Mexico's Tourist Attractions

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   Mexico’s Tourist Attractions
    By: Courtney Conners and Kennedy Kreamer

There are various places to visit in Mexico. Millions of people
from all over the world visit these attractions throughout the
year. Mexico is divided into several regions. These regions
 are divided into cities and towns. Each of these regions and
 towns has its own attractions. Some of the most popular
 tourist attractions in Mexico are listed in these slides.
 The resort of Acapulco if famous
for its endless sunshine, glorious
golden sandy beaches, enormous
  hotel complexes, exciting night
 clubs, and La Quebrada’s daring
cliff divers. For a touch of history,
head to the Old Acapulco district
 (Acapulco Traditional / Nautico),
which lies on the western side of
      the city. Other prominent
      districts include Acapulco
 Dorado- to the east of the Playa
     Hornos, and the Diamante
     district (diamond Zone)- a
   modern, luxury resort on the
         southerly outskirts.
                     Mexico City is the capital of Mexico
                  and the important industrial and
                  cultural center of the country. Enjoy the
                  many beautiful architectural
                  monuments of the city, with elaborate
                  style and design as unique as the times
                  you’ll find represented in the historical
                  center of the city. You’re invited to visit
                  the murals painted by the great muralist
                  Diego Rivera, the constitution square
                  (central Plaza) or “Zocalo” and the
                  Metropolitan cathedral.
Mexico City
In Cancun there is plenty of things to do. You can choose from Beautiful
golden sandy beaches, Cultural Activities, Mayan Ruins, Boats and Water
Sports, Cenotes, Parks and Nature, and Golf. You will never be bored!
                                       Cozumel Travel
      Just twelve miles from
Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
Cozumel offers sandy white
beaches, crystal clear waters, and a
year-round Caribbean climate.
Cozumel is renowned for its scuba
diving and snorkeling, making it a
popular destination for cruise
ships. Much of the island is
undeveloped jungle, full of wildlife
like tropical birds and reptiles.
Don’t miss Cozumel’s Mayan ruins
and bright coral reefs!
                     Durango Travel

Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Durango! Shop historic
downtown Durango.
 Fly Fish the gold medal waters of the Animals River, and take a
spectacular fall foliage road trip along the scenic San Juan
               Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Trail Tours
Offering train/jeep combinations and white water rafting-half day
and fall day tours!
                             Sky Ute Casino
Soar like an eagle! You will love looking at the area around
Durango from 9,000 Feet in a glider. Be sure
to bring your camera!
                                Monterey Travel
Monterey is the third largest
city in Mexico and the
capital of the state of
Nuevo Leon. It is the
commercial industrial and
educational transportation
hub of Northern Mexico,
also third in economic
importance after Mexico
State. Although it is
historically an industrial
and commercial city.
                                La Paz

There is so many fun activities to do in La
Paz Mexico. You can enjoy fishing,
beaches, cruises, scuba diving, sea
kayaking, shopping, snorkeling, and whale
                        Oaxaca Travel

The adventure at Oaxaca seems to be limitless. It is thrilling, lively, and
full of surprises! It happens amongst colossal Zapoteca cities made of
stone, magnificent colonial buildings and picturesque handicraft markets
in which creativity overflows, frees itself and takes shape on ceramics,
textiles and thousands of objects that perpetuate the cultural roots of
melting pot of peoples. It extends to pacific coast with beaches of
transparent waters that allow discovering the depths of the ocean, and
excessively beautiful bays that trap travelers!


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