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					                                     FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                     FOR HEALTHY LIVING
                                     FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Membership, Programs & Services
Fall I - September 6 to October 30
Sunday, August 14
Racer packet pick up starts Sunday at 6:15 AM in Gym B.
Rachel Mauer, 215-348-8131, x 1167 or

by Johnny King-Marino DC,CCSP & Derek Gearhart DC
AUG 16, 7:30-8:30 PM
Common Weight Room Injuries demonstrating the right/
wrong ways to use equipment.
AUG 23, 7:30-8:30 PM
Panel of experts present and discuss sports injury
prevention. For details contact Todd Canfield at 215-348-
8131, x 1185 or                          PUMPKIN MADNESS FEST - 11 AM-4:00 PM
                                                                CORN MAzE & HAY RIDE - 6:30-9:00 PM
MEMBER APPRECIATION DAYS                                        Saturday, Oct 22 - The Market at Del Val College
Aug 17, 18; Sept 13, 14; Oct 17, 18                             Stop at the Welcome Center for a 10% off coupon for
2PM-10PM 1st day; 6AM-2PM 2nd day                               market items including fall decorations. (Some exclusions).
Stop by the Y for refreshments and give us a chance to tell     A portion of all hay ride costs go to the Y’s Financial
you how much you are appreciated.                               Assistance program. Contact Rachel Mauer, 215-348-8131,
                                                                x 1167 or
Friday, August 26, 4 to 6 PM                                    STARS HALLOWEEN NIGHT OUT
Come show your Y spirit and support two local high schools,     Friday, Oct 28, 5 to 9 PM
CB West & Archbishop Wood. CB West cheerleaders will be         The Market at Del Val College
here to lead some chants. Music, games & refreshments           Event will include a friendly hayride around the Del Val
at CB West field prior to the football game. Contact Rachel     Campus and brief visit with the animals; pumpkin picking;
Mauer, 215-348-8131, x 1167.                                    cider and hot chocolate (for purchase) and socializing
                                                                around a bon fire. $6 per person. Contact Brooke Johnston,
BLOOD DRIVE                                                     215-348-8131, x 1141 or
Wednesday, August 31, 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Sign up online at, sponsor code           BOO BASH AT THE Y
2660 or contact Rachel Mauer, 215-348-8131, x 1167.             Watch for details. Contact Rachel Mauer, 215-348-8131, x
                                                                1167 or
Friday, September 9, 11:30-1:30 PM                              PARENT WORKSHOPS
Children may bring a grandparent or grandparents may            3rd Saturday of each month
bring a child for FREE all day. Stop by from 11AM to 1PM for    Watch website and facebook for details. Contact Kevin Crail,
tea and snacks.                                                 215-348-8131, x 1147 for details.

Thursday, Sept 18, 1 to 3 PM                                             IMPROVEMENT WEEKS
A fun event is planned at the Skate Park for individuals with           AUGUST 21 THRU SEPTEMBER 3
special needs. Contact Brooke Johnston, 215-348-8131, x
1141 or                                        We will make improvements to better serve you!
                                                                            Water Park Pool - Closed Aug 22-25
                                                                           Traditional Pool - Closed Aug 29-Sep 2
Friday, Oct 7, 6 to 8 PM
                                                                               Gyms A&B - Closed Aug 29-30
Check website for details.
                                                                        Call the Welcome Center, 215-348-8131, x 0
                                                                               for details and specific changes.

2 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                  
WELCOME                                               CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA HOURS
                                                         POOLS CLOSES 15 MIN BEFORE FACILITY CLOSES
                                                       Monday thru Friday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
                                                             Saturday: 5:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Welcome Health Seekers!
                                                                Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Our Mission: Central Bucks Family YMCA is a
                                                                   Partial Opening:
charitable non-profit organization whose purpose
                                                          Labor Day, Sept 5 - 8 AM TO NOON
is to improve the quality of community life. The
Y strengthens the spirit, mind, and body of its
members. We build character by promoting                          SCHEDULES ONLINE OR
the values of caring, respect, honesty, and                      AT THE WELCOME CENTER
                                                                  •	 WATER PARK POOL
This is not just our mission, but our commitment                  •	 TRADITIONAL POOL
to you and the communities we serve.                               •	 GROUP EXERCISE
                                                                      •	 GYMNASIUM
At the Central Bucks Family YMCA, we continually
strive to WOW our members with extraordinary
service including:
    • Community centered, welcoming                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                    Our Y
    • Devoted, caring, supportive staff             02           SPECIAL EvEnTS
    • A variety of innovative programs designed     03-07        MEMBERShIP/REgISTRATIOn
        to serve all ages, abilities, and promote   03, 05-06    FACILITIES INFo
        meaningful change                           07           PROgRAM InFO, BIRThdAY PARTIES
    • Spacious, clean facilities and amenities
    • Freedom from the standard “gym”               FOr YOuth DevelOpment
        contract. If you are not 100% satisfied,    06        ChILd CARE
        membership can be cancelled at any time     08-09     PRESCHooL
        without fees or surcharges                  09-10     PERFoRMINg ANd VISUAL ARTS
                                                    11-13     AqUATICS
                                                    14-17     YoUTH SPoRTS/LEAgUES
A Central Bucks Family YMCA membership can          18-19     TEEN CENTER/SKATE PARK
support you in your journey of beginning or         20-21     STARS SPECIAL NEEdS
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Only at the Y,     22        YOuTh And TEEn FITnESS
do Health Seekers of all ages, incomes, and
backgrounds have the opportunity to learn, grow,    FOr healthY living
and thrive.                                         17        AdULT LEAgUES
                                                    23        AdULT AqUATICS
Please, take a moment, and read all about           24        HEALTH ANd WELLNESS
our unique programs and services. We also           25-26     PERSoNAL TRAININg, RUNNINg/WALKINg
                                                    27-29     gRoUP ExERCISE,
encourage you to visit us at,
                                                    30        YogA/MASSAgE/REFLExoLogY, or stop by our            31        MARTIAL ARTS/dANCE
Welcome Center for a tour of our beautiful Y.       32        nuTRITIOn/POST-REhAB
Appointments not necessary; simply come on in
and say hello. We cannot wait to meet you!          FOr SOcial reSpOnSibilitY
                                                    33         COMMunITY hEALTh & SAFETY CLASSES
                                                    34         SCoUTS, AdVENTURE
                                                               kIdS TRIAThLOn
                                                    35         CoNTACT US
                                    CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 3
MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND SERVICES                               NEW! Special Needs Membership: Here for our
All Full Memberships Include:                                    community! The special needs membership is designed for
                                                                 individuals with special needs of any age that require an adult
  •   Full facility usage, including two pools, a full-sized
                                                                 or support person with them at all times to access and utilize
      gymnasium, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and
                                                                 the facility safety and successfully. An interview is required
      personal amenities such as locker rooms and adult
                                                                 prior to registration at our Welcome Center; please contact
      saunas. For your convenience, the pool and gym
                                                                 Brooke Johnston, 215-348-8131, x 1141 for more details.
      facility schedule is posted on our website and within
      the Y for distribution                                     Young Adult and Adult Memberships: Determined and
  •   Over 100 complimentary group fitness classes for           strong! The young adult membership is designed for young
      ages 12 and older; please see page 28 for more             adults ages 18-23. The adult membership is designed for
      details                                                    adults ages 24-64.
  •   A complimentary, personalized, goal centered fitness       Active Older Adult Membership: Young at heart! The
      orientation; see page 24 for more details                  older adult membership is designed for adults ages 65 and
  •   Complimentary Child Watch for families; please see         older. Active older adults within the same household pay just
      page 6 for more details                                    one joining fee.
  •   Complimentary classes for youth and teens; please
                                                                 Skate Park Membership: Rolling with individuality! The
      see page 16 and 22 for more details
                                                                 skate park membership is designed to serve youth and
  •   A complimentary youth swim evaluation and youth
                                                                 teens who just want skate park access. The skate park
      sampler swim class; see page 13 for more details
                                                                 membership does not include YMCA membership, main
  •   Priority registration, as well as all program costs at a
                                                                 facility usage, or programs.
      reduced fee
                                                                 Try the Y: Want to take our YMCA for a 3-month test
Family Membership: A healthy family is a happy family!
                                                                 drive? Try the Y is the perfect option for potential members
The family membership is designed to include two adults and
                                                                 who wish to test drive our services before purchasing a
their financial dependants living within the same address.
                                                                 full membership. Try the Y is a one-time experience per
For educational and safety purposes, youth ages 10-14 must
                                                                 potential member. Perfect for the adult, ages 18 and older,
complete a fitness orientation prior to accessing the fitness
                                                                 or for the entire family! Try the Y also makes a great gift for
center; please see page 22 for more information.
                                                                 that special someone!
Youth and Teen Memberships: Young and free! The
                                                                 Corporate Memberships Available: Did you know
youth membership is designed for youth ages infant–11.
                                                                 healthy, happy employees leads to a positive, productive
The teen membership is designed for teens ages 12-17. For
                                                                 work environment? Corporate membership options are
educational and safety purposes, youth ages 10-14 must
                                                                 now available! For more information, please contact Tricia
complete a fitness orientation prior to accessing the fitness
                                                                 DiGiovanni, Senior Director of Membership Development, at
center; please see page 22 for more information.
                                                                 215-348-8131, x 1135 or
7th Grade Membership: Free to all 7th graders within our
                                                                 At Central Bucks Family YMCA, no one is turned away,
community! See page 18-19, 33 for more details!
                                                                 regardless of age, race, religion, physical, or mental abilities.

 MEMBERSHIP                        MONTHLY PAYMENT                 ANNUAL PAYMENT                 JOINING FEE   (ONE-TIME
 CATEGORY                              OPTION                          OPTION                      FEE NEW MEMBERS ONLY)

 Family                                       $107                          $1284                             $149
 Youth                                        N/A                            $192                              N/A
 Teen                                         $33                            $396                              $35
 Special Needs                                $16                            $192                              $35
 7th Grade Membership                         FREE                           FREE                              N/A
 Young Adult                                  $46                            $552                              $55
 Adult                                        $62                            $744                              $99
 Active Older Adult                           $49                            $588                              $99
 Skate Park                                   N/A                            $149                              N/A
 Try the Y: Adult
                                              N/A                            $285                              N/A
 3-Month Membership
 Try the Y: Family
                                              N/A                            $470                              N/A
 3-Month Membership
4 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                     
The joining fee supports Central Bucks Family YMCA’s
equipment and building preservation and routine
maintenance. All new members, with the exception of youth,
must pay the joining fee upon membership registration. The
joining fee is non-refundable.

The annual membership payment option lasts 12 months
in duration, does not automatically renew, and is non-
refundable after 30 days of usage.

The electronic draft option conveniently and automatically
deducts the monthly draft fee from your checking account,
savings account, or credit card. Best of all, the draft
payment option excludes interest, finance, or service
charges. Members may choose to be drafted on the 1st
or 15th of the month, and the electronic draft option is
continuous. Cancellations are accepted in person at the
Welcome Center, must be placed in writing, and within          FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
5 days notice of next draft. A $30 fee will be applied for     Because no one is turned away for their inability to pay;
returned draft payments.                                       financial assistance is available for those who qualify.
                                                               Please contact Catherine Refice at 215-348-8131, x 1139 or
MEMBERSHIP FREEzE POLICY*                            
Do you foresee a period of time in which your facility usage
will be minimal? If so, we will be more than happy to freeze   INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT
your membership for up to 6 months, at the following fee:      Central Bucks Family YMCA participates in BCBS Healthy
  •    $5/month Youth, Teen                                    Lifestyles program for members ages 64 and younger. As
  •    $10/month Young Adult, Adult, Senior Adult              most insurance companies offer wellness reimbursement
  •    $15/month Family                                        plans, we recommend you speak first with your insurance
  •    $0 with medical note                                    provider for questions and specific reimbursement
  *Must submit in person or online five days prior to draft    requirements. Please visit the Welcome Center for
                                                               reimbursement and usage forms. (Local 1776: CBF YMCA is
MEMBERSHIP CARDS                                               considered a non-participant in your healthcare program.)
For the security and well-being of all, please present your
membership card upon entrance into the YMCA. All potential     MEMBERSHIP AND PROGRAM REGISTRATION
members must present a current program card.                   ADMINISTRATION HOURS
                                                               Register on-line at any time: If you wish
GUEST USAGE & SAFETY REqUIREMENTS                              to speak with a live Welcome Center Representative, call or
Be our guest! All full members are entitled to 3               visit our Welcome Center during the following hours:
complimentary guest passes. After the 3 complimentary               •    Monday through Friday: 8:30AM – 8:30PM
guest passes are used, fees are as follows:                         •    Saturday:               9:00AM – 5:00PM
                                                                    •    Sunday:                 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Guest Category    With Member      Without Member
Age Infant – 14        $5               $10
Age 15+               $12               $20

All guests must complete a waiver at our Welcome Center.
Guests who are not accompanied with a full member must
electronically register at our Welcome Center, including
having his or her photo taken. Please allow up to 15 minutes
to complete the electronic registration process.

                                             CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 5
FACILITIES                                                         CHILD WATCH: AGES 3 MONTHS TO 12 YRS
                                                                    •    Available to adults with children at no charge
TRADITIONAL POOL FEATURES:                                          •    Available on a walk-in basis
  •   Traditional pool is 6 lanes, and 25 meters. It is designed    •    Adults must remain on the Y campus
      for a variety of recreational usage, including lap swim,      •    Maximum 2 hours per day
      programming, and open usage.                                  •    Siblings may use Child Watch for $5 per sibling, per
  •   Ultra violet, H20 system, keeps pool healthy and                   visit.
      removes chlorine sensation within the air.                    •    For more specific information, please refer to our Child
  •   Hydraulic lift is available.                                       Watch Handbook or contact Jenn Jenson, Coordinator,
  •   Please see aquatic schedule for availability.                      215-348-8131, x 1174 or
  •    Features the JoAnn Millet Instructional Pool.                 •   Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 8:30PM
  •    Recreational water park elements including a 13’ double       •   Saturday:         8:00AM – 12:30PM
       looped water slide, therapy pool, and zero degree beach       •   Sunday:           9:30AM – 1:30PM
       entry access.                                               Member:             FREE
  •    Hydraulic lift chair and water wheelchair is available.     Potential Member:   $5 per visit, maximum 2 hours per day
  •    Please see aquatic schedule for availability.
Both pools provide certified lifeguards and Desert Aire            SITTER SERVICE: BEGINNING AT AGE 3 MONTHS
system to effectively remove moisture from the air.                 •    Perfect for full members who need a sitter for
                                                                         everyday errands such as shopping, doctor’s
FITNESS CENTER AND GROUP FITNESS STUDIO FEATURES:                        appointments, etc.
 • Spacious, fully air conditioned, 8,650 square foot, state-       •    Sitter Service takes place in Child Watch for an
     of-the-art, newly renovated fitness center.                         additional fee, requires registration in person
 • Includes 16 treadmills, all with personal viewing screens.       •    Parents must complete an emergency contact form.
 • Over 40 additional cardiovascular machines, including            •    Sitter Service Registration Fees
     ellipticals, stairmasters, rowers, and stationary bikes.       •    Member (First Child): $21 for 3 hours
 • Over 35 pieces of strength training equipment from the           •    Additional Child: $14 for 3 hours
     makers of Strive, Nautilus, and Life Fitness.                  •    Potential Member (First Child): $26 for 3 hours
 • Extensive free weight area.                                      •    Potential Member Additional Child: $19 for 3 hours
 • Innovative equipment such as Jacobs Ladder, Rope                      Register at the Welcome Center
     Machine, and Swim/Kayak Ergometer.
 • Cardio circuit strength machines are perfect for the total      CLASS PASS
     body strength training experience, and designed for those     While you exercise at the Y, your child also has a pass to class.
     new to fitness, youth, and active older adult populations.
                                                                   Healthy living can be a shared experience! Class Pass allows
 • Four spacious, fully air conditioned, group fitness studios.
                                                                   your child an opportunity to engage in a class while you
 • Over 100, complimentary group fitness classes offered
                                                                   exercise. The Class Pass calendar of events is posted each
     for ages 12 yrs+.
                                                                   month in Child Watch; styles of classes include ZumbAtomic,
 • A new spin studio, featuring 28 Star Trac NXT spin bikes.
                                                                   Pilates N’ Play, and Awesome Obstacle. Class Pass purchases
                                                                   are available at the Welcome Center.
 •   Full size gymnasium with integrated basketball and            Purchase a 5, 30-Minute Class Pass for:
     volleyball equipment for member and program use.               •   $40 Member
 •   Please see gymnasium program schedule for open                 •   $60 Potential Member
     times and availability.                                       Class Pass does not expire, and is not replaced if lost. For
                                                                   questions, contact Valerie Tanner, 215-348-8131, x 1140 or
EXPANDED LOCKER ROOMS AND SAUNA:                         
  •  Adult Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are available for
     adults ages 15 and older.
  •  Boys and Girls youth locker rooms are available for
     ages 14 and under, and may be accompanied with
     same sex parent.
  •  Children ages 5 and under may also use the youth
     locker room according to the sex of the parent;
     meaning child is to accompany Mom to the girls room,
     and Dad to the boys room.
  •  Family changing rooms are available for families with
     both boys and girls, for families or caregivers with
     special needs.
  •  Sauna & Whirlpool are available for members ages 18
     and older.

