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                                EARLY BIRD
                                       November 6, 2007
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 1.   US To Push China's Hu On Iran Sanctions
      ( Mannion, Agence France-Presse
      US Defence Secretary Robert Gates met Tuesday with China's President Hu Jintao amid US hopes of making a case
      for stronger economic sanctions against Iran.

 2.   US, China Defense Leaders Discuss Iran
      ( C. Baldor, Associated Press
      Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his Chinese counterpart agreed to work together to steer Iran away from its
      nuclear ambitions in talks that Chinese President Hu Jintao described Tuesday as "very candid and friendly."

 3.   Gates Says Hu Supports Greater U.S.-Chinese Dialogue
      ( Fireman, Bloomberg News
      ...Speaking with reporters after meeting with Hu in Beijing today, Gates said his two-day visit had advanced the
      process of cooperation between the two nations' militaries.

 4.   Gates Appeals To China To Help U.S. On Iran
      ( Gray, Reuters
      ...Gates said he had raised the issue of Iran in his meetings on Monday with Chinese defense and foreign ministry
      officials, although it had not come up during talks with President Hu Jintao on Tuesday, which he said had focused
      on military relations.

 5.   Gates Questions China On Military Growth
      (New York Times)....Thom Shanker
      Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates looked directly on Monday into two of the most striking facets of modern China.
      One is what Pentagon officials say is China’s aggressive modernization of its armed forces. The other is its even
      more aggressive expansion of the economy and its growing global role.

 6.   U.S., China Discuss Divide
      (Wall Street Journal)....Yochi J. Dreazen
      Senior U.S. and Chinese defense officials traded compliments at the start of a two-day summit here, but the two
      countries remained divided on key issues such as the future of Iran's nuclear program.

 7.   China Tells U.S. It Opposes A Nuclear-Armed Iran
      (Los Angeles Times)....Julian E. Barnes
      China's military leadership on Monday assured U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates that it opposes a
      nuclear-armed Iran.

 8.   Chinese Still Silent On Space Weapons
      (Washington Times)....Bill Gertz
      China's defense minister refused to discuss the recent test of a new anti-satellite weapon, highlighting U.S. concerns
      about excessive military secrecy, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said yesterday.
                                                                                                                         page 2
 9.    China And U.S. To Establish Military Hotline
       (Washington Post)....Edward Cody
       China and the United States announced Monday that they will set up a military hotline between Beijing and
       Washington to avoid misunderstanding during any moments of crisis in the Pacific.

 10.     Lawyers Take On Musharraf
       (Washington Post)....Griff Witte
       ...In the first tangible step it has taken against Musharraf since Saturday, the United States postponed annual defense
       talks with Pakistan that were due to begin Tuesday. The Dutch government went much further, becoming the first
       country to suspend aid to Pakistan as a result of the emergency declaration.

 11.    Why U.S. Sticks By Musharraf
       (Christian Science Monitor)....Howard LaFranchi
       America's safety and the demands of the war on terror trump immediate concerns about democracy in Pakistan.

 12.    A Detour From A Battle Against Terror
       (New York Times)....David Rohde
       While Gen. Pervez Musharraf justified his emergency rule decree as helping him combat terrorism, it could end up
       weakening his ability to rein in the Qaeda militants who ultimately threaten American interests.

 13.    Pakistani Vote Back On
       (Washington Times)....Kamran Haider, Reuters News Agency
       Pakistan, under pressure from the Bush administration, said yesterday it will hold a national election by mid-January,
       and President Pervez Musharraf pledged to quit the military.

 14.     Bush Urges Musharraf To Reverse Course But Signals No Penalty If He Doesn't
       (New York Times)....Mark Mazzetti
       ...It is this last category — weapons that Pakistan has sought primarily to keep pace with rival India — that officials
       said Monday could get the closest scrutiny from Congress. Lawmakers may be willing to put restrictions on future
       payments for high-tech weapons that are less critical for counterterrorism operations.

 15.     Fear Of Al Qaeda Getting Nukes
       (New York Daily News)....James Gordon Meek
       It’s unlikely a Pakistani nuclear missile will fall into Al Qaeda hands if President Gen. Pervez Musharraf is toppled,
       but the Bush administration can’t swear it won’t happen.

 16.     Pentagon: US, Pakistan To Continue Joint Military Ops
       (Wall Street Journal ( France-Presse
       Washington and Islamabad will continue joint military operations along the border with Afghanistan despite the
       turmoil rocking Pakistan, U.S. defense officials said Monday. (THIS ARTICLE APPEARED ONLINE, NOT IN

 17.    Bush Pledges To Help Turkey On Intelligence
       (New York Times)....Steven Lee Myers
       President Bush pledged Monday to increase intelligence cooperation with Turkey in its fight against Kurdish rebels,
       hoping to head off any significant Turkish military operation in Iraq.

 18.     Number Of Displaced Iraqis Has Soared, Aid Group Says
       (Washington Post)....Amit R. Paley
       The number of Iraqis fleeing their homes has more than quadrupled since the U.S. troop buildup began in February,
       leaving 2.3 million Iraqis displaced and further dividing the country along sectarian lines, according to a new report
       from the Iraqi Red Crescent Society.

 19.    2.3 Million Iraqis Reported Displaced
       (Los Angeles Times)....Doug Smith and Ned Parker
                                                                                                                        page 3
       ...Despite his upbeat message, there were fresh reports Monday of more violence in the capital. A City Council
       member was gunned down, and the deputy prime minister reported the slaying of one of his guards.

 20.     Iraqi Police Barracks Go Unrepaired
       (New York Times)....James Glanz
       More than a year after the Parsons Corporation, the American contracting giant, promised Congress that it would fix
       the disastrous plumbing and shoddy construction in barracks the company built at the Baghdad police academy, the
       ceilings are still stained with excrement, parts of the structures are crumbling and sections of the buildings are
       unusable because the toilets are filthy and nonfunctioning.

 21.     Marines Pulling Out Of Fallujah
       (Honolulu Advertiser)....Advertiser Staff
       ...The Americans are not far behind: After surrounding the city with walls and improving security on its streets,
       Marines are pulling back from the one-time insurgent bastion of Fallujah.

 22.    Repeat Tours To War Take Their Toll
       (Chicago Tribune)....Aamer Madhani
       GIs of 10th Mountain show signs of strain.

 23.     Court-Martial To Open In Killings Of 3 Iraqis
       (New York Times)....Paul von Zielbauer
       An Army sniper team leader charged with murdering three men south of Baghdad will go on trial today in Baghdad
       in a court-martial that is likely to highlight a classified Pentagon program in which snipers placed fake weapons as
       “bait” to attract and kill enemy fighters.

 24.    Iraq Veteran, Wife Lose 3rd Child From Crash
       (Dallas Morning News)....Holly Yan
       SUV accident occurred as mother was taking kids to see injured dad.

 25.    Harry S. Truman Group Heads Toward War Zones
       (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)....Kate Wiltrout
       Teary-eyed families waved goodbye to more than 7,000 sailors early Monday as a parade of Navy ships left Norfolk
       on a seven-month deployment to the Middle East.

 26.    Strike Group's Deployment Has Some Families On Edge
       (San Diego Union-Tribune)....Rick Rogers
       Senior military officers described yesterday's deployment of the San Diego-based Tarawa Expeditionary Strike
       Group as routine and unexceptional. Family members of the more than 5,500 departing sailors and Marines sounded
       more anxious.

 27.    Air Force Grounds F-15s After Crash
       (Washington Post)....Josh White
       The Air Force has grounded its entire fleet of F-15 fighter jets amid serious safety concerns after a crash in Missouri
       on Friday. Officials believe the aging plane may have disintegrated in the air.

 28.     Aging Planes, Lost Jobs Worrisome For Generals
       (Colorado Springs Gazette)....Tom Roeder
       Top Air Force commanders, including all the service’s fourstar generals, sequestered themselves in Colorado Springs
       last week to ponder how they’ll keep fighting wars with planes that are, on average, older than their airmen.

                                                                                                                        page 4
 29.    Guard Unit Questioned After Claim Of Theft Filed
       (San Diego Union-Tribune)....Joe Hughes and Rick Rogers
       Relief group says items for evacuees were taken.

 30.    Army's Aggressive Surgeon Is Too Aggressive For Some
       (New York Times)....Alex Berenson
       Since the war in Iraq began, Col. John Holcomb has been working to change the way the military takes care of its

 31.     The Other Wounded
       (Washington Post)....Sandra G. Boodman
       ...Now a new nonprofit group called Give an Hour, launched by Washington area clinical psychologist Barbara V.
       Romberg, is providing free counseling for soldiers and their families, as well as their unmarried partners. More than
       720 licensed psychologists, social workers and other counselors from 40 states and the District have volunteered to
       donate an hour a week of therapy time for a minimum of one year to those affected by the twin conflicts.

 32.    Suicide Prevention Part Of Law Designed To Help Veterans
       (Washington Post)....Unattributed
       President Bush signed a bill that provides for improved screening and treatment for veterans at risk of committing

 33.    Satellite Enters Orbit Around Moon
       (Washington Times)....Unattributed
       A Chinese satellite successfully entered lunar orbit yesterday, a month after rival Japan put its own probe into orbit
       around the moon, but Chinese officials denied there is any competition between the two nations.

 34.    North Korea Reactor Being Disabled
       (Los Angeles Times)....Associated Press
       A team of U.S. experts has begun disabling North Korea's nuclear weapons-making facilities, U.S. State Department
       spokesman Tom Casey said Monday.

 35.     Ethiopia, Eritrea On Verge Of Border War, Report Says
       (Washington Post)....Stephanie McCrummen
       Ethiopia and Eritrea, stubbornly hostile neighbors for years, are possibly weeks away from a renewed border war
       that could engulf the volatile Horn of Africa region, according to a report released Monday by a foreign policy
       research group.

 36.    Navy Dives In To Help Third Ship Freed By Somali Pirates
       (USA Today)....Unattributed
       Somali pirates released a Taiwanese fishing vessel they held for more than five months, a U.S. Navy spokeswoman

 37.    Diplomats Negotiate For U.S. Radar Base
       (Washington Times)....Unattributed
       Czech and U.S. officials began negotiations yesterday on a treaty that would allow the U.S. to station a radar base
       near Prague, authorities said.

 38.     British Intelligence Chief Sharpens Terrorism Warning
       (New York Times)....Sarah Lyall
       ...He also said espionage activities by Russia and China, among other countries, were siphoning resources from the
       fight against terrorism.
                                                                                                                             page 5
 39.    Drug Traffickers Dive In
       (Los Angeles Times)....Chris Kraul
       Submersibles are used to ferry narcotics. Some in U.S. fear the tactic may inspire terrorists.

 40.    Poll Finds Americans Split On Taking Military Action In Iran
       (USA Today)....Susan Page
       Americans are concerned about Iran's nuclear program but split on whether military action should be undertaken if
       diplomacy and economic sanctions fail to stop it, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

 41.     Engraved In Their Minds
       (Washington Post)....Michael E. Ruane
       ...This week, thousands like them are again gathering in Washington, this time to observe the 25th anniversary of the
       Wall. A downtown parade and other activities are scheduled for Saturday, and commemorative ceremonies will be
       held Sunday at the Wall.

 42.    IRobot Wins Court Order
       (Washington Post)....Unattributed
       IRobot, maker of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, won a court order to block Robotic FX from fulfilling a $280 million
       contract to supply the military with bomb-detecting robots in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 43.     General Dynamics Joins Rival Raytheon In Project
       (Boston Globe)....Bloomberg
       General Dynamics Corp., the defense contractor that protested an $11 billion Army award to Raytheon Co., has
       joined with the rival to work on the training contract.

 44.    Jet Delay To Cost EADS
       (Washington Post)....Unattributed
       European Aeronautic Defence and Space, the parent of Airbus, said the six-month delay in the delivery of its A400M
       military transport aircraft would cost as much as $2.03 billion.

 45.     Ex-Contractor Is Convicted In Bribery Case
       (New York Times)....Will Carless
       After almost four days of deliberation, a federal jury here on Monday convicted a former military contractor of 13
       felonies related to the bribery of former Representative Randy Cunningham.

 46.     Present At The Creation
       (New York Times)....David Brooks
       ...It took a trip to the region for me to finally understand that this peace process is unlike any other. It’s not really
       about Israel and the Palestinians; it’s about Iran. Rice is constructing a coalition of the losing. There is a feeling
       among Arab and Israeli leaders that an Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas alliance is on the march.

 47.    Pakistan Peril
       (New York Post)....Rich Lowry
       THE sound you hear in Pakistan is a couple of pillars of Bush administration foreign policy crumbling.

 48.     For Turkey, The War Is Real
       (Boston Globe)....James Carroll
       ...The conditions that created the terrible prospect facing Turkey - an immediate war with rebel Kurds based in Iraq
       -- have been wholly manufactured in Washington, which displays an unending capacity to "make the situation
                                                                                                                        page 6
      worse." Turkey, a staunch US ally, urged restraint four-and-a-half years ago when Bush rolled his dice in Iraq. But
      when the gamble was lost, it was nations in the Middle East - not America - that paid.

49.     Lobbyists Or Spies?
      (Wall Street Journal)....Gabriel Schoenfeld
      ...In an important trial set to begin in January, the Justice Department has irresponsibly confused the distinction
      between spying and lobbying.

