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As mentioned in the beginning, this is not all inclusive; we are over-
blessed with tools.    But hopefully this will help the new distributor
understand what is vital and what is just “nice to have”.

This system is imperative – Use it for recruiting, use it for follow up, use it
in the warm market, use it in the cold market – It simply works and is
available on CD as well as cassette tape. Order both, a lot of people no
longer have access to a cassette player in their cars; ask them which they
prefer, CD or tape. The Instructions on how to use the system and how to
order are in attachments at the end of this segment. Don’t forget there
are two tapes/CDs in this system – The Magic Wand, and then the “How
To Use” tape/CD. Both important. In addition at the same number in the
Magic Wand attachment for ordering, you can order a great product
tape/CD Sherman interviewing Dr. Sam Walters – great product

Wednesday at 6:00 pm PST a full XanGo™ presentation by one of the
leaders on 620 584-8235, PIN – 21437#. And on Thursday night, on the
same number, personal stories and testimonies. Great orientation calls
for a new prospects or distributors who want to learn how to talk about

THE NUMBER ONE BROCHURE – 22 Reasons to Drink Mangosteen
Juice – Short, sweet, to be point, fits in a regular envelope. Available
from Sound Concepts 801 225-8280, Add this to a Magic Wand tape/CD
and you have a perfect info pack. Go to

NUMBER ONE PRODUCT TAPE – The Mangosteen Miracle, available
in tape and CD from Sound Concepts. Great product coverage by Dr.
Templeman, great testimonies.

NUMBER ONE BOOK – Mangosteen, the X-Factor, Revised, by Dr.
Templeman, available from Sound Concepts. Keep one for reference,
order a few for health care professionals, other nutritional gurus.

SOUND CONCEPTS or is your number one
provider of XanGo™ books, tapes, brochures, business cards, etc. etc.
The quality of all of their materials is very high, I have not been
disappointed with anything I have ordered from them. They produce
many different brochures, some specific to diseases that mangosteen has
been proven to have therapeutic applications for, specific brochures for
chiropractors, many different pieces. They have a combo of brochures,
that I believe costs $39.99 that sends out a couple of everything that
might be a good way to go in the beginning just so you can see
everything that is available. At any rate, go online and review their
materials. Many people like to use the Health Journal which is a
newspaper quality two page piece, very reasonable $15 for 50 that can be
mailed or handed out.

personal XangoPros site to send info packs.

If you don’t have a personal XangoPros site, follow these

When mailing an info pack don’t send a massive amount of info for
them to review. Give people too much to do and they do nothing. Mail
the following:
- “Magic Wand” audio tape or CD (ask which they’d prefer)
- “22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen” tri-fold brochure (optional)
- Cover letter from you. Make it simple and short – half page or less.
- “Mangosteen Introduction” – print pdf file, send as attachment (optional)
- “Time Sensitive Information” – print pdf file, send as attachment
- “Mangosteen Miracle” audio (ask if they want tape or CD) Optional – see

Here’s an example of what to say to a warm or cold prospect. You can say
this to the checker at the grocery store, your mailman, your tax preparer,
your doctor, your neighbor, your kids’ schoolteachers and counselors, the
UPS or FedEx driver, your mom, aunt, cousin, or your brother, or pastor.

What’s your biggest concern – your finances or your health?
You can do many variations on this – “what are you least satisfied
with, your finances or your health?”
Their reply will tell you which tape to give them. ONLY in cases where
they answered emphatically that BOTH are big issues to them should you
give them two tapes to listen to. Try and resist the urge to give two tapes.
The bigger the job you give someone, the longer they’ll take to schedule

If they answered that finances are their biggest concern, then give them
the “Magic Wand” audio and the “22 Reasons” brochure (optional). If they
reply “health”, then give them the “Mangosteen Miracle” tape only.

When you give them the tape, hold it out toward them and wait for them
AWAY. MAINTAIN YOUR GRASP, asking, “Are you sure you’re going to
be able to listen to this tape by tomorrow? I have someone who’s
waiting for this tape now, but you can have it if you can listen to it
right away” They will always respond, “Oh yes, I’ll listen to it”. Then let
go, saying, “Alright. I’ll call you tomorrow to find out what you
thought of what you heard.”

If the conversation continues or upon follow-up you get either a positive
response, or discover a specific ailment you know that Sound Concepts
has a brochure for (you should order the $35 sample pack of 5 each of all
their brochures on how Mangosteen helps everything from diabetes to
hypertension), feel free to send them more info from the list of the “BEST”
items above.

This protocol is easily adaptable to working with telephone prospects.

