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                          Ed’s Aerodrome                                                By: Ed Anderson

                                     Beechcraft               Staggerwing
                      Said to be the Rolls-Royce of biplanes, this near rare all-time American classic was
                      designed and developed as a luxury business executive transport, through the col-
                      laborative efforts of businessman Walter H. Beech and aircraft designer T.A. “Ted”

        prototype Beechcraft Model 17 was first flown on November 4th 1932. Sleek, fast and sassy, the
        first production model, B17L was to be the forerunner of a standard-setting private four-passenger
        aircraft. A unique signature design and style was highlighted by the unusual wing layout, having
the upper wing inversely staggered by nearly 26 inches behind the lower wing, providing excellent visi-
bility to the pilot, and low stall characteristics to the aircraft. A large powerful radial engine housed up
front, retractable undercarriage, solid wing struts and tapered fuselage nicely finished a tomorrow-like
streamlined appearance. The moniker “Staggerwing”, as the story goes, originated at an air show in
Miami, FL in 1933, when the commentator made the remark during a high-speed pass “look at that neg-
ative staggerwing Beechcraft go”, hence the forever accepted nickname “Staggerwing”, now readily
associated with the venerable D17S.

                                                                     The mid-1930s forward saw the
                                                                     Models B17 undergo an extensive
                                                                     redesign to create the D17
                                                                     Staggerwing. These modifications
                                                                     not only improved the ruggedness,
                                                                     power and speed, but also enhanced
                                                                     the overall performance of the hand-
                                                                     crafted, luxurious cabin biplane.
                                                                     Gaining wide recognition and accept-
                                                                     ance the Beech Aircraft Corporation
                                                                     produced, between 1933 and 1949,
                                                                     785 units, all versions, civilian and
                                                                     military with the D17S being the most
                                                                     numerous and broadly used.

Pictured herewith is a 1938 Beech D17S Staggerwing, Tail #18777, s/n 200 from this year’s Fly-In and
Sport Convention at Arlington, WA. Stats on the D17S generally are as follows:

                •   Powerplant            -   P&W R985-AN-1 or AN-3 Wasp JR. (450-HP)
                •   Empty Weight          -   2540 lbs
                •   Loaded Weight         -   4250 lbs
                •   Height                -   8 feet
                •   Max. Speed            -   212 mph
                •   Cruise Speed          -   202 mph
                •   Landing Speed         -   45 mph
                •   Range                 -   670 miles
                •   Service Ceiling       -   25,000 feet
                •   Rate of Climb         -   1500 ft/min

                                                                        Story and Photo By: Ed Anderson

Everything Aircraft                               Page 2                                   December 2009
                                                          From the Editor . . . . Bob Landry
    Everything Aircraft                                                                                  Aviation Humor?
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      Vol.1, No. 6           December 2009
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Everything Aircraft                                                      Page 3                                    December 2009
Cessna Demos New Flight                                     Need Hangar
Training Program at AOPA
TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 5, 2009 - Cessna Aircraft
Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, is
demonstrating its new Internet-based flight training
software at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots
Association (AOPA) annual convention. The
Sport/Private Pilot course is approvable under FAR
Part 141 regulations.

The Cessna Flight Training System is available
through the global Cessna Pilot Center network of
flight schools.

“The new training program is a key component of              Ta l k t o u s a b o u r o u r N E W
Cessna’s effort to make flying more accessible and
to re-energize pilot training,” said Tom Aniello,
                                                             coverage & price options!
Cessna’s vice president of Marketing. “The AOPA
convention is the perfect venue to really show off
this new tool since these are the people closest to
the training environment.”

“This new training program coupled with the antici-              Telephone                     Online
pated deliveries of Cessna’s new light sport aircraft,     1 - 8 8 8 - 9 1 7 - 11 7 7   w
the 162 Skycatcher, make this a complete package
for anyone who wants to learn to fly,” Aniello said.           Cessna Nears 300th Citation
The major advantages of the Cessna Flight Training                  Mustang Delivery
System are that it’s Web-based for maximum cus-
tomer flexibility, and it incorporates customizable      TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 5, 2009 - Cessna Aircraft
scenarios for maximum instructor flexibility.            Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company,
                                                         today announced at the annual Aircraft Owners and
The Web-based system keeps track of every aspect         Pilots Association convention that it is nearing
of training. The customer can access training mate-      delivery of its 300th Citation Mustang.
rials from any location where they have access to
the Internet. And since the program is Web-based,        “The Citation Mustang order book has remained
changes and updates can be made instantly, with no       fairly resilient during the past year. The aircraft con-
replacement materials to distribute.                     tinues to set the mark for entry level business jet
                                                         operations around the world,” said Roger Whyte,
The Cessna Flight Training System also allows an         Cessna senior vice president, Sales and Marketing.
instructor to customize the program to meet the          “It has found success in air taxi and charter opera-
requirements of the local training environment           tions, in flight departments, in training organiza-
while not compromising the integrity of the training     tions as well as with owner-operators.”
                                                         A fleet of more than 280 Mustangs through the end
Cessna Pilot Centers are flight training affiliates      of the third quarter of this year had amassed more
that use Cessna’s proprietary training curriculum        than 55,000 flight hours since the first delivery in
and Cessna aircraft. There are more than 280 in the      early 2007. Cessna will deliver its 300th Mustang in
United States and around the world, offering cus-        early 2010.
tomers an array of services including flight training.
                                                         The Citation Mustang is the world’s first fully certi-
More information can be found at www.cess-               fied entry-level business jet. Coming in at under $3                                    million (2009 delivery), the Mustang features
                                                         Garmin avionics, Pratt & Whitney Canada engines
                                                         and boasts a 1,200-nautical mile range.

Everything Aircraft                                Page 4                                      December 2009
Cessna Poised to Deliver First
Skycatcher LSA This Year

     AMPA, Fla., Nov. 5, 2009 - Cessna Aircraft             560 Anne St. N. Barrie, Ontario, L4M 4S4
                                                                705-722-6209 or 705-722-3522
     Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) com-                     w w w . a i r c r a f t s a l e s . c a
     pany, said today it will deliver the first Model
162 Skycatcher Light Sport Aircraft to the first cus-
tomer of the model later this year. The customer,
                                                                Buy Avgas Wholesale!
Rose Pelton of Wichita, Kan., will use the aircraft to            when you tie-down or
pursue her private pilot’s license.                              maintain your airplane at
                                                                Springwater Aircraft Sales!
“When I first saw the Skycatcher mockup at
Oshkosh in 2007, I knew that was the aircraft I               We are a full service aircraft sales company with our own
wanted to learn to fly in,” Pelton said. “I couldn’t be    Maintenance facilities. We offer a full range of Maintenance
more excited to own the first Skycatcher.”                 on Canadian and US Registered aircraft services including:

Rose is the wife of Cessna Chairman, President and         • Periodic and Annual Inspections Canadian and US
CEO Jack J. Pelton.                                          Registered aircraft.

The Model 162 Skycatcher is a two-place, single-           • Import and Export for Canada and the United both ITRAN
engine piston, high-wing aircraft in the Light Sport         and Export C of A.
Aircraft category, defined in the United States as an
aircraft with a gross weight under 1,320 pounds and        • Airframe overhaul and major inspections.
with a top speed of no more than 120 knots. LSAs           • Detailed Pre-Purchase Inspections, we travel any where.
are built to ASTM International standards.
                                                           • We do complete strip and paint on singles and twin engine
The 162 is powered by a Continental O-200D 100-              aircraft.
hp air-cooled, carbureted engine and a fixed-pitch
propeller. The aircraft will cruise at speeds up to 118    • Paint refurbishing, detailing and touch up including fibre-
knots and will have a maximum range of 470 nauti-            glass repaits.
cal miles. The Cessna 162 Skycatcher features a
Garmin G300 avionics system. Information is pre-           • Complete interior replacement or partial refurbishment.
sented in a single, split-screen primary flight display
(PFD) and multi-function display (MFD), or as two          • Complete ground up restoration, major and minor modifica
full-screen displays with an optional second screen.         tions including:
The Skycatcher will be capable of Visual Flight                 • Propeller STC’s
Rules/Day/Night operations.
                                                                       • Engine STC’s
Cessna, in association with King Schools, has also                                • Float Installation
developed a new Web-based training system for                                                • Wing Tip Extensions
sport and private pilot certificates that will be avail-                                               • VG’s Kit
able through the Cessna Pilot Center network of
flight schools.                                            • We do quality work at reasonable prices with a minimum of
                                                             down time.
Cessna launched its Skycatcher program at
AirVenture Oshkosh in 2007 and has since amassed           • We have pilots qualified on most types who can pickup or
more than 1,000 orders.                                      deliver anywhere in North America.

                           ###                             Let us help you buy your next airplane get a detailed low
                                                           cost Pre-Purchase when we act as your agent! Don’t get
Based on unit sales, Cessna Aircraft Company is the        burned!
world’s largest manufacturer of general aviation air-
planes. In 2008, Cessna delivered 1,301 aircraft,                We appreciate your business! Call us for a quote. If
including 467 Citation business jets, and reported                  your airplane is for sale, call us or email;
revenues of about $5.662 billion. Since the company
was originally established in 1927, some 192,000 
Cessna airplanes have been delivered around the
world, including more than 5,700 Citations, making
it the largest fleet of business jets in the world. More        Ph. 705-722-6209
information about Cessna Aircraft Company is avail-
able at                                         Ph. 705-722-3522
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If the cost of driving to
the airport is getting too      Delivered To Your Door!
costly, to pick up our new    With over a 20,000 plus readership in Canada & the
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and we’ll get you on our
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mailing list right away.
Or . . . even less expen-     Delivery Rates for Canada and United States:
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download a PDF copy           We accept Payment by U.S. and Canadian money orders
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And if you still want to go   Phone:______________________ Fax:_________________________
to the airport, now you
can go for other things -
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                              City:___________________ Prov./State:__________________
                              Postal/Zip:_______________ Country:____________________
                              E-mail Address:______________________________________

Everything Aircraft                       Page 6                               December 2009
   “Please contact me for more information on these and other models and aviation art prints.”

       Silver Dart                DH New Beaver           DH Turbo Single Otter                Cessna Caravan

    DH Turbo Beaver                DH Twin Otter               Pilatus PC-12                      Honda Jet

  CF104 Starfighter $59         RCAFRescue   Otter $59         Avro C Jetliner                 Diamond Jet $89

    Airbus A-340-500             B777-200    Air Canada   C-130   Pacific Western Airlines   CC-177 Cdn Armed Forces

    CF-18   Century of Flight     Canadair CL-415              DHC5-Buffalo                    Jazz Dash 8 -300

  Beech King Air B200                L-19 Bird                 Nordair L-188                    Wardair Dash 7

     Lancaster Mk I              Norseman RCAF                  Norseman 2                      TCA Vanguard

Everything Aircraft                                   Page 7                                         December 2009
                                                                           steps. eliminates the hassle of “unlock codes.”
Garmin’s Touchscreen aera™ Series                                          Those who have purchased the aera 550 or aera 560 will receive one
Takes Pilots from Runway to Roadway                                        year complimentary aviation database updates for NavData, obsta-
                                                                           cles, terrain, SafeTaxi, and AOPA Airport Directory.

         LATHE, Kan./November 2, 2009/BUSINESS WIRE — Garmin                • On the road
         International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN),         Customers can easily change from aviation to automotive mode by
         the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today the    pressing the airplane icon at the top of the aera’s screen. In the auto-
aera, Garmin’s newest aviation handheld series that is touchscreen         motive mode, customers will see the same “Where to?” and “View
and multi-mode so that it can transition between aviation to automo-       map” interface found on Garmin nüvi® and zūmo® products. The
tive mode with one touch. The aera series includes four different          ruggedized and waterproof (IEC 529 IPX-7 standards) aera series
models – aera 500, aera 510, aera 550 and aera 560 – and all have          comes loaded with detailed, street-level maps of the United States,
unprecedented ease of use that is derived from Garmin’s 20 years of        Canada and Puerto Rico. For those who prefer two wheels over four,
expertise in the aviation and automotive markets. The aera product         the aera is also compatible with Garmin’s zūmo 660 motorcycle
line will be on display and available for purchase for the first time at   mount. The aera allows for quick searches of street addresses or mil-
the Aircraft Owners Pilot Association (AOPA) Summit in Tampa,              lions of preloaded points of interest like gas stations, hotels, restau-
Florida, November 5-7, 2009.                                               rants, attractions, ATMs and more. In automotive mode, the device
                                                                           will speak street names so drivers will receive turn-by-turn, voice
“Customers who use Garmin products in their plane and car often            prompted directions through the aera’s built-in speaker, such as “turn
ask us to create an all-in-one GPS that combines our aviation expert-      right on Main Street.” If they miss a turn, the aera automatically recal-
ise with the operational simplicity and clean exterior design of our       culates a route and gets them back on track.
automotive devices,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of
marketing. “Since Garmin is vertically integrated and we do nearly         The aera 550 and 560 come equipped with advanced routing capabil-
everything in-house, we were able to meet our customers’ requests          ities like lane assist with junction view so drivers will see a realistic
by leveraging the best features of our consumer and aviation tech-         presentation of road signs and junctions along the route, as well as
nologies. The aera series will appeal to those who need a low cost         arrows that indicate the proper lane for navigation. These features
aviation handheld that is so simple to use that many will never have       make it easy to navigate unfamiliar intersections and exits because
to crack open the manual.”                                                 the aera guides drivers to the correct lane for an approaching turn or
 • In the air                                                              exit. Map data is provided by NAVTEQ™ – a world leader in premi-
The aera series has a 4.3 inch QVGA sunlight readable touchscreen          um-quality mapping.
display with large, finger-touchable icons. When in aviation mode,
pilots are greeted with colorful icons that use intuitive pictures and     The benefits of XM and XM WX Satellite Weather capability are also
labels to indicate their function: map, weather, terrain, direct to,       available in automotive mode. While in the automotive mode, drivers
HSI/panel, active FPL, numbers, nearest, WPT info, position, XM            may overlay weather information along their route, as well as simulta-
radio, and tools. Pilots can choose any of these functions by simply       neously choose from XM radio’s 170-plus channels of XM digital
touching the appropriate icon. For example, after touching the terrain     music, news and programming. XM radio and XM WX Satellite
icon, pilots will see terrain and obstacle data that vividly depicts       Weather subscription data is available from XM WX Satellite
potential hazards.                                                         Weather, and is only available in the U.S. or Canada.
                                                                           All aera products also have Bluetooth® Wireless Technology that
The exterior of the aera 500, 510, 550 and 560 are identical, but the      makes it possible to receive and place phone calls directly from the
software features of each model are tailored to those seeking an           aera while in automotive mode. It can be paired with over 200
entry or mid-level aviation handheld.                                      Bluetooth enabled phones, and a driver can retrieve and dial num-
The aera 510 and aera 560 include a GXM™ 40 receiver for XM                bers using a supported phone’s contact list, the phone’s call history
radio and XM WX Satellite Weather that provides NEXRAD weather             log, or the aera’s preloaded points of interest database.
radar, aviation routine weather reports (METARs), terminal aero-           The aera 500, aera 510, aera 550 and aera 560 are available imme-
drome forecasts (TAFs), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), light-       diately for an expected street price of $799, $1299, $1499, and
ning, winds aloft, turbulence forecasts, PIREPs, icing forecast and        $1999, respectively. XM WX Satellite Weather data and audio is pro-
several other important weather products.                                  vided by XM Satellite Radio. Please see
                                                                  for pricing and other
The aera 550 and area 560 include SafeTaxi and AOPA Airport                details. Additional information about the aera is available at
Directory. SafeTaxi now includes geo-referenced diagrams of over 
950 U.S. airports. SafeTaxi identifies runways, taxiways and hangars,
as well as the aircraft’s exact location on the field. The AOPA Airport    About Garmin International Inc. Garmin International Inc. is a sub-
Directory data is an electronic version of AOPA’s popular U.S. pilot       sidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), the global leader in satellite
guide that includes information for over 5,300 public-use airports and     navigation. Since 1989, this group of companies has designed, man-
more than 7,000 FBOs, such as pilot services, ground transportation,       ufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and infor-
lodging, restaurants, and local attractions. In addition, Garmin’s elec-   mation devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS
tronic version of the AOPA Airport Directory highlights airports where     technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless,
pilots can save on fuel by using self-service fueling locations.           outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin
Pilots can keep track of and renew the databases on their aera             Ltd. is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and its principal sub-
device through, a website that helps pilots manage          sidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United
Garmin database information and dramatically simplifies the process        Kingdom. For more information, visit Garmin's virtual pressroom at
of updating and purchasing aviation databases such as obstacles,  or contact the Media Relations depart-
terrain and SafeTaxi. After logging onto, the home          ment at 913-397-8200. Garmin, SafeTaxi, zūmo and nüvi are regis-
page gives a quick synopsis of the owner’s registered products and         tered trademarks and GXM and aera are trademarks or service
whether or not the databases are current. If a database needs to be        marks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Bluetooth is a registered
updated, users can purchase one-time downloads or annual sub-              trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
scriptions directly from the site and install the database in three easy