6 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                       
                                                                  All classes are designed with minimum and maximum
PROGRAM SESSION DATES & REGISTRATION:                             participant requirements; therefore classes may be cancelled
                                                                  if minimum requirements are not met. To ensure your class
Fall I:   Tuesday September 6 – Sunday October 30                 choice is conducted, we highly recommend registration prior
                                                                  to the start of the session.
Member Registration:                Begins Mon, Aug. 15
Potential Member Registration:      Begins Mon, Aug. 22           Weather: In the event of inclement weather which deters
                                                                  classes from being conducted, a make-up class will be
Fall II: Monday October 31 – Saturday December 24                 hosted on the 8th week of the session. In the event of
                                                                  inclement weather, please call into Central Bucks Family
Member Registration:                Begins Mon, Oct 17            YMCA, or tune into KYW 1060 AM. Central Bucks Family
Potential Member Registration:      Begins Mon, Oct 24            YMCA’s assigned number is 1166.
                                                                  Central Bucks Family YMCA reserves the right to make
    •     Registration is available on-line at    additions, deletions, or changes as schedule needs arise.
    •     For in-person registration, please refer to Welcome
          Center administration hours on page 3                   CLASS AND SPORTS LEAGUE CREDIT/REFUND POLICY
    •     Email, fax, and phone registrations are not accepted    Credits and refunds will only be granted with the submission
    •     For your convenience, we ask that you have a 2nd        of a doctor’s note. A $10 processing fee applies. For your
          class ready in case 1st class is wait listed            convenience, credit/refund forms are available on our website.
    •     Classes may not be changed after the 2nd week
                                                                  Due to the popularity of our classes, credits and makeup
    •     All classes may be pro-rated after the 2nd week;
                                                                  classes will not be provided as this sets another class off ratio.
          see below for further information in regards to class
          credits and refunds.                                    In the event of class cancellation on behalf of the YMCA, a
                                                                  makeup class will be provided. Credits, refunds, and makeup
                                                                  classes will not be provided for circumstances beyond our
                                                                  control, including power failure, fire, storm, etc.

  THERE’S AN                                                        BIRTHDAY
  APP FOR THAT!                                                     PARTIES
                                                                    AT THE Y
                                                                                                            Make it a day
                                                                    Party options include:                    your child
                                                                    ● Splashin Bash                          will always
                                                                      New Water Park Pool                    remember!
                                                                    ● Rec Swim
                                                                    ● Fun & Games
                                                                    ● Sports Spectacular
                                                                    ● Dance Party
                                                                    ● Princess Party
                                                                    ● Super Hero
                                                                    ● Skate Park
          Available on                                              ● Teen Scene
          iPhones and

                                                                    Call for details on new party options, 215-348-8131, x 0.
                                               CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 7
2011-2012 PRESCHOOL, FULL DAY CARE                                CONTACT INFORMATION
& KINDER-ENRICHMENT                                               For further information about any Preschool programs or
                                                                  services or to schedule a tour, call Lisa Stewart,
         LIMITED OPENINGS STILL AVAILABLE                         267-474-3143 or 215-348-4214 or

All children must meet minimum age requirements by                PRESCHOOL
Sept. 1. See handbook for Holidays and school closings.           2 TO 3 YRS
Classes run if minimum enrollment requirements are met.           Need not be potty trained. Curriculum includes PATHS
                                                                  (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) focusing on
 •   Certified teachers                                           self-esteem, social development and positive classroom
 •   Thematic, age-appropriate curriculum                         environment. Implemented with puppets and stories. Ratio 1:6
 •   ‘Handwriting without Tears’ program
 •   P.A.T.H.S. Social/Emotional Development                      AM 2 to 3 yrs Preschool
 •   Everyday Math                                                Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $474/month
 •   Secure environment                                           3 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $299/month
 •   Spanish classes taught by certified teachers                 2 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $214/month
 •   Music classes taught by certified teachers
                                                                  FULL DAY 2 to 3 yrs Preschool
 •   Physical education
                                                                  Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $861/month
 •   Transportation for K-E
                                                                  3 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $543/month
 •   Parent group
                                                                  2 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $368/month
 •   Optional swim lessons

HOLIDAY CARE - 8:30 AM-5:30 PM                                    3 TO 4 YRS
Sign up required. Available if minimum enrollment (20             Curriculum includes Spanish, Introduction to Handwriting
students) requirements are met. $25-half day students;            without Tears and PATHS curriculum focusing on social and
$10-full day students/KE.                                         emotional development. Implemented with puppets and
                                                                  stories. Swim lessons available. Ratio 1:10
Available for all classes if participation exceeds 10 students.   AM 3 to 4 yrs Preschool
5 days, $75; 3 days, $55                                          Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $474/month
                                                                  3 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $299/month
OPTIONAL SWIM                                                     2 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM      $214/month
Optional swim lessons available one day a week, Mondays or        FULL DAY 3 to 4 yrs Preschool
Wednesdays, $35/month. (Not available for 2 to 3 yr class)        Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-3:00 PM       $771/month
                                                                  3 days    8:30 AM-3:00 PM       $488/month
PAYMENT INFORMATION                                               2 days    8:30 AM-3:00 PM       $339/month
Non-refundable registration fee of $75 per child is required.
First month’s tuition & non-refundable tuition for June is        FULL EXTENDED DAY 3 to 4 yrs Preschool
due BEFORE child’s first day. Withdrawals must be given           Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $861/month
to the pre-school in writing, two weeks prior to the child’s      3 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $543/month
departure date. All tuition is due on the first of the month.     2 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM       $368/month
A $15 late fee will be assessed for late tuition. Late pick up
fee of $5 for every five minutes will be charged. Child Health
Assessment is due on the 1st day of class.

Based on the availability of funds, and space available, no
one who qualifies will be turned away due to the inability to
pay. If you need assistance, contact the YMCA at 215-348-
8131, x 1139. Apple assistance accepted.

8 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                     
4 TO 5 YRS
Curriculum includes Spanish, Handwriting without Tears,
Everyday Math, PATHS curriculum focusing on social and
emotional development. Implemented with puppets and
stories, Swim lessons available. Ratio 1:10
MORNING ONLY 4 to 5 1/2 yrs Preschool
Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-12:30 PM        $465/month
3 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM        $295/month
2 days    8:30 AM-12:30 PM        $210/month

FULL DAY 4 to 5 1/2 Preschool
Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-3:00 PM         $756/month
3 days    8:30 AM-3:00 PM         $478/month
2 days    8:30 AM-3:00 PM         $294/month

FULL EXTENDED DAY 4 to 5 1/2 Preschool
Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-6:00 PM         $844/month
3 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM         $532/month
2 days    8:30 AM-6:00 PM         $367/month

5 TO 6 YRS
Morning or afternoon care. Includes transportation to or
from most Central Bucks schools* in CB Family YMCA buses.
Weekly activities include: Kindergarten-based curriculum,
                                                              PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTS
Handwriting without Tears, Spanish, new convenient times
and more. Swim lessons available. Ratio 1:12                  ART
                                                              PRESCHOOL ART
AM Kindergarten Enrichment/Growth Year                        3 to 6 yrs          30 min    Multi-Purpose Room
Mon-Fri   8:30 AM-12:15 PM        $512/month                  Fun filled art class while you work out! Children
3 days    8:30 AM-12:15 PM        $322/month                  introduced to different mediums and techniques and
PM Kindergarten Enrichment                                    inspired to create. Materials provided.
Mon-Fri   11:25   AM*-6:00   PM   $674/month                  Fri 10:00-10:30 AM            Fri    10:35-11:05 AM
3 days    11:25   AM*-6:00   PM   $423/month                  Fri 11:10-11:40 AM
Mon-Fri   11:25   AM*-4:00   PM   $562/month                  Member    $40          Potential Member   $60
3 days    11:25   AM*-4:00   PM   $310/month
* Dependent on CB School times                                SPANISH
*SOME of the Central Bucks Schools serviced include Doyle,    PRIVATE LESSONS
Millcreek, Kutz, Groveland, Titus and Linden. Call 215-348-   Certified Spanish teacher. Instruction for all ages
4214 to see if your child’s school is included.               and abilities. Time to be determined by teacher and
                                                              student. Contact Lisa Stewart, 267-474-3143.

Your best value - 5 days for the price of 4                   6 yrs+            60 min     Kinder Y Preschool
                                                              Time determined by teacher and student
                                                              FIVE ONE HOUR SESSIONS
                                                              Member   $120        Potential Member     $140

                                                              Contact Lisa Stewart, 267-474-3143 or lstewart@cbfymca.
                                                              org for information on Art & Spanish classes.

                                               CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 9
FOR the potential of every child and teen

PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTS                                           KIDS BOP
                                                                   4 to 6 yrs       30 min              Studio C
                                                                   Hip Hop class that allows all children to experience dance
   Y SCHOOL OF DANCE                                               and express themselves in a nonverbal way. Children will
      AND THEATER                                                  enjoy the fun energetic dance moves.
         PRESENTS THE                                              Sat 11:15-11:45 AM
      ‘NUTCRACKER’                                                 Member     $60           Potential Member    $80
   Join us for this magical
       holiday season                                              HIP HOP
  performance in December                                          7 to 12 yrs       45 min            Studio C
  *Register to participate in the                                  Explores the popular and exciting dance genre with roots
  Holiday Show by Oct. 1, 2011.                                    based in street and pedestrian styles. Dancers study
                                                                   movements associated with jazz, funk, and pop music.
  *a $75 show fee includes costumes and extra rehearsals. A
  weekly 15 minute rehearsal will follow class beginning in Oct.   Thu      4:15-5:00 PM
                                                                   Member     $75           Potential Member    $95
DRESS CODE - Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes or
black tap shoes for combo class. Irish Dance - skirt, knee high    IRISH DANCE - PITTER PATTER
socks, black Ghillies/Irish hard shoes.                            3 to 5 yrs           30 min     Studio D
                                                                   Introduction to Irish dance designed to discover the
Y SCHOOL OF DANCE                                                  child’s ability, interest. Children will perform in our
PETITE FEET                                                        holiday show Nutcracker in December.
3 to 4 yrs30 min              Studio C                             Wed      2:15-2:45 PM           Sat     11:30-12:00 PM
Designed to discover the child’s ability, interest and direction   Member     $60           Potential Member    $80
for the discipline of ballet. Challenges basic motor skill
development and coordination.
                                                                   IRISH DANCE LEVEL 1
Tue      1:15-1:45 PM               Fri    10:30-11:00 AM          5 yrs+             45 min     Studio D
Fri    12:15-12:45 PM               Sat    10:35-11:05 AM          To nurture the abilities of each student’s progress in
Member      $60              Potential Member     $80              Irish dance. Challenges each student’s ability. New
                                                                   techniques and steps will be learned. Children will
INTRODUCTION TO BALLET/TAP                                         perform in our holiday show Nutcracker in December.
5 yrs+              45 min          Studio C
Foundation of ballet and tap. Introduction to basic ballet and     Fri      5:15-6:00 PM     Sat         12:30-1:15 PM
                                                                   Member     $75           Potential Member    $95
tap steps and movements.
Thu      1:15-2:00 PM               Fri    11:15-12:00 PM          IRISH DANCE LEVEL 2
Fri      1:00-1:45 PM               Sat    12:00-12:45 PM          7 yrs+               45 min   Studio C
Member      $75              Potential Member     $95              (Pre-requisite Irish Dance 1)
                                                                   Progression from Irish Dance 1 with an emphasis on
BALLET LEVEL 1                                                     technique. Children will perform in our holiday show
5 yrs+               45 min          Studios C/D*                  Nutcracker in December.
(Pre-requisite Introduction to Ballet)
Emphasizes the development of ballet skills with a focus           Fri      5:30-6:15 PM
on body placement, alignment, strength and technique.              Member     $75           Potential Member    $95
Progressive class builds on what was learned in Introduction
to Ballet.                                                         MUSICAL THEATER
Wed*     4:15-5:00 PM               Fri         2:00-2:45 PM       Explore the theatrical arts through dance, theater,
Sat      1:00-1:45 PM                                              movement games and monologues. Children work
Member      $75              Potential Member     $95              together to learn and grow as performers. Children
                                                                   learn stage fundamentals, build confidence, creativity
BALLET LEVEL 2                                                     and an apprecition for the performing arts. Children
7 yrs+               45 min        Studios C                       will perform in our holiday show of the Nutcracker in
(Pre-requisite Ballet 1)                                           December.
Progression from Ballet Level 1 with more emphasis on              6 yrs+             45 min    Studio D
form, technique and jumps.                                         Wed     5:45-6:30 PM
                                                                   Member     $75           Potential Member    $95
Sat      2:00-2:45 PM
Member      $75              Potential Member     $95              ADULT DANCE WORKSHOPS - SEE PAGE 31
10 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                    
FOR the potential of every child and teen

SWIM LESSONS                                                     PRESCHOOL SWIM LESSONS
                                                                 3 TO 5 YRS - WATER PARK POOL
                                                                 Child should be comfortable going into water without parent.
          7 WEEK SESSION                                         PRESCHOOL CLASS COSTS
      FALL I - SEPT 6 TO OCT 24                                  Member $85          Potential Member $144

 4 WK MINI-SWIM SESSION - SEPT 26 TO OCT 24                      PIKE - 3 to 5 yrs
                       (See page 13)                             Beginner skills - 3 cubes
                                                                 Prerequisite - Willing to separate from parent. Will learn: to
                                                                 swim independently, back float, jump in pool.
                                                                 EEL - 3 to 5 yrs
6 MTHS TO 4 YRS - WATER PARK POOL                                Advanced beginner skills - 2 cubes
(With one parent or caregiver per child. Parent bringing child
                                                                 Prerequisite: 2 cubes, swim 15 yards, back float, jump
to class or child must be a member to receive Member rate)
                                                                 in unassisted, sit dive. Will learn: sculling on back,
Children learn aquatic readiness skills in a fun environment
                                                                 submersion, endurance, swim with face in water.
with songs and games. Swim diapers required.