50.     Self-Inflicted Wounds
      (Washington Post)....Alberto Mora and John Shattuck
      ...As bad as the damage to our foreign policy has been, the damage to our national security may be even worse.
      Because the application of cruelty is a crime under the laws of many of our allies, our ability to build and maintain
      the broad alliance needed to efficiently fight the war on terrorism has been crippled.
                                                                                                                                            page 7                           and pressure, because just             altering the region's balance of       from its nuclear ambitions in
November 6, 2007                    talking is not going to get us         power.                                 talks that Chinese President Hu
1. US To Push China's               very far with Iran," he said.               "I raised with Minister           Jintao described Tuesday as
Hu On Iran Sanctions                     China has joined Russia,          Cao the uncertainty over               "very candid and friendly."
By Jim Mannion, Agence              also a veto-wielding permanent         China's military modernisation,             Gates agreed with Hu's
France-Presse                       member of the UN Security              and the need for greater               assessment. Gates and Hu
     US Defence Secretary           Council, in opposing a further         transparency          to       allay   spoke briefly with reporters
Robert Gates met Tuesday with       round of UN economic                   international concerns," Gates         before they met Tuesday
China's President Hu Jintao         sanctions to step up the               said at a joint news conference.       morning for a discussion
amid US hopes of making a           pressure against Tehran, which              "China's            increasing    which, Gates later revealed, did
case for stronger economic          has       defied      international    political and economic stature         not involve Iran.
sanctions against Iran.             demands that it halt its uranium       calls for this country to take on           "The     flow    of     the
     Gates was wrapping up          enrichment programme.                  a greater share of responsibility      conversation was such that we
two days of talks in Beijing             Washington charges that           for the health and success of          really spent all of our time on
that were described by both         Iran is seeking to develop             the international system."             our military relationship and
sides as "candid but friendly"      nuclear weapons, but Tehran                 He said he raised US              Taiwan," Gates told reporters
and highlighted US concerns         insists its nuclear programme is       concerns about a Chinese               during a tour of Beijing's
about a rapid Chinese military      for peaceful purposes only.            anti-satellite test in January but     Forbidden City. Taiwan and
buildup.                                 Gates also assured Hu that        received no response.                  China split amid civil war in
     "There are clearly areas of    the     US      government        is        Nevertheless, Gates said          1949, although China still
agreement and disagreement,"        "categorically" opposed to any         there was common ground on             claims the island as part of its
Gates said in introductory          moves by Taiwan towards                how their two militaries could         territory.
remarks as he sat down with         independence.                          work more closely together.                 After a 90-minute meeting
Hu in Beijing's Great Hall of            "I restated our position               "We discussed the value of        Monday with Chinese Defense
the People.                         that      we're       categorically    deeper dialogue on our                 Minister Cao Gangchuan,
     "Talking about both is         opposed to any efforts by              respective                 strategic   Gates said he and Cao "agreed
good for the relationship, and I    anyone to unilaterally change          modernisation        programmes,       that is it important to pursue
think as a result of our            the status quo," Gates told            and     the      importance       of   efforts to persuade the Iranian
conversation        we      have    reporters after his talks with         discussing in greater depth and        government to change their
opportunities to expand the         Hu.                                    greater detail nuclear policy,         behavior and their policies
military-to-military                     "I basically reiterated that      strategy and programmes on             peacefully, through diplomatic
relationship."                      the US government has been             both sides," he said.                  means."
     Hu said, via an interpreter,   quite clear in its messages to              "This is part of the                   And, with a nod to China's
that the talks in Beijing would     Taiwan not to change the status        agreement to deepen the                reluctance to support greater
"be conducive to deepen trust       quo," he said, citing Chinese          dialogue we've had. I believe          economic sanctions against
between us and further              fears of "de jure independence"        that this will provide the             Iran, Gates said he stressed to
development of state-to-state       for Taiwan.                            opportunity at least for us to         Cao the importance of using
relations."                              Taiwan and China split in         address       the      issues     of   such pressure to convince the
     The US defence secretary       1949 after a civil war, and            transparency        that      we've    Iranian government "to make
made no apparent headway on         while the island has since             discussed in the past."                different choices." Tehran is
an appeal for Chinese support       governed        itself,     Beijing         The underlying US aim in          suspected of seeking to
for sanctions against Iran over     considers it part of its own           seeking such a dialogue is to          develop nuclear weapons,
its nuclear programme in his        territory awaiting reunification.      avoid a miscalculation between         something it denies.
talks here Monday, when he               Taiwan President Chen             the two nuclear powers, a                   U.S. defense officials,
was told China preferred            Shui-bian is pushing for a             senior US defence official said.       describing Gates' meeting with
diplomatic        dialogue     to   referendum next year on                     China has said its annual         Cao on condition of anonymity
economic pressure.                  launching a fresh bid for              military budget rose 17.8              because it was private, said the
     But a senior US defence        United Nations membership              percent this year to 45 billion        U.S. delegation was pleased
official told reporters that in     using the name Taiwan, rather          dollars. But the Pentagon              with the quality of the
the meeting with Hu he would        than the official "Republic of         believes       China's      military   discussion about Iran. The
push for further discussions on     China".                                spending is as high as 125             Chinese, they said, were "very
Iran.                                    Proliferation of Chinese          billion dollars a year.                strong" in saying that they are
     "That's when you really        missile       technology        and                                           united     in     opposing     a
get some of your real answers       conventional weapons sales to                                                 nuclear-armed Iran.
                                    Iran also was on the list of                                    Hu said Tuesday that he
in a sense, and the highest                                                November 6, 2007
quality of discussions really,"     concerns Gates planned to raise                                               understood that Gates and Cao
the official said.                  during his visit.                      2. US, China Defense                   "had a very candid and friendly
     "I would hope that on Iran          After his talks Monday            Leaders Discuss Iran                   discussion     that   will    be
we would get a stronger             with Chinese Defence Minister          By Lolita C. Baldor,                   conducive to the building of a
understanding          of    the    Cao        Gangchuan,        Gates     Associated Press                       deeper trust between us."
importance of using all the         emphasised the need for                    Defense Secretary Robert                Before Gates' meeting
tools of diplomacy, not just        greater clarity from Beijing           Gates    and     his Chinese           with Hu, the defense officials
discussions but also sanctions      about a rapid military build-up        counterpart agreed to work             said they were hoping for a
                                    that US officials believe is           together to steer Iran away            stronger statement from the
                                                                                                                                          page 8
Chinese leader on the use of          Minister Cao the uncertainty         staff met with the Chinese           about moves by Taiwan's
sanctions and other pressure          over        China's       military   officials at the defense             leaders that China interprets as
against Iran.                         modernization, and the need          ministry's headquarters, in the      steps     toward     ``de   jure
     But Gates said Iran did not      for greater transparency to          midst of a city undergoing           independence,'' Gates said. He
come up with Hu on Tuesday            allay international concerns."       massive     construction     in      reiterated U.S. opposition to
because "I didn't feel the need            "China's          increasing    preparation for next year's          any moves to change the status
to bring it up again."                political and economic stature       Olympic Games.                       quo on Taiwan.
     However, the defense             calls for this country to take on                                              Gates now goes to Seoul,
secretary said he hoped his           a greater share of responsibility                                         where he said he will confer
meeting with Hu will lead to "a       for the health and success of                        with South Korean leaders ``to
longer-term dialogue about ...        the international system," said      November 6, 2007                     mark the progress'' of the U.S.
the     threat       of    nuclear    Gates, standing next to Cao at       3. Gates Says Hu                     alliance with that country.
proliferation."                       a press briefing after their         Supports Greater
     The U.S. has repeatedly          meeting.                             U.S.-Chinese Dialogue
raised concerns that the                   Cao, speaking through an                                   
                                                                           By Ken Fireman, Bloomberg
Chinese         are     providing     interpreter,     described     the                                        November 6, 2007
conventional weapons and              session as pragmatic, candid              Chinese President Hu            4. Gates Appeals To
other dual-use technologies           and productive. Asked to detail      Jintao expressed his support for     China To Help U.S. On
that     can      have     nuclear    specific results from the            ``a dialogue on strategic            Iran
applications to countries like        meeting, Cao said China              matters'' between the U.S. and       By Andrew Gray, Reuters
Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.             agreed to participate in a joint     China, U.S. Defense Secretary             Defense Secretary Robert
Some weapons sold to Iran             Navy exercise with the U.S. "at      Robert Gates said.                   Gates has appealed to China
have surfaced in Afghanistan          a proper time." And he said               Speaking with reporters         for help in curbing Iran's
and Iraq, prompting the               China will cooperate more in         after meeting with Hu in             nuclear program, arguing that a
Pentagon to call for the              accounting for U.S. prisoners        Beijing today, Gates said his        stable Gulf was in the interests
Chinese to better control their       of war from the Korean War.          two-day visit had advanced the       of Beijing's energy security.
sales to Iran.                             China's military budget         process of cooperation between            Gates said he had raised
     This is Gates' first trip to     increased by about 17.8              the two nations' militaries.         the issue of Iran in his
China since taking over as            percent to about $45 billion              ``I hope what comes out of      meetings on Monday with
Pentagon chief nearly one year        this year, the largest annual        it is an ongoing dialogue'' on       Chinese defense and foreign
ago, and it is the fourth visit by    increase in more than a decade.      strategic        issues,    threat   ministry officials, although it
a U.S. defense secretary in the       And Pentagon officials have          perceptions        and    curbing    had not come up during talks
past decade.                          suggested the spending may be        nuclear proliferation,'' Gates       with President Hu Jintao on
     Carefully             worded     somewhat higher than that.           said.                                Tuesday, which he said had
statements by both Gates and               Gates said the meeting is            China's 2007 defense            focused on military relations.
Cao signaled greater dialogue         part of a move to deepen the         budget soared by a record 17.8            "An Iran that is a
between the United States and         dialogue between the two             percent to 350 billion yuan          destabilizing force in the
the communist giant — a               nations. And he added,               ($47 billion), the world's third     region is not in anyone's
significant improvement over          "Progress in our defense             largest, raising concern among       interest, including in China's,"
the past decade. But they also        exchanges will largely depend        some U.S. officials that it's        Gates told reporters as he
hinted at little tangible progress    on the choices we make."             seeking to change the military       toured the Forbidden City.
in the Pentagon's press for                Cao indicated there was a       balance of power in Asia.                 "If one is interested in
greater transparency in China's       bit of movement toward the           China is also accelerating a         long-term energy security, then
military expansion, and better        long-discussed establishment         diplomatic and economic ``soft       a stable Persian Gulf, Middle
explanations         about      its   of a military hot line between       power'' offensive throughout         East area is a very high
burgeoning defense budget.            Beijing and Washington. He           the       developing       world,    priority."
     Asked if Cao had provided        said he is supporting efforts to     especially in Africa and Latin            Both the United States and
any more information about the        make the technical changes           America.                             China       are    veto-wielding
anti-satellite test the Chinese       needed so the direct telephone            ``The frequent exchanges        members of the U.N. Security
conducted in January, Gates           link can be finalized.               between Chinese and U.S.             Council.
wryly responded, "I raised our             Pentagon officials have         leaders show that Sino-U.S.               But while Washington is
concerns about it and there was       said the phone line would be an      relations are on a strong            seeking tougher U.N. sanctions
no further discussion."               important symbolic move as           footing,'' Chinese Foreign           on Iran, China -- which sources
     There have been lingering        well      as     an     important    Ministry       spokesman      Liu    about 12 percent of its oil there
questions about the test, in          connection between the nations       Jianchao said today at a press       -- favors talks to resolve the
which a Chinese missile               when an incident or crisis           conference in Beijing. ``We          issue of its nuclear program.
shattered a defunct Chinese           occurs.                              need to approach the long-term            China's Foreign Ministry
weather satellite. The test drew           They add, however, that         relations between our nations        said Beijing and Washington
immediate criticism from the          despite positive statements          with strategy and mutual             had common goals on Iran.
U.S. and other countries, who         from the Chinese, details            respect,        resolving      the        "We both believe Iran
questioned                 China's    continue to bog down the             occasional sensitive issues that     should not have nuclear
commitment          to    peaceful    actual establishment of the          hinder ties.''                       weapons and we also both
development in space.                 phone line.                               Hu expressed his concern        believe in safeguarding the
     Gates said he "raised with            Gates and his senior policy
                                                                                                                                        page 9
Non-Proliferation Treaty," Liu       reiterated        Washington's       issues. No major breakthroughs           China     has     growing
Jianchao told a regular news         position on Taiwan, the              on policy issues were expected      economic ties with Iran.
conference.                          self-governed    island   over       during two days of talks, which     During Monday’s meetings,
     But he added: "China            which        China      claims       will conclude Tuesday after a       Chinese officials expressed an
believes we should emphasize         sovereignty, saying it opposed       meeting with Hu Jintao, the         understanding that the nation’s
dialogue       and     negotiation   moves by either side to change       Chinese president.                  goal of steady energy supplies
between relevant parties."           the status quo.                           Mr. Gates said his             to power its economy could be
     Tehran says its atomic               Taiwan's ruling party has       discussions were marked by          threatened      by       nuclear
program is purely for energy         been seeking to hold a               agreements and disagreements.       proliferation in the Middle
generation and has refused to        referendum on joining the            The two sides announced new         East, according to senior
halt uranium enrichment after        United Nations, a move that          steps toward establishing a         Pentagon officials traveling
two previous U.N. sanctions          Gates said China had expressed       telephone hot line to avert         with Mr. Gates.
resolutions.          Washington     concern about.                       misunderstandings        between         One     senior     official,
believes Iran is trying to                                                their militaries. This was          speaking       on      standard
produce a nuclear bomb.                                                   viewed as significant by senior     diplomatic rules of anonymity
     'Candid'                        New York Times                       Pentagon officials, who said        to describe the private talks,
     Gates said he also hoped        November 6, 2007                     the Chinese government did          said late Monday that Chinese
his talks in China would lead to     Pg. 9                                not have such a line with any       officials had agreed that “a
a long-term dialogue to resolve      5. Gates Questions                   other nation.                       nuclear-armed       Iran       is
issues between the two               China On Military                         Mr.      Gates    and    his   something we are united in
countries over transparency          Growth                               counterparts also announced an      opposing.”
and China's military buildup.        By Thom Shanker                      agreement to organize a new
     "I hope what will come out           BEIJING, Nov. 5 —               joint naval exercise, larger and
of it is an ongoing dialogue                                              more complex than previous          Wall Street Journal
                                     Defense Secretary Robert M.
about these (issues). It's not a                                          exercises; a plan to exchange       November 6, 2007
                                     Gates looked directly on
matter of just raising it and                                             military students; and a            Pg. 8
                                     Monday into two of the most
each side sort of having a           striking facets of modern            promise to open Chinese             6. U.S., China Discuss
set-piece response," he said.        China.                               archives to help account for        Divide
     On Monday, the two sides             One is what Pentagon            American soldiers still listed as   Talks Show Key Issues Split the
agreed to set up a hotline           officials say is China’s             missing from the Korean War.        Two Powers; Movement on
following talks that both            aggressive modernization of its           When asked to respond to       Hotline
described as "candid," but they      armed forces. The other is its       American criticisms of the          By Yochi J. Dreazen
remained at odds over the            even        more       aggressive    military      and      expansion,        BEIJING -- Senior U.S.
scope of China's military            expansion of the economy and         General Cao, the defense            and Chinese defense officials
modernization         and       an   its growing global role.             minister, replied, “It has been a   traded compliments at the start
anti-satellite test.                      “China’s           increasing   normal deployment of our            of a two-day summit here, but
     Gates said his Chinese          political and economic stature       military force in our own           the two countries remained
counterpart, Cao Gangchuan,          calls for this country to take on    territory.”                         divided on key issues such as
had not adequately explained         a greater share of responsibility         Mr. Gates acknowledged         the future of Iran's nuclear
why Beijing shot down one of         for the health and success of        that he had made little             program.
its own satellites with a            the international system,” said      headway in getting answers               During          closed-door
ground-based         missile    in   Mr. Gates, who is making his         from the Chinese on their           meetings with visiting U.S.
January, a move that raised the      first visit to China since           unannounced test of an              Defense Secretary Robert
specter of a space arms race.        becoming defense secretary.          antisatellite weapon in January,    Gates, high-ranking Chinese
China says its space programs             Mr.      Gates,      standing   in which they destroyed an          officials reacted coolly to U.S.
are entirely for peaceful            alongside         Gen.         Cao   aging       Chinese      weather    calls for tougher economic
purposes.                            Gangchuan, China’s defense           satellite. Western governments      sanctions against Iran and
     Washington               also   minister, at a news conference,      pressed for an explanation, but     declined to address U.S.
persistently complains that          also said he had raised “the         the Chinese government took         concerns about China's recent
Beijing has failed to explain        uncertainty      over      China’s   nearly two weeks to publicly        test of an antisatellite weapon,
why its $45 billion military         military modernization and the       confirm the test and to say it      U.S. officials said.
budget is posting double-digit       need for greater transparency        had no plans for a space race.           Chinese Defense Minister
growth.                              to       allay       international   Worries over the circumstances      Cao Gangchuan also declined
     Comments by Gates and           concerns.”                           and motive of the test remain.      to respond to requests to
President Hu -- who said the              Pentagon officials describe          “I raised our concerns         provide details about the scope
visit would be "conducive for        China as a “peer competitor”         about it, and there was no          and purpose of China's
the building of a deeper trust       — hardly an adversary, often a       further discussion,” Mr. Gates      continuing military expansion,
between us" -- reflect a much        partner, yet not a reliable, close   said.                               U.S. officials said. Many U.S.
warmer relationship after the        ally. The defense secretary’s             Mr. Gates also said he had     policy makers are concerned
two militaries broke off contact     visit was intended to nurture        raised with his Chinese hosts       about       China's      military
in 2001 following a collision        this complex relationship and        “the importance of increased        spending, although Chinese
between a Chinese fighter jet        press      for     more       open   pressures” to persuade Iran to      officials have long stressed that
and a U.S. spy plane.                communication over military          drop any plans to develop           it is aimed at modernizing the
     Gates      said    he    had                                         nuclear weapons.                    country's armed forces.
                                                                                                                                       page 10
     The two powers have             weapon.                             importance of using all the          communications link in the
notably different agendas with            Mr. Cao told Mr. Gates         tools of diplomacy, not just         past -- most recently in June --
regard to Iran. The U.S.,            that China continues to oppose      discussions, but sanctions and       only to have plans become
focused on issues of terrorism       the U.S. push for tough             pressure. Just talking hasn't        ensnared in technical and
and     nuclear    proliferation,    economic sanctions against          gotten us very far with Iran."       bureaucratic          objections.
emphasizes the possible threat       Tehran, which China has also             Chinese military leaders        Comments by Cao left Beijing
of a nuclear Iran. China, by         largely stymied at the United       said nothing of U.S. requests        room to back off from
contrast, is concerned with          Nations, U.S. officials said.       that they stop selling military      implementing a hotline.
protecting its interests and              The Chinese stance came        supplies to Iran.                         "We will both urge the
investments in countries like        as a disappointment to the               Iran's nuclear program is       relevant departments [to] press
Iran, and ensuring that it has       U.S., with one U.S. defense         one of the most urgent issues        ahead with their technical
access to energy and other raw       official noting that the U.S.       for Gates in China. The Iranian      consultations and preparations
materials needed to fuel rapid       wants China to ultimately           issue was raised and the two         so the agreement can be
economic growth.                     agree to pressure Iran with "all    sides "agreed that it is             finalized," Cao said.
     Senior U.S. officials said      the tools of diplomacy, not just    important to pursue efforts to            The      lack    of    solid
that there were modest signs of      discussions but also sanctions      persuade         the       Iranian   agreements on the first day of
progress during Mr. Gates's          and pressure."                      government to change their           meetings was less significant
meetings with senior members              "Just talking hasn't gotten    behavior and their policies          than the tone of the talks, U.S.
of        China's         defense    us very far with Iran," the         peacefully, through diplomatic       officials said.
establishment.                       official added.                     means," Gates said.                       "This is not a trade
     At a joint news conference                                               U.S. Defense officials          negotiation. This is not us
here, Mr. Cao said he hoped                                              came to China promising to           asking for stuff and getting
his time with Mr. Gates would        Los Angeles Times                   ask questions on a host of           stuff from them at the end of
"further     enhance       mutual    November 6, 2007                    tricky issues. They asked            the meeting," the U.S. official
understanding and deepen our         7. China Tells U.S. It              China to be more forthright          said. "But ... the fact that the
friendship and cooperation."         Opposes A                           about its military spending.         secretary of Defense is here
     Mr. Cao said China was          Nuclear-Armed Iran                  And Gates was asked Monday           frankly discussing these issues
willing to move ahead on a           But Pentagon officials,             whether he had received a            with      the      Chinese     is
long-stalled U.S. proposal to        including Gates, make no            satisfactory answer about why        significant."
set up a direct military hotline     headway in Beijing on               China shot down a weather
between      Washington       and    sanctions or stopping military      satellite in January.
Beijing, according to U.S.                                                    American military officials     Washington Times
                                     sales to Iran.
officials. The telephone link                                            have said the debris field from      November 6, 2007
                                     By Julian E. Barnes, Los
has been under discussion                                                the explosion threatened other       Pg. 3
                                     Angeles Times Staff Writer
since 2003, and officials from            BEIJING      —      China's    satellites and could signal the      8. Chinese Still Silent
both countries believe that it       military leadership on Monday       expansion of China's military        On Space Weapons
would be an important sign           assured U.S. Defense Secretary      into space.                          Gates raises ‘concern’ in
that the two countries are           Robert M. Gates that it opposes          "I raised the concerns          Beijing
committed to working together        a nuclear-armed Iran.               about it and there was no            By Bill Gertz, Washington
to peacefully defuse future               But to the disappointment      further discussion," Gates said.     Times
crises.                              of Pentagon officials, on a visit        Senior Defense officials             China's defense minister
     U.S. officials said their       here for talks on a range of        said they viewed the Beijing         refused to discuss the recent
Chinese counterparts also            military issues between the two     meetings as a step toward            test of a new anti-satellite
made clear that they shared          countries, it appears the           prodding the Chinese into more       weapon, highlighting U.S.
U.S. concerns about Iran 's          Chinese position on Iran's          serious         and        candid    concerns      about     excessive
nuclear program.                     nuclear development, for now,       conversations        about     the   military secrecy, Defense
     "There was real agreement       will be no more than words.         country's military strategy.         Secretary Robert M. Gates said
on the need to thwart the                 Chinese military officials          At a news conference with       yesterday.
Iranian nuclear program," one        told       their      American      Gates,       Chinese     Defense          "With respect to the
senior U.S. official said. "They     counterparts that they believe      Minister Gen. Cao Gangchuan          anti-satellite test, I raised our
were      very     strong       in   "discussion" alone -- as            said the U.S. and Chinese            concerns about it, and there
saying...that a nuclear-armed        opposed to economic sanctions       navies would conduct a joint         was no further discussion," Mr.
Iran is something we're united       -- will dissuade Iran from          exercise, following up on a pair     Gates told reporters in Beijing
in opposing."                        building a nuclear weapon.          of rudimentary exercises this        after meeting with Defense
     U.S.                officials   Gates will make the case for        year. But Cao quickly added          Minister Cao Gangchuan.
acknowledged that the two            sanctions once more today,          that the next exercise would              The defense chiefs also
countries remained divided           when he meets with Chinese          occur "at the proper time."          discussed U.S. concerns about
over a host of issues, from U.S.     President Hu Jintao.                     Pentagon officials also         the lack of "transparency" on
calls for greater Chinese                 "That is where you get         hailed China's embrace of a          China's military buildup, joint
transparency about its military      your real answers," said a          dedicated hotline between the        efforts to dissuade Iran from
expansion to the question of         senior Defense official. "I         Pentagon and Beijing's military      building nuclear arms, and
how far the U.S. and its allies      continue to hope that on Iran       leadership.                          plans for a communications hot
should go in trying to prevent       we would get a stronger                  But the Chinese have            line linking the Pentagon to
Iran from acquiring a nuclear        understanding        of      the    agreed to establish that             China's military.
                                                                                                                                          page 11
     Mr. Gates spoke to                    Iran's leaders need to               On Monday, Defense              budget, programmed at $623
reporters at the start of a           "change their behavior and           Secretary Robert M. Gates,           billion for fiscal 2008.
weeklong visit to Asia. After         their    policies    peacefully,     who was in Beijing on a                   Gates said he also raised
leaving China, he will travel to      through diplomatic means,"           three-day visit, told reporters      U.S. concerns over China's
Japan and South Korea. The            Mr. Gates said, noting that he       that he and Chinese Defense          successful anti-satellite test in
Pentagon released a transcript        stressed the importance of           Minister      Cao     Gangchuan      January. He gave no indication
of the conference.                    using "increased economic            formally agreed to set up the        that Cao was forthcoming.
     "I raised with Minister          pressure" to persuade Tehran to      link, which amounts to a             Some U.S. specialists have
Cao the uncertainty over              "make different choices."            dedicated 24-hour phone line.        suggested the anti-satellite
China's military modernization             China, along with Russia,       Cao, more reserved, said the         program is aimed at developing
and the need for greater              is blocking U.S.-led efforts at      two leaders ordered technical        a threat to U.S. military
transparency         to       allay   the United Nations to impose         work to be stepped up but did        satellites and would be used for
international concerns," he           tougher sanctions on Iran for        not say when the line might be       weapons-targeting             and
said.                                 its refusal to halt a uranium        in operation.                        navigation during any crisis in
     The Beijing talks sought to      enrichment program that U.S.              "We reached agreement on        the Taiwan Strait.
"improve communications and           officials say is part of covert      implementation of a direct                On the other side, China's
reduce        the      risk      of   nuclear arms ambitions.              telephone link between our two       leadership has noted that the
misunderstanding," Mr. Gates                                               defense establishments," Gates       United States remains the main
