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					 Exxon Mobil: Oligarchy Replete with the
 Power to Tax American Citizens through
        Setting High Gas Prices?
                                   Dr. Sherman N. Miller
                                                                                    August 21, 2011

We marvel at Goldman Sachs being called on the carpet for betting against their customers
thus making over three billion dollars in profits from these hapless people. However, we need
to expand our inquiring minds to say who else may have made an unjustifiable profit in our
economic meltdown epoch.

Exxon Mobil managed to overturn the 1911 US Supreme Court ruling that broke up their
predecessor by catching the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission suffering
from a bout of groupthink. These governmental organizations permitted the development of an
oil oligarchy replete with uncontested taxing powers to act like a monopoly by raising gas prices
in the midst the onslaught of Great Depression II.

The Great Chinese War Philosopher Sun Tzu teaches, “Warfare is the Way of deception. . .
When [your objective] is nearby, make it appear as if distant; when far away, create the illusion
of being nearby.” A holistic look at the Impeachment of Former President William Jefferson
Clinton suggests that it may have been a Republican ruse to enchant the national and
international news media while a small group people contracted to monopolize the world
economy by exploiting the power of oil as an economic linchpin.

A Republican controlled US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton on
December 19, 1998 while the Exxon Mobil deal was signed off on December 1, 1998.
Clearly, the Republicans had neutered President Clinton’s Presidential persona because the
media was consumed with the scandal of a Presidential sex escapade with Monica Lewinsky – a
consenting young adult. We need only look at today that many politicians and celebrities are
caught up in sex scandals to realize that the Clinton / Lewinsky affair was one where the young
lady was overwhelmed by her sin and mistakenly shared her emotional feelings with a
purported confidant.
                                                                         On November 30, 1999
                                                                         the Exxon Mobil
                                                                         merger was
                                                                         consummated. In less
                                                                         than ten years Exxon
                                                                         Mobil sales went from
                                                                         185.5 billion in 1999 to
                                                                         459.6 billion in 2008.
                                                                         The trend line in the
                                                                         chart “Exxon Mobil
                                                                         Yearly Sales” suggests
                                                                         that they plan to
                                                                         continue dictating the
                                                                         energy market. Some
                                                                         gasoline prices have
                                                                         crept back over three
dollars per gallon here in the State of Delaware.

The oil industry must believe President Barack Obama got beaten up severely in the
propagandized healthcare debated, so now it is safe to move gasoline prices back towards four
dollars per gallon which would favor Republicans candidates because people vote primarily on
their pocketbooks. A return to four dollar per gallon of gasoline would surely have the
Democrats feeling American voters’ wrath in this Midterm Election year.

During the propagandized healthcare debate you would have thought a trillion dollar tax
burden was a yoke that our children and grandchildren would find as an albatross that they
may never shake off in their lifetimes. Yet the Exxon Mobil oligarchy managed to force over
three trillion dollars out of the personal spending of the world in ten years which may have
provided partial cause for why the American automobile industry has been teetering on

When you look at Exxon Mobil net profits you see they went from 7.91 billion dollars in 1999 to
a high of 45.22 billion in 2008. The Exxon Mobil profits skyrocketed by 5.5 times their 1999 level
(first year of the merger). The trend line in the chart, “Exxon Mobil Yearly Net Income” suggests
that they plan to continue making profits at a record level. The cumulative sum of the Exxon
Mobil profits from 1999 through 2009 is 279.99 billion dollars or over one quarter of a trillion
The debate on regulating the financial industry has the nation debating the issue of businesses
too big to fail. The other side of that coin is reincarnating the 1911 US Supreme Court ruling;
thereby, breaking up the Exxon Mobil oligarchy to reawaken competition in the energy
                                                                               markets. The
                                                                               original US
                                                                               Supreme Court
                                                                               ruling broke up the
                                                                               Exxon Mobil
                                                                               predecessor into 34
                                                                               companies. Will we
                                                                               see some backbone
                                                                               shown by today’s
                                                                               Federal Trade
                                                                               Commission and
                                                                               Commission to
                                                                               reverse their
                                                                               debilitating decision
                                                                               to allow de facto
                                                                               monopolies to form
                                                                               in the energy
                                                                               industries? Do we
need to look closer into the modus operandi of these commissions to determine if some
present and pass members have what Judge Judy labels as dirty hands in the courtroom?
Should we continue to allow nongovernmental oligarchies to tax our pocketbooks? Do you
think Al Qaeda is exploiting good old American greed as a cause for instability to maintain high
energy prices to help to finance their war effort?

My guess is the Republican Party will find the nation unforgiving if my analysis is remotely on
target. Thus, attempts to discredit me or my family should be looked upon as proof that my
analysis is right on target.

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