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Burglary by liaoqinmei


									East Atlanta November Crime Report

                                            Auto Theft
400 Block Flat shoals Ave SE 11/5(19:30-20:30) Mon Eve
Parking lot
2005 Dodge R15
Victim reports someone stole his vehicle. Broken glass was found where the vehicle had been parked

400 Block Maynard Ter SE 11/4(08:00-08:15) Sun Day
1991 Toyota Cam
Victim stated that her cousin informed her that he vehicle had been seen traveling east on Glenwood Ave.
Victim kept a spare key in the center console

1500 Block McPherson Ave SE 11/9(01:18-01:22) Fri Morn
2001 Jeep CHK
Victim reports someone smashed his vehicles rear driver side vent window and damaged his steering

1100 Block Bouldercrest Dr SE 11/11(20:00) –11/12(07:30) Mon morn
Victim reports someone damaged his vehicle front passenger side door frame. A small amount of damage
was also found near the ignition column.

300 Block E Side Ave SE 11/11(0300-1052) Morn Sun
Drive Way
2002 Chrysler Sebreeze
Victim reports parking the vehicle in the driveway around 0300 hours and know it is missing.

1600 Block Newton Ave SE 11/17(1810-1900) Sat Eve
1997 Ford Tau
The victim states that when he came outside he discovered that his vehicle had been stolen.

1600 Block Newton Ave Se 11/17(18:35) sat Eve
Victim reports the suspect attempted to steal his motorcycle. The victim chased the suspect but he was
picked up by red dodge neon
Suspect: B/M, 16-17YOA, 5’8”-5’9”, 160lbs, blue and white jacket, baggy jeans
Suspect Vehicle: Red Dodge neon

1700 Block Piper Circle SE 11/11(2000)-11/12(0700) Unk Unk
1996 Ford Taurus
Victim reports parking her car on 11/11 around 2000 hours and on 11/12 her car was gone.

400 Block Maynard Terr SE 11/15(1000) – 11/16(0615) Fri Morn
1999 Dodge Sta
Victim reports that her vehicle was taken from her driveway over night

1200 Block Metropolitan Ave SE 11/09(1700) – 11/12(2230) Fri/Mon 65 Hour time frame
2004 Chrysler Sebring
Victim reported to police someone broke into his vehicle and ripped out the ignition from the steering
wheel and was lying on the floorboard.

1600 Block Newton Ave SE 11/11(2245-2300) Sun Eve
Drive Way
1997 Jeep Cherokee
Victim reports the vehicle park with the hatch open while unloading, and when she looked outside, her car
was being driven away.

1100 Block Fayetteville Rd SE 11/20(1915-1923) Tue Eve
2005 Chry Tnc
Officers were working a roadblock and saw the arrestee avoid the roadblock and then flee from the scene
eventually hitting another vehicle in Dekalb county and the vehicle in which he was driving was a stolen
vehicle out of Atlanta.
Arrestee: Keith Williams, B/M, 19YOA, lives on Brandon Ln

800 Block Flat Shoals Ave SE 11/24(1930-2000) Sat Eve
2006 Dodge Charger
Victim reported to police his vehicle was stolen from the location it was parked. Victim reported his
residence was burglarized about three weeks ago and they keys were stolen at that time. he vehicle was
later located 11/25

1500 Block Van Vleck 11/20(1600) – 11/21(0100) Tue/Wed Eve
1998 Dodge Intrepid
Victim reported to police someone stole their vehicle from the location it was parked.

900 Block Bouldercrest DR SE 11/8(15:00) – 11/9(01:00) Thurs Eve
Point of entry not listed
Victim reports someone entered her home and removed property. Not listed how entry was made
Taken: 2 Flat screen TV, $440 cash, 2 DVD players

1700 Block Flat shoals Rd SE 11/9(08:30-08:41) Fri Day
Side door kicked open
Officer responded to a burglary call and found that someone had kicked in the side door. The home was
searched but no one was located inside. The homeowner responded to the scene after being contacted and
reported that property had been taken
Taken: Lap Top. 46” Plasma TV, Digital Camera

700 Block Stokeswood Ave SE 11/5(21:00) – 11/6(14:00) Mon/Tue 17 hour time frame
Rear door damaged
Witness reported seeing the suspect walk from behind a neighbors home carrying a TV wrapped in a bed
sheet. The suspect was located and taken into custody. The Rear door to the home had been kicked in, and
the to was returned to the owner
Taken/Recovered: TV, stereo with speakers

600 Block Clifton Rd SE 11/13(12:00-22:00) Tue Eve
Front door kicked in
Victim reports someone kicked in his front door and attempted to steal his refrigerator. Unit 5638 was
Taken: Nothing