Everything Aircraft                                                  Page 8                                                December 2009
Stans, 17 November 2009

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is proud to announce that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force & Air Defense
(AF&AD) has entered into a contract in excess of 500 Million Swiss Francs to procure a fleet of 25 PC-
21 turboprop aircraft, together with an integrated ground based training system and a comprehensive
logistics support package.

After Switzerland and Singapore, the UAE is now the third country to revolutionise its training pipeline
with the most modern and most advanced turbo trainer aircraft on the market today.

Delivery of the aircraft and the complete training system
is scheduled to commence in 2011, paving the way for
basic and advanced flying training in the UAE to be in
line with the 4th generation equipment already in service
in the front line squadrons, enabling the UAE AF&AD to
continue to produce first class
pilots for these demanding platforms.

The decision to select the PC-21 training system was
made after an extremely tough and thorough evaluation
by the UAE, which looked at all available options. It is a
major success for Pilatus Aircraft Ltd in the Middle East
and we believe it will encourage other forces in the
region and beyond to take a close look at our pilot train-
ing solution.

As a partner to the UAE AF&AD for more than 25 years, in supporting the existing fleet of PC-7 trainer
aircraft, this award is proof positive of the confidence and trust our customer has bestowed on Pilatus
Aircraft Ltd for securing the future of their basic and advanced flying training requirements. Once
Pilatus always Pilatus.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is committed to continue serving the UAE AF&AD with its world renowned dedica-
tion to Swiss precision and quality, through delivering and supporting the most advanced turbo trainer
aircraft in the world the Pilatus PC-21.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd was founded in 1939 and is currently world market leader in the manufacture and
sale of single-engine turboprop aircraft. It is the only
Swiss company that develops and produces private and
training aircraft. Pilatus, which is headquartered in Stans,
Switzerland, is licensed to maintain and
perform upgrades on a variety of aircraft. This service is
complemented by three independent subsidiaries in
Altenrhein (Switzerland), in Broomfield (Colorado, USA)
and Adelaide (Australia). In UAE
Pilatus is represented by a branch office in Abu Dhabi.
Further media information is available from:
Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman and CEO
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, P.O. Box 992, 6371 Stans, Switzerland
Phone: +41 41 619 62 05, Fax: +41 41 619 61 82                         Photos by Paul Bowen / Photo by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd...
Everything Aircraft                                           Page 9                                        December 2009

       Some Achievements Listed Below                  COMPANY HISTORY TIMELINE

1905 Continental Motors is born with the introduc-
tion of a four-cylinder, four-cycle L-head motor
operated by a single camshaft.

1906 Type "O" 45-hp engine is developed to
power aircraft.

1929 A-70 radial, seven-cylinder engine is intro-
duced to power aircraft.                               2002 Teledyne Continental Motors introduces
                                                       FADEC for General Aviation aircraft
1930 A-40 four-cylinder engine is introduced, to
power aircraft.                                        2004 Columbia Aircraft begins production of the
                                                       400 using Continental TSIO-550-C
1938 A-50 is added to the lineup to power the          Liberty Aerospace certifies the new XL2 Aircraft
Piper Cub and Taylorcraft.                             with Continental’s FADEC IOF240B

1939 Continental builds aircraft engines for use in    2009 O200 Lightweight Engine Receives FAA
British and American tanks.                            Certification
                                                       Teledyne Continental Motors teams with Hawker
1945 Six-cylinder E-185 developed for Beechcraft       Beechcraft to fly G36 on Unleaded Fuel
Bonanza.                                               Teledyne Continental Motors Flies G36 on Swift
                                                       sustainable fuel taking the lead in the search for a
1950s A-65 developed into the more powerful C-         100LL replacement
90 and eventually to the 100-hp O-200. The latter
powered one of the most important airplanes
ever: The Cessna 150.

1960s Turbocharging and fuel injection are
brought to general aviation by Continental Motors.
IO-520's applications expand to dominate the

1977 NASA selects Continental to develop and
produce GAP, a new 200-hp engine that operates
on Jet-A fuel.

1984 Continental Motors produces TSIO-520-BE                        O200 Lightweight Engine
for Piper Malibu. It sets new efficiency targets for
piston engines.
                                                       2009 Kinetic Engine line introduced to kit and
1986 Powered by a liquid cooled version of the         experimental aircraft builders.
IO-240, the Rutan Voyager is the first piston-pow-     TCM Unveils Certified 350HP Turbo FADEC
ered aircraft to circumnavigate the world without      Engine at AirVenture Oshkosh 2009.
refueling.                                             TCM Introduces Turbocharged Cirrus SR22 tech-
                                                       nology demonstration platform.
1999 Continental develops and tests its first          TCM Flies Turbocharged Cirrus SR22 to
FADEC-equipped engine.                                 AirVenture Oshkosh on Unleaded AvGas

Everything Aircraft                                Page 10                                December 2009
                                                                                              By: Dave Fitzpatrick, CAIB

                                        Before you Shake Hands
                       If you’re like most owners and pilots, you simply renew your aviation
                       insurance policy every year. If it was good enough last year it will be
                       good enough this year.

There are two very big problems with this scenario.First, things change. Your aircraft, where
you fly, who you fly with, how much you fly; therefore, these changes should be reflected in
your policy. Second, and even more serious, is that your policy
may be the wrong one for you! In that situation, you are simply renewing your mistake year
after year. In either case, your aviation insurance policy deserves a little bit of your time once
a year. Here are the five things you should do to make sure you are adequately protected.

1. Choose Your Broker

Start by finding an aviation specialist. Although any general insurance broker can sell you aviation insurance, they simply do
not have the ex perience or familiarity with the field to be your best choice and they usually can’t get you the best rates.

2. Confirm the Value of Your Aircraft

Neglecting to keep up with the market value of your aircraft is one of the most common renewal mistakes. Unlike home or
auto insurance, aviation insurance is a “stated value” policy - the “stated value” is the maximum the insurance company will
pay out— they may also keep the plane as salvage. That means that the owner is responsible for declaring t he value of the
insured aircraft. If you undervalue your plane, you risk losing it after even a minor accident.

3. Review Your Liability

Make sure your policy doesn’t have passenger or family member restrictions. This is the most common way that companies
offer “bargain” policies. It is also the most common way owners lose everything they own when courts award large injury set-
tlements that are not covered by their “bargain” policy. With the high court settlements being awarded today, one to two mil-
lion dollars should be the least you consider.

4. Get the Right Coverage for Your Needs

At every renewal, you should discuss your flying habits with your broker. Make sure your policy covers the kind of flying you
do. Also, if you make upgrades or changes to the configuration of your aircraft, you may need to make some adjustments to
your policy. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of luck in case of an accident.

5. Protect Your Interests

You should discuss any other unusual circumstances regarding your aircraft. You may need to arrange for special coverage to
protect your interests. A common example is an owner who leases his aircraft to a flying school or commercial operator. If the
lessee commits an illegal act or omission, your aviation policy could be nullified. In these situations, you should obtain
“Breach of Warranty” coverage which will pay a lien holder’s interest despite the policy being otherwise invalidated.
Following these simple steps once a year at renewal time could save you a lot of money - don’t take the easy way out …
Don’t say “Just renew it for another year.”

   Head Office:
   380-18799 Airport Way
   Pitt Meadows BC, V3Y 2B4
   Local Ph.604-460-8787               Toronto Office:
   Local Fax 604-460-8788              Local Ph.905-910-0526
   Toll Free 1-888-917-11177           Toll Free 1-888-917-1177
   Toll Free Fax 1-866-372-2755        Toll Free Fax 1-866-372-2755      

Everything Aircraft                                          Page 11                                       December 2009
           General Aviation Airbags                                  serious head-impact injury and enhance one's ability to
                                                                     exit the aircraft following an otherwise survivable acci-
Nearly 80-percent of new general aviation airplanes are              dent. When the system's sensors detect a crash, an
equipped with AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag system. Now older air-          airbag built into the restraint deploys up and away from
craft can benefit from this ultimate grade.
                                                                     the seat occupant-unlike automobile airbags, which
Designed to protect occupants from impact with glare shields,        deploy toward the occupant. The AmSafe Aviation
instrument panels, and control yokes, the AmSafe Seatbelt
Airbag looks and operates like a standard seatbelt. The airbag       Airbag System has been rigorously tested to meet
is stored in the lap belt portion of the 2- and 3-point restraints   Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European
and in the torso section of the 4- and 5-point systems.
                                                                     Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements.
When the sensors detect an impending incident, the airbag
deploys up and away from the seated passenger - adults and
children, large and small - and provides protection to the
head, neck and torso. The AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag meets the
FAR 23.562 26g requirements in pilot / co-pilot seats and pro-
vides the additional safety needed in a survivable impact.
If you have a general aviation aircraft and would like to install
or service the AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag system, please view our
AmSafe Airbag Service Center map to find a location near

Piper Aircraft Offers the AmSafe
Airbag System Though Its Network
Posted: February 26, 2009 Retro Feature

AmSafe Aviation Airbag System Now Available for Sales
& Service at over 500 Locations Worldwide; Life-Saving
Device Now a New or Aftermarket Option for More
Than One-Third of All GA Aircraft Models

PHOENIX (February 26, 2009) - AmSafe®, Inc., the                     "Piper customers around the world depend on our net-
leading provider of safety and securement products for               work of authorized sales and service centers. They rely
the aviation, defense and ground transportation markets,             on the thousands of skilled service technicians to safely
today announced an agreement with Piper Aircraft to                  outfit and maintain their aircraft," said Ray Phair, direc-
distribute the AmSafe Aviation Airbag System through-                tor of customer support/service/spares, Piper Aircraft.
out the Piper Aircraft Service Network of service cen-               "Becoming an authorized sales and service partner for
ters. Beginning today, the AmSafe Aviation Airbag                    the AmSafe Aviation Airbag System is yet another
System is an available option on all new PA-46 aircraft              example of Piper's commitment to innovation and ensur-
and for aftermarket installation on entry level and twin             ing the safety of the Piper family of pilots and cus-
engine Piper models (PA-28, PA-32, PA-34, PA-44 and                  tomers."
PA-46). With this agreement, AmSafe expands its net-
work of authorized AmSafe Aviation Airbag service cen-               In service since 2001, the AmSafe Aviation Airbag
ters to over 500 locations worldwide.                                System adds less than three pounds (1.36 kg) to existing
                                                                     pilot and co-pilot restraint systems and costs approxi-
"AmSafe is pleased to expand the number of Piper                     mately $1,500 per seat placement (plus installation). The
Aircraft models that support the Aviation Airbag                     AmSafe Aviation Airbag System is installed in new GA
System. By incorporating the Piper Aircraft Service                  aircraft manufactured by Air Tractor, American Legend,
Network into our own, it is easier than ever for more                Aviat, Cessna Aircraft, Cirrus Design, Cub Crafters,
Piper operators to take advantage of the increased safety            Diamond Aircraft, Hawker Beechcraft, Lancair
and protection this system affords," said AmSafe                     International, Mooney Airplane Company, Pilatus, Quest
Aviation President Bill Hagan. "Currently installed in               Aircraft, SportAir USA, Zenair, and now Piper Aircraft.
roughly 80 percent of all new single-engine general avi-             In addition to having been embraced by general aviation
ation aircraft, the AmSafe Aviation Airbag System is a               pilots and manufacturers, the AmSafe Aviation Airbag
proven technology that saves lives. We look forward to               System is featured in the fleets of more than 30 com-
working with Piper Aircraft and other manufacturers to               mercial airlines around the world. For more information
ensure it is available in the most popular GA aircraft               about the AmSafe Aviation Airbag System and to find
models."                                                             an authorized service center near you, please visit our
The AmSafe Airbag System is a self-contained, modular                service center listing.
restraint designed to improve occupant protection from                                                    Continued on page 34

Everything Aircraft                                           Page 12                                      December 2009
U.S. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGE-                             cent of all land managed by the U.S. government.
MENT SELECTS PILATUS PC-12                              The PC-12 will be based at the BLM’s Fire and
                                                        Aviation Directorate and National Interagency Fire
        ilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd. announced today Center in Boise, Idaho.

