplanned absence, lower staff
            turnover and reduced business costs.
            The Centre for Workplace Health (CWH) is a centre of excellence and

                                                                                                                    Are you looking
            innovation; our focus is on workplace health solutions and training.
            We strive to create healthier business and healthier working communities,
            using sustainable, practical and cost effective approaches. We draw upon

                                                                                                                   in the right place
            our academic background to provide evidence informed practice, working
            with the private and public sector and policy makers.

            Courses include:
            • Pressure management
               Learn key skills to improve your productivity at work, to deal better with
                                                                                                                       for new staff?
               stressful situations and improve your wellbeing.

            • Healthy sleep
               Learn top tips for getting better sleep, improving your performance at
               work, getting more out of your leisure time and look after your health.

            • Workplace Champion Training
               Establish a sustainable and cost effective workplace health programme
               by developing the skills and capacity ‘in house’. This course uses varied
               learning styles to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of healthy
               behaviour change.

            • Health and Wellbeing Policy
               There has been a substantial increase in the number of organisations
               requesting support for Health and Wellbeing Policies. To meet this
               demand we are offering seminars to facilitate the development of a
               tailor-made policy.

            For more information call 0208 240 4204 or email                            Agency Central is an independent online directory of
                                                                                                        recruitment agencies, where you can search for agencies
                                                                                                        that specialise in placing the types of staff that you need.
                                                                                                        You can search for recruitment agencies in a number of
                                                                                                        different ways and review details about your selected
                                                                                                        agencies before choosing to go ahead and make contact.

                                                                                                        So no matter what role you are looking to fill, make sure
                                                                                                        you’ve chosen the best agencies to work on your behalf.

 July/August 2011                                                                            Skills and training                     37

                                                            10 Years of Apprenticeship Success


  32212-SLB-Bromley College.indd 1                                                                                 3/6/11 11:15:18

Looking to become
a trainer?
For those interested in              •	 IT	skills	including	a	range	of	
teaching, tutoring or                   courses for Work, Design or
training, MAE Training offers           just for fun
the City & Guilds: PTLLS             •	 CPD	programmes	for	
and DTLLS qualifications.               Complementary and Beauty
Preparing to Teach in the               Therapy and Hospitality
Lifelong Learning Sector             •	 Personal	development	
(PTLLS) qualification is for            workshops including
pre-service or in-service               Communication, Assertiveness
teachers and trainers, and is           and Time Management.
useful for those who teach
adults on a one-to-one and/          The vocational qualifications
or group basis.                      available include:
  We offer the ILM units or full     •	 Child	Care	Learning	and	
qualifications in Leadership and        Development
Management Skills for those          •	 Health	&	Social	Care
who are looking to improve           •	 Customer	Service	and	
their management, leadership            Business & Administration
or mentoring skills. The CIPD        •	 ECDL,	ITQ,	MS	Office	
Certificate in HR Practice for          programmes
those wanting a foundation in        •	 Assessing	Competence	in	
HR begins in September.                 the Work Environment and
  We are pleased to offer CACHE         Internal Quality Assurance of
Certificates and Diplomas for           Assessment Processes and
those who wish to work with             Practice.
children and young people (unit
accreditation available).
  We also run a number of            For more information about
workshops including:                 training available, call 020
•	 Teaching	and	learning	support	    8274 5222 or email info@
   in schools              
                                                                          For further information on SLB membership, turn to p22
38            Business continuity                                                                                 South London Business

     Business continuity in a crisis
     Lyndon Bird FBCI, Director, Business Continuity Institute