PARENT/CHILD CLASS COSTS                                         RAY - 3 to 5 yrs
Member     $79            Potential Member     $126
                                                                 Intermediate skills - 1 cube
                                                                 Prerequisite - 1 cube, swim 15 yards on front and back,
                                                                 submersion. Will learn: kneeling dive, elementary
SHRIMPS, KIPPERS & INIAS - 6 to 18 mths                          backstroke, intro to rotary breathing, intro to breastroke.
Mon 9:30-10:00 AM               Mon          6:00-6:30 PM
Thu 10:00-10:30 AM              Sat          9:00-9:30 AM        STARFISH - 3 to 5 yrs
Sat  9:30-10:00 AM                                               Advanced skills - No float belt
                                                                 Prerequisite: Swim half lengths on front and back, some
PERCH - 19 to 36 mths                                            knowledge of elementary backstroke and rotary breathing.
Children will practice aquatic readiness skills with float       Will learn back crawl, intro to breastroke, refine elementary
belts using songs and games with the goal of becoming            backstroke, refine rotary breathing.
independent swimmers.
                                                                 PIKE, EEL, RAY & STARFISH
Mon 10:00-10:30 AM              Mon       6:30-7:00 PM           Mon 9:50-10:20 AM        Mon                 1:00-1:30 PM
Wed 9:30-10:00 AM               Thu     10:30-11:00 AM           Mon    1:35-2:05 PM      Mon                 5:25-5:55 PM
Thu   6:15-6:45 PM              Sat     10:00-10:30 AM           Mon    6:00-6:30 PM      Mon                 7:10-7:40 PM
Sat 10:30-11:00 AM              Sat     12:00-12:30 PM           Tue      1:00-1:30 PM             Tue        1:35-2:05 PM
                                                                 Tue      4:30-5:00 PM             Tue        5:05-5:35 PM
PERCH PLUS - 2 to 4 yrs                                          Tue      6:15-6:45 PM
For advancing swimmers. Children who swim independently          Wed 9:30-10:00 AM                 Wed     10:05-10:35 AM
will work on Pike and Eel skills in preparation for              Wed 10:40-11:10 AM                Wed       1:15-1:45 PM
transitioning to the preschool swim program.                     Wed   1:50-2:20 PM                Wed       6:00-6:30 PM
Mon 10:30-11:00 AM              Mon       7:00-7:30 PM           Wed   7:10-7:40 PM
Wed 10:00-10:30 AM              Thu      9:30-10:00 AM           Thu    9:50-10:20 AM              Thu     10:25-10:55 AM
Thu   5:45-6:15 PM              Sat       8:30-9:00 AM           Thu     1:30-2:00 PM              Thu       2:05-2:35 PM
Sat 11:00-11:30 AM              Sat     11:30-12:00 PM           Thu     4:30-5:00 PM              Thu       5:05-5:35 PM
                                                                 Thu     6:15-6:45 PM
WATER PARK AND TRADITIONAL POOL                                  Fri   11:05-11:35 AM              Fri     11:40-12:10 PM
SCHEDULES ONLINE AT                              Fri     4:30-5:00 PM              Fri       5:05-5:35 PM
OR AT THE WELCOME CENTER                                         Sat   9:00-9:30 AM                Sat      9:35-10:05 AM
                                                                 Sat 10:10-10:40 AM                Sat     10:45-11:15 AM
                                                                 Sat 11:20-11:50 AM
Please see our Credit/Refund policy on page 7
                                                                 Sun 10:30-11:00 AM                Sun     11:05-11:35 AM

                                                CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 11
FOR the potential of every child and teen

6 TO 15 YRS - TRADITIONAL POOL                                    PRIVATE & SEMI-PRIVATE
Youth Progressive Swimming programs give special
attention to each child’s individual needs at the                 SWIM LESSONS
appropriate skill level.                                          Want to improve your child’s swim level and technique?
                                                                  We can help! Private and Semi-Private Swim lessons
PROGRESSIVE CLASS COSTS                                           are available anytime and do not have to coincide with
Member     $95           Potential Member     $163
                                                                  swim session! For more information: Betsy McCormick
                                                                  215-348-8131, x 1120.
POLLIWOG - 6 to 15 yrs
Introduction to basic swimming and safety skills. Will learn:     A Private or Semi-Private Lesson is a great way to
front crawl, back crawl, submersion, tread water, confidence      gain confidence, build endurance and learn technique.
in deep end.                                                      Perfect opportunity for adults, teens & children.

GUPPY - 6 to 15 yrs                                               Private Lessons
                                                                  8 half-hour sessions; 1:1 ratio
Prerequisite - Confidence in deep end, one half length of
                                                                  Member     $205           Potential Member     $289
front crawl and back crawl, tread water. Will learn: front
crawl with rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, intro to      Semi Private Lessons
breastroke, diving.                                               8 half-hour sessions; 2:1 ratio
                                                                  Member     $149*          Potential Member     $229*
Mon   5:30-6:10 PM             Mon       6:15-6:55 PM             8 half-hour sessions; 3:1 ratio
                                                                  Member     $108*          Potential Member     $179*
Tue   4:45-5:25 PM             Wed       4:20-5:00 PM
Wed   5:05-5:45 PM             Thu       6:15-6:55 PM             4 half-hour sessions - pricing available upon request
Fri   4:20-5:00 PM             Sat      9:45-10:25 AM
                                                                  *Prices are per participant
Sat 10:30-11:10 AM             Sat     11:15-11:55 AM
Sun 11:45-12:25 PM

MINNOW - 6 to 15 yrs                                            SHARK - 6 to 15 yrs
Prerequisite - swim one length of front crawl with rotary       Review and refine all strokes. Introduction to competitive
breathing, back crawl and elementary backstroke. Will learn:    starts, turns.
breastroke, sidestroke, open turns, refine rotary breathing.
                                                                PORPOISE - 6 to 15 yrs
Mon     5:30-6:10 PM           Mon       6:15-6:55 PM           Introduction to Lifeguarding skills. Refine competitive
Mon     7:00-7:40 PM           Tue       4:45-5:25 PM           strokes, starts and turns.
Wed     4:20-5:00 PM           Wed       5:05-5:45 PM
Thu     6:15-6:55 PM           Fri       4:20-5:00 PM           SHARK & PORPOISE
Sat    9:45-10:25 AM           Sat     10:30-11:10 AM           Tue  6:15-6:55 PM               Sat          9:00-9:40 AM
FISH - 6 to 15 yrs                                              STROKE & TURN AND TECHNIqUE CLASS
Prerequisite - swim 2 lengths of front crawl with rotary        7 to 15 yrs
breathing, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breastroke.    Improve endurance and refine technique in all four
Will learn: butterfly, stride dive, intro to flip turns.        competitive strokes. Develop competitive starts and turns.
                                                                Great class for swim team participants, those who
FLYING FISH - 6 to 15 yrs                                       want to join a swim team, or anyone who wants to
Prerequisite - swim 4 lengths of front crawl, back crawl,
                                                                work on strokes and build endurance. Prerequisite -
elementary backstroke and breaststroke. Will learn: flip
                                                                swim one length of freestyle, back crawl, breaststroke and
turns, refine butterfly, safety skills.
                                                                some knowledge of butterfly.
FISH & FLYING FISH                                              Mon*     4:40-5:25 PM           Sat    12:00-12:45 PM
Mon   7:00-7:40 PM             Tue          6:15-6:55 PM        Member     $97            Potential Member     $165
Sat   9:00-9:40 AM

12 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                  
AqUATICS                                                               NEW! QUICK START SWIM
                                                                         LESSONS FOR FALL
                                                                    PRESCHOOL                       PROGRESSIVE
                                                                    Mon & Thu 9:15-9:45 AM          Tue & Thu 5:30-6:10 PM
                                                                    Mon & Wed 6:35-7:05 PM
                                                                    Tue & Thu 5:40-6:10 PM
                                                                     Accelerated FALL Quick Start lessons are a great
                                                                     way to make progress quickly or get past a plateau.
                                                                     Lessons scheduled 2x a week so skills are reinforced
                                                                     frequently and swimmers make progress quickly in a
                                                                     shorter amount of time. (14 lessons in 7 weeks)

                                                                     Pre-School Class Costs
                                                                     Member       $162           Potential Member     $274
                                                                     Progressive Class Costs
                                                                     Member       $181           Potential Member     $310

SEPT 6 TO OCT 30; 8 WEEK SESSION                                  MINI SWIM SESSIONS
                                                                  Sept 26 to Oct 23 (4 lessons)
Central Bucks Family YMCA Dolphins Swim Team is a year-           Did you miss the opportunity to be in our regular Fall I
round (Sept-June) members-only team concentrating on our          swim session? Additional classes will be offered during our
core values: caring, responsibility, honesty and respect. Sign    4 week mini-sessions this year. Register for limited class
up for eight week sessions.                                       offerings at beginning Sept 16.
With experienced instructors and relaxed scheduling, the          Parent/Child Class Costs
Dolphin’s focus on proper development and technique               Member    $45              Potential Member   $75
of the four main strokes, swim endurance, and good                Pre-School Class Costs
sportsmanship. Participants practice 2 times a week with          Member    $49              Potential Member   $83
a 3rd optional time. New members - contact Betsy
                                                                  Progressive Class Costs
McCormick, x 1120, for placement and evaluation of
                                                                  Member    $54              Potential Member   $95
swim skills. Swimmers assigned 2 practice times/week.
                                                                  Stroke & Turn and Technique
Member    $132           *Optional 3rd practice, additional $50
                                                                  Member    $54              Potential Member   $95

Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 25 meters in freestyle         FREE SAMPLER CLASSES
and backstroke and pass deep water test. Swimmers                 Come join us for a free Swim Lesson Sampler, week of
assigned 2 practice times/week.                                   September 19 and October 24.
Thursday & Saturday OR         Friday & Sunday
Thu   4:30-5:30 PM             Fri      5:00-6:00 PM              SWIM SKILLS EVALUATION
Sat  12:00-1:00 PM             Sun      3:30-4:30 PM              A swim instructor will evaluate your child’s swimming ability
                                                                  for proper class placement.
Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 50 meters in freestyle,        KID SWIM
backstroke and breast stroke. Focus on improving                  Children ages 9-12 years may swim in the pool during rec
endurance, maintaining proper swim techniques,                    swim times if they pass the swim test, are signed in with
and developing competitive level skills. Swimmers assigned        a lifeguard and their PARENTS REMAIN IN THE BUILDING
2 practice times/week.                                            while they are swimming. Children under 7 must have
                                                                  PARENT IN THE WATER WITH THEM. Guest fees may apply.
7 to 10 yrs                    11 to 15 yrs
Wed     5:45-7:00 PM           Wed      7:00-8:15 PM              For questions or more details on Mini-Swim, Kid Swim,
Fri     6:00-7:30 PM           Fri      7:30-9:00 PM              Samplers or Evaluations, contact Betsy McCormick,
Sun     6:00-7:30 PM           Sun      4:30-6:00 PM              215-348-8131, x 1120 or
                                              CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 13
FOR the potential of every child and teen

SPORTS/PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                         PARENT-TOT SUPER SPORTS
                                                                  2 to 4 yrs          40 min     Gym A/B
                                                                  Opportunity for you and your child to bond and have fun
PARENT/CHILD CLASSES                                              together while learning a variety of sports. Improves skills
BABY Y’ERS                                                        such as catching, throwing, batting, shooting, passing and
6 to 18 mths          40 min    Gym A                             hand-eye coordination. Equipment provided.
Positive interaction between child and caregiver. Includes        Tue      6:00-6:40 PM           Fri      10:20-11:00 AM
developmentally appropriate and fun experiences as well as        Member     $70             Potential Member    $112
time for socializing and sharing.
Thu    9:30-10:10 AM
Member     $70              Potential Member      $112
                                                                           Y GYMNASTICS OPEN HOUSE
CLASS SAMPLER                                                                  Saturday, August 20 Noon-2 PM
1 to 3 yrs         40 min      Gym A
Sample the best parent/child classes including 2 weeks of          Food, entertainment and an introduction to our tumbling,
Musical Munchkins, Live Y’ers and Parent/Tot.                      parent & child and sports classes.
Wed 11:10-11:50 AM                                                 Free Sampler Classes – Must pre-register for
Member     $70              Potential Member      $112

DAD & CHILD SUPER SPORTS                                           Tuesday, August 30
3 to 5 yrs            40 min     Gym B                             9:30-10:00 Tiny Tumblers         10:00-10:30 Kindergymers
Dad and child play a host of sports together - soccer,             10:30-11:00 Beg Gym I            11:00-11:30 Beg Gym II
basketball, football, T-ball and other games.                      11:30-12:00 Dancenastics
Thu      6:00-6:40 PM
Member      $80             Potential Member      $128             Thursday, September 1
                                                                   4:00-4:30 Tiny Tumblers          4:30-5:00 Kindergymers
GYM KIDz                                                           5:00-5:30 Beg Gym I              5:30-6:00 Beg Gym II
2 to 4 yrs           40 min     Gym A                              6:00-6:30 Dancenastics
Allows your child to burn off some energy with a
combination of sports and tumbling. Dual class covers
dribbling a basketball to forward rolls. Perfect for the active
child and parent.
                                                                  Y GYMNASTICS - NEW!
                                                                  Classes have been adjusted by age and skill level creating a
Thu 10:20-11:00 AM                Fri      11:10-11:50 AM
                                                                  progression from Tiny Tumblers to Beginner Gymnastics II.
Member   $70        Potential Member    $112                      In each class students will have fun and socialize. At every
                                                                  level of our gymnastics program, children will develop their
LIVE Y’ERS                                                        tumbling skills and use gymnastics equipment. Students not
18 mths to 3 yrs     40 min     Gym A, B                          only increase their strength, flexibility and agility but also
Safe, well-equipped gym. Concentrates on balance,                 their confidence. Approximately 5:1 student: teacher ratio.
coordination, basic locomotor skills and social interaction.      Member   $80/*$70           Potential Member   $128/*$112
Parent bringing child or child must be a member to receive
Member rate.                                                      TINY TUMBLERS - AGES 3-4
Tue   6:00-6:40 PM                Wed          9:30-10:10 AM      Each child will learn fundamental tumbling skills.
Wed 10:20-11:00 AM                Fri          9:30-10:10 AM      Introduction to bar, balance beam and rings.
Sat 10:20-11:00 AM                                                Mon* 9:30-10:10 AM             Tue     9:30-10:10 AM
Member     $70              Potential Member      $112            Thu     6:00-6:40 PM           Sat     9:30-10:10 AM
                                                                  KINDERGYMERS - AGES 4-5
MUSICAL MUNCHKINS                                                 Students will continue to develop their fundamental
1 to 3 yrs           40 min    Gym A                              techniques and progress to independent tumbling skills.
Discover rhythms through the use of musical instruments           Additional skills will be taught on the balance beam, rings,
and our bodies. Helps to improve all other aspects of             and bar.
learning, including reading, math and cognitive thinking.         Mon* 11:10-11:50 AM              Tue     10:20-11:00 AM
Mon* 10:20-11:00 AM                                               SAT 11:10-11:50 AM
Member   $70/*$62            Potential Member     $112/*$98       *Pro-rated for Labor Day
14 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                     
BEGINNER GYMNASTICS I - AGES 5-6                                  YOUTH & TEEN SPORTS CLASSES
Introduction to advanced skills on our GYM KIDZ Circuit.
Progressing to independent and more complex tumbling              PRIVATE BASKETBALL LESSONS
skills.                                                           All ages - Four 40 minute sessions. One-on-one private
Tue 11:10-11:50 AM             Tue       2:00-2:40 PM             instruction. Focuses on the fundamentals of basketball and
Thu 11:10-11:50 AM             Thu       5:10-5:50 PM             skill development. Contact Andrew Yannarella, x 1176 to
                                                                  schedule times.
GIRLS GYMNASTICS - AGES 5-6                                       Member   $60     Potential Member     $90
Girl’s gymnastics class focuses on skills utilizing the uneven
bars and balance beam.                                            BASKETBALL SKILLS
Thu      1:45-2:25 PM                                             4 1/2 to 6 yrs       40/60 min Gym A/B
                                                                  Dribbling, passing, shooting, teamwork and fair play are
BOYS GYMNASTICS - AGES 5-6                                        emphasized. Game play every class.
Boy’s gymnastics class focuses on skills utilizing the parallel   Tue 10:20-11:00 AM              Wed     1:45-2:25 PM
bars and rings. Strength building activities and games.
Fri 10:20-11:00 AM                                                5 to 7 yrs         Gym A/B
                                                                  Designed to develop additional skills and teamwork. Game
BEGINNER GYMNASTICS II - AGES 6-8                                 play is included.
Students will take their independent tumbling skills and          Mon* 4:20-5:00 PM             Tue        4:20-5:00 PM
apply them to the GYM KIDS circuit. For example cartwheel         7 to 9 yrs          Gym B
and handstand on balance beam and flips on the uneven             Tue      5:00-6:00 PM
bars.                                                             8 to 12 yrs     Gym A
Tue     4:20-5:00 PM                                              Mon* 5:00-6:00 PM               Wed           5:50-6:30 PM
GIRLS GYMNASTICS - AGES 6-8                                       60-Minute Class
Girl’s gymnastics class focuses on more advanced skills           Member     $90/*$79        Potential Member     $138/*$121
                                                                  40-Minute Classes
utilizing the uneven bars and balance beam.
                                                                  Member      $80/*$70       Potential Member     $128/*$112
Tue       5:10-5:50 PM

BOYS GYMNASTICS - AGES 6-8                                        MINI HOOPSTERS
Boy’s gymnastics class focuses on more advanced skills            40 min Gym A
                                                                  An introduction to the game of basketball and basic skills.
utilizing the parallel bars and rings. Strength building
                                                                  Nets lowered to 6 ft.
activities and games.
Thu       6:50-7:30 PM                                            3 to 4 yrs
                                                                  Mon* 11:10-11:50 AM             Thu         9:30-10:10 AM
DANCENASTICS - AGES 6-8                                           Member     $80/*$70        Potential Member     $128/*$112
Dancenastics is a gymnastics class with a focus on floor
tumbling. The goal for each session is to create a floor          SOCCER SKILLS*
routine that each child will learn and perform. A few dance       3 to 4 yrs         40 min      Gym A/Outside
techniques will be introduced and blended with tumbling           Designed to introduce child to the game.
skills.                                                           Wed                    2:30-3:10 PM
Tue      6:50-7:30 PM
                                                                  5 to 7 yrs         40 min     Gym A/Outside
JUMP, RUN AND TUMBLE FUN                                          Designed to develop additional skills and teamwork. Game
All ages            Gym A/B                                       play is included.
Come use our new GYM KIDZ CIRCUIT TRAINER with your               Wed      4:20-5:00 PM
child any or all of the times below. No instruction.
Tue    12:00-1:30 PM            Tue           2:40-4:20 PM        8 to 12 yrs        40 min     Gym A/Outside
Thu    12:00-1:30 PM            Thu           2:30-5:00 PM        Designed to develop additional skills and teamwork. Game
Member      $40            Potential Member     $75               play is included.
Drop-In Daily Rate - $10                                          Wed      5:00-5:40 PM
                                                                  Member     $80             Potential Member     $128

                                                                  * Outside classes held on field behind Y playground.

