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					                                                          May 2011

  the 2012
Eddie Bauer
              Airstream’s innovation & Eddie Bauer’s enthusiasm
 Airstream    for the outdoors combine for comfort & adventure.

                                            Blue Beret/May 2011   1
                                                            to enjoy Fun, Fellowship and Adventure                    parties. Two of those seven cities are
                                                            in the Land of Lincoln.                                   close to Du Quoin – Alton is 102 miles
                                                                If you are still undecided about reg-                 to the northwest, and Jonesboro is 40
                                                            istering, consider that this will be the                  miles south.
                                                            first WBCCI International Convention/                         I want to thank Sam Smith of the
                                                            Rally in Illinois. It is a whole new area                 Southern Illinois Unit for developing a
                                                            to explore. The population center of the                  list of Internet sites – some of which
                                                            United States is just across the Missis-                  document that the area has an interest-
                                                            sippi River into Missouri, so the location                ing past. You might enjoy visiting these
                                                            of the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds is as                   to learn about the Old Shawneetown
                                                            convenient a site as there is, even for                   Bank, the first bank in Illinois, and the
                                                            our Canadian Units. Attractions surround                  Shelton Brothers Gang, which was an
                                                            southern Illinois, so take some day trips.                early Prohibition era bootlegging gang.
                                                            There are wine trails. Military retirees                  They even resorted to one incident of
                                                            can use facilities at Scott AFB. The St.                  aerial bombing of a rival’s headquarters
                                                            Louis “Arch” is west, the National Quilt                  in 1926. Below is Sam’s list.
    It is that time of year when, “April                    Museum is south, and the Abe Lincoln                      If you have not already registered for
showers bring May flowers.” Flowers                         Museum in Springfield is north.                           Du Quoin, I ask that you think about it
may already be blooming where you                               Abe Lincoln was the 16th President                    again. There are 1100 camping sites,
are. Linda and I just returned home to                      of the United States, elected in 1860.                    a park-like setting, terrific entertain-
Northeast Iowa, following a terrific Re-                    In 1858, the Lincoln-Douglas Debates                      ment, and adventures to experience.
gion 9 Rally in Abilene, TX. We enjoyed                     were held in seven Illinois cities. At the                The alternative is to let your Airstream
the Indian Paintbrush and Blue Bonnets                      time, U.S. Senators were elected by state                 sit in the yard and kill
along the way.                                              legislatures; thus Lincoln and Stephen                    the grass. Come to Du
    Due to strong northerly winds, we                       A. Douglas, the Democrat Party incum-                     Quoin – you’ll enjoy the
stayed an extra day in Oklahoma City.                       bent, were both trying to win control of                  trip.
If you are ever passing through that city                   the Illinois legislature for their respective
on I-35 or I-40, please try to arrange                      Herrin Massacre
additional time to visit the National                       BloodyWilliamson
Monument where the Murrah Federal                           Charlie Birger
Building once stood. Experience what                        The Shelton Brothers Gang
home grown terriorism can do. The visit                     The Herrin Massacre
will make a lasting impression.                             The History of Southern Illinois
    I have been hoping against hope that                    The Williamson County Historical Museum
fuel prices would stabilize and start to                    Colp
return to more reasonable levels. Each            
week brings more discouraging news,                         The Bloody Vendetta
and fuel costs, uncertainty about the                       Noted Crimes and Criminals of Williamson County
economy, and events in Japan and Libya            
are all working to suppress registrations                   John A. Logan
for the 54th International Rally in Du                      Robert G. Ingersoll
Quoin, Illinois. Let me assure you that                     Old Shawneetown Bank
the Rally Committee and Committee                           Hickory Hill—The Old Slave House
Chairmen are continuing to plan for a                       Garden of the Gods
great gathering of Airstreamers. I want                     Tornado of 1925
to thank the 500+ who have made plans                       Ray Fosse
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       Deb Mann ....................................
    Member Services
       Deb Sailor                        See for more information on the
                                                                                              Eddie Bauer Airstream (floorplan below)
    Region 1 ......................................................Russ Melocik                                                                                     WARD-
    Region 2 ............................................ Bonnie MacDonald                                                       FOLDABLE    FOLDABLE        FRIDGE ROBE
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                                                                                                                                                                            Blue Beret/May 2011                           3
4   Blue Beret/May 2011
Blue Beret/May 2011   5
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                                                             Blue Beret/May 2011   7
8   Blue Beret/May 2011
Club News

    I don’t know about you, but I look forward to many more         Club. There are so many positives
years of enjoyment with our friends in this great Club of ours.     in this Club that I believe we need to
Not only are we the oldest single brand RV Club, but we provide     concentrate on. Without our Units
so many varied activities (about 1,500) such as Unit, Region        and MALs we would not have a Club.         Don McKelvay
and International Rallies, caravans all over Canada and the         For those who choose to look, they            Chairman
United States as well as overseas, special event rallies and        will see positive changes have, are
all at fantastic low prices especially when compared to other       and will be made; including such things as relaxing dress and
camping organizations. And I cannot over emphasize it - all         formalities, being more open to views, fully half of the Stand-
with our Club friends.                                              ing Committee Chairmen are new within the last six months,
    Unfortunately some of my, and your, long time friends have      members are receiving Club information directly by email,
decided not to renew due to being upset over past events            greater encouragement for Units to conduct activities, which
and pointing their finger at the way our Club is run including      include younger families and children, and
leadership and financial problems. Although in part, I agree,       the Marketing Committee have produced the
knowing the past, current and future leaders as I do and be-        membership mailer, which is an excellent
ing able to speak my mind with them, presenting ideas that I        tool – they are also working on a value card
believe many of our members also want; I am firmly convinced        for the members. I strongly encourage all
the leaders are doing what they think is best for the Club and      those who have not renewed to reconsider as
what the members want. I guess the latter part is the most          we do not want to lose you as friends. Each
difficult as we have read on various forums, heard at different     Unit is unique and if you have not renewed
rallies, there is a wide spectrum of opinions – some are for and    due to your current Unit, you should consider
some are against. Gaining a consensus is extremely difficult        joining another Unit that might meet your
unless everyone was to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It is particularly       needs better. If I can be of any assistance,
frustrating when questions are asked and few bother to reply.       please feel free to contact me through my
This has been abundantly clear regarding the letters sent to        email at
those who did not renew this year, and in the past, where only          For most of us the annual RV season is
maybe 20% reply. Mind you the information they provide is           upon us, with wonderful activities, things to
very useful but what about the other 80%? As you can see            see and most importantly with our friends,
from the Renewal Thermometer in the last three months only          so get those Airstreams moving and enjoy life. I look forward
17% or 226 of the 1,302 have renewed. The 37% who replied           to seeing many of you ‘Down The Road’ and if you have not
were certainly lost to us for unavoidable reasons of no longer      yet signed up for Du Quoin please do so. The future will be
owning an Airstream, age or deaths. We are still doing well         what we make of it.
in recruiting new members with 101 since Jan 1st, which is
about the same as last year. The real key now for everyone
is to make sure these new members have a great time and
renew next year, and the next year, etc.
    One of the latest changes has been the extensive work
done by the Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee.
This group of five people was appointed by Norm Beu, the
International President, and has worked extremely hard inde-
pendently as a Committee in producing these documents. By
the time you read this Membership Article your Unit will have
received from Headquarters the lengthy, detailed recommen-
dations, which everyone needs to discuss at their Unit and
provide their Unit delegate guidelines for his or her voting at
the Delegates Meeting at the International Convention/Rally
in Du Quoin, IL. It will then be up to the delegates to decide
which if any of the recommendations are to be approved,
amended and implemented.
    Many members who may be unhappy with policies or ac-
tions at higher levels in the Club, also feel strongly that the
vast majority of their enjoyment, or as we so correctly call it
                                                                   Members of Eastern North Carolina Unit enjoying a camp fire under
the ‘FUN, FELLOWSHIP and ADVENTURE’, is derived at                 the full moon.
their own Unit and with their close friends elsewhere in the       -submitted by David Winterhalter, #3768

                                                                                                        Blue Beret/May 2011            9
10   Blue Beret/May 2011
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                                                   Blue Beret/May 2011   11
                                                   Airstream Tech Help Group
                                                                                                           Howard Lefkowitz, #6077
                                                                                                           Phil Broomall, #2654
                                                                                                           Jim Cooper, #3056
                                                                                                           Jamie King, #7018

   This group has been established by WBCCI to help the membership with any of their technical RV problems. Examples
of questions that might be of interest to many members will be published in the Blue Beret. We will respond directly to you,
in response to your email or letter describing a problem you are having. We hope you will find this new service of value in
the care and feeding of your RV. You may contact us as follows: or by mail: Howard Lefkowitz, 11508
Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

           Solar Power                        of peak sunshine. If we use most of the        how long you will run any of the items.
                                              electricity in the evening then this should    Check the back of the appliances or
    When we withdraw amp/hours from           work out fine since we will have most of       power supplies and use the wattage
our battery vault we have to return them      the second day to charge. Solar panels         ratings provided by the manufacturers or
as soon as we have a source available.        need sun to work not just daylight. You        if not available use Figure 6. Calculate
This could be shore-power, an alternator      will have a lot more charging time in          the amp/hours you will use once you
(from the tow vehicle or motorhome), a        Florida in the summer than in Alaska in        have stopped for the evening and dur-
generator or a solar panel system. Solar      the winter. Your panels must be in direct      ing the night.
energy is free, however, collecting and       sunlight all of the time which is why in           Even though a small toaster requires
processing it is fairly expensive. Let’s      critical applications moveable platforms,      800 watts if you only run it for 5 minutes
examine a typical system:                     which can automatically track the sun, are     that only requires:
    1. Three 130 watt solar panels which      used. No more parking under the shade
        can provide 22 amps total             trees, if you want to charge the batteries.       I = P / E, I = 800 / 12 = 67 amps,
    2. A special photovoltaic voltage         Reference 4, illustrates the sun hours         5/60 = 1/12 of an hour, 5.6 amp/hours.
        regulator                             per day, high (summer) and low (winter),
    3. A monitor system for voltage and       for major cities in the US. This provides         While running a 60 watt light bulb
        current                               a good guide as to how many hours of           for two hours requires 10 amp/hours,
    4. Wiring harness, mounting brack-        the most effective charging you will get.      an LCD 20” TV (120 watts) running for
        ets, stainless steel hardware,            Don’t be fooled by the monitor sys-        two hours would require 20 amp/hours.
        fuses                                 tem’s voltage readings. You should have        Remember you are drawing the amp/
    5. Inverter to provide 120 VAC for        the monitor set for checking charge            hours from your 12 volt battery either
        appliances with a transfer switch     current, which reflects what is actually       directly or through an inverter.
    6. Upgrading batteries (2) to AGM         being put into the batteries. A minimal           I remember one Newfoundland Cara-
        type                                  system, which you install yourself, keep       van where we had over two weeks of
    7. Upgrading the charger to com-          your existing batteries, forget the inverter   consecutive dry camping. Batteries were
        puter controlled type with tem-       and provide just 7 amps charge current         dropping like flies. To help the situation we
        perature monitor                      will run about $1000. If you limit your        spotted motorhomes among the trailers
    The solar panels, regulator, monitor      electric usage to just lights, TV and a        and ran their generators during the day
and all needed installation hardware can      laptop computer you could get by with          when we were out sightseeing. For those
run about $2500. A 2000 watt Inverter         one panel. One of the advantages of            with batteries in a deep cycle, who did
with built in computer controlled charger     solar is you can start with a minimal          not have good chargers, we collected the
can add about $1150. Installation and         system and add on over several years.          batteries in the morning and took them
rewiring some of your 120 VAC outlets         If you run into several bad weather days,      to Canadian Tire for charging during the
could easily take a day or about $700.        without sunshine, you may have to head         day. One caravan member had 6 solar
Upgrading your batteries to two AGM Life-     for the campground and get a full shore        panels and 6 AGM batteries in his rig.
lines could cost $550. This represents        power charge, anyway.                          One morning he stopped by to ask me
a total expenditure of around $5000.              How much battery power do you              to check his batteries since his rig had
You can skip the Inverter and just install    need? how big a charger? how much              died during the night. Both rig batteries
a solar battery charger but this will still   solar power, how big an inverter? All of       were completely dead, however, the
cost about $3750.                             these questions can be answered using          AGM batteries were fine. After check-
    Assuming we use about 100 amp/            an amp/hour worksheet, Figure 6. This          ing the wiring I found out that the Solar
hours in a day our solar system should        provides a list of what you want to run,       Dealer (per the owners directions) had
be able to restore that in about 5 hours      how many lights you want to use and