     High profile incidents from the Gulf of
     Mexico Deepwater Horizon disaster,
     through to the failure of Toyota to
     respond adequately to product safety
     concerns, and more recently the failure
     of the Sony Corporation to protect
     client sensitive data has highlighted
     the need for organisations to better
     manage a crisis.
       Many businesses in sectors far away
     from the dangers of deep sea drilling have
     been challenging their people to come up
     with scenarios which are “our equivalent
     of Deepwater Horizon”. While dealing
     with the media response is vital to protect
     brand and reputation in a crisis, this can
     often be reactive in practice; it is therefore
     important to take an approach that enables
     you to proactively manage the incident
     so that negative outcomes are largely
     eliminated: this is where Business Continuity
     Management (BCM) can help your business.
       Good application of BCM will provide
     all the information you need to make
     rational and defensible decisions about
     the level of business resilience you are
     prepared to commit to, based upon a
     clear understanding of the potential
     consequences. By starting with an
     analysis of the business in the context
     of its objectives and strategy, those
     involved in the process are debating their
     understanding of the organisation in which
     they work and the priorities for the business
     when faced with a major incident.
       One of the tangible outputs of applying
     BCM is a documented, action driven
                                                        “Many businesses have                          so why include everyone on your purchase
                                                                                                       ledger. Even for those large elements of
     incident plan which explains clearly what          been challenging their                         data like staff contact lists they are best
     needs to be done when certain conditions                                                          kept out of your actual BCP document. They
     are met. These conditions are generally              people to come up                            are volatile and can be maintained better
     triggered by some escalation process                with scenarios which                          outside of the BCP.
     that recognises a business interruption                                                             So what are we left with in a good plan?
     is beyond that which normal day to day              are ‘our equivalent of                        All that is needed is the documented
     business process can handle. In other words
     a plan has to be invoked, and once it has
                                                         Deepwater Horizon’”                           process for handling an unexpected
                                                                                                       contingency. The plan should be action
     been invoked it has to take precedence                                                            driven and constantly answer the basic
     over normal operational management                                                                questions.
     processes. For this to be effective, active      a theoretical scenario in a planning manual.     •	 What	needs	to	be	done?
     participation in the execution of the plan         A plan that is too large is not really         •	 Who	needs	to	do	it?
     by top management is required, otherwise         usable in an emergency: too many include         •	 When	does	it	need	to	be	completed?
     there is a danger of conflict and confusion      background, policy statements, analysis,         •	 What	resources/procedures	will	be	
     in the command structure. Responding to          maintenance procedures, plan governance             needed?
     a potentially catastrophic situation is no       rules, testing schedules and audit reports.      •	 Which	location(s)	can	be	utilised?
     time for consensus or matrix management          These are important documents but they
     concepts: decisions have to be fast, decisive    have NO place in the incident plan– they           So in conclusion, writing an incident plan
     and immediately acted upon.                      are part of the overall BCM programme or         should not be complicated. Some plans that
       The plan needs to be simple to follow,         system and should be managed outside of          fit on a credit card size folded sheet can
     so it must be prescriptive in terms of           the actual plan documentation.                   work well. Others that are comprehensive
     individual or team responsibilities but more       Another error is to assume that as contact     but too complex for business users are
     flexible in the detail of its application. In    information is so important as much as           almost worthless. A good plan is one
     other words individuals need to know             possible should be held in the plan. This        that meets business needs, works with
     what they are responsible for, what              approach results in bulky plans with large       the culture of the organisation and is
     they must accomplish and what they               amounts of inaccurate information most           understood by all levels of management.
     cannot do. However as every incident is          of which is available elsewhere and much
     different, responsible individuals have to       of which is irrelevant to business recovery.     Contact Lyndon Bird:
     be empowered within those parameters             My rule of thumb is to only include contact
     to make decisions based upon the actual          data that refers to a specific task; you might   To find out more about the Business
     circumstances that present themselves, not       only need to contact a hand-full of suppliers    Continuity Institute, visit
 July/August 2011                                                                                     Business continuity                          39