said.                                                                      said. "We discussed the need to      arms supplier for Taiwan,
     The defense secretary met        Washington Post                      move forward and deepen our          which Beijing regards as a part
later with Gen. Guo Boxiong           November 6, 2007                     military-to-military dialogue,       of China, and is committed to
and Gen. Xu Caihou, vice              Pg. 16                               including that on nuclear            helping the self-ruled island
chairmen of the Communist             9. China And U.S. To                 policy strategy and doctrine.        defend itself. A crisis over
Party's      powerful       Central   Establish Military                   We agreed to enhance military        Taiwan could be the most
Military Commission, the              Hotline                              exchanges at all levels."            critical moment for use of the
organ that ultimately controls        By Edward Cody, Washington                In     2001,      a     U.S.    hotline, which has been under
military forces.                      Post Foreign Service                 reconnaissance plane collided        discussion since a meeting in
     The January anti-satellite            BEIJING, Nov. 5 -- China        with a Chinese interceptor off       2006      between      Hu     and
test involved a mobile,               and      the    United      States   southern China, setting off a        President Bush.
ground-based missile fired into       announced Monday that they           crisis that led to a freeze in            Guo Boxiong, a vice
space that shattered a weather        will set up a military hotline       contacts between the militaries.     chairman of the Communist
satellite in low earth orbit. It      between         Beijing        and   But in the past few years, those     Party's      Central      Military
was China's first successful test     Washington          to       avoid   contacts have gradually been         Commission, stressed the
of a satellite-killing system.        misunderstanding during any          renewed.       U.S.       military   Taiwan issue in a separate
     Defense officials said the       moments of crisis in the             authorities in the Pacific have      meeting with Gates. "We
test prompted new fears that          Pacific.                             said better communication            should properly handle the
the U.S. military could be                 The hotline, a safeguard        could help prevent China's           sensitive issues that may
crippled electronically in any        that the United States has           military from becoming an            influence the development of
conflict by China's destruction       promoted for some time,              adversary of U.S. forces in the      relations between the two
of      40      to      50     key    symbolizes an improvement in         region. Nevertheless, relations      countries and two armed
communications                 and    military relations between the       have remained clouded by             forces, especially the Taiwan
intelligence satellites.              two      countries.     It    also   mutual suspicion.                    issue," the official New China
     Air Force Lt. Gen. Daniel        underlines the degree to which            U.S. military and political     News Agency quoted him as
Leaf, deputy commander of the         China's rapidly improving            leaders      repeatedly      have    saying.
Honolulu-based U.S. Pacific           military has come to be seen as      questioned the goals of China's           Gates was on his first visit
Command, said last week that          a factor to be dealt with in the     military improvement program,        to China as defense secretary.
the Chinese test was not only         Asia-Pacific region.                 calling for more transparency.       In addition to the talks with
"inconsistent" with Chinese                China's Defense Ministry        Gates said he reiterated those       Cao, also a vice chairman of
statements "about peaceful rise,      long resisted the idea of such a     concerns in the talks with Cao,      the        Central        Military
but it's also dangerous not just      direct line, with officials noting   urging more contacts "to             Commission,         Gates     was
to military but to commercial         they have no such arrangement        improve communications and           scheduled to talk Tuesday with
space capabilities that are on        with any other country. But          reduce       the      risk      of   Hu, the party leader and
orbit today."                         Gen. Zhang Qinshen, the              misunderstanding."                   commander in chief of the
     "It was an extraordinarily       deputy chief of staff, said at a          The Chinese military            army.
bad choice," Gen. Leaf said.          Singapore security conference        budget rose to nearly $45
"To launch it and to put that         in June that China was ready to      billion this year, an increase of
debris field in low-earth orbit                                            almost 18 percent. Pentagon          Washington Post
                                      proceed. He did not explain
defies any logic I can think of."                                          specialists have said total          November 6, 2007
                                      what caused the change in
     On Iran, Mr. Gates said he                                            military expenditures could be       Pg. 1
                                      attitude, but President Hu
and Gen. Cao discussed "the           Jintao's government has made         several times that figure if         10. Lawyers Take On
importance of Iran not having         good relations with the United       weapons purchases were taken         Musharraf
nuclear weapons and of there          States a pillar of its foreign       into account. But China's            Thousands Demonstrate In
not being a proliferation             policy.                              spending still remains a             Cities Across Pakistan
problem with respect to Iran."                                             fraction of the U.S. military        By Griff Witte, Washington
                                                                                                                                           page 12
Post Foreign Service                  lawyers were injured, and           continued to round up activists       resume.
     ISLAMABAD, Pakistan,             hundreds        were    arrested.   from the mainstream political              The country's deposed
Nov. 5 -- Lawyers across              Musharraf adversaries said          parties.                              chief        justice,       Iftikhar
Pakistan demonstrated by the          larger protests are expected             Musharraf met in the             Mohammed                Chaudhry,
thousands Monday, demanding           later this week.                    morning with dozens of foreign        remained under house arrest
an end to emergency rule and               "We are determined that        diplomats, telling them he had        along with six other Supreme
vowing to keep up their dissent       until there is freedom for the      no choice but to declare an           Court judges who had tried to
until      President        Pervez    judges and the overturn of          emergency and suspend the             block Musharraf's declaration.
Musharraf resigns.                    emergency rule, this war will       constitution.                         All were fired.
     While      some     political    continue,"       said     Anwar          "I can assure you there               Chaudhry         issued       a
opponents and rights activists        Shaheen, a lawyer in Lahore.        will be harmony," he said,            statement through a spokesman
also participated in the protests     "They can't quiet us."              according        to      state-run    in which he said that his "home
-- the most significant since              Clashes            between     television. "Confidence will          is locked from the outside and
Musharraf declared emergency          authorities and protesters also     come       back       into      the   there is no way to go out."
rule Saturday -- it was the           took      place     Monday     in   government,         into       law         The opposition group led
lawyers who dominated. In             Islamabad, the capital, the         enforcement agencies, and             by former prime minister
recent months, they have              northwestern city of Peshawar,      Pakistan will start moving            Nawaz Sharif, one of the main
clashed repeatedly with a             the southern city of Karachi        again on the same track as we         targets of the government's
government they accuse of             and elsewhere. "Today we            were moving."                         raids, said it had decided to
interfering with the judiciary,       make a solemn pledge that we             Musharraf declined to give       back the lawyers in a
and on Monday, they voiced            will continue our struggle till     details of when elections would       nationwide movement against
outrage over the president's          our last breath," Fida Gul, a       be held or when he would step         Musharraf.
decision to suspend the               lawyer, told a rowdy group of       down as army chief, as he had              But the nation's largest
constitution and fire a group of      protesters in Peshawar.             promised to do. One Western           opposition party, the Pakistan
dissident      Supreme       Court         For several hours Monday,      diplomat called the meeting           People's Party, led by former
justices.                             reports circulated across the       "uncomfortable and tense" and         prime minister Benazir Bhutto,
     The Pakistani government         country that Musharraf had          said that Musharraf was               is in a trickier spot. Bhutto had
made clear that it would brook        been overthrown by a group of       "dismissive" of objections to         spent months before the
no       opposition,       swiftly    subordinate generals. The           his decision.                         imposition of emergency rule
deploying police with tear gas        rumors proved untrue, but that           The U.S. ambassador,             negotiating         a      possible
and batons to beat back               did not stop some people from       Anne W. Patterson, told               power-sharing         arrangement
demonstrators.                        distributing       sweets      in   Musharraf of Washington's             with Musharraf that might have
     Political     parties      are   celebration,        and      they   concern about his government's        allowed her to become prime
expected to join the protests in      underscored       the   air    of   "extraordinarily heavy-handed         minister.
the coming days, although it          uncertainty that prevails in        measures," including the arrest            Musharraf's
remains unclear to what extent        Pakistan.                           Sunday of 70 human rights             announcement, she said in an
members will turn out in the               Musharraf said in an           workers. "It would be hard to         interview       Monday        night,
streets. Opposition leaders said      interview with the Reuters          imagine       a     group     less    violated      their     agreement.
that several thousand party           news agency that the report of      threatening to the security of        Bhutto said that her supporters
activists,      human        rights   his ouster was "a joke of the       Pakistan and more in accord           would protest in the garrison
advocates and lawyers have            highest order," adding that he      with the democratic values you        city of Rawalpindi on Friday,
been taken into custody since         planned to play tennis later in     have espoused," Patterson said,       although she played down
Saturday in a bid by the              the day.                            according to the diplomat, who        predictions of the kind of
government to snuff out the                On Saturday, Musharraf         spoke      on     condition      of   massive crowds that greeted
anti-government        movement       said he had declared an             anonymity.                            her return from exile last
before it can gain traction.          emergency in the interest of             In the first tangible step it    month. She said she still hopes
     Meanwhile,        authorities    fighting terrorism. But top         has taken against Musharraf           that Musharraf will reverse
defied mounting domestic and          Musharraf aides have conceded       since Saturday, the United            course, adding that protests
international pressure to end         that his primary motivation         States     postponed       annual     would help.
emergency rule and schedule           was an impending Supreme            defense talks with Pakistan that           "Our goal is to get
parliamentary elections that are      Court decision that would have      were due to begin Tuesday.            Musharraf to revive the
supposed to be held by                disqualified him from serving       The Dutch government went             constitution, to retire as chief
January. President Bush urged         another term.                       much further, becoming the            of army staff by November 15
Pakistan to "restore democracy             Musharraf aides have said      first country to suspend aid to       and to have the elections held
as quickly as possible," but          the government has no plans to      Pakistan as a result of the           on schedule," Bhutto said.
stopped short of saying that the      use the emergency to launch an      emergency declaration.                     Other opposition parties
moves by Musharraf, a top             offensive against insurgents in          The Pakistani government         have said they do not believe
U.S. ally in counterterrorism         the northwest, where the            kept independent domestic             free and fair elections are
efforts, would affect U.S. aid.       military        has      suffered   news stations, as well as the         possible under Musharraf, but
     The largest rally Monday         embarrassing losses recently.       BBC and CNN, off the air for          Bhutto disagreed.
took place in the eastern city of     On Sunday, authorities freed        the third straight day, and                Asked if she would meet
Lahore, where lawyers and             30 Taliban fighters in exchange     Pakistani journalists said they       with Musharraf, Bhutto said,
police battled at the city's High     for more than 200 captured          had been given no timetable           "He hasn't asked me to meet
Court      complex.        Several    soldiers, even as police            for when transmissions might          him."
                                                                                                                                         page 13
    Correspondent Emily Wax         free of Al Qaeda's influence,        doing so.                            and demining and related
in   Lahore    and   special        have not advanced under                   The US Embassy said that        programs, or NADR.
correspondent Imtiaz Ali in         Musharraf.                           a      US-Pakistan        Defense         All such funding requests
Peshawar contributed to this             "We have to start by            Consultative Group meeting to        are through the Department of
report.                             acknowledging that we don't          be held in Islamabad this week       State.
                                    have that many options in this       has been postponed – awaiting             "It's fair to say that we are
                                    relationship. And we should          "conditions [that] are more          reviewing all of our assistance
Christian Science Monitor           take our history with Pakistan       conducive to achieve the             programs,"         said       Bryan
November 6, 2007                    into account, which shows that       important objectives of the          Whitman, a spokesman at the
Pg. 1                               any sticks we've wielded or          meeting."                            Pentagon Monday.
11. Why U.S. Sticks By              sanctions      we've     imposed          Such signals to the                  Some observers have
Musharraf                           haven't had direct impact on         Pakistani      military     could    drawn       attention      to    the
The Bush administration is not      Pakistan's actions," says Karl       indirectly influence Musharraf       differences in approach of the
likely to break with the            Inderfurth, a former assistant       to step back from actions that       Bush administration to recent
Pakistani general, given his        secretary for South Asian            he claims are directed at            antidemocratic measures by the
backing in the fight against        affairs who is now at George         Islamic militants but have           military junta in Burma (also
Islamic extremism.                  Washington University. "But          come across more as a personal       known as Myanmar) and
By Howard LaFranchi, Staff          we need to be engaged with the       power grab.                          Musharraf's moves. Bush was
writer of The Christian Science     Pakistanis in this time of crisis.        "The      most     important    quick to publicly condemn
Monitor                             Our action should be nuanced         actions the US can take are          Burma's leaders and to push for
     WASHINGTON                --   and broad-based, and we              those that will catch the            international sanctions. He was
America's safety and the            should be consulting the             attention of the Pakistani           initially silent on Pakistan, but
demands of the war on terror        international community on           military, which has never liked      was expected to make a
trump immediate concerns            this."                               being at loggerheads with the        comment Monday afternoon.
about democracy in Pakistan.             Secretary       of      State   Americans,"       says     Husain    The responses suggest both the
     That Bush administration       Condoleezza Rice reiterated          Haqqani, a former Pakistani          difference in the two country's
perspective explains why the        Monday the US view that "the         government official now at           strategic importance to the US
US – as disturbed as it may be      best path for Pakistan is to         Boston University's Center for       and the opportunity the US
by Pakistani President Pervez       quickly       return      to     a   International Relations.             may have for influencing
Musharraf's declaration of a        constitutional path and then to           The US military may be          Pakistan, Haqqani says.
state of emergency – is             hold elections." That came           focused on Pakistan's fight               "Of course Pakistan has a
expected to refrain from steps      after earlier comments she           with extremists, he says, but        central role in the international
that could weaken Pakistan's        made – echoed by the White           the country's rising political       confrontation with terrorism
leader. President Bush has          House – that no US action            instability does not necessarily     that was not a factor in
regarded Mr. Musharraf as a         would be taken to jeopardize         mean US military officials will      addressing Burma," he says.
major ally in the fight against     the Pakistani military's battle      favor a kid-glove approach to        "But it is also true that Burma's
Islamic extremism.                  with Al Qaeda insurgents and         Musharraf. "They will see that       military rulers are quite ready
     So while US officials talk     their supporters in remote tribal    if Musharraf is going to             to dismiss outside pressures,
about reviewing the billions of     territories.                         commit more troops to                but that is not the case with
dollars in mostly military               "I would be very surprised      controlling demonstrators and        Pakistan's rulers or the people
assistance Pakistan receives        if anyone wants [President           riots in the streets, that will      in general. Most sectors of
from the US, a break with           Bush] to ignore or set aside our     mean less attention to the war       Pakistani society wish to avoid
Musharraf         over        his   concerns about terrorism,"           on terror," says Mr. Haqqani.        isolation from the rest of the
authoritarian turn is seen as       Secretary Rice said shortly               Pentagon officials say that     world."
improbable. Anything more           after Musharraf declared a state     US review of aid to Pakistan              Still, Mr. Inderfurth says
than intensified diplomacy –        of emergency Saturday.               includes current funding and         almost any punitive action the
calling for a restoration of             A        White         House    what has been proposed under         US might consider against
rights     and    for    holding    spokesman had a similar              the 2008 budget request from         Musharraf         could       easily
scheduled elections as soon as      comment: "We're obviously            the Department of State. That        backfire and end up hurting US
possible – is unlikely, at least    not going to do anything that        includes $300 million in             interests.
over the short term.                will undermine the war on            foreign military financing, $2            Pointing to the sale of 32
     Although most analysts         terror," said Gordon Johndroe.       million      for     international   F-16s that Congress has
agree that the US options for            Rice says Washington will       military education and training,     approved, Inderfurth says, "To
influencing Musharraf are           review its aid to Pakistan,          and another $32 million for          cut off that [sale] might seem
limited, they also say the time     which has received about $11         international narcotics and          like a logical place to show our
has come for a new Pakistan         billion in US assistance since it    law-enforcement programs.            displeasure – until you
policy       that     is     less   became a close ally in fighting           Also, as part of the foreign    consider that such a move
Musharraf-centric.           The    terrorism after the Sept. 11,        military-sales           program,    would do more to jeopardize
military ruler, they say, may       2001, terrorist attacks.             Congress has approved the sale       the broad Pakistani public's
not last long at the helm of a           As it tries to influence        of 32 F-16 jet fighters, half of     estimation of the US than to
nuclear power in a volatile         Musharraf, the United States         which are new. The aid               undermine         the      Pakistani
region. In addition, it is          may seek to pressure the             package also includes about          military."
increasingly clear that US          Pakistani military – and indeed      $10       million      for     the        Noting           that       the
interests in a stable Pakistan,     is already showing signs of          nonproliferation antiterrorism       long-sought         F-16s      have
                                                                                                                                          page 14
become a public symbol of             contribute greatly to winning             At    the     same     time,   Westerners who said it was did
how "the US is not a true             the war on terrorism.”              Pakistani        analysts      are   not understand his nation.
friend of Pakistan," Inderfurth            General Musharraf invited      increasingly          questioning         “Please do not expect or
says, "It's just another example      Islamabad’s diplomatic corps        General               Musharraf’s    demand        your     level     of
of how complicated this crucial       to his official residence on        contention that emergency rule       democracy, which you learned
relationship is, and how much         Monday to brief them on the         was needed to help him fight         over a number of centuries,” he
attention it's going to require       situation and on his reasons for    terrorism. Across the country,       said. “We are also trying to
over the coming months."              declaring emergency rule. But       policemen and intelligence           learn and we are doing well.
                                      two Western diplomats said the      agents have been diverted from       Please give us time.”
                                      encounter only reinforced           hunting terrorists to arresting           General Musharraf singled
New York Times                        concerns        that     General    lawyers, who apparently are          out the Supreme Court, led by
November 6, 2007                      Musharraf was more focused          being assessed as the greater        Chief        Justice       Iftikhar
Pg. 1                                 on vanquishing his political        threat to the general’s rule.        Muhammad          Chaudhry,       a
News Analysis                         rivals     than    on    fighting         These analysts argue that      former loyalist turned political
12. A Detour From A                   terrorism.                          the extraordinary steps General      rival. A close aide to General
Battle Against Terror                      At the meeting, the general    Musharraf has taken against          Musharraf accused the court of
By David Rohde                        primarily railed against his        Pakistan’s courts and its news       making politically popular
      ISLAMABAD, Pakistan,            political     opponents,     with   media will in any case have          decisions that played on
Nov. 5 — While Gen. Pervez            special venom reserved for the      little effect in Pakistan’s tribal   anti-Americanism                but
Musharraf         justified     his   Supreme Court. When asked           areas, where Al Qaeda and            hampered the government’s
emergency rule decree as              by a diplomat to describe           other groups are thriving.           ability to fight militants.
helping him combat terrorism,         specific plans to crack down on     Federal judges have limited               In one case cited by
it could end up weakening his         terrorists, General Musharraf       jurisdiction in the tribal areas     General Musharraf in his
ability to rein in the Qaeda          gave only a vague answer.           and journalists are barred from      speech, the court released 61
militants      who       ultimately        “He effectively dodged the     traveling alone there.               men suspected of militancy. It
threaten American interests.          question and turned to the                “He was already free to do     also      reopened       hard-line
      In fact, Western diplomats      military presence in the room       whatever he wanted to do in          religious schools shuttered by
here said, each step the              and asked them to organize a        the tribal areas,” said Rasul        the government.
president takes to strengthen         briefing for ambassadors,” said     Baksh Rais, a leading Pakistani           Nawas Abbasi, one of the
his hold on power in the name         one of the Western diplomats.       political scientist. “This does      lawyers who protested Monday
of stability generates instability    “It wasn’t very clear in terms      not place Musharraf in a better      in Islamabad, said that two
of its own.                           of what was actually being          position.”                           judges appointed by General
      On Monday, President            done.”                                    Until now, the United          Musharraf voted for the
Bush urged General Musharraf               The      second     Western    States has strongly supported        prisoners to be freed and
to hold elections and give up         diplomat said: “There was           military rule in Pakistan,           dismissed the criticism. But a
his army post, though he gave         serious concern that terrorism      saying that General Musharraf        Western diplomat said the
little indication of any real         and security was not front and      was needed to guarantee the          court had acted “foolishly,”
change in American policy,            center. What was really             stability of an impoverished,        appearing more interested at
which         has        bankrolled   amazing was him going on and        nuclear-armed nation of 165          times in scoring points against
Pakistan’s military with $10          on and on about how bad the         million that sits on the front       the general than in combating
billion in aid since 2001.            judiciary was.”                     line of American efforts to          terrorism.
      But Western diplomats                During the meeting, Anne       fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban.           Yet even former military
and Pakistani political analysts      W. Patterson, the American                But this spring, with          officials contend that General
said the general’s move may           ambassador, complained to           General Musharraf’s popularity       Musharraf has had five years to
sap his anemic public support         General Musharraf about the         fading, the Americans and the        contain militancy in the tribal
and has already diverted              “extraordinarily heavy-handed       British began promoting a            areas and enact other reforms,
thousands of policemen and            measures” he had used, in           transition to democratic rule as     but that he has failed. This was
intelligence       agents     from    particular the arrest of human      a central element to countering      particularly the case in the past
fighting terrorism to enforce         rights activists. “It would be      militancy. That effort is now        year, they said, as more and
his crackdown.                        hard to imagine a group less        lagging.                             more of his attention was
      While they agree that           threatening to the security of            “We need the moderate          absorbed by maneuvering to
some of General Musharraf’s           Pakistan,” she said, according      majority in Pakistan to be           keep his hold on power.
arguments have merit, they            to a diplomat.                      rallied,”     David     Miliband,         They contend that having
also argue that his attempts to            Other diplomats at the         Britain’s foreign secretary, said    the country’s senior military
hold on to power run the risk         meeting made similar points,        at a news conference in              commanders focus solely on
of placing his own political          but General Musharraf, who          London. “And the only way            fighting militants — and not on
future above the nation’s.            did not wear his uniform but        they can be rallied is through       the hothouse politics of
      “It may be a short-term         wore traditional Pakistani          the democratic process.”             Islamabad — will lead to better
Band-Aid        for     his    own    clothing,               appeared          In a speech a few hours        results. And civilians will be
survival,” said a Western             unconvinced, the diplomats          after he declared martial law on     better able to reform civilian
diplomat,        speaking        on   said. He said he was concerned      Saturday night, the president        agencies.
condition of anonymity, “but in       that the ambassadors from           rejected       that     argument.         “The major reason for
the end — or even the middle          developed countries did not         Pakistan, he said, was not           militancy is lack of democracy
term — it isn’t going to              “understand Pakistan.”              ready for democracy, and             and governance,” said Talat
                                                                                                                                         page 15
Masood, a political analyst and      detained hundreds of lawyers         would be no delay in the             years, and postponed defense
retired general. “They’ve been       and opposition politicians after     election, and by Nov. 15, these      talks with Pakistan due this
overlooked for short-term            taking emergency powers              [national     and     provincial]    week.
gains, and there are not even        Saturday, a move seen as             assemblies will be dissolved,             However,             Defense
short-term gains anymore.”           designed to pre-empt a               and elections will be held           Secretary Robert M. Gates,
     As General Musharraf met        Supreme Court ruling on his          within the next 60 days,” said       traveling in China, said the
with diplomats in Islamabad          re-election as president last        Attorney General Malik Abdul         United States was “mindful not
and the police arrested lawyers,     month. It was not clear whether      Qayyum.                              to do anything that would
another sign of the troubled         the      general      had      the        There is no indication of       undermine                 ongoing
military effort in the tribal        constitutional right to stand for    when Gen. Musharraf will lift        counterterrorism efforts.”
areas      emerged       Monday.     another term while still head of     emergency rule, which he                  In Islamabad, several
Government               officials   the army.                            justified by citing a hostile        hundred lawyers protested
confirmed that they had                   Police yesterday used tear      judiciary and rising Islamic         outside the lower courts,
reached a peace agreement            gas against stone- throwing          militancy. However, he said          chanting “Go, Musharraf, Go,”
with Baitullah Mehsud, one of        lawyers in the eastern city of       yesterday he plans to relinquish     and      “The       dictator    is
the area’s most powerful             Lahore, and wielded batons to        his      military     role      in   unacceptable,” until police
militant commanders.                 break up another protest by          nucleararmed Pakistan.               removed them by force.
     The government released         dozens outside the High Court             “I am determined to                  “We are not scared of
25 of Mr. Mehsud’s militants         in Karachi.                          execute this third stage of          these arrests. We will continue
in exchange for 213 army                  Authorities     had      said   transition fully, and I’m            our fight, come what may,”
soldiers captured by Mr.             Sunday         that     scheduled    determined to remove my              said Karachi lawyer Abdul
Mehsud’s forces in August.           elections could be delayed for       uniform once we correct these        Hafeez, one of hundreds of
The army also agreed to              as long as a year, raising           pillars in the judiciary and the     lawyers arrested yesterday, as
withdraw soldiers from the           concern in Washington.               executive and the parliament,”       police bundled him into a car.
area     inhabited     by     Mr.         President Bush yesterday        he said on staterun Pakistan              Several judges were held
Mehsud’s tribe in South              called on Gen. Musharraf to          Television.                          incommunicado in their homes
Waziristan and allow members         end emergency rule and hold               Gen. Musharraf, who             after    refusing      to    back
of the Frontier Corps, a lightly     free elections, but reiterated the   seized power in 1999, had to         emergency rule.
armed paramilitary force, to         U.S. position that Pakistan          dismiss rumors sweeping the               Among         them       was
patrol the area instead.             remains a strong ally against        country that he was put under        dismissed Chief Justice Iftikhar
     Mr. Mehsud pledged to           terrorism.                           house arrest.                        Chaudhry, who became a
expel all foreigners from the             “We expect there to be               Since Pakistan was formed       symbol of resistance to Gen.
area by Jan. 1 and to dismantle      elections as soon as possible,       in 1947 by the partition of          Musharraf’s rule after defying
training camps. But he               and that the president should        India after British colonial rule,   pressure to quit in March.
declined to promise not to           remove his military uniform,”        it has reeled from one crisis to          “It is the duty of all
dispatch        fighters        to   Mr. Bush said.                       another and spent half its 60        citizens of the country and
Afghanistan, where suicide                “At the same time, we           years ruled by generals.             lawyers in particular to
bombings against American            want to continue working with             Prime Minister Shaukat          continue their struggle for the
and NATO forces have soared          him to fight these terrorists and    Aziz said cases before the           supremacy of the constitution,
this year.                           extremists.”                         Supreme Court, including             rule of law, independence of