P       that the U.S. Department of the Interior’s
        Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has
taken delivery of its first Pilatus PC-12. The aircraft
                                                        About Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

                                                        Pilatus Aircraft Ltd was founded in 1939 and is cur-
will be put to multirole use performing cargo, pas-
senger, smokejumper, air tactical, aerial supervi-      rently world market leader in the manufacture and
sion and lead plane fire-fighting missions.             sale of single-engine turboprop aircraft. It is the
BLM said it selected the PC-12 because it is the        only Swiss company that develops and produces
only aircraft that meets all the mission require-       private and training aircraft. Pilatus, which is head-
ments, and will provide it with significantly           quartered in Stans, Switzerland, is licensed to
enhanced capability at the least annual program         maintain and perform upgrades on a variety of air-
cost. BLM estimates that ownership of this aircraft     craft. This service is complemented by three inde-
will reduce the direct cost to the government by        pendent subsidiaries in Altenrhein (Switzerland), in
$1.5 million per year as opposed to contracting for Broomfield (Colorado, USA) and Adelaide
a similar aircraft.                                     (Australia). With a workforce of over 1100 at its
                                                        head office, Pilatus is one of the biggest employers
The BLM’s                                               in Central Switzerland.
multirole PC-                                                                                      Pilatus
12 features                                                                                        additionally
the unique                                                                                         provides
Utility Door                                                                                       training for
option.                                                                                            almost 100
Capable of                                                                                         apprentices
being                                                                                              in nine dif-
opened in                                                                                          ferent pro-
flight, this                                                                                       fessions –
inward-open-                                                                                       job training
ing door is                                                                                        for young
mounted                                                                                            people has
within the                                                                                         always
PC-12’s                                                                                            been a
standard                                                                                           very high
cargo door                                                                                         priority at
and enables                                                                                        Pilatus.
the aircraft to
and perform specialist parachute work or drop sup-
plies or relief materials, and later re-pressurize and Further media information is available from:
return to high speed cruise at altitude.               Mike Haenggi, Vice President, Marketing
                                                       Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd., Broomfield,
Leonard Luke, Vice President of Homeland               Colorado, USA
Security and Government Business at Pilatus            Phone: +1 303 465 9099
added, “The PC-12 has become increasingly popu-        E-Mail:
lar as a cost effective multirole solution for govern- Daniel Kunz, Director, Sales and Marketing PC-12
ment agencies. Strong performance, fuel efficiency, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Stans, Switzerland
and a rugged airframe suitable for military missions Phone: +41 41 619 67 00
make it the ideal special mission platform for         E-Mail:
today’s government and law enforcement agen-
cies.” The BLM is responsible for the management
and conservation of resources on 256 million sur-
face acres in the United States. These
public lands make up about 13 percent of the total
land surface of the country and more than 40 per-
Everything Aircraft                                 Page 13                                December 2009
  Manufacturer’s Feature Aircraft -                Cessna C-162 Sky Catcher                  Everything Aircraft

The stirring SkyCatcher!                           Performance                 SkyCatcher
                                                   Single Pilot Certified      Yes
If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of owning a   Maximum Cruise Speed        118 ktas (219 km/h)
brand-new aircraft, it’s officially time to get    Certified Ceiling           15,500 ft (4,724 m)
serious. Introducing the SkyCatcher – an all-      Airport Performance
new Cessna destined to bring your personal         Takeoff Distance            1,250 ft (381 m)
dreams well within reach. With extreme flyabil-    Landing Distance            1,040 ft (317 m)
ity. Unprecedented affordability. And the very     Rate of Climb at Sea Level 890 fpm (271 mpm)
latest technology. Maybe that’s why it was sin-    Range                       470 nm (870 km)
                                                   Maximum Weights             SkyCatcher
gled out by Popular Science magazine as
                                                   Ramp Weight                 1,320 lb (599 kg)
being among the most exciting developments         Takeoff Weight              1,320 lb (599 kg)
of 2007 in the Aviation and Space category.        Landing Weight              1,320 lb (599 kg)
The magazine calls the SkyCatcher the best         Zero Fuel Weight            N/A lb (N/A kg)
“starter plane” for an entire new generation of    Usable Fuel Capacity        144 lb (65 kg)
pilots. The dream of flight is back. And this      Typically-Equipped Empty Weight     830 lb (376 kg)
time, it’s personal.                               Useful Load                 490 lb (222 kg)
                                                   Maximum Payload             490 lb (222 kg)
                                                   Full-Fuel Payload           346 lb (157 kg)
                                                   Dimensions                  SkyCatcher
                                                   Height                      8 ft 4 in (2.53 m)
                                                   Length                      22 ft 10 in (6.95 m)
                                                   Wingspan                    30 ft (9.14 m)
                                                   Height                      46.8 in (1.19 m)
                                                   Width                       44 in (1.12 m)
                                                   Length                      5 ft 9 in (1.76 m)
                                                   Standard Seating Capacity   2
                                                   Baggage Capacity            22 cubic ft (0.6 cubic m)
                                                   Powerplant                  SkyCatcher
                                                   Manufacturer                Teledyne Continental
                                                   Model (Number)              0-200D (1)
                                                   Time Between Overhauls      2,000 hr
                                                   Operating Costs             SkyCatcher
                                                   Cost per Mile               $0.5
                                                   Cost per Hour               $56
                                                   Conditions:Fuel Cost at     $4.50 per gallon.
                                                   Shop Rate at                $70.00 per hour.
                                                   Please contact a Cessna sales representative for pricing
                                                   and availability.
                                                   Cessna Aircraft Company would like to thank you for your
                                                   interest in our product line. If you would like to request addi-
                                                   tional information, or have any comments or questions,
                                                   please share your thoughts with us in the space provided
                                                   below or contact us at 1.800.4.CESSNA in the U.S. or
                                                   +1.316.517.6056 outside of the U.S. We look forward to
                                                   serving you and fulfilling your aircraft needs.
 Everything Aircraft                           Page 14                                    December 2009
Cessna Piston Aircraft Sales Spike;
Sales Programs Extended                                                              Thomas Aircraft
                                                                                        Sales Inc.
     AMPA, Fla., Nov. 5, 2009 - Officials at Cessna                                     Bld. 15, 25 Airport Road
     Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT)                                     Edmonton, Alberta, T5G 0W6
     company, report an increase in piston aircraft                                    Toll Free Ph. 800- 363- 4122
sales over the past two months, thanks in part to                            Ph. 7 80-4 51 -5 47 3 • Fax 7 80-4 54 -4 12 2
sales programs and tax incentives set to expire at                           w w w . t h o m a s a v i a ti o n . c o m
the end of the year.                                                       s a l e s @ th o m a s a v i a t i o n . c o m
                                                                           P a r t s @ t h o m a s a v i a t i o n . c o m
                                                                         “Yo ur Ces sna Sin gle Engin e D eal er for th e P rair ie
“Retail sales across our piston aircraft product line
                                                                                          Pr ovi nces & NWT”
have been measurably stronger in September and
October versus earlier this year and that is a posi-                  1968 CESSNA 401, 9118 TTSN, 301/944 SMOH, 391/269 SPOH (2000)
tive development as it relates to the overall outlook                 NDH. Well equipped......No ST........................................................$115,000
for our propeller aircraft business,” said John
Doman, vice president, Worldwide Propeller                            1975 Cessna 421, 1975 Cessna 421B, 8100 TTSN, 560/640 SMOH,
                                                                      20/820 SPOH, Very good P&I, Exec. logs & maintenance Ask US$225.000
Aircraft Sales. “Customers are taking advantage of
the tax savings they can realize before the end of                    1978 Cessna 340A, RAM IV, 6345 TTSN, 553 SRAM. 1118 SMOH (July
the year under the accelerated or bonus deprecia-                     2001, Pro Aero Engine), fresh prop overhauls, Empty weight 4525.9,
tion section of the tax code. In addition, several                    MTOW 6300 lb. June 2008 annual, (GST applies to Canadian pur-
value-filled sales programs on our Corvalis and                       chasers). We can deliver the aircraft anywhere. We will consider a trade
Skylane models are helping to bolster customer                        against a clean DHC2 Beaver amphib. .............................Asking $300,000
interest and subsequent purchases of Cessna air-                      1976 Piper PA34-200T Seneca II, s/n 34-7670236 C-GPZO, 7201.9
craft.”                                                               TTSN, FRESHLY OVERHAULED (0 SMOH) ENGINES L & R, 593/593
                                                                      SPOH (2007)NDH......................................................................US$115,000
“Fleet sales and deliveries have also increased
recently as flight schools, academies and special                     1962 Piper PA23-250 Aztec, 2451 TTSN, 1442 SMOH, 242 SPOH, NDH,
mission customers worldwide are replacing older                       Good Interior & Exterior..................................................................C$48,500
aircraft with our new technology Cessna aircraft,”                    2008 Eclipse 500 LX, 2451 TTSN, 1442 SMOH, 242 SPOH, New 2008
Doman said.                                                           Eclipse 500 LX Serial Number EA500.000219, Fresh out of the factory,
                                                                      ready to fly away.....................................................................US$1,300,000
Through bonus depreciation, business-related air-
craft acquisitions may qualify for accelerated                        1979 Cessna A185F, 3918 TTSN 1285 SMOH 211 SNEW PROP (2005),
                                                                      Interior is in very good condition. The aircraft had a groundloop in 1994 at
depreciation under a provision in the federal stimu-                  2782 hours. GST applies. Fluidyne 3200 wheel skis are available for addi-
lus package passed earlier this year.*                                tional US$15,000. .......................................................Asking US$172,000

Cessna has extended two of its successful pro-
grams through the end of 2009 to coincide with the                    1995 MOONEY M20M – deiced, ONLY 850 HOURS TTSN A&E, 52
                                                                      HOURS SPOH (2005), NDH, imported into Canada in July, 2005 (U.S.
federal depreciation provision.                                       registration was N5KM). It is exceptionally well equipped and has always
                                                                      been hangared. Can deliver anywhere includeing re-export into USA,
“Deal of the Decade” provides a $10,000 fuel card                     ............................................................................................Ask US$305,000
and free synthetic vision technology (SVT) for cer-
tain Corvalis sales. The “Deposit Amplifier” pro-
                                                                      1969 Beech V35A-TC Turbo Bonanza, Serial # D-8992 TSIO-520-DCDB,
gram adds $30,000 to a deposit for a new Cessna                       3370 TTSN, 238 SMOH, 238 SN 3 bladed propeller,
182 or T182 Skylane and gives a new customer a                        .......................................................................Asking $139,900 Cdn + GST.
choice of one of three technology upgrades for the
Garmin G1000 avionics package.
                                                                      1969 CESSNA T210J TURBO CENTURION, 5945 TTSN 203 SMOH, 919
                                                                      SPOH 3 BLADED MCCAULEY PROP NDH ...................................S O L D
Both programs expire at the end of 2009. Details
are available through Cessna’s global network of
dealers (locate the nearest Cessna dealer at                          1977 Cessna U206G, 6696 TTSN, 2251 SMOH, 1770 SPOH (2001,                                                      HARTZELL 3-BLADE), .................................................Asking US$100,000

* New or prospective aircraft buyers should consult                   1957 Cessna 180J, S/N 32906 C-FJQV, 18,843 TTSN, 2673 SMOH (0-
a tax professional to see if the federal tax provision                520F-TS Western Skyways 260 Hp, 2500 hour TBO) 1698
applies to their aircraft purchase                                    SPOH(2004.....................................................................Asking US$64,000

                               ###                                    1967 Cessna A185E, 7536 TTSN, 1768 SMOH, 932 SPOH (June 2006),
                                                                      Logbooks are complete and detailed since new. The aircraft had a landing
Based on unit sales, Cessna Aircraft Company is the world's           accident in 1981, with repairs to both wings and firewall. Fluidyne 3200
largest manufacturer of general aviation airplanes. In 2008,
Cessna delivered 1,301 aircraft, including 467 Citation business      hydraulic wheel-skis are available................................................... S O L D
jets, and reported revenues of about $5.662 billion. Since the
company was originally established in 1927, some 192,000
Cessna airplanes have been delivered around the world, includ-        2008 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane - On our ramp, new, $398,850with
ing more than 6,000 Citations, making it the largest fleet of busi-   GFC700Flight Director and Autopilot with Free Garmin SVT, US$30,000
ness jets in the world. More information about Cessna Aircraft        deposit multiplier applies. Call today for the best deal anywhere...........Call
Company is available at

