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Neurology Grand Rounds


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									                      Neurology Grand Rounds is held from 8am to 9am on the Friday date
                   listed below. Grand Rounds is held in the West Pavilion Auditorium - on
                     the lower level of the Barnes Hospital Lobby unless otherwise noted.
                                Notes Labor Day Holiday A 66 year old man wit
       Mwiza Ushe, MD, Tuhin Virmani, MD and …

                                                                                                               Mark Wainwright, MD, PhD…
                                                                                                                    Christopher Goetz, MD…
                                                 Chris Weihl, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor…

                                                                                                2011 Brendon's Smile Foundation Lecture in …

                                                                                                   Tomoko Sampson, MD, Gabriela deBruin, …
                     Michael Wong, MD, PhD
                            Fall Break Holiday

                                                                                                                             Brenda Porter
                                                                      Dennis Spencer, MD

                                                                      NO GRAND ROUNDS

                                                                                                                        Michael Racke, MD
                       Maurizio Corbetta, MD

                                                                                                                      Robert W. Baloh, MD
                     Alison Wright-Willis, MD

                         Winter Break Holiday
                         Winter Break Holiday

                                                                    Randall Bateman, MD

                                                                                                                           AAN - Honolulu

                                                                                               Bishop & Hope Center Symposium -April 27th
                                                                        Gregory Zipfel, MD

                                                                                                                Medical School Graduation
                          Ahmed Hassan, MD

                                                                                                                      Resident Symposium
                                                                                                                                               Neurology Grand Rounds is held from 8am to 9am
                                                                                                                                               on the Friday date listed below. Grand Rounds is
                                                                                                                                               held in the West Pavilion Auditorium - on the lower
                                                                                                                                               level of the Barnes Hospital Lobby unless otherwise
                                                                                                                                               noted. Notes Labor Day Holiday A 66 year old man

    Perlmutter Noetzel
  Corbetta Diringer
                Bucelli/Ushe Gutmann Dacey Morris Noetzel
                                    Duntley Hogan Perlmutter
                                                         GuilliamsAnces Bucelli/Ushe
                                                                   Bucelli/Ushe  Noetzel

       Movement AdultGrand Neurofibromatos
       No Grand Rounds No Grand Rounds Neurosurgery GITT PediatricNeurolo Grand Grand Neurology Rounds
                NNICU Resident Talk SleepGoldring RITE EXAM Resident LECTURE Peds Grand
                    No        CJD               Dementia Pediatric Adult Resident Invited Grand
                                                                       No Resident No No
      Rehab Peds Neurology Rounds Neuromuscle Lecture LECTURE LEVY Invited No RoundsRoundsRounds
        Disorders      CPC          is                      gy Resident CPC Speaker
                                                          Invited Speaker
                                                        Resident CPC

    19-Nov-10 10-Dec-10 31-Dec-10 21-Jan-11 11-Feb-11 4-Mar-11 25-Mar-11 15-Apr-11 6-May-11
       26-Nov-10 17-Dec-10 7-Jan-11 28-Jan-11 18-Feb-11 11-Mar-11 1-Apr-11 22-Apr-11 13-May-11
 12-Nov-10 3-Dec-10 24-Dec-10 14-Jan-11 4-Feb-11 25-Feb-11 18-Mar-11 8-Apr-11 29-Apr-11 20-May-11
Neurology Grand Rounds is held from 8am to 9am on the Friday date listed below.

Grand Rounds is held in the West Pavilion Auditorium - on the lower level of the

Barnes Hospital Lobby unless otherwise noted.
    Date              Section          Section Head                                 Notes
  3-Sep-10       No Grand Rounds                                           Labor Day Holiday
                                                          Mwiza Ushe, MD, Keith Day, MD and Erica Patrick, MD -      A 66 year old man with Paraparesis and
 10-Sep-10       Adult Resident CPC      Bucelli/Ushe
                                                                   Discussant - Robert Naismith, MD                           Altered Mental Status
                                                                                                                     Donna Ferriero                     Vice
 17-Sep-10         Dodge Lecture         Peds Neuro                      In place of Grand Rounds                     Dean of Academic Affairs      UCSF
                                                                                                                               School of Medicine

                                                                                                                     Are Bone Marrow Transplants the Answer
 24-Sep-10               MS                  Cross          Mark Freedman from University of Ottawa in Ontario
                                                                                                                                    to MS?