     Salman              Masood           However,                  the   challenges to Gen. Musharraf’s       judiciary and real democracy,”
contributed reporting from           administration also disputed         re-election,     had     to     be   Justice Chaudhry said in a
Islamabad, and Ismail Khan           Gen. Musharraf’s stated reason       concluded         before       the   statement.
from Peshawar, Pakistan.             for the takeover.                    parliamentary election, which             There also have been mass
                                          A senior administration         is supposed to transform             detentions of political activists.
                                     official said the Pakistani          Pakistan into a civilian-led              Staff writer Jon Ward
Washington Times                     government reported early last       democracy.                           contributed to this report.
November 6, 2007                     week it was concerned about               “We don’t want to disrupt
Pg. 1                                actions by the Pakistani             the election process. We want a
13. Pakistani Vote Back              Supreme Court that would             free election,” he said at a news    New York Times
On                                   “disqualify [Gen. Musharraf]         conference.                          November 6, 2007
Musharraf Bows To Pressure           from being president altogether           Security has deteriorated       Pg. 12
From U.S.                            and strip him of his                 since July, when commandos           14. Bush Urges
By Kamran Haider, Reuters            presidency.”                         stormed      Islamabad’s      Red    Musharraf To Reverse
News Agency                               “They were concerned            Mosque to crush an armed             Course But Signals No
     ISLAMABAD, Pakistan             about the activities of the          Islamist movement. Since then,       Penalty If He Doesn't
— Pakistan, under pressure           Supreme Court, which they            nearly 800 people have been          By Mark Mazzetti
from the Bush administration,        thought was really acting            killed     in     militant-linked         WASHINGTON, Nov. 5
said yesterday it will hold a        beyond its mandate,” the             violence, half of them by            — President Bush on Monday
national        election   by        official said.                       suicide attacks.                     urged Gen. Pervez Musharraf,
mid-January, and President                Mr.      Bush’s      message         The United States put           the Pakistani president, to hold
Pervez Musharraf pledged to          appeared to have been heard in       future aid to Pakistan under         elections and give up his army
quit the military.                   Islamabad.                           review, after having provided        post “as soon as possible,” but
     Gen.      Musharraf  has             “It has been decided there      $10 billion over the past five
                                                                                                                                       page 16
gave no indication that the         interviewed, spoke on the            Pakistani officials about the         You don’t.”
general’s      imposition      of   condition       of     anonymity     possibility of an emergency               Marc Santora and Steven
emergency rule would bring          because he was not authorized        declaration a week ago. That          Lee     Myers    contributed
about any significant change in     to discuss the subject publicly.     prompted a frantic and                reporting.
American policy.                         Democratic       presidential   unsuccessful        effort       by
      The comments were the         candidates have seized on the        administration officials —
first by Mr. Bush since General     weekend’s events to criticize        though not Mr. Bush himself           New York Daily News
Musharraf’s move over the           the close ties the White House       — to persuade General                 November 6, 2007
weekend           ignited       a   has nurtured with General            Musharraf’s government not to         15. Fear Of Al Qaeda
constitutional crisis. Mr. Bush     Musharraf since the Sept. 11         go ahead with its plan.               Getting Nukes
would not comment about what        attacks. Aid has included more            “What we think we ought          By James Gordon Meek, Daily
the United States might do if       than $10 billion in assistance,      to be doing is using our various      News Washington Bureau
the Pakistani leader ignored the    most of it to the military, to       forms of influence at this point           WASHINGTON — It’s
pleas, saying only, “I hope he      help root out Qaeda and              in time to help a friend who we       unlikely a Pakistani nuclear
takes my advice.”                   Taliban operatives in the            think has done something              missile will fall into Al Qaeda
      Mr. Bush also praised         country’s mountainous tribal         ill-advised,” the official said.      hands if President Gen. Pervez
General Musharraf as a “strong      areas.                                    The official said the Bush       Musharraf is toppled, but the
fighter against extremists and           Senator Hillary Rodham          administration       had      been    Bush administration can’t
radicals.”                          Clinton, Democrat of New             “encouraged” by indications           swear it won’t happen.
      Over the past year, senior    York,      called    the    Bush     from Islamabad that General                “You can never rule that
lawmakers in Congress have          administration’s approach to         Musharraf may still be willing        out,” a U.S. official familiar
sometimes warned that aid to        Pakistan          “fundamentally     to hold elections in the near         with intelligence on Pakistan
Pakistan could be in jeopardy       incoherent.” Yet neither Mrs.        future and that the political         told the Daily News yesterday.
if General Musharraf did not        Clinton nor any of her fellow        crisis could be solved in the         “We view it as unlikely — at
act      aggressively     against   candidates offered details           coming days.                          this point.”
Islamic militants, and White        about how they would chart a              Of the more than $10                  Pakistan’s          nuclear
House         officials     have    different course than the one        billion in American assistance        stockpile is under military
sometimes used those threats in     that the White House has             since the Sept. 11 attacks, over      control and estimates put it at
private meetings to press the       followed for the past six years.     $6 billion has been to                between 24 and 100 ballistic
Pakistani leader.                        Senator Joseph R. Biden         Pakistan’s military for what its      missiles, many presumably
      But there was no sign on      Jr., Democrat of Delaware, the       says are efforts to fight Islamic     aimed at India.
Monday       that     Democratic    chairman of the Senate Foreign       militants, according to a study            Even if Musharraf was
leaders in Congress would try       Relations Committee, said in         by the Center for Strategic and       killed or forced out, it “seems
to push Mr. Bush to cut aid to      an interview on Monday that it       International      Studies,       a   remote” that there would be a
Pakistan now. Senator Jack          was likely that General              Washington-based         research     danger of the weapons falling
Reed, Democrat of Rhode             Musharraf decided he could           group.                                into extremists’ hands, agreed
Island, a member of the Armed       defy the United States in part            Just over 10 percent of the      exCIA Pakistan station chief
Services Committee who has          because “we convinced him we         aid has been used for                 Robert Grenier.
publicly criticized Pakistan        had a buddy here that no             humanitarian assistance in                 “Is there a near-term
over its efforts to counter         administration was going to          Pakistan, according to the            worry? I would say no,” said
terrorism, said that it was         walk away from.”                     study, and another $1.6 billion       Grenier, now with the security
important to maintain a                  Senator       Biden     said    has been sent in part to buy          firm Kroll.
“constructive dialogue” with        General Musharraf should             big-ticket weapons such as                 Concerns were raised
Pakistan and that dialogue          proceed with elections in            F-16 jets and P-3 Orion patrol        when Musharraf declared a
could be lost if Congress were      January, set up an independent       aircraft.                             state of emergency last week
to reduce the flow of money to      commission to ensure that the             It is this last category —       and imposed a form of martial
Islamabad.                          elections are fair and reach a       weapons that Pakistan has             law. Pakistan is the birthplace
      A Bush administration         political deal with Benazir          sought primarily to keep pace         of Al Qaeda and is the likely
official who works on Pakistan      Bhutto, the former prime             with rival India — that               hiding place of Osama Bin
issues acknowledged that with       minister who the United States       officials said Monday could get       Laden, who has tried to acquire
the United States having            hopes can negotiate a power          the closest scrutiny from             a nuclear bomb.
already invested so much in         sharing arrangement with the         Congress. Lawmakers may be                 As for whether the U.S.
General Musharraf, there was        general. “If that didn’t work        willing to put restrictions on        could secure missile sites using
little Washington could do in       out, I’d get on the right side of    future payments for high-tech         special forces— or even locate
response to the Pakistani           history. I’d cut off support,” he    weapons that are less critical        them all — if the crisis
president’s actions that did not    said.                                for             counterterrorism      deepened, Grenier said, “I
have the potential to undermine          Mr. Bush’s call for swift       operations.                           wouldn’t bet on it.”
American goals.                     elections was reinforced by               “Do you need an F-16 to               Musharraf’s      weakening
      “When you owe the bank a      Secretary of State Condoleezza       deliver ordnance on a mud             hold on power has “everyone
million dollars, you have a         Rice in a private phone call to      hut?” said a senior Democratic        worried,”      said      Vincent
problem; but when you owe           Pakistan’s leader on Monday.         congressional aide who said he        Cannistraro, another former
the bank $100 million, the               A senior administration         expected lawmakers to at least        CIA official.
bank has a problem,” he said.       official said the administration     consider putting strings on                Benazir     Bhutto,    who
The official, like some others      began to hear warnings from          future payments to Pakistan.          returned from exile to share
                                                                                                                                         page 17
power with him, told CNN              Islamist      extremists      and   Erdogan, Mr. Bush declined to         Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki,
yesterday that safeguards over        Al-Qaeda fighters.                  say how the United States             to do more to crack down on
the nuclear stockpile “could               And Washington warned          would respond if Turkish              the Kurdish rebels.
weaken” because of the                Monday that ties between the        forces entered northern Iraq,              On       Saturday,     after
political chaos. Another top          two countries would not             dismissing it as a hypothetical       Secretary of State Condoleezza
Pakistani official told The           remain the same unless              question that, he said, Mr.           Rice met in Istanbul with Mr.
News that losing control of           Musharraf reverses course on        Erdogan himself had asked.            Erdogan and Mr. Maliki, the
even a single missile is as           the state of emergency and               Instead,      Mr.        Bush    Iraqi authorities shut down the
remote as “a giant asteroid           steers Pakistan back to             promised that the American            offices of a political party
hitting the Earth.”                   democracy.                          and Turkish militaries — allies       affiliated with the P.K.K.
     In       recent       years,          Washington has accorded        in NATO — would work                       The White House has also
Musharraf’s regime has moved          Islamabad, a key ally in the        together to fight the Kurdistan       not publicly objected to what
to solidify command and               war on terror, some $11 billion     Workers’ Party, or P.K.K.,            American officials have called
control over the nuclear              in financial and military aid       which he called “an enemy of          limited strikes against Kurdish
deterrent so that no one official     since 2001.                         Turkey, a free Iraq and the           positions in northern Iraq.
is in charge of it, including the          Whitman did not specify        United States of America.”                 Earlier,    Mr.    Erdogan
president, sources said.              which aid programs were under            “I can tell you that we —        struck a skeptical note,
                                      review.                             he asked what would my                indicating in an appearance at
                                           Funding for Pakistan's         reaction be if there was an           the National Press Club that he
Wall Street Journal (         operations under operation          attack,” Mr. Bush said, sitting       had not yet ruled out more
November 5, 2007                      Enduring Freedom represent          beside Mr. Erdogan in the Oval        aggressive steps.
16. Pentagon: US,                     "about $80 million a month,"        Office.     “Well,      that’s    a        “Turkey has no patience
Pakistan To Continue                  he said. "So far $5.3 billion has   hypothetical question. But            left to deal with mechanisms
Joint Military Ops                    been repaid to Pakistan" since      what we did talk about is to          which have been dragging over
     WASHINGTON                       the beginning of the operation.     make sure that there is good          time, which were tried but did
(AFP)--Washington              and         The Pakistani military is      enough intelligence so that we        not yield any results,” he said.
Islamabad will continue joint         also due to receive some $300       can help deal with a common           “Turkey expects from the
military operations along the         million for the 2008 fiscal year,   problem, and that problem is a        United States and the central
border       with      Afghanistan    as well as about $2 million         terrorist organization called         Iraqi government concrete and
despite the turmoil rocking           dollars designated for military     P.K.K.”                               urgent steps which will put a
Pakistan, U.S. defense officials      training.                                A White House official           final end to P.K.K. terrorism
said Monday.                               Other U.S. assistance goes     said that the United States and       emanating from northern Iraq.”
     "As far as I know, with          towards funding anti-drug and       Turkey        already       shared
respect      to     our    borders    weapon          non-proliferation   significant       amounts        of
                                      programs.                           intelligence about the Kurdish        Washington Post
operations coordination, our
                                           Islamabad also benefits        rebels, who use the mountains         November 6, 2007
military       operations,     that
                                      from sales of American arms,        of northern Iraq, part of the         Pg. 14
continues. That said, I wouldn't
want to speculate for the             Whitman said, adding that in        Kurdish homeland, as a base           18. Number Of
future,"        said     Pentagon     2006 the U.S. Congress              for raids into Turkey.                Displaced Iraqis Has
spokesman Bryan Whitman.              approved the sale of 36 F-16             Those        raids        have   Soared, Aid Group Says
     "We are reviewing all of         fighter jets to Pakistan,           increased, including an attack        By Amit R. Paley, Washington
our assistance programs, but          although he was unsure if they      last month that killed 12             Post Foreign Service
we need to be mindful not to          have arrived yet.                   Turkish soldiers, raising the              BAGHDAD, Nov. 5 --
hurt the counter-terrorism                                                specter of a conflict between         The number of Iraqis fleeing
relations," he added, repeating                                           Turkey and Iraq that could            their homes has more than
                                      New York Times                      leave American forces in Iraq
the same message given by                                                                                       quadrupled since the U.S. troop
                                      November 6, 2007                    in an uncomfortable spot in the
Defense Secretary Robert                                                                                        buildup began in February,
                                      Pg. 10                              middle.
Gates earlier Monday during a                                                                                   leaving 2.3 million Iraqis
visit to Beijing.                     17. Bush Pledges To                      Mr.      Bush’s       pledges    displaced and further dividing
     Pakistani President Gen.         Help Turkey On                      underscored the urgency of the        the country along sectarian
Pervez Musharraf on Saturday          Intelligence                        administration’s efforts to head      lines, according to a new report
imposed emergency rule on his         By Steven Lee Myers                 off a Turkish attack, which           from the Iraqi Red Crescent
nuclear-armed nation of 160                WASHINGTON, Nov. 5             Turkey’s       Parliament       has   Society.
million people, citing growing        — President Bush pledged            already voted to authorize.                The      figures,    which
Islamic extremism and hostile         Monday         to        increase        Since then the Bush              measured the number of
judges.                               intelligence cooperation with       administration has strongly and       internally displaced people at
     Top U.S. officials reacted       Turkey in its fight against         publicly         opposed          a   the end of September, present a
swiftly, saying Washington's          Kurdish rebels, hoping to head      Congressional            resolution   grim accounting of the
aid       to       the     staunch    off any significant Turkish         declaring the mass killings of        humanitarian crisis unfolding
war-on-terrorism ally was             military operation in Iraq.         Armenians by the Ottoman              as Shiite militias and Sunni
under review, but warned                   Meeting in the White           Empire in World War I as              insurgent       groups     drive
against expecting a freeze or         House with Turkey’s prime           genocide, a sensitive issue for       civilians, usually from the
cuts in assistance to battle          minister,     Recep       Tayyip    Turkey. It has also pressed           opposite sect, out of their
                                                                          Iraqi leaders, including Prime
                                                                                                                                      page 18
homes, neighborhoods and            Staff Writers                        resources and face hardships         Council member was gunned
cities.                                  BAGHDAD — Iraq's                such as unemployment, poor           down, and the deputy prime
     More than 83 percent of        displaced     population      has    medical care and inadequate          minister reported the slaying of
those displaced were women          grown to 2.3 million people,         schooling. This week Iraq's          one of his guards.
and children, and most children     the Iraqi Red Crescent Society       parliament voted to give a                Hamad Abdul Latif, 63,
were younger than 12, the           said Monday on the heels of a        monthly stipend equivalent to        the council member from the
report found. Most lived in         warning         by        another    $120 to each displaced family.       Karada district of central
Baghdad. Many lack adequate         humanitarian aid group that               Abdul-Samad         Rahman      Baghdad, was killed by armed
health services, cannot transfer    border        tensions         are   Sultan, Iraq's minister of           men who ambushed his car,
their children to new schools       exacerbating the plight of those     displacement and migration,          police said.
and cannot find jobs.               who fled north to escape             disputed the Red Crescent                 The media office of
     The number of internally       sectarian violence.                  figure, saying the number            Deputy Prime Minister Salam
displaced Iraqis at the end of           The Red Crescent report         relied     on    food      basket    Zikam Ali Zubaie reported that
September represented a 16          says an additional 67,000            registrations as an indicator of     the security guard was
percent increase since the end      families left their homes in         displacement. Not all families       kidnapped last Tuesday in the
of August, and was more than        September,       continuing      a   that change their food basket        largely       Shiite      Bayaa
40 times higher than March          pattern that has multiplied the      addresses are displaced, he          neighborhood of southwest
2006, when sectarian fighting       number of displaced people           said.                                Baghdad and was found dead
accelerated     following     the   more than fivefold this year.             However,       the       Red    at Yarmouk Hospital two days
bombing of the Golden                    About two-thirds of the         Crescent figure was in line          later. He had been tortured and
Mosque in Sammara, a Shiite         total are younger than 12, the       with an estimate published last      shot 10 times, the statement
shrine, according to the report.    Red Crescent said.                   week by the International            said.
     "This     attack     ignited        In a related report, the        Organization for Migration,               In east Baghdad, gunmen
sectarian and ethnic arms           International Organization for       which set the number at 2.25         killed Afi Ali Sultan, a
conflict throughout Iraq on a       Migration said shelling of           million. An additional 2             director-general in the city
scale never seen before.            Kurdish separatists in northern      million people are believed to       government in the Ghadeer
Thousands of Shiites had fled       Iraq along the Turkish and           have left the country.               neighborhood, and a roadside
Sunni areas and vice versa,"        Iranian borders had driven                Despite the continuing          bomb killed one person and
the report said. "In addition to    refugees into nearby cities,         upward trend, the September          injured four in the Baladiyat
their plight as being displaced,    driving up rents and leading to      numbers may mask the                 neighborhood, police in the
the majority suffer from            evictions and an increase in         beginning of a reversal,             Rusafa district said.
disease,       poverty       and    forced prostitution, the report      migration      monitors      said.        Two policemen were
malnutrition."                      says.      The      Swiss-based      Displaced people get added to        killed and seven injured when
     The power struggle in Iraq     migration group distributed the      the total only when identified,      a roadside bomb struck a joint
has also pitted groups of the       report Monday after a briefing       but may have already been            Iraqi police and army patrol in
same sect against each other.       on it in Switzerland last week.      long displaced, Graber Ladek         the Zafaraniya neighborhood
On Monday south of Baghdad               About 1,000 families,           said.                                of south Baghdad.
in Diwaniyah, for example,          mostly Christians and Sunni               Also, with the drop in               The bodies of three
police forces tied to the           Muslims, fled the border with        violence attributed in part to       unidentified men killed by
Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council,      Iran     as    a     result     of   the U.S. troop buildup, some         gunfire were found in the
one of the largest Shiite parties   bombardments that ended last         families are returning home.         capital      Monday,      police
in the country, arrested 11         month, said Dana Graber              The ministry reported Saturday       reported.
followers of the powerful           Ladek, the migration group's         that 3,000 families who                   Times staff writers Wail
Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr,      Iraq displacement specialist.        abandoned their homes in the         Alhafith, Saif Hameed, Saif
one of his spokesmen said.          As many as half have returned,       capital because of violence had      Rasheed and Usama Redha
     The spokesman, Abu             Graber Ladek said.                   returned over the last three         and special correspondents in
Zainab al-Karawi, described              A smaller number have           months.                              Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk and
the detentions as part of an        fled the border with Turkey,              Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri      Tikrit contributed to this
"escalating     campaign       of   but a threatened cross-border        Maliki took a surprise stroll        report.
arrests" by the local police        Turkish offensive against the        down one of Baghdad's once
against the Sadr movement.          Kurdistan Workers Party, or          popular riverfront congregating
                                    PKK, could cause an additional       spots     Monday       afternoon,    New York Times
                                    2,000 to 10,000 families to          tousling the hair of young           November 6, 2007
Los Angeles Times                   leave,       the       migration     soccer players and promising         20. Iraqi Police
November 6, 2007                    organization said.                   that the sectarian violence that     Barracks Go
19. 2.3 Million Iraqis                   Fewer than 1% of the            has torn the country for more        Unrepaired
Reported Displaced                  displaced occupy tent camps,         than a year was over.                By James Glanz
Red Crescent figures on more        the group said. About 58% are             Maliki had made similar             BAGHDAD, Nov. 5 —
internal refugees may not           in rented housing, 18% with          comments Saturday night in a         More than a year after the
reflect a possible turnaround.      relatives and 24% in public          televised speech to the nation.      Parsons   Corporation,  the
Another group warns of fallout      housing, the migration agency             Despite      his      upbeat    American contracting giant,
from border tensions.               reported.                            message, there were fresh            promised Congress that it
By Doug Smith and Ned                    The displaced cause a           reports Monday of more               would fix the disastrous
Parker, Los Angeles Times           severe     drain    on      public   violence in the capital. A City
                                                                                                                                         page 19
plumbing         and       shoddy     because he was not authorized         not been asked to provide any            But on Sunday, the
construction in barracks the          to speak publicly about the           additional assistance on this       American officer affiliated
company built at the Baghdad          project. “When it’s for               project or with the warranty        with the new project to repair
police academy, the ceilings          something good, I don’t mind          work,” Ms. Kuhlman said.            the problems described an
are      still    stained     with    flipping the dime, but this                But dire problems with the     elaborate and costly effort to
excrement, parts of the               money just went from my               project were discovered in          tear out and replace the
structures are crumbling and          pocket to a contractor.”              inspections in August and           plumbing on entire floors. The
sections of the buildings are              The      Iraqis     at     the   September 2006 by the Office        problems were so severe, the
unusable because the toilets are      compound were, if anything,           of the Special Inspector            officer said, that the military
filthy and nonfunctioning.            even more upset. “They used           General           for        Iraq   had also been obliged to build
     The project, where United        bad pipes for the sewage              Reconstruction, an independent      new latrines outside and
States inspectors found giant         system,” said an officer who          agency led by Stuart W.             demolish     some      structures
cracks snaking through newly          gave his name as Lt. Selah, a         Bowen Jr. His report on the         entirely and start over.
built walls and human waste           maintenance adviser, as he            inspections severely criticized          “These buildings are all
dripping from ceilings, became        pointed through a ruptured            not only Parsons but also the       Parsons-built,” said the officer.
one of the most visible               drop-ceiling that had been            Army Corps for oversight that       “The piping is bad. It really is.
examples of a $45 billion             ruined by waste leaking from          the report said was so weak as      To be honest with you, it’s raw
American            reconstruction    faulty pipes above it.                to be almost nonexistent in         sewage, raw fecal matter
program that is widely seen as             The concrete used in the         some respects.                      coming out of the walls.”
a failure.                            construction was substandard               Mr. Bowen’s report also             Representative Henry A.
     The project also became          and is already collapsing in          stated that inspectors had found    Waxman of California, the
an argument for the value of          places because of the constant        “indications of potential fraud”    chairman of the Government
government oversight when, in         rain of sewage, Lieutenant            in the project and had referred     Reform Committee, said in a
response to the inspectors’           Selah said, barely able to            the case to its investigative       statement that there was no
findings, a Parsons executive         contain his anger. Those              division.                           excuse for the state of the
told Congress in September            dangers had forced engineers               Those indications are          academy.
2006 that the company would           to turn off all the water in the      apparently still being studied.          “Over a year has passed
fix the problems at no cost to        building, he said.                    On Monday, the American             with virtually no progress
the United States. Parsons now             “The students are stinking       military referred questions on      fixing the abysmal conditions
says that it did so, directing an     because there is no water,”           continuing problems with the        at     the   Baghdad       police
Iraqi subcontractor to correct        Lieutenant Selah added.               project to a spokesman for the      academy,” Mr. Waxman said.
deficiencies at no additional              A company spokeswoman,           Civilian Police Assistance               “The police academy was
charge.                               Erin Kuhlman, said that               Training Team, a part of            supposed to be a showcase
     But Iraqi police recruits,       Parsons, which is based in            Multi-National          Security    project, but it now epitomizes
instructors and officers at the       Pasadena, Calif., had strictly        Transition Command Iraq, the        wasteful      spending       and
Parsons-built barracks and            abided by the terms of the            organization that works most        incompetent oversight,” he
classrooms         on     Sunday      contract it had received from         closely with Iraqi security         said. “The administration said
complained bitterly about the         the United States Army Corps          forces and is now trying to         this mess would be cleaned up,
buildings’ condition, calling         of Engineers to do the work at        repair the academy buildings.       but once again, the money was
the contractor negligent and          the academy.                               The spokesman, Col.            squandered and no one was
asking why the problems had                “Parsons completed its           Rivers Johnson, said the            held accountable.”
not yet been fixed. The               work at the Baghdad Police            Parsons        contract      was         At the academy, Sgt. Oday
structures were refurbished or        College in the spring of 2006,”       terminated in May 2006.             Chaloo Hamid said that
built from scratch at an overall      Ms. Kuhlman said, adding that         Asked about the problems with       because of breakdowns, the
cost of $72 million in                the Army Corps accepted the           the     construction,    Colonel    broad, three-story barracks he
American taxpayer money.              work as completed at about the        Johnson said in an e-mail           lived in depended on just four
     Recruits in some of the          same time.                            message, “Due to ongoing            toilets. He added that several
buildings had recently been                By     July     2006,      the   legal issues, it would be           American commissions had
ordered not to use any of the         company had been notified of          inappropriate to discuss this       come through to study the
toilets on the upper floors           problems with the plumbing.           issue in detail.”                   problems, but that little had
because the urine and fecal           Parsons put the Army Corps, in             On Sept. 28, 2006, as the      been done.
matter consistently leaked onto       effect the company’s client, in       inspector general’s report was           “They just give promises,”
the lower floors, several             touch      with      the      Iraqi   released, Earnest O. Robbins        Sergeant Hamid said.
American officials at the             subcontractors who actually           II, a senior vice president at           Mudhafar             Fadhil
academy said.                         carried out the construction, so      Parsons, testified before the       contributed reporting.
     An        American     officer   that the Iraqis could fulfill their   House Government Reform
affiliated with a major new           warranty         to         redress   Committee that the company
project to fix the problems said      shortcomings in the work, Ms.         would fix the problems at no        Honolulu Advertiser
he shared the unhappiness of          Kuhlman said.                         extra charge. “We are repairing     November 5, 2007
many of the Iraqis.                        “After we were notified by       it at no cost to the                21. Marines Pulling Out
     “What I’ve seen here             our customer of the issues, our       government,” Mr. Robbins said       Of Fallujah
disgusts me as a taxpayer,”           customer worked directly with         in response to questions by         By Advertiser Staff
said the officer, who spoke on        the subcontractor on the              Representative Chris Van                FALLUJAH, Iraq — The
the condition of anonymity            warranty work and Parsons has         Hollen, Democrat of Maryland.       car bomb in Fallujah exploded
                                                                                                                                     page 20
in May. On that warm evening,       Lance Cpl. Travis I. Stoner, a     featuring a heavy metal band.        homecomings                seems