Everything Aircraft                                            Page 15                                                                      December 2009
                                                     systems for general
ARMY ISSUES                                          aviation and recreation-
                                                     al aircraft; BRS
70% NCREASE                                          Defense, which
TO BRS AERO-                                         designs and manufac-
                                                     tures a variety of para-
SPACE PARAHUTE CONTRACT                              chute systems for US
                                                     Department of Defense

      outh St. Paul, MN, September 9, 2009—          and foreign military
      BRS Aerospace (Ballistic Recovery              customers; and BRS
      Systems, Inc.) (BRSI.PK), a manufacturer       Safety, which designs and manufactures reflec-
of whole-aircraft emergency parachute systems,       tive and load-bearing safety vests, and other
military cargo and personnel parachutes, and         safety apparel and is a leader in the “cut & sew”
reflective safety products, announced today that     industry. Since 1981, BRS Aerospace has deliv-
it has been awarded an extra $2.75M in new           ered more than 30,000 parachute systems to
orders (an increase of 72% over its initial order)   aircraft owners worldwide, including over 3,700
by the US Army to manufacture additional “low        systems on FAA-certificated aircraft such as the
velocity” cargo parachutes over an 18-month          Cirrus Design SR20 and SR22 manufactured in
period. Production for this contract will occur at   Duluth, Minnesota and a variety of Cessna air-
the company’s North Carolina facility where at       craft including the C-172/182 and new C-162
least 20 more employees will be hired to             Skycatcher. To date, BRS Aerospace parachute
accommodate this increase. Combined with the         recovery systems have been credited with sav-
original Low Velocity contract received in July,     ing the lives of 240 pilots and passengers.
the Low V program will bring in more than
$6.6M of revenue over the initial 18-24 month        This press release contains forward-looking
delivery period and more than 40 new jobs to         statements within the meaning of the Private
the Pinebluff, NC region.                            Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These
                                                     statements are often, but not always, made
The Low Velocity parachute, made of lower cost       through the use of words such as “anticipates,”
woven polypropylene instead of traditionally         “expects,” “plans,” “believes,” “intends,” and
used, but more expensive, ripstop nylon, is          other similar words or phrases. These state-
designed for humanitarian relief efforts and re-     ments are only predictions, and are based on
supply missions where it is difficult to recover     current information and expectations. Such
airdrop equipment or reach troops by ground          statements involve a number of risks and
convoy and from deployment altitudes of 500-         uncertainties, including market fluctuations,
1,200 AGL (above ground level). These para-          pricing, procurement, manufacturing efficien-
chutes are designed to be light, simple in           cies, operating risks, and other risks that could
design, and up to 80% less expensive than the        cause the actual results to differ materially from
standard parachutes and containers now used          those projected. For more information, review
for these missions.                                  the company’s filings with the Securities and
                                                     Exchange Commission, particularly the
Low Velocity Parachute                               Company’s annual report on Form 10-KSB. All
“We are very proud that the Army has recog-          forward-looking statements are qualified in their
nized our capabilities and desire to provide         entirety by this cautionary statement, and BRS
quality defense articles in a timely manner,         undertakes no obligation to revise or update
something we have been striving toward for           this press release to reflect events or circum-
some time now”, said BRS Aerospace CEO and           stances after the date hereof.
President, Larry Williams. Norman Girdwood,
General Manager of BRS Aerospace’s                   CONTACT:
Pinebluff, North Carolina facility added, “This is   Gary D. Moore
the kind of problem I like having…hiring new         Larry E. Williams’s
people, scheduling new shifts, ensuring quality
specs are met…all that is entailed in ramping        Voice: 651-457-7491
up a successful product line”. Concluding,           FAX: 651-457-8651
Girdwood commented, “I’ve known that we
were at the cusp of being recognized as a            BRS Aerospace, Inc.
strong partner with the Army… we’ve worked           380 Airport Rd
very hard as a corporation to make this happen.      South Saint Paul MN 55075-3551 USA
This additional award makes that a reality”.
About BRS Aerospace                                  Voice: 651-457-7491
Based in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, BRS            FAX: 651-457-8651
Aerospace consists of three divisions: BRS
Aviation, which designs, manufactures, and dis-
tributes whole-aircraft emergency parachute
Everything Aircraft                             Page 16                                 December 2009
Canadian Aircraft Broker’s & Dealer’s                                                      408C Otter Bay
(Please      advise      us    of   any    incorrect     addresses)
                                                                                          Springbank Airport
                      BRITISH COLUMBIA                                                 Calgary, Alberta, T3Z 3S6
Upper Valley Aviation Ltd.                                                                          Ph. 403-286-4277
Tel.: 604-792-0735; Fax: 604-792-0819;                                                              Fax 403-286-5989
Web site:                                         To l l F r e e : 1 - 8 7 7 - 7 9 1 - 4 6 0 0
8406 Lockheed Place, Chilliwack, B.C., V2P 8A7
Venture Aviation Services Ltd.                                     
Tel.: 250-245-3499; Fax: 250-245-3497;
Web site:
P.O. Box 192 , 3422 Spitfire Rd., Cassidy, B.C.,                                                   Cessna Caravan
V0R 1H0
                                                                                              2006 Cessna Grand Caravan
Westcan Aircraft Sales and Salvage Ltd.                                                       208B- Sale or Leas, $1,450,00,
Tel.: 250-554-4202; Fax: 250-376-1119;                                                        2,2999, AB, C-FIXS
E-mail:; Web site:
#100-2985 Airport Rd., Kamloops, B.C., V2B 7W8

West-Wind Aircraft Sales
Tel.: 250-837-9579; Fax: 250-837-6595;
                                                                                                  Cessna Conquest
E-mail:;                                                                 1983 Cessna Conquest 1,
Web site:
Box 1140, Revelstoke, B.C., V0E 2S0                                                           $1,390,000, 6,411, AB, C-
                                                                                              GRHD, 425-0167, SIDS com-
                               A L B E R TA                                                   plete, Blackhawk Engines
Field Aviation
Tel.: 403-516-8200; Fax: 403-516-8317;
Web site:
1312 Aviation Park NE, Calgary, Alta., T2E 7E2
                                                                                              1983 Mooney 231 M20K,
P R A I R I E A I R C R A F T S A L E S LT D .                                                $145,000, 1,958, AB, C-GLEA
Tel.: 403-286-4277; Toll free: 877-791-4600;
Fax: 403- 286-5989
Web site:
408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport,
Calgary, AB, T3Z 3S6,

                                                                                                   Piper Super Cub
Tel.: 780-451-5473; Toll Free: 800-363-3785;                                                  1963 Piper Super Cub PA-
Fax: 780- 454- 4122;                                                                          18, $112,500, 2,026, AB, C-
Web site:
11941-121 St., Hangar 38, Edmonton, Alta., T5L 4H7                                            FCTT, 18-954, Looking for
                                                                                              offer, must go now!
                              M A N I TO B A
Skyline Maintenance and Avionics
Tel.: 204-642-8755; Fax: 204-642-4735;
E-mail:;                                                                  Piper Navajo /
Web site:
Box 1819, Gimli, Man., R0C 1B0                                                                    Chieftain / Mojave
                                                                                              1974 Piper Chieftain,
                               O N TA R I O
                                                                                              $ Inquire, 15,335, AB
Aeroplane Sales & Consulting
Tel.: 519-372-3302; Fax: 519-372-3304;
Web site:
Billy Bishop Regional Airport, RR #8, Owen Sound, Ont, N4K 5W4                                           Beaver
APEX AVIATION LTD.,             Contact: Anna Pangrazzi or                                    DeHavilland
Bruce Musgrove
Tel.: 905-477-7900; Fax: 905-477-8937;                                                        1950 Beaver DHC-2 MK.1,
E-mail:;                                                                    $295,000, 19,000, AB
Web site:
2833 16th Avenue, Box 220, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8

Aviation Unlimited
Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616;
Web site:                                                           1977 Commander Rockwell
Toronto Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave.,
Box 101, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8                                                               114, Reduced to $95,000,
                                                                                              1,691, AB
C & S Enterprises Ltd., Contact: Steve Assaly
Tel.: 613-632-0123; Fax: 613-632-9027;
Web site:
129 Main Street E, Hawkesbury, Ont., K6A 1A2                                                     Beech Baron 55
Field Aviation East Inc.                                                                      1969 Beech Baron D55,
Contact: Michael Latino, Tel.: 905-676-1540; Toll
free: 877-204-3717; Fax: 905-676-9737;                                                        OFFERS, 4,883,, AB, C-FYIM,
Web site:                                                                     TE-699
2450 Derry Rd. E., Hangar 2, Unit 24, Mississauga, Ont., L5S 1B2

Everything Aircraft                                                Page 17                                   December 2009
                                                                                                   N O VA S C O T I A
Goderich Aircraft Inc.
Contact: Andy Orr, Tel.: 519-228-6706;                                 BIC Aero, Contact: Brian Chappell
Fax: 519- 228-6724;                                                    Tel.: 902-835-4843; Fax: 902-835-9624;
Web site:                                     E-mail:
P.O. Box 554, Hangar #2, Canada Dr., Huron Park, Ont., N0M 1Y0         P.O. Box 44055, Bedford, N.S., B4A 3X5
J.A. Spears and Associates, Contact: James A Spears
Tel.: 416-203-0600; Fax: 416-203-6363;
Web site:
Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto, Ont., M5V 1A1
                                                                           Aircraft Dealers in Canada Certified
                                                                           Aircraft, Where to buy - Aircraft
Lake Central Air Services
Tel.: 705-687-4343; Fax: 705-687-8983;                                               Manufacturers
E-mail:;                                          The following is a list of manufacturers and dealers who sell new certified
Web site:                                          single-engine aircraft in Canada. Manufacturers listed without representa-
Muskoka Airport, RR #1, Gravenhurst, Ont., P1P 1R1                     tives sell factory direct. (Please advise us of any errors.)

Lauriault Aviation                                                     Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co.
Tel.: 705-476-5133; Fax: 705-476-7285;
E-mail:;                                  (formerly Zenith)
Web site:                                    Heart of Georgia Regional Airport, P.O. Box 639, Eastman, GA, 31023,
363-2 Lansdowne Ave., North Bay, Ont., P1B 6Y3                         Tel.: 478-374-2-SKY; Fax: 478-374-2793;
Northstar Aircraft Sales                                               Website:
Contact: John Hughes, Tel.: 416-409-8000;                              AMD Alarus CH 2000
Fax: 416-693-0178;
Hangar 3, Toronto City Centre, Toronto, ON, M5V 1A1                    American Champion Aircraft
                                                                       Eastern Canada factory direct:
Orillia Aviation Ltd.                                                  Tel.: 262-534-6315; Fax: 262-534-2395;
Tel.: 705-325-6153; Toll free: 800-461-8930;                           Website:
Fax: 705- 325-6377;
E-mail:;                                      P.O. Box 37, 32032 Washington Ave., Rochester, WI, 53167
Web site:                                      Citabria Aurora 7ECA, Citabria Explorer 7GCBC, Champion Scout
6422 Bluebird, RR #6, Orillia, Ont., L3V 6H6                           8GCBC, Super Decathlon 8KCAB, Citabria Adventurer 7GCAA

O’Shea’s Irish Field Aviation, Contact: Wayne O’Shea
Tel.: 705-527-1124; Fax: 705-527-0874;                                 Avia Bellanca Aircraft Corporation
E-mail:;                                         Tel.: 410-266-5518; Fax: 410-266-8697
Web site:                                         2315-B Forest Dr., Box 47, Annapolis, MD, 21401
1516 Alvin Williams Rd., Penetanguishene, Ont., L9M 2C1
                                                                       Sky Rocket
Ross Poulsen Aircraft, Contact: Ross Poulsen
Tel.: 905-454-2110; Fax: 905-455-0093;                                 Aviat Aircraft Inc.
2-9 Hillcrest Ave., Brampton, Ont., L6W 1Y9                            Tel.: 307-885-3151; Fax: 307-885-9674;
TransGlobal Aviation Inc. Contact Martin Weening,                      Website:
Tel: 705-487- 6222 Fax: 705-487- 6226                                  672 S Washington St, P.O. Box 1240, Afton, WY, 83110
Toll Free: 1-866- 487- 6220                                            Husky, Pitts, Eagle
Lake Simcoe Regional Airport 224 Line 7 North,                         Cessna Aircraft Co.
R.R. #2 Oro Station, Ontario, L0L 2E0                                  Tel.: 316-517-6056 (for outside the US);
Wilson Aircraft                                                        P.O. Box 7706, Wichita, KS, 67277
Tel.: 905-713-1059; Fax: 905-477-6618;
E-mail:;                                        Canadian Representatives
Web site:
14845 Yonge St., Suite 353, Aurora, ON L4G 6H8                         Cessna Caravan
S P R I N G W AT E R A I R C R A F T S A L E S                         Wilson Aircraft, (Eastern Canada)
Tel.: 705-722-3522; Fax: 705-721-9923;                                 14845 Yonge St. Suite 353, Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8
Web site:                                        Tel.: 905-713-1059; Fax: 905-477-6618
560 Anne Street N., Barrie, Ont., L4M 4S4                              E-mail:
                                                                       PRAIRIE AIRCRAFT SALES (CENTRAL CANADA)
Atavco Inc., Contact: Bill Atrill
Tel./Fax: 514-684-2959;                                                408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport, Calgary, Alberta,
E-mail:;                                            Canada, T3Z 3S6,
Web site:                                                Tel: 403-286-4277, Fax: 403-286-5989, TF1-877-791-4600
4940 Dollard Street, Pierrefonds, QU., H8Y 2E9                         Website:
Aviation Pierre Auclair, Contact: Pierre Auclair
Tel./Fax: 450-665-1928 (Canada) or 506-833- 1935 (Costa Rica);         Cessna Aircraft Co. (piston)
E-mail:;                                  2625 S Hoover Rd., Wichita, KS, 67215.
Web site:                             Tel.: 800-4-CESSNA; Fax: 316-517-2772;
643 De La Joie, Laval, Que., H7A 3Z4
Intairbraff Ltd.                                                       Skyhawk, Skyhawk SP, Skylane, Turbo Skylane, Stationair, Turbo
Tel.: 450-447-4999; Fax: 450-447-4410; E-mail:;   Stationair
Web site:                                          Canadian Representatives
1548, Michel Lague Street, Suite 109, Chambly, Que., J3L 6V1
                                                                       Brampton Flying Service
Thabet Aeroplus International Inc                                      Brampton Airport, 13691 McLaughlin Rd., RR#1,
Tel.: 418-871-0047; Fax: 418-871-6937;                                 Cheltenham, Ont., L0P 1C0
E-mail:                                              Tel.: 905-838-1400; Fax: 905-838-1405;
Web site:
706B, 7e Avenue, Aeroport de Quebec, Ste-Foy, Que., G2G 2T6            E-mail:;

Everything Aircraft                                                Page 18                                              December 2009
                                                                            Slingsby Aviation Ltd. (UK)
L E G G AT AV I AT I O N                                                    Tel.: +44 (0) 1751 432474;
Toronto Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave., P.O. Box 220,                  Fax: +44 (0) 1751 431173;
Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8                                                      E-mail:;
Tel.: 905-477-7900; Fax: 905-477-8937;                                      Website:
Web site:                                            Kirkbymoorside, York, YO62 6EZ Slingsby T67 Firefly

