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					RESUME of A.H.M.MAINUDDIN            AHMED

Name             A. H. M. Mainuddin Ahmed

Date of Birth    30 November 1952
Nationality      Bangladesh
Education        LLB (Dhaka University, Bangladesh) 1988

                 MA Social Welfare* (Dhaka University, Bangladesh) 1976

                 BA Hon ours. (Dhaka University, Bangladesh) 1975

International    Course of Instruction in Disaster Management –CIDM, 1995 at Oxford Center for
Training         Disaster Studies(OCDS),Oxford University (jointly organized by-Royal Military
                 college of Science (RMCS), British Government , Cranfield University and Oxford
                 University, UK)
Languages        Bengali (mother tongue), English (fluent)
Professional     Member, Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar, 2000
Membership       Member, Bangladesh Tax Lawyers Bar , 2000

                 Member, Bangladesh Social workers (professional) Association, 1976
Countries of    Bangladesh; Papua New Guinea
Work Experience


2008 to date: Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court, Bangladesh/ also Community and
Rights volunteer

2007: International Human Rights Consultant, UNDP/UNV, ARB/PNG, Asia Pacific Region

2005 – 2007: Legal Expert, UNDP and Government of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

2005: Guest Lecturer, Environmental Law, University of Jahangirnaghar, Bangladesh

1997–2005: Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court, Bangladesh

1976–1996: Head of Programmes, Enfants du Monde (EDM), Bangladesh

 1.Being Human rights Lawyer with over 10 years experience of working in the social
 protection and justice sector in Bangladesh. Fluent in Bengali and English, I have worked
 as an advocate of the Bangladeshi Supreme Court, appearing before trail and appeal
 courts on constitutional law cases that largely focused on protecting human rights,
 international humanitarian law compliance and alternative dispute resolution. While also
 providing free legal aid to poor communities.

 My work at the Supreme Court has partly focused on supporting fair social justice
systems and laws related to societal safety nets. I have experience in addressing sensitive
human rights issues and a thorough understanding of humanitarian laws, socio-political legal
statutes and donor compliances.

 ii. The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARB/ Autonomous .Govt.
 Bougainvillea(AGB)/Papua New Guinea for UNDP- A post conflict situation as well as
 peace and reconciliation Phase: I was immersed in the protection and promotion of
 human rights as well as peace building process, during which time, supported the framing
 of associated national strategies and legal frameworks, advised on the institutional
 arrangement for implementation, and delivered capacity building to government official
 involved in human right promotion and peace building process.

 iii. Also Advocated for the establishment of village court systems/ Gram Salish Babostha,
 Strengthening and capacity building of village Based institution, strengthening traditional
 values/ leadership and introduction of Alternative dispute Resolution (ADR) in Bangladesh
 and raised awareness among marginal and needy people on their civil rights and the
 protection of them while working for Enfants du Monde (EDM), in close collaboration with
 the Ministry of Social welfare.

 iv. Being Honorary Lecturer of Environmental law at the University of Jahangir Naghar,
 : provided teaching aid to 25 post graduate students{ at B.A Hon ours level-First Batch
 of University ).Subject taught: Environmental law and Ethics, Climate change and threats
 for Internationally protected Human Rights( right to: food, life, subsistence, health,
 security ), Environmental safety and need assessment, International protocols and
 bindings, UN compliances: (January-September,05:Non availability of Envi.Law teacher
 at Dept.) .


 I. Bangladesh: Human Rights Protection

 As Human Rights Lawyer concentrating on constitutional laws in protecting human rights,
 environmental laws, international protocols and ethics, alternative dispute resolution,
 international humanitarian laws and compliance. Appeared before trial and appeal courts
 and attended many cases at lower courts in Bangladesh. Gained legal expertise in handling
 cases of protection of wet land laws, mining and sea laws, rights of indigenous people,
specialist in child rights , states jurisdiction, and compliance with international
humanitarian laws, transparency and good governance. Advocated in support of a fair
social justice systems and laws related to societal safety nets. Also provides free legal
aid to poor communities and do promote volunteerism (Bangladesh Supreme Court, 1997-
05 and 2008 to date).

ii.Papua New Guinea: Peace and Reconciliation Phase

International Human Rights Expert tasked with: reviewing the constitutions of Papua New
Guinea (PNG) and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARB); reviewing the peace
agreement and constitutional rights of ARB; and framing national strategies and legal
frameworks for the promotion and protection of human rights of ARB citizens. This
entailed: preparing a human rights legal framework document for ARB and PNG; providing
recommendations for institutional arrangements for implementation; implication of
International Humanitarian laws and UN compliance, capacity building of government
officials involved in human rights promotion; designed training modules and information
materials to train human rights workers .