                                                 CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 15
FLAG FOOTBALL SKILLS*                                           TEAM BASKETBALL
Non-competitive program to teach basic skills as well as        12 to 16 yrs         Courts/Gym A
concepts of teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship.            Wed      4:00-5:00 PM
MINI BLITzERS                                                   Member     $0            Potential Member    $10
5 to 6 yrs         40 min    Gym B/Outside
Mon 10:20-11:00 AM
                                                                * Outside classes held on field behind Y playground.
Member     $80            Potential Member      $128
6 to 8 yrs      40 min          Gym B/Outside
Mon* 4:20-5:00 PM               Thu     4:20-5:00 PM            TEEN LEAGUES
Member     $80/*$70       Potential Member      $128/*$112      Contact Andrew Yannarella, 215-348-8131, x 1176 or
5 to 6 yrs           40 min     Outside on Courts               BASKETBALL
Learn stick control, passing, shooting and team work.           12 to 16 yrs     Courts/Gym A
Coached by U.S. Hockey Certified Coach Jay DePue.               Open gym basketball for teens in a fun, recreational setting.
Thu      10:20-11:00 AM                                         Fri      4:00-6:00 PM
Member   $80      Potential Member    $128                      Member     $0            Potential Member    $10

T-BALL CLASS*                                                   DODGEBALL
MINI-T’S - 3 to 4 yrs          40 min Gym B/Outside             7th to 9th grade               Gym B
Tue 11:10-11:50 AM                                              Recreational.
T-BALL - 4 to 6 yrs         40 min Gym B/Outside
                                                                Fri      2:30-4:00 PM
Tue                 2:30-3:10 PM
Learn the basics of T-ball, hitting, catching and base
                                                                10th to 12th grade             Gym B
Member   $80      Potential Member    $128
                                                                Thu    8:00-10:00 PM
                                                                Member     $0            Potential Member    $10
Member     $80/*$70       Potential Member      $128/*$112
                                                                OUTDOOR SPORTS
PRESCHOOL SPORTS EXPLOSION                                      12 to 16 yrs         Outside Courts
3 to 4 yrs            40 min     Gym B/Outside                  Variety of sports.
The active pre-schooler learns about different games like       Tue      4:00-5:00 PM
soccer, football, tee ball and basketball in a fun learning     Member     $0            Potential Member    $10
environment. Active games are also taught.
Mon* 1:45-2:25 PM               Tue          9:30-10:10 AM      RUNNING CLUB
Fri 9:30-10:10 AM                                               12 to 16 yrs       Courts/Gym A
Member     $80            Potential Member      $128
                                                                Call 215-348-8131, x 1147.
SPORTS EXPLOSION                                                Tue/Thu 3:00-5:00 PM
5 to 6 yrs           40 min     Gym B/Outside                   Member     $0            Potential Member    $10
For active kids! Children play sports and games in a learning
environment. Children also learn the value of teamwork and      VOLLEYBALL
sportsmanship and they play along side other children.          12 to 17 yrs         Gym B
Tue   1:45-2:25 PM              Thu           6:50-7:30 PM      Recreational.
Fri 11:10-11:50 AM                                              Sat      2:00-4:00 PM
                                                                Member $0 Potential Member      $10
All ages              40 min     Gym A/Outside
Traditional instructor led gym class focusing on fitness and
active participation in various sports.
Mon      2:30-3:10 PM
Member   $40      Potential Member    $164

16 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                   
     Contact Andrew Yannarella 215-348-8131, x 1176
                                                                        ADULT LEAGUES
                                                                        Contact Andrew Yanarella, 215-348-8131, x 1176. Must be
                                                                        registered prior to start date.
              Member $84; Potential Member $136
         FALL SPORTS - Begin September 10                               18 yrs to Adult Gym A
                                                                        8-Week Session begins September 8
                                                                        Thu      8:00-10:00 PM
                           SOCCER                                       Member   $0          Potential Member   $53
         Mini-Strikers (3 yrs) • 4 to 5 yrs •	6 to 8 yrs
                  Saturdays 8 AM to NOON
                     FLAG FOOTBALL                                      Contact Andrew to secure your team spot!
                            6 to 8 yrs
            Saturdays 11 AM to 12:30 PM                                 COMPETITIVE/REC VOLLEYBALL
                                                                        Begins September 11
                                                                        18 yrs to Adult   Gym A/B
         COMPETITIVE TOUCH FOOTBALL                                     Gym A - COMPETITIVE*    Gym B - REC
                           9 to 13 yrs
               Saturdays 8:30-10:30 AM                                  Sun      3:00-5:00 PM
                                                                        Rec                  Member $0          Potential Member   $53
                                                                        Competitive          Member $0          Potential Member   $53
                           7 to 10 yrs                                  OVER 35 4-ON-4 BASKETBALL
            Saturdays 11 AM to 12:30 PM                                 Begins September 12
                                                                        35 yrs+      10 weeks
                     CROSS COUNTRY                                      Cross court games. Competitive and fun. YMCA jersey
                          5 to 14 yrs yrs                               required. ($10-$12) TEAMS NEEDED.
               Saturdays 9:00-10:00 AM                                  Mon      7:30-10:30 PM
                                                                        Member        $57*           Potential Member    $80*
                  Sports Leagues
                  sponsored by     Penglase & Benson, Inc.
                                                                        *Plus weekly referee’s fees, paid at each game.
                                      Attorneys at Law

                                                                        OPEN LEAGUE 4-ON-4 BASKETBALL
                                                                        Begins September 11
                                                                        18 yrs to Adult 10 weeks
SPORT CLINICS                                                           Four on four cross court games. Competitive and
THURSDAYS 4 TO 6 PM                                                     advanced. YMCA jersey required. ($10-$12) TEAMS
5 to 12 years                                                           NEEDED.
Get ready for your sports season with Central Bucks Family              Sun      6:00-9:00 PM
YMCA’s one day sports clinics. Focuses on skill development             Member        $57*           Potential Member    $80*
and game play. Contact Andrew Yanarella, 215-348-8131, x
176 or                                           *Plus weekly referee’s fees, paid at each game.

FLAG FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMP                                             OPEN LEAGUE 5-ON-5 BASKETBALL
September 1                                                             Begins September 7
                                                                        18 yrs to Adult 10 weeks Gym
SOCCER                                                                  Five on five full court games with two officials. Full stats
September 8                                                             recorded. Bring your “A” game. YMCA jersey required.
Member      $15            Potential Member            $20
                                                                        Wed      6:45-10:45 PM
                                                                        Member        $70*           Potential Member    $95*

                                                                        *Plus weekly referee’s fees, paid at each game.

                                                        CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 17
FOR the potential of every child and teen

TEEN CENTER                                                                      FREE MEMBERSHIP
A Y Supervisor is on site at all times to ensure safe
responsible use of the center. It was designed to give young                          7TH GRADERS!
people a place to hang out, socialize and have fun.
Teens are encouraged to make the place their own by                       SEPTEMBER 6, 2011-AUGUST 31, 2012
suggesting and planning events they would like to see                        Contact Kevin Crail, 215-348-8131, x 1147 or
happen. For information about upcoming events, or to                       for details.
become involved in Teen Leaders, contact Jay DePue
215-348-8131, x 1143,              TEEN CLASSES
                                                                    BABYSITTER TRAINING
FALL HOURS                                                          11 to 14 yrs         8 weeks
Mon - Closed. Tue-Thu 3 to 9 PM; Fri* 3 to 7 PM;
                                                                    Learn essential babysitting skills! Curriculum includes:
Sat & Sun 1 Sun 1 to 6 PM
                                                                    Babysitting as a business, behavior management and first
*Hours may change due to special events.
                                                                    aid skills. Certification through Safe-Sitter.
TEEN CENTER RENTALS                                                 Thu       6:00-7:00 PM
Enjoy your next party at the Teen Center! Sat or Sun nights         Member               $75           Potential Member     $110
Only. Call Jay DePue, 215-348-8131, x 1143 for info/
availability.                                                       PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS
                                                                    6 yrs to Adult             Four 1/2 hour lessons
Member     $108/hr        Potential Member     $125/hr
                                                                    One-on-one instruction with a qualified instructor. Must
Entertainment Package - $100; use of sound system, lighting, game
console and TV’s.                                                   have acoustic or electric guitar. Contact Sean Kelly at
                                                           for availability.
                                                                    Member    $100      Potential Member      $125
       MONDAY                TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                   FRIDAY               SATURDAY

    Crail’s Running/                                                                                                  Dodgeball*
                            Skate Park          Homework Help           Skate Park             Homework Help
     Walking Club*         3:00-9:00pm           3:00-5:00pm           3:00-9:00pm              3:00-5:00pm
                                                                                                                     (7-9 Grade-Gym)
     3:00-5:00pm                                                                                                      11:00-1:00pm

      Skate Park           Fashion Club            Music Club           Book Club                Skate Park            Skate Park
     3:00-9:00pm           3:00-4:00pm            3:00-5:00pm          3:00-4:00pm              3:00-9:00pm           1:00-9:00pm

                                                                                                Basketball*           Teen Center
    Teen Spinning          Teen zumba              Skate Park           Running*
                                                                                                   (Gym)               Hang zone
     3:15-4:00pm           4:15-5:00pm            3:00-9:00pm          3:00-5:00pm
                                                                                                4:00-7:00pm           1:00-6:00pm

                              Sports             Team B’ball*
   Outdoor Courts                                                     Video Games                Teen Nights
                         (Outdoor Courts)           (Gym)
    4:00-6:00pm                                                       4:00-5:00pm               7:00-10:00pm
                           5:00-6:00pm           4:00-5:00pm

                           Theater Club            Boot Camp           Theater Club

                           5:00-6:00pm            4:15-5:00pm          5:00-6:00pm

                            Movie Club
                                                 Youth & Gov’t
                                                                      Teen Leaders
                                                    Cooking            Dodgeball*                          *See page 16
                            Talk Back
                                                 (Teen Center)      (10-12 Grade-Gym)
                                                  7:00-8:00pm          7:00-8:00pm

18 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                         
TEEN LEADERSHIP                                                  SKATE PARK - OPEN TO DEC 31
TEEN LEADERS - FREE                                              (weather permitting)
Grades 7th-12th       Every Thursday 5:30-7:00 PM                MEMBERSHIP
Program to focus on building character and emphasizing           8 yrs to Adult
the importance of community through discussion, team
building activities and community service projects. FREE         4 MONTH MEMBERSHIP - SEPT 1-DEC 31                     $66
PIZZA at every meeting!                                          For a full description of park & park rules, stop by the
                                                                 Welcome Center or the Skate Park office.
7th-12th graders Every Wednesdaqy 5:00-6:00 PM                   FALL HOURS
If you’re a student who enjoys arguing your point and            Mon-Fri    3 to 9 PM           Sat & Sun 1 to 6 PM
expressing your opinion, then Youth & Government is for          Beginner Session - 6 to 12 yrs - Sat 10 AM-1 PM
you! Join your peers and experience what this student-
led club at the Y is all about. Youth and Government is a
national YMCA program that runs from September to May.                        CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA
                                                                           AMATEUR SKATE CONTEST
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - 7 TO 10 PM                                                     Saturday, October 15
1st Friday of the month           4th-6th graders                              Registration/Warm-up - Noon-2 PM
Hang-out in the Teen Center and have some fun! Wii,                                   Contest begins - 2 PM
Kinect, pool, board games and $1 snack bar. Staff will take
                                                                                          Contest Entry
participants to the pool and gymnasium as well.
                                                                              Member - $15     Potential Member - $20
Participants must be signed-in by an adult and may not
                                                                                     Coalition Member - Free
leave the facility until they are picked up by an adult. Skate
Park not included in activities. Must register online. No
money accepted at the door.
                                                                 NEW! SKATE COALITION
Member    $5      Potential Member   $10                         8 to 17 yrs
PERFORMANCES                                                     Join the Central Bucks Family YMCA Skate Coalition for
2nd Friday of the month 7th thru 12th graders                    exclusive skate times! Take trips to other skate parks
Come check out live music and performances!                      (admission fees may apply), participate in special events.
Participants may come and go as they please.                     Receive a Skate Club T-shirt and more. Be a member of the
Member    $5      Potential Member   $10
                                                                 original group! Must be a member to join.
                                                                 Annual Fee         $99
3rd Friday of the month 7th graders
Must have active 7th grade membership                            SKATEBOARD CLASSES
This Teen Night is for 7th graders only and includes time in     5 to 6 yrs & 6 to 12 yrs       8 week sessions
the teen center with the option to go swimming or shoot          Intro to skateboarding and skate parks. Equipment required
hoops in the gym. Participants may come and go as they           to participate: skateboard, helmet, (no bike helmets) elbow
please.                                                          and knee pads.
                                                                 MINI-SHREDDERS (5 to 6 yrs)
                                                                 Thu 9:30-10:30 AM        Sat 9:30-10:30 AM
4th Friday of the month 7th thru 9th graders
                                                                 Member     $97             Potential Member    $153
Member $0 NonMember $5
Teen Night for middle schoolers only includes time in the
                                                                 BEGINNER SKATERS (6 to 12 yrs)
Teen Center with music and games. Option to go swimming
                                                                 Sat 9:00-10:00 AM
or shoot hoops in the gym. Participants may come and go as
                                                                 Member     $92             Potential Member    $146
they please.

                                                                 SKATE PARK BIRTHDAY PARTY
                                                                 6 yrs to Adult       Call for Schedule
                                                                 For more information on Skate Park programs, contact Jay
                                                                 DePue, 215-348-8131, x 1143. Sponsorships available.
                                             CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 19
FOR the potential of every child and teen

STARS SPECIAL NEEDS                                               INTERMEDIATE STARS SWIM
                                                                  6 yrs+              Traditional Pool
The STARS program (Sharing and Teaching for all Abilities
to Realize Self-Strengths) is committed to providing              Able to swim independently from parents with face in the
premier adapted physical activities programs that reach           water, jump in pool and use little floatation - Intro to basic
out to the special needs population and their families in         swim strokes on front and back, sit dives, rotary breathing
the local CBFYMCA area. Contact Brooke Johnston, 215-             and water safety.
348-8131, x 1141 or                        Thu      5:05-5:35 PM           Sun     10:15-10:45 AM
                                                                  Member     $85            Potential Member     $144

7 WEEK SESSION - SEP 6 TO OCT 23                                  ADVANCED STARS SWIM
SWIMMING -                                                        6 yrs+               Traditional Pool
All new participants must be evaluated prior to beginning in      May not use floatation belts - Work on improving strokes
classes to ensure swimmer is in the most appropriate class.       and endurance, diving (kneeling and standing), rotary
                                                                  breathing and water safety skills. (All diving will be practiced
STARS GROUP SWIM                      30 MIN                      in the Traditional Pool.)
                                                                  Thu      5:40-6:10 PM           Sun       9:40-10:10 AM
LITTLE STARS SWIM                                                 Member     $85            Potential Member     $144
6 mths to 4 yrs       Water Park Pool
(Parent/Child aquatics class) - Children learn aquatic
readiness skills in a fun environment with songs and games.
                                                                  LAND CLASSES - SEPT 6 TO OCT 30
                                                                  Adapted Physical Activities
Swim diapers are required.
6-18 mths     *Sat         9:00-9:30 AM                           INTRO TO SPORTS
19 mths-3 yrs *Thu         6:15-6:45 PM                           8 yrs+             Gym B
2-4 yrs       *Sat         8:30-9:00 AM                           Progressive skill development. Students will participate
Member     $79            Potential Member     $126               in a variety of sports in a small group setting with
                                                                  peers. Siblings welcome!
*denotes mainstreamed classes.
Small group classes; great option for socialization and skill     Sat   12:15-12:55 PM
development.                                                      Member     $96            Potential Member     $144

BEGINNER STARS SWIM - LEVEL 1                                     NEW! SOCIAL STARS
4 yrs+               Water Park Pool                              13 to 18 yrs
Willing to separate from parent/caregiver unless required         Teen Center
for behavior or physical assistance - Learn to swim               Teen Leaders and STARS staff members facilitate and
independently on front; work on developing breath control         encourage participation in activities and cooperative games.
skills and swimming with face in the water.                       Includes pool tables, Foosball, Wii, Xbox, computer access,
                                                                  board games, card games, more. Snacks and beverages
Sat 11:00-11:30 AM              Sun          9:00-9:30 AM         available for purchase.
Tue   6:00-6:30 PM                                                Thu      4:00-6:00 PM           (Optional 6:00-7:00)
Member     $85            Potential Member     $144               Member              $0          (Meeting or volunteer/fundraising)
                                                                                                  (Requires additional registration)
5 yrs+                                                            STARS YOGA
A beginner class for the advancing swimmer. Will learn swim       7 to 13 yrs           Studio D
skills on their back, floating, gliding/streamline position and   Beginning Yoga for children with special needs. Enjoy
will improve prone position. Intro to water safety.               the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. Class
                                                                  will focus on physical posture and breathing exercises to
Tue   6:35-7:05 PM              Water Park Pool                   build strength, flexibility and stamina. Parent and siblings
Sat 11:35-12:05 PM              Water Park Pool                   encouraged to attend. Great way to decompress.
Sun 11:00-11:30 AM              Traditional Pool
                                                                  Tue      5:30-6:15 PM
Member     $85            Potential Member     $144
                                                                  Member     $76            Potential Member     $114

     Financial Assistance - Based on the availability of funds, and space available no one who qualifies will be
    turned away due to an inability to pay. If you need assistance, contact the YMCA at 215-348-8131, x 1139.