11941-121 St., Hangar 38, Edmonton, Alta., T5L 4H7
                                                                            Socata Aircraft
Tel.: 780-451-5473; Toll free: 800-363-3785; Fax: 780-454-4122;             Tel.: 954-893-1400; Fax: 954-964-0805;
Website:                                              E-mail:;
Spring Aviation                                                             North Perry Airport, 7501 South Airport Road, Pembroke Pines, FL,
3010 Aviation Way, Kamloops, B.C., V2B 7W1                                  33023 TB9GT, TB10GT, TB20GT, TB21GT, TB200GT, TBM700
Tel.: 250-554-2616; Toll free: 800-667-3373; Fax: 250-554-2215,
 Website:                                            Tiger Aircraft
                                                                            226 Pilot Way, Martinsburg, WV, 25401. Tel.: 877-80-TIGER;
Cirrus Design                                                               304-267-1000; Website:
Tel.: 218-727-2737; 888-750-9927;                                           Aircraft models: Nordic II, Nordic VI & Nordic VIII
Fax: 218-727-2148;
4515 Taylor Circle, Duluth, MN, 55811
Cirrus SR20, SR22, SRV

Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Company
(formerly Lancair)
Tel.: 541-318-1144; Fax: 541-318-1177;
22550 Nelson Rd., Bend, OR, 97701
Columbia 350, 400
Sales E-mail:;

Columibia AIrcraft Sales, Inc. 175 Tower Avenue,
Groton-New London Airport, Groton, CT, US 06340,

Commander Aircraft Company
Tel.: 405-495-8080; Fax: 405-495-8383;
7200 Northwest 63rd Street, Bethany, OK, 73008

Canadian Representatives
J.A. Spears and Associates
Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto, Ont., M5V 1A1
Tel.: 416-203-0600; Fax: 416-203-6363;

Aviation Unlimited Inc.
Toronto Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave.,
Box 101, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8
Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616;
E-mail:; Website:

Piper Aircraft Co.
Tel.: 772-567-4361; Fax: 772-978-6584;
2926 Piper Drive, Vero Beach, FL, 32960
Piper 6X/6XT, Archer III, Arrow, Malibu Meridian, Malibu Mirage, Saratoga
II HP, Saratoga II TC, Seminole, Seneca V, Warrior III
Exclusive Canadian Representatives
Aviation Unlimited Inc.
Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave., Box 101, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8
                                                                                To advertise in this space,
Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616;
E-mail:; Website:
                                                                                      please call us at
                                                                                      604-925-5228 or
Raytheon Aircraft Co. (Beech)
Tel.: 316-676-5034; Fax: 316-676-6614;                                        email
Box 85, Wichita, KS, 67201-0085
Bonanza A36, Premier I, King Air 350, King Air B200, King Air C90B,             youʼll be amazed just how
Baron 58, Hawker Horizon, 800 XP, 400 XP
Website:                                                       inexpensive
                                                                              advertising can be. Call us now.

Everything Aircraft                                                   Page 19                                               December 2009
Everything Aircraft   Page 20   December 2009
                                                          AMO 33-90

           250-1 8799 Airpo rt Way
             Pitt Meado ws, BC
              V3Y 2B4 Canada
          Ph. 604-465-3080   Fax 604-465-3084

        G a rs i n ' s G 6 0 0 ( f u l l f e a t u r e d v e r s i o n )
           nGm 0 0 ( a f f o r d a b l y p r i c e d v e r s i o n )
   P  rosr

 The Garmin G500 systems is a no-compromise glass panel solution for most air-
 craft under 6000 lbs. The Garmin G600 system includes: Synthetic Vision
 Technology (SVT), GAD43 adapter with attitude gyro outputs for autopilots and is
 capable of display functions for Garmin's weather radar. It is approved for installation
 into many aircraft types up to 12000 lbs.

 It all makes sense, you can make a really good aircraft a really much better aircraft.

 With Supplemental Type Certification provided under an Approved Model List
 (AML)2, standardized retrofit installation of the G600/G500 in your aircraft is simple
 and straightforward. The unit neatly fits into the “six-pack” slot in your instrument
 panel – and connects through your plane’s existing electrical system. So, you could
 be flying behind that great-looking Garmin glass even sooner than you expected.
 Better still, you’ll be flying with the confidence and peace-of-mind that comes with
 our award-winning Garmin Product Support.

 To find out more about the futuristic flight capabilities available now with a
 G600/G500 retrofit, just give Maxcraft Avionics Ltd. your Garmin dealer a call. Or
 visit our website at or phone us at 604-465-3080
 or you can email with your inquiries.

Everything Aircraft                             Page 21                     December 2009
EMBRAER, GENERAL ELEC-                                   The Brazilian government (via Financiadora de
                                                         Estudos e Projetos – FINEP) is already
TRIC, AZUL, AND AMYRIS                                   contributing funding to Amyris’ renewable jet fuel
ANNOUNCE RENEWABLE JET                                   development program. Brazil has the
FUEL EVALUATION PROJECT                                  world’s largest crop of sugar cane and associated
                                                         expertise in ethanol production, which
Companies expect to perform a demo flight by             constitutes important leverage for developing
2012                                                     Amyris renewable jet fuel.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 18, 2009 –              Amyris produces its renewable fuel using the
Embraer, General Electric, and Amyris                    emerging science of synthetic biology. By
announced the signing, today, of a Memorandum            altering the metabolic pathways of microorgan-
of Understanding to evaluate the                         isms, such as yeast, Amyris is able to
technical and sustainability aspects of Amyris’ No       engineer “living factories” that transform sugar
Compromise TM renewable jet fuel. The                    into a range of renewable products, including
initiative can culminate in a demo flight, by early      diesel fuel, jet fuel, and performance chemicals.
2012, of an Embraer E-Jet using GE
engines and belonging to Azul Linhas Aéreas.            “This is a landmark project for air travel,” said
                                                         Amyris CEO John Melo. “It demonstrates that a
This collaboration combines industry leadership in       united industry can usher in an era of cleaner air
airframe and engine manufacturing, a                     travel, while using sustainable resources.”
new and committed airline, and next-generation
jet fuel development and production. The                  About Embraer
goal is to accelerate the introduction of a renew-
able jet fuel that could significantly lower             Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A.
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and provide a            - NYSE: ERJ; BM&FBovespa: EMBR3) is
long-term sustainable alternative to                     the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial
petroleum-derived jet fuel.                              jets up to 120 seats, and one of Brazil’s
                                                         leading exporters. Embraer’s headquarters are
“Greening the skies is a rather complex subject          located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo,
and requires broad industry expertise and                and it has offices, industrial operations and cus-
commitment,” says Frederico Fleury Curado,               tomer service facilities in Brazil, China, France,
Embraer President & CEO. “The partnership                Portugal, Singapore, and the United States.
with top-level players will certainly represent an       Founded in 1969, the Company designs,
important step towards this endeavor.”                   develops, manufactures and sells aircraft for the
                                                         commercial aviation, executive aviation, and
Amyris’ renewable jet fuel is a promising alterna-       defense segments. The Company also provides
tive to the conventional petroleum-derived               after sales support and services to customers
jet fuel. It is made from existing sugar cane feed-      worldwide. On September 30, 2009, Embraer had
stock, and is positioned to bring supply                 a workforce of 16,986 employees – not
security, renewable content, price stability, and        counting the employees of its partly owned sub-
significant reductions in GHG emissions to               sidiaries – and its firm order backlog totaled
the jet fuel pool. “This is a great innovating step      US$ 18.6 billion. For more information, please
by the airline industry in the fight against             visit
global warming,” says David Neeleman,
Chairman of the Brazilian airline Azul.                   About Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras

The new fuel has already undergone previous              Azul ( began flying on
testing conducted by the US Air Force Research           December 15, 2008, initially connecting
Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, GE             Campinas (São Paulo) to Porto Alegre (Rio
Aviation, and other industry participants.               Grande do Sul) and to Salvador (Bahia) with
                                                         daily nonstop flights. Today, the new airline con-
“GE is committed to develop and produce the              nects 16 top Brazilian destinations. By the
most fuel efficient and environmentally                  end of 2013, Azul will link 25 cities throughout the
friendly jet engines for the airlines, worldwide,”       country. The company has the most
says Chuck Nugent, General Manager of GE                 modern fleet in the world, the only airline 100%
Aviation Small Commercial Engines. “However,             formed by Brazilian jets – 12 Embraer E-
much additional work is required in other                Jets, seven of which are of the 190 models and
areas, in order to achieve greener skies. This           five of the 195. Azul expects to end 2009 with
partnership reinforces GE’s commitment.”                 15 planes. In all, the company has ordered 36 E-
                                                         Jets and has options for 40 more.
                                                                                      Continued on page 34
Everything Aircraft                                  Page 22                                December 2009
     E A’s B r o k e r / D e a l e r “ F e a t u r e A i r c r a f t o f T h e M o n t h ”

                1973 Piper Navajo Chieftain

        Air Frame
        TTAF: 5345
        Engine S.M.O.H: 1050/1050
        Propeller S.P.O.H.: 380/380
        Interior Color: Beige Leather Seats
        Exterior Color: White with Green, Maroon & Gold accent

        Altimatic V Autopilot / FD
        Garmin GNS 430 GPS/Comm, New March 2007
        Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel, New March 2007
        Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, New March 2007
        King KX-170B Nav/Comm
        RDR-160 Radar
        Alt-50 Radar Altimeter
        Northstar M3 GPS
        WX-1000 Stormscope
        Davtron 450 Digital Volt Meter

        Co-Pilot Instruments
        Vortex Generators
        Air Conditioning
        Oxygen System
        Fwd. Storage Cabinets
        Goodrich De-Icing Group
        Heated Pilot Windshield
        Flight Hour Meter
        Ground Recog Lights
        Aft. Vanity Refreshment Unit

        Beige Leather Seats with a four place club configuration
        Aft belted potty & jump seat
        New Green Carpet & Beige side panels

        Lease / Purchase available!
        All Specifications to be verified by Purchaser
        upon Inspection

        Financial Information
                                                         560 Anne St. N. Barrie, Ontario, L4M 4S4
  Price CA: $259,000.00 ca                                  Ph: 705-722-6209 or 705-722-3522
Everything Aircraft                             Page 23                            December 2009

Dale Klapmeier on Cirrus Known Ice Protection.

(Aircraft referenced has an experimental certificate of airworthiness and is operating within Cirrus Aircraft's new product launch time-
in-service program.)

For a few years the Cirrus SR22 has been available with basic ice protection, meant only to buy pilots a bit of time and security while
exiting an inadvertent icing encounter. It was never intended to allow pilots to deliberately penetrate visible moisture when icing is
known or forecast. Too often, this lack of known icing capability hindered aircraft utility and dispatch rates.

2009 Cirrus SR22 and Turbo models are available with Cirrus Known Ice Protection - a TKS based weeping-wing anti-ice system that
is equipped for certification* for Flight into Known Icing conditions (FIKI). *Certification available, Q2 '09

The introduction of Cirrus Known Ice Protection was just a matter of time, and the minute you activate the robust, FIKI-approved TKS
system, you’ll know it’s different from the basic ice protection on non-FIKI aircraft. Cirrus Known Ice Protection is an actual FAA re-
certification of the SR22 and Turbo to permit pilots to legally fly into known icing conditions.

This certification required much more than adding an extra pump and fluid volume to the basic system. When activated, the Cirrus
Known Ice Protection system thoroughly and evenly coats flight surfaces, including the vertical stabilizer and elevator tips, with anti-
ice fluid. The FIKI-approved system incorporates new elements like a stall speed indicator on the PFD, ice lights with split prisms on
either side of the aircraft that illuminate both the wings and horizontal stabilizer in low-light conditions, and backup pumps and filters
for fault-tolerant and redundant operation. With the two small nozzles positioned just below the windscreen, in addition to any fluid
slung rearward by the propeller, the pilot is assured of an unobstructed forward view. Endurance for the system, now indicated on the
Cirrus Perspective MFD, is increased to 150 minutes at Normal flow rates, 75 minutes when High is selected, and a new, Max rate
has been added affording a total of 37.5 minutes of anti-ice capability, in two-minute bursts, during periods of higher accretion.

Cirrus again delivers increased aircraft safety and utility. With Known Ice Protection on the new SR22 and Turbo, pilots can now
launch or continue flight with the peace of mind that they’re both legal and safe when icing is forecast or present.

The new SR22 and Turbo for 2009, bringing safety, security, value and style to a new altitude.

                                             To better view and read each feature box, please
                                             go to the following Cirrus Aircraft website.
                                                   or just zoom in to read feature box.

