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 ENGLISH                                                                   STUDIES

                                4 HOURS PER DAY
                                     2 HOURS PER DAY

A 28 day ADVENTURE combines studying             We love teaching English! SURFNENGLISH               The great thing about surfing is that no matter
English with surfing for a unique and fun         teachers are inspired to offer you well              what your level of ability - everybody surfing a
way to explore a culture that is affordable      planned, interesting and fun learning                wave gets ‘stoked’. So that you can study
for your budget. Having four amazing             opportunities. Our morning classes aim to            English and also feel this amazing sensation
destinations around the globe means we           develop your accuracy and communicative              SURFNENGLISH has put together a number of
have an option for everyone. You can study       abilities using grammar tasks and activities         practical surfing courses. 

in a country near you to save on travel          involving the four skills of reading, writing,
costs or select a location you have always       listening and speaking. While our afternoon          INTENSIVE BEGINNER COURSE

wanted to visit. Whatever your choice all        video and travel guide projects are aimed at         Held every day this is an intensive course that
our adventures operate in the best month         inspiring you to develop fluency by using             will introduce you to all the fundamentals of
for both great weather and excellent waves.      English to communicate in settings outside           surfing from techniques for paddling to
This is an awesome combination for               the classroom.
                                      standing up on a broken wave. Primarily held
ensuring you improve your proficiency in           
                                                   on land, you will be guided through proven
English with our fun activities and tasks that   WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM SURFNENGLISH
               techniques that will accelerate your learning.
incorporate the local culture.                   • A meaningful learning environment.
                While also offering you practical surfing
                                                 • Accredited TESOL teachers.
                        knowledge like how to ‘wipe out’ and fun
                                                 • A certificate crediting your achievements.
         ways to get fit so that you can make the most
New Zealand

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                     • One on one and small group learning – 8 
          of your time in the water.



                     • A well planned course incorporating the local 

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                                                 • Activities and tasks adapted for all levels of 


                                                 • The chance to develop as a person.


                                             GENERAL FACTS

                                     Local Popn: 5000 (Raglan)

                                             Currency: New Zealand Dollars 

                                                                               RAGLAN The small yet world-famous
                                                                               coastal town of Raglan plays host each
New Zealand
                                 Language: English

                                             Cost of living: Moderately low

                                                                               year to travellers from all over the world.
                                                                               While most come to Raglan for the
30 January 2011 – 26 February 2011
          Water temp (C/F): 20/68

                                             Wetsuit: Springsuit 
             amazing waves you will find others have
27 February 2011 – 26 March 2011

27 March 2011 – 23 April 2011
               Waves: Manu Bay, Whale Bay,       chosen this destination as it is the perfect
                                             Indicators, Whangamata 
          place to explore and enjoy idyllic New

New Zealand is the perfect place to have
an English ADVENTURE. Travellers often                                         GETTING THERE Fly into Auckland and
speak about New Zealand’s friendly people,                                     take the one-hour bus ride south to the
relaxed culture and amazingly diverse                                          coastal town of Raglan.


                                                                               ENGLISH New Zealand is one of the
                                                                               friendliest English speaking countries you
                                                will find for practicing your communication


                                                                               FOOD In addition to having every type of
                                                                               food you might need New Zealand also
                                                                               offers a number of Asian and Indian
                                                                     markets where you can find all sorts of
                                                                               strange and interesting things to eat. 


                                                                               ACCOMMODATION Hostel
                                                                               accommodation or a house located close
                                                                               to the coastal town of Raglan.

                                                                               SURFING New Zealand offers the ultimate
                                                                               surfing ADVENTURE. With two coastlines
                                                                               never more than two hours apart there are
                                                                               always fun waves to be found. This
                                                                               destination also offers some of the most
                                                                               beautiful and uncrowded beaches you will
                                                                               set your eye upon. Having an ADVENTURE
                                                                               is a great way to see this spectacular part
                                                                               of New Zealand and surf amazing waves.