20 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                    
KARATE KIDz: DRAGON WARRIORz                                   SPECIAL EVENTS
5 to 8 yrs 30 min Studio D
Positive experience offering skills and tasks that can be      STARS Skate Park
accomplished with practice. Basic karate techniques mixed
with interactive games and exercises to develop self-esteem
                                                               Saturday, September 18 - Noon - 2 PM
                                                               Come Join the STARS staff and Skate Park Instructors for a
and confidence. Children learn respect, humility, focus and
                                                               chance to learn how to skateboard. Protective gear required.
discipline while getting exercise and having fun.
Tue&Thu 5:45-6:15 PM            Tue&Thu 6:25-6:55 PM           STARS Halloween Night Out
Member    $69             Potential Member    $109             Friday, October 28 -5-9 PM
                                                               STARS 3rd Annual Halloween Night at The Market at Del
                                                               Val. Event will include a friendly hayride around the Del Val
PRIVATE LESSONS                                                Campus and a brief visit with the animals; pumpkin picking;
Flexible options for all levels once or twice a week.
                                                               cider and hot chocolate (for purchase) and socializing
Instruction geared toward individuals who may benefit more
                                                               around a bon fire. $6 per person
from a personalized instruction setting.

Lesson packages of 8, 10, 15, 20, 24 & 40 available.           SPECIAL NEEDS MEMBERSHIPS - SEE PAGE 4
Please contact Brooke Johnston, 215-348-8131,                  SPECIAL NEEDS SCOUTS - SEE PAGE 34
x 1141 for details and scheduling.

Infant to Adult
Participant will acquire water safety, swimming skills and
self-confidence in private lesson working one-on-one with
professional instructor. (Additional packages available).
                                                                  STARS AFTER 2 - CLUB
                                                                  HOUSE - 2:30 TO 5 PM*
STARS ONE-ON-ONE FITNESS                                          Extra curricular option
7 yrs to Adult     8 half-hour sessions                           focusing on activities to help
Work one–on–one with a professional instructor to develop         develop peer interaction,
strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and        social skills while increasing
functional skills. Workouts individually designed with            physical activity. Registration
participants goals in mind. (Additional packages available).      form & schedule available
                                                                  FALL I - AUG 29 TO OCT 28
FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS                                        12 to 21 yrs with special needs; Max: 20 participants
8 half-hour sessions
Strength and endurance training for parents/caregivers of
                                                                  Mon*    2:30-5:00   PM      Social/Peer Activities
individuals with special needs. Great option if you need to
                                                                  Tue     2:30-5:00   PM      Group Fitness
provide physical assistance and it is becoming difficult as       Wed     2:30-5:00   PM      Swim 4-5 PM
child grows.                                                      Thu     2:30-5:00   PM      Communication/Social Skills
Member    $205            Potential Member   $289                 Fri     2:30-5:00   PM      Team Sports & Gym Games

                                                                  *Extended care 5-6 PM - $5/day
         SEEKERS - SEPT THRU JUNE                                 Drop-In Rates for STARS after 2:
                                                                  Member (M); Potential Member (PM)
  A recreation program for adults with special needs
                                                                  1 day/wk-8 weeks:         M, $100; PM, $130
  to enjoy a variety of structured activities, including          2 days/wk-8 weeks:        M, $188; PM $244
  crafts, pool (optional), gym games and ample                    3 days/wk-8 weeks:        M, $276; PM, $359
  social opportunities with peers.                                4 days/wk-8 weeks:        M, $352; PM, $458
  Mon     4:00-7:00 PM                                            5 days/wk-8 weeks:        M, $420; PM, $546
  10 wk session - Member, $99; Potential Member, $109             DROP-IN RATES:            M, $15/day; PM, $20/day

                                              CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 21
FOR the potential of every child and teen

YOUTH & TEEN FITNESS                                              YOGA FOR KIDz
                                                                  5 to 12 yrs            Studio D
Contact Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or
                                                                  Focus on physical posture and breathing exercises to build
YOUTH STRENGTH & FITNESS ORIENTATION                              strength, flexibility and stamina, offering physical and
10 to 11 yrs          Fitness Center      Available to Members    mental health benefits.
Comprehensive program teaches fundamentals of exercise            Thu     5:00-5:45 PM
and weight training. Completion of program required
                                                                  Member $49/session         Potential Member   $89/session
before child is permitted to use the facility with parental
supervision. Parents must accompany child to first and            FREE TRIAL CLASS: MUST REGISTER
last class of session. Must attend all sessions. New class        Sep 8    5:00-5:45 PM
begins 1st Mon & Tues of every month.
8 Classes 2x/week                                                 zUMBATOMIC™
Mon/Wed 5:15–6:15 PM            Tue/Thu 5:15–6:15 PM              6 to 12 yrs            Studio D
Tue/Thu       7:00–8:00 PM                                        Sure, chillin’ out is cool. But rockin’ out is a blast! That’s
Member     $0                                                     why you’re gonna love the Zumbatomic® fitness program
                                                                  for kids. It’s a fast-forward fusion of the Zumba™ program’s
YOUTH CARDIO FITNESS                                              moves (salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and more) and
6 to 11 yrs    40 min           Studio A/Gym B*                   high-octane workouts designed to let kids max out on fun
Cardio conditioning class for kids helps increase endurance       and fitness all at the same time. Watch your child’s energy
while having fun! Limited enrollment; members only.               and fitness levels soar as they get the groove.
Contact Kevin Crail, 215-348-8131, x 1147 or kcrail@                                                      Tue      4:15-5:00 PM
Mon      4:15-4:55 PM            Mon*      6:00-6:40 PM
                                                                  Member $49/session         Potential Member $89/session
Wed      4:15-4:55 PM            (8 to 11 yrs)
Member     $0                                                     FREE TRIAL CLASS: MUST REGISTER
                                                                  Sep 6    4:15-5:00 PM
zUMBATOMIC™ LIL ONES                                              ATHLETIC STRONG - WEIGHT TRAINING AND
4 to 6 yrs          Studio D
Improvement through movement! This is a high energy               CONDITIONING FOR TEENS
class where your child will learn easy routines to kid-friendly   14 to 18 yrs    60 min        Fitness Center
                                                                  Designed to help teens learn proper form and techniques
songs. The goal of ZumbAtomic Lil Ones is to create a
                                                                  when using equipment in the Fitness Center as well as
fun, healthy program for children using the Zumba Fitness
                                                                  improve speed and agility. Maximize your athletic potential.
concept. Kids are invited to put on some comfortable clothes
                                                                  New 4-week class begins 1st Tues OR Thur of every
and shoes and come join the party!                                month.
Tue      5:00-5:30 PM                                             Tue     6:00-7:00 PM          Thu       6:00-7:00 PM
                                                                  Member     $20           Potential Member     $40
Member $49/session          Potential Member $89/session
FREE TRIAL CLASS: MUST REGISTER                                   TEEN SPINNING®
Sep 6    5:00-5:30 PM                                             12 to 18 yrs       40 min    Spin Room
                                                                  Indoor group cycling class combines great music with fun
                                                                  cardio workout! Learn bike set-up, proper form, and basic
TEEN STRENGTH & FITNESS ORIENTATION                               Spinning® techniques while having fun & getting fit.
12 to 14 yrs          60 min    Fitness Center
Teens and “Tweens” can condition with specifically designed       Mon      3:15-3:55 PM          NO CLASS ON SCHOOL HOLIDAYS
exercises to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and            Member     $0            Potential Member     $106
speed. Introduces fundamentals of fitness with supervised
instruction on strength and cardio equipment. Limited to
8 participants. This 4 week class is required for 12-14 yr
olds before they may use the Fitness Center equipment
independently. New class begins 1st Mon or Tues of every
8 Classes 2x/week
Mon/Wed4:15–5:15 PM              Mon/Wed 7:00–8:00 PM
Tue/Thu 4:15–5:15 PM             Tue/Thu 7:00–8:00 PM
Member     $0

22 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                    
FOR the nation’s health and well-being

AqUATICS                                                          NAUI SCUBA
                                                                  12 yrs to Adult      Club House
SPECIALTY SWIM PROGRAMS - SEP 6-OCT 30                            National Association of Underwater Instructors - Learn
                                                                  fundamentals of safe diving, care and selection of scuba
8 WEEK SESSIONS UNLESS NOTED                                      gear and diving first aid. Come to the first class and try for
                                                                  free. Contact Underwater World to register - 215-672-4180.
AqUAEROBICS - NEW FRI 8 AM WATER PARK POOL CLASS!                 Bring bathing suit and towel to first class.
14 yrs to Adult     Traditional Pool (except as noted)
Low impact exercise class, with part in deep (10 AM classes       Tue 6:30 PM-9:30 PM              Sept 6 to Nov 8 - 10 weeks
are deep end) and part in shallow water (floatation devices       Sat    9:00-3:00 PM              Oct 1 to 22 - 4 weeks
provided). A combination of warm-up, cardiovascular               Fee               $195
workout, stretching and flexibility exercises, cool down and
relaxation exercises. Classes in Water Park Pool on               SYNCHRO SWIMMING
Mon, Wed and Fri at 8 AM.                                         14 yrs to Adult
Mon* 8:00-9:00 AM               Mon*     9:00-10:00 AM            Competent swimmers develop agility, endurance and body
Mon* 10:00-11:00 AM             Mon*      1:00-2:00 PM            control through synchronized swimming and water ballet
Tue   9:00-10:00 AM             Tue       7:00-8:00 PM            routines. Ability to swim basic strokes needed. Nose plugs
Wed    8:00-9:00 AM             Wed      9:00-10:00 AM            a must. FREE TRIAL CLASS! Choose a date and contact
Wed 10:00-11:00 AM              Thu      9:00-10:00 AM            Betsy McCormick to register, 215-348-8131, x 1120.
Thu 10:00-11:00 AM              Thu       1:00-2:00 PM
                                                                  Tue 11:00-12:15 AM
Thu    7:00-8:00 PM             Fri       8:00-9:00 AM
                                                                  Member     $26             Potential Member       $51
Fri   9:00-10:00 AM

Need a high intensity, low impact workout just like the           14 yrs to Adult
sweat land classes but in water? Try our new SPEED                Refine your swim strokes for competition, whether you are a
WORKOUT! Christine Alymer, an experienced Speed Workout           seasoned triathlete or preparing for your first triathlon.
instructor will lead you through a class guaranteed to get        Mon     5:30-6:30 PM
your heart rate up! Class conducted in deep water.                Member     $96             Potential Member       $162
Thu 11:00-12:00 PM              Traditional Pool
Member     $0             Potential Member    $138/*$121          AMERICAN RED CROSS TRAINING
                                                                  CBF YMCA is the area’s premiere lifeguard
ARTHRITIS AqUATICS                                                training center, running classes and programs
Designed for all ages with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other      year-round. Contact Beth Tormey for details at
rheumatic related conditions. The Arthritis Foundation and        215-348-8131, x 1183 or 215-348-1183.
Y promote physical activity to reduce pain and disability
while increasing strength, mobility and flexibility. Swimming     RED CROSS LIFEGUARDING
ability not required. Experienced and certified instructors;      15 yrs+              Traditional Pool
accessible steps, hydraulic chair lift available. New entrants,   Prerequisite - 15 yrs+, strong swimming skills, ability to
contact Betsy McCormick, x 1120.                                  swim the equivalent of 500 meters of front crawl (freestyle),
Mon* & Thu      11:30-12:30 PM Tue & Fri 9:00-10:00 AM            backstroke and breaststroke. Course includes CPR for the
                               Tue & Fri 10:00-11:00 AM           Professional Rescuer/ AED, and Standard First Aid.Successful
                                                                  course completion involves both written and practical
Member     $57/*$54       Potential Member    $86/*$80
TEEN/ADULT SWIM LESSONS                                           Tuesdays, Sept 6 to Oct 25 & Nov 1 to Dec 20
14 yrs to Adult                                                   6:00-10:00 PM (8 weeks)
Learn basic aquatic skills, survival techniques and improve
                                                                  Saturdays, Sept 10 to Oct 15 & Oct 22 to Nov 26
your swimming ability for all strokes.
                                                                  1:00-6:00 PM (6 weeks)
Mon*     6:30-7:00 PM           Wed     11:00-11:30 AM
                                                                  Members    $250            Potential Member $300
Member     $79/*$69       Potential Member    $150/*$131

MASTERS SWIM                                                      LIFEGUARD RE-CERTIFICATION
18 yrs to Adult                                                   Must hold current Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate.
National coed fun and fitness program for a great workout.        Sat, Sun, Mon, Oct 8, 9 & 10, Noon to 4 PM
Satisfactory performance of freestyle, backstroke and breast
                                                                  Members    $150            Potential Member $200
stroke required. Great for the tri-athlete looking to fine tune
their swimming. Competition strictly up to the individual.
                                                                  *Pro-rated for Labor Day
Mon* & Thu 8:00-9:30 PM
Member     $0             Potential Member    $191/*$179

                                              CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 23
FOR the nation’s health and well-being

HEALTH & WELLNESS                                            COMBYNE
                                                             CONDITIONING FOR THE TOTAL ATHLETE
                                                             12 to 15 yrs+
 LEAD A HEALTHIER LIFE!                                      Attention athletes! The Combyne consists of a catalytic
 START WITH A FITNESS EVALUATION                             mixture of ballistic plyometrics, agility work and chaotic
                                                             muscle techniques designed to take your game to the next
 ON THE ROAD TO HEALTHY LIVING                               level. Get directional conditioning this off season to reach
 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single         peak performance for when the game is on. Participants will
 step.”                                                      be assessed and trained in speed, power, agility, reaction
                                                             and quickness. This co-ed program is for serious athletes
 Begin your journey to health and fitness with a step        looking to improve in all sports. Participants are broken
 in the right direction by signing up for a Fitness          up into 2 separate age groups: 13-14 year olds and 15+
 Evaluation. Meet one-on-one with a personal trainer to:     year olds. Participation is limited so that there will always
 • Find your starting point – baseline assessments reveal    be a 8:1 participant to trainer ratio. Trainers are certified
    your current level in important areas of fitness         as International Youth Conditioning Association Specialists.
 • Decide where you are going – pick areas you want to       The assessment is modeled after the Nike SPARQ combines.
    improve or change and set goals
 • Set a plan to get there – personal trainer designs a      Tue & Thu          4:00-5:00 PM
    program to help you meet your goals by making small      Member      $179           Potential Member   $269
    but noticeable progress
                                                             HEALTH TRACK
 Choose the option that fits your needs:                     All Aboard the Health Train!
 BASIC FITNESS EVALUATION - FREE TO MEMBERS                  12 yrs to Adult         45 min
 14 yrs to Adult                                             Community Room/Fitness Center
 Using the Polar “BodyAge” assessment tool, your
                                                             Join us for an 8 week follow up to Summer Slim
 evaluation determines your personal “starting points”
                                                             Down. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle. This class will provide
 for important components of fitness including:
                                                             continued support during our journey towards weight loss
 • Cardiovascular fitness
                                                             and wellness. Each week meet other like minded people
 • Muscular strength and endurance
                                                             as you work with Health & Nutrition Coach Crystal Connor
 • Flexibility
                                                             for 45 minutes of support group. The other 45 minutes
 • Body composition
                                                             is spent group training on our Life Fitness strength and
 A Personal Trainers will help you set realistic goals and   cardio circuit with a Personal Trainer. Knowledge is power;
 talk with you about ways the Y can support your efforts     we will continue our quest to learn about our individual
 to achieve them. After your evaluation, you also receive    health, stopping along the track to learn about the Blood
 two basic fitness orientations with a Fitness Coach who     type diet, Digestive PH and many more dietary theories.
 will guide you through a basic workout and help you         Take a grocery store tour and learn how to cook with whole
 learn how to use the machines in our Fitness Center.        foods. Weigh-ins and food tracking optional but success
 Call 215-348-8131, x 1152 to schedule.                      is guaranteed. Health coaching keeps you motivated,
                                                             supported, and on the right track!
 with Introduction to Personal Training                      WED     6:00-7:45 PM
 14 yrs to Adult                                             *All Female Group:
 Option includes everything in the Basic Evaluation PLUS     6:00-6:45 PM support group/7:00-7:45 PM group training
 • Nutrition guidelines and menu planning targeted to        *All Male Group:
   meet your goals                                           6:00-6:45PM group training / 7:00-7:45PM support group
 • Personalized exercise plan designed by the Personal       * Limit of 12 participants in each group
   Trainer/Evaluator specifically for you
 • Three 45-minute one-on-one Personal Training              Member $96                 Potential Member $145
   sessions (valued at $140)
 This value packed evaluation is limited to members only
 on a once per year basis.
 Member     $ 79

 Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131 x1155 or to schedule.