Preparing for 2012 in
South West London
Street parties, Tennis events, Road Race, Torch relay – it’s all coming to
South West London in 2012. Throughout the summer the UK will be
celebrating and in South West London we will be doing our bit too.
Whether it’s closing roads             Olympic contracts?              to use our buses, trams,            that you benefit from all the
to celebrate the Queen’s            •	 Will they be able to meet all   tubes and trains); the London       celebrations.
Diamond Jubilee, going to              their commitments?              2012 Olympics are a green
Wimbledon to watch the              •	 Do you know where all the       Olympics.                           •	 Talk to staff and ensure you
tennis or lining the streets           events are being held?            Don’t forget the positive            will have enough cover over
of Putney, Kingston or              •	 Will a local road closure or    impacts – increased demand,            the summer period.
Richmond as the bicycle                one across the other side of    more visitors who may need          •	 Have plans in place for
race goes through local                London affect you?              what your business supplies,           covering sudden absences
businesses will be affected         •	 How will the Olympic Route      or do you support another              and check they will stand up
by the events of next year –           Network affect your business    business that is going to have         next year.
are you prepared?                      – Do you know what it is and    an increase in demand, are you      •	 Speak to your suppliers and
                                       how it will impact on travel    ready for that.                        get assurance that they will
•	 Are your staff planning             through London?                   Business Continuity is more          still be able to provide as
   on going to any events or                                           that preparing for fire or flood.      they normally do. Do you
   volunteering?                      There will be additional         You need to assess how the             need back up plans?
•	 What will you do if several      visitors to London, our local      events of 2012 will impact you,     •	 Make yourself aware of the
   want time off to attend the      hotels will be full, public        your business and your staff.          Olympic Route Network
   same event?                      transport will be full (every        By just taking a few simple          and plan alternative routes
•	 Have you spoken to your          ticket holder will get a free      steps, you can make sure that          to get to your customers if
   suppliers – are they taking on   travelcard to encourage people     you are prepared for 2012 and          necessary.

                                                                                                                           Photo by Garry Knight
40               Company news                                                                             South London Business

                                     reasons to be
                                     optimistic in 2011
 By Stephen Boyle,    If the past three years has taught us anything it’s                It’s still a competitive advantage
   economist, RBS     to expect the unexpected, and a lot of uncertainty                 to be British
                      remains for UK business. A loss of market                          English is the global business language,
                      confidence or further problems in the financial                    our legal systems are widely used and the
                      system could still derail the UK’s fragile recovery.       GMT timezone allows us to work in both the Asian
                      But early in 2011 is a good time to look on the            afternoon and the North American morning. We
                      bright side, so in that spirit here are six reasons why    have several strengths for which other countries
                      business should be optimistic about our recovery.          would be envious. And the World Bank recently
                                                                                 rated us the fourth best country in the world in

                            Balance sheets are in better shape than              terms of ‘Ease of Doing Business’. Indeed, our stock
                            households and government                            of inward foreign direct investment per capita is
                            The balance sheet of the UK corporate sector         the world’s second highest.

                            is in a position of relative health, especially in           We’ve been here before and prospered
                      comparison to households and government. Firms                     The most well-worn phrase in economics is
                      used the downturn to preserve cash-flows, pay                      “this time it’s different”. Almost invariably,
                      down debt and seek new capital. The spare capacity                 this turns out to be false. This applies not
                      created by the downturn is now starting to reduce          just to the build up of asset bubbles in an upturn,
                      rapidly, while long-term borrowing rates remain at         but also to the nature of an economic recovery.
                      historically low levels – providing a sound basis for      The mid-1990s were characterised by major
                      an improvement in investment.                              cutbacks in government spending, yet these were

                              Our flexible labour market helped us               also years of positive growth and improvements in
                              weather the downturn                               investment and trade.

