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               Coffee house and eatery
154 Jay St. • Schenectady, NY • (518)382-9277 •
I recently enjoyed an awesome afternoon at         homemade soups. On this particularly bitter
a fabulous coffee house and eatery. Tucked         day, my companions and I could not resist a
away down a little side street in Schenectady,     cup of soup. I chose the split pea, while my
Ambition is quite the little niche spot. From      two friends opted for the chicken, mushroom,
the yummy eats to the eclectic décor, this         and onion soup. My split pea was delightful.       my very favorite things, so my decision was
place rocks!                                       It was simple, with just the wholesome flavors     an easy one. One of my companions selected
                                                   of the ingredients perfectly highlighted by an     the lemon cheesecake with raspberry drizzle,
Ambition is all about style. Proprietor Marc       ideal touch of seasoning. That is exactly what I   and the other the Godiva chocolate nut cake,
Reson is quick to tell you that Ambition is        like in a split pea soup. My companions loved      served with Ambition’s homemade gelato.
just an extension of who he is. Making sure        their soup as well—commenting that it was          My bread pudding was sumptuous creamy
he stays up on the trends from San Francisco       satisfying and hearty with a most pleasing         decadence. The dark chocolate drizzle offset
to New York City, Marc gives everything his        homemade taste. Ambition is also known for         the bread pudding beautifully. The lemon
own unique signature. From the abstract            their specialty sandwiches. There were so many     cheesecake was heavenly, with just the right
paintings to the diverse collection of vintage     enticing choices—everything from grilled           zest of lemon. The Godiva chocolate nut
record covers displayed on the walls, ranging      Maryland-style crab cake served with a dollop      cake was a dense, spectacular delight, with
from The Brady Bunch to Tina Turner, there         of horseradish remoulade, with a side salad on     the strawberry shortcake gelato being just
is plenty to feast your eyes on. I especially      grilled pita, to a homemade black bean burger      the thing to top it off. We even indulged in
loved the murals depicting celebrities like        with just a hint of cumin, served with pepper      more coffee as it was such a treat with its
Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball and Madonna.          jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa, and        defined body and rich aroma.
One of my personal favorite touches was the        grilled on sundried ciabatta. You get the idea
bottle cap collection displayed in the front       … these sandwiches are serious business. Even      Ambition is a wonderful place to retreat and
of the eatery where the homemade gelato            the dressings are all homemade. I decided to       unwind, while taking pleasure in great food
and gourmet candies are showcased. The             try the brie my raspberry, while one of my         and drink. If you go once, I promise you’ll
middle section of Ambition is where the bar        companions chose the turkey avocado, and the       be hooked!
is located, and the back is where my friends       other the Ambition. My sandwich consisted of
and I decided to sit. It was a cozy and quirky     grilled turkey, brie raspberry compote, chopped
spot—a great place to spend some time!             walnuts, and lettuce on sour dough bread. It
                                                   was a marvelous combination of flavors and
Ambition serves breakfast and lunch. My            textures, and I relished every bite. The turkey
companions and I made our way to Ambition          avocado was made with bacon, lettuce and
on a Sunday afternoon. The first thing we all      tomato, with garlic mayo on a toasted multi-
knew we wanted, on this frigid day, was a cup      grain roll. The freshness and quality of the
of Ambition’s famous coffee. The hazelnut          ingredients was paramount. The Ambition
cinnamon sounded just right to me, while           was grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers,
one of my companions loved the sounds of           pesto and fresh mozzarella, on focaccia bread.
the mudslide, with a hint of chocolate. The        Another rave, the sandwich was a savory treat
other member of our trio decided on the            from the first bite to the last.
house blend. Let me tell you, we were each
completely enthralled with our coffees. From       Did someone say homemade desserts? You
the robust flavor to the smooth finish, this was   know me well enough to know I could not
coffee at its best! Each day Ambition features     resist. Homemade bread pudding is one of

                                                                                                                february 2011 SUCCESS 43

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