1300 Block East Gate Ct SE 11/15(09:05-09:20) Thurs Day
Rear door kicked in
Officer responded to an alarm call. When he arrived he found that someone had kicked in the back door.
The home was searched but no one was located inside. The victim responded and advised that property had
been taken
Taken: 32” TV

600 Block Clifton RD SE 11/23(20:00) –11/24(12:11) SAT Morn
Rear window smashed
Victim stated someone smashed a rear window on a home that is under construction and removed property.
The suspect had stayed at the location while it was vacant
Taken: Halogen Light

600 Block Gresham Ave SE 11/09(1600) – 11/20(1800) Unk, Unk
Front window
The victim reports that when he came home he saw that his front window was broken and items were
missing. A neighbor did see a vehicle there yesterday evening with a suspect that was loading items from
the house into his vehicle.
Taken: 2-TVs, Stereo, Safe, Computer
Suspect: B/M, 5’08”, 170
Suspects Vehicle: Red Geo

1400 Block VanVleck Ave SE 11/20(22:55-23:00) Tue Eve
Window smashed
Victims neighbors reported hearing a male say” Come on lets go” and then saw the suspect jump in to a
van and drive away. Officers checked the home and found that a side window had been smashed. The
residence was checked but no one was located inside. Gi Unit 5633 was advised
Taken: Unknown
Suspect Vehicle: Van

400 Block E Side Ave SE 11/26(0800-1100) Mon Eve
Rear Door kicked in
The victim stated that he left home on or about 0800 hour. When he returned he noticed that the rear door
was kicked in and property missing. The home was dusted for prints but no prints were lifted.
Taken: 42” Plasma TV, Gold ring, 24” LCD TV, Fake Rolex, Stereo receiver, Sony reader

900 Block Hilburn Dr. SE 11/27(1430-1900) Mon Eve
Victim detained a juvenile he stated whom he saw attempting to take a bed from the location. Victim stated
he saw another perpetrator, but was unable to provide an adequate description. A neighbor stated he saw a
black male, and female loading a green van with items from the location.
Taken: 52” TV, Bedroom Sets, Couches
Suspect: B/F, 5’6, 180lbs, hair net
Suspect: B/M 6’0, 160lbs, baseball cap
Arrestee: Juvenile, B/M, 11YOA, Lives on Flat Shoals Rd

1600 Block May Ave SE 11/21(1500) – 11/26(1700) Wed/Mon 5 Day time frame
Reporting person stated that someone entered the property through a side door and stole multiple items.
Reporting person stated that there is a key box hanging on the door outside, and several contractors have
access to the residence.
Taken: Bathroom Toilets, Bathroom Vanities, Stove, Dish Washer, Metal Bed with Mattress, 2
Kitchen Shelves, Water Heater, Ceiling Fan, Central Heat and Air Units, Outdoor Lights, Bathroom
Fixtures, Bathroom Lighting, Power Meter

                                       Larceny from Auto

1500 Block McPherson Ave Se 11/4(22:00)- 11/5(05:00) Mon Morn
2000 Jeep Wrangler
Victim reports someone removed property from his vehicle
Taken: Cell Phone

1000 Block Bouldercrest Dr. 11/11 (2400) 11/12(0500) Sun Morn
Unk Vehicle Info
The victim stated when he awoke he noticed that someone damaged his door locks trying to gain entry to
his van. The victim drove his vehicle to work and reported this crime later.
Taken: Nothing

Joseph Ave @ Glenwood Ave SE 11/27(2300) – 11/28(0030) Tue/Wed Morn
2006 Volkswagen Jetta
Victim reported to police someone broke the victims vehicle window and stole the laptop that was in plain
view on the backseat.
Taken: HP Laptop

700 Block Stokeswood Ave SE 11/24(0800) – 11/27(1945) Sat/Tue 4 Day time frame
1995 Volkswagen Golf
Victim stated that his vehicle had been unable to pass emission testing, so it was just sitting in front of his
house. Victim went to place his 2008 decal on the vehicle, and realized that the plate was missing.
Taken: GA Tag 8479SM

                                            Larceny Other
400 Block Flat shoals Ave Se 10/28(13:00) –11/4(10:45) 1 week time frame
Meadows Mortuary
Victim reports his flacons tickets are missing
Taken: Flacons Tickets

800 Block Winfield Ave SE 10/28(19:00) –11/6(15:00) 9 day time frame
Victim: B/F, 54YOA, Live sin Winfield Ave
Victim reports someone connected a green water house to her home and turned it on
Taken: water