24 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                
PERSONAL TRAINING                                                      INVESTMENT TRAINING PACKAGE
Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1155 or tcanfield@              7 yrs+ for details.                                               An investment in your health can lead to a more productive
                                                                       work life and less medical burden. Try a bank of personal
ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING* (TRX TRAINING, PG 25)                             training minutes for flexibility of length of training session
7 yrs+              30 or 60 min                                       and number of training sessions. Train for 20 minutes one
A certified Personal Trainer will guide you through a mix              day and 90 minutes the next day, based on your needs and
of cardiovascular, weight training, stretching and resistance          the guidance of your trainer.
training. Sport Specific Training is available.                        300 min (+15 bonus min)         $290
*Includes youth/teen training                                          600 min (+30 bonus min)         $565
30 min sessions          60 min sessions                               900 min (+45 bonus min)         $800
1       $35              1        $63                                  1,200 min (+60 bonus min)       $1,005
3       $99              3        $179
5       $160             5        $290                                 TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING
10      $311             10       $565                                 15 yrs+
15      $440             15       $800                                 TRX has arrived at the Y! Many of our Personal Trainers
20      $553             20       $1005                                have received specialized certification in TRX Suspension
40      $1,037           40       $1,885                               Training and are ready to train you in this revolutionary
                                                                       method of training. You’ll receive an effective total body
Potential Member - 1 30 min session $47; Potential Member - 1 60 min   workout using leveraged body weight exercises. Safely
session $74                                                            perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength,
                                                                       flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries.
ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING                                                    TRX Suspension Training can be purchased at the same
Older Adults 65 yrs+             30 or 60 min                          rates of any of our One-On-One or Buddy Training package
A certified Personal Trainer will keep you moving through              offerings. See ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING and BUDDY
a mix of cardiovascular, weight training, stretching and               TRAINING for number of sessions and pricing.
resistance training. Program tailored to fit each individual!          Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1155 or tcanfield@
30 min sessions         60 min sessions                      
1       $26             1         $46
3       $73             3         $132
5       $117            5         $213
10      $228            10        $414                                 How many calories did I really burn?
15      $322            15        $586
20      $405            20        $736                                 What heart rate zone should I be exercising in?
40      $760            40        $1,380
Potential Member - 1 30 min session $37
Potential Member - 1 60 min session $56                                The Polar FT60 creates a
                                                                       training program based                       Polar FT60, $184
                                                                                                                    includes heart
BUDDY TRAINING (TRX TRAINING, PG 25)                                   on your personal goals and
                                                                                                                    rate monitor &
7 yrs+ 30 or 60 min                                                    sets new weekly training                     Polar WearLink®
Exercise is proven to be more effective when you have                  targets. Polar FT60 Heart                    transmitter
someone else doing it with you. Great for parent and child,            Rate Monitors are now
spouses and friends or teammates. Receive added support,               available for purchase.
extra accountability and maximum motivation.
Member - Pricing per person                                            The Polar® WearLink®+
30 min sessions         60 min sessions                                transmitter picks up your
                                                                                                        Polar® WearLink®+
1       $24             1        $37                                   heart’s signals and displays      transmitter, $45
3       $65             3        $105                                  your heart rate on the our
5       $100            5        $165                                  heart rate compatible cardio equipment
10      $182            10       $309

Potential Member - Pricing per person                                  Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1155 or tcanfield@
30 min sessions          60 min sessions
1       $36              1        $49

                                                  CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 25
FOR the nation’s health and well-being™

AMPed - SPECIALTY BOOT CAMP                                      AWESOME ABS
Adult 16 yrs+              Studio A                              14 yrs+                30 min     Spin Studio
Modeled after the popular P90X and Crossfit workouts,            Abdominal blasting classes emphasizes strengthening and
and using a variety of circuit training stations and muscle      toning the entire abdominal area as well as the back. Get
confusion techniques, stay in motion with minimal rest to        the benefit of chest, hips, glutes and shoulders being toned.
build endurance, create lean muscle mass and strengthen          All levels of fitness - modified and advanced versions of each
core. Maximum - 15 participants. Contact Valerie Tanner,         exercise.
215-348-8131, x 1140.
                                                                 Mon      7:30-8:00 PM             Thu       6:00-6:30 PM
Instructor: Tony Saxby - M/W/F 6–6:45 AM                         Member      $49                        Potential Member $74
Member: Classes/week
1 Class: $71/*$62; 2 Classes: $102/*$96; 3 Classes: $133/*$127
Potential Member: Classes/week
1 Class: $108/*$94; 2 Classes: $156/*$146; 3 Classes:            RUNNING/WALKING CLUB
$205/*$196                                                       12 yrs to Adult       60 min     YMCA parking lot
                                                                 (Beg-Adv) Enjoy weekly runs, or 3 mile walks (hand weights
                                                                 optional), training tips, use of YMCA locker rooms, and great
                                                                 camaraderie with this fun group! Signed waiver form and
Adult 16 yrs+              CB West Track (rain or shine)         reflective vests are mandatory for runners.
8 week Bootcamp Challenge - Begins September 10th!
Lose fat and tone muscle. A total body work out utilizing        RUNNING
strength, stairs and speed drills to keep you moving and help    Thu   6:00-7:00 PM
you get into great shape. Get ready to be pushed outside         Member $0                  Potential Member     $10
your comfort zone into the best shape of your life. Contact
Valerie Tanner, 215-348-8131, x 1140.                            WALKING
                                                                 Tue   8:45-9:45 AM               Thu          8:45-9:45 AM
Instructor: Tony Saxby - Sat 8:30-9:30 AM                        Member $0                  Potential Member     $5
Member             $71          Potential Member   $108

Sep 10            8:30-9:30 AM                                   September 6 through November 18
                                                                 12 yrs to Adult 120 min
                                                                 Want a challenge and a fun time? Join Coach Kevin for
WOMEN’S WEIGHT TRAINING                                          an inspiring training program to prepare yourself for
Adult 18 yrs+       8 Weeks 1x or 2x/wk 60 min                   the Philadelphia Half Marathon November 20. Run 2x a
Personalized workout to help you achieve your goals. Join        week offered at convenient times. Weekly running plans
us in the Fitness Center for group strength class of 4-6         and accountability. Meet new people and have FUN! All
women that includes weight and resistance training. Jump         participants receive a training shirt and gain a sense of
start your metabolism and help burn fat! Special pricing
                                                                 accomplishment. Registration for the Race is not included.
now available for those that want 2 classes a week. Contact
Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or                   Member      $75            Potential Member     $115

Instructor: Julie Irvine        Fri      9:30-10:30 AM
                                                                 NOW FREE FOR MEMBERS!
                                                                 STROLLER FITNESS - MEET OUTSIDE LOBBY DOOR
Instructor: Suzanne Lahetta     Mon*      7:00-8:00 PM           Join the Buggy Brigade! Interval class incorporates cardio with
                                                                 strength training. Spend time with other Moms while walking
Instructor: Lisa Ojert                                           with your child. Walks include hills and flats at varied speeds.
                                                                 Receive a pedometer with registration to track your mileage.
Mon* 9:00-10:00 AM              Wed      9:00-10:00 AM
                                                                 The first two weeks of class will depart from the YMCA parking
Member                        Potential Member                   lot. Contact Valerie Tanner, 215-348-8131, x 1140.
1 class/wk   $106/*$93        1 class/wk   $148/*$129
                                                                 Wed & Fri 9:00–9:45 AM
2 classes/wk $153/*$134       2 classes/wk $215/*$188
                                                                 Member      $0             Potential Member     $38
*Pro-rated for Labor Day

26 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                    
GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES                                                FULL MATRIX
Minimum number of participants is required for classes to run.        55 min             Studio A      (Beg-Adv)
Class will be cancelled if minimum is not met. Classes are for ages   Improves muscle tone & strength of upper body, abdomen,
12 yrs and up. Children under 12 are not allowed in studios while     back and legs. Improves body posture and balance.
class is in session.                                                  Thu     8:00-8:55 AM             Fri        7:45-8:25 AM
                                                                      Sun    9:30-10:25 AM
15 min             Spin Studio
                                                                      HAPPY HOUR
(Beginner- Advanced) An express class designed to tone and            55 min              Studio A        (Beg- Adv)
strengthen midsection. Available after some spin classes.*            Feel good with an intensely ‘spirited’ mix including cardio
* See schedule for Abs Only classes under Spinning                    dance to get your whole body working at a new level.
                                                                      Tue     6:00-6:55 PM
55 min Studio A                                                       INTERVAL TRAINING
(Beg-Adv) Challenge both the cardiovascular system and                55 min               Studio A
larger muscles of body with efficient compound movements.             (Int-Adv) Combines high intensity aerobics with functional
Class may go outside.                                                 strength training. Step knowledge helpful.
Mon      8:45-9:40 AM        Wed         8:45-9:40 AM                 Thu    9:15-10:10 AM             Sat        8:30-9:25 AM

BODY FUSION                                                           KICKBOXING
55 min              Studio A                                          55 min            Studio A
(Beg-Adv) Circuit format with step combos, broken up by               (Beg-Adv) High energy workout of punching and kicking.
compound movement with toning work.
                                                                      Tue     5:00-5:55 PM
Mon     7:00-7:55 AM
                                                                      LEARN THE BASICS - NEW
BUDOKON                                                               30/45 min            Studio A
55 min             Studio C&D                                         A different format each week to learn the basic moves
Dynamic blend of traditional yoga and martial arts                    of popular classes including BODYPUMP™, cardio step,
techniques, teaches mental awareness and builds strength.             Zumba®, yoga, pilates, kickboxing.
Intermediate - Mon 6:30-7:25 PM
(Grappling on the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month)                      Tue      7:00-7:30 PM      Thu         12:15-1:00 PM
All levels - Wed     6:45-7:40 PM
                                                                      LES MILLS BODYPUMP™
CARDIO BLAST                                                          55 min           Studio A
40 min              Studio A                                          Workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using
ALL Cardio! Increase your fitness and burn calories with              the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts
intense cardio combos and drills. Expect to run, kick, jump,          and curls. Great music, motivating instructors and your
& jack. Basic step knowledge helpful.                                 choice of weight inspire you to get the results fast!
Fri 10:30-11:10 AM                                                    Mon 10:30-11:10 AM               Mon        1:00-1:55 PM
                                                                      Mon   6:30-7:25 PM               Tue       8:45-9:40 AM
CARDIO STEP                                                           Wed   1:00-1:55 PM               Wed        5:45-6:40 PM
40/55 min          Studio A                                           Wed   7:00-7:55 AM               Thu       7:00-7:55 PM
(Int-Adv) High energy stepping moves with a little kick!              Fri    8:30-9:25 AM              Fri      9:30-10:25 AM
Tue    9:45-10:25 AM               Thu       5:00-5:55 PM             Sat  9:30-10:25 AM
Fri     7:00-7:40 AM                                                  BODYPUMP™ LAUNCH PARTIES!
                                                                      Sept 3 10:30-11:10 AM            Sept 4    10:30-11:30 AM
FOREVER FIT (FORMERLY KNOWN AS CHAIR)                                 Sept 5 9:00-10:00 AM
60 min              Studio A
(Beginner) Improve muscle strength, cardio fitness, bone              LITE AEROBICS
density and balance. For older adults or those new to                 55 min              Studio A
exercise. Most exercises are done seated.                             (Beg-Int) Cardio workout gets heart rate up and tones;
Tue   11:15-12:10 PM               Thu     11:15-12:10 PM             second half tones and strengthens upper body and core
                                                                      muscles. Easy, fun steps to a variety of music.
                                                                      Mon 11:15-12:10 PM               Wed      11:00-12:00 PM
                                                                      Fri 11:15-12:10 PM
                                                CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 27
   MONDAYS                   MONDAYS                    TUESDAYS              WEDNESDAYS             THURSDAYS                   FRIDAYS           SATURDAYS
   BODY FUSION                HATHA YOGA                INTERVAL SPIN           BODYPUMP™            ALL TERRAIN SPIN          HATHA YOGA INT.      STRENGTH SPIN
    7:00-7:55 AM              1:00-1:55 PM               6:00-6:55 AM           7:00-7:55 AM           6:00-6:45 AM              6:00-6:55 AM        7:00-7:55 AM
    Julie●Studio A          Sandy●Studio C/D           Kathy●Spin Studio       Cathy●Studio A        Candi●Spin Studio         Maggie●Studio C/D   Kathy●Spin Studio

 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING      BODYPUMP™                    ABS ONLY             MAT PILATES              ABS ONLY               CARDIO STEP          MAT PILATES
    8:00-8:40 AM              1:00-1:55 PM               7:00-7:15 AM           8:00-8:40 AM           6:45-7:00 AM              7:00-7:40 AM         7:45-8:25 AM
   Cathy●Studio A             Lisa●Studio A            Kathy●Spin Studio        Amy●Studio A         Candi●Spin Studio           Julie●Studio A       Staff●Studio A

    BOOT CAMP                  TEEN SPIN                 HATHA YOGA             BOOT CAMP              HATHA YOGA                FULL MATRIX       ALL TERRAIN SPIN
    8:45-9:40 AM             3:15-4:00 PM                7:00-7:55 AM           8:45-9:40 AM           7:00-7:55 AM              7:45-8:25 AM        8:00-8:55 AM
   Karen●Studio A          Suzanne●Spin Studio          Debra●Studio C/D       Karen●Studio A        Lisa V●Studio C/D         Marybeth/Cathy●SA   Kathy●Spin Studio

 STROLLER FITNESS             HATHA YOGA               STRETCH & STRENGTHEN     HATHA YOGA             FULL MATRIX               HATHA YOGA            ABS ONLY
   9:00-9:45 AM               5:00-5:40 PM                8:00-8:40 AM         9:00-10:25 AM            8:00-8:55 AM             8:30-9:25 AM        9:00-9:15 AM
  Caitlin●Outside Y          Caitlin●Studio A            Carole●Studio A      Sandy●Studio C/D            Candi●SA             Sandy●Studio C/D    Kathy●Spin Studio

 ALL TERRAIN SPIN             MAT PILATES                BODYPUMP™            STROLLER FITNESS       WALKING CLUB                BODYPUMP™         HATHA YOGA INT/ADV
   9:15-10:00 AM              5:45-6:25 PM               8:45-9:40 AM           9:00-9:45 AM          9:00-10:00 AM              8:30-9:25 AM         8:00-9:00 AM
  Vicki●Spin Studio           Amy●Studio A               Amy●Studio A          Caitlin●Outside Y      Tricia●Outside Y           Julie●Studio A    Maggie/Lisa V●Studio C/D