Everything Aircraft                                              Page 24                                              December 2009
                                                                           • 1975 Cessna 210                     8096         474          $ 90,000 US
                                                                           • 1982 Cessna 210 w/deice             3835         10           $209,000 US
                                                                           • 1982 Cessna 210                     4195         422          $169,000 US
                                    Ph. 250-656-7627                       • 1982 Cessna T210 w/deice            3313         243          $210,000 US
                                    Fax 250-655-1135
                                 9548 Canora Rd. Sidney B.C. V8L 4R1
                                                                           CESSNA TWINS
                                                                           • 1964 Cessna 310                     2030      380/380 $ 95,000 US
                                 Victoria International Airport            • 1965 Cessna 310                     6200      900/900 $ 97,000 US
Yr. Make Model                 TT       Sm        Price Asking             • 1979 Cessna 310 w/deice             7500      1121/2070 $170,000 US
CESSNA SINGLES                                                             • 1966 Cessna 320 6200                1830/400 STOP Both $ 50,000 US
• 1966 Cessna 172 Float Plane 4192       533       $ 80,000 US
• 1973 Cessna 172              10000     "0"       $ 59,000 US             PIPER SINGLE AND TWINS
• 1977 Cessna 172 180hp        2800      115       $ 49,000 US             • 1958 Piper PA 18 Super Cub 2591                  1391         $ 80,000 US
• 1978 Cessna 172 180hp        4782      338       $ 55,000 US             • 1973 Piper PA32-300 Cherokee 6 2900              400          $ 99,000 US
• 1974 Cessna 180              2440      435       $139,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 180              1993      462       $127,000 US             BEECHCRAFT
• 1969 Cessna 182              2530      969       $ 87,000 US             • 1970 Baron 58                       3213         1255/1255 $153,000 US
• 1974 Cessna 182              1087      1087 (304)$ 75,000 US             • 1983 King Air F90 MediVac           2684         2684/2684 $1,300,000 US
• 1975 Cessna 182              2768      1201      $ 90,000 US
• 1975 Cessna 182              5000      700       $ 99,000 US
• 1975 Cessna 182              1475      225       $100,000 US             • 1948 DeHavilland Beaver on floats 29100 275        $395,000 US
• 1975 Cessna 182              1947      447       $105,000 US             • 1949 DeHavilland Beaver       17895      949       $305,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 182              2233      33/280hp $175,000 US              • 1951 DeHavilland Beaver on Floats 14599212         $285,000 US
• 1977 Cessna 182              4500      150       $ 85,000 US             • 1951 DeHavilland Beaver on Floats 15400500         $325,000 US
• 1978 Cessna 182              2250      654       $ 95,000 US             • 1952 DeHavilland Beaver       15226      810       $325,000 US
• 1979 Cessna 182              3393 1169(2000TBO) $ 79,000 US              • 1952 DeHavilland Amphib Beaver 4898 145            $600,000 US
• 2006 Cessna T182T            114       114       $295,000 US             • 1955 DeHavilland Beaver       6000       600       $479,000 US
• 1962 Cessna 185              4000      185       $ 90,000 US             • 1956 DeHavilland Beaver       24000      450       $295,000 US
• 1963 Cessna 185              5200      300       $ 85,000 US             • 1959 DeHavilland Beaver       9367       241       $395,000 US
• 1963 Cessna 185              3953 1599/700STOP$ 90,000 US                • 1964 DeHavilland Beaver       15454      1377      $295,000 US
• 1966 Cessna 185E             7000      1150      $ 99,000 US             • 1967 DeHavilland Beaver on Floats 125891152        $375,000 US
• 1966 Cessna 185E Amphib      3000      500       $175,000 US             • 1956 DeHavilland Turbine Otter w/ Floats14660 1121 $1,160,000 US
• 1967 Cessna 185E Floats      10000     5000      $ 96,000 US
• 1972 Cessna 185 Float Plane 6250       165       $135,000 US
• 1973 Cessna 185              2700      111       $145,000 US             YACHTS, JETS, TURBOPROPS, WARBIRDS, HELICOPTERS,
• 1973 Cessna 185              3678      690       $150,000 US             FLOATS, HANGARS
• 1974 Cessna 185              4250      256       $147,500 US             • 1988 Cessna 208 Super Cargo Master 16000 5000 $675,000 US
• 1975 Cessna 185 Float Plane 2833       390       $175,000 US             • Westwind II            5895 5891MSP/5889MSP $2,100,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 185              6648      940       $120,000 US             • Edo 3430 Cessna 206 Gear                      $ 12,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 185              3400      747       $135,000 US             • 1998 58 ft Westbay Sonship 850        850     $925,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 185              6883      0         $155,000 US
• 1976 Cessna 185 Amphib       4195 1184/127STOP $220,000 US                                    1998 58 ft Westbay Sonship
• 1978 Cessna 185 Float/Skis 6203 1368 IO550 $150,000 US
• 1978 Cessna 185              1859      450       $197,500 US
• 1979 Cessna 185              2290      0         $195,000 US
• 1980 Cessna 185              7220      25        $124,000 US
• 1981 Cessna 185              5821      717       $145,000 US
• 1981 Cessna 185              2000      200       $165,000 US
• 1981 Cessna 185 Amphib       2833      148       $245,000 US
• 1972 Cessna 206              2104      1         $135,000 US              Current Price: $925,000 USD Hull Material: Fiberglass
• 1974 Cessna 206 Float Plane 2275       580       $160,000 US              Engine/Fuel Type: Twin Diesel
• 1977 Cessna 206 Float Kit    88501850(550STOP) $145,000 US                    We offer an extra special opportunity to own a gorgeous lightly used and
                                                                            well-priced West Bay SonShip. From her stunning fruitwood-stained quarter
• 1977 Cessna 206 3171         1540(5STOP)         $ 95,000 US              sawn oak interior, to her classic teak deck accents, HighSeaSon is a distinc-
• 1977 Cessna 206              2692      980       $135,000 US              tive yacht that will fulfill your cruising dreams.
• 1978 Cessna 206 Float Plane 1810       809       $145,000 US                  Her owners are very knowledgeable boaters who have equipped her and
• 1979 Cessna 206              4061      421       $129,000 US              cared for her in “first cabin” fashion. Enjoy many years of trouble free cruis-
• 1979 Cessna Turbo 206        2474      795       $190,000 US              ing, for she has less 850 hours of total time on her mains. Boathouse Avail-
• 1981 Cessna T206 Float Plane 2804      200       $225,000 US                         For a full list of options and details, visit our websit at:
• 1981 Cessna T206 Amphib      2305      115       $265,000 US                                             Island Aero Yacht Sales
• 1984 Cessna U206             4700      250       $169,000 US                               
• 1974 Cessna Turbo 210        3175      427       $110,000 US                        Ph. 250-656-7627                Fax 250-655-1135
Everything Aircraft                                                    Page 25                                                  December 2009
                         Warbirds                                                             By: Ed Anderson
                              Aichi D3A VAL
                          The Aichi D3A1, a Navy Type 99 Carrier Bomber 11, was the first Japanese warplane to bomb
                          American targets in World War Two. Code named “VAL”, in keeping with the Allies identifica-
                          tion system, 126 of the tandem-two-seat, single engine dive-bombers played a major role in the
                          attack of December 7, 1941 on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, labeled Operation Z, and the destruction
                          of warships on Battleship Row, particularly the U.S.S. Arizona. The assault, planned by
                          Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto, Chief of the Combined Japanese Fleet, was based on the success of
                          the British torpedo attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto the year previous. Choosing the code
name Operation Z, as it turns out, was steeped in Japanese Naval history. On board the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi
(Red Castle), flagship of the Pearl Harbor assault force, was the flag originally flown over Admiral Togo’s flagship in the
defeat of the Russians during the Battle of Tsushima Strait in 1905. It was called the Z Flag, hence Operation Z.

In the first year of the Pacific war, VAL bombers sank more Allied ships and more overall tonnage than any other Axis air-
craft of World War Two. Moreover, “Vals” were largely responsible for the sinking of British battle cruisers H.M.S.
Cornwall and H.M.S. Dorsetshire in the Indian Ocean in late 1941, and the British aircraft carrier H.M.S. Hermes, off
Ceylon on 9 April 1942. In each of these operations, it is said, the “Vals” dropped more than 80% of their bomb load on
target. The D3A1, regardless of itís oncoming obsolescence, proved to be one of the best dive-bombers of its time, and
continued to be a dangerous presence in various naval encounters including the “Battle of Midway”, likewise engineered
by Admiral Yamamoto. In late August 1942 an improved model, the Aichi D3A2, entered the combat, assigned to small-
er but faster aircraft carriers where the VAL became a more effective weapon, apparently due to itís slower speed and abil-
ity to become airborne quickly. But eventually, the D3As became easy prey to the ever improving American fighter planes
and their persistent pilots. Heavy losses resulted, and by 1944 surviving D3As were transferred to land-based combat units,
then transport and training duties, and subsequently the role of the “Kamikaze” or suicide missions. Nonetheless, D3As
did remain in production throughout the war. All told some 1,500 examples were turned out between 1939 and 1945 of
which most were of the D3A2 version.

Initially designed as a successor to the D1A biplane fighter, the D3A emerged as an all-metal low-wing monoplane with a
fixed tail wheel and faired main landing gear. First flown in January 1938, the Aichi D3A prototype revealed several design
deficiencies. These were remedied along with some power adjustments in the second pre-production version, which
enabled full term production of the D3A1 model in early 1940. Deliveries to naval units were made later that year.

Manufactured by Aichi Kokuki K.K., the D3A1 was powered by Mitsubishi Kinsei 43, 14-cylinder radial, air-cooled 1,000
h.p. engine. A second production run of the “A1” model included an engine upgrade to a 1,070 h.p. Kinsei 44 radial.
Generally, this VAL version had a maximum take-off weight of 8,047 lbs., a top speed of 240 mph at 9,845 feet, a service
ceiling of 30,500 feet and a range of 915 miles. Weaponry for the accurately sighted dive-bomber included two fixed and
one trainable 0.303-in machine guns, with 815 lbs. of bombs (3). The D3A2 model was equipped with a more powerful
1,300 h.p. Kinsei radial engine and larger fuel tanks, but otherwise was quite similar to itís predecessor.

The photo featured D3A1 VAL is actually a “Hollywood” replica built for the blockbuster war movie “Tora, Tora, Tora”,
from the body of a 1941 Consolidated Vultee BT-13A, and powered by a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 engine. Owned by the
American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum of Midland, Texas, the rebuild is currently flown as part of the “Tora, Tora,
Tora” re-enactment squadron of the Commemorative Air Force.

The only original VAL on display in the world today is a D3A2-22, s/n 3179, engined with a Pratt and Whitney R-2600, at
the Air Museum, Planes of Fame, Chino California which is awaiting a complete restoration back to airworthy condition.
Recovered from Ballale Island of the Bougainville chain in 1968 the wreck remains were air freighted to Canada in early
1969 by Bob Diemert of Carmen, Manitoba. The rebuilt aircraft, under civil registration CF-TZT, was then delivered to
the Canadian National Aeronautical Collection in 1973. #3170 was subsequently acquired by Ed Maloney/Planes of Fame
Museum in 1984 where it is today hangar displayed as Bll-201 under tail #N3131G.
                                                                                     Story and Photo By: Ed Anderson

Everything Aircraft                                      Page 26                                        December 2009
GRA RELEASE 9 AVAILABLE FOR                                       Your Insurance Needs are specialized
PA-46 AIRCRAFT                                                    Your broker should be too!

          MOPA 2009, SCOTTSDALE, AZ. - October                 That’s why more and more pilots choose to
          29, 2009 Piper Aircraft Inc. today announced
          that it will offer the Avidyne Entegra Release 9             insure with Park Aviation!
integrated flight deck system as an optional avionics
suite on the Piper PA-46 Meridan, Mirage, and Matrix            • Deal with a fellow Pilot, who can explain you coverage options.
                                                                • Fast turn around time on applications, changes & enquires.
“With the addition of the Entegra Release 9, Piper
                                                                • Friendly & Professional Service.
shows its commitment to providing our customers with
the greatest choice of advanced avionics options avail-         • Accessible 24/7 via
able in today’s market place” said Piper President, John
D. Becker. “The Entegra Release 9 system on our                 • Over 60 years of insurance experience.
Meridian, Mirage, and Matrix aircraft gives customers           • Canadian Owned & Operated.
an added avionics option and prospective buyers the
ability to choose the aircraft and configuration that best      • Insurance for Pilots . . . from Pilots
matches their specific mission profile.”

“Piper has been a terrific partner of ours for many years        Call Park Aviation for All your Aviation
and we are pleased to be making Entegra Release 9                           Insurance needs!
available for the Piper PA-46 line,” said Avidyne
President Dan Schwinn. “Entegra Release 9, with its
renowned ease of use, is specifically designed for sin-
gle-pilot IFR operations, making it a perfect fit for this
class of aircraft.”

About Entegra Release 9 Utilizing a fully-modular
architecture, Entegra Release 9 represents the next gen-         Telephone                                        Online
eration of integrated flight deck systems for general avi-
ation aircraft. The Entegra Release9 includes high-            1-888-917-1177                     
resolutionIFD5000 displays, dual-redundant FMS900w
systems with a QWERTY keypad, next-generation fully-         About Piper Aircraft (
digital 16-watt VHF NAV/COM radios, and dual WAAS            Inc.
/RNP-capable GPS receivers. Release 9’s innovative           legacy
Page & Tab user interface makes it a breeze to quickly       more
access data without delving into hierarchical menus,         than
pop-up windows or hidden modes. Designed with a              those
fully-redundant architecture, each IFD5000 is fully          ported
capable of performing the functions of the other with no     40
unfamiliar or limited reversionary modes. With Entegra
Release 9, Avidyne has developed a truly integrated sys-
                                                       About Avidyne Corporation
tem that is specifically designed to eliminate complexity,
reduce head-down time, provide a whole new level of    innovation
redundancy, and dramatically enhance safety.           make
Pricing and Availability Certification of the Entegra  ing
Release 9 suite for the Piper Matrix is expected to be integrated
completed in the second half of 2010. Certification of datalink-capable
Entegra Release 9 for the Mirage and the Meridian are  plays
expected in 2011.                                      fic
Customers who purchase an Entegra-equipped Meridian, and
Mirage or Matrix now will receive an upgrade voucher   Headquartered
that locks in the Entegra Release 9 upgrade price at   ties
$50,000—redeemable upon certification—representing a                                  ###
significant value for PA-46 owners.                    For more information, contact:
                                                             Tom Harper Avidyne Corporation 781.402.7434
Customers who want more information can contact their
local Piper Dealer or go to Those
                                                             Mark S. Miller Piper Aircraft (772) 299-2900
who would like to get a flight demonstration of the
Entegra Release 9 suite can contact Avidyne at 800.AVI-      Avidyne® and Flying Made Simple® are trademarks of Avidyne
DYNE (800.284.3963).                                         Corporation. All other products or services are identified by trade-
                                                             marks or service marks of their respective owners.

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                                                           it of Lycoming's Advanced Technology Center
                                                           (ATC) as well as its goal to provide multiple
                                                           engine configuration options, based on the specific
                                                           needs of individual aircraft builders. Product offer-
                                                           ings include engines ranging from the rugged O-
                                                           235 to the legendary IO-720. Customers can
                                                           choose from a variety of available fuel systems,
Another Race, Another Record,                              ignition systems and performance enhancements
Another Championship for Jon                               including component balancing, cylinder flow
                                                           matching, increased compression, tuned induction
Sharp - Retro Feature                                      and turbo-charging. Finishing options include
                                                           chrome and custom colors.

       eno, Nevada - Sept. 20, 2009 - Jon Sharp
       completed an astounding run at the 46th                   Thunderbolt Competition
       Annual Reno National Championship Air
Races by setting a new course record in the Super                        Series
Sport Class Gold Heat. It was the fifth straight day
of record-setting speeds for the Sharp's
NemesisNXT and his fourth straight air race
national championship.

"My Lycoming Thunderbolt Engine roared to life,"
Sharp said, "so I just held on and let it rip!"