                                     Robbery Pedestrian
2000 Flat shoals rd SE 11/9(04:00-05:20) Fri Morn
Shell Station parking lot
Weapon: Unknown object
Victim stated he stopped at the location to get gas. He began to walk towards the store when he realized it
was closed. When he returned to his vehicle the suspects met him. One of the suspects struck him in the
face with an unknown object, knocking him out. When he woke the victim found himself on Joseph E
Lowery by More house College with empty pockets. Inv 4032 was notified. No description of the suspects
was given
Taken: Wallet and contents, Keys, Watch, $100 Cash, 1997 Merc Vil
Suspect: Not listed

1500 Block McPherson Ave SE 11/17(20:55-20:59) Sat Eve
Weapon: Gun
Victim stated she was delivering a pizza to the address when the suspect ran from behind the location and
produced a gun. The suspect demanded her money and vehicle keys, took the pizza, the drove off in her
vehicle. Officers knocked on the door but there was no answer. Pizza hut was able to give the phone
number from where the order came from.
Taken: 2002 Chev Cav
Suspect: B/M , 5,10,200lbs, Late 30s, black leather coat and hat, mask over his face

400 Block Moreland Ave SE 11/14(16:45-17:00) Wed Eve
Checkers parking lot
Weapon: Physical Force
Victim stated the suspects took a DVD player he was trying to sell. When he attempted to take it back the
suspects struck him in the head
Taken: DVD Player
Suspect: B/M, 5’09”, 160lbs
Suspect: B/M, 5’10”, 180lbs
Suspect: B/M, 5’10”, 170lbs

1700 Block Piper Cir SE 11/23(1840) Fri Eve
Weapon: Strong arm, pipes
Victim reported to police as she was in front of her residence, a silver Dodge caravan had pulled up next to
her and four B/M had jumped out and intimidated her and demanded for her belongings. At which time the
victim complied and one B/m stated, “What else you got?” The B/M reached inside her pockets and took
more items from her. The Suspects then got back into the caravan and fled the scene. After a look out was
given out, the suspects’ vehicle was located and Dekalb County Units were able to stop the vehicle. The
suspects fled on foot and were not caught. Inv Panter arrived on scene. The suspect vehicle was impounded
by Dekalb County.
Taken: Drivers License, Military I.D., $18 cash, ATMcard, QT gas card, Blackberry cell phone
Suspect: B/M, 13-15YOA, white t shirt, blue jeans
Suspect: B/M, 13-15 YOA, white t shirt, blue jeans
Suspect: B/M, 13-15YOA, white t shirt, blue jeans
Suspect: B/M, 13-15YOA, white t shirt, blue jeans
Suspect Vehicle: Silver Dodge Caravan
1400 Block Glenwood Ave SE 11/25(0250-0255) Sun Morn
Weapon: Black Handgun
Victim reported to police as he was walking towards 1476 Glenwood Ave, an unknown B/M had come up
behind him and stuck a black handgun to his ribs and stated, “Give me your fuckin money, now!” The
victim stood there and the suspect stated, “Are ya’ll just going to stand there and fuckin stare?” The victim
had continuing walking on.
Taken: $50 Cash, wallet, Motorola Cell Phone, GA Drivers License
Suspect: B/M, 5’09”, gray hoodie

1200 Block Glenwood Ave SE 11/29(22:35-22:45) Thurs Eve
Weapon: Black Semi Auto Handgun
Victim stated she had just parked her vehicle behind the location and started walking to the front when the
suspect ran up behind her with a black semi auto pistol and demanded her money. The victim stated she
didn’t have any money and crouched down. The suspect then struck her in the head with the pistol and took
her purse. The suspect fled on foot heading soutyh on Josephine. Unit 5638 was advised
Taken: cell phone, $20 cash, cell phone, purse and contents, keys
Suspect: B/M, 5’[10”, 150 lbs, black hockey style shirt and knit hat

1400 Block Marbut Ave SE 11/29(19:20-19:25) Thurs Eve
Weapon: Gun
Victim stated she had parked her vehicle in her driveway and was unloading when the suspect ran up to her
with a gun and stated” Give me all our stuff”. The victim threw her purse at the suspect and ran. The
suspect was last seen running towards Marbut. . Unit 5638 responded to the scene
Taken: Purse and contents
Suspect: B/M,5’10”, 180lbs, Yellow scarf over his face

400 Block Maynard Ter SE 11/29(20:15-20:20) Thurs eve
Weapon: gun
Victim stated he was walking on McPherson when the suspect approached him form the rear with a gun
and demanded his wallet. Unit 5638 was advised
Taken: Wallet and contents
Suspect: B/M, 5’10”, 185lbs, black leather coat, black pants, nice shoes, yellow scarf covering his face

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