                              Compared with the downturns in the early                  We have export strengths to build on
                              1980s and 1990s, employment levels have                   We are no strangers to international trade,
                      been much more resilient over the last three                      indeed we are one of the most open
                      years. Firms used options for part-time work or                   economies in the world. We must build on
                      reassignments rather than just relying on lay-offs. As     this. We are the world’s sixth largest exporter,
                      a result, more workers have been kept in productive        and the second largest in terms of services.
                      use than before, helping to retain and enhance skills.     We have major strengths in high value-added

                              Sterling will keep us in good shape                manufacturing, as well as more traditional export
                              We still have a flexible (and competitive)         products.
                              exchange rate. The 25 per cent depreciation
                              in sterling since 2007 offers a more
                      immediate trade benefit. In contrast to the                And, if all else fails, there is always the old British
                      monetary constraints faced by some of the                  sense of humour and stoicism to fall back upon.
                      peripheral countries in the Eurozone, we still retain      It is probably no coincidence that David Cameron
                      the flexibility of using the exchange rate as a tool       has launched his new ‘well-being’ index at a time
                      for growth. With world trade growing at a double-          of economic uncertainty. If we can’t improve our
                      digit rate in 2010, a competitive exchange rate will       GDP through higher productivity, investment and
                      have a great impact as global demand improves.             trade, we may still be happy.
 July/August 2011                                                                                                     Company news                           41

Software sector shows no let-up
Courtney Fingar, editor of fDi Magazine, reports on the latest
inward investment trends
                                On these pages       audience’s propensity to respond.                      well as part of the third and sixth floors.
                                two months             Sweden-based T-Kartor, an interactive                  North Carolina-based iContact, an
                                ago, I noted         cartography business, has opened a new                 email marketing software specialist, has
                                the surge in         office in London. Around 60 per cent of the            opened an office in London. Located in
                                software and IT      company’s business comes from the UK, with             the Silicon Roundtable area, it will enable
                                investment into      South and West Yorkshire Public Transport              the company to further serve the needs of
                                London – proof       Executives, the UK Hydrographic Office,                local customers and partners. The opening
                                that the capital’s   Southern Railways and Transport for London             coincides with the official launch of the
         Courtney Fingar, strongest sector           being T-Kartor’s biggest customers.                    iContact Free Edition for the UK.
     editor fDi magazine would help carry              US-based Boxee, a media software company               US-based e-learning solutions company
what looks to be a solid FDI performance             that specialises in bringing TV shows, movies,         Kineo, plans to open a new office in London
this year – and at the close of the first            videos and music from the Internet to the TV,          in June. The company plans to hire locally
quarter of the year, this trend shows no             will open a European office in London. The             and as many Kineo clients are based in the
signs of letting up.                                 company will be hiring for a number of new             UK, the opening of an office in London is an
  With the books not quite closed for this           positions that will be based in the new office as      opportunity for Kineo to be closer to them.
quarter, and more projects sure to be posted         Boxee aims to become the dominant software               Home-reared, organic growth is taking
in coming days, fDi Intelligence, through its        provider for set top boxes in Europe.                  place as well, not just through foreign
crossborder investment tracking service, has           US-based Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile          arrivals and facility expansions: Software
recorded 123 greenfield investments into the         barcode solutions, has opened a new office in          Company 360Amigo is setting up its
capital this year, totalling an estimated $1.59bn    London as part of the company’s expansion              headquarters in London to help continue
and creating more than 5,000 jobs.                   plans. The company’s applications are available        the growth of its business, after a
  A quick glance at the latest-projects listing in   for download on any compatible device and              European-wide search for a site. Started
our database shows where these numbers are           are fully interoperable with mobile operators’         by a dispersed group of friends, 360Amigo
coming from.                                         networks around the world.                             provides PC tune-up utilities.
  US-based Rocket Fuel, which provides an              Internet giant Google is to open an office in          This list is but a sample – but shows quite
ad serving technology platform, has opened           the heart of London’s West End. The 14,800 sq          clearly that the big success for London at the
a new European headquarters in London.               m space will be located in the Legal & General         moment is in software, and Q1 indications
The company aims to redefine audience                Property and Mitsubishi Estate company’s               are that it is a story that will run and run.
targeting in the UK via online, video and            Central Saint Giles development. The company
mobile advertising with real time insight into an    will occupy the fourth, fifth and ninth floors as