insurgents drove a vehicle          3rd Battalion Marine from San      But the two-star general's will,     particularly bittersweet. The
packed with explosives into         Antonio.                           and rank, proved persuasive,         deployment was especially
mourners of a slain local tribal         The Marines leave behind      and Deaton limped off to join        bruising as the 2nd Brigade
leader as they wound through a      in Fallujah a city devastated by   the other soldiers.                  lost 52 soldiers and is leaving
ramshackle corner of the city,      years of fighting and starved           "I guess I felt good about      Iraq with two of its soldiers
killing 20.                         for reconstruction. Hawai'i        it," Deaton, 20, said afterward.     still missing in action.
     The next day, Fallujah's       Marines with the 1st Battalion,    He had taken a leave from                  The two missing soldiers,
mayor banned all vehicles from      3rd Marine Regiment, fought        Walter Reed Army Medical             Spec. Alex Jimenez and Pvt.
city streets.                       door to door in a clearing         Center and driven 450 miles to       Byron Fouty, were captured
     If there were no cars,         operation in Fallujah in late      see his company return home.         May 12 in an ambush by Al
reasoned Mayor Saad Awad            2004.                              He paused, then added, "I don't      Qaeda in Iraq, an attack that
Rashid, there could be no car            "We continue to press out     know. ... It just didn't seem        killed five other soldiers. The
bombs.                              from Fallujah to prevent the       right. This was for these guys.      two soldiers' weapons were
     "It stopped," said Lt. Col.    enemy from getting back in         They were gone for 15 months.        discovered later in a cache not
William Mullen, commander           there and having a (return) to     I only was there for six or          far from the attack, and their
of a shrinking force of U.S.        the way it was a year ago," said   seven months."                       military IDs turned up in the
Marines in the city who have        Col. Richard Simcock, who               In a sense, Deaton's            northern city of Samarra, a
watched the insurgency melt         leads Regimental Combat            downplaying of his sacrifice         two-hour drive away.
into the encircling countryside.    Team-6, the Marine force in        reflects    the      Ft.    Drum           Many soldiers and family
"The 'significant events' in the    and around the city.               community's                  deep    members interviewed last week
city stopped. I think a lot of           --Wire reports                understanding of how much            said the long, frequent
(the insurgents) left."                                                blood and anguish the 10th           deployments have had a
     The Americans are not far                                         Mountain Division has given to       grinding effect.
behind: After surrounding the       Chicago Tribune                    the wars in Iraq and                       One soldier recalled a
city with walls and improving       November 5, 2007                   Afghanistan.                         heartbreaking        conversation
security on its streets, Marines    Pg. 1                                   Welcome-home                    with his toddler, in which the
are pulling back from the           22. Repeat Tours To                ceremonies like this one are         child demanded that he quit his
one-time insurgent bastion of       War Take Their Toll                recurring here; the 2nd              job and return home to play
Fallujah.                           GIs of 10th Mountain show          Brigade, about 3,600 soldiers,       with him. Another spoke of
     They are redeploying to        signs of strain                    has been the most deployed           how he and his family would
surrounding areas as the U.S.       By Aamer Madhani, Tribune          unit in the U.S. military since      have to reacclimate to each
troop surge allows them to          national correspondent             the Sept. 11 attacks, spending       other; he has spent nearly two
consolidate progress made                FT. DRUM, N.Y.--Near          about 40 months on the front         of his daughter's three years in
largely by tribal leaders and       the back of a gymnasium            lines. About 40 percent of the       war zones and wonders how
local officials in security and     named after a fallen soldier       division's      soldiers     have    well she will adjust to having
civil works.                        from another era, Army Spec.       deployed       to      Iraq     or   him around.
     Among those troops are         Brandon Deaton hobbled on          Afghanistan at least twice.                Several soldiers said the
about 900 Marines with the 3rd      his prosthetic leg in the crowd         The division's 1st Brigade      constant deployments had
Battalion, 3rd Marines from         of parents, spouses and            recently deployed to the             pushed them toward leaving
Kane'ohe Bay. The towns the         children, waiting for his battle   northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk,       the military.
Hawai'i Marines operate in          buddies to emerge from a side      and the 3rd Brigade returned               "I like the Army, but the
include Zaidon, a few miles         door and mark the end of the       from a 16-month Afghanistan          deployments have been too
southeast of Fallujah, and          15-month tour that he had          tour in June.                        much," said Spec. Joshua
Karmah, north of the city.          started with them.                      In the upstate New York         Flores-Diaz of New Haven,
     Hawai'i Marines had been            Deaton's tour with the 2nd    communities surrounding Ft.          Conn., who returned from his
on continuous rotations to          Brigade,      10th      Mountain   Drum, the comings and goings         second tour last week. "Over
Haditha,       northwest       of   Division, in a backwater south     of soldiers between battle           the last four years, I have been
Baghdad, but the 3rd Battalion,     of Baghdad, ended prematurely      zones and the post have              gone more than I have been
3rd Marines were shifted to the     on March 24 when a bomb            become routine. Along Arsenal        home."
Fallujah area after they            exploded under the Humvee he       Road in nearby Watertown, the              Florez-Diaz said he was
deployed to Iraq in late July.      was driving, shredding much        Walgreens marquee flashes a          offered a $25,000 signing
     Karmah is still considered     of his lower left leg and ending   greeting to the returning            bonus to re-enlist for six years,
a bastion of insurgent activity,    his boyhood dream of making        soldiers that segues into an         but no amount could persuade
but the new counterinsurgency       a career of the infantry.          offer for a 15 percent discount      him to stick with the Army
approach requires striking a             Maj. Gen. Michael Oates       for       military        families   under the current conditions.
balance between aggression          spotted      Deaton     in   the   developing       photos.      The    On Dec. 15, he said, he will be
and respectful treatment of the     gymnasium crowd and asked          Denny's restaurant offers a          discharged, and he hopes to
Iraqis.                             him to join his company for its    salute to the 2nd Brigade            find a new career as a
     "Going out on patrols, you     march       inside     for   the   "commandos" next to a                firefighter.
have to have the mindset that       welcome-home           ceremony.   promotion for specials on                  Brass also worried
you're going to have (enemy)        Deaton was initially reluctant.    French toast.                              The soldiers' angst echoes
contact, but you have to treat      He was unshaven, wearing                An especially tough tour        the concern of top officials at
people with respect," said          baggy shorts and a T-shirt              But this latest round of        the Pentagon and commanders
                                                                                                                                        page 21
on the ground in Iraq, who in            In a 10-day period in May,       returning from 15-month tours        Capt. Matthew Didier, the
recent weeks have become            he lost three of his soldiers in      are assured at least 12 months       platoon commander at the time
more vocal about how the            two roadside bombings as they         of "dwell time" at their home        of the killings, in a sworn
deployments are stretching the      searched for Fouty and                posts.                               statement that has not been
Army.                               Jimenez. One of the dead, Staff            "You can't think about it,"     made public but was obtained
     Adm. Michael Mullen,           Sgt. Joseph Weiglein, was his         Jones said as she waited for her     by The New York Times.
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of     most                       trusted    husband, Sgt. Ian Jones, 25, to           “If we happened to see the
Staff, and Gen. George Casey,       non-commissioned officer.             arrive at a welcome-home             individual take the items we
the Army chief of staff, have            After his last deployment        ceremony. "You've got to take        would engage, to destroy the
spoken of the need to reduce        to Iraq in 2005, Schumacher           it one day at a time."               enemy,” Captain Didier said in
the deployments as soon as          said he began leaning toward                                               the statement, dated June 23.
possible. At the same time,         winding down his Army career                                                    Lawyers for Sergeant
Mullen has cautioned that the       at the 20-year mark, when             New York Times                       Hensley and the other snipers
U.S. military is in a               soldiers     are    assured      of   November 6, 2007                     accused in the case have
"generational" conflict and that    receiving generous retirement         Pg. 10                               suggested the baiting program
the high battle tempo could be      benefits. The death of his three      23. Court-Martial To                 is relevant to their defense
the norm for some time.             soldiers solidified his feeling       Open In Killings Of 3                because it demonstrates the
     Oates, the 10th Mountain       that he would file his                Iraqis                               extent to which Army and
Division's          commanding      retirement papers in a little         By Paul von Zielbauer                Pentagon            commanders
general, has started to do his      more than three years, he said.             An Army sniper team            approved         unconventional
own probing of the morale of             "It makes you question           leader charged with murdering        methods of killing not only
his returning soldiers.             what it's all for, whether it's       three men south of Baghdad           insurgents but also unarmed
     With each planeload, the       worth it," he said.                   will go on trial today in            men of military age who were
general is the first to greet            For Robin, his wife of 14        Baghdad in a court-martial that      believed to be enemy fighters.
them as they step onto the          years, this last deployment also      is likely to highlight a                  Last month, a military jury
tarmac.     Oates,      who    is   was particularly difficult.           classified Pentagon program in       found one of the other team
preparing to return to Iraq early        Her husband has been             which snipers placed fake            members, Specialist Jorge G.
next year for his third tour        deployed for more than half of        weapons as “bait” to attract         Sandoval, not guilty of killing
since the start of the war, said    their marriage, including stints      and kill enemy fighters.             two men, on April 27 and May
he takes notice of the strength     in Haiti, Somalia and Kosovo.               The team leader, Staff Sgt.    11, but convicted him of
of the grip when they shake         She carried much of the burden        Michael A. Hensley, who was          planting evidence — a roll of
hands and whether they look         of raising their two sons and         praised by his battalion’s           copper trigger wire — on one
him in the eye.                     became accustomed to dealing          leaders earlier this year for        of the bodies. An evidentiary
     He said it's his way of        with personal crises on her           dramatically increasing his          hearing for the third member of
getting an initial sense of the     own. Just before Schumacher           unit’s kill count, is charged        the sniper team, Sgt. Evan
emotional health of his             shipped out for this last             with the premeditated murder         Vela, who is accused of
soldiers. One morning last          deployment,       her      mother     of three men in separate             shooting a man in the head
week, as a plane with 209           suffered a massive stroke, and        killings last April and May          with a pistol on May 11 after
soldiers arrived at 2 a.m., he      during the deployment she             near Iskandariya, a Sunni Arab       Sergeant Hensley captured
said he saw a mostly energized      switched jobs.                        region south of Baghdad where        him, is to begin later this
group.                                   In his calls home, Robin         American forces have battled a       month.
     One soldier joked that he      Schumacher said, she noticed          tenacious insurgency.                     All three snipers’ legal
was already enjoying upstate        her husband sounded more                    Sergeant Hensley, 27, of       cases have raised questions
New York's lack of sewage           worn down than in the past. He        Candler, N.C., is one of three       about        how         military
odors, and several others gave      spoke more about missing out          members of the First Battalion,      commanders in Iraq have
the general hearty pats on the      on watching their two sons            501st      Infantry    Regiment,     changed or expanded the rules
back.                               grow up, she said.                    Fourth Brigade (Airborne),           for targeting and killing enemy
     "For the most part, the             "He's a good soldier, and I      25th Infantry Division, who          forces in Iraq during a
grips are strong, the smiles are    knew what I got into when I           were charged in the three            determined insurgency.
big and they're happy to be         got married [to someone in the        killings. Sergeant Hensley, an            In the Sandoval trial, for
home," Oates said. "But there       military]," she said. "I'll           Army Ranger and expert               instance, a sniper team
have already been a few whose       support him in whatever he            marksman, was the only one of        member, Sgt. David Murphy,
eyes wander away when I look        wants to do. But when he talks        the three snipers charged with       testified that Captain Didier
them in the eye."                   about getting out at 20 years, I      all three.                           told his men before the April
     Even the most seasoned of      am all for it."                             The baiting program was        27 killing that their rules of
soldiers said the deployment             Cristen Jones, 32, who is        introduced to select members         engagement had changed to
was particularly difficult and      married to a soldier deployed         of the First Battalion, including    allow them to kill even
acknowledged they're fraying.       three      times      to      Iraq,   Sergeant Hensley, in late            unarmed men fleeing a battle
     1st       Sgt.        David    acknowledged that the cloud of        January by the Asymmetrical          in a rural area with American
Schumacher, 38, who was on          a future deployment hovers in         Warfare Group, a Defense             or Iraqi Army forces.
his third tour in Iraq and the      the back of her mind, but she         Department        agency      that        “Engage fleeing local
ninth deployment of his             tries not to think about it.          develops secret methods of           nationals without weapons,”
16-year career, said this tour      Under       current      Pentagon     fighting insurgents in Iraq, said    Sergeant Murphy testified
was the most difficult.             deployment strategy, soldiers                                              hearing Captain Didier say in a
                                                                                                                                         page 22
radio transmission following a        feel threatened, kill them,’”       properly restrained in a child       going to have to get a job
firefight with insurgents that        said Specialist Joshua Michaud      seat, but neither Ashley nor         because she won't be able to be
day, using a military term for        in an interview at Camp             Tyler was wearing a seat belt.       at home alone when she's
Iraqis. Referring to the order,       Liberty, Iraq, last month. In the        Spc. and Mrs. Johnson           normally taking care of them,"
Sergeant. Murphy added, “That         sniper unit, he said, those         have said they are too               Sgt. Schmidt said.
was the first time we’d heard         comments were taken to mean,        devastated to talk, but Sgt.              Despite his own brush
that.”                                “Go out there and kill more         Schmidt said they are coping         with death in Iraq, Spc.
     Sergeant      Hensley       is   people.”                            fairly     well     given      the   Johnson wants to return to
accused of killing a man on                                               circumstances.                       active duty, Sgt. Schmidt said.
April 14 after reporting that he                                               "I think the good thing is      But Mrs. Johnson is petrified
saw the man laying wire for a         Dallas Morning News                 they knew it [Tyler's death]         of losing her husband in
bomb, court documents said.           November 5, 2007                    was coming.                          addition to all their children.
He was also charged with              24. Iraq Veteran, Wife                   "They had time to prepare            Visitation for Tyler will
murder in the second killing,         Lose 3rd Child From                 for it this time," said Sgt.         take place from 6 to 8 p.m.
on April 27, in which he              Crash                               Schmidt, who had been taking         Wednesday at Roller-Ballard
ordered Specialist Sandoval to        SUV accident occurred as            care of Spc. Johnson at Brooke       Funeral Home in Benton, Ark.
kill a man they believed was          mother was taking kids to see       Army Medical Center in San                His funeral is at 1 p.m.
fleeing a battle with American        injured dad                         Antonio.                             Thursday at Roller-Ballard.
forces, after Captain Didier          By Holly Yan, Dallas Morning             "I think they're just so             Tyler will be buried next
cleared them to shoot.                News                                rooted in their faith. That's        to his brother and sister at
     In the third killing, on May          Still grieving over the        what's helping them through          Pinecrest Memorial Park in
11, prosecutors say Sergeant          deaths of two of their children,    it."                                 Alexander, Ark. All services
Hensley ordered Sergeant Vela         Army Spc. John Austin                    For the past three weeks,       will be public.
to kill an Iraqi man captured         Johnson and his wife this week      an outpouring of support has              Sgt. Schmidt said he is
near the snipers’ hide-out. But       have to bury a third child.         flooded          in          from    inspired by the Johnsons' will
in a sworn statement given                 Tyler Johnson, 9, died         military-support          groups,    to         overcome          such
later that day and obtained by        Saturday at Children's Medical      businesses and strangers.            unimaginable tragedy.
The New York Times,                   Center Dallas from injuries he           The Professional Golfers'            "It's amazing to me how
Sergeant Hensley said he              suffered in a crash on Oct. 13.     Association heard about the          strong they can be," he said.
ordered Sergeant Vela to shoot             Tyler, his mother and his      family's story and raised            "No matter how bad it can be,
the man after the man,                siblings were on their way to       $95,000, which paid for a new        they just take it one day and
surprised by his capture,             visit Spc. Johnson, who was         car and other expenses.              one hour at a time."
struggled to aim a loaded             hospitalized in San Antonio              American Airlines, which
AK-47 at other sniper team            with a traumatic brain injury       donated plane tickets for
members.                                                                  family members to travel to          Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
                                      suffered in Iraq.
     “I reached up and put him                                            Logan and Ashley's funeral in        November 6, 2007
                                           Their sport utility vehicle
into a rear naked choke, his          crashed on their way from El        Arkansas last month, is              25. Harry S. Truman
hands still on the weapon,            Paso, flipping at least four        donating more tickets for            Group Heads Toward
struggling to fire it,” Sergeant      times.                              Tyler's funeral in Arkansas this     War Zones
Hensley wrote in the statement.            Two-year-old Logan and         week.                                By Kate Wiltrout, The
“I took him to the ground,            5-year-old Ashley died at the            Almost everything else –        Virginian-Pilot
utilizing his head garment as it      scene. Tyler, who suffered          from car rentals and hotel                NORFOLK--Teary-eyed
slid down over his head.              many internal injuries, was         accommodations to food – has         families waved goodbye to
Sergeant Vela then placed 2           taken     by     helicopter    to   been donated.                        more than 7,000 sailors early
9-millimeter rounds in the            Children's and had been on life          The      future     remains     Monday as a parade of Navy
insurgent’s head.”                    support for most of the past        uncertain for the Johnsons. Sgt.     ships left Norfolk on a
     Sergeant            Hensley’s    month.                              Schmidt said the couple will         seven-month deployment to the
lawyers are expected to portray            Tyler's will to live           take a month off to rest and         Middle East.
all three killings as occurring       surprised even his doctors.         decide what to do next.                   Led          by        the
with the knowledge and                     "People would ask me                "They've got to get their       nuclear-powered         aircraft
encouragement           of     his    what's going on, and I'd always     emotions in check," Sgt.             carrier Harry S. Truman and its
superiors.                            tell them the doctors weren't       Schmidt said. "Right now,            seven squadrons of planes, the
     In interviews, several           sure he'd make the night," said     they've kind of had a mission,       strike group will cross the
snipers in Sergeant Hensley’s         Sgt. 1st Class Eugene Schmidt,      so to speak – going to hospital      Mediterranean on its way to
unit,     which       has     been    a family spokesman.                 every day, checking on their         the Arabian Sea and Persian
disbanded, said the First                  Traffic investigators said     son, burying two others.             Gulf.
Battalion’s top commissioned          that although Mrs. Johnson               "When this calms down,               Capt. Herm Shelanski, the
and noncommissioned officers          was driving at the speed limit      they're going to realize it's just   Truman's commanding officer,
had encouraged soldiers to go         on Interstate 10 near Ozona, a      them two."                           boiled down the ship's mission
beyond the normal rules of            combination of high speed,               Mrs. Johnson, who was a         to five words: "Making friends
engagement to increase kill           drowsiness and powerful winds       homemaker, now says she can't        and deterring enemies."
counts.                               likely contributed to the crash.    stand being in an empty home,             Norfolk-based destroyers
     “They told us over and                All the children were in       Sgt. Schmidt said.                   Oscar Austin and Winston
over again, ‘Hey, if you guys         the back seat. Logan was                 "She was telling me she's
                                                                                                                                      page 23
Churchill,     guided     missile        Jewell, from New Bern,         yesterday's deployment of the       Martinez, whose family was
cruiser San Jacinto and             N.C., sounded almost envious        San      Diego-based     Tarawa     evacuated two weeks ago when
submarine Montpelier followed       of her daughter, an aviation        Expeditionary Strike Group as       wildfires    threatened      their
the Truman out to sea. They'll      ordnanceman.             "They'll   routine and unexceptional.          housing     area     at   Camp
be joined en route by the           probably see Greece and                   Family members of the         Pendleton. “I want to make this
cruiser Hue City and destroyer      Bahrain," she said. "It's the       more than 5,500 departing           video so we can watch it
Carney out of Jacksonville,         chance of a lifetime for her."      sailors and Marines sounded         during the holidays and seem
Fla.                                     Saying goodbye to his          more anxious. They know the         closer to him.”
     "We'll be asked to do a lot    wife is nothing new for Steven      six-ship contingent serves as a          Reflecting its designation
of different things - everything    Conrad, but that didn't make it     “911 force,” one poised to          as a rapid-response force, the
from       maritime      security   easy.                               jump into emergencies during        Tarawa group has a versatile
operations to putting warheads           Petty Officer 2nd Class        its six-to nine-month voyage in     mix of military personnel. This
on foreheads," Rear Adm.            Amber Conrad, a sailor              the western Pacific and Indian      includes about 2,200 Marines
William Gortney, commander          assigned to the Churchill and       oceans.                             and sailors from the Camp
of the Truman strike group,         the mother of two pre                     The service members           Pendleton-based 11th Marine
said shortly before the carrier     schoolers, was beginning her        might respond to a crisis           Expeditionary Unit, which can
pulled away from Pier 14 at         third deployment in two years.      involving such countries as         handle a wide range of duties
Norfolk Naval Station. "Our         Months after her ship returned      Iran, Pakistan or North Korea.      including combat missions and
No. 1 goal is to bring everyone     from its previous deployment,       They could be sent to a zone        humanitarian operations.
home safe and sound."               Conrad said, his wife was sent      devastated by a natural                  Marine Col. J.W. Bullard,
     The San Jacinto will stay      to Iraq as an individual            disaster. And while the official    commander           of         the
in the Mediterranean, Gortney       augmentee,      one     of    the   itinerary makes no mention of       expeditionary unit, said “it'll be
said, but the rest of the strike    thousands of sailors from Navy      the Iraq war, the Tarawa group      tough being deployed for the
group - which includes a            units picked to serve with          could head to the Persian Gulf.     holidays,” but that his troops
Canadian frigate and a British      soldiers and Marines overseas.            “I'm sad and fearful,” said   have trained the past six
destroyer - will operate off the         She got home in July.          Cheryl       Barbosa,     whose     months for their tour.
coasts of Africa, Yemen, Iran            "Bye,            Mommy,"       21-year-old son, Seaman Alex             Navy Capt. John Miley,
and Iraq.                           4-year-old Xander said softly       Barbosa, embarked on his first      who oversees the deploying
     The Truman's arrival in        as two tugboats nudged the          combat deployment. “I don't         ships, said he's comforted by
the Middle East will allow the      warship from its pier.              know what to expect with him        the kindness that he knows the
carrier Enterprise, deployed             Three-year-old Christina       out there. I have a lot of          people of San Diego will
since July, to return to Norfolk.   echoed him.                         emotions about him going.”          extend to military families left
     On the smaller ships like           "Bye, Mommy."                        Next to her at the San        behind.
the Churchill and Austin,                "I love you," Xander said.     Diego Naval Base pier were               “San Diego is a great
specially trained 12-person              "I love you," Christina        Alex's wife, Dioniece, and the      supporter of the Navy and
crews will be on alert for          chimed.                             couple's 6-month-old daughter,      Marine Corps,” Miley said.
piracy and smuggling, ready to           "They're so young, they        Alexis.
climb into inflatable boats to      don't know what's going on,"              “He's going to miss her
investigate suspicious activity.    Steven Conrad said. "Right          first everything,” Dioniece         Washington Post
On the Truman, squadrons of         now, they're just worried about     Barbosa said, wiping away           November 6, 2007
F/A-18 Hornets and electronic       McDonald's. They won't know         tears.                              Pg. 10
jamming planes will assist U.S.     it's a long deployment until a            Around 8 a.m., she and        27. Air Force Grounds
forces fighting in Iraq and         month from now."                    clusters of other well-wishers      F-15s After Crash
Afghanistan.                             Conrad plans to stay busy.     stood under overcast skies and      Incident Raises Concern About
     Monday, family members         Besides working full time as a      watched              last-minute    Aging Jets' Safety
worked to fight back tears as       mechanic at a car dealership        preparations        for       the   By Josh White, Washington
they                contemplated    and caring for the kids, he is      deployment. The air was             Post Staff Writer
Thanksgiving,          Christmas,   about to purchase a house in        punctuated by the cranking of            The Air Force has
Valentine's Day, birthdays and      Virginia Beach.                     winches, the reverberations of      grounded its entire fleet of
anniversaries without their              "It's kind of bad," he said.   foghorns and the chatter of         F-15 fighter jets amid serious
sailors.                            "We're buying our first house       troops and their loved ones.        safety concerns after a crash in
     Debbie Jewell took solace      and she's not going to see it             Some family members           Missouri on Friday. Officials
in the size of the Truman - 20      until she gets back."               looked glum while holding           believe the aging plane may
stories tall and as big, from                                           each other. Others were busy        have disintegrated in the air.
bow to stern, as the Empire                                             making memories for the                  Top Air Force officials
State Building - as the carrier     San Diego Union-Tribune             coming months.                      said yesterday that the F-15
pulled away with her 20             November 6, 2007                          Karelia           Martinez    jets will be available only for
-year-old daughter aboard.          26. Strike Group's                  videotaped the dock landing         "mission-critical" uses, such as
     "I like the idea that it's a   Deployment Has Some                 ship Germantown pulling out         for emergencies in Iraq and
very big vessel," Jewell said,      Families On Edge                    of port. On the vessel's deck       Afghanistan, adding that the
clutching the end of a bright       By Rick Rogers, Staff Writer        stood her husband, Sgt. Marlin      more than 700 aircraft in the
yellow banner painted with the           SAN DIEGO – Senior             Martinez.                           fleet will largely go unused in
first name of her daughter,         military officers described               “The kids wanted to come      coming days as the Air Force
Joleine Scott.                                                          and say goodbye,” said Karelia      considers safety inspections for
                                                                                                                                        page 24
each plane. Commanders said          the F-22 is so far superior."        reconnaissance, flew new                 Recently, leaders said even
the aircraft will be on "ground            Air Force officials said the   F-15s in 1979 and later had a       those cuts weren’t enough to
alert" at bases in the Middle        crash on Friday involved a           major emergency in one of the       cover acquisition costs for new
East and that other planes will      Missouri Air National Guard          same planes while flying a          aircraft.
be used for regular patrols and      F-15C on a training flight with      mission over Iraq in 1999,               McNabb,        who       was
bombing runs in support of the       other fighter jets doing combat      when wiring disintegrated from      appointed to his job last month,
wars.                                simulations. After the pilot         age. Eight years later, Deptula's   said the service is caught
     First produced in the           ejected, the aircraft crashed in     son, 1st Lt. David Deptula II, is   between            congressional
mid-1970s and long considered        a wooded rural area in Dent          flying the same planes.             reluctance      to     drastically
the premier air-to-air fighter jet   County, Mo.                               "They      have     become     increase spending on new
in the U.S. arsenal, the F-15              The same Air National          serious maintenance challenges      planes and ever-increasing
has become a target for              Guard unit lost an F-15 in May       as they get older, and now I'd      maintenance costs for aircraft
retirement, with Air Force           when a cable failed, affecting       suggest that we may be facing       built during the Cold War.
officials arguing that the plane     steering ability.                    a crisis," Lt. Gen. Deptula said.        The average Air Force
is too old to take the stresses of         Preliminary reports on the                                         plane is 25 years old.
maneuvers at twice the speed         recent crash indicate that the                                                “We really have a
of sound. Douglas Birkey,            jet broke apart just behind the      Colorado Springs Gazette            recapitalization issue,” he said.
deputy director for government       cockpit while in flight,             November 4, 2007                         The service says it’s also a
relations at the Air Force           suggesting a major structural        28. Aging Planes, Lost              readiness issue, with its ability
Association, said the incident       failure, according to two            Jobs Worrisome For                  to respond to humanitarian
on Friday -- in which the pilot      people familiar with the             Generals                            emergencies or enemy threats
ejected from the aircraft and        incident. The Air Force's            By Tom Roeder, The Gazette          falling by 17 percent since
suffered non-life-threatening        Safety Investigation Board is             Top        Air        Force    2001.
injuries -- underscores that         on the scene of the crash and is     commanders, including all the            “What happens now if we
lives      are     being       put   expected to determine a cause        service’s fourstar generals,        have to go to the most
unnecessarily at risk.               within 60 days.                      sequestered themselves in           dangerous parts of the world
     "Obviously that pilot in              The Air Force said it is       Colorado Springs last week to       tonight?” McNabb asked.
Missouri didn't get into that        possible that the F-15s could        ponder how they’ll keep                  Air      Force       budget