iii. Bangladesh: Child Rights and Social Protection

Legal expert largely engaged in advocating and lobbying for child rights and social
protection. This entailed: supporting the formulation of a national children policy, bringing
all actors together in one national platform for ensuring children rights; lobbying for new
laws focused on child rights protection; providing technical support to the Government of
Bangladesh on Child Rights the Children Act of 1974; contributing to the inclusion of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the education syllabus at secondary and
college levels; linking the Millennium Development Goals with national child policy and
human rights; advocating and lobbying for the fulfillment of the state’s commitment to
complying with international human rights; and providing legal advice to NGOs. Created a
children legal support unit for relevant stakeholders, to address the need for legal
attention for 500,000 street children in the six major cities of Bangladesh.

Developed training manuals, guidelines and supporting material to aid child rights and
HIV/AID awareness support for street children. Worked with the Children Justice
Networks that focused on the social needs of children and worked to ensure the
protection of their rights. (UNDP and Government of Bangladesh, 2005-2007).

iv.Bangladesh: Humanitarian affairs and Community services work

Humanitarian Affairs and Social development, Rural job creation, Community development
and Services, Poverty Reduction, Conflict Resolution, Humanitarian crisis Management,
Disaster Relief ,village based Institution and community Organization, Social
rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Social Justice Sector Programmes (20 years of field
 Head of Programmes and Chief of Disaster Unit focused on: humanitarian affairs;
 community empowerment; rural development; family and child welfare; integrated poverty
 reduction; Food security, women empowerment, alternative dispute and conflict resolution
 and human rights. Much of this work involved working and advising the Bangladeshi
 government, including the Ministry of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Health and
 Family Planning. Specific work undertaken comprised of: introducing the social forestry
 concept and protection of natural resources; managing a shelter programme in
 coordination with the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management; working with the
 Ministry of Law, Ministry of Homes and Ministry of Women Affairs to ensure that
 citizens rights are protected; and implementing shelter and Humanitarian programs in
 different Refugee camps for the Myanmar influx in Bangladesh with UNHCR. Advocated
 for the establishment of village court systems in Bangladesh and raised awareness among
 marginal and needy people on their civil rights and the protection of them (Enfants Du
 Monde,(EDM)- a Swiss International Humanitarian organization, implemented programmes
 in collaboration with Bangladesh Government under a bilateral agreement between Swiss
 and Bangladesh Governments, 1976-96).


Participated in many International events: Social Summit at Denmark, World Food Summit
at MO, USA, Human Services Alliance NC, USA, At Australia :-Peace and Conflict at Queens
land University, Met ICJ-Australia deals :rights of Indigenous peoples and Advisory met
of ENSCW at Belgium and Russia. Also at Indonesia for attending Asia Pacific Children
Forum Meeting at Mardaka palace-Met H.E.President Suharto. Also met- Mayor of Kansas
city, MO(18th May,1996) honored at Kansas City Hall by a Resolution No.960922,on behalf
of citizens of USA and Bangladesh on the roads towards world peace and stability. Met also
Danish Prime Minster at Social Summit,1995. Travelled to many Asian countries: Nepal,
India, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Papua new Guinea etc.


 i. Mohammad A Latif

 Divisional-co-coordinator-Dhaka, UNICEF Bangladesh,(Field Operations)

 BSL Office Complex, 1 Minto Road, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

 Telephone: (880-2) 9336701 extension 464 ,Mobile: 01711882515,Fax:(880-2) 9335641-2

 Email: ,

ii. Mr. Ashraful Alam

Director( Finance and Administration) ,

Manusher Jonno Foundation

House # 10, Road # 1, Block-F, Banani.,Dhaka-1213

Telephone: =+88-02-9893910, +88-02-8811161 /ext-123 , Mobile:+88-01715622811


iii. Mr. Mohammad Asgar Ali

Executive Director, Children Development Forum (CDF)

21/2 khilji Road, Mohamodpur, Dhaka- 1207,Bangladesh.

Mobile:+ :+ 88-01717099011 , Land Phone: +88-02-9117235,



A,H,M, Mainuddin Ahmed (Jahangir)

House-26, Road-5/A, Flat-5/A, Sector-11, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

Phone (Home):+88-02-8991098, Chamber: +88-02-7171435, Mobile: +88-01817513168


February 15, 2011

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