   Advertising feature

  Business finance: making
  the right choice
   If you are looking to                     Term loans are more               0207 797 2375 or visit www.
   take advantage of new                  structured, based on lending
   opportunities and grow                 against assets or other              finance
   your company, funding is               securities. Because the loan         Any property given as security,
   often the key.                         is secured, the rate offered         which may include your
      As a starting point, spend          often reflects the lower risk.        home, may be repossessed
   some time creating a clear                Lloyds TSB Commercial             if you do not keep up
   and strong three to five year           has also been one of the             repayments on your mort-
   business plan with financial            most active participants in          gage or other debts secured
   forecasts.                             the Government’s Enterprise          on it. All lending is subject to a
      This will give you – and            Finance Guarantee (EFG)              satisfactory credit assessment.
   your bank – a clearer view of          Scheme. This allows busi-               To find out about factoring or
                                                                               invoice discounting visit the Lloyds
   which options will meet your           nesses who lack lending              TSB Commercial Finance website
   business’ ongoing needs.               security the chance to borrow
      At Lloyds TSB Commercial,           funds to support and grow               Lloyds TSB Commercial is a
   we will help you explore a             their businesses.                    trading name of Lloyds TSB Bank
                                                                               plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc and
   variety of funding options and            We strive to understand the       serves customers with an annual
   help you make a choice that is         requirements of your business        turnover
   right for your business.               with the aim of providing you        of up to £15M.
                                                                                  Authorised and regulated by the
      Factoring and invoice               with a funding opportunity to        Financial Services Authority.
   discounting allows you to              make your plans a reality.              We subscribe to The Lending          Andy Tonkin, Area Director
   release the value of your                 For more information about        Code; copies of the Code
                                                                                                                       for Lloyds TSB Commercial in
   invoices and can help bridge           how Lloyds TSB can work              can be obtained from www.
                                                                                 South London
   the gap between supplying              with your business, please
   services or products and               contact Tonia Moran-Phillips
   receiving payment.                     in my South London team on

                                                                                         For further information on SLB membership, turn to p22
                                                                                                                                                                           service, quality, value, reliability and a committment to environmental sustainability

                                                                                                                                                                            Toilet tissue

                                                                                                                                                                            Cleaning products                                   refreshingly

                                                                                                                                           CLEANING SUPPLIES
                                                                                                                                                                            We accept all major credit and debit cards                     trade suppliers of washroom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 and cleaning products
                                                                                                                                                                            join us on...
                                                                                                                                                    Unit 1 Valley Point Industrial Estate, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon CR0 4WP
                                                                                                                                                                   Tel: 020 8689 2027 Fax: 020 8689 6027
                                                                                                                        File: 33324-SLB Sinclair Clark
                                                                                                                        Ad size: A4 Classified (88mm wide x 58mm high)

                                                                                                                                                                            Sinclair Clark, based in Mayfair.
                                     To tweet or not to tweet?
   33446-SLB LET MY ROOF.indd 1                                                                                              6/6/11 11:24:15
                                                                                                                                                                            A niche practice providing advice on office lettings,
                                                                                                                                                                            lease renewals, management and development projects
                                        In a flap about your staff’s use of Twitter?                                                                                        throughout South London and the South East.
                                                                                                                                                                   Mobile 07889 164772
                                           Discuss all business social media
                                               concerns with a wise owl.