REPLICATED WEBSITES – We are all using a personal XangoPros site.
You can experience the health and wealth tours for prospects using the
sample site at

You can log into the sample back office at Then, you'll have full access to view
all the PRO features like sending an audio to prospects, the contact
manager, training, and many other features.

Here's how to login:
User ID = john
Password = oohaa2 is where you get your own personal
XangoPros site.

REFERENCE       -   Many   XanGo™     distributors  send     people   to a site done by Dr. Templeman with excellent
mangosteen information. If your prospect wants additional research data,
send them to and tell them to put xanthones in the
search. DO NOT tell them to go on the internet and put in xanthones or
mangosteen!     If they do that they will be picked up by another
distributor’s web site. But if they want research, tell them to go to
pubmed – that’s safe.

Ace Label – Phone: 1.800.383.8631
Label Software w/ Applicator
Cassette Labels – 40200 Series
CD & Booklet Labels – 36840 Series

OTHER GREAT TOOLS:           Many people get into network marketing
because of the outrageous tax benefits associated with this type of
business. If you are not 100% knowledgeable about those benefits then
you need to order Bob Schmidt’s Tax Packet.          (About $6.00). This
wonderful information will change your financial picture overnight as you
really understand how to take advantage of all the benefits. And, it can
also be a phenomenal recruiting tool! Call Bob Schmidt 760 451-1949.

COMMUNICATION:           We have communication coming down from
corporate, from upline and many other sources. All of that gets funneled
into our organisation through a massive email distribution list. The most
important thing you can do for your new distributor is to get them on the
distribution. Join our Yahoo Groups email list at

SAMPLE EMAIL MESSAGE:          We use email frequently to introduce
XanGo™ to people on our prospect list. We will probably also send them a
Magic Wand, but if we can get the dialogue started by sending an email
AND THEN FOLLOWING UP, we will send the following. Note the email
refers to two attachments: Mangosteen Introduction and Please Review
This Time Sensitive Information. Both are printed out in the Attachment
section after the Magic Wand.

      John, you are I met when we were part of XYZ company. I'm
      not sure if you’re still associated there or if it’s lived up to
      your expectations. However, a mentor of mine in the industry
      introduced me to a very fast growing, stable company that I
      feel very comfortable in introducing to people as a really solid
      business. XanGo™ (pronounce it with a Z) may sound funny
      but say it a couple of times (rhymes with tango) and then
      think of all the marketing superstars out there who captured
      the lead in their particular field, where their name became
      synonymous with the product category - Kleenex, Xerox, Q-
      tips - all two syllable words that we use interchangeably with
      the product. We don't ask for a tissue - we ask for a
      Kleenex. Right? Well XanGo™ is a category creator, a brand
      name that will become synonymous with the new
      phenomenon in nutrition - XANTHONES that come from an
      amazing fruit grown in Southeast Asia - the MANGOSTEEN.
      Check out the mangosteen introduction above to understand
      the power of this product, the testimonies from our users
      span all systems of the body and are incredible! It's delicious
      and it works. I love the simplicity and focus of one great

      So, the product XanGo™ is a real winner, what about the
      company and what about - most importantly - YOUR ability
      to create and maintain a significant income. Is it there?
      Well,   let   me     give   you    a    few   statistics.   The
      company reached its 1 year birthday recently and ALREADY
      there are a group of individuals just like you and me (they've
      just been in a little longer) whose annual incomes surpass
      one million! Now, let's let that sink in - that's $83K a month
      created in less than a year. This is simply the most lucrative,
      easy to build comp plan out there. Of course, you've heard
      that before too, but before you discount your own ability to
      create a million dollar income in a year's time, look at the
      facts under "Time Sensitive Information" above. The
      systems are all in place, the infrastructure is solid. We have
      great support, conference calls, training, 3-way calls with
      your contacts, internet systems, radio infomercials,
      you name it, we've got it. You would be coming into a team
      of $100,000K a month earners that take your success
      seriously. Give us a call and let us help answer any
      questions you may have. As you are checking us out, go to
      www.XanGo™ and click on "listen" for a
      wonderful audio by Dr. Sam Walters of the Wellspring Clinic
      in   Arizona    talking   about    the    many     benefits  of
      the mangosteen. We use this audio in some very successful
      radio infomercials. In addition, you can print out a free 8
page packet of information on that site that gives additional
product information and all about the pay plan as well as the
owners, detailing their experience and background. Be in
touch soon. I'm anxious to answer all your questions. This is
definitely the real deal. Best regards, David

David and Susana
XanGo™ Independent Distributors

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