   HATHA YOGA                     zUMBA                 WALKING CLUB          SPIN/CORE/MORE         SPIN FOR HEALTH            STRENGTH SPIN      INTERVAL TRAINING
  9:15-10:10 AM               5:45-6:25 PM               9:00-10:00 AM         9:15-10:45 AM           9:15-9:55 AM              9:15-10:00 AM        8:30-9:25 AM
 Sandy●Studio C/D           Diana●Studio C/D             Tricia●Outside Y     Amy●Spin Studio/FC     Amy/Suzanne●Spin Studio    Lisa●Spin Studio      Staff●Studio A

       zUMBA                BEGINNER SPIN              SPIN/CORE/MORE         WILLPOWER & GRACE      INTERVAL TRAINING           BODYPUMP™           HATHA YOGA
   9:45-10:25 AM              6:00-6:25 PM               9:15-10:45 AM         10:00-10:55 AM          9:15-10:10 AM            9:30-10:25 AM       9:20-10:30 AM
    Kim●Studio A           Candi/Lindsay●Spin Studio    Lisa●Spin Studio        Lisa●Studio A           Lisa●Studio A           Karen●Studio A     Sandy●Studio C/D

   MAT PILATES              INTERVAL SPIN                HATHA YOGA             MAT PILATES            MAT PILATES               MAT PILATES         BODYPUMP™*
  10:15-10:55 AM              6:30-7:15 PM               9:15-10:30 AM         10:30-11:10 AM         10:15-11:00 AM            10:30-11:10 AM       9:30-10:30 AM
  Vicki●Studio C/D         Candi/Lindsay●Spin Studio    Debra●Studio C/D      Karen●Studio C/D        Amy●Studio C/D             Sue●Studio D        Staff●Studio A

 BODYPUMP™ EXPRESS              ABS ONLY                 CARDIO STEP          BEGINNER SPIN                zUMBA                CARDIO BLAST       TAI CHI CHUAN BEG
  10:30-11:10 AM              7:15-7:30 PM               9:45-10:25 AM         10:30-11:15 AM         10:15-11:10 AM            10:30-11:10 AM      10:45-11:55 AM
  Cathy●Studio A           Candi/Lindsay●Spin Studio     Julie●Studio A        Sue●Spin Studio         Kim●Studio A              Lisa●Studio A      Steven●Studio A

  LITE AEROBICS            BUDOKON (ADV)                 MAT PILATES           LITE AEROBICS           FIT FOREVER              LITE AEROBICS
   11:15-12:10 PM             6:30-7:25 PM              10:30-11:10 AM         11:00-12:00 PM         11:15-12:10 PM            11:15-12:10 PM
   Carole●Studio A           Maggie●Studio C/D           Julie●Studio A        Carole●Studio A           MaryBeth/              Carole●Studio A
                                                                                                       Amy●Studio A

                              BODYPUMP™                  FIT FOREVER            BODYPUMP™            LEARN THE BASICS            MAT PILATES
                              6:30-7:25 PM              11:15-12:10 PM          1:00-1:55 PM           12:15-1:00 PM             5:30-6:10 PM
                              Julie●Studio A           Marybeth●Studio A       Karen●Studio A          Staff●Studio A            Amy●Studio A         SUNDAYS
                                  zUMBA                 SPIN TO HEALTH          HATHA YOGA           ALL TERRAIN SPIN          TAI CHI CHUAN BEG     FULL MATRIX
                              7:30-8:25 PM                1:00-1:45 PM          1:00-1:55 PM           1:00-1:45 PM              6:30-7:25 PM        9:30-10:25 AM
                             Amy S●Studio A            Suzanne●Spin Studio    Caitlin●Studio C/D     Amy/Suzanne●Spin Studio    Steven●Studio A      Staff●Studio A

                              YOGABODIES                 MAT PILATES               zUMBA               CARDIO STEP                                   HATHA YOGA
                              7:30-8:30 PM               2:00-2:45 PM           2:00-2:55 PM            5:00-5:55 PM                                10:30-11:25 AM
                            Lisa V●Studio C/D           Julie●Studio C/D        Lisa●Studio A           Julie●Studio A                             Saralyn●Studio C/D

                                                         FAMILY YOGA            MAT PILATES           GENTLE YOGA                                  ALL TERRAIN SPIN
                                                          4:45-5:25 PM          5:00-5:40 PM           6:00-6:45 PM                                 10:30-11:15 AM
                                                         Sandy●Studio C        Vicki●Studio C/D      Sandy●Studio C/D                              Sue/Amy●Spin Studio

                                                         KICKBOXING                zUMBA                   zUMBA                                       ABS ONLY
                                                          5:00-5:55 PM          5:00-5:40 PM            6:00-6:55 PM                                11:15-11:30 AM
   GROUP FITNESS                                         Leilani●Studio A       Staff●Studio A          Lisa●Studio A                               Staff●Spin Studio

     SCHEDULE                                            HAPPY HOUR
                                                          6:00-6:55 PM
                                                         Leilani●Studio A
                                                                                5:45-6:40 PM
                                                                                Amy●Studio A
                                                                                                     RUNNING CLUB
                                                                                                       6:00-7:00 PM
                                                                                                      Sharon●Studio A
                                                                                                                                                   TAI CHI CHUAN INT
                                                                                                                                                     11:30-1:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                    Steven●Studio A
      FALL I - SEP 6 TO OCT 30
         8 WEEK SESSION                                LEARN THE BASICS       ALL TERRAIN SPIN         BODYPUMP™
                                                         7:00-7:30 PM            6:00-6:45 PM           7:00-7:55 PM
                                                         Staff●Studio A        Vicki●Spin Studio       Jackie●Studio A
   Class Fees - UNLIMITED
   classes included FREE with Full                     ALL TERRAIN SPIN          ABS ONLY            ALL TERRAIN SPIN
   Privilege memberships! Mix                            7:00-7:55 PM            6:45-7:00 PM          7:00-7:55 PM
                                                       Kathy●Spin Studio       Vicki●Spin Studio     Kathy●Spin Studio
   and match classes. 1x/wk
   Potential Member, $133                                  ABS ONLY              BUDOKON                 ABS ONLY
                                                         8:00-8:15 PM           6:45-7:40 PM           8:00-8:15 PM
                                                       Kathy●Spin Studio      Maggie/Eric●Studio C   Kathy●Spin Studio
                Mat Pilates
                                                        TURBO KICK®            TURBO KICK®
                Tai Chi Chuan                            7:30-8:15 PM           6:50-7:35 PM
                Yoga                                     Tricia●Studio A        Tricia●Studio A
                Body Shaping Classes                       ABS ONLY             MAT PILATES
                Spinning                                 8:15-8:30 PM           7:00-7:40 PM
                                                         Tricia●Studio A        Leia●Studio D
                Cardio Classes
                                                                              TAI CHI CHUAN ADV
                                                                                7:45-8:45 PM
                                                                               Steven●Studio C

28 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                                                                      
                                                                    *New high energy class
40 min             Studio A/C/D                                     NEW OPTIONS!
(Beg-Adv) Progressive series of floor exercises and standing        SPINNING®: SEE PAGE 28 FOR SCHEDULE
postures enhance & develop flexibility, strength and balance.       45/55 min         Spin Studio
Mon 10:15-10:55 AM               Mon       5:45-6:25 PM             ALL TERRAIN SPIN
Tue 10:30-11:10 AM               Wed       7:00-7:45 PM             Enjoy a variety of terrains including flats, sprints, climbs,
Wed   8:00-8:40 AM               Wed     10:30-11:10 AM             jumps and recovery.
Wed   5:00-5:40 PM               Thu     10:15-11:00 AM
Fri 10:30-11:10 AM               Fri       5:30-6:10 PM             STRENGTH SPIN
Sat   7:45-8:25 AM                                                  Involves steady, consistent pedaling with heavy resistance.
                                                                    Promotes muscular and cardiovascular development.
STRENGTH & CONDITIONING                                             INTERVAL
                    40 min     Studio A                             Emphasizes speed, tempo, timing and rhythm. Movements
(Beg-Adv) Increase stamina, strength, and flexibility with          may include pedaling on flats, acceleration drills and
the use of free weights, bands, balls and other fitness             recovery stretches.
                                                                    SPIN FOR HEALTH
Mon      8:00-8:40 AM
                                                                    Enjoy an all terrain or interval ride. Nutrition, fitness and
                                                                    weight loss tips will be discussed during class with handouts
                                                                    to take home.
40 min              Studio A
(Beg-Adv) Stretching, toning and flexibility for the entire body.   SPIN/CORE/MORE
Tue    8:00-8:40 AM                                                 A 55 minute all terrain or interval ride followed by 30
                                                                    minutes of core and strength training. (Members may attend
TURBO KICK®                                                         just the spin portion of class)
45 min              Studio A
(Beg-Adv) Intense kickboxing mixed with dance to high               BEGINNER SPIN
energy and motivating music. Cardio challenge with a                New to spinning? Learn bike set up, proper form and basic
unique blend of strength and endurance intervals.                   spinning techniques. Class moves at a slower pace. All levels
Tue     7:30-8:15 PM          Wed       6:50-7:35 PM                are welcome.
*Followed by ABS ONLY 8:15-8:30 PM
                                                                    Mon 9:15-10:00 AM               Mon      6:00-6:30 PM
WILLPOWER & GRACE™                                                  Mon* 6:30-7:15 PM               Tue*   6:00-6:55 AM
55 min             Studio A                                         Tue   9:15-10:45 AM             Tue    1:00-1:45 PM
(Beg-Adv) Barefoot class is a dynamic mosaic of the                 Tue*   7:00-7:55 PM             Wed* 9:15-10:45 AM
industry’s most popular & effective group exercise classes.         Wed 10:30-11:15 AM              Wed    6:00-6:45 PM
Think balance and pilates meets boot camp, equipment free.          Thu    6:00-6:45 AM             Thu   9:15-10:00 AM
                                                                    Thu    1:00-1:45 PM             Thu*   7:00-7:55 PM
Wed 10:00-10:55 AM                                                  Fri   9:15-10:00 AM             Fri  10:30-11:30 AM
                                                                    Sat    7:00-7:55 AM             Sat*   8:00-8:55 AM
zUMBA®                                                              Sun* 10:30-11:15 AM
40/55 min           Studio A/C/D
(Beg-Adv) Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves -                 *Abs Only
calorie-burning, heart racing, muscle pumping movements
that tone and sculpt.
Mon 9:45-10:25 AM                Mon       5:45-6:25 PM
*Mon-NEW7:30-8:25 PM             Wed       2:00-2:55 PM
Wed    5:00-5:40 PM              Thu     10:15-11:10 AM
Thu    6:00-6:55 PM

                                                                         Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1185

                                               CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 29
FOR the nation’s health and well-being

YOGA                                                            MASSAGE & REFLEXOLOGY THERAPY
                                                                Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1155 or
      Yoga Potential Member Pricing                   
      45 to 60 min   $151      70 min   $188
                                                                THERAPEUTIC SPORTS MASSAGE
                                                                12 yrs+            30/60 min         by appointment only
                                                                Is your workout making you sore? Everyday stress making
40 to 70 min       Studio C/D
                                                                you tense? Massage may be just what you need! Massage
(Beg-Adv) Focuses on a variety of traditional yoga poses,
                                                                will help care for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that
both standing and seated, to increase strength, flexibility
                                                                naturally occur with strenuous movement, both in and out
and posture. Instructors may incorporate breathing
                                                                of the gym. It will also help you get in great shape faster
exercises and mediation into the practice.
                                                                and with less stiffness and soreness. Plus, a good massage
Mon      9:15-10:10 AM          Mon       1:00-1:55 PM          always leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Mon       5:00-5:40 PM          Tue       7:00-7:55 AM          Our massage therapists are certified in the most popular
Tue      9:15-10:30 AM          Tue       6:30-7:30 PM          techniques so your massage is tailored to your individual
Wed      9:00-10:10 AM          Wed       1:00-1:55 PM          goals. Worried about having to disrobe? All massage
Thu       7:00-7:55 AM          Fri       8:30-9:25 AM          sessions are performed at the client’s modesty preference.
Sat      9:20-10:30 AM          Sun     10:30-11:25 AM          Don’t want to lay down on a table? We offer chair massage,
                                                                Member            30 min sessions             60 min sessions
60 min              Studio C/D
                                                                1                 $45                         $75
For Yoga students interested in the more challenging
                                                                3                 $121                        $201
practice - form and alignment will be emphasized.
                                                                5                 $180                        $300
Fri        6:00-7:00 AM         Sat       8:00-9:00 AM
                                                                Potential Member
GENTLE YOGA                                                     1                $67                          $113
45 min              Studio C/D
(Beg-Adv) Gentle yoga guides you through slower, more           REFLEXOLOGY
desirable postures. Wonderful class for beginners, new or       12 yrs+             30 min           by appointment only
expecting moms.                                                 Did you know that the nerve endings in your feet are a road
Thu        6:00-6:45 PM                                         map to all the other areas of your body? Reflexology is an
                                                                alternative therapeutic treatment based on the idea that
                                                                areas of the feet, hands, and ears are connected to other
                                                                areas of the body. By applying pressure and massaging
45 min               Studio C
                                                                particular areas, the reflexologist can pinpoint specific areas
5 yrs+ with a parent or caregiver
                                                                of the body to encourage a beneficial effect or to improve
Make it a family affair and learn to relax while increasing
                                                                general health and relaxation. Relieve tension, improve
strength and flexibility. Free with family membership.
                                                                circulation and help promote the natural function of related
Potential member fees apply if child or parent is not a
                                                                areas of the body. For chronic conditions such as asthma,
member. Parent MUST attend with child. Registration
                                                                arthritis, circulatory problems and diabetes, the package of
                                                                four sessions is recommended for weekly treatment.
Tue        4:45-5:25 PM
                                                                Member - 30 min sessions            Potential Member
                                                                1      $43                          1        $52
YOGABODIES - INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED                            4      $160
60 min              Studio C/D
Specialized yoga developed by instructor Lisa Rostelli-Visco.   Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131 x 1155 or tcanfield@
Increase core strength using hand held weight resistance in
the Vinyasa yoga practice.
Mon        7:35-8:35 PM

30 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                  
MARTIAL ARTS                                                   KARATE KIDz: DRAGON WARRIORz
                                                               4 to 7 yrs           30 min          Studio D
AIKIDO                                                         Affect each child with a positive experience offering skills
7 yrs+               90 min      Studio C/D                    and tasks that can be accomplished with practice. Basic
Japanese martial art of unarmed self-defense uses attacker’s   karate techniques mixed with interactive games and
force against them; encourages discipline and a nonviolent     exercises to develop self-esteem and confidence. Children
attitude. Develops rhythmic movement and physical fitness;     learn respect, humility, focus and discipline while getting
improves reaction, perception and coordination; promotes       exercise and having fun. Contact Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or
strength and suppleness through twisting, bending and
stretching movements. Children under 10 must be accompanied
by a parent/legal guardian participating in the class.         Tue/Thu 5:45-6:15 PM SD         Tue/Thu 6:25-6:55 PM SD
                                                               Member      $69           Potential Member    $109
Fri      7:15-8:45 PM
Member $86                Potential Member     $130            Sat 10:45-11:30 AM SA
                                                               Member      $52           Potential Member    $81
55 min              Studio C&D                                 TRIAL CLASSES: MUST REGISTER
A dynamic blend of traditional yoga and martial arts           Sep 6 5:45-6:15 PM              Sep 8         6:25-6:55 PM
techniques, teaches mental awareness and builds strength.      Sep 10 10:45-11:30 AM
Intermediate - Mon 6:30-7:25 PM
(Grappling 1st & 3rd Mon)                                      ADULT KARATE
All levels - Wed 6:45-7:40 PM                                  15 yrs+             60 min           Studio D
                                                               Try a new way to get physically fit, relieve stress and learn
TAI CHI CHUAN - PROGRESSIVE                                    to better protect yourself. Instructors guide you in the art of
60 min               Studio A/C                                Shotokan Karate. For adults new or experienced in karate.
(Beg-Int II) Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese   Contact Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or
art, is a complete or internal style martial art. Muscles
                                                               Tue 8:00-9:00 PM          Thu 8:00-9:00 PM
will be strengthened, blood circulation regulated, spirit
                                                               Member                    Potential Member
stimulated, and the body refreshed. Promotes balance,
                                                               1 day/wk       $95        1 day/wk       $140
digestion and increased internal energy.
                                                               2 days/wk     $113        2 days/wk      $167
Fri    6:30-7:25 PM            Sat      10:30-11:30 AM         TRIAL CLASSES: MUST REGISTER
                                                               Sep 6    8:00-9:00 PM           Sep 8         8:00-9:00 PM
Intermediate                   Advanced
Sun 11:30-12:30 PM             Wed      7:45-8:45 PM
Member $0                 Potential Member     $129            LOVE TO DANCE
                                                               Contact Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or
Contact Valerie Tanner, x 1140 or         BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE
                                                               4 weeks - Sep 9, 16, 23, 30           Studios C/D
FAMILY KARATE                                                  Join others and learn the hottest steps in Ballroom and Latin
(Beg-Adv)           60 min    Studio A/C/D
                                                               dancing - or just come for the great exercise! For adults of
A progressive program training both physical and mental
                                                               all ages and abilities. No special attire, previous experience,
aspects of Karate. Emphasis in Beginner classes on basic
                                                               or partner needed. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that
techniques and confidence building. Advanced program
                                                               won’t fall off while dancing. Leather or suede soled shoes
includes advanced techniqes, sparring, and self-defense.
                                                               are recommended.
Beginner - White-Blue Belts:
Tue    7:00-8:00 PM SC          Thu     7:00-8:00 PM SC        Fri      6:15–7:15 PM
Sat 11:30-12:30 PM SA                                          Member      $34           Potential Member   $44