12            Blue Beret/May 2011
Club News
connected the 6 solar panels and 6 AGM                                                       15 - 30% more power to the battery they
batteries only to the TV and Satellite                                                       can actually be cheaper by reducing the
equipment. There was no connection                                                           need for more panels.
to the rig, which is why those batteries                                                        This type of charger also uses sepa-
died. So he sat there with a dead rig                                                        rate voltage and temperature sensor
watching TV. You have to decide what                                                         circuits to optimize the charge current.
is important to you when dry camping in                                                      They have switches so you can set the
order to size a Solar System.                                                                parameters for almost any type of deep
    Is it worth spending the money for                                                       cycle battery used in an RV. They almost
a quality Solar System? If you spend                                                         always provide the four charging stages
most of your time in campgrounds then                                                        described above, in the Charger section
you won’t get much use out of the solar.                                                     as well as the PWM charge technique.
If you do extended dry camping in the                                                           Solar panels produce around 17.6
winter and need the furnace you will                                                         volts at a specified current. A 130 watt
probably require a generator (at least a                                                     panel will provide a maximum output of
small Honda). If you camp in the sum-           basic stages of charge and use a pulse       about 7.4 amps of current for a 12 volt bat-
mer, particularly in the South, and want        width modulation technique (PWM) which       tery. This is about 89 watts, which means
air conditioning you will need a larger         is a series of charging pulses sent to the   you are losing 41 watts of capability when
generator (2500 to 3000 watts). Again,          battery. The charger constantly checks       charging the battery. Figure 5 shows the
solar may not be worth the expenditure.         the battery, hardware and environmental      peak power point at which you can best
    If you do a lot of dry camping, where       conditions to determines how fast to         match to the 12 volt battery. If you use
generators may not be allowed, and want         send the pulses and how long (wide)          an MPPT charger, that operates at the
to spend several days at a wilderness site      they should be.                              peak point, it converts the panel output
then a solar system could be justified. If          A PWM charger provides:                  to 10.8 amps at 12 volts. Now you are
you must have your Satellite TV in the              1. The ability to maximize battery       putting an additional 3.4 amps into the
wilderness and money is no object then                  capacity                             battery for each panel. For a two panel
solar is just the ticket. If most of your dry       2. Increases the charge rate without     system this is almost like adding a third
camping will be on caravans and it will                 significant battery overheating      panel, i.e. two 130 watt panels provide
just involve a day or two, once in a while,         3. Maintains high average battery        14.8 amps of charge or two 130 watt pan-
then a minimum solar supplement might                   capacity                             els, with an MPPT charger, provide 21.6
be adequate (perhaps one panel with a               4. Equalizes the different battery       amps. The peak power point changes
minimum charger). Use the Worksheet                     cells                                constantly with available sun light, battery
(Figure 6) and determine your amp/hour              5. Reduces heating and out-gassing       condition, weather, temperature, etc. So
daily needs, decide on the type of camp-                which minimizes water loss           the job of the MPPT is to monitor all of
ing you will be doing, check your financial         6. Automatically adjusts for battery     these variables and continuously adjust
status and configure the system. Buy                    aging                                the operating point for the maximum
the largest panel you can fit on the rig            7. Self regulates for system voltage     output charging current.
and a charger that will handle 20 or 25                 drops and temperature effects in        MPPT chargers are about $600 for an
amps of current. Everyone I know that                   the panels                           80 amp unit, $525 for a 60 amp, $380
installed a solar system and purchased              This is a much more efficient method     for a 30 amp unit, $250 for a 25 amp
one panel eventually wanted at least a          than just using a fixed voltage and          unit and $225 for a 15 amp unit. PWM
second panel and had to throw away the          changing the voltage level as the battery    chargers are about $250 for 60 amps,
original10 amp charger and purchase a           reaches a fully charged state.               $200 for 40 amps, $140 for 30 amp,
new one.                                            For maximum efficiency, solar sys-       $125 for 20 amps and $100 for 8 amps.
                                                tems can use MPPT or Maximum Power           Standard charge regulators run from
 Solar Charge Controllers                       Point Tracking chargers that are matched     45-60 dollars for 8 to 16 amps. Remote
                                                to the panel output voltages and the         digital monitor meters, which provide
    Small, 1 to 5 watt solar panels, that                                                    voltage and current measurements, can
                                                type of batteries being used. Solar
provide a trickle charge for the batteries,                                                  run from 40-90 dollars.
                                                panels produce about 17 or more volts
do not need any voltage regulation. For
                                                of output and require battery voltages
larger solar panels the output can range                                                         Figure 5. MPPT Optimum Power
                                                that can range from 12 to 15 volts. The
from 15 to 20 volts and a charge regulator                                                   Point Charging
                                                MPPT chargers provide operation at the
is required. This can be a conventional                                                          An MPPT charger is the most efficient
                                                optimum power point to maximize current
charger, as described above, where you                                                       and cost effective method for controlling
                                                into the batteries, Figure 5. This takes
set a voltage level and apply it to the                                                      a solar array on your RV. Further, these
                                                full advantage of the 17 volt panel sup-
battery using a four stage computer chip                                                     chargers include all of the latest technol-
                                                ply to get more charge current into the
controlled unit.                                                                             ogy (PWM, computer control and four
                                                battery and provides efficiencies in the
    The better solar chargers are com-                                                       stage charging) for maximizing battery
                                                95% range. These are more expensive
puter chip controlled, provide the four                                                      efficiency, performance and extended
                                                but considering that they can provide

                                                                                                          Blue Beret/May 2011         13
Club News
life. If you plan to extend your solar system capability in the future to two, three or more panels then you should definitely
consider an MPPT controller.

                  Some Solar System Tips
                                                                                         Figure 6 Worksheet for
•    Select the largest panels you can mount on your rig                                 Calculating Power Required
•    One panel per battery per person with one extra (quick estimate)                    for One Day
•    Keep the panels clean
•    Clean and check all connections at least once per year                              Appliance        Watts       Amps
•    Typical Panel voltage is 17 plus volts
•    Heavy users will need 3 or 4 panels and 4 batteries                                                            (approx)
•    Forget air conditioners, large microwaves and furnaces
•    Consider Propane catalytic heaters and/or a 12 volt heating bed pad                 Lights
•    Non sinewave inverters work for computers, TVs and small appliances                 bulbs              10               1
•    Use energy efficient lights (fluorescent, LED, halogen)                                                25               2
•    Do a Consumption Worksheet and determine maximum amp/hours needed
•    Don’t forget ‘sneak loads’ (circuit boards, radio, pilot lights, water heater)                         50               2
•    Buy at least a 20 or 25 ampere charge controller (you will add panels)               halogen           10               1
•    For larger Panel arrays Invest in an MPPT charge controller and remote monitor                         20               2
•    Make sure the proper wire size is used                                               fluorescent       10               1
•    Plan for future upgrades when sizing controllers and wire size                                         15               1
•    When your batteries need charging stay out of the shade
•    After sizing solar consider needs for air conditioning, furnace, microwave
•    Trade off costs and desires when considering a generator versus solar system        Entertainment
•    Consider both acquisition and operating costs for these two approaches              19” Color      85                  7
•    Evaluate approach based upon expected hours of usage and total investment           20” LCD       120                 10
                                                                                         32” LCD       140                 12
                                                                                         Satellite Rx   50                  4
                                                                                         Stereo         40                  3
                 Figure 5. MPPT Optimum Power Point Charging
                                                                                         Fans         24-36                2-3
                                                                                         Furnace       100                   8

                                                                                         small             800              67
                                                                                         large            1300             108

                                                                                         Computer         50-200          4-17
                                                                                         printer          50-100           4-8

                                                                                         Vacuum            200              17
                                                                                         Hair Dryer       1000              83
                                                                                         Water Pump          50              4
                                                                                         Bed warmer       24-50            2-4
                                                                                         Refrigerator        72              6
                                                                                         Toaster            800             67
                                                                                         Coffee Maker     1000               8

14            Blue Beret/May 2011
Club News

                                         Airstream              Women
                                               Want to Know…
                                                          SIDRA SPIES,
                                                           Unit 29, Pensacola, FL

                                         Happy Mother’s Day!
 The Holidays of May: Don’t forget!!!                                            Easy Quick Recipes
                                                                     Quick Dip
  May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
  May 8 – Mother’s Day                                               1 20 oz jar apple jelly
  May 21 – Armed Forces Day                                          1 10 oz jar pineapple preserves
  May 23 – Victoria Day                                              1 10 oz jar apricot preserves
  May 30 – Memorial Day                                              1 1 oz can dry mustard
                                                                     1 5 oz jar horseradish
      Spring is here and summer is fast coming.                      1 8 oz cream cheese
 Hope you are planning your trip to the                                    Combine first five in bowl and mix well.
 International in Du Quoin, IL in June. Enjoy these                  Place cream cheese on serving plate. Pour sauce
 simple recipes at rally gatherings.                                 over the top. Serve with crackers.

                                                                     Pecan-Topped Brie
                                                                      1    13 to 15 oz round Brie
                             Warm Beef                                          or Camembert cheese
                         Stroganoff Sandwich                          ½ C orange marmalade
                                                                      2 Tbsp;. packed brown sugar
                                                                      ⅓ C coarsely chopped pecans
                                                                            Preheat oven to 350°. Place cheese in shallow
               This open faced sandwich is an                         oven proof dish. Stir together marmalade and
    excellent addition to any get together.                           brown sugar and spread on top of cheese. Sprinkle
                                                                      with pecans. Bake 15 minutes until cheese is
    2 lbs lean ground beef ½ C chopped onion                          slightly softened and topping is bubbly. Makes 10
    1 tsp salt                ½ tsp garlic powder                     to 12 servings.
    ½ tsp pepper              1 loaf French bread
    16 oz. sour cream         softened butter for bread               Bacon Cheese Appetizers
    2 tomatoes, seeded and diced                                      1 lb. bacon drained and crumbled
    1 large diced bell pepper                                         1¾ C shredded Gouda Cheese
    3 C shredded cheddar cheese                                       1 C mayonnaise
                                                                      1 pkg cocktail rye bread, lightly toasted
     In skillet, brown and drain beef and onion. Add                  Garnishes: sun-dried tomato slivers, sliced ripe
   salt, pepper, & garlic powder. Cut bread into two                  olives, fresh herbs
   length wise halves. Butter both and place on                          Combine bacon, mayonnaise, and cheese.
   baking sheets. Remove meat mixture from heat; stir                 Spread on rye bread. On ungreased sheet, bake
   in sour cream. Spoon onto the bread. Sprinkle with                 350° for 7 min until cheese is bubbly. Garnish
   tomatoes, green peppers and cheese. Bake at 350°

                                                                                            Blue Beret/May 2011          15
Club News

                            ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS
                                               Darrell Waters, Chairman

   The 2020 Long Range Planning Committee found, in reviewing the Round Table Summary Reports from all Region
Presidents, that many of the suggestions that were submitted in the reports have already been implemented. Because the
whole report is three pages long, we decided to publish the positive part of the report in the Blue Beret, and publish the
entire report on the WBCCI website. This report, as well as the entire report, has been sent to the International President
and Vice Presidents as well as the Region Officers. The comments have been divided into eight categories: Finances, Mo-
torhome, Constitution/Bylaws, Membership, Communications, International Convention/Rally, Caravans, and Miscellaneous.
Remember, the entire report can be found on the WBCCI website. These are the suggestions that have already been

        Reduce International Convention/Rally expenses
        Make financial reports available to the membership
        Leave the caravan history and numbers out of the WBCCI Directory-cost less
        Reduce the Region rally fee, and consider refunding excess money collected, if the Region can afford to
        do so (Some Regions do this)
Motorhome Issue:
        Some members want something done to include motorhomes (A committee has been formed to study
        ways to accomplish this item.)
        Revise Constitution/Bylaws. (A Special Constitution/Bylaws Revision Committee is in the process of
        doing this.)
        Open the nominating process to more than just a slate of officers
        There is a lack of connection between the Executive Board and the members.
                (The connection between the IBT and the membership has been improved.
                There is more communication.)
        Post motions on the WBCCI website as soon as they come in
        Have membership packets in all new trailers (Each new RV has a letter and a brochure
        from the club, and once purchased, the new owner receives a mailing from headquarters.)
        Post newsletters in dealerships
        Personal contact
        Use the new member list in the Blue Beret as a starting point
        Websites – marketing/membership
        Enthusiastic Membership Chairman – (International)
        Be tolerant of criticism – open the Blue Beret to contrary views
        Keep the membership informed, The President’s Letter is good
        Use broadcast email
        Have online registration. (We do have online applications for new members, and online payment of dues
        for MAL members.)
        Upgrade the Blue Beret
        Have Round Table Discussions at every Region Rally
International Convention/Rally:
        Reduce set-up time for the rally
        Have Region and International seminars related to Airstream                                          continued

16           Blue Beret/May 2011
Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Dear WBCCI Members:

    Two years ago, President Collier established “Letters to the Editor,” a new column for the
Blue Beret, and President Beu requested the “Letters” to continue during his term.
    Many good letters have been received, some controversial, some helpful to fellow Airstream-
ers and some relating interesting experiences in their Airstream travels.
    Requests of many members expressing a desire to have an avenue to share thoughts and
ideas and to have their voices heard, prompted the initiation of “Letters to the Editor.” In the
first column published back in 2009, we presented a “channel through which...voices can be heard.” To quote from our first
issue, “We hope this will implement a positive step forward, opening a new line of communication regarding views, opinions
and questions that directly or indirectly affect the membership.”
    Keep those Letters coming!