aircraft thinking it would come      be grounded for days or much         fighting wars with planes that      complaints are nothing new.
apart on him," Birkey said.          longer if top officials decide       are, on average, older than their   Although the service has seen a
"Each day you push out the age       that all the aircraft must be        airmen.                             $20 billion budget increase
of the fleet, you're coming          thoroughly inspected. The                 The annual gathering at        since 2005, leaders say much
closer to a cliff. That F-15         newer F-15E Strike Eagles            the Air Force Academy has           of the extra money was
went off a cliff."                   have flown daily missions over       been going on amid secrecy          siphoned by rising personnel,
     Last week's crash provides      Iraq and Afghanistan, with           and high security for decades.      fuel and maintenance costs.
the Air Force with another           commanders using them to             Much of the talk this year               Meanwhile, aging planes
argument for retiring the older      drop guided bombs and to             focused on flying and fighting      have been fit into new war
models of the $30 million F-15       present shows of force to the        in Afghanistan and Iraq.            plans and outfitted with new
-- the one that went down, an        enemy.                                    But the discussion also        computers, bombs and missiles
F-15C, was built nearly 30                 Air Force Lt. Gen. Gary L.     lingered on a budget crisis that    for the modern battlefield.
years ago. Instead, the Air          North, commander of U.S.             has cost scores of airmen their          McNabb said the day is
Force would like to produce          Central Command's Combined           jobs at local bases and that top    coming when modernization
hundreds        more       highly    Forces Air Component, said he        leaders say is beginning to cut     efforts will hit the wall for
advanced F-22 fighter jets at a      has put all the F-15Es under his     into the force’s ability to         planes such as the 50-year-old
cost of about $132 million           command on ground alert and          counter enemy threats.              B-52 bomber.
each.                                will accomplish all assigned              Gen. Duncan McNabb, the             “At some point, you have
     The Air Force currently         missions       in    Iraq     and    service’s vice chief of staff,      to say I can’t do anything more
has 97 F-22 aircraft, and this       Afghanistan with a variety of        said the Air Force’s top            with this weapons system,”
summer it contracted with            other aircraft -- including          priority remains winning wars       Mc-Nabb said.
Lockheed Martin to produce 60        fighter, attack and bomber           in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s            The Air Force is getting
more by the end of 2011.             planes        and      unmanned      the next war, though, that          ready to ask Congress for up to
Congress has approved the            airplanes. North said yesterday      worries McNabb.                     $40 billion in coming years to
purchase of 183 F-22s, but the       that the move is a sign that the          “As we look to the future,     replace its 1950s-era aerial fuel
Air Force has asked for 381.         Air Force takes the safety of its    can we do this tomorrow?”           tanker fleet.
     "It does make you wonder        air crews very seriously.            Mc-Nabb asked in an interview            The service also is pushing
about the stress on the airframe           "I worry about the health      with The Gazette during the         for new fighter planes,
and the age," said Rep. Phil         of our aging fleet and how           conference.                         communication satellites and
Gingrey (R-Ga.), a member of         sometimes it is not well                  In the past year, the Air      more space-based infrared
the House Armed Services             understood by those our airmen       Force has cut 20,000 jobs           satellites used by airmen in
Committee and a supporter of         protect," North said.                worldwide under plans to buy        Colorado Springs for detecting
the F-22. "But this is not just            Lt. Gen. David Deptula,        aircraft and satellites with        missile launches.
simply a matter of flight            the Air Force's deputy chief of      money saved through force                McNabb said the generals
reliability because of aging and     staff       for      intelligence,   reductions.                         worked on ways to save money
metal fatigue, but the fact that     surveillance                  and                                        and      also    talked     about
                                                                                                                                          page 25
improving       communications           The     items       reportedly   kept at a fire station that was      allegations of theft shouldn't
with Congress so lawmakers          included snacks, drinks and           used as a makeshift feeding          take away from the good work
better understand the service’s     diapers. All of them were             center during the Harris blaze.      of thousands of National Guard
equipment troubles.                 returned to the designated                 The unit's troops had           troops during the fires. For
     The Air Force leaders also     nonprofit          after        the   camped in tents near the fire        example, Stern said, one Guard
talked about the service’s          investigation began, said Lt.         station, which was frequented        member arrested a looting
venture into a new realm, one       Col. Jon Siepmann, director of        by the American Red Cross.           suspect in East County during
that could mean big business        public affairs for the National       Last      night,   Red      Cross    the fires.
for Colorado Springs.               Guard in Sacramento.                  spokeswoman Peyton Roberts                Staff   writer    Pauline
     McNabb said the service is          The man supervising the          said the Red Cross did not file      Repard contributed to this
focusing on Cyber Command,          330th       Military         Police   a grievance and did not staff        report.
which will defend U.S.              Company's mission has been            the feeding center.
computer networks and prepare       relieved of duty until the                 Roberts said Red Cross
to attack enemy networks.           investigation is completed,           volunteers dropped by the            New York Times
     The new command is             Siepmann said.                        center occasionally, but that it     November 6, 2007
housed at Barksdale Air Force            About        three      dozen    was operated by the area's           30. Army's Aggressive
Base, La., but leaders in           members of the unit were held         Community             Emergency      Surgeon Is Too
Colorado Springs are pushing        at the Guard's armory on Palm         Response Team.                       Aggressive For Some
for it to be moved here so it       Avenue in National City until              A sheriff's official reached    By Alex Berenson
can be closer to Air Force          last night, when they were            last night could not verify who           SAN ANTONIO — Since
Space Command at Peterson           bused to their home base in           had filed the complaint.             the war in Iraq began, Col.
Air Force Base.                     Ontario.                                   On Sunday, a man called         John Holcomb has been
     McNabb said he has been             “The California National         The San Diego Union-Tribune          working to change the way the
lobbied by local leaders, but he    Guard takes all allegations of        identifying himself only as a        military takes care of its
and the rest of the generals        improper conduct seriously and        35-year-old member of the            wounded.
didn’t talk specifically about      will take action, to include          330th Company.                            Along the way he has
where Cyber Command will            disciplinary measures, against             He said the unit's soldiers     suffered a few dings himself.
land.                               any soldiers who may have             were spending their time inside           A tall medical doctor with
     He said getting the            acted           inappropriately,”     the armory playing cards and         a      Southern       lilt     and
command up and running is a         Siepmann said.                        talking on cell phones. They         close-cropped      gray       hair,
top priority, because the U.S.           He would not provide             slept on cots and ate food that      Colonel Holcomb, 48, has
needs to have the same              other     details     about     the   was trucked in.                      spent his entire 27-year career
dominance       in    computer      investigation, including the               In connection with the          in the Army, earning a
networks that it now enjoys in      potential punishment for theft.       investigation, the man said he       reputation as one of the
the sky and in space.                    The 330th Company was            and his fellow soldiers had to       military’s top trauma surgeons.
     The meeting of the brass       sent to Potrero on Oct. 23 to         give sworn statements about          Since 2001, he has headed the
wasn’t all about budgets, war       provide security and other            their activities during the          Army’s Institute of Surgical
and politics. Most of the           assistance to law enforcement         fire-relief mission.                 Research, based on the campus
generals stuck around long          and relief agencies, Siepmann              “I don't know of anything       of the Brooke Army Medical
enough for the Air Force-Army       said. Its members were part of        we did wrong, and we don't           Center here.
football game before heading        more than 2,000 National              know what we are being                    Under his watch, Army
back to their commands.             Guard personnel sent to San           accused of,” said the man, who       surgeons      have         become
                                    Diego County after nearly a           described himself as a worker        aggressive      users      of    a
                                    dozen blazes broke out. The           for a cable company in Palm          controversial     drug      called
San Diego Union-Tribune             fires killed at least seven           Springs.                             Factor VII, which promotes
November 6, 2007                    people, destroyed nearly 1,700             “We are all worried about       clotting in cases of severe
Pg. 1                               homes,       burned        roughly    losing our jobs because we           bleeding. He has also guided a
29. Guard Unit                      370,000 acres and displaced           have been away,” he added.           redesign of the transport
Questioned After Claim              more than a half-million                   National Guard members          system for wounded soldiers,
Of Theft Filed                      residents.                            are reservists who report to         encouraging helicopter pilots
Relief group says items for              The soldiers took on tasks       designated       armories      for   to take the severely injured to
evacuees were taken                 such as coordinating traffic,         periodic training. Besides           the hospitals best able to treat
By Joe Hughes and Rick              patrolling for looters and            getting called up to serve after     them, even if they are not the
Rogers, Staff Writers               aiding people who were                natural disasters, they have         closest.
     A California National          staying at evacuation centers         helped the Border Patrol along            Colonel Holcomb also
Guard unit that provided            throughout the county.                the U.S.-Mexico border. In           strongly advocates conducting
disaster relief in Potrero during        Last week, Guard officials       addition, tens of thousands          clinical trials to improve
the Harris fire is under            launched an investigation after       have served combat duty in           trauma care. It is an ethically
investigation after at least one    volunteers for a relief group         Iraq.                                tricky area, because trauma
of its soldiers allegedly took      complained to the Sheriff's                Maj.     Bob     Stern,     a   research can involve trying
donated goods meant for fire        Department that members of            spokesman for the task force         novel treatments on severely
victims,      National     Guard    the the company had taken             that coordinated the Guard's         injured patients who cannot
officials confirmed yesterday.      supplies      designated        for   wildfire-response efforts in San     give informed consent. But he
                                    evacuees. The supplies were           Diego County, said the
                                                                                                                                           page 26
argues that any ethical             may be doing more harm than           research on blood substitutes.        military cannot afford to wait
problems pale in comparison to      good.                                 “Many, many centers declined          for a definitive answer.
the toll that traumatic injuries          Dr. Andrew F. Schorr, a         to participate in this trial.”             “You have a drug that you
take on civilians and soldiers      former military physician who              Colonel Holcomb does not         know is safe from the
every day.                          is associate director of critical     apologize for his advocacy of         prospective           randomized
      He is fond of quoting a       care medicine at Washington           PolyHeme or Factor VII.               controlled clinical trials,”
surprising statistic: trauma is     Hospital Center in Washington,        Hemoglobin substitutes like           Colonel Holcomb said. “And
the third-leading cause of death    said he believed that Colonel         PolyHeme, which enable the            you have to make a decision.
in the United States, taking        Holcomb had pushed military           body to transport oxygen to its       It’s not something you can
160,000 lives in 2004, more         surgeons to use Factor VII            cells even after massive blood        decide to talk about. It’s really
than any other cause except         despite a lack of data on its         loss — could save lives, he           yes or no. You have a lot of
heart disease and cancer.           benefits — and some evidence          said. And trials based on             people bleeding to death in
Because it primarily affects the    that it can increase the risk of      consultation with a public            Iraq.”
young, trauma leads all             blood clots that cause strokes.       entity like a hospital review              Other trauma surgeons
diseases in terms of life-years     Factor VII is a naturally             board, rather than individual         support that attitude.
lost.                               occurring protein that helps the      informed        consent,        are        Dr. John R. Hess, a
      And besides the 4,000         blood clot; an artificial version     necessary to improve the care         professor of pathology and
American deaths in Iraq and         is produced by the Danish             of trauma patients.                   medicine at the University of
Afghanistan, there have been        company Novo Nordisk under                 In addition, the Food and        Maryland and a physician at its
29,000 injuries from hostile        the name NovoSeven.                   Drug Administration approved          Shock Trauma Center in
fire, including 9,000 severe              “I certainly disagree with      the PolyHeme trial even               Baltimore, said the Army was
enough to require transport to      his approach to Factor VII,”          though it saw the unreleased          right to use Factor VII
hospitals outside the war           Dr. Schorr said.                      data from the earlier test, and       aggressively. Severe bleeding,
zones.                                    Colonel Holcomb has also        many other medical centers            he noted, quickly exhausts the
      In the face of that toll,     been      criticized    for     his   participated in it, he said,          natural resources of Factor VII.
Colonel Holcomb said, doctors       advocacy of an experimental           adding,         “We’re          not        In      trauma       patients,
must run clinical trials to         blood       substitute       called   irresponsible people going out        “hemorrhage           is       the
ensure that patients are            PolyHeme, which recently              and doing evil experiments on         second-leading        cause     of
receiving the best treatments.      failed a clinical trial in trauma     small groups of patients.”            death,” behind only brain
Without those trials, even basic    patients. The trial, which ran             As for Factor VII, Colonel       injuries. “But you can do
questions — which patients          from late 2003 until last year,       Holcomb said he understood            something about it.”
should be put on breathing          was conducted on people who           the concerns of the Army’s                 Civilian       hematologists
tubes, for example — remain         were severely injured and             critics and agreed there was no       rarely see injuries as severe as
unanswered.                         could not give consent to the         strong evidence that the drug         those the Army faces, Dr. Hess
      In an interview in his        experiment.                           decreases mortality or other          said, so they may not
office at Brooke, Colonel                 The trial followed an           complications       in      trauma    understand the need for the
Holcomb       said      he    was   earlier failed test of PolyHeme       patients.                             drug. He added that Colonel
determined to generate data         in patients undergoing surgery             The F.D.A. has approved          Holcomb, whom he has known
that would help military and        for aneurysms. In the earlier         the drug to stanch bleeding           for two decades, would never
civilian surgeons answer those      trial, 54 percent of people who       only in hemophiliacs and              encourage the use of Factor VII
questions.                          took it went on to suffer             people with a congenital              if he thought it was
      “We run a research            serious       adverse      events,    deficiency of Factor VII, not in      endangering soldiers.
institute,” he said. “Everything    compared with 28 percent who          those whose blood is otherwise             “He        feels      deeply
we do, we try to drive on data.”    did not.                              normal. And the label warns           concerned about the soldiers,
      Colonel           Holcomb’s         But the Brooke Army             that the drug should be used          he goes over there, he takes
backers, who include surgeons       Medical Center and Colonel            “only under the supervision of        care of them,” Dr. Hess said.
both in and out of the military,    Holcomb did not disclose the          a physician experienced in the        “If you were hurt, he’s the guy
say he is an exceptionally          results of the earlier trial to the   treatment        of       bleeding    you’d want taking care of
hard-working physician whose        public when they agreed to            disorders.”                           you.”
single-minded         focus    on   participate in the new trial. “Up          But a 300-patient clinical            Colonel Holcomb has
wounded soldiers has led to         to now, PolyHeme has not              trial showed that Factor VII          spent several months in Iraq
improvements in the way the         caused any clinically bad             reduced      the      need      for   since the war began. In
military treats its injured.        problems,” researchers for            transfusions in patients and          addition to working as a
      “John Holcomb is making       Brooke wrote in materials             showed a trend toward                 surgeon, he has helped
a huge contribution to the          prepared for a public meeting,        reducing mortality in patients        redesign the system that
advancement of trauma care in       according to a 2006 article in        who received it, though the           transports wounded soldiers to
this country,” said Dr. Brent       The Wall Street Journal.              difference was not statistically      hospitals.
Eastman, the chairman of                  “He knew about this data,       significant. A larger trial to             In previous conflicts, the
trauma for Scripps Health in        and he should never have              confirm those findings is under       wounded were evacuated to
San Diego and a regent of the       approved the trial for his center     way, but the results will not be      nearby     forward       operating
American College of Surgeons.       and allowed the Army to               available for several years.          stations, even if their injuries
      But Colonel Holcomb is        participate in it,” said Keith             With soldiers severely           were so severe that doctors at
not without critics, who say his    Berman, a medical products            injured every day in Iraq,            those stations might not have
efforts, however well intended,     consultant who specializes in         Colonel Holcomb said, the             been able to help them.
                                                                                                                                         page 27
     Now, helicopter pilots         initial injury to their discharge.    with     depression,      anxiety,   VA health systems, the
coordinate care more closely        The system, called the Joint          alcoholism or reentry.               program hopes to remove a key
with the half-dozen large           Theater Trauma Registry, is                Pincered by financial           obstacle confronting those who
hospitals throughout Iraq,          designed to improve care by           concerns and worries that            need help.
making sure that a soldier with     identifying the best practices        seeking             psychological         Sometimes troops return
head trauma, for example, is        and the problems in military          counseling, especially through       home utterly changed or
taken to a hospital that has a      hospitals. The registry may           official      channels,     could    obviously damaged by what
neurosurgeon available. The         also      help     the     military   jeopardize a loved one's             they have experienced but
system is modeled on regional       standardize soldiers’ care even       military career, many relatives      resist seeking help, leaving it to
trauma systems in the United        as new nurses and doctors are         are reluctant to seek help.          their families to cope with the
States, where patients with         rotated into the war zone.            Others don't know where to           aftermath.
severe injuries go directly to           Meanwhile, the war is            find it.                                  A 2004 study published in
regional trauma centers.            never far from Brooke Army                 Now a new nonprofit             the New England Journal of
     “Sometimes fast is slow        Medical Center, where young           group called Give an Hour,           Medicine of 6,000 soldiers and
and methodical is fast,” said       men       and     women       with    launched by Washington area          Marines involved in ground
Col. Stephen Flaherty, the          prostheses are a common sight.        clinical psychologist Barbara        combat operations in Iraq and
chief of surgery at Landstuhl       The hospital specializes in           V. Romberg, is providing free        Afghanistan found that of those
Regional Medical Center, an         treating soldiers with severe         counseling for soldiers and          whose responses indicated a
Army hospital in Germany that       burns and has a large,                their families, as well as their     mental disorder, only 23 to 40
treats wounded soldiers from        free-standing        rehabilitation   unmarried partners. More than        percent sought psychiatric
Iraq and Afghanistan. “And if       center for amputees called the        720 licensed psychologists,          help. Many who did not cited
you do things fast and take         Center for the Intrepid.              social workers and other             fear of being stigmatized as a
them to the wrong location               Since the war began,             counselors from 40 states and        reason.
with the wrong resources, you       Brooke’s burn center has              the District have volunteered to          "In the military, there are
may not wind up giving them         treated      several      hundred     donate an hour a week of             unique factors that contribute
the best care.”                     severely injured soldiers, while      therapy time for a minimum of        to resistance to seeking such
     But changing the system        Colonel Holcomb has pressed           one year to those affected by        help, particularly concern
required      the     notoriously   it to find and test new               the twin conflicts.                  about how a soldier will be
bureaucratic Army to make           treatments,      like     different        So far about 50 clients,        perceived by peers and by the
significant changes in the way      dressings      and     continuous     including one soldier on active      leadership," concluded the
medical      helicopters    were    dialysis for patients with            duty in Iraq, have contacted the     research team, headed by
positioned,     as     well    as   kidney failure, said Dr. Steven       program to find a therapist -- a     psychiatrist Charles W. Hoge
increasing           coordination   E. Wolf, a civilian who directs       trickle Romberg hopes will           of the Walter Reed Army
between hospitals, forward          the burn unit. He quoted              turn into a steady stream as         Institute of Research in Silver
surgical teams and front-line       Colonel                Holcomb’s      word of the program spreads.         Spring.
units.                              philosophy:                                The pro bono effort is               In    June,     top    Bush
     Colonel Holcomb drove               “Why answer a question           underwritten by several grants,      administration and military
those changes, said Colonel         with another question? Just do        including one from the               officials,       acknowledging
Flaherty, who added that the        the experiment.”                      Coalition to Salute America's        "shortfalls" in mental health
Army was willing to make                                                  Heroes, a nonprofit group            treatment, pledged to improve
them because both senior and                                              based in Ossining, N.Y., that        psychiatric care for military
junior officers trusted Colonel     Washington Post                       assists     severely    wounded      personnel.       Among        the
Holcomb           to        offer   November 6, 2007                      soldiers. Romberg's group also       improvements mentioned is a
recommendations driven by           Pg. HE1                               has forged partnerships with         program to reduce stigma.
hard data rather than untested      31. The Other Wounded                 several       military     family         "It was just very clear to
assumptions.                        Volunteer Therapists Aid              organizations, including the         me that there was going to be a
     “He does a great job of        War-Stressed Families and             Silver Star Families of              tidal wave of [psychologically]
listening to us, getting multiple   Partners of Soldiers                  America            and         the   damaged folks coming back,"
voices        and        multiple   By Sandra G. Boodman,                 Washington-based         Tragedy     said Romberg, who founded
recommendations,             and    Washington Post Staff Writer          Assistance       Program       for   Give an Hour in 2005 and is its
following the data,” he said.            They are the other               Survivors, or TAPS, which            president. The military is
     Colonel Holcomb said his       casualties of the wars in Iraq        aids relatives of those who die      trying to cope, "but it was clear
visits to Iraq had been             and Afghanistan: spouses --           while on duty.                       to me they weren't going to be
invaluable in helping him           mostly wives -- of military                The goal, Romberg said, is      able to stay ahead" of the
understand how to change the        personnel as well as their            not      to      supplant      the   accelerating     demand        for
system. “To understand the          children, parents and even            psychological services the           psychological services.
problem, you need to get            siblings struggling with the          military      offers    but     to        Last    year,     a   study
yourself on the ground, talk to     fear that accompanies combat          supplement them.                     co-written by Hoge of 300,000
the guys,” he said.                 separations or the wrenching               "We provide help to             returning troops found that one
     At the same time, Colonel      readjustment that often marks         people they don't," among            in three of those who served in
Holcomb has pressed the Army        the return home. Some are             them parents and siblings of         Iraq later sought help for
to develop a database to track      troops themselves, home for           troops, she said. Because it         mental health problems. The
the care of all wounded             good or for a while between           operates independently of the        Iraq veterans consistently
soldiers from the time of their     deployments, trying to cope           Department of Defense and            reported more psychological
                                                                                                                                      page 28
distress than those returning       many of whom are social              "They're so grateful."             estimate 1,000 suicides a year
from Afghanistan, Bosnia or         workers, has been slow in the              Clients seeking to give      among veterans receiving care
Kosovo.                             Washington area where more           back are encouraged to             within VHA and as many as
     The repercussions of that      than 100 therapists have signed      volunteer at local organizations   5,000 a year among all
suffering can hit families hard.    on, but brisk in other parts of      listed on the program's Web        veterans.
     Bonnie Carroll, executive      the country that have large          site.
director of TAPS, said her          military populations, including            Romberg said the group
group has referred relatives        the Southwest, Romberg said.         reflects her experience as the     Washington Times
struggling with the death of a           Dawn Beatty, a licensed         daughter of a World War II         November 6, 2007
service member to Give an           professional     counselor      in   veteran who grew up in a small     Pg. 14
Hour.                               Mesa, Ariz., a suburb of             town in California and watched     33. Satellite Enters
     "It's     a       wonderful    Phoenix, said she has treated        as her neighbors went off to       Orbit Around Moon
resource," said Carroll, who        two clients this year through        fight in Vietnam.                       BEIJING — A Chinese
adds that counseling services       Give an Hour and talked by                 "We were the rural kids      satellite successfully entered
available through the military      phone to a third. For the past       who didn't have resources," she    lunar orbit yesterday, a month
to eligible spouses and children    two months she has been              said.                              after rival Japan put its own
are typically limited to a few      meeting with the wife of a                 Several years ago she was    probe into orbit around the
sessions and are not offered to     National Guard member who            mulling over what she could do     moon, but Chinese officials
other relatives.                    recently returned from Iraq and      after hearing a radio report       denied there is any competition
     Although the Department        may face a second deployment.        about the number of Americans      between the two nations.
of Veterans Affairs operates             The couple had been             who have not been personally            Chinese space officials
207 specialized Vet Centers         married only a few weeks             touched by the war.                said the Chang'e 1 satellite,
around the country that offer       when the husband shipped out.              Her    resolve    to    do   part of the country's ambitious
counseling, not everyone who        Recently returned after 18           something, she said, was           space-exploration         plans,
needs help lives near one,          months, his wife describes him       strengthened       when      her   entered lunar orbit after
Carroll said.                       as "a different person." He has      then-9-year-old daughter asked     completing a planned braking
     Researchers affiliated with    refused     to     discuss    his    her about a homeless veteran       operation.
Harvard reported last week that     experiences overseas and is          dressed in camouflage fatigues.         China plans to keep the
1.8 million veterans and 3.8        having trouble coping with                 "I could not look at her     Chang'e 1 — named after a
million people who live in their    being married and with her two       and say we knew but didn't do      mythical Chinese goddess who
households       lacked    health   children from a previous             anything," Romberg said. "It       flew to the moon — there for
insurance in 2004.                  marriage who live with them.         seemed to me if the mental         one year, about the same length
     The      match      between         Beatty said the woman has       health community had an easy       of time as Japan's probe.
therapist and client is made        said her husband is "upset with      way to participate, they
online through the group's Web      her for coming in. He thinks         would."
site,      they should be able to work it                                          Los Angeles Times
Potential clients search for        out. There's a lot of anger and                                         November 6, 2007
practitioners on the basis of       frustration."                        Washington Post                    34. North Korea
their location. Listings include         One      young       soldier,   November 6, 2007                   Reactor Being Disabled
information about specialty or      recently returned from multiple      Pg. 4                              U.S. experts plan to make sure
expertise, such as grief            tours in Iraq and Afghanistan,       32. Suicide Prevention             it would take a year of work to
counseling, marital therapy or      kept his first appointment with      Part Of Law Designed               restart the nuclear
substance abuse, as well as a       Beatty but did not return for a      To Help Veterans                   weapons-making facility at
willingness to participate in       second, she said. "He had a lot           President Bush signed a       Yongbyon.
telephone sessions in the event     of PTSD" and was drinking            bill that provides for improved    By Associated Press
that in-person meetings are not     heavily, she said.                   screening and treatment for             SEOUL -- A team of U.S.
feasible.                                Beatty, who said her usual      veterans at risk of committing     experts has begun disabling
     Give an Hour does not          fee is $115 per hour, said that      suicide.                           North       Korea's      nuclear
screen therapists, Romberg          she volunteered for Give an               The law requires mental       weapons-making         facilities,
said, but it does verify they       Hour and plans to provide free       health training for Department     U.S.      State      Department
have a license in good              treatment beyond the one-year        of Veterans Affairs staff, a       spokesman Tom Casey said
standing.                           minimum for as long as it takes      suicide-prevention counselor at    Monday.
     To protect confidentiality,    for those who seek her help.         each VA medical facility, and           Casey told reporters in
the Web site contains no            "No matter what a financial          mental-health screening and        Washington that the disabling
"cookies" that could identify       struggle it is for me I'll do it,"   treatment for veterans who get     of the North's nuclear reactor at
people seeking help, Romberg        she said. "I'm a strong              VA care. It also supports          Yongbyon "is a positive first