Sharp, of Mojave, Calif., won the championship by
averaging a class race record 407.061 mph over the
8-mile course. In each heat Sharp flew progressive-
ly faster, setting new course marks each time out.
He had previously set the record for qualifying
speed (412.554 mph) and he remains the only
Sport Class competitor to surpass the 400-mph

In winning the Gold Heat race -- his 15th -- Sharp         Thunderbolt Competition Series engines incor-
also set a new record for Gold Championships.              porate all the features of the Signature and the
                                                           Extreme Series and continue to the maximum
"Jon's many aviation achievements clearly put him          level of performance.
in a class by himself," said Jeff Schans, Lycoming
Thunderbolt manager. "Achieving this kind of jet-
like performance with a piston engine is a tribute         Upgrades to these all-out performance
to the engineers and builders of Lycoming                  machines may include dramatically increased
Thunderbolt engines and to Jon's incredible skills         compression ratio or boost levels, water injec-
as a pilot and airframer."                                 tion, and other performance enhancing fea-
                                                           tures. As with Extreme Series engines, the
"We really want to extend our warmest thanks to
all who make this happen from the guys on the              Competition Series category will continue to
floor to the engineers to the people who have sup-         expand as Team Thunderbolt works to devel-
ported us," Sharp said. "We're just really proud to        op new solutions.
fly the flag for the Thunderbolt."
                                                           Competition Series engines are complex and
In the Gold Heat, Sharp defeated his next closest
competitor by nearly 20 mph. Kevin Eldredge of             powerful and are intended for highly skilled,
San Luis Obispo, Calif., also flying a Lycoming-           experienced pilots. If you are ready to discuss
powered NemesisNXT, clocked in at 387.839 mph.             the responsibility that comes with the power of
                                                           a Competition Series Thunderbolt engine, con-
Thunderbolt engines provide custom solutions that          tact us for more information.
meet the demands of aerobatic and experimental
pilots, and customers who want additional horse-
power or capability from their engines. Sharp is           Thunderbolt Competition Series engines oper-
one of several world-class aviators who fly the            ate far beyond the norm in power and per-
engines, including Michael Goulian and Matt                formance, and therefore carry no warranty.

Thunderbolt engines exemplify the innovative spir-
Everything Aircraft                                    Page 28                                  December 2009
        FULL SERVICE A.M.O.!

            • Brand new facility at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport
  Experienced AME’s mean a fast turnaround for your private and commercial aircraft.

    • Financing Available A. O. C.                  • Full Facility Shop
   For fast, pr ofessional service - - see AerSpace Aviation

  AerSpace Aviation Services Inc.               Phone: 604-630-2212
     160 - 18799 Airport Way                      Fax: 604-465-2122
   Pitt Meadows, B.C. V3Y 2B4               E-mail:

Everything Aircraft                    Page 29                         December2009
    A I R C R A F T 1 - 1 0 R AT I N G S C A L E - E X T E R I O R & I N T E R I O R

            AIRCRAFT EXTERIOR                                              AIRCRAFT INTERIOR

10/10 Aircraft is new.                                        10/10 Aircraft is new.
9/10 Paint is new. Airframe and paint are in excellent        9/10 Interior is new. There are no scratches, cracks,
condition with no scratches or dents.                         crazing or other evidence of use.
8/10 Paint and airframe are in near new condition.            8/10 Interior is in near new condition. Any smell, dirt
Minor scratches (shallow, short and less than 1 or 2 per      or matting can be removed by simple cleaning. Some
square foot) are detectable only on close inspection          evidence of use can be found only on close inspection.
(inspecting aircraft while standing at less than an arms'
length from it). Paint on often-used fasteners and screws     7/10 A small amount of wear is apparent. Small, shal-
may be chipped.                                               low scratches and/or stains (1 or 2 per seat) can be
                                                              found on seats, carpet or woodwork. Stain remover and
7/10 Paint has high gloss. Small number (less than 3 or       shampoo removes almost all stains. Headliner is clean
4 per square foot) of scratches are apparent, mostly on       with no stains. There are no nicks in woodwork.
leading edges due to abrasion. Close inspection reveals
only a few small dents or chips (less than 1 or 2 per         6/10 Headliner may have a couple of dirty spots that
square foot). Windows are clear with no crazing or dis-       can be removed almost completely with cleaning.
coloring.                                                     Matting in high use areas does not vacuum out com-
                                                              pletely. Steaming or shampooing improves interior con-
6/10 Paint is shiny. Several small scratches, chips or        siderably, but a couple of small, limited areas (doorway,
dents (4 to 6 per square foot) can be found, mostly           beneath rudder pedals) remain looking worn or stained.
around high use areas (fuel caps, doors, struts). Some        No frayed or torn fabric is apparent. Leather, vinyl or
crazing or small stress cracks (less than 2 or 3 hairline     woodwork has no cracks, but small scratches or creases
cracks per square foot) are visible in plastic and fiber-     (4 to 6 per seat) are obvious. Seats and drawers operate
glass structures. Several windows may be milky at edges.      smoothly. Scratches in scuff plates around doorways are
                                                              obvious. Interior still looks attractive when cleaned thor-
5/10 Paint is sound (no corrosion apparent). Slight oxi-      oughly.
dation can easily be polished out, leaving paint shiny
again. Two or three small areas (rounded corner of            5/10 High use areas (doorway, beneath rudder pedals)
cowling, part of leading edge) of crazing can be found        still look worn (fibers appear shorter than surrounding
in paint. Paint on leading edges is rough from abrasion.      carpet) after thorough shampooing. Headliner may have
Touched up or repaired areas may be seen on close             several stains but is not torn. Minor (2 or 3 instances per
inspection. Small number (3 or 4 per square foot) of          seat) fraying, staining or cracking is apparent on less
short cracks can be found in fiberglass wingtips and          than half of the seats. Small nicks are visible in wood-
cowlings due to normal wear or hangar rash. Cowling           work. About one-third of the seats and drawers do not
seals are faded. Many (less than half) windows have           operate smoothly. Interior can be made to look clean,
milky edges. Several windows may be crazed or lightly         but it lacks sparkle in many areas.
scratched. Aircraft looks attractive to most people during
walk-around.                                               4/10 Scratches, stains and frayed fabric are seen on
                                                           most seats. More than half of the leather or vinyl seats
4/10 Paint is generally sound. Small areas require spe- may have small cracks. Carpet is matted along aisle.
cial attention (touch up or repair by trained individual)  Carpet also has numerous stains, snags or other irregu-
due to oxidation, peeling, chipping, corrosion or crazing. larities. Interior has two or three tears. About half of the
Paint is dull in many (less than half) areas. Most windows seats and drawers do not operate smoothly. Wood lami-
are crazed and scratched.                                  nates may be peeling slightly. Several cracks in scuff
                                                           plates around doorways are obvious. Interior cannot be
3/10 Paint is not shiny and has peeled in many areas.      made to look clean or smell fresh.
Most leading edges and upper surfaces are crazed and
oxidized. Moderate number (5 or 6 per square foot) of      3/10 Tears, snags and stains are clearly visible in many
chips, cracks or dents can be found. All window surfaces areas. Several cigarette burns can be found. Most seats
are scratched. Even after touch-up and polishing, aircraft and drawers do not operate smoothly. Interior looks and
still looks unsightly.                                     smells dirty even after cleaning.
2/10 Aircraft looks terrible. Paint is badly oxidized,        2/10 Cracks, stains, tears and snags are the norm.
peeled and blemished. It is well beyond the touch-up          Many seats have exposed foam. Interior is dirty and
and polish stage. Corrosion, dents and cracks require         foul-smelling even after thorough cleaning.
extensive work.
                                                              1/10 Interior is so dirty and worn that most people
1/10 Exterior is so full of corrosion, heavy dents or         would be hesitant about sitting down for fear of damag-
tears that it will not pass an annual inspection without      ing clothing.

Everything Aircraft                                        Page 30                                    December 2009
              “Piper Navajo Specialists”
At Springwater Aircraft Sales , we specialize in buying, selling, bro -
kering, maintaining and refurbishing Piper Navajo Aircraft. We also
profide Professional Navajo Flight Training.

                                              We have developed a very intensive pre-purchase
                                              inspection program to help buyers of Navajo's to properly
                                              evaluate a prospective aircraft. Our research and experi -
                                              ence can save thousands of dollars and value a prospec -
                                              tive airplane properly. A poor pre-purchase can set the
                                              stage for a very unpleasant experience. We travel any -
                                              where in North America.

                                              When you purchase your Navajo through our Sales
         Peter Lubig -
                                              Department, we will give you a very low cost pre-pur -
                                              chase. “We work for you, the buyer. We want you to have
                                              a pleasant Navajo experience with us.”

                                              Our shop can import, license and do any necessary work
                                              to bring it to the condition required for your operation
                                              and satisfaction. We can give you an estimate of the cost
                                              from our detailed pre-purchase inspection.

         Peter Lubig -   There are a wide variety of maintenance standards and
                                              our report will help you to know what you are buying and
                                              the standard to which it was maintained.

                                              If you are selling a Navajo, we do an analysis of your air -
                                              plane and inform you where it rates on maintenance and
                                              salability. Up to date Navajo's are very desirable and
                                              saleable. Time life items service bulletins and AWD's are
                                              covered in our report and will help to establish a fair
                                              price for your aircraft. It's better for you to know what
                                              you have when you are selling, rather than to take a
                                              price beating afterwards.
         Peter Lubig -

In short, if you are buying, selling or looking to refurbish or maintain your Navajo, Call Us
Now! We have the experience to help at a price you can well afford. Visit our website for
more details! We really do Navajo's Best!

             560 Anne Street North, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4S4
      • Ph. 705-722-6209 • 705-722-3522 • Fax 705-722-5490

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                  Everything Aircraft                    w w w . a i r c r a f t s e l l b u y. c o m

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               P     h     o    n     e          6    0       4   -   9   2   5   -   5   2   2    8
             AIRCRAFT FOR SALE
     Ph. 604-273-4511                                    You can advertise your aircraft, air-
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1965 Cessna 172G TT 3855 hrs, Continental 0-300 TSOH              $25 for 3 months minimum run,
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Alpi Pioneer 200, Jabiru 4 cyl engine, Like new experimen-
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Alpi Pioneer 300, Jabiru 6 cyl engine, Retractable experi-
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Cessna 170B, 210HP Continental conversion, Zero engine
and prop, 180 Gear legs, wheels and brakes, New paint, new        this can be run.
C of A, Just putting together now. Call for information
Lindair 604-273-4511 or e-mail:

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Continued from page 12                                     integrated systems for commercial and military air-
                                                           craft. GE Aviation has a global service network to
About Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper Aircraft, Inc. is         support these offerings. For more information, visit
headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla. Piper's rich legacy
is born of 71 years of unparalleled history, with          About Amyris Biotechnologies
almost 150,000 aircraft brought to market and more
than 160 models certified. Approximately 90,000 of         Amyris ( is an integrated,
those aircraft are still flying and being serviced and     renewable products company striving to
                                                           help the world reduce its carbon footprint through
supported on every continent by Piper's 65 service         the production and use of renewable
centers, 40 dealers and 2,500 field personnel. Today,      chemicals and transportation fuels. Its strategy is to
Piper is the only general aviation manufacturer to         combine technology, production and
build and offer aircraft for every general aviation        distribution with the goal of commercializing and
mission, from trainers and high-performance aircraft       scaling products effectively, while participating
                                                           across the supply chain. The company applies syn-
for personal and business use, to turbine powered          thetic biology to produce a broad range of products,
business aircraft and now the PiperJet. For more           and combines this technology with growing scale up
information about Piper Aircraft and to find an            and production capabilities through its subsidiary
authorized service center near you, please visit           Amyris Brasil. Amyris is also building distribution                                             capabilities, including its U.S. subsidiary Amyris
                                                           Fuels, LLC. Among the company’s clients are
                                                           Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, The Texas Pacific
About AmSafe, Inc. and AmSafe Aviation AmSafe,             Group, Votorantim, and Grupo Cornelio Brennand.
Inc., and its affiliated business units are world lead-
ers in safety and securement products for the aero-                                # # # 
space, defense and ground transportation industries.
AmSafe's innovative products can be found on virtu-
ally every commercial aircraft in the world and            Aircraft Manufacturers Word Puzzel
include seatbelts, restraints, airbags, cargo and barri-   G L P C T U A A E K C G T H T
er nets, tie-downs and cabin interior textiles.            U X E T F T A B V H D D N F D
Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, AmSafe oper-            L S R A A C M E A I N Y A M R
ates manufacturing and service facilities around the
globe and is committed to providing quality products
                                                           F H A C R O I M R O A R I V Y
and timely, cost-effective solutions to customers          S E O B C J P R M O C T S A T
worldwide.                                                 T S K S R I E A R H S T R C L
                                                           R E U A O E I T C U I T I N U
Press Contacts:                                            E L Y N L D L E B N S J A O A
Carlotta Soares, Corporate Communications 602
850 2730
                                                           A U E E Y I E I S H A J S R S
Mark S. Miller Piper Aircraft, Inc. 772 299                M A N N A B S O N P T L A E S
2900                                 F M O J T H N B B E L L L A A
                                                           O M O P I L A T U S R X G E D
AmSafe Aviation                                            B O M B A R D I E R E P I P B
1043 N. 47th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043 United
States Phone: 602 850 2850 Fax: 602 850
                                                           E P U O C R E D N A M M O C R
2812                                  C E S S N A R O C K W E L L C
                                                           AERONCA            DIAMOND           SOCATA
                         ###                               AEROSTAR           ERCOUPE           STINSON
                                                           AVIAT              GLASAIR           TAYLORCRAFT
                                                           BEECHCRAFT         LAKE
Continued from page 22                                     GULFSTREAM         LEARJET
                                                           BELL               LUSCOMBE
About GE                                                   BELLANCA           MAULE
                                                           BOMBARDIER         MITSUBISHI
GE (NYSE: GE) is a diversified global infrastruc-          CESSNA             MOONEY
ture, finance and media company that is built to           CHAMPION           PILATUS
                                                           CIRRUS             PIPER
meet essential world needs. GE Aviation, an operat-
                                                           COMMANDER          ROCKWELL
ing unit of General Electric Company, is a world-          DASSAULT           SABRELINER
leading provider of jet engines, components and
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          E v e r y t h i n g A i r c r a f t D i r e c t o r y
          Call to “ad” your business card 604-925-5228
              E-mail: info@a i r c r a f t s e l l b u y. c o m
                                                                                                                                                5180 Airport Road South
                                                                                                                                                Vancouver Int'l Airport
                                                                                                                                                Richmond BC, V7B 1B4
                       Dave Fitzpatrick
                       President, CAIB
                                                                President: Doug Waugh               General Manager: Mike Gore
                                                                                              Tel: 604-888-5334                   Tel: 604-273-4511
                                 Ph. 604-460-8787
                                                                                              Email:           Email:
                        Aviation toll-free: 1-888-917-1177
                                                                                                                                             Tel:   1-800-663-5829
                            Local Fax: 604-460-8788                                                                                                 (604) 273-4511
                         Toll Free Fax: 1-866-372-2755                                                                                       Fax: 1-800-667-5643
                       General e-mail:                                                                                         (604) 273-5643
     380-18799 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows BC, V3Y 2B4                                                                                         Email:

 • Go to to view our line of                                                                
 exterior fairings for Cessna, Piper, Beech, Lake                                                              
 Citabria, Rockwell, Grumman including Edo
 Floats. • Order by E-mail, Fax or Phone us at:
                                                                                                                            Ph. 250-656-7627
                                                                                                                            Fax 250-656-1135
                                                                                             Imports & Exports
                          P h : 8 1 9 - 3 7 7 - 11 5 5
                                                                                                     Vi c t o r i a I n t e r n a t i o n a l A i r p o r t
                          Fax: 819-377-1854
                          Cell 819-692-3912                                                 9548 Canora Rd. Sidney, B.C. Canada, V8L 4R1

                                                              P re-Owned
                                                                 Qualit y
                                                                                               Thomas Aircraft Sales Inc.
                                                              Aircraft For                          1-800-363-3785 (in Canada),
                                                                  S ale                           780-451-5473, fax 780-454-4122
                                                                                             Hangar 15, Edmonton City Centre Airport (CYXD),
                                                                                                           25 A i r p o r t R o a d ,
   Toronto Buttonville Airport                                                                      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5G 0W6
  2833 16th Avenue, P.O. Box 220, For New Cessna Aircraft                                  
           Markham, ON                                                                                            Peterson’s Performance Plus, Inc.
    Te l : ( 9 0 5 ) 4 7 7 - 7 9 0 0                                                                               Conversion Center for the latest
    Fax: (905) 477-8937                                                                                           Katmai STOL & Performance Kits.                         Leggat Aviation Ltd.                                             Thomas Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.