  The Editor

    Please keep the Letters coming to
    This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. The Letters to the Editor Committee will respond as needed. Be sure
to include your full name and WBCCI number.
    DISCLAIMER: The Letters to the Editor Committee reserves the right to edit or withhold any letter received and will only
publish those that are considered beneficial to the club as a whole and as space is available. Letters may be addressed
to and must include writer’s full name and WBCCI number to be considered noteworthy for publication.

   DISCUSSIONS continued
       Change the rules - less military
       style influence-less pomp and
       Comments were divided about
       the Opening Ceremony - (It has
       been shortened)
       List all caravans on the website
Miscellaneous comments:
       Strengthen the role of the Regions
       and the support of the Units
       Use electronic communications
       Listen to other ideas

2020 Long Range Planning Committee

Damon Beals
Joanne Miller
Pearl Adams-Kyle
Darrell Waters, Chairman
Richard Girard
Gordon White
Jack Hampel

                                                                                                 Blue Beret/May 2011      17
Club News

                                     Safety Note From Herb
                                                   Herb Quade, WBCCI #3575

   George James wrote a safety column in the Blue Beret for many years and he included lots of general information in that
column as well. The following article was printed in the May 1985 and 1995 Blue Beret and I would like to repeat (threepeat?) it.

   HERE’S HOW - BY GEORGE!                                          take off for the “tinfoil Woodstock.” Let it soak and slosh and
                                                                    freshen up your tank. Also, DON’T forget to drain and rinse
    Greetings all you May Queens, TTAs (Toy Tinkerers An-           the tank with fresh water-unless you really like soda water.
nonnymouses). ‘Tis really Spring now, wherever you are.                                            ----------
And the trailering season is upon us, for sure. (And if you             Filling LP Gas bottles (tanks) – never mind how THEY
don’t remember reading this column 10 years ago, here it is         “always do it.” Make sure the LPG service attendant OPENS
again.) We have something we want to get out of our system,         the “outage valve”—that’s sometimes called the 10% valve
again—to help you get it out of your system.                        [but it’s really 20%]. Make sure he leaves it open until the
    Gray water—If you think its okay to run it on the ground,       tank or bottle is full enough so that some LIQUID escapes…
the numero uno NO-NO is that three inch hose, whether it be         Indicating that your bottle is filled to PROPER LEVEL.
blue or brown! Here’s what you need to do. Buy you one of               “Proper” to you might mean full to the top so’s you got
those expensive cap deals, with garden hose threads on one          your “money’s worth.” What it really means is that it is NOT
side, and the 3” connection on the other.                           FULL! It means that there is a space left at the top (20%) of
    Then buy a new 5/8ths inch 25 foot GREEN garden hose.           the bottle—room for the liquid to change to a gas and room
(You can buy a cheap one if you are real young and inexperi-        to contain the extra pressure developed when the sun hits
enced. But it will give you trouble, especially when it’s cold.)    your silver colored bottle—silver so that it absorbs a minimum
Cut it in three pieces. One about 18” long, one maybe 5-6           of heat...otherwise you might get that “bigger bang for your
feet long, and the third, well, whatever is left.                   buck” you’ve heard tell about. (Whadhesay? READITAGAIN!)
    Cut OFF the male end and throw it away. Buy two more                                           ----------
she-male ends at the hardware store and install them on the             This month is clean your battery posts AND cable ends
pieces that have no connectors on them.                             again time. They may not LOOK dirty or corroded to you but
    The short one is when you have to use a bucket, Michigan,       they build up a thin, hard layer that does not transmit electric-
Texas, or whatever. The middle one is for when you can drain        ity very well. Then your Univolt (or voltage regulator) thinks
under your camper. And the long one is for when there is a          the battery needs charging and keeps pushing juice to the
thirsty bush further away.                                          battery and heating it and boiling your water. And that water
    Why green, he asks? Also why a connection on one end            is no good for coffee Henry. The process makes oxygen and
only? ‘Cause it makes it difficult to use those hoses in a water    hydrogen, a mixture that is quite explosive, if we remember
line. (And now you know why people get all shook up when            our high school physics experiments.
they SEE a piece of colored hose in a water system.)                    Scrape the battery posts and inside of the cable connections
                              ----------                            with a sharp knife. The tools they sell for “cleaning” battery
    Letter probably from a non-member, says they used the           posts won’t do the job.
idea of putting laundry in a garbage can with soap and water                                       ----------
in their back bathtub and found to their sorrow that it played          If you drove over salted highways last year—or parked
havoc with the tub, and with rivets and suggested we publish        very much near salt water—better check under. Especially
a warning.                                                          the brake wires. Copper wire corrodes badly. Take apart
    Okay. WARNING! If you try this stunt, suggest using a           the connections, remake good ones, spray with silicone and
plastic (diaper) pail, and that it be secured so it doesn’t slide   re-tape. Also clean and spray the “umbilical” plug between
and rattle around in your rear tub.                                 tower and towed.
                              ----------                                                           ----------
    Letter from #28766. About a year ago a big storm put a              It IS okay to run on one steel wheel and three fancy ones.
large bow in their 31’ awning roller. Clyde says he used a          Or two and four, or whatever. Mix and match works fine. And
piece of ¾” by 4’ aluminum angle stock which they clamped           its okay to run WITHOUT one wheel, only keep the speed
to one end of the awning roller. This held the roller with the      down and don’t run more than two or three days? HOURS!
bow in the UP position. Then Ruth and a friend hung from the                                       ----------
middle of the bow. This weight STRAIGHTENED the roller,                 Know what? Back in 1985 we got much more on one page
and the awning rolls almost as good as new, and Ruth can            than now. You just read only part of our single page 1985
handle it with ease again.                                          article. Well, fret not. They just don’t make’em like they used
                              ----------                            to, and we don’t get as much for our money either. But when
    First time out this year? Don’t forget that box of baking       its all said and done, isn’t it grand that we do, and CAN do
soda (half a box is enough) in your fresh water tank before you     what we DO do? Isn’t it grand that really our greatest problem

18            Blue Beret/May 2011
Club News

      Law Matters
                                                                          In Memoriam
   Several communities throughout
the country are considering ordi-
nances to restrict street parking of                                        The officers and members of
RVs. As I read the rationale for the                               Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc.
laws, I am amazed at the problems,                               express their sympathy to the families and friends
and am sure Wally Byam members
are not the guilty parties. The troubles
                                                                            of these departed members.
include dumping black water wastes         Richard Jirus
into storm drains, leaving trash in their   Legislative         Burmaster, Susan (Sue) (011-CA) ..............#1751
parking wakes, damaging personal             Chairman            PFL Northern CA Unit
property, and verbally abusing home
owners. The areas where laws are being considered include       Cooper, Kathryn R. (032-GA) ......................#1004
Venice, Torrance, and Carlsbad, CA; Traverse City, MI; Mary-     PFL Georgia Unit
land City, MD; and Gulf Coast, FL.                              Devine, Elizabeth (Betty) (068-NJ) ...........#15324
   A second area of RV parking problems is when the trailer      PFL Watchung NJ Unit
residents use their RVs as permanent homes. Laws are be-
ing considered to address this problem in Kelowna, British      Hammock, Maynard (161-NC) .....................#1453
Columbia, and areas of Pennsylvania.                            Miller, Virginia (155-TX) ...............................#4558
   Finally, many states face budget problems. The Connecticut   Moser, Frank (032-FL) .................................#7224
General Assembly is considering this as a solution. A luxury    Olson, Robert (Bob) (011-CA) .....................#1748
tax will be added onto the sale of new RVs costing more than
$50,000. The RV business association has submitted testimony    Peaco, Lillian (129-FL).................................#4161
opposed to this legislature on March 7, 2011.                   Smith, Jim (011-CA) ...................................#10680
                                                                 PP Northern CA Unit
                                                                Sumners, Jesse L. (Jake) (059-MO) .....................
                                                                 PP Kansas City MO Unit

             Courtesy Parking
          Please add the following name to Courtesy
        Parking in the 2011 Membership Directory:
          #26055 Fred & Beverly Bennett
          Columbia City, IN
          Ph. (260)244-4507

Safety Note From Herb continued
often is just finding time to do MORE of it? And that what we
are doing is something we CAN look forward to doing more
OF?............and for May, 1995, that’s that by George.
   I hope you enjoyed that.
   We’ll see you down the road – and buckle up!
   Herb Quade WBCCI #3575, Home phone (757) 583-1405
Cell phone (757) 535-1084

                                                                                                   Blue Beret/May 2011           19
Club News

                                              Inspiration 101
                                                        Dr. Harold Kingdon, WBCCI #14383
                                                              International Chaplain

             ark Twain, author and humorist, is well known for       in the mud, and Jacob ran to help him up and receive his
             his fictitious Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Ad-         blessing, the blind man did not give him any blessing at all,
             ventures of Huckleberry Finn. But he also wrote         but whacked him over the head with his stick…
about the misadventures of a couple of other imaginary boys.            “One thing that Jacob wanted to do was to find a lame dog
    One is, The Story of the Bad Little Boy Who Didn’t Come          that hadn’t any place to stay, and was hungry and persecuted,
to Grief. His name was Jim. How bad was he? Well: “Once              and bring him home and pet him, and have that dog’s imperish-
he climbed up Farmer Acorn’s apple tree to steal apples, and         able gratitude. And at last he found one and was happy; and
the limb didn’t break, and he didn’t fall and break his arm and      he brought him home and fed him, but when he was going to
get torn by the farmer’s great dog, and then languish on a           pet him the dog flew at him and tore all the clothes off him…
sick-bed for weeks… Oh! no; he stole as many apples as he            Whatever this boy did he got into trouble.”
wanted, and came down all right….                                       Now, of course, Mark Twain exaggerates with tongue-in-
    “He even gave the elephant in the menagerie a plug of            cheek. Life is never as extreme as these two stories portray.
tobacco, and the elephant didn’t knock the top of his head off       But life does seem to be topsy-turvy by times. Some people
with his trunk… He struck his little sister on the temple with his   appear to succeed regardless of how unethical they are, or
fist when he was angry, and she didn’t linger in pain through        how they mistreat others, while those who are honest, upright,
long summer days, and die with sweet words of forgiveness            and hard working often feel like everything goes wrong. Life
on her lips… No; she hit back; and she never got sick at all….       can seem pretty unfair.
    “And he grew up, and married, and raised a large family…and         This is nothing new; it is an age-old dilemma. Nearly
got wealthy by all manner of cheating and rascality; and now         twenty-five hundred years ago people complained: “What’s
he is the infernalest wickedest scoundrel in his native village,     the use of serving God? What have we gained by obeying his
and is universally respected, and belongs to the Legislature.”       commands? Those who do evil get rich. The Lord…does not
    The other is, The Story of the Good Little Boy Who Did Not       punish [evildoers]…. Where is the God of justice?” (Malachi
Prosper. His name was Jacob. How good was he? Well:                  3:14-15; 2:17 NLT). Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?
“He always obeyed his parents, no matter how absurd and                 The Lord’s reply, though requiring patience, was reassur-
unreasonable their demands were; and he always learned his           ing: “On the day when I act…you will…see the difference
book, and never was late at Sabbath school. He would not             between the righteous and the wicked, between those who
play hooky…. He wouldn’t lie, no matter how convenient it            serve God and those who do not” (Malachi 3:17-18 NLT).
was…. And he was so honest that he was simply ridiculous….           Comforting words when life seems upside down, inside out,
    “And once, when some bad boys pushed a blind man over            and just plain puzzling.