                                                                                                                     CSF Biomarkers of Preclinical Alzheimer's
  1-Oct-10            Dementia               Morris                           Anne Fagan, PhD
                                                                                                                           Angioplasty and Stenting for
                                                         Colin Derdeyn, MD Professor of Radiology, Neurology and     Atherosclerotic Cerebrovascular Disease:
  8-Oct-10              Stroke                Lee
                                                                          Neurological Surgery                            Recent (CREST) and Ongoing
                                                                                                                               (SAMMPRIS) Trials
                                                                               Sonya Bahar
                                                          Associate Professor of Biophysics, Dept. of Physics and
                                                                                 Astronomy                              "To Synch or not to Synch: Imaging
  15-Oct-10            Epilepsy             Hogan
                                                                    Director, Center for Neurodynamics                    Seizures in the Rat Neocortex"
                                                                      University of Missouri, St. Louis

                                                                          Ralph F. Józefowicz, MD
                                                                    Professor of Neurology and Medicine
                   Resident Invited                                     Associate Chair for Education                 Are our neurology residents competent?
  22-Oct-10                              Bucelli/Ushe
                      Speaker                                             Department of Neurology                          The ACGME Outcome Project
                                                          University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

                                                                 Matthew Harms, MD- Assistant Professor
                                                                        Department of Neurology
  29-Oct-10         Neuromuscle            Pestronk                                                                  The Present and Future of Neurogenetics
                                                                 Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                            Peter Goadsby, MD
                                                                                                                      "Update on Migraine: Mechanisms and
  5-Nov-10       General Neurology         Awadalla      Professor of Neurology, University of California,     San
                                                                        Francisco, San Francisco CA
                                                                                                                       Cognitive Impairment after Multifocal
 12-Nov-10              Rehab              Corbetta                         Maurizio Corbetta, MD
                                                                                                                                  Embolic Stroke
                                                                                                               "Novel Epidemiological Approaches to
19-Nov-10   Movement Disorders   Perlmutter                      Alison Wright-Willis, MD                     Understanding the Burden of Parkinson

26-Nov-10   No Grand Rounds                                      Fall Break Holiday

                                                                                                                 The Clinical Utility of Therapeutic
3-Dec-10          NNICU            Diringer                        Ahmed Hassan, MD                                Hypothermia: Underrated or

                                                                                                             Developing Disease Modifying Therapies
10-Dec-10     Peds Neurology       Noetzel                       Michael Wong, MD, PhD
                                                                                                                           for Epilepsy

                                                                                                             24 Year Old, Left Handed Man with One
                                                 Mwiza Ushe, MD, Tuhin Virmani, MD and Lirong Zhu, MD
17-Dec-10   Adult Resident CPC   Bucelli/Ushe                                                                Week of Headache, Slurred Speech and
                                                              Discussant: Dr. Joe Black
                                                                                                                     Altered Mental Status

24-Dec-10   No Grand Rounds                                    Winter Break Holiday
31-Dec-10   No Grand Rounds                                    Winter Break Holiday
                                                Robert Bucelli M.D.,Ph.D., Gabriela deBruin M.D. and Erica
                                                                       Patrick M.D.
                                                                                                              “Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease at
7-Jan-11         CJD Talk        Bucelli/Ushe    On behalf of the Rapidly Progressive Dementia Resident
                                                                                                                Barnes-Jewish Hospital 2005-2010”
                                                                  Research Consortium