                               Tel: (403) 286-4277 Fax: (403) 286-5989
                                        Toll Free: 1-877-791-4600
                               e-mail: p r a i r i e a i r c r a f t @ t e l u s . n e t
                               4 0 8 C O t t e r B a y, S p r i n g b a n k A i r p o r t
                                  Calgary, Alberta , Canada, T3Z 3S6
                                                                                            • Cessna 185 & Piper Navajo Specialist
                       The New Cessna                                                       • Aircraft Sales • Valuation & Appraisals • Aircraft Maintenance & Parts
                      Caravans are Here!                                                    • Import & Export Worldwide • Annual & Pre-Purchase Inspections
    Caravan 675                                             Caravan Amphibian               • Paint & Interior Refurbishment • Ferrying Delivery • Floats of all types
                                                                                                     560 Anne Street N, Barrie, Ont. L4M 4S4
                                                                                              Ph. 1-705-722-6209 or e-mail:
  Grand Caravan                                             Super Cargomaster

                                                                                                                        Peter Chick
 A Cessna Factory Authorized Service Center                             Since 1948                                AV I AT I O N S E RV I C E S
                    Prairie Flying Service (1992) Ltd.                                                                   604-823-0123
                         #200 - 2540 Airport Road                                                        
                    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4W 1A3                                                     PO Box 2052 Sardis, BC V2R 1A5
                         Toll Free 1- 800- 667- 8140                                               • Quality Assurance • Salvage & Parts
                   Ph. 306 - 596 - 3700, Fax 306 - 569 - 3211                                 • Exports & Imports • Transportation & Logistics
                     E-mail: p f s @ p r a i r i e f l y i n g . c o m
                     Website                                                   MINISTER’S DELEGATE FOR MAINTENANCE

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  E v e r y t h i n g                                              A i r c r a f t                      D i r e c t o r y
                  E-mail: i n f o @ a i r c r a f t s e l l b u y. c o m
                                                                                                “The Highest Quality Weld”

                                                                                         A L E X S O N ’ S
  Canada's Premier Authorized Distributor for:                                   Certified Aircraft Weld Repairs Inc.
                                                                                 • Fuel Tanks • Engine Mounts • Exhaust Systems • Carburetor Heat
                                                                                                 Boxes & Other aircraft components
                                                                                         U n i t 1 8 , 7 1 7 1 To r b ra m R d .
                         • Edmonton 780-452-4242                                     Mississauga, Ontario, L4T 3W4
                         • Winnipeg 204-783-8512
                                                                                              Te l / Fa x : 9 0 5 - 6 7 7 - 9 9 7 4
                                                    Steve Galea, Gen. Mgr.
 # 1   C a n a d i a n    A / C   H a n d   &    A i r   T o o l   S o u r c e                       D.O.T. 182-94

                                                                                                      & Models
                                                                                 AeroArt or to purchase contact
                                                                                 For more information
                                                                                          us at
Office: 604-630-2212
Fax: 604-465-2122
                         • Full Service A.M.O.                                        Tollfree in US & Can. 1-866-202-1252
160-18799 Airport Way    • Experienced AME’s
Pitt Meadows, BC,        • Full Facility Shop
V3Y 2B4
                         • Financing A.O.C.

       The “New Dimension” in Service!

                                Ed Anderson
                            Aircraft Photography
                             Photos of Airshows, Special
                          Events, War Birds, Vintage Aircraft
                          If your looking for a particular war-
                              bird or vintage aircraft photo,
                                         contact:                                  Phone: 204-642-8755                 Box 1819
                                                                                    Fax: 204-642-4735               Gimli, Manitoba
         E-mail:                                                Email:
                                                                                                                       R0C 1B0

                                                                                                                              • Avidyne • Rockwell Collins
                                                                                                                              • Honeywell • Garmin • Artex
                                                                                                                              • Aspen • Becker • Alpha
                                                                                                                              • Bose • Sandel • David Clark
                                                                                                                              • Technisonic • Telephonics
                                                                                                                              • ICARUS • Rogerson Kratos
                                                                                                                              • Insight • icom • Sagem
                                                                                                                              • FreeFlight • Bendix/King
                                                                                                                              • RyanTcad • SigmaTek • Nat
                                                                                                                              • PS Engineering •Ameri-King
                                                                                                                              • L3communications • Kinnad
                                                                                                                              • Avionics Innovations•Shadin
                                                                                     AMO 33-90           250-18799 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows
                                                                                                       BC, B3Y 2B4, Canada, Ph. 604-465-3080
                                                                                                        Fax 604-465-3084
                                                                                                          “Serving Canada and the World”

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  E v e r y t h i n g           A i r c r a f t        D i r e c t o r y
            E-mail: i n f o @ a i r c r a f t s e l l b u y. c o m

  Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.   Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.
         Call Us at 604-925-5228                 Call Us at 604-925-5228
    or E-mail:     or E-mail:

  Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.   Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.
         Call Us at 604-925-5228                 Call Us at 604-925-5228
    or E-mail:     or E-mail:

  Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.   Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.
         Call Us at 604-925-5228                 Call Us at 604-925-5228
    or E-mail:     or E-mail:

  Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.   Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.
         Call Us at 604-925-5228                 Call Us at 604-925-5228
    or E-mail:     or E-mail:

  Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.   Your Business Card Here Only $25 Mth.
         Call Us at 604-925-5228                 Call Us at 604-925-5228
    or E-mail:     or E-mail:

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THINKING RECOVER?                Canada's Premier Authorized Distributor for:
                            LARGE INVENTORY, COMPETITIVE PRICES
                            Write, fax or email for information package.
                                 Specify aircraft model for free quote.
                           Paint & Fabric Catalogue On-Line - Visit Our Website

Authorized FAA-PMA Replacement Parts Distributor for the Following Product Lines
                                         McFarlane Aviation Products
                                     FAA–PMA Manufacturer of Quality Aircraft Parts
                                        for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and more
• Engine and Cowl Flap Controls • Fuel System Parts • Carb Heat Box Parts • Silicone Pad Heaters
• Flight Control Cables and Chains • Pulleys • Strut, Landing Gear and Nose Wheel Steering Parts
• Baffles, Heat Shields and Baffle Seal • Seat Rails and Seat Components • Flap and Aileron Parts

FAA Approved Fuel Pump & Brake Overhauls            New and Overhauled Dry air Pumps, FAA-PMA Prop
                                                    De-Ice Boots, Brushes, Modules, Leads, Pneumatic
FAA-PMA Airline & Corporate Brake Parts             Filters, Fittings, Exhaust Gaskets, Brake Linings &
FAA-PMA Replacement Gear Bushings                   Discs

•Authorized Stocking Distributor for • Brackett Aero Filters • Champion Aerospace
• Condor Aircraft Tires • Concorde Battery Corporation • Krylon • LP Aero Plastics
• Michelin Aircraft Tire Company, LLC • LPS Products Research • Krylon Aerosol
Division • Real Gasket Corp.• Tri-Flow • Zeftronics.
• Stocking Distributor of • Cap Plug Kits • Electrical Terminal Kits • Stainless
Steel Turnbuckle Parts • Aviation Illness Bags • Spiral Wrap Tubing • PT6 Fuel
Nozzle Gaskets • PT6 O-Ring Inspection Kits, Float Balls, Float Pumps & Pump
Out Cups • Float Sealer • Float Lacquer • Wing Walk Compound
#1 Canadian Aircraft Hand & Air Tool Source
Air Tools • Hand Tools for Riveting, Drilling, Dimpling & Sheet Metal
• Engine Service Tools • BC5000 Battery Capacity Tester &
BatteryMINDer® Charger De-Sulfators • Extensive Tool Catalogue
On-Line - Visit Our Website

        Head Office                                                    Branch Office
        59 Eagle Drive                                             48 Airport Road
  Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V4                                         Edmonton, AB T5G 0W7
 Phone: (204) 783-8512                                         Phone: (780) 452-4242
   Fax: 1-888-783-3302                                           Fax: 1-888-454-4050
E-mail:                              E-mail:

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              Thomas Aircraft Sales Inc.
               1-800-363-3785 (in Canada), 780-451-5473, fax 780-454-4122
            Hangar 15, Edmonton City Centre Airport (CYXD), 25 Airport Road,
                         Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5G 0W6

 W H AT ' S N E W F R O M T H E L E A D E R S I N G E N E R A L AV I AT I O N F O R O V E R 8 0 Y E A R S ?
Cessna Skylanes and Stationairs, Skyhawks, and the exciting new Cessna 350 and Cessna 400 are equipped
with the Garrmin G1000 glass cockpit! Once you've flown the G1000, you'll agree with us that nothing else


Thomas Aircraft Sales Inc.; is your Cessna CSTAR sales contact for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and
Northwest Territories. In addition to handling sales of the outstanding new Skyhawks, Skylanes, and Stationairs, our
sales staff canalso locate the aircraft that will meet your specificneeds in the best possible price range. And if you
are looking to sell your aircraft, we can list your aircraft on our web page and make sure that your aircraft has maxi-
mum exposure to the maximum number of potential customers. Our sales staff has the experience and expertise
that will make the purchase or sale of your aircraft an experience you won't be afraid to recommend to others.

Thomas Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.; has been serving Western Canada for the past 26 years as a premier aircraft
maintenance facility. We are a Cessna Single Engine Service Station, capable of doing major structural repairs
and modifications, inspections and maintenanceon a wide variety of aircraft from single engine to multi-engine com-
muteraircraft such as the Jetstream J31. Thomas Aircraft Maintenance is a Centre of Excellence, backed up by
our Transport Canada AMO #63-90. We have been in business since 1982 and have developed a reputation for
putting you, our customer, and your safety first. We offer the following services:

Cessna Maintenance and Repair; Thomas Aircraft Maintenance is an authorized Cessna Single Engine Service
Station and can handle all structural and engine maintenance and repair services on Cessna aircraft. As well, we
are experienced in working on all other small aircraft from King Airs to Cubs. Whether you are looking for Cessna
warranty work, need insurance repairs, need pre-buy inspections on an aircraft, or are interested in refurbishing an
aircraft, contact Thomas Aircraft first and be assured of the best possible service at the best possible price.

Parts: Our parts department can ensure that you receive your parts as soon as possible, whether supplied from
our large stock of Cessna parts or supplied on an AOG basis. Thomas Aircraft Maintenance has been supplying
parts to the GA industry since 1982. We are your authorized Cessna parts supplier and carry a large inventory of
Cessna Single Engine parts, Teledyne Continental and Textron Lycoming engine service parts, and most common
AN hardware.

 Thomas Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.
  is pleased to announce to their
   customers that they are now a
 Peterson’s Performance Plus, Inc.
  Conversion Center for the latest
   Katmai STOL & Performance
  Kits. For the ultimate in Cessna
   performance, call or e-mail us
       today to arrange for an
        information package.                                                    260SE Performance Specifications
                                                                 •   Cruise Speed 153 knots 175 mph
                                                                 •   Stall Speed 35 knots
  Thomas Aircraft Sales Inc.                                     •
                                                                     Ta k e o f f ( 2 , 4 0 0 l b s ) 2 9 0 f e e t
                                                                     Ta k e o f f ( 2 , 9 5 0 l b s ) 3 8 3 f e e t
                                                                 •   Landing (2,950 lbs) 400 feet
   Please see our ad list of aircraft for                        •   Rate of Climb 1,380 fpm
                                                                 •   Service Ceiling 20,000 feet
    sale on Page 13 of this magazine                             •   Range 1,000 nm
         issue, and our website:                                 •   Endurance 13.6 hr @ 60 knots                                   •   Tu r n i n g R a d i u s 3 5 0 f e e t
                                                                 •   Fuel Consumption 13 gph
Everything Aircraft                                     Page 39                                          December 2009
                                         408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport
                                              Calgary, Alberta T3Z 3S6
                                         PH: 403-286-4277 FX: 403-286-5989

 A N D B R AW N . . . T H E N E W C E S S N A C A R AVA N !

Prairie Aircraft Sales is a distributor for the new Cessna
Caravan Line. Prairie sells aircraft of all manufacturered
types worldwide. If you are looking to buy, sell, lease, or
have an appraisal, call Prairie Aircraft Sales.

 Like new, fresh inspection, Call Now!       SIDS complete, Call for details!   Fresh inspection Aug 09’, beautiful aircraft
                                                                                            ready to go now!

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