                                            GENERAL FACTS

                                      Local Popn: 3 million (Bali)

                                            Currency: Euro/USD/AUS dollars

                                                                                 LEGIAN This little coastal part of Bali is a
                                                                                 great environment to study English because
                                  Language: Balinese/English

                                            Cost of living: Extremely Cheap

                                                                                 although it is vibrant it is not quite as crazy
                                                                                 as its close neighbour Kuta. Legian is also
01 May 2011 – 28 May 2011
                  Water temp (C/F): 28/82

                                            Wetsuit: Boardies
                   well known for offering great
29 May 2011 – 25 June 2011

26 June 2011 – 23 July 2011
                Waves: Uluwatu, Dreamland, Bingin,   accommodation, restaurants and surfing
                                            Kuta reef, Leagian beach
            beach that is as good as any you will find.

                                                                                 While on a study and surfing ADVENTURE in
Bali is a destination that can not be                                            Legian you will make a lot of new friends.

summed up in two sentences. The
atmosphere is timeless and gives you                                             GETTING THERE Fly into Bali’s
insight into a different way of being and                                        international airport at Denpasar and speak
                                                                        English with a local taxi driver to take you
                                                                                 the 20 minutes drive west to Legian.

AS BALI IS WORTH EVERY CENT AND IS AN                                            ENGLISH English is not the official
                                                          language of Bali but it may as well be as far
                                                                                 as tourists are concerned as it is spoken

                                                                                 FOOD Surprisingly enough authentic
                                                                       Balinese food is hard to find. You will have
                                                                                 to explore as the numerous cheap places to
                                                                                 eat tend to offer western style or Javanese
                                                                                 food. Local dish: Nasi Champur

                                                                                 ACCOMMODATION Legian offers a great
                                                                                 alternative to Kuta and excellent

                                                                                 SURFING Have an ADVENTURE in Bali and
                                                                                 boast to your friends about the spectacular
                                                                                 waves at Uluwatu. Bali has a selection of
                                                                                 some of the world’s finest waves with
                                                                                 something for every level of ability. From
                                                                                 relaxing on the beach after surfing Kuta reef
                                                                                 to learning in the softer waves at Legian -
                                                                                 everybody will be stoked.

                                              GENERAL FACTS

                                      Local Popn: 175 000

                                              Currency: Euro

                                                                                 BIARRITZ Perhaps Napoleon III new what
                                                                                 was to become for the Atlantic town of
                                     Language: French

                                              Cost of living: Moderately High
   Biarritz when he transformed it into a
31 July 2011 – 27 August 2011
                Water temp (C/F): 21/70
           playground for Monarchs during the mid
28 August 2011 – 24 September 2011
           Wetsuit: Springsuit
               nineteenth century. Biarritz situated in the
25 September 2011 – 22 October 2011
          Waves: La Piste, La Nord, 
        Cote Basque is now firmly on not only the
                                              La Graviere

                                                                                 surfing worlds map but is also a destination
              for anybody wanting to experience a bit of
It is enough to say that a lifetime of                                           French glamour by the sea. Biarritz also
exploring France would not exhaust all this                                      gives you the chance to take in everything
country has to offer travellers.
                                                the rest of France has to offer with the
CUT TRAVEL COSTS: IDEAL FOR A FUN                                                addition of being a part of a study and
STUDY ADVENTURE FOR STUDENTS FROM                                                surfing ADVENTURE! 


                                                                                 GETTING THERE Catch a connecting flight
                                                                                 from just about anywhere in Europe to

                                                                                 ENGLISH Not only is France the worlds
                                                                                 leading tourist destination with millions of
                                                                                 English speaking tourists, the Cote Basque
                                                                       also attracts English-speaking surfers from
                                                                                 all around the globe. 

                                                                                 FOOD Any description of the cuisine a la
                                                                                 francaise cannot do the culinary delights of
                                                                                 this country justice. 

                                                                                 ACCOMMODATION We are always looking
                                                                                 for new and more affordable
                                                                                 accommodation options on the Cote
                                                                                 Basque for our students.

                                                                                 SURFING If the crazy hollow Hossegor
                                                                                 beach breaks are the main course when
                                                                                 surfing France, then desert is the many
                                                                                 quality reef breaks found when venturing
                                                                                 into Basque country. France like the rest of
                                                                                 our study and surf destinations has waves
                                                                                 for all levels of ability.