                           Treasurers report on first 9 months of the year......
                                               Bob Moss, International Treasurer

     T    hanks to the officers of the club along with Cindy and her staff’s management of expenses this year, I am cautiously
          optimistic that our current year’s operating budget bottom line will be better than we anticipated. We budgeted for
  a breakeven year and it now appears that we will end up with a small profit. As of March 31, we are ahead and plan to
  stay ahead for the year. We still have 4th quarter operations and expenses to be incurred. At the present time, there
  does not appear to be any extraordinary items that would throw us off track.
      We now have approximately 500 registered for Du Quoin. Our budget was for 825 attendees. This short fall in num-
  bers is a challenge and is being worked on by all of your officers. We have drafted a new budget to recognize the short
  fall in attendees. The budget will not be balanced, but we are working to minimize any loss that will be incurred. YOU
  can help by signing up for Du Quoin. The more people that come, the smaller the loss.
      This year you will have the opportunity to partake in the proposed constitutional changes. This is a first for our club,
  and we are looking forward to hearing from our delegates. Come, be a part of this historic event.

20            Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

            Adventures In Illinois
                                                    Leonard Sullivan #282

    President Norm Beu and First Lady Remember Jimmy Stewart saved the                   Chicago’s skyline distinctly stands out.
Linda welcome all WBCCI members westward bound pioneers from being                       Sears Tower, the tallest skyscraper in
come to the 54th International Conven- robbed and ravaged by a group of cave             the United States, is 200 feet taller than
tion/Rally in Du Quoin, IL, June 28-July dwelling pirates. Today mammals live            the tallest land prominence in Illinois. In
4, 2011. The Du Quoin Fairgrounds de- at the cave’s opening and further back             Chicago you can find almost anything you
scribed in the November and February within the depths live bats, salamanders            want. Chicago’s historic legacy contains
issues of the Blue Beret may be one of the and other creatures of the dark.              national politicians, e.g. Mayor Daley and
most beautiful landscapes ever used by       Millions of years ago, ninety percent       President Obama; athletes, Walter Pay-
WBCCI for the annual Rally. The grounds of Illinois was under glacial ice. The ice       ton and Michael Jordan; mobster, Big Al
have 1200 spacious acres with 30 miles mass cut off hilltops and filled the valleys      Capone; and an innovator, George Ferris.
of winding hard surfaced roadway avail- with rock and dirt. As the climate warmed        In 1893, Ferris built a giant wheel-shaped
able for pleasures such                                                                                      amusement ride recog-
as cycling and walking.                                                                                      nized at every state fair
For the first time at a                                                                                      as the “Ferris Wheel.”
national rally, WIFI will                                                                                    To ride a Ferris Wheel
be available across                                                                                          on the way to Du Quoin,
the entire campground                                                                                        particularly if you have
area, so you will have                                                                                       youth aboard, consider
world contact at your                                                                                        stopping at Six Flags
fingertips. You can                                                                                          Great America, a fabu-
gather for rest, happy                                                                                       lous Amusement Park,
hours and visiting with                                                                                      north of Chicago off
friends under the fair-                                                                                      of I-94. RV camping
grounds 1400 trees,                                                                                          is available close by
more shade than we                                                                                           at the Illinois Beach
have ever had before.                                                                                        State Park. Both Six
This is a great place                                                                                        Flags and the Beach
to be!                                                                                                       Park are great fun.
    Du Quoin is locat-                                                                                       The Lakeshore Illinois
ed in the rolling hills                                                                                      Beach State Park is a
of southern Illinois.                                                                                        delightful spot to camp
A short drive further                                                                                        and venture 20 plus
south you will find a Garden of the Gods                                                                     miles into Chicago by
region often referred to                                                                                     car. Chicago is a tourist
as the Illinois’ Ozarks.                                                                                     mecca, but there is no
This area with rugged sandstone cliffs, a relatively flat land with great rivers, rich   RV parking within 10s of miles from the fa-
forested hills and valleys is known as soil and abundant bluestem grass and              mous downtown loop. Driving Chicago’s
the Shawnee National Forest, one of wetlands was left behind. Now 13.7 mil-              thoroughfares is not for the faint-hearted,
the state’s most scenic spots. Within lion people live on the former prairie which       but the interstate’s and toll roads in, out,
the lush forests of this National Park is has been changed by agriculture, mineral       or around Chicago can be navigated in
the Garden of the Gods, an outstand- production, manufacturing, tourism, and             an RV more easily on non-rush hours or
ing group of multi-colored, columnar, many other industries. An article by Dar-          on Sunday. Otherwise unless you are
mushroom rock formations that touring rell Waters worthwhile rereading in the            specifically planning on play or touring in
visitors often climb, photograph and view September Blue Beret, titled “Welcome          Chicago, you might do as Darrell Waters
with wonder. Toward the eastern side of to Illinois” greatly expands in real terms       suggests in the September Blue Beret
the forest is the Cave in the Rock State the profile of the states productivity.         issue, “Avoid the Windy City.”
Park. The large cave was formed by           Northeastern Illinois borders Lake               Although there are many possible
water seeping through sandstone along Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes              routes to Du Quoin, the following is an
the Ohio River banks. It was used by containing 20 percent of the world’s fresh          Illinois fantasy trip through the state be-
local pirates on the Ohio River and the water. Lake Michigan uniquely is the only        ginning in Galena (northwest corner) and
history of piracy was portrayed in the Great Lake totally within the United States       ending in Du Quoin. Galena is a historic
1950s movie, “How the West Was Won.” borders. On the southwest lake shoreline            Mississippi riverboat and lead mining

                                                                                                      Blue Beret/May 2011          21
International Convention/Rally
town. Churches and homes hug steep                 Leaving Springfield, you may travel
hillsides and as one drives along the          south on I-55 toward East St. Louis. At          Battery Specialists
west to east highway you will see many         exit 9 visit the Cahokia Mounds, west
old elegant mansions with tree shaded          of Collinsville. The Cahokia Indians al-             Company
green lawns. The four thousand person          though less well known than the Plains
town is small, beautiful, quaint, and is       Tribes established and developed a North         Golf carts are available for
known as “the town time forgo.” Galena’s       American imperial community based on             rent at the Du Quoin State
heyday was in the mid-nineteenth century       agriculture and trade over a wide area           Fairgrounds. The cost will
when it had a population of 15,000. Now        stretching from Canada to the gulf and the
several buildings and mansions, includ-        western Rockies to the Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                                                be $275 per week for a two
ing General Ulysses S. Grant’s Home,           These indigenous people were known as            passenger cart and $375 for
are national historic sites and worthy of      Mound Builders and in addition to 10,000            a four passenger cart.
being on a postcard. Of the towns I’ve         mounds scattered across the Midwestern
visited for this article, Galena was the
most picturesque.
                                               states, they devised a calendar by which
                                               to tell the time of day, follow celestial bod-
                                                                                                      Be a WBCCI
    Next head for Moline, Illinois, and        ies and measure seasons. The Mound                    Torch Carrier!
follow the Mississippi River route down        Builders gradually faded starting in the
either the Iowa or Illinois River Roads.       1200s and were gone by 1500 AD. In time              Carolyn Beardshear #7982
If you cross the Mississippi River at          the Mound Builders were replaced by the              We are looking
Dubuque, IA you can follow the mean-           tribes of Cahokia, Peoria, Michiganer,           for four WBCCI
dering Hwy. 52 and have a full view of         Moingwena, and Tamaroa who were                  members to carry
the Illinois bank from the heights of the      called “the people” so named Illiniwek.          a plastic torch from
Iowa ridge. Viewing “Big Muddy” you            Today the state name of Illinois is derived      their hometowns to
will see a series of river locks used for      from the Illiniwek Indian Tribal name.           the 2011 Interna-
barge traffic and a very scenic river val-         In the St. Louis area if you have never      tional Convention/
ley. If you wish to camp by the river and      seen the famous arch, you may wish to            Rally in Du Quoin,
watch the barges, stay at the Casino           visit and ride up the arch. Leaving the          IL.
RV Park in Dubuque. When you get to            St. Louis area you can drive southeast               Torch carriers
Moline consider touring the John Deere         to Du Quoin or continue southward and            will be asked to
Headquarters.                                  visit the French settlement Mississippi          photograph their
    Traveling south from Moline to Gales-      River towns and forts described by Dot-          torches in various
burg, visit Carl Sandburg’s birthplace. He     tie Steurer in the December 2010 Blue            contexts and lo-
is a Pulitzer Prize author in literature and   Beret. The French settlement area is also        cales en route to Du Quoin, post
poetry. The visitor center houses exhibits     within a day’s trip of Du Quoin.                 pictures and locations on the WBCCI
and memorabilia. After Galesburg it’s on           The 54th WBCCI International Con-            Facebook Page along the way, and
to Peoria and a visit to the Caterpillar       vention/Rally is fast approaching. The           carry the torches into the opening
Headquarters, a world renowned heavy           annual rally is where a major portion of         ceremony. If you are interested in
equipment manufacturer. Caterpillar en-        WBCCI’s business transpires. Be sure to          being a torch carrier, contact Carolyn
gines are in some of the Class AAirstream      attend and gain first hand information on        Beardshear (Central Indiana Unit)
motorhomes. Also in the area, consider         club issues. The business meetings give          through Facebook or email her at
a side trip to Havana, IL where you can        members an opportunity to provide input
visit the Dickson Mound and Museum.            to President and International Board. It
The museum has a number of special             is where change occurs. Other activities
programs highlighting the mound and            of the rally provide fun and renewal. We
its history. The mound is on a high bluff      will have tree-shaded happy hours, great
overlooking two rivers and is one of the       dining with fellow Airstreamers, the op-
richest Indian archeological sites in the      portunity to tour the surrounding areas
Midwest.                                       close to Du Quoin, visit with knowledge-
    South from Peoria is Springfield, the      able vendors, hear the latest Airstream
state capital, where Lincoln lived and         news and be royally entertained. All you
practiced law before he became the 16th        need to do is come! Reserve a place im-
President of the United States. Lincoln’s      mediately by registering. Norm and Linda
home is open to the public in downtown         have planned a great rally for our fun and
Springfield. His tomb is in the Oak Ridge      fellowship. Remember, “Adventure is
Cemetery where he is buried with his           where you find it.” See you in Du Quoin.
wife, Mary and three sons. Lincoln’s fa-
mous speeches are inscribed on bronze
plaques at the tomb.

22             Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

                                  Rally Exhibitors Section
               Come and visit our displays at the 54th International Rally!

       A & W Designs                      Fan-Tastic Vent                                               Mary Kay
       Allison Hurner                      Dottie Wood                                              Sondra Nelson
 Custom embroidery on shirts,         Fan-Tastic Vent Service,                                     Mary Kay make-up
      caps and jackets                 sales and installation
                                                                                                     Pressure Pro
Aunt Betty’s HandyCrafts             Farm & City Insurance                                  Larry and Marge Heppler
           Betty Dunn                 (Corporate Sponsor)                                       Pressure Pro Tire
  Handmade dish carriers, pot              Twyla Stenzel                                       Monitoring Systems
    holders, potato bakers,         Customized policies such as                          Wireless tire monitors for safety
   appliqued shirt sets, clutch     Replacement Cost Coverage,
         purses, & more              Purchase Price Guarantee,                                      Sky Med
                                         and Agreed Value                                      (Corporate Sponsor)
 Big Rig RV Accessories                                                                                  Will Klein
   Steve and Judy Congrove          Fifth Avenue Collection                                   Emergency Travel Insurance
   Premium microfiber cloths                  Mary Tyrrell                                     SkyMed returns the patient
       for cleaning, etc.                Fifth Avenue Jewelry                                 - and their vehicles, pets, de-
                                                                                             pendents and companions - to
Chef Bob Magnetic Induc-              J & J’s Gold & Gems                                    the only place that really mat-
     tion Cookware                            Jan Williams                                             ters...home.
          Bob Welch                 Fine jewelry, gems, American
 Magnetic induction stoves and     Indian, silver jewelry, Tilley hats                         Awnings by Zip Dee
    health craft cookware            and clothes and sun glasses                                      Nate Webb
                                                                                                Zip Dee awning service
    Coastal Reflections                 K &P Enterprises
          Mary Butler                  Ken and Paula Lougee
 Fashion Jewelry including ear-       RV water filters and more
  rings, charms and watches


                                       •Plasticoating and Painting                                •Drop Ship from Airstream
                                       •Electrical Work
                                                                              C   E1              •Factory Warranty Work

                                       •Plumbing                          SIN                     •Insurance Claim Specialists

                                       •Grey Tanks                                                •Previously Owned Airstreams
                                                                        9241 Sonrisa Street
                                       •Metal Damage                   Bellflower, CA 90706       •Free Overnight Parking While
                                                                                                    Your Airstream is Repaired
                                       •Carpet, Drapes, Upholstery        (562) 634-6286
                                                                     TOLL FREE (800) 662-3790