said. The site also includes        Christian, and I believe God         outreach and education for         step in this process, and we
information for patients about      will provide."                       veterans and their families,       certainly hope to see it
what to expect during therapy            Among military clients,         peer support counseling, and       continue."
sessions and how to choose a        she said, "there is a real pride     research on suicide prevention.         He gave no details about
counselor. For therapists, there    issue. They feel very guilty              The VA inspector general      the specific steps the team was
is information about the unique     about coming in and accepting        reported last May that Veterans    taking.
culture of the military.            free counseling," but often          Health Administration officials         "This is going to be a
     Demand for counselors,         their insurance won't cover it.                                         process that is going to take
                                                                                                                                         page 29
some time," he said.                 Eritrea will resume their war in     Somalia last December was in        For U.S. Radar Base
     The North shut down             the next several weeks is very       part a proxy war with Eritrea,           PRAGUE — Czech and
Yongbyon        in    July   and     real," the report says, adding       which retains close ties to the     U.S.        officials      began
promised to disable it by year's     that the United States could         Islamic      movement        that   negotiations yesterday on a
end in exchange for energy aid       play a vital role in averting a      Ethiopia ousted. Since the          treaty that would allow the
and political concessions from       conflict.                            invasion, Eritrea has hosted        U.S. to station a radar base
other nations participating in            Eritrea, a tiny country with    many of the deposed Islamic         near Prague, authorities said.
talks on its nuclear program:        one of the largest armies in         leaders who are thought to be            Washington made a formal
the U.S., China, Japan, South        Africa, has about 12,000 troops      behind insurgents battling          request     in     January    for
Korea and Russia.                    near the disputed border, as         Ethiopian troops in the Somali      permission to place a radar
     The main U.S. envoy to          well as 4,000 positioned inside      capital, Mogadishu.                 base in the Czech Republic as
the talks, Assistant Secretary of    a demilitarized zone that was             In the context of a U.S.       part of a defense shield that
State Christopher Hill, has said     established      by    a    peace    foreign policy driven primarily     U.S. officials say is needed to
the experts would disable the        agreement that ended a               by counterterrorism objectives,     protect European allies against
reactor to a point that would        1998-2000         border      war,   Ethiopia has remained a key         a potential threat from Iran.
require North Korea to work at       according to U.S. government         U.S.      ally.     Washington           The U.S. also wants to
least a year to restart it.          estimates cited in the report.       supported Ethiopia's invasion       place 10 interceptor missiles in
     Washington hopes that                On its side of the border,      of Somalia and has roundly          neighboring Poland as part of
future talks will yield an           Ethiopia,      a     U.S.-backed     condemned Eritrea for hosting       the system. Russia opposes the
agreement for North Korea to         military powerhouse, maintains       the Somali Islamic leaders.         plan.
dismantle the facility entirely,     an estimated 100,000 troops          Given that support, Meles may
and it wants the nuclear bombs       who have been carrying out           decide that now is the time to
Pyongyang is believed to have        large-scale training exercises in    try to get rid of the Eritrean      New York Times
built to be confiscated.             recent months.                       leadership, the report says.        November 6, 2007
     The country conducted its            Ethiopia also has been                                              Pg. 3
first nuclear test detonation in     building up its air force and                                            38. British Intelligence
October 2006 and is believed         jamming        Eritrean     radar,   USA Today
                                                                          November 6, 2007
                                                                                                              Chief Sharpens
to have enough weapons-grade         according       to     a     U.S.                                        Terrorism Warning
plutonium to make about a            government        source,     who    Pg. 11
                                                                          36. Navy Dives In To                By Sarah Lyall
dozen bombs.                         speculated that Ethiopia may                                                  LONDON, Nov. 5 —
                                     strike by air in the Eritrean        Help Third Ship Freed               Britain’s      chief      domestic
                                     capital, Asmara, hoping to           By Somali Pirates                   intelligence      official     said
Washington Post                      topple the government there.              Somali pirates released a      Monday that at least 2,000
November 6, 2007                          In strictest terms, the         Taiwanese fishing vessel they       people in Britain posed a
Pg. 15                               conflict focuses on ownership        held for more than five months,     “direct threat to national
35. Ethiopia, Eritrea On             of a dirt-road, mud-hut border       a U.S. Navy spokeswoman             security and public safety”
Verge Of Border War,                 village called Badme, which a        said. A warship escorted the        because of their support for
Report Says                          U.N.-backed                border    Ching Fong Hwa 168 out of           terrorism, an increase of 400 in
By Stephanie McCrummen,              commission ruled is inside           Somali waters, and naval            the last year.
Washington Post Foreign              Eritrea. Eritrea has endorsed        personnel gave the crew food             The figure is not new —
Service                              that decision; Ethiopian Prime       and medical aid, said Cmdr.         Prime Minister Gordon Brown
     NAIROBI, Nov. 5 --              Minister Meles Zenawi has            Lydia Robertson of U.S. 5th         mentioned it in July. But the
Ethiopia       and        Eritrea,   refused to accept it.                Fleet headquarters in Bahrain.      official,    Jonathan       Evans,
stubbornly hostile neighbors              Analysts say the dispute is          Two other ships hijacked       director general of MI5, went
for years, are possibly weeks        more about the internal              in May were freed Sunday after      even further, saying there may
away from a renewed border           political calculations of two        naval personnel spoke to the        be 2,000 more would-be
war that could engulf the            political elites determined to       pirates by radio. The Navy was      terrorists not yet known to the
volatile Horn of Africa region,      remain in power. Although            in contact with two remaining       authorities.
according to a report released       Meles and Eritrean President         ships held in Somali waters,             Speaking at a conference
Monday by a foreign policy           Isaias Afwerki once had close        Robertson said. "We encourage       in Manchester, Mr. Evans also
research group.                      ties as rebels fighting together     pirates to leave the ships," she    said that extremists in Britain
     The two countries have          in the bush against Ethiopian        said. "We tell them, 'You get in    were more likely than before to
been on the brink for some           dictator     Mengistu       Haile    the skiff, you leave, you do not    be connected to networks in
time. But the current military       Mariam, they have in recent          take any hostages.' "               other countries, and that they
buildup along their border has       years become mortal enemies.              Somalia has not had a          were increasingly grooming
reached                "alarming          Ethiopia has for years          functioning government since        young       people,      including
proportions," with opposing          backed a variety of groups           1991, when rival warlords           children, to carry out terrorist
troops separated in some areas       inside Eritrea aiming to             overthrew a dictator.               attacks. And in a reminder that
by only a dry riverbed,              destabilize Isaias's government.                                         even though the cold war has
according to the report by the       Likewise, Eritrea has continued                                          ended, some of the old
International Crisis Group,          to funnel weapons and money          Washington Times                    conflicts persist, he complained
based in Brussels.                   to separatist rebels in Ethiopia's   November 6, 2007                    that MI5 was being forced to
     "The risk that Ethiopia and     Ogaden region.                       Pg. 14                              divert       resources        from
                                          Ethiopia's invasion of          37. Diplomats Negotiate
                                                                                                                                        page 30
antiterrorism work “to defend        United Kingdom.”                     our expense,” he said.              Colombian authorities and the
the         U.K.           against        He said that the would-be            Mr. Evans was particularly     U.S. Coast Guard and Navy
unreconstructed attempts by          terrorists were cultivating ever     pointed in criticizing Russia,      have seized 13 submarine-like
Russia, China and others to spy      younger volunteers and that          whose relationship with Britain     vessels outfitted for drug
on us.”                              people as young as 15 had been       has cooled considerably in          running. The five seized by
     Mr.       Evans’s       stark   implicated in terrorist activity.    recent months.                      American authorities were en
assessment of the terrorist               “As I speak, terrorists are          “Since the end of the cold     route to Mexico or Central
threat echoes remarks by his         methodically and intentionally       war,” he said, “we have seen        America, each loaded with 3 to
predecessor at MI5, Dame             targeting young people and           no decrease in the numbers of       5 tons of cocaine.
Eliza Manningham-Buller, in          children in this country,” he        undeclared                Russian        The seizures point to a
November 2006. But it is still       said. “They are radicalizing,        intelligence officers in the U.K.   security threat that goes
highly unusual for the chief of      indoctrinating and grooming          — at the Russian Embassy and        beyond drug trafficking. Many
MI5, which so shuns publicity        young, vulnerable people to          associated         organizations    law enforcement officials are
that it does not even have a         carry out acts of terrorism.”        conducting covert activity in       concerned that U.S. ports and
press office, to speak publicly.          Since the attacks on            this country.”                      shorelines could be vulnerable
     Opponents         of      the   London’s            transportation        A man answering the            to terrorist attacks using such
government, however, pointed         network in 2005, which left 56       phone at the Russian Embassy        crudely built submarines.
out that the speech comes as         people dead, including the four      here said he could not                   "There could be 5 tons of
Mr. Brown prepares to make           suicide bombers, the British         comment on the assertion that       anything on board these
new proposals for stricter           authorities      have     arrested   it was harboring spies.             things," said a senior U.S.
antiterrorism laws. In July, Mr.     hundreds of people as terrorism                                          military official involved in the
Brown said he was considering        suspects and reported that                                               war on drugs.
introducing legislation that         many would-be attacks have           Los Angeles Times                        Added a senior official
would increase the time that         been thwarted. A foiled plan in      November 6, 2007                    with      the      U.S.      Drug
suspects could be detained           July to set off explosions in        Pg. 1                               Enforcement Administration in
without charge, to 56 days           London and Glasgow was the           39. Drug Traffickers                Colombia: "Any viable method
from the current 28.                 15th attempted terrorist plot on     Dive In                             to covertly transport large
     The matter is highly            British soil since 2001,             Submersibles are used to ferry      quantities of illicit drugs over
contentious. In 2005, after a        officials say. More than 200         narcotics. Some in U.S. fear        long distances such as these
bitter    debate,      Parliament    people have been convicted of        the tactic may inspire              [vessels] could conceivably be
rejected a government proposal       terrorism-related offenses in        terrorists.                         employed to transport other
to increase the allowable            Britain in the last six years.       By Chris Kraul, Los Angeles         prohibited materials."
detention time before charges             Officials say the police        Times Staff Writer                       The boats have become
are brought to 90 days.              and security services are                 CALI, COLOMBIA — It            increasingly        sophisticated,
     “It is crucial that the         currently dealing with about 30      was on a routine patrol that the    evolving from huge tubes built
security services do not get         suspected plots and 200              Colombian        coast    guard     to be towed by fishing or cargo
drawn into politics,” Nick           terrorist-related groups or          stumbled upon an eerie outpost      boats to self-propelled vessels
Clegg, the home affairs              networks.                            amid the mangroves: a               with ballast systems and
spokesman for the opposition              Striking       a     slightly   mini-shipyard where suspected       communications         equipment
Liberal Democrats, said in a         defensive note, Mr. Evans said       drug traffickers were building      that leave no wake or radar
statement.           “Experience     his agents were “under acute         submarines.                         profile as they glide just below
suggests that breathless talk        pressure to prioritize” and               Perched on a makeshift         the ocean surface.
about the terrorism threat and       could not monitor every threat.      wooden dry dock late last                The recent discovery in the
the powers needed to counter it      “There will be instances when        month were two 55-foot-long         Pacific Coast estuary about 25
can have a damaging effect on        individuals come to the notice       fiberglass vessels, one ready       miles south of the port city of
opinion in precisely those           of the security service or the       for launch, the other about 70%     Buenaventura reflects drug
communities that we need to          police, but then subsequently        complete. Each was outfitted        traffickers' growing use of such
keep on our side.”                   carry out acts of terrorism,” he     with      a     350-horsepower      boats in the face of stepped-up
     Mr. Evans was indeed            said. “Every decision to             Cummins diesel engine and           operations by Colombian and
bleak in his outlook, saying he      investigate someone entails a        enough fuel capacity to reach       U.S. anti-drug forces, experts
believed that the terrorist threat   decision not to investigate          the coast of Central America or     here say.
had not reached its peak and         someone else.”                       Mexico, hundreds of miles to             The subs were probably
that new recruits were arriving           He also said espionage          the north.                          commissioned          by       the
in a “steady flow.”                  activities by Russia and China,           The vessels had cargo          Revolutionary Armed Forces
     “Terrorist attacks we have      among other countries, were          space that could fit 5 tons of      of Colombia, or FARC, in
seen against the U.K. are not        siphoning resources from the         cocaine, a senior officer with      whose zone of influence the
simply random plots by               fight against terrorism. “A          the Colombian coast guard's         shipyard       was       situated,
disparate     and     fragmented     number of countries continue         Pacific command said in an          according to the officer, who
groups,” he said. “The majority      to devote considerable time          interview.                          asked not to be identified for
of these attacks, successful or      and energy trying to steal our            The design featured tubing     security reasons. The FARC is
otherwise, have taken place          sensitive      technology       on   for air, crude conning towers       thought to be Colombia's most
because Al Qaeda has a clear         civilian and military projects,      and cramped bunk space for a        powerful         drug-trafficking
determination       to      mount    and trying to obtain political       crew of four, he added.             organization.
terrorist attacks against the        and economic intelligence at              Over the last two years,            Military officials here and
                                                                                                                                        page 31
in the United States say the war     they adjust to us," said Rear        back issues of Popular             Democrats to endorse taking
on drugs, financed by billions       Adm.        Joseph      Nimmich,     Mechanics magazine.                military steps.
of dollars in U.S. aid, is forcing   commander of the Key West,                Hobbyists in the United            "If    you      had      more
drug runners to undertake ever       Fla.-based Joint Interagency         States have formed the             follow-on questions — on what
more ingenious methods of            Task       Force      South,     a   Personal           Submersibles    if the military action was
transporting cocaine from            multinational force set up to        Organization; they conduct         unilateral, (for instance) —
Colombia, which produces             interdict oceangoing drug            chats on the group's website,      then support would tend to
about 90% of the drug                shipments.                 , and hold annual         diminish," says Steven Kull,
consumed in the United States.            "Their reaction to our          meetings.                          director of the Program on
     Proponents insist that the      greater      surveillance     and         But the vessels found on      International Policy Attitudes
campaign        is     producing     increased interdictions has          Colombia's Pacific shores last     at the University of Maryland.
concrete results. They cite a        been      these    self-propelled    week were built for anything       "But it does indicate that
24% increase in cocaine street       submersibles."                       but recreation and certainly not   approximately         half       of
prices this year as reported by           Are drug cartels resorting      by hobbyists.                      Americans       are    concerned
the White House Office of            to     submarines        out    of        The Colombian coast           enough that they would at least
National Drug Control Policy.        "desperation         or       just   guard official said crew           seriously consider it, and that's
     The price bump was              diversification?        It's     a   members of a submersible           worth noting."
caused by the "disruption of         combination of the two, with         detained this year after their          Tough talk from President
cocaine flow," the office's          the greater emphasis on the          55-foot vessel sank off the        Bush and Vice President
director, John P. Walters,           former," said Assistant U.S.         coast of Tumaco, Colombia,         Cheney about Iran's nuclear
wrote in a letter to Rep. J.         Atty. Joseph Ruddy, who heads        told police that they viewed the   program seems to have
Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.).             Operation Panama Express, a          craft as a death trap but were     generated concern about a
     Improved surveillance and       Tampa, Fla.-based task force.        lured by the $2,000 payment        potential threat and alarm
intelligence have led to             The task force's interdictions       the drug magnates promised to      about     the     prospect      for
spectacular busts this year,         have resulted in more than           pay them to guide the vessel to    premature U.S. military action.
including the seizure last           1,100 drug traffickers being         Central America.                        In the telephone survey of
Tuesday       in     Manzanillo,     convicted since 2000.                     Asked to describe the men     1,024 adults Friday through
Mexico, of 23 tons of cocaine             The boats seized Oct. 28        detained, the coast guard          Sunday:
hidden in a freight container        are      submarine-like,       but   official merely said: "Crazy."          *Three of four Americans
aboard a Hong Kong-flagged           officials here say a more                                               say they are concerned that the
vessel that had stopped in           accurate       description      is                                      United States "will not do
Buenaventura.                        "self-propelled                      USA Today                          enough to prevent Iran from
     The bust "is going to have      semi-submersible"            craft   November 6, 2007                   developing nuclear weapons."
even more serious impact on          because they do not dive and         Pg. 12                             On this issue, there is
cocaine price and purity levels      resurface like a true submarine.     40. Poll Finds                     bipartisan accord: 35% of
here in the United States," a             Submarines are not new to       Americans Split On                 Republicans and 36% of
senior U.S. congressional aide       drug trafficking, only more          Taking Military Action             Democrats say they are "very
said Friday.                         numerous, if the increase in         In Iran                            concerned" about that prospect.
     Meanwhile, critics of the       seizures is any indication.          Potential nuclear threat                *However, three of four
war on drugs warn that the                In what was the most            concerns respondents               Americans        also      express
price increase, as in past           spectacular bust involving a         By Susan Page, USA Today           concern that the United States
instances, may prove only            narco-submarine, police in                WASHINGTON              —     "will be too quick to use
temporary.                           September 2000 raided a              Americans are concerned about      military force" against Iran.
     John Walsh of the               warehouse near Bogota, the           Iran's nuclear program but split        On that, partisans disagree.
Washington Office on Latin           capital,      and     found      a   on whether military action         Just 25% of Republicans are
America,         a      watchdog     100-foot-long submarine that         should be undertaken if            "very concerned" about the
organization, said a 45% price       was being built according to         diplomacy      and    economic     premature use of military
increase in early 2002 was           Russian plans.                       sanctions fail to stop it,         force, compared with 57% of
quickly reversed as suppliers             The sub was thought to be       according to a new USA             Democrats.
adjusted.                            a joint venture by Colombian         TODAY/Gallup Poll.                      Presidential      candidates
     Walsh and others say            and Russian drug mafias and               The findings underscore       Barack Obama and John
counter-narcotics efforts in         would have been capable of           public concern about an Iranian    Edwards         have        tapped
Colombia should focus less on        carrying 10 tons of cocaine per      threat and a partisan divide       Democrats' unease on the issue
interdiction and more on             trip had it been completed.          over how to respond. Iran has      in recent days, criticizing
economic alternatives for coca       Annual Colombian cocaine             emerged as a key issue in the      Hillary Rodham Clinton for
farmers and others caught up in      production is now estimated at       presidential race, especially      backing a Senate resolution
the industry.                        500 to 800 tons.                     among Democrats.                   that designated the Iranian
     In     any     event,     the        In 1995, police broke up a           While 46% of those            Revolutionary Guard a terrorist
ever-changing       tactics     of   deal in which Colombia's Cali        surveyed say military action       organization.
Colombian drug traffickers           cartel had planned to buy a          should be taken either now or           In a speech Monday in
targeting the lucrative U.S.         Russian submarine.                   if diplomacy fails, 45% rule it    Iowa City, Edwards warned
market reflect a constant                 The know-how to build           out in any case. Republicans       that the Bush administration "is
cat-and-mouse game.                  crude "submersibles" is readily      are twice as likely as             repeating the march to war
     "When we adjust to them,        available on the Internet and in                                        with Iran" as it did in the
                                                                                                                                      page 32
lead-up to the war with Iraq.        veterans group. Seventeen of         would become among the most        in the construction industry,
     Meanwhile, Bush reached         them sit in Congress.                visited memorials on the Mall.     impatient with what he called
an unwelcome record. By                   "Military      veterans    of        That weekend, Kentes, of      workplace "Mickey Mouse."
64%-31%,              Americans      Vietnam       have      had     an   Falls Church, was reconnecting     He suffered from touches of
disapprove of the job he is          extraordinary influence on           with a firefight in the Mekong     post-traumatic stress disorder,
doing. For the first time in the     American society," said Jan C.       Delta 13 years before. It was      and as he grew older, he
history of the Gallup Poll, 50%      Scruggs, founder of the              Memorial Day 1969, he              reflected more on the war.
say they "strongly disapprove"       Vietnam Veterans Memorial            recalled, when he saw two          "You think of the guys you
of the president. Richard Nixon      Fund, which built the Wall.          buddies, Curtis Daniels and        killed," he said. "You start
had reached the previous high,            They have clout and             Michael Volheim, killed.           thinking about those things as
48%,      just     before     an     respect, and the old fatigue              Kentes and five other         your life progresses."
impeachment inquiry was              jacket now is often worn             Army Rangers were chasing               Kentes now runs a home
launched in 1974.                    mostly for yardwork.                 enemy soldiers when Daniels        inspection business, is on
                                          Yet, despite the passing of     and Volheim were cut down by       disability        because      of
                                     time and the veterans' ascent to     gunfire.                           war-related infirmities and is
Washington Post                      mainstream wealth and status,             Kentes and two others         active in veterans' affairs.
November 6, 2007                     the war remains strongly with        counterattacked to retrieve             Twenty-five years after the
Pg. B1                               them, marking them and               their comrades' bodies, and        birth of the Wall, he said he
41. Engraved In Their                separating them, as war does         Kentes believes he killed two      believes he is better for his
Minds                                with most who experience it.         enemy soldiers in the process.     experience in Vietnam. "There
Veterans, Vietnam Forever                 In    recent      interviews,        It was the first of many      were periods when I didn't
With Them, Returning to              Kentes, 59, Jordan, 61, and          such encounters, he said.          think that," he said. "Are things
Memorial as It Turns 25              Funk, 65, said the war is a vital         Sipping      coffee     and   ever going to settle down?" he
By Michael E. Ruane,                 part of who they are. It helped      smoking a thin cigar in a Falls    said he would ask himself.
Washington Post Staff Writer         define them, they said, mostly       Church restaurant last week,       "When is some normalcy going
     Even now, the sound of a        for the better. It continues to do   Kentes, now with light gray        to settle in in your life?"
helicopter or a phrase of            so as they mark this milestone,      hair, said he did not keep track        "It never really does," he
Vietnamese can carry Len             they said, and probably will         of how many enemy soldiers         said.
Funk back to the war.                forever.                             he killed in Vietnam.                   ***
     In a bar or restaurant,              ***                                  But there was pride in             When Hugh M. Jordan
Mike Kentes still sits where he           Mike Kentes was looking         victory. When he and his           showed up at Washington's
can keep an eye on the door.         for the names of two buddies         fellow Rangers staged a            Shoreham           Hotel      for
     And years after Hugh            that chilly November weekend         successful ambush, it was:         pre-dedication festivities that
Jordan would sleep through the       a quarter-century ago when he        "You screwed up, and we            weekend in 1982, he could find
roar of outgoing artillery, his      was photographed in his dark         didn't." In combat, "you get       no gathering place for the
ears still ring from the thunder     beret and camo jacket holding        hardened," he said, "you get       outfit in which he had served in
of the heavy guns.                   a red carnation reflected in the     real, real hardened."              Vietnam,         the     Americal
     Twenty-five years ago, the      gleaming wall.                            He was unemployed in          Division.
three men were young and                  He was 34 and handsome,         November 1982, with a wife              Other units had hospitality
proud as they attended the           with gray-flecked dark hair and      and a 6-month-old son, and had     suites. But the Americal,
dedication of the Vietnam            a     dark     mustache.       The   not put the war behind him. "I     formed in the South Pacific
Veterans Memorial, marching          photograph would later run on        thought about it every day," he    during World War II, didn't
in berets and fatigues only a        the     cover      of     National   said. "Still do."                  even have a table. So he and
decade or so removed from the        Geographic,             prompting         Vietnam veterans had been     some friends commandeered a
battlefield and basking in the       wisecracks from old Army             called whiners and losers by       desk. One man ripped the
applause.                            comrades that they had seen          older veterans, and fools or       sky-blue division patch from
     This week, thousands like       his picture in restrooms across      worse by people of their own       his old uniform and pinned it
them are again gathering in          the country.                         generation, Kentes said.           on a poster board.
Washington, this time to                  It was 1982, and several             But now here was the               They started collecting
observe the 25th anniversary of      hundred thousand people had          Wall. "It was like being back in   donations in a shoebox, got
the Wall. A downtown parade          gathered for the wall's Nov. 13      Vietnam, having all the guys       enough money to rent a
and other activities are             dedication.                          there," he said. "In fact, the     hospitality suite and stock it
scheduled for Saturday, and               Scruggs, who had been           hardest part of the whole thing    with beer, and soon had a
commemorative         ceremonies     wounded in the war, launched         was that Monday, when              regular reunion going, just like
will be held Sunday at the           the crusade for the Wall with        everybody left. I mean, I just     the other outfits.
Wall.                                his own money and then raised        got really depressed."                  Jordan, of Great Falls, had
     But now the men and             $8.4 million for the project in           Since then, he said, life     landed in the Americal
women of the Vietnam War era         three years.                         has had ups and downs. He and      Division in 1968. The year
are aging and gray and more               Architect Maya Lin's            his wife had another son, then     before, he and his best friend,
than 30 years removed from           design -- a polished black           divorced seven years ago. "I'm     Gerald Niewenhous, entered
the conflict. Many have jobs         granite chevron bearing more         quite sure the Vietnam             the Army to become helicopter
near the top of their fields, and,   than 58,000 names of those           experience had something to        pilots.
numbering 7.2 million, they          killed or missing -- was at first    do with that," he said.                 But Jordan's eyesight
make up the nation's largest         controversial, but the Wall               He moved from job to job      wasn't good enough, and he
                                                                                                                                     page 33
was assigned to the artillery.       wonder, if I hadn't served, what   antiwar.                            EADS
He was very disappointed,            would I have missed?" he said.         And to this day, if he hears         European       Aeronautic
because his friend was cleared       "I think my life became richer.    a helicopter or the Vietnamese      Defence and Space, the parent
to stay with helicopters.            You learn about yourself... . I    language, it all comes back.        of Airbus, said the six-month
     Jordan went to Vietnam          know who I am."                        "It's always there," he said.   delay in the delivery of its
that September and wound up               ***                           "Vietnam never leaves you."         A400M military transport
with a battery on Hill 54 near a          Len Funk was on a                                                 aircraft would cost as much as
town called Tam Ky. One              business trip to Washington                                            $2.03 billion. Noting that the
night, right after he arrived, the   that weekend in 1982. He had       Washington Post                     delay would hurt its bottom
hill was attacked. Jordan was        been in the international          November 6, 2007                    line, the firm discarded profit
sent out to the perimeter to         moving industry for many           Pg. D2                              forecasts of $579.2 million for
help. He exchanged fire with         years after the war and was        42. IRobot Wins Court               this     year.  EADS       first
the enemy and found two dead         moving to New York from            Order                               announced a six-month delay
Americans in a bunker.               Portugal. His wife, who was             IRobot, maker of the           to the A400M on Oct. 17,
     He was 22, and his biggest      expecting their first child,       Roomba vacuum cleaner, won          citing slow progress in engine
fear was not that he might be        urged him to stay and attend       a court order to block Robotic      development, but did not say
killed, but that he might screw      the ceremonies.                    FX from fulfilling a $280           then what the financial effect