                                           GENERAL FACTS

                                  Local Popn: 850 000 (Agadir)

                                           Currency: Dirham (dh)

                                                                                   TAGHZOUTE When the well traveled
                                                                                   ponder Morocco they think of spectacular
                                Language: Arabic/French/English

                                           Cost of living: Cheap
                  landscapes, the cities and their people.
                                           Water temp (C/F): 21/70
                SURFNENGLISH can offer you two of these
31 October 2010 – 27 November 2010

28 November 2010 – 24 December 2010
       Wetsuit: 3/2 Wetsuit
                   and replace the second with the laidback
26 December 2010 – 22 January 2011
        Waves: Killer Point, Anchors Point, 
   surf village of Taghazoute. Taghazoute is
                                           Boilers Point

                                                                         famous for attracting surfers from all over
                                                                                   the world most of whom speak English.
An intensely rewarding country to visit    
                   Additionally, this region, like the rest of
which is ideally suited for an ADVENTURE                                           Morocco has warm winter land
with a small group.
                                                               temperatures, cheap living, and a
CUT TRAVEL COSTS: IDEAL FOR A FUN                                                  fascinating cultural diversity.

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.                                                                GETTING THERE Fly into Agadir, one of
                                                                                   Morocco’s major port cities, and arrange a
                                                                                   bus or taxi to take you the 30 minutes
                                                                                   drive north to the coastal village of

                                                                                   ENGLISH English speaking surfers/
                                                                                   travellers from England, USA and Australia
                                                                         come to one of Africa’s coolest

                                                                                   FOOD The food you find in Morocco is
                                                                                   likely to be fresh, locally grown and
                                                                                   homemade. Most Moroccan food is
                                                                                   produced the old fashion way. Local dish
                                                                                   to try: Fez.

                                                                                   SURFING Morocco has all the key
                                                                                   elements of an outstanding surf
                                                                                   destination. The waves in the Taghazoute
                                                                                   region are nestled behind a big cape that
                                                                                   funnels the predominant wind into an
                                                                                   offshore direction, a wind that works well
                                                                                   with some of the northern hemispheres
                                                                                   best point breaks.

                                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Our 28 day ADVENTURE is designed to be a fun way to study                  1. How do I enrol with SURFNENGLISH? 

English. All group members stay together for the purpose of                Enrolling for SURFNENGLISH is as simple as filling out our online
being immersed in English while also having fun surfing and                 enrolment form, paying your fees and then preparing for
exploring the local culture. However, we have presented you                SURFNENGLISH.

with a second option of ‘English Only’ for those who may find
this more suitable. 
                                                      2. How do I pay my fees?

                                                                           After you have filled out our online enrolment form we will send
                                                                           you our account details. If you would like us to reserve you a
Total Package
        English Only
       position on an ADVENTURE it is imporant you pay the full amount
                                                                           of the destination fees as soon as possible after enrolling. We
English (90 hours)
         English (90 hours)
   accept bank to bank wire transfers for international payment of
Surf Trips (60 hours)
                                                     fees as this is considered one of the safest forms of money
Accommodation (27 nights)

                                                                           3. How do I prepare for SURFNENGLISH?

New Zealand
    Total Package Fee:

       You might find it more appropriate to purchase some of the items

         English Only Fee:
                           listed below upon arriving in your destination.

                                                                           • Visa’s you may need for the travel destination. We recommend
       Total Package Fee:

                a 1 or 2 month holiday visa. You will not be able to travel on a

       English Only Fee:
                            student visa with SURFNENGLISH. 

                                                                           • Study materials including note pads, pens and a dictionary if
       Total Package Fee:


       English Only Fee:
                           • A surfboard suitable for a beginner will cost you around €200.
                                                                           You will be able to recuperate most of this cost if you choose to
        Total Package Fee:
       sell your board before departing.

         English Only Fee:

                                                                           4. Do you offer discounted prices?

                                                                           We aim to make SURFNENGLISH as affordable as possible. Below
*An ADVENTURE will also incur a one off €150 administration                is a list of what we can offer you:

fee. All fees are subject to change, for example, due to foreign           • We do not add a profit to transportation costs for your
currency fluctuations. 
                                                    ADVENTURE surf trip each day. We do not add a profit to your
                                                                           accommodation costs.

                                                                           • Studying with SURFNENGLISH in most cases is more affordable
                                                                           than travelling alone.

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