                                        SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ONE STOP SERVICE CENTER

                                                                                                       Blue Beret/May 2011        23
International Convention/Rally

       July 1st Entertainment
              Brian Roman
   Brian Roman had dreamed of being a professional
entertainer all his life. The dream largely remained just a
dream, as Brian built a high profile, thriving career in the
insurance & real estate world for over 20 years. Blessed
with a natural ability to sing and a deep passion for helping
others in need, Brian put those gifts to work as a powerhouse
producer of many successful fundraising events which he
not only organized, but performed at as well. It was while
satisfying these deep passions that an ever-growing, rap-
idly enthusiastic audience began to demand more. Natural
momentum took hold and a serious rethinking of his life’s
purpose and direction became undeniable.
   In September of 2005, Brian made the life-altering deci-
sion to change his career title from “Brian Roman - 20 Year
Insurance & Real Estate Professional” to “Brian Roman -
                                                                 others in need.
Entertainer,” and so immediately went to work on his debut
                                                                    As the momentum continues, this year will see Brian Ro-
CD. But that alone wasn’t enough, Brian decided to take the
                                                                 man entertaining as a headliner in front of tens of thousands
biggest gamble of his life and book Roy Thomson Hall - one of
                                                                 of new fans throughout North America and being heard on
Canada’s premier concert halls. The show was a triumphant
                                                                 radio by hundreds of thousands of new listeners.
sell-out and Brian Roman found himself with a large front
                                                                    Brian’s vision has turned into a positive inspiring reality of
page headline, picture, and story in the Toronto Star the next
                                                                 what’s possible if we dare to act on a dream.
morning along with interviews on CBC Radio, AM 740, CFRB,
                                                                    ......but as the song says, “The Best Is Yet To Come.”
and City TV’s evening news. His trademark generosity once
again was expressed through an $8,000 donation from ticket
and CD sales to allow a child’s wish to come true through the
Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Brian Roman, the
entertainer, had arrived!
   Through these many appearances,
along with training from the internation-
ally acclaimed Canadian tenor, Mark
DuBois, Brian Roman has transformed
into the consummate professional en-
tertainer. Wherever he performs, large
enthusiastic audiences find themselves
captivated by his charismatic stage                                  FAIRGROUNDS INN
presence, accomplished baritone/tenor                             1520 S Washington Street, Du Quoin, IL
voice, personal warmth, sincerity and
                                                                                    (618) 542-5000
generosity of spirit.
   Brian Roman is now heavily booked
throughout Canada and the US. His                              $79     per
                                                                                    RALLY HOST HOTEL
CD titled “As Long As I Have Music”                            night + tax
features 3 brand new songs, 2 of which
Brian co-wrote, the third being deeply                         Indoor Pool and Spa
connected and dedicated to the memory                          FREE Continental Breakfast
of his grandmother titled “Forever in                          High Speed Internet
My Song.” The CD is rounded out with                           Guest Laundry
Brian’s truly inspired takes on classics                       Microwave and Refrigerator
spanning the golden era ranging from                           Directly adjacent to the Fairgrounds
Sinatra to Elvis to Tom Jones. Brian
continues to make himself available
for charities and is always thrilled to
                                                                   Please ask for WBCCI International Rate
lend his talents and time in the aid of

24            Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

                                        Sightseeing Tours
                                                           Jane Julian

                                                                    Tour: Paducah Quilt Museum and Patti’s
                                                                              1880s Settlement
                                                                                 Tour Date: June 29, 2011
                   3074 Baseline Road                                   This morning, we journey to Paducah, Kentucky, where
                                                                    we will be joined by a local guide for a tour of this beautiful
                 West Frankfort, IL 62896                           city located on the Ohio River.
                  Phone: (888) 767-8763                                 We will then visit the National Quilt Museum, which has now
                   Fax: (618)-627-2652                              been designated the National Quilt Museum of the United
                                    States. The museum was founded by quilt enthusiasts Bill &
                                                                    Meredith Schroeder in 1991 to promote and “honor today’s quilt
                                                                    maker.” Enjoy quilts and the stories they tell at this 30,000-sq.
     Tour: St. Louis Botanical Gardens                              ft. international museum. Throughout the year, the Museum
             & Tour of the Hill                                     showcases contemporary, miniature, and antique quilts in its
                                                                    impressive facility, which was custom-built and designed for
            Tour Date: June 28, 2011                                optimal exhibition of quilts. The Museum lobby features quilt
   Today, we will begin our day traveling to St. Louis, Missouri,   patterned stained glass windows and an exciting gift and
the Gateway to the West. We will begin our day by visiting the      bookshop.
St. Louis Botanical Gardens, one of the world’s top public              We will then enjoy a bountiful lunch at Patti’s 1880s Settle-
gardens and a National Historic Landmark founded in 1859            ment in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. Patti’s has been voted #1
with 79 acres of scenic landscaping and historic structures.        Restaurant for Tourism by the State of Kentucky as well as
Don’t miss the Climatron® tropical rain forest, the Japanese        #1 by Southern Living Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award
Garden, and founder Henry Shaw’s Victorian home. Our visit          for Best Small Town Restaurant in Southeast United States.
will begin with a narrated tram tour of the garden. There is a      You will have the opportunity to enjoy the house specialty,
fantastic gift shop at the Gardens, as well.                        their one inch pork chop!
    Lunch is included at Zia’s On the Hill today. Zia’s On the          Following lunch, there will be time to explore the unique
Hill has all that one could wish for in an Italian restaurant.      gift shops at Patti’s.
Named for owners Dennis and Angelo Chiodini’s two aunts,                        Tour Price Per person: $89
who were great cooks (“zia” is Italian for aunt), Zia’s offers an
                                                                       Includes: Paducah city tour w/ gratuity, National Quilt Mu-
experience that’s like being invited to a friend’s home instead
                                                                    seum, lunch at Patti’s 1880s Settlement, deluxe motorcoach
of a restaurant. Serving classic Italian gourmet and the St.
                                                                    transportation and driver’s gratuity, fully escorted by Jane’s
Louis-style cuisine has made Zia’s, recently voted by AAA
                                                                    Journeys and two complimentary packages. Price is based
Midwest Traveler Magazine as the best ethnic restaurant in
                                                                    on a minimum of 25 paying passengers.
the Midwest, a favorite for both locals and visitors since 1985.
   Come and experience a little bit of Italy in St. Louis as
we are joined by a local guide for a tour of The Hill. Your             Tour: St. Louis – Cathedral Basilica,
Hill native tour guide will give you an afternoon of wonderful
stories, fantastic food and interesting tidbits of this beloved
                                                                         Anheuser Busch Brewery and the
neighborhood. Learn how to play the venerable game of bocce                        Gateway Arch
ball, see first-hand how homemade ravioli is made and enjoy
a piano concert at historic St. Ambrose Church.                                 Tour Date: June 30, 2011
   For the sports enthusiasts, we will visit the childhood homes       Today, we return to St. Louis, Missouri, where we begin our
of Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola while hearing fascinating           day with a guided tour of the Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, the
stories about their rise to baseball prominence.                    world’s largest collection of mosaic art; museum and shop.
            Tour Price per person: $94                              The beautiful mosaics were designed to remind all of us that
                                                                    God reaches into our earthly lives. You will see depictions of
   Includes: St. Louis Botanical Gardens admittance and             a cosmic story: God acting to create and redeem and sanctify
tram ride, lunch at Zia’s, guided tour of The Hill, two compli-     humanity, and to welcome us into eternal life.
mentary packages, fully escorted by Jane’s Journeys, deluxe            We will then continue our day in St. Louis by visiting the
motorcoach transportation and driver’s gratuity. Tour price is      Anheuser Busch Brewery for a tour of the facilities, guiding
based on a minimum of 25 paying passengers.                         you through a blend of rich brewing heritage, state-of-the-art
                                                                    technology and extraordinary architecture. Follow the crafting

                                                                                                       Blue Beret/May 2011        25
International Convention/Rally
of Budweiser, The Great American Lager, from all-natural,             take another 80 years for the mammoth undertaking to be
quality ingredients to the refreshing brew enjoyed across the         complete. The exterior design of the cathedral has a decid-
globe. In the Hospitality Room, you can enjoy your favorite           edly gothic air, marked by large stones and stained glass,
brew including a variety of our new and innovative products.          modeled on Byzantine and Romanesque design.
Soft drinks and snacks are also served. Lunch is included                Mosaics depicting life in Saint Louis first greet visitors in
today at Soulard’s Restaurant, a St. Louis favorite since 1977.       the cathedral’s narthex, and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
   This afternoon, we will be visiting the St. Louis Gateway          (opened in 1917) contains bronze gates, which graced the
Arch. At 630 ft., our nation’s tallest man-made monument has          Austrian exhibit at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904.
plenty of exciting activities. We’ll take the tram ride to the top,      The ornate mosaics covering the interior of the sprawling
visit the Museum of Westward Expansion and shop in their              cathedral were designed by more than a dozen artists. The
wonderful gift shop.                                                  stunning Arch of Triumph, Arch of Creation and Sanctuary Dome
                                                                      soar high over worshippers with colorful religious imagery.
                                                                         In 1997, the cathedral was designated a Cathedral Basilica
            Tour Price per person: $77                                by Pope John Paul II, who visited the historic site himself in
    Includes: Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, Anheuser Busch            1999. Today, daily masses and ceremonies attract thousands
Brewery, lunch at Soulard’s Restaurant, St. Louis Gateway             of worshippers and thousands more who hope to explore the
Arch tram ride, two complimentary packages, fully escorted            sheer beauty and majesty of the artwork.
by Jane’s Journeys, deluxe motorcoach transportation and                 Though the cathedral is open daily, guests should be mind-
driver’s gratuity. Price is based on a minimum of 25 paying           ful and respectful of mass schedules when the cathedral is
passengers.                                                           reserved for prayer. Otherwise, the lovely site is open for
    Information on the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis - It is        exploration to all who pass through its ornate doors. A mu-
one of the world’s largest collection of mosaic art. Housed           seum is located onsite to provide additional information on
in the heart of St. Louis in the soaring Cathedral Basilica, this     the cathedral and its artifacts.
incredible collection includes two soaring domes and several             While St. Louis houses dozens of scenic churches, the
galleries of detailed religious images made from colored glass.       Cathedral Basilica truly is a wonder to behold. It transports
    While construction began on the cathedral in 1907, it would       visitors to another time and place. Now that’s most definitely
                                                                      a trip worth taking.

                                         Attention VAC Members
                       Are you going to be at Du Quoin, or might you attend?

We need planning information even if you are un-                      Name_____________________WBCCI #_________
decided. Your information allows us to:
                                                                      Airstream Year____________Model_____________
     •	   Plan Vintage Parade parking at the Du Quoin
          International Convention/Rally                              Address_____________________________________
     •	 Plan the Vintage Parade and pre-parade rendez- City_________________State_____Code_________
     •	 Complete parking registration at the rendez-
        vous (no Bull Pen)                             Will Attend__________Might Attend____________
     •	   Make Open House trailer signs                               Park in Vintage:        Yes_________ No___________
     •	   Keep you informed leading up to International
                                                                      If yes, camp at rendezvous: Yes_______No________
          Please send information to:

          or Jim Cooper, 6200 Choke Cherry Dr.,
          Loveland, CO 80537

26            Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

Community Service                              WE NEED YOUR VOICE
                                                                                             “SNAP SHOT”
                                               Did you sing in the choir in high                       is back!
   The Inter-                                school, college or do you sing in
national Con-                                                                               Chairman – John Hice, #8586
                                             the shower or your Airstream?
vention/ Rally                               Then please come and sing in
is fast ap-                                  the choir at International. We                For the second year Airstreamers will
proaching and                                will sing at the worship services          have the chance to show off their 4” x
I know every-                                and in the Festival of Music. No           6” prints.
one is gearing                               auditions just a love of singing!!!           Come-on and share your favorites
up for a great                                                                          with the rest of us.
time. We will                                   If interested please contact:
be accepting                                    Julie Hunt
your checks
                                                                                                5 CATEGORIES
                        Janet Kendig            Email:
made out to,                                     Ph. 636-230-5810                         YELLOW
                          Chairman                                                        AIRSTREAMS IN ACTION
“DU QUOIN                                        WBCCI #4968
FOOD PANTRY.” As stated earlier the                                                       OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS
‘MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE OF DU                                                               FUN & FUNNIE AIRSTREAMERS
QUOIN’ will also be accepting checks to                                                   SCENES SEEN FROM MY
help out with a program that helps feed           Fashion Show                             AIRSTREAM
the children of the area. In speaking with
the minister there, they will see if there        Annette Hooker #259
is any small work jobs that our people          Wanted - Models for WBCCI
can do to help out the community. The        Fashion Show. Are you coming to the        Only prints 4”x6” or 6”x4” may be
Women’s Shelter of Carbondale & Young        International at Du Quoin? If so, why        entered
Mothers To Be are pleased that we are        not join the Fashion Show as a model.
going to make up small bags of personal      It only takes a little time and is a fun   No mattes
size items for them. This has become         activity. We will be getting our clothes
a very worthwhile project so be sure to      to model from Fashion Bug in West          3 prints per category per person (15
gather up these things and bring them        Frankfort, near exit 65 on I-57. The         total)
to Du Quoin. Two nursing homes have          date of the show is July 2nd at 3:00 PM.
been contacted and will appreciate our           Call me at: 262-844-7904 or            Previous winners are not eligible
assistance with lap robes, hats and              Email:
visits. The animal shelter will accept                                                  All WBCCI members and their families
donations. Stuffed animals, cents for                                                      attending the Rally are eligible.
kids, gently used children’s books, and
yarn are on the wish list. Remember, you
                                                      Help Wanted                       No writing on the front of the print
may take any yarn you can use for a            Welcome Committee                        Photographer’s name and member-
charitable project, what remains will be
donated to a cause in the community.                                                      ship number must be written on the
                                                How about a hand? Extend the              back of each print
The Bloodmobile will be on site to take
                                             hand of friendship as you welcome
blood donations on June 29th. Hope to
                                             Airstreamers to Du Quoin. Volunteer
see all of you in Du Quoin and thanks
                                             for the Welcome Committee.                           QUESTIONS
so much for your contributions to Com-
munity Service.                                                                           John Hice – contest chairman
                                                Please contact:
                                                                                          Email –
                                               Raisin Schwerdfeger at Ph. 979-            Phone – 513-777-8586
        “Want to Have Fun?”                  272-8761 or Email: bcove89@gmail.
            GET INVOLVED                     com
    Join Traffic Control, we need a                                                      HAVE FUN – AND GOOD LUCK
 few good volunteers for the Interna-
 tional Convention/Rally. Contact:                                       Speakers Needed
                                                We need people to run seminars of about 1 ½ hours on computer-related
               Bill Crowson                  topics. Some suggested topics are those involved with computer skills, Use of
         355 Beech Hollow Rd.                applications such as: Facebook, Twitter, EBay, Gotomeeting, etc. or any other
             Killen, AL 35645                topic of your interest.
           Ph. 256-757-5883                     This is an opportunity for those WBCCI’ers to share their knowledge and
       Email:              improve our club.
                                                Contact: Max Joseph

                                                                                                    Blue Beret/May 2011        27
International Convention/Rally

                                                          Rally Host
        The Quilting
                                                          Workshop                             Doll Dialogues
         Experience                               Jack Glouner #326, Chairman
                                                                                                   June 30th, 1:30 PM
     Carol White #3855, Chairman
                                                                                                Second Heat Building
                                                  How was the last rally you conducted?
                                                                                                        Linda Beu #146
                                               Was it fun? Did everyone have a good
                               As you’re                                                            International First Lady
                                               time? Were you a nervous wreck by the
                            packing up for     time it ended and with a deficit too? Or
                            the Internation-   do you just want to know a little more              Do you have a doll you would like
                            al Convention/     about how to plan and conduct a rally?          to know more about? It might be an
                            Rally, remem-      Regardless of the rally location or size,       heirloom, it might have been your
                            ber to include     be it a Unit, State, Region, Special Event      childhood doll and could become an
                            your quilting      or National rally, they are all basically the   heirloom, maybe it’s one you got at
                            projects! We       same. Everyone is invited to attend the         a garage sale. In any case, please
                            will have three    “Rally Host Workshop” to be held during         bring it to Du Quoin next June. Four
days to quilt during the International Con-    the 2011 Du Quoin, Illinois International       ladies from St. Louis who belong to
vention/Rally as well as several days in       Convention/Rally. You will be exposed           the United Federation of Doll Collec-
advance of the Rally. Meet other quilting      to all facets of a rally including “How to      tors are coming to help us figure out
and fabric addicts and share a favorite        establish rally fees,” “WBCCI insurance         what we have and possibly what to
project with them. Our theme this year         policy,” “Advertising your rally,” “Ideas       do with it. Should we clean the doll?
is “State Fair.” Bring a few 30s fabrics       to make your Rally more fun” and tips           If so, how? Should we sell the doll?
for play. Our space this year is in the        from current and past Rally Directors           How? What is this doll anyway?
main events building, but it will not be       who for many years conducted highly             We think between us we will have
locked at night. It will be staffed 8:00 –     successful rallies.                             nearly every generation and type of
5:00 on the days it is open, so you can           The 2011 International Rally six hour        doll covered expertly. We don’t plan
come and go as needed and leave items          “RALLY HOST WORKSHOP” will be                   to do appraisals but rather provide
in safety. Register at the sign-up tables      conducted on two consecutive days,              information about as many of your
and look for us in the main building. And      three hours each day. The first session         dolls as possible. The ladies will
remember to bring items to display in the      will be on Friday, afternoon July 1 and         bring some of their own dolls to talk
Hobby Show, too.                               continued on Saturday afternoon July 2.         about as well. It should be a fun and
                                               Plan now to attend this informative and         informative afternoon. Y’all come
      Help Needed                              helpful workshop. A sign-up table will          to Second Heat building at 1:30 on
                                                                                               June 30. Did you know that if you
                                               be available during Rally Registration.
                                               EVERYONE IS INVITED!                            bring an old doll with sleep eyes she
                                                                                               should be packed face down so the
      Rally Cashier                                                                            eyes don’t fall out into her head? Tip
                                                                                               one. Come to learn more when you
      Committee                                                                                get to Du Quoin.
   The committee is looking for vol-
unteers to work before and during the
International Convention/Rally. We of-
fer interesting work, flexible hours and
extra friendly coworkers. Experience in
accounting or banking is preferred but
not required. Please contact:
   Bob Simms #4427
   Ph. 208-859-0441

Property Control
   If you would like to work on the Prop-
erty Control Committee, please contact:
   Percy Veile, #4445
   Ph.: 928-345-3121

28            Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

   2011 Photo Print                           Unit Bulletin Boards                             committee will have hooks if needed)
                                                                                           • Upon arrival, listen to Wally Byam
       Contest                                   Carol Helm #7675 & Margaret                   Control for info about hanging boards
                                                         Helwig #2868                      • Boards must be in place by the day
     John Hice #8586, Chairman                                                                 before opening ceremonies
                                                 It is time to start thinking about your
    Because of digital technologies,          Unit Bulletin Board for the International
                                                                                           • There will be an entry form on the easel
hundreds of Airstreamers are taking                                                            where your board will be placed, this
                                              Convention/Rally in Du Quoin, IL. As
thousands of photos. This year at the                                                          form must be completed and given to
                                              always, the boards will be judged by
International in Du Quoin, IL you all have                                                     a committee member
                                              unbiased members from the Du Quoin
an opportunity to show the best of us your    community.
                                                                                           •   YOUR BOARD CAN NOT BE
great prints. Everyone is invited to enter.                                                    JUDGED WITHOUT THIS COM-
It is one of the WBCCI’s most popular                                                          PLETED FORM
competitions. Put your best photo prints                                                   •   Judging will take place early in the
in your Airstream and enter. IT’S FUN,                                                         rally by impartial judges
                                                Rally Theme: Adventure Is Where
IT’S FREE!                                    You Find It
                                                                                              Categories for judging:
          Contest Rules                         Rally Colors: Brown and Yellow
                                                                                              Rally Theme         (blue)
                                                Symbol: Star
    Open to all WBCCI members and                                                             Originality         (green)
their families attending the International                                                    Geographic          (yellow)
                                              • Note pad at top of board
in Du Quoin.                                                                                  Boards may only be entered in one
                                              • Regulation size 48x24 (to be hung
    Professional Photographers are not                                                     category, be sure the person hanging
eligible, but are welcome to participate                                                   the board knows what category to enter.
                                              • No protrusion more than 2 and 1/2
as Judges. Please contact the Contest
Chairman.                                                                                      Points for Judging:
                                              • A prominent place for the Unit name
    Previous winning photos are not                                                            Meets category theme           20
                                              • No extensions above, below or on the
eligible.                                                                                      Artistic imagination           20
                                                sides of board
    Each contestant may enter up to 3                                                          Workmanship                    20
                                              • Boards will be affixed to easel at the
prints in a category, up to a total of 15                                                      Rally colors                   15
                                                top by means of hooks or hangers (the
prints in all categories.                                                                      Overall appeal                 25
    SIZE - Maximum size 12” x 15” or                                                                        Total             100
54” outside edge measure (including a
matt if used). 4” x 6” prints may not be          General Information
entered and should be entered in the
“Snap Shot” contest.                              Photo prints will be judged on compo-      QUESTIONS – You may contact the
    NO FRAMES – Mats are permitted as         sition, technical excellence, eye appeal     chairman John Hice by Ph. 513-777-
long as size rule is observed.                and technique. The Awards Chairman           8586 or Email:
    No writing on the front of the prints.    will select Judges. Awards will be given
    Each photo MUST include on the back       for First, Second, Third, in each of the
the entrant’s name, WBCCI number, Unit        7 categories. BEST IN SHOW will be
and location at the International.            selected from all entries.
    Entries not meeting these rules will
be placed on a “for display only board,”
if space allows.                                                    MAIL In DU QUOIN
                                                     Name, WBCCI #________
   YELLOW – All subjects.                            P.O. Box 112
   SCENIC – Outdoors, landscapes,                    Du Quoin, IL 62832
seascapes, or buildings
   PLANTS – Flowers, shrubs, etc.                   All FedEx or UPS packages for members attending the International
   ANIMALS – Living creatures great or            Convention/Rally should be addressed as follows:
small, not human                                    Name, WBCCI #________
   AIRSTREAMS – Photo must include                  Du Quoin State Fairgrounds
one or more product Mfg. by Airstream               655 Executive Dr.
Inc.                                                Du Quoin, IL 62832
   PEOPLE – Large or small, young or
old, tall or short, people
   HUMOROUS – Funny actions and
situations, any subject
                                                     MESSAGE CENTER: 618-571-2031

                                                                                                        Blue Beret/May 2011         29
International Convention/Rally

     Art Show at the Rally in Du Quoin                                                  July 4th Parade
                    Dottie Steurer #4025                                         Cecil Grisham # 6295, Chairman
   Bring your artwork to the rally and show off your creativity.        Our theme for this year is “Adventure Is Where You Find
                                                                    It.” This theme gives your Unit endless opportunities to be
   Basic Rules:                                                     “original” and make your Unit stand out in the parade. The
     1. Create art                                                  parade is your time to be center stage and show off your Unit’s
     2. Display art                                                 innovativeness and creativity. This is your chance to show
     3. Win ribbon                                                  those “other guys” what it takes to be a winner.
     4. Show art                                                        The rules are very simple--your entry may be a float or
                                                                    walking. If you choose to have wheels on your entry, it will
   Categories:                                                      be judged as a Float, if you choose no wheels, you will be
     Art on canvas or paper                                         judged as a Walking entry. The maximum float size is 4 ft. x 8
     Sculpture                                                      ft. Make sure your entry is well identified. It is suggested that
     Art on other objects                                           you have an easy to read banner and carry it in such a manner
     Youth                                                          that it will face the Parade Judges. The judges will be located
                                                                    either on the stage or near the center of the stage and your
    Bring up to 12 items per person.                                exposure time before the judges “spot” will be about 1 minute
    Please do not enter for judging any artwork that won a first    as you approach and leave the judging area. Remember, only
place or best of show in the last two years. It may be displayed.   Unit entries will be judged. Usually there are other groups and
    The artwork can be just the picture, or matted, or framed,      individuals who will be participating in our parade. So, make
or both.                                                            sure your Unit banner (or sign) is large enough to be readily
    There will be a place to display items that cannot be hung.     seen by the judges. Our judges will be local people who will
    After judging, you may place a card with your name and          have volunteered to select the Unit winners.
title of the art and/or a description next to your artwork.             Units, be sure to have your parade representative attend
    Sign up at registration. Bring lots of pictures so we have      the parade organizational meeting where we will discuss
a nice show.                                                        your questions, format, rules, setup, starting procedures,
                                                                    etc. This will be a good time to register your group with the
                                                                    Parade Chairperson. The time and place for this meeting will
                                                                    be published in the Rally Program.
                                                                        We owe a deep appreciation to all of our parade volunteers
     NEW SEMINAR                                                    who work diligently behind the scenes to help make this event
     AT DU QUOIN                                                    a special time each year.