Advanced - Green Belts and above:                              LATIN & SWING DANCE
Tue    7:00-8:00 PM SD       Thu        7:00-8:00 PM SD        4 weeks - Oct 7, 14, 21, 28          Studios C/D
Sat    12:30-1:30 PM SA                                        Learn how to move on the dance floor with confidence.
Member                    Potential Member                     Join us for a one-time introductory class to learn the basics
1 day (Beg only)    $95   1 day (Beg only) $140
                                                               for one of the most popular Latin dances - the Salsa. No
                                                               special attire, previous experience, or partner needed.
8 week Club        $130   8 week Club      $195
                                                               Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that won’t fall off while
TRIAL CLASSES: MUST REGISTER                                   dancing. Leather or suede soled shoes are recommended.
Sep 6 7:00-8:00 PM              Sep 8        7:00-8:00 PM      Fri      6:15–7:15 PM
Sep 10 11:30-12:30 PM                                          Member      $34           Potential Member    $44
                                               CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 31
FOR the nation’s health and well-being

NUTRITION                                                       NURTURE THE NURTURER
                                                                TUESDAY, OCT 4 TO TUESDAY, NOV 22
                                                                TEEN CENTER
10 yrs+               45 min      Fitness Center
There is one basic truth to weight loss: You need to burn       Moms, put more of YOU in YOUR time. If you feel you
more than you eat. KORR Metabolic Analysis will tell you your   are a human doing, not a human being, if you put your
metabolic rate to show precisely how many calories your body    appointments and activities in pencil on the family calendar
actually burns. Calculate how many calories you should eat to   and everyone else’s is written in ink, or if your bucket list
lose or maintain your weight. Re-analysis is encouraged every   has an entry that reads “read one magazine uninterrupted,”
4 to 6 months to establish new caloric guidelines for you to    then this class is for you. Put your children in Child Watch,
follow in pursuit of your goals. Contact Todd Canfield,         come join us, and be surprised that you are not alone.
215-348-8131, x 1155 or                  Together we will explore learning through conversation,
                                                                morning pages, vision boards, and more. Please join us for
Member $34                Potential Member    $49
                                                                a member focused experience you will never forget.
Program is often only available at hospitals in the U.S. at a
                                                                Tue 10:00-11:00AM
price of $45-80.
                                                                Member $10    Potential Member $20

7 yrs+                60 min     One on One
                                                                BACK TO BAGGED LUNCHES
Facilitated by Certified Health Counselor; includes nutrition   SUNDAY, OCT 9 - 2 TO 3 PM
tips, recipe modification, label reading, supermarket tour,     Adult 18 yrs +            60 min           Community Room
and food & recipe samples. Discuss lifestyle changes,           Send your kids to school this year with nutritious foods.
healthy eating and shopping, eating out, stress relief and      Prepare and plan ahead with Health & Nutrition Coach
much more in a one-to-one setting. Weigh-ins optional.          Crystal Connor. Each attendee will go home with tips,
Contact Todd Canfield, 215-348-8131, x 1185 or                  recipes, and menu’s to help support and simplify the                                          process. Nutrition can be fun and cool! Ideas from
                                                                toddlers to teens, please submit your children’s ages upon
1       $63             5         $243
3       $152            10        $455                          Member     $20           Potential Member     $45
Potential Member   1 session, $71

Families           Four 1-hour sessions                            SPECIAL POPULATIONS & POST-REHAB FITNESS
Need to improve the health of the family? Get support                       AND AqUATICS THERAPIES
as you make the necessary changes to improve your
family’s health. Package provides tools, knowledge and               For individuals who have recently finished a
support needed to get the WHOLE family on board.                  rehabilitation program or for individuals who may
Modified by your very own Health & Nutrition Coach                      be experiencing chronic health issues.
to reflect the needs of your family. You schedule                   Customized Land and Aquatics sessions will be
the sessions based on what works for your family.                           designed to fit individual needs.
Includes 4 separate sessions, spread out over several                8 sessions - 30 minutes
weeks, with email and text support. Recipes and baby step            Member      $246          Potential Member $332
techniques to effectively change your family’s eating habits.
                                                                     8 sessions - 45 minutes
Session 1: Nutrition & Health Consultation with parent(s)
                                                                     Member      $318          Potential Member $429
who are primarily responsible for food shopping and cooking
Session 2: Trip to grocery store for a pantry makeover               4 sessions - 30 minutes
Session 3: Session with entire family includes                       Member      $124          Potential Member $167
special fun and interactive talk geared toward children
Session 4: Follow-up Consultation                                    4 sessions - 45 minutes
                                                                     Member      $161          Potential Member $217
Service to be scheduled with Health Counselor. Contact Todd
Canfield, 215-348-8131 x 1185 or
Member    $245                    Potential Member   $375

32 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-OCTOBER 30                                                 
Giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

IN IT TOGETHER                                                   FREE MEMBERSHIP
THIS IS WHY                                                      FOR CENTRAL BUCKS COMMUNITY
When we come together as a community, we can make                7TH GRADERS
powerful things happen. Central Bucks Family YMCA is here to     Central Bucks Family YMCA is a cause-driven organization for
serve our community, to empower people to achieve personal
                                                                 Youth Development fulfilling its mission with the launch of the
growth in spirit, mind and body. With a focus on youth
                                                                 Seventh Grade Initiative September 1, 2011. The Y will offer a
development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y
                                                                 free membership to all students in the seventh grade. The goal
nurtures the potential of every youth and teen, improves
the health and well-being of our neighbors, and provides         of the initiative is to encourage youth to make healthy choices
opportunities for each of us to give back or pay it forward.     and avoid risky behaviors to succeed in school and life.

We all have a story to tell. One that is deeply personal and     In order to participate, students will need to show a student
one that expresses why each of us makes the very unique          ID/report card or class roster along with a parental/guardian
decision to make a gift. Here are just a few:                    signature.
“I have chosen to donate to the Central Bucks Family             Those who participate will receive access to the pools during
YMCA’s Skate Park over the past two years… to support            designated hours, the fitness center during designated
a great facility, which in turn supports its kids in the         hours and with a mandatory orientation, the gym, the ability
community. It is rewarding to know that I am helping             to participate in group exercise classes and sports classes,
to create a safe and enjoyable environment for young             teen programs, volunteering opportunities and much more!
skateboarders in Bucks County.”                                  See page 18 for further details.
                                   Adam, local business owner
 “All our family live very far away, in other states. At the Y
I’ve found a personal network of ‘family’ that has supported
me, my sons, and my husband as we’ve each explored what
                                                                 COMMUNITY HEALTH & SAFETY
                                                                 For more dates and times, contact Kerry Boytin,
Healthy Living means to us. It has afforded me a place to
                                                                 215-348-8131, x 1128.
grow both personally and professionally. I give because the
Y has a meaningful place in our family.”                         CHECK WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL DATES -
                                            Bess, staff member
“Stand outside the entrance to the Y for 5 minutes and
                                                                 15 yrs+
observe who walks in and out of the building. Now, close
your eyes and imagine the doors of the Y being closed to         CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED. Become certified in
the children of single mothers who can’t afford day care;        1-man and 2-man CPR for the adult, child and infant as well
the unemployed cancer survivor and his family; all of the        as the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Successful
children with special needs; the teen from a low income          completion results in CPR certification for 2 years/Lifeguard
family looking for a place, other than the street, to skate      certification for 1 year.
board and the overweight 7th grader who doesn’t have             Sept 10 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
good nutrition, health and fitness in his or her life. Now,      Fee                $75
open your eyes and appreciate the fact that the doors
of the YMCA will always be open for these people, it’s           COMMUNITY CPR
not a health club, it’s a place where every willing person       15 yrs+
seeking the state-of-the-art in health, fitness and youth        Teaches how to care for adults, infants, and children in
development will find the best professionals in the world
                                                                 cardiac or respiratory emergency situations; includes AED
ready to serve their needs. On my watch, that is not going
                                                                 training. Successful completion results in CPR certification
to change. I give to the Y to make sure our doors stay open
                                                                 for 1 year.
to everyone.”
                                           Jack, board member    Sept 17 9:00 AM-2:00 PM
                                                                 Fee        $50
This year, our Y is breaking down barriers to build
our community. Starting this fall we’re offering free
memberships to all 7th grade students in our service area.
                                                                 ARC STANDARD FIRST AID
Very soon, we’ll be launching a program to support cancer        15 yrs+
patients and their families. We understand that the Y is         Learn to recognize and provide basic care for injuries and
about more than treadmills and swimming laps – its about         sudden illness, and skills to perform Adult CPR. Participants
bringing people together and giving them a way to learn,         receive American Red Cross Certificate for Standard First Aid
grow and thrive.                                                 (valid 3 yrs) along with Adult CPR (valid 1 yr).
                                                                 Fee        $50
Please donate today online at or contact
Bess Godin at 215-348-8131, x 1124, or       RED CROSS LIFEGUARDING - SEE PAGE 23
                                            CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 33
Giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

                                                    ADVENTURE GUIDES/
                                                    ADVENTURE PRINCESSES
                                                    Make the most of the growing years with the Y’s
                                                    Adventure Guide and Adventure Princess programs that
                                                    are both challenging and fun.
                                                    Sept-June, Dads and children share tribe meetings,
                                                    games, camp-outs, parties, crafts, special events and
Dog Days of Summer • AUGUST 14, 2011                more. Sept 2010 to June 2011.
                                                    Guides - Dads & sons K-3rd grade
                                                    Trailblazers - Dads & sons 4th grade+
   The Y facility will open at Noon                 Princesses - Dads & daughters K-3rd grade
  Sunday, August 14 to ensure the                   Trail Blossoms - Dads & daughters 4th grade+
     safety of race participants                    Member $6                 Potential Member $70*
           and members.                            *Adult or Child must be a member! Fee covers Dad and
                                                   1st child. Each add’l child $35. Guest fee applies for all
                                                   non-tribal guests at Guides/Princesses’ activities.
        Come out and support                       For more information, contact Jay DePue,
        these young athletes!                      215-348-8131, x 1143, email
  1st race begins promptly at 8 AM                 Guides:; Princesses:

              THANK YOU SPONSORS
                                                 SPECIAL NEEDS
                                                 ADULT RECREATION
                                                 SEEKERS - SEPTEMBER THRU JUNE
                                                 A recreation program for adults with special needs to enjoy
                                                 a variety of structured activities, including crafts, pool
                                                 (optional), gym games and ample social opportunities with
                                                 Mon      4:00-7:00 PM
                                                 For registration/payment information, contact Brooke
                                                 Johnston, 215-348-8131, x 1141 or
      Advanced Sports Chiropractic
                                                 2010-2011 Member/Potential Member Pricing
        Bucks Physical Therapy                   (per session)
            Flash Graphics                       10 WEEK SESSION: $99/$109
              Penn Color                         See online schedule at

         For more info on this event,            SCOUTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS
                                                 Special Needs Boy Scout Troop 135
           Contact Rachel Mauer at               Special Needs Cub Scout Pack 135
  215-348-8131, x 1167,      meet every other week
                                                 Special Needs Girl Scout Troop 2269
      All proceeds and fundraising benefit the
                                                 meet every week - 18 yrs+
           Y’s Financial Assistance program      For information, contact Brooke Johnston, 215-348-8131,
                                                 x 1141 or

34 FALL I SEPTEMBER 6-oCToBER 30                                   
THE Y STAFF IS READY TO SERVE YOU!                                          OFFICERS
Administration                                                              Louis J. White, Chairman
STAFF/TITLE           PHONE EXTENSION 215-348-8131                          Brian R. McLeod, Vice Chairman
Zane Moore, President/CEO, x 1133                                           Michael W. Mills, Esq.
Ro Molyneux, Chief Operating Officer (COO), x 1126
                                                                            Jane H. Antheil, Secretary
Virginia Doyle, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), x 1134
Danette Crockett, Director of Human Resources, x 1113
Trish Genghini, Director of Marketing, x 1114                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Bess Godin, Director of Development, x 1124                                 Caryn L. Bowe
Lori Howard, Director of Accounting, x 1132                                 Joseph P. Brennan
Meg Scott, Marketing Specialist, x 1144                                     Jay D. Brodish, Sr.
Rachel Mauer, Special Events/Volunteer Coordinator, x 1167
                                                                            Elizabeth K. Clark
Catherine Refice, Financial Assistance Coordinator, x 1139
                                                                            Jenny C. Danzis
Program Directors/Associate Directors                                       Jean O. Fitzgerald, M.D.
STAFF/TITLE           PHONE EXTENSION 215-348-8131                          Michele P. Frisbie, Esq.
Maggie Baker, Associate Director of Membership Operations, x 1125           Pamela Northrop Gundlach
Todd Canfield, Director of Healthy Living, x 1185
                                                                            W. Andrew Happ
Kevin Crail, Director of Youth Development, x 1147
Chris Day, Assoc. Director of Membership Night & Weekend, x 1156            Carolyn Sue Houston
Jay DePue, Assoc. Director of Skate Park, Teen & Camp, x 1143               Vincent J. Menna, M.D.
Tricia DiGiovanni, Senior Director of Membership Development, x 1135        John M. Morrash
Kate Hennigan, Senior Director of Aquatics, x 1119                          J. Kevin Munnelly
Brooke Johnston, Assoc. Director of Special Needs, x 1141                   Michael D. Oeth
Charles Kwiatkowski, Director of Facilities, x 1158
                                                                            Clara G. Parker
Betsy McCormick, Assoc. Director of Aquatics Swim Programs x 1120
Lisa Stewart, Director of Youth Education, 215-348-4214                     Lisa Pretecrum
Valerie Tanner, Associate Director of Healthy Living, x 1140                Jill S. Reardon
Beth Tormey, Associate Director of Aquatics Lifeguards, x 1183              Christopher J. Serpico, Esq.
Andrew Yannarella, Assoc. Director of Sports & Physical Education, x 1176   Kathleen A. Taylor

Managers/Coordinators                                                       Eric Van Zanten
STAFF/TITLE           PHONE EXTENSION 215-348-8131
Karen Birmingham, AP and Payroll Administrator, x 1186                      TRUSTEES
Kerry Boytin, Member Quality & Safety Associate, x 1128                     Frederick E. Schea, Chair
Pat Kelly, Counselor in Training/Teen Leader Coordinator, x 1117            Susan R. Berg, PhD.
Jenn Jensen, Child Watch Coordinator, x 1174                                John P. Kiernan
Amy McGahran, Group Fitness Coordinator, x 1118
                                                                            William D. Lieser
Chris Molnar, Aquatic Coordinator, x 1116
                                                                            Richard B. Neiley, Jr.
*voice mail only                                                            Linda L. Smith
                                                                            Barbara P. Sperry
                                                                            Patricia R. Thomas

BLOG -          FACEBOOK -
                                                      CENTRAL BUCKS FAMILY YMCA • 215-348-8131 • 35
                             FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                             FOR HEALTHY LIVING
                             FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

CENTRAL BUCKS                                               2011 Sessions &
2500 Lower State Road
                                                            Registration Schedule
doylestown, PA 18901
                                                            Fall I - Sept 6 to Oct 30                                             Aug 15 - Member Registration
                                                            Aug 22 - Potential Member Registration
                            Bucks County                    Fall II - Oct 31 to Dec 24
                                                            Oct 17 - Member Registration
                                                            Oct 24 - Potential Member Registration

                          CBF YMCA

                                                                                   7th GRADE
    MAKE A GIFT                                                                    INITIATIVE
    The power of a dollar is remarkable: it can change
    the future for a young adult. This fall, every area
    student in the seventh grade will be offered a free
    membership to the Y. Why? Because we believe
    the values and skills learned early in life are vital
    building blocks for successful adulthood. By joining
    the Y, these kids will have opportunities to explore
    leadership, what holistic wellness really means
    (hint: it’s not just about the treadmill!), and form
    new friendships outside of the classroom.

    Will your gift open the door
    to a 7th grader?
    Please, donate today to help make their future
    brighter. Donate online at or
    contact Bess Godin at 215-348-8131, x 1124 or

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