up: "Would I be a coward?                 Vietnam once had been a       million contract to supply the      would be.
Would I stand up when the            big part of Funk's life. He had    military with bomb-detecting
time came?" he said.                 served there as an Army            robots in Iraq and Afghanistan.
     The battle ended with           adviser for 20 months in 1969           The order temporarily bars     New York Times
daylight, and it was not until he    and 1970 and went back in          Robotic from using technology       November 6, 2007
returned to his battery that his     1972 for 30 months as a State      that iRobot claims was stolen       Pg. 22
knees started to shake. But he       Department employee, he said       by a former employee. The           45. Ex-Contractor Is
said to himself: "I survived,        in an interview at his home in     ruling may result in the            Convicted In Bribery
and I wasn't a coward."              Arlington.                         Pentagon contract for 3,000         Case
     There would be other                 He learned to speak           robots being awarded to             By Will Carless
attacks in other places in the       Vietnamese and came to abhor       iRobot, which came in second             SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5 —
next year, and Jordan would          the war's destruction. He          in the bidding.                     After almost four days of
learn to sleep during outgoing       admired the country's people:                                          deliberation, a federal jury here
barrages. Only incoming shells       "Their life and their struggle                                         on Monday convicted a former
woke him.                            really sunk in," he said. And he   Boston Globe
                                                                        November 6, 2007                    military contractor of 13
     He left Vietnam in the fall     watched some of the war's final                                        felonies related to the bribery
of 1969 and married an               scenes       as     the    North   43. General Dynamics                of     former     Representative
Australian woman he met on           Vietnamese closed in and the       Joins Rival Raytheon In             Randy Cunningham.
leave. "We took our uniforms         United States withdrew.            Project                                  The contractor, Brent
off, threw them in the closet             Funk left in December              General Dynamics Corp.,        Wilkes, had pleaded not guilty
and tried to forget," he said.       1974 -- four months before         the defense contractor that         to 13 charges of conspiracy,
     By 1982, he had a good          Saigon fell -- disillusioned,      protested an $11 billion Army       money laundering, wire fraud
job. He and his wife had one         cynical and realizing he needed    award to Raytheon Co., has          and      bribery.    Prosecutors
daughter and were about to           to move on. "I've been invested    joined with the rival to work on    contended that he provided Mr.
have a second. He had donated        in this," he said he thought.      the training contract. Raytheon     Cunningham, a Republican,
money      to     the    Vietnam     "How long can you believe, or      has been told it can now begin      with more than $600,000 in
memorial project but decided         try to believe, in something?"     work on the award, called the       bribes including prostitutes and
only at the last minute to attend         Eight years later, the        Warfighter Field Operations         trips around the country on
the ceremonies, wearing his          Washington hotels were filled      Customer Support program,           private jets. In exchange, they
old fatigue jacket with the blue     with veterans like him. "I         Jonathan Kasle, a spokesman         said, Mr. Wilkes received
division patch.                      remember going on the              for Waltham's Raytheon, said        millions of dollars in military
     He and the other Americal       march," Funk said, and             Raytheon originally won the         contracts that Mr. Cunningham
veterans insisted on marching        meeting men who had been in        contract in June. The protest by    helped him procure by bullying
in the parade as a unit, rather      his outfit, Advisory Team 85.      General       Dynamics       had    Pentagon officials.
than by state. Someone called             "It was the first time we     prevented the start of work              In 2005, Mr. Cunningham
out cadence, he recalled, and        felt we could talk about this,"    until now. General Dynamics         pleaded guilty to charges of
they tried to keep in step. At       he said. "It was the first         gained $1.72, to $91.85, while      conspiracy and tax evasion and
the Wall, he found the name of       gathering, kind of ... It was,     Raytheon rose 21 cents to           resigned from office. He was
his friend Gerald Niewenhous,        'Okay, we can talk openly          $63.37.                             sentenced to eight years in
who had been killed in his           about this. We don't have to be         --Bloomberg                    prison and is currently being
helicopter in 1969.                  ashamed of it.' "                                                      held in Central Jail here, across
     Jordan said he has been              Now, 25 years on, being a                                         the street from where Mr.
lucky since the dedication. He       Vietnam veteran has "cachet,"      Washington Post                     Wilkes was tried.
received two college degrees         he said.                           November 6, 2007                         The case featured colorful
and became a project manager              He believes the experience    Pg. D6                              testimony from a parade of
with the Department of               defined him, making him a          44. Jet Delay To Cost               government            witnesses,
Homeland Security. "I often          better person and vehemently
                                                                                                                                          page 34
including Donna Rosetta, a          months. It is then followed by         is under Iranian influence.          Moreover, it’s not clear that
prostitute who testified that she   more specific questions: Why           Hezbollah is better armed and        either of those governments
joined Mr. Cunningham and           is     Secretary       of      State   more confident now than it was       can actually deliver anything.
Mr. Wilkes in a hot tub outside     Condoleezza Rice spending her          before its war against Israel.       The       Palestinian      leader,
their $6,600-a-night beachside      remaining time in office               Hamas is being drawn closer          Mahmoud Abbas, can sign
bungalow in Hawaii, where           banging her head against the           inside the Iranian orbit and is      deals, but it’s not clear that he
Mr. Cunningham fed her              Israeli-Palestinian       problem?     more likely to take over the         controls events a block from
grapes.                             Why has she bothered to make           West Bank than lose its own          his headquarters. Israeli Prime
     For years, prosecutors         eight trips to the region this         base in Gaza.                        Minister Olmert can do the
said, Mr. Wilkes treated Mr.        year? What can possibly be                  In short, Iran is taking        same, but his cabinet is hostile
Cunningham to expensive             accomplished when the Israeli          advantage of the region’s three      and his people are cynically
trips, paying for golf lessons,     government is weak and the             civil wars and could have its        disengaged.
machine gun classes at a firing     Palestinian society is divided?        proxy armies on Israel’s                  The whole thing could
range and scuba trips.                   It took a trip to the region      northern, western and southern       backfire     and     leave     the
     In 2000 Mr. Wilkes paid        for me to finally understand           borders.                             anti-Iranian cause in worse
$100,000 to Mr. Cunningham,         that this peace process is unlike           Arab opinion, even in           shape than ever. If that
ostensibly to buy a boat from       any other. It’s not really about       Sunni nations, is sympathetic        happens, then life will get
him, the government said. But       Israel and the Palestinians; it’s      to Iran. Egypt, which should         really ugly for Rice. America’s
the      congressman       never    about Iran. Rice is constructing       serve as a counterbalance to         friends in the region will try to
relinquished        the     boat,   a coalition of the losing. There       Iran, is sclerotic and largely       flip Syria out of the Iranian
prosecutors said.                   is a feeling among Arab and            absent from the scene.               orbit by offering it the
     With Mr. Cunningham            Israeli     leaders     that      an        It’s no wonder Rice has         re-conquest of Lebanon. Rice
pulling the strings, prosecutors    Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas             acted so forcefully to forge the     would then face a Faustian
said, Mr. Wilkes was able to        alliance is on the march. The          “moderate” coalition. She            bargain — continue the
secure millions of dollars of       nations that resist that alliance      seems to sense what leaders in       struggle against Iran, but at the
contracts for services like         are in retreat. The peace              the region say privately: It’s       cost of her own principles.
digitizing official documents.      process is an occasion to gather       not so much that they have                Still, despite these perils,
Often those contracts provided      the “moderate” states and to           high hopes of peace; it’s that       Rice is surely right to be trying
services the government did         construct what Martin Indyk of         they are terrified they will fail.   something. She’s an admirer of
not want, the prosecutors said.     the Brookings Institution’s            If they cannot restart the peace     former Secretary of State Dean
     On one occasion, they          Saban Center calls an anti-Iran        process and build an anti-Iran       Acheson and is now present at
said, Mr. Wilkes’s company,         counter-alliance.                      alliance upon it, then the days      the creation of a containment
ADCS Inc. of Poway, Calif.,              It’s slightly unfortunate         of the moderates could be            policy across the Middle East.
simply bought basic computer        that the peace process itself is       numbered. That’s why Ehud            The Bush administration is not
equipment off the shelf and         hollow. It’s like having a             Olmert, the prime minister of        about to bomb Iran (trust me).
resold it to the government at a    wedding without a couple               Israel, pinned what’s left of his    It’s using diplomacy to build a
large profit.                       because you want to get the            career to this Annapolis             coalition to balance it, and
     “I don’t believe this case     guests together for some other         process at a speech before the       reverse an ugly tide.
was      proved      beyond     a   purpose. But that void can be          Saban Forum Sunday night,
reasonable        doubt,”     Mr.   filled in later. The main point        and why other leaders are so
Wilkes’s        lawyer,    Mark     is to organize the anti-Iranians       fervent behind the scenes.           New York Post
Geragos, told The Associated        around some vehicle and then                There are a few problems        November 6, 2007
Press         outside      court.   reshape         the        strategic   to overcome. The Saudis, as is       47. Pakistan Peril
“Obviously,         I’m     very    correlation of forces in the           their nature, are trying to play     Another Blow To Bush
disappointed. I think he shares     region.                                both sides, making supportive        By Rich Lowry
the confidence that we’ll get it         Iran has done what                noises about the anti-Iran                THE sound you hear in
reversed.”                          decades of peace proposals             project without doing much to        Pakistan is a couple of pillars
     Mr. Wilkes is to be            have not done — brought                actually help.                       of Bush administration foreign
sentenced on Jan. 28. He faces      Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,               Some “moderate” Arab            policy crumbling.
a maximum of 20 years in            the United Arab Emirates, the          autocrats have become soul                Pakistani President Pervez
federal prison.                     Palestinians and the U.S.              brothers       with    Pakistan’s    Musharraf - the army chief of
                                    together. You can go to                president,       Gen.     Pervez     staff who seized power in a
                                    Jerusalem or to some Arab              Musharaff, and are lobbying          1999 coup - figured that if he
New York Times                      capitals and the diagnosis of          America to betray its principles     declared a state of emergency
November 6, 2007                    the situation is the same: Iran is     and not condemn him.                 and suspended his country's
Pg. 29                              gaining hegemonic strength                  Finally, there is the peace     constitution,      a      Bush
46. Present At The                  over the region and is                 process itself. There is             administration that has made
Creation                            spreading         tentacles       of   remarkably little substance to it    the promotion of democracy a
By David Brooks                     instability all around.                so far. Even people inside the       matter of gospel would merely
     Amman, Jordan--What is              The Syrians, who have             Israeli       and     Palestinian    tut-tut and keep the aid dollars
Condi doing?                        broken with the Sunni nations          governments are not sure             flowing. It might be the only
     This is the question that’s    and attached themselves to             what’s actually going to be          correct judgment the embattled
been floating around foreign        Iran, are feeling stronger by the      negotiated and what can              general has made in the last
policy circles over the past few    day. At least one-third of Iraq        realistically     be    achieved.    year.
                                                                                                                                     page 35
     Musharraf's lurch back and culture.                               Boston Globe                        East - not America - that paid.
toward dictatorship, with the           In its 60 years of             November 6, 2007                    Turkey's turn to pony up has
Bush administration unwilling existence, Pakistan has never            48. For Turkey, The                 come.
to try to do anything serious to managed to establish stable           War Is Real                              The mood here is somber
counter it, is another blow to constitutional rule, and the            By James Carroll                    because when war begins, it
the administration's doctrinaire midst of a brewing domestic                ISTANBUL--HERE            IN   will be real. Turks understand
commitment to democracy insurgency probably isn't the                  TURKEY, Condoleezza Rice            that     the   United      States,
promotion. It shows how other most auspicious time to start.           offered sage advice to Turkish      thousands of miles away, is
primal geopolitical instincts, The military has typically              leaders     ahead      of     the   only virtually at war. US
such as simple fear of the alternated power with corrupt,              Washington meeting between          soldiers are killing and being
unknown (who would replace ineffectual civilian leaders like           President Bush and Prime            killed, to be sure. Yet the main
Musharraf       if    he    fell?), Bhutto proved herself to be        Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan.       result of their presence as an
necessarily trump a preference when she was in power.                  "Effective action means action      occupation force has been to
for the ballot box.                     Pakistan is a microcosm of     that can deal with the threat,"     ignite and sustain a set of civil
     Musharraf has been touted the difficulties of establishing        she said Friday, but won't          wars - now including Turkey's
as one of President Bush's most liberal democracy in the               "make the situation worse."         - that have nothing to do with
important allies in the War on greater Middle East. Its                The Turkish military, with a        America. Indeed, despite the
Terror, but he has made a institutions - except for the                deployed force of up to             neo-con rhetoric of "fight them
mockery            of          the army - are weak, its politics       100,000 soldiers, is poised to      there instead of here," the US
you're-either-with-us-or-against-ustraditionally      have     been    attack positions of militant        occupation of Iraq defends
polarity of the Bush Doctrine. clan-based, and it's riven by           Kurdish separatist fighters in      against no direct threat to
Like that other nettlesome U.S. ethnic divisions.                      the Kandil Mountains of             America.       As       Saddam's
ally, Saudi Arabia, Musharraf           This is the worst possible     northern        Iraq.      Their    weapons of mass destruction
wants to be "with us" just starting point for establishing a           cross-border      forays     into   were a paranoid myth, so is the
enough to stay on our right true constitutional democracy,             Turkey over the last five weeks     much-hyped          dread       of
side, while "against us" enough but is basically the same              have killed dozens of Turks,        "Islamofascism,"                 a
to placate hostile domestic cultural material we have to               both soldiers and civilians.        phenomenon that, if it did
political forces.                   work with in Iraq, Lebanon and     Iraqi Kurds tacitly support their   exist, would threaten Islamic
     These governments can the Palestinian Authority.                  fellow Kurds, and Americans         peoples and values far more
always respond to pressure              This is the reason that the    have done nothing to dissuade       than anything in the West. The
from us to do more with the Bush administration's Middle               either group. Erdogan is under      problem, of course, is that
(persuasive) argument that the East policy so often has sunk to        enormous pressure to respond        militant Islamic extremists,
alternative to them would be abject hopefulness. There is              to such attacks, but Rice           however         defined,       are
even worse. Thus, Bush's always a chance that key local                highlighted "the need to look       empowered        by    the    US
black-and-white          principle players - your Malikis or           for an effective strategy, not      occupation, not disarmed. Iraq
founders in a morass of gray.       Musharrafs      -    will    act   just one that's going to strike     has become a West Point for
     Musharraf's latest coup responsibly and in the interest           out, somehow, and not deal          suicide bombers. Even then,
doesn't       invalidate       the of greater political openness,      with the problem."                  the threat remains local. And
theoretical soundness of Bush's but old habits usually triumph              As viewed from Turkey,         although all the belligerents
"freedom agenda." As a over hope.                                      American               responses    target the American occupiers,
general matter, democracies             Bush isn't wrong to            throughout this crisis range        and will do so as long as the
are likelier to be friendly to the promote democracy, but he           from duplicity to double            occupation continues, America
United States. Even in the never should have done it in                standards. The cautionary           has no authentic enemy among
particular case of Pakistan, the such a sweeping, grandiloquent        message that Rice conveyed to       Iraq's sectarian belligerents.
administration was right to way that set him up for failure            her       foreign        ministry   Turkey does.
push Musharraf to open up the on his own terms. His freedom            counterparts here, and that              In the United States,
political system and reach out campaign should have shown              Bush is expected to echo,           meanwhile, confusion reigns.
to the secular opposition.          keener appreciation for the fact   defines the exact opposite of       After effectively voting against
     He is basically being asked that he was dealing with              policies pursued to this day by     the Iraq occupation last
to wage a tough, bloody civil countries that had missed the            the Bush administration itself.     November; after denouncing it
war against Islamic extremists wave of democratization of the          The conditions that created the     in successive polls; after seeing
entrenched in the northwest of latter part of the 20th century         terrible prospect facing Turkey     the Bush administration reject
the country. Without broad for a reason. Our ability to                - an immediate war with rebel       its own review panel's call for a
political support, the fight will dictate        their     political   Kurds based in Iraq -- have         shift to diplomacy; after the
be unsustainable. Already, the development was always going            been wholly manufactured in         touted "surge" led to more of
army has been eagerly to be limited.                                   Washington, which displays an       the same; after the shock of
surrendering to, rather than            Something for Bush to          unending capacity to "make the      current oil prices made the real
battling, extremists.               contemplate as he watches an       situation worse." Turkey, a         Bush agenda in Iraq plainer
     The administration nudged ally he has done so much to             staunch US ally, urged restraint    ever; and after Dick Cheney
Musharraf to cooperate with support string barbed wire up              four-and-a-half years ago when      and George Bush made the
exiled former Prime Minister around his Supreme Court and              Bush rolled his dice in Iraq.       mad prospect of attack on Iran
Benazir Bhutto, but ran into the jail political opponents.             But when the gamble was lost,       seem possible - the American
usual      obstacles     to     its                                    it was nations in the Middle        public has sunk into a
foreign-policy goals: history                                                                              dispirited,      and      perhaps
                                                                                                                                          page 36
guilt-induced, detachment from       begin in January, the Justice         defendants by negating the           states,"       indicative       of
the entire mess. (Again last         Department has irresponsibly          criminal states of mind the          culpability. They not only had
week,              Congressional     confused        the     distinction   government must prove to             to be acting in bad faith, but
Democrats,               debating    between spying and lobbying.          convict defendants of the            had to know that the
appropriations, dared look the       Keith Weissman and Steven J.          charged offenses."                   information they received was
Pentagon in the eye - and            Rosen, two former employees                Judge Ellis has cut to a        classified and closely held.
promptly blinked.) No such           of AIPAC, the pro-Israel              core issue, pertinent to the              The high-profile witnesses
detachment is possible here in       lobbying organization, are            broader issue of secrecy. Back       whom the defense can now
Turkey.                              charged       with      unlawfully    in February 2006, the New            bring into the courtroom will
     Before       Bush's      war    receiving and transmitting            York        Times       published    make it a tall order to
changed everything in this           classified        national-defense    classified information that          demonstrate any of this. They
region, Turkish hopes were           information. The stakes are           compromised         the    NSA's     are almost certain to attest that,
high. An expansive European          high. The Pentagon official,          terrorist-surveillance program       at one or another juncture in
Union beckoned. Turks were           Lawrence         Franklin,     who    aimed at intercepting the            the course of their careers, they
poised to play a historic role as    illicitly furnished the two men       communications of al-Qaeda           were authorized, as a means of
the bridge between Islam and         with      secrets,     and     then   suspects around the world.           promoting the national interest,
the West. But then they found        participated in an FBI sting          While the Justice Department         to       disclose       classified
that, in the "us against them"       operation against them, has           did not prosecute the paper, it      information to individuals
war on terror, no such bridge        pleaded guilty for his part in        was clear that the Times had         outside       of     government,
was wanted. Europe got               the affair and was sentenced by       run afoul of Section 798 of          including, on some occasions,
nervous about Turks already in       federal judge T.S. Ellis III to       Title 18, which protects the         to officials at AIPAC itself.
its cities, and lately European      more than 12 years in federal         ultra-sensitive category of               When Lawrence Franklin
countries have taken actions         prison.                               communications intelligence.         passed         on       classified
Turkey regards as friendly to              This past Friday, the same      Under it, intent is irrelevant;      information to the two
the Kurdish rebels it is             judge decided a pivotal               the willful disclosure of            defendants, he lacked such
fighting. Now come warnings          preliminary issue in the              classified information is itself     authorization, which is why he
that, if Turkey responds to its      Weissman-Rosen case. The              the crime. Even observers            is a felon. But given how
made-in-Washington          terror   defense has subpoenaed 20             sympathetic to the Times             routinely classified information
threat exactly as Washington         present          and         former   acknowledge that it broke            is dispensed for legitimate
does - "to strike out, somehow"      administration officials to           black-letter law.                    purposes, how were Mr.
- then Turkey can kiss EU            appear as witnesses for its side,          The Times repeated its          Weissman and Mr. Rosen to
admission goodbye.                   including Elliott Abrams,             reckless behavior in the spring      know that Mr. Franklin was
     The question is sharper         Richard Armitage, Douglas             of 2006, when it compromised         telling them things he was not
here than at home: How much          Feith, Dennis Ross, Paul              another      highly      sensitive   allowed to tell them and
higher can the rubble pile of        Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley             counterterrorism         program     involving them in his crime?
Bush's wreckage mount before         and Condoleezza Rice. The             aimed      at     tracking     the   The answer is: They could not
Americans emerge from the            idea is to use their testimony to     movement of al-Qaeda funds.          know.
stupor of shame to stop him?         demonstrate that their clients        Here the Times' disclosure,               Under the circumstances,
     James Carroll's column          had every reason to believe           while        damaging         and    this is a case that should never
appears regularly in the Globe.      that what Mr. Franklin told           deplorable, was probably not a       have been brought. No
                                     them in conversation -- no            crime.                   Because     fair-minded       jury      could
                                     classified documents ever             communications intelligence          conclude that Mr. Weissman
Wall Street Journal                  changed hands in this case --         was not involved, the only           and Mr. Rosen acted with
November 6, 2007                     was part and parcel of the            other applicable statute was the     criminal intent. Jurors will see
Pg. 19                               normal back-channel method            Espionage Act of 1917, the           only two lobbyists going about
49. Lobbyists Or Spies?              by which the U.S. government          same law under which the two         their jobs, interacting with
By Gabriel Schoenfeld                sometimes                   conveys   AIPAC men have been                  government officials in an
     Government insiders who         information to the media              charged. That antiquated law,        ordinary fashion as other
engage in unauthorized leaks         and/or to allied countries, in        unlike Section 798, contains         lobbyists do all the time. Yes,
of classified information are        this case, to Israel.                 stringent          criminal-intent   protecting              classified
violating their oaths, breaking            Prosecutors have resisted       requirements. However much           information is crucial to our
the law, damaging national           this contention and moved to          one might disapprove of what         national defense. But the law is
security and deserving of            quash the subpoenas to almost         the Times did, it would be           narrowly and properly tailored
punishment. Sometimes those          all of the officials. On Friday,      nearly        impossible        to   to protect innocent people from
outside     government      who      Judge Ellis ruled against the         demonstrate that its editors and     becoming ensnared by it.
receive secrets and pass them        prosecutors. The defendants,          reporters acted with a criminal           Mr. Schoenfeld, senior
to others are also breaking the      he wrote in his opinion, "claim       state of mind.                       editor of Commentary, blogs
law and deserve punishment.          that     AIPAC        played     an        In the AIPAC case, an           for
The latter category includes         important       role     in    U.S.   equal or even higher barrier to
enemy spies. But what about          foreign-policy development."          successful prosecution exists.
American lobbyists -- and            If true, he continued, the            In order to convict, Judge Ellis     Washington Post
journalists -- who receive           "government's use of AIPAC            has ruled, the prosecutors must      November 6, 2007
secrets and pass them along?         for 'back channel' purposes           prove the defendants had a           Pg. 19
     In an important trial set to    may serve to exculpate                long laundry list of "mental         50. Self-Inflicted
                                                                                                                page 37
Wounds                               of abuse under law. If we were       enforcement arenas dropped as
By Alberto Mora and John             to legitimize cruelty -- as those    foreign       officials       grew
Shattuck                             who espouse waterboarding            concerned         that        their
     The question of whether         would wish us to do -- we            cooperation might constitute
waterboarding          constitutes   would do violence to the             aiding and abetting criminal
torture is a no-brainer. Our         concept of inalienable and           activity.
nation and many others have          inviolable personal rights. The           The damage is significant
recognized for decades that it       protection afforded by law to        even at the tactical level. Some
does. One doesn't have to have       core human dignity would be          military officials today believe
been "read into" the details of a    shattered, with incalculable         that the proximate causes of
classified      program,        as   damage to our nation's deepest       Abu Ghraib were the legal
President Bush has suggested,        values, founding principles and      opinions issued by the Justice
to reach a judgment about this       constitutional order.                Department that sanctioned
interrogation          technique.         And we risk much more           abusive interrogations. There
Common sense is the only tool        yet.                                 are other serving military
needed to understand that                 Cruelty diminishes the          officials who maintain that the
inducing the sensation of            international standing of the        leading causes of U.S. combat
drowning -- i.e., of dying -- is     United States and impedes our        deaths in Iraq are, respectively,
torture.                             ability to achieve crucial           Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo,
     Remarkably, in his recent       foreign policy objectives.           as      gauged       by       their
confirmation hearing to be           Opinion polling in Europe and        effectiveness in stimulating the
attorney      general,     Judge     South Asia last year, including      recruitment and fielding of
Michael Mukasey declined to          surveys by World         jihadists on the battlefield.
say whether waterboarding is         and Public,                 Judge Mukasey is able and
torture.     There     are    two    found that majorities believe        accomplished. But if he is
explanations for this. Mukasey       the United States engages in         confirmed as the next attorney
himself stated that he was           torture      and      disregards     general, his legacy will depend
without enough information to        international treaties on the        on his ability to do what he has
make the call. But some              treatment      of      detainees.    been unable or unwilling to do
believe his unwillingness to do      Overwhelming majorities in           in his confirmation process:
so may also be based on a            Germany and Britain, our             recognize torture and cruelty
concern that it could increase       closest     European       allies,   for what they are and protect
the potential liability for those    condemn America as doing a           our nation by stripping certain
who have engaged in this             "bad job" on human rights.           interrogation methods of their
practice or authorized it.                The      promotion         of   disgraceful camouflage of false
     Both           explanations     democracy and human rights is        "legality."
demonstrate the corrosive            a key element of U.S. foreign             Alberto Mora was general
effects of the decision to adopt     policy and fosters a rules-based     counsel to the Navy from 2001
cruelty and -- as with               international system anchored        to 2006. John Shattuck was
waterboarding -- even torture        in the protection of human           assistant secretary of state for
as weapons of war. The first         dignity. But our ability to          democracy, human rights and
shows the tendency, pioneered        achieve this goal -- indeed,         labor from 1993 to 1998 and
by the Justice Department that       even our adherence to this           was ambassador to the Czech
Mukasey hopes to lead, to            strategic objective -- is            Republic from 1998 to 2000.
redefine torture to make "legal"     severely compromised when
what was, and is, illegal. The       our own conduct is widely
second shows how concern             perceived to violate human
about accountability for the         rights.
abuse of detainees is now                 As bad as the damage to
acting as a stimulus for             our foreign policy has been, the
ratification       of        cruel   damage to our national security
interrogation policies and           may be even worse. Because
practices. In this confluence,       the application of cruelty is a
we risk permanent damage to          crime under the laws of many
our legal system and to the          of our allies, our ability to
principle of accountability.         build and maintain the broad
     But there are also greater      alliance needed to efficiently
risks. There is no more              fight the war on terrorism has
fundamental right, whether           been crippled. After Abu
under U.S. law or under human        Ghraib, when the dimensions
rights principles, than a            of our policy of cruelty became
person's right to be free not        more visible, international
only from torture but also from      assistance across the range of
cruel treatment, the lower level     military, intelligence and law

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