     “TAKE BETTER                                                           Du Quoin Host-to-Host
   DIGITAL CAMERA”                                                                Program
                                                                                    Gene and Sandy Poast #334
                    A Basic Course
   Your digital camera is easy to use and takes good
                                                                        The WBCCI will once again sponsor a “Host-to-Host”
pictures. Attend this three session course and learn
                                                                    program in Du Quoin, Illinois, at the 2011 International Con-
the basics of how to take GREAT PICTURES
                                                                    vention/Rally. We had a great time in Gillette getting to know
   Sessions will be held in the Grandstand Building
                                                                    members of their community and look forward to another
from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Thursday, June 30 and
                                                                    success in Du Quoin.
Saturday, July 2, with a field trip on July 1.
                                                                        This program pairs WBCCI members with people of like
   The Instructor will be Richard Hunt.
                                                                    interests who live in the Du Quoin area. This program provides
   Richard has studied photography since he was
                                                                    the opportunity for a one-to-one relationship and a chance
a teenager and is one of the best photographers in
                                                                    to learn about the area from a local resident. Participation
WBCCI. He will cover the basics of camera settings,
                                                                    is limited. If you have not already registered for this exciting
lighting, framing, and editing.
                                                                    program, please send the following information via email to:
   With just a little Knowledge, you will be delighted
                                                           or by mail to: Gene and Sandy Poast,
with the GREAT PICTURES you can take.
                                                                    29129 Johnston Road, #2641, Dade City, FL, 33523 at the
   Questions: Contact John Hice Photo Contests Chair-
                                                                    earliest possible date: WBCCI #, Unit, Name, Spouse
man at 513-207-1977 or
                                                                    Name, Address, Phone number and Email address

30            Blue Beret/May 2011
International Convention/Rally

        Band Musicians Wanted                                       Dates:
                                                                    6/11    Early Workers parking
                 for the                                            6/13    Authorized Early Band
   2011 International Convention/Rally                              Parking
            Du Quoin, Illinois                                      Orientation Meeting - MONDAY
                                                                    at 7:30 PM at my trailer #2882
               Barbara Lambrecht, Director                          6/14    TUESDAY - 8:30 AM Re-
   Our Festival of Music Show will be presented on Wednes-          hearsals begin and continue daily
day, June 29th, featuring the WBCCI Concert Band. If you            6/28    TUESDAY - First dance
read music and play a standard band instrument, we want             featuring the WBCCI Dance Band
you to join with us to share in the excitement of playing in a      6/29    WEDNESDAY - Festival of Music Concert by the
great band and the reward of hard work in a fun filled atmo-        WBCCI Concert Band
sphere. Each year our members, spouses and friends make
new and lasting friendships. I also encourage you to bring             Now is the time to mail your volunteer coupon to Head-
your grandchild if they are currently involved in a school band     quarters. In accordance with Rally Committee Policy to be
program to participate with us in the WBCCI band. The band          authorized for early parking, you must be preregistered. To do
instruments include Woodwinds, Brasses and Percussion.              this, complete both the preregistration and the volunteer
We are in need of Clarinets, Trumpets and Drummer. Your             coupon from a current Blue Beret and mail to Headquar-
equipment needs are your instrument, music stand and ne-            ters in Jackson Center. To be listed on the band roster, you
cessities for your instrumental needs. A uniform consisting         must complete the information on the volunteer coupon.
of a white short sleeved shirt, red tie, black or navy trouser or   PLEASE NOTE: For those of you who have previously pre-
skirt, black shoes and socks. You need to purchase a Red Golf       registered, don’t forget to send in your Volunteer Coupon. If
Shirt from John Landry anytime during the 2 week rehears-           you have not had a reply from me within 6 weeks of mailing
als. If you have never played in the WBCCI band or not within       your coupon to Headquarters, please contact me. I will be
the past few years, please send your name, address, phone           home until May 30th. Lets make this another outstanding
number, instruments you play and a summary of your music            and memorable musical year of FUN, FELLOWSHIP AND
experience to me at: 6776 Fiesta Dr., El Paso, TX 79912 or          ADVENTURE. Come on and join THE FUN!
phone me at 915-433-6678 or email:

                                          RALLY HELP NEEDED
                                    Wally Byam Control
                                                 Jerry Hissong, WBCCI #8898
                                      CB Club President, Email:

   At the International Convention/Rally this year, we will have a serious shortage of personnel for our CB Broadcasting
Station. Several faithful workers from our CB Club at previous rallies are not making the trip to Illinois due to health issues
and other reasons. However, even if rally attendance is down, we at Wally Byam Control still have an important job to do.
We must operate the CB station from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. daily in order to make important announcements, provide
speedy information, and handle emergencies. Our worker shifts are only two hours per day, and you can pick the times most
convenient for you. No matter what your talents are, they are valuable to us. Basically we need alert workers with pleasant,
helpful dispositions and positive attitudes who can adjust quickly to changes. Even if you have another job at the rally, you
can still work at Wally Byam Control as your schedule permits. Because we have only three early arrival officer slots, we will
not be able to get you into the rally early.

   These five positions must be filled:
   Station Operator: Have a clear, pleasant speaking voice and be a good reader. (If you sing in a musical group such as
a church choir, you probably qualify.)
   Back-up Operator: Be able to find information quickly in our resource manual when members request it and assist the
Station Operator as required.
   Treasurer Back-up: Have experience as a bookkeeper, bank employee, or accountant
   Secretary Back-up: Have a basic working knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel
   CB Technician Back-up: Be able to make minor repairs to CB radios and set the proper SWR.
   If you have an interest in any of these five positions, please contact me ASAP. We urgently need you, and in addition to
providing a valuable rally service, you will enjoy working with us.

                                                                                                     Blue Beret/May 2011       31
International Convention/Rally

                             Map to Du Quoin, Illinois
                        2011 International Convention/Rally

                                             HWY 14 ENTRANCE
                                             N 37 degrees, 58’ 21.2802”
                                             W 89 degrees, 13’ 42.384”
                                             USE HIGHWAY 14 ENTRANCE ONLY

32         Blue Beret/May 2011

                      The Yellowhead “N” More Caravan
                                 Marion Pember, Chairman, WBCCI Caravan Promotions

Overlooking the Fraser River on the way to Prince George, BC - photo by Mary Banker

             caravan that used to run         those who were on it. Members of the        gel Glacier, Maligne Lake, and the town
             every other year dropped out     caravan who contributed to the follow-      of Jasper itself.
             of existence for a few years     ing information and pictures were Mary          Another pick was Robert’s Roost RV
and was brought back by Al & Gracie           Banker, Gary Blocker, and Joanne Miller.    Park on a lake in Quesnel, BC. Again,
Buchanan in 2008. The response was               It is not unusual for people not on      as would be expected, full hookups and
so good that it ran again in 2010. It         a particular caravan to ask those who       clean privacy sites had a big influence.
is to southeastern Alaska and western         have traveled to a particular area about    Some were even lucky enough to have
Canada. It is sometimes thought to be         campgrounds. Of course, everyone has        lakeside sites. It is also located close to
a caravan that overlaps another popular       their favorites, and sometimes it happens   a plethora of places to visit. The town of
caravan in western Canada, The Maple          that the same may be favorites of most      Quesnel itself provides interesting things
Leaf. Admittedly there is overlap in a        everyone on a caravan. This was evi-        to see, not the least of which are fireplugs
couple of places, but the experience of       dent in some of the favorite campground     painted to resemble occupations. You
the two caravans is entirely different.       picks on this caravan. One was Whistler     can see from a railroad engineer to a
One of the big differences is the ferry       Campground in Jasper National Park.         can-can dancer. Within driving distance
trip on the inside passage that is part of    Jasper National Park is one of the places   is Barkerville, a restored 1860s gold rush
the Yellowhead, but more on that later.       The Maple Leaf caravan also stops. It       town. You can easily spend an enjoy-
    The caravan rendezvous was in Re-         was a favorite because of full hookups,     able day there. You have restaurants,
gina, Saskatchewan, July 7, 2010. It          large sites, in the middle of a beautiful   melodrama, stage coach rides, and even
ended 55 days later at Revelstoke, BC,        wooded area, wildlife, close to town,       gold panning.
August 30, 2010. The caravan leaders          and near to so many scenic attractions          A third place was Camp Run-A-Muck
were Marion & Carol Pember. The best          that it was impossible to see them all in   in Hyder, Alaska. This is the only Alaska
way to describe some of the highlights        three days. Just a few of those included    stop with RVs. This one was in the open,
of the caravan is to hear it from some of     Athabasca Falls, Edith Cavell Lake, An-     dirt and gravel, and no sewer hookups.

                                                                                                      Blue Beret/May 2011         33
But you can’t camp much closer to bear         AK. The stays in Juneau and
watching (both black and grizzly) on           Sitka provided more opportu-
Fish Creek. You can drive along beside         nities to sightsee and sample
Salmon glacier all the way to the top.         the cuisine and were listed as
Hyder is a rustic, quaint little town with     favorites. An all day cruise out
dirt roads. As you walk down the road          of Juneau on the Tracy Arm
you may even see a bear with her cubs.         Fjord Cruise provided up close
And if you ever get there be sure to have      views of two glaciers and more
fish and chips at the Blue Bus, maybe the      spectacular scenery. We have
best you will ever have. Don’t worry about     already mentioned Hyder, and
finding it. Anyone can tell you where it is.   the bear watching there was
   Every caravan has its favorite activities   a favorite of many. There
and sometimes there is a lot of variance       were several visits to First
in what is picked. This caravan had one        Nation’s sites and programs.
pick that almost everyone agreed on.           The KSAN historical village in
The ferry ride through the Inside Pas-         Hazelton, BC, was a favorite
sage via the Alaska Marine Highway             of the First Nation activities.
was a favorite. All RVs were left in a             With so many varied activi-
campground in Prince Rupert, BC. The           ties how do you pick the best?
ferry was a nine day activity that had         We have already mentioned it
many smaller activities included in the        and only need draw attention
nine days. Everyone enjoyed the ferry          to it again. The Inside Pas-
ride itself, with gorgeous scenery on the      sage trip was the winner hands
Inside Passage. Exploring some of the          down. What we need to men-
small towns when the ferry stopped to          tion here is why it was. One
pick up or discharge passengers provided       comment said it provided a
exploration possibilities. You could even      break from traveling in the RV.
buy rough garnet gem stones at Wrangell,       Getting to know other caravan
                                                               members better Airstreamers Happy Hour in Jasper Natl. Park, AB
                                                               received high                  Are you ready to go on the Yellow-
                                                               marks. In the words of head? It will run again in 2012, with
                                                               one member, “The ferry Bruce and Enid Paulk as caravan leaders.
                                                               ride was long enough to They can be reached at 915-864-1683,
                                                               really get to know some or contacted at bruceandenidpaulk@
                                                               of the Airstreamers that If you need more convinc-
                                                               I hadn’t had an opportu- ing than what is listed, those who went
                                                               nity to talk to.” The same on it in 2010 provide some answers.
                                                               person also pointed out a “The wide variety of scenery and places
                                                               First Nation ritual we were to explore and the ferry trip provides a
                                                               privileged to see on the break from the RV.” “…they would get to
                                                               ferry trip. “At one stop on know Canadians as part of our American
                                                               the return trip, a group of family that lives north of us.” And finally
                                                               First Nation’s people were from a veteran of many caravans, “This
                                                               returning from a one year is one of the caravan you DO NOT want
                                                               anniversary of the Chief’s to miss! It is excellent!”
                                                               death. I was fascinated as
                                                               I watched as their people
                                                               on the shore welcomed                 Correction
                                                               them using their drums
                                                               and songs. The people           “Kansas City Missouri
                                                               on the ferry were chanting           Unit Caravan”
                                                               back to them and pound-         In the April Caravan section of
                                                               ing their drums. During      the Blue Beret, David & Beth McCall
                                                               this time I felt like a part #5382 wrote the article and provided
                                                               of the tribe. It was one     the pictures (they were the organizers
                                                               of those experiences that    and leaders of the caravan).
                                                               you never forget about.”