                                                                     Looking after you, your family
                                                                     and your business

                                  REDHILL | WOKING |     WIMBLEDON |      CAMBERLEY

                                  Clarendon House, Clarendon Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1FB             t (01737) 854 500
3330-SLB Zeraxis                                                                                                        File: 33383-SLB AS
e: A4 Classified (88mm wide x 58mm high)                                                                                 Ad size: A4 Classified (88mm wide x 58mm high)

                                                                         Business Systems, IT Support, Web Design & Hosting                                                                                      020 8401 8778
   33288-SLB-Morrisons.indd 1                                                                                        7/6/11            12:42:03
                                              Impartial advice on using technology to streamline your business?                                                                                                  A & S y our B us i nes s Cl a s s Mo v e r
                                                                                                                                           COMMERCIAL REMOVALS / STORAGE

                                                                                                   Business & IT Systems Support                                           Whether moving your office, factory,               Office & Commercial Relocations
                                                                                                   Website Design, Hosting & SEO                                           laboratory, home or school A&S have the           Domestic Moves
                                                                                                   Business systems for Sales &                                            knowledge and experience to accommodate           Crate Hire

                                                                                                   Marketing (CRM), Accounting (ERP)                                       your every need. Our dedicated teams and          Specialist Relocations
                                                                                                   and Stock Management                                                    ever evolving techniques ensure a stress
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Overseas Moving
                                                                                                   E-commerce Training                                                     free relocation from start to finish. With our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Furniture Storage
                                                                                                   Security review Back up service                                         relocation and project management skills
                                                                                                                                                                           we will not only move staff and equipment         Archive Storage
                                                                                                   E-mail provision
                                                                                                                                                                           from premises to premises but manage              Project & Move Management
                                                                                                   Mobile phone support
                                                                                                                                                                           the relocation for you, leaving you free to       Internal Porterage & Churn
                                                                                                   IT infrastructure design
                                  To join BIZITAS (The Business IT Advisory Association)                                                                                   manage the day to day business as usual.          25 Years Experience
                                                                                                   IT procurement service
                                          Call 020 8253 4450 or visit
                                                                                                                                             www. a r n o l d s e l f . c om

   33330-SLB Zeraxis.indd 1                                                                                                          14:59:06
                                                                                                                            10/6/11 33384-SLB A&S.indd 1                                                                                                       23/5/11 10:06:59

                                                               Business Dynamix Ltd

                                     Over $2.5bn of
                                                               Hardcore Innovation!
                                     new ideas!!               We are launching, in conjunction with a leading US organisation
                                                               an innovation / growth programme using a process that achieved
                                                                                                                                                                                      Lotus Human Resource
                                     --------------                                                                                                                                          HR solutions for every colour of HR problem
                                                               the results shown.

                                     $380m of                  We are looking for an initial group of 5 companies committed                                                         Protect your business from the pain of employment problems
                                     anticipated               to achieving real growth / ROI and prepared to invest both time

                                                                                                                                           HUMAN RESOURCES

                                     revenue gains             and money into making it happen.                                                                                  Avoid hassles and create more time to concentrate on developing
                                     over 2 years                                                                                                                                      your business by letting us resolve all your HR Issues.
                                                               If you’re up to it contact us and get ahead of the game!
                                   Business Dynamix Ltd,                                                                                                                      Contact us TODAY for your FREE advice session
                                   193 Southbury Road, Enfield, EN1 1QR
                                   Tel: 0844 3571358 Fax: 020 8090 2982                                                         020 8150 9960
                           WE COLLECT YOUR PARCELS.
                            YOU COLLECT THE POINTS.
                                                DHL Express is delighted to be the first logistics company
                                                          to join forces with Nectar Business.

                                      You don’t get to be the world’s leading international delivery company
                                        without putting customers first. From the smallest start-up to the
                                      expanding SME, companies have been trusting DHL Express to deliver
                                  for over 40 years. And now we’re delivering even better value for businesses.

                                          Together with Nectar Business, we’re rewarding small businesses
                                               with 2 Nectar points per £1 spent with DHL Express.*

                                Find out more about how you can collect points with DHL Express at

* Offer applies to UK DHL Express account holders on a standard tariff and adheres to our standard terms and conditions.
  For full Nectar Business terms and conditions visit

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