                                                               David H. Gutmann, MD, PhD
                                                            Donald O. Schnuck Family Professor
                                                                                                          "Embracing Nervous System Heterogeneity
14-Jan-11    Neurofibromatosis    Gutmann                        Department of Neurology
                                                                                                                 in Brain Cancer Research"
                                                 Director, Washington University Neurofibromatosis Center

                                                                   Jaime Boero, MD PhD
                                                   Director, Phiroze L Hansotia Sleep Medicine Center
                                                                                                            "Restless Legs syndrome: Clinical Review
21-Jan-11         Sleep            Duntley       Department of Neurology and Center for Human Genetics
                                                                                                             and Update of Recent Genetic Findings"
                                                Marshfield Clinic and Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

                                                                                                             “Myo-Degeneration: Dementia of Skeletal
28-Jan-11      Neuromuscle        Pestronk       Chris Weihl, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor of Neurology
                                                                                                              "Modern management of brain vascular
4-Feb-11       Neurosurgery        Dacey                           Gregory Zipfel, MD
                                                                                                               "Invasive Monitoring in Epilepsy: Past,
11-Feb-11    Goldring Lecture      Hogan                          Dennis Spencer, MD
                                                                                                                        Present and Future"
                                                                                                          „Amyloid-beta dynamics and prevention
18-Feb-11        Dementia            Morris                      Randall Bateman, MD                     trials in dominantly inherited Alzheimer's
25-Feb-11       RITE EXAM                                      NO GRAND ROUNDS
                                                                    Robert Burke, MD
                                                 Alfred and Minnie Bressler Professor of Neurology and
                                                                                                             “Axon degeneration: A neglected
4-Mar-11      GITT LECTURE         Perlmutter       Director of Research Laboratories for Parkinson's
                                                                                                         therapeutic target in Parkinson‟s disease”
                                                   Director of the Udall Parkinson’s Disease Research
                                                 2011 Brendon's Smile Foundation Lecture in Pediatric
                                                 Stroke                                     Steven P.
                                                                                                           9:15-10:15am - Clopton Auditorium
            Pediatric Neurology                               Miller MDCM MAS FRCPC
11-Mar-11                           Noetzel                                                                   "Perinatal Stroke: Transitions &
              Resident CPC                           Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Neurology
                                                            University of British Columbia
                                                      Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology

            PediatricNeurology                                                                             "The role of albumin in glial activation:
                                                              Mark Wainwright, MD, PhD
18-Mar-11    Resident Invited      Guilliams                                                                   Implications for treatment of
                                                               Northwestern University
                 Speaker                                                                                           traumatic brain injury "

                                                                 Christopher Goetz, MD
             Resident Invited                                                                               Placebo Effects in Clinical Trials of
25-Mar-11                         Bucelli/Ushe       Director of the Movement Disorders Program
                Speaker                                                                                           Parkinson's Disease
                                                          Rush Medical College, Chigcago IL

1-Apr-11     LEVY LECTURE            Ances                        Michael Racke, MD                      "What makes a T cell encephalitogenic?"

                                                   Tomoko Sampson, MD, Gabriela deBruin, MD, Robert      “A 56 year old left-handed white male with
8-Apr-11    Adult Resident CPC    Bucelli/Ushe   Bucelli, MD, PhD                         Discussant -     right sided weakness and progressive
                                                                  Gregory Wu, MD, PhD                                    confusion.”

15-Apr-11   No Grand Rounds                                       AAN - Honolulu
             Resident Invited
22-Apr-11                         Bucelli/Ushe                   Robert W. Baloh, MD                     "Episodic Vertigo and Ataxia Syndromes"
29-Apr-11   No Grand Rounds             Bishop & Hope Center Symposium -April 27th

                                                                                     “Preventing Epilepsy Through
6-May-11     Peds Neurology   Noetzel                   Brenda Porter
                                                                                      Transcriptional Regulation”

13-May-11   No Grand Rounds                        Resident Symposium
20-May-11   No Grand Rounds                     Medical School Graduation

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