Rest stop with Mt. Robson in the background, highest peak in
Canadian Rockies
34             Blue Beret/May 2011

                           For Fun, Fellowship, and adventure!
                                                        by Bob Bennett

       Touring vs. Going                      travel (unless we are planning/running/
                                                                                                we arrive earlier than most other
                                              participating in a caravan) is:
         Somewhere                               • We do not go and stay in one
                                                                                                folks. That also gives us time for
                                                                                                shopping, laundry, or just relaxing
                                                      location much – rather, we travel         before dinner.
   In my mind there a couple of reasons               and enjoy the trip as it evolves.     •   We drive at the speed limit or
you travel with your Airstream, and they              We usually have a start and end           60mph, whichever is less.
are:                                                  location in mind and a general
   • Going somewhere – to a rally, to                 idea of the route we would like
       the beach, to grandma’s house,                 to follow.                            Thoughts on Camping
       to Florida for the winter, etc. This      • We take the back roads as much           •   We rarely stay in KOA’s or camp-
       type of travel usually means that              as possible and avoid the inter-          grounds listed as “Resorts.” We
       you want to get to your destina-               states unless we just must make           do not use the facilities they offer
       tion as soon as possible so that               miles. The US highways are not            and object to paying the steep
       you can spend time enjoying that               only much more scenic and inter-          price.
       location.                                      esting, they often are better roads   •   We do like to use public facilities.
   • Touring is taking your time to en-               since they do not get the heavy           Federal (Corps of Engineers,
       joy the trip as you travel around              truck traffic.                            Forest Service, National Parks
       an area.                                  • We travel between 200 to 300                 and Monuments, etc.), Provincial/
                                                      miles per day – less if we find           State, and often City parks are
    Both of these are great ways to use               things along the way.                     great. The Federal and Provincial/
your Airstream, but I want to focus on           • We stop and see what is along                State parks are usually well main-
Touring. Most of our Caravans (certainly              the way that looks interesting. We        tained and are located in some
all of our National Caravans) offer the               like factory tours, so we carry a         very choice spots. They are little
maximum touring experience. I am sure                 copy of the book Watch it Made in         used during the week but can be
that all of our dedicated caravanners un-             the USA with us and use it often.         crowded on weekends. (If you do
derstand the pleasure of touring, but from       • We make NO (or at least minimal)             not have one – and you qualify
the volume of correspondence I receive                reservations because that locks           – get and use an America The
many of our newer members and older                   us into a schedule and keeps              Beautiful pass (formerly Golden
members who have not experienced a                    us from stopping when we see              Age pass). It is good for life and
Caravan do not. Since this type of travel             something interesting. The only           applies to everyone in your ve-
can enhance the enjoyment of your Air-                time we make reservations is if we        hicle. Gets you into all Federal
stream whether you tour by yourself or                must be in or near a major city or        facilities free and gets you ½ price
expand the adventure with others through              in National Parks at peak times.          on camping – many State facilities
Unit, Region, or National Caravans here          • We usually get started by 8:30 am            honor it too, just ask.)
are my thoughts.                                      and get off the road before 4:00      •   In the mid-west, small towns
    The most important guideline for                  p.m. (often much before then).            often have city parks with camp-
touring is SLOW DOWN and take your                    We VERY rarely have trouble               ing facilities – also not well used.
time. With that in mind, the way we                   finding a camping place, because                        continued on page 37
                                                                                                     Blue Beret/May 2011        35
National Rallies

                   Swiss Festival National Rally
                                   “Deep In The Heart Of Amish Country”
                                             Sugarcreek, Ohio
                                         September 24 – October 1, 2011
                                                           Roland Jenkins
      WHY COME? Memories to                    anteed parking, water hookup, 3 amp             Call ahead and we will have someone
last a life time!! Eight days of stepping      electric, 1 tank dump, (2nd for fee), trailer   lead you to the park. LOOK FOR SIGNS.
back from the every day rush and pres-         propane gas refill available (you pay), 3       Call on CB14 or R. Jenkins @ cell- 614-
sure of your daily life into the slower more   days of tours visiting Amish businesses,        327-0271.
peaceful pace of the Amish culture and         homes, museums, farms, schools, and
countryside. Off the High Speed Super          factories. Six evenings of professional           SPECIAL ATTRACTION -
Highways on to two lane tar and dirt           entertainment, door prizes, snacks and          Just west of Columbus, OH stop to see
roads to explore the rolling meadows,          hospitality. We have one “Day in the            the 3 day Ohio Farm Science Review
woodlands and croplands of an area             Park” with a hobby show, flea market,           Sept 20- 22. Stay at the Madison County
known as “Little Switzerland.” Relax for       Amish bake sale, golf (you pay), pop-           Fairgrounds 3 miles from the Review@
a short spell, (8-9 days) and enjoy golf       corn, Amish buggy ride, horseshoeing            $20 a day, which includes 30/50 amp
and shop quaint stores the rest of the         demo,fresh home made Putt-Putt ice              service, water and dump station. Break
country has never heard of. Eat home           cream, on site homemade apple butter,           camp early 9/23 and follow I-70 to I-77
made meals family style, enjoy baked           and on site home made kettle cooked             go north to Dover and West on 39. The
goods from small country bakeries, or          ham and beans. PLUS – Free All Day              fee at the Review is $8.00 each. Early
snack as you listen to the clip clop of        Bus Service to and from the Fantastic           tickets are $5 each. Pass available for
the horse and buggy while viewing the          2 day Sugarcreek Swiss Festival featur-         the 3 days, $ not known. Google www.
countryside as you snuggled under the          ing parades, dancing in the street, polka       ohiofarmsciencereview. The Review sits
tall trees in Winklepleck Grove, Sugar-        bands, Swiss wrestling and stone toss-          beside I-70 at London, OH exit # 79 on
creek, Ohio. Bring your GPS to direct          ing. Total cost per day for two averages        US Route 40. The fairground is on St
you out of the deep valleys and back           $22.50 or $ 11.25 a person. Where can           Rt 38 right in London, OH.
roads of the Amish territory.                  you get a better deal?                             FOR MORE INFORMATION email
                                                                                      or call 614-
   DEAL OF A LIFETIME – The                       DIRECTIONS - Take I-70 to I-77               267-2658 Roland Jenkins, Chairman.
fee for this rally (assuming 2 people for      North to exit #83, Dover, Ohio, Go West
8 days) is $180.00, which includes guar-       on Route 39 about 8 miles to McDonalds.

 An award-winning family bluegrass band from Colorado. They travel full-time, living in a vintage 34’
 Airstream Limited. They perform over 300 shows a year! Brian, the older son, a virtuoso on guitar,
 mandolin, fiddle, & banjo. He placed 2nd at the National Mandolin Contest. Ethan, the younger son, plays
 the unique mountain dulcimer. He has won many competitions as well. Mom plays bass, and they all sing.

 Come see them live, 6:30pm September 26 at the Swiss Festival National Rally in Sugarcreek, OH
36             Blue Beret/May 2011
National Rallies                                                     Special Event Rallies
                                                                               Galax Fiddlers
               32nd National
          Potlatch & Salmon Rally                                             Convention Rally
      Lacey, Washington August 3 - 7, 2011                                          Galax,Virginia
              Rally Hosts- Bob and Elsie Legg                                   August 9 - 13, 2011
    You are invited to come and                                                   Betty Patton, Chairman
enjoy the 32nd National Potlatch
and Salmon Rally. As seen by                                             The Virginia and NORVA Units of WBCCI wel-
the photo our theme this year is,                                    comes everyone to follow the Crooked Road (VA
“TELL ME ABOUT THE GOOD                                              Music Heritage Trail) to their 10th Special Event Rally in Galax,
OLD DAYS.”                                                           Virginia. The Rally features the oldest, largest, and best in Old
    If you are into hearing some                                     Time and Blue Grass Music. This is the 76th year the Galax
great music from the past and                                        Moose Lodge #733 has sponsored this event. A popular feature
enjoy eating down home cookin’,                                      is the youth competition on Monday night. Anyone can be a
that is just the beginning of the fun                                contestant by registering with the Moose Lodge or anyone
you will enjoy. We have games like                                   can join the many jam sessions on the grounds.
horse shoes and Washer Toss,                                             You will enjoy six days and six nights of entertainment in
there is the Vintage Notes Band                                      Galax, which is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Moun-
that entertains in the park while you enjoy BBQ food.                tains. Galax divides the counties of Grayson and Carroll, which
    There will be seminars for the men and women held in our         have many historic and scenic sites. The Blue Ridge Parkway,
large air conditioned hall. Also, full hookups on our terraport      Grayson Highlands State Park, New River Trail State Park,
for your Airstream RVs.                                              and I-77 have parks and vistas that are unforgettable. These
    The celebration will start with registration on Wednesday        natural areas provide biking, hiking, golfing and canoeing. You
the 3rd and end with a church service on Sunday the 7th. As          can rent or bring your own recreational equipment. The nearby
a reminder you can come early and enjoy a tour or just relax         towns of Independence, Hillsville, Wytheville, and Mt. Airy
and reminisce the Good Old Days with Old and New Friends.            (Andy Griffith’s Mayberry) offer great day tours with festivals,
    If you are into wearing Bib overalls and telling stories about   antiques, shops, and markets. The famous Barter Theater is
the Good Old days, like “how the big one got away,” you will         only two hours away. A week of family fun for all ages.
have a chance to do so, and also have your picture taken in              The Rally Opening Ceremony is at the Blue Ridge Music
your Bib’s with old friends.                                         Center and Museum followed by special music of the area.
    I believe you will find our Airstream family is ready to show    Parking is at the Fairview Ruritan Building with water and lim-
you a good time. Fresh Alder BBQ’ed Salmon Dinner will be            ited electricity. The Rally Fee includes one dinner, one country
enjoyed as part of our Potlatch and Salmon Rally.                    breakfast, watermelon feast-get acquainted social, special
    The coupon is in this issue for a very reasonable fee. Plan      entertainment, and Sunday AM continental. Early parking is
to join in this exciting tradition of the north west. You may find   August 8th. Cut-off registration is August 4th. Rally Fee is $40
some friends that will caravan to our festival with you. Ask         per person, $20 for children 6-14, (pay in advance). Parking
around. For more information call or Email your rally hosts          is $15 per night (pay on arrival).
at, 360-705-4374 or Email Bob Legg at bobnlc34@comcast.                  Coupon will be in the April, May and June Blue Beret.
net.                                                                 Checks to Joe Kolb, Registrar, 1789 Peacock Dr., Hillsville,
                                                                     VA 24343, Email:, Ph. 276-766-3121. For info:
                                                                     Betty Patton, Chairman, Ph. 276-233-1109, Email: bj_patton@
                                                            The Rally is limited to 50 RVs, early registration
                                                                     is advised.

Caravans continued
       They are not advertised in most          •    Fraternal organizations often offer      •   We also use a Campground
       campground guides but can be                  camping at their facilities (Elks,           Guide – we use the Trailer Life
       recognized by the “camping” signs             American Legion, etc.) The Elks              guide. We do not plan ahead
       along the road. Staying in these              even has a camping directory you             with it – just look for what is near
       offers the chance to see how the              can purchase.                                where we decide to stop.
       locals live. We often ask where          •    Fairgrounds often offer camp-            •   In a pinch you can also use Wal-
       there is a good place to eat – and            ing. They have hookups for the               Mart, Sam’s, Flying J, (or other
       usually find some great home                  vendors during the fairs and                 truck stops). If you do use these
       cooking and nice people. We                   love to make money during the                be sure to stop at the customer
       often get a parade of locals driv-            off-season, just stop at the office          service desk and ask if it is OK.
       ing by just to see the Airstream.             and ask.

                                                                                                        Blue Beret/May 2011        37
Special Event Rallies

                                       Sun Valley Jazz                                         Storytelling Rally
                                       Jamboree Rally                                              Jonesborough,TN
                            River Run Ski Lodge Parking Lot                                      October 6 - 10, 2011
                                          Ketchum, Idaho                                                 Sandy Hughes
                                                                                                It doesn’t matter if you are an avid
                                     October 11 - 16, 2011                                  storytelling fan who has been attending
                                          RB Bernd, Chairman                                the festival for years, or if this would
                                                                                            be your first time attending, the festival
                                                                                            will offer you a unique three day experi-
   Swing on over to the Sun Valley            through Monday, October 17th. Parking         ence. This will be the 39th year for the
Swing-n-Dixie Jazz Jamboree National          is adjacent to the magnificent River Run      Jonesborough Storytelling Festival and
Special Event Rally. This happens during      Lodge at the base of Baldy Mountain and       it has been acclaimed as one of the Top
a glorious Indian Summer week in fabled       overlooks the Big Wood River and the          100 Events in North America. USA Today
Sun Valley, Idaho, nestled in the heart of    Wood River Valley biking and hiking trails    called it “the leading event of its kind in
the Sawtooth Mountains during the peak        system. RVs must be self-contained,           America.” Don’t miss this opportunity to
of autumn colors.                             however free use of luxurious bathroom        let the East Tennessee Unit make it easy
                                              and shower facilities at the lodge (a short   for you to bring your Airstream and enjoy
   Over forty of the best Swing, Dixieland    3-minute walk) are available. Generators      this event, as camping spaces are difficult
and Traditional Jazz groups from around       are allowed with quiet hour restrictions      or impossible to find during the festival.
the world take the stages daily at fourteen   from 10 pm to 7am. The parking fee for
action packed venues from Wednesday,          the entire week is only $30.                      The storytelling concerts are held
October 12 through Sunday, October 16.                                                      under big-top tents that are scattered
(The Rally starts on Tuesday the 11th)             The Rally fee of $125 per person         through the historic little town. The events
The music groups rotate through the           includes your Sun Valley Jazz Festival        will begin at 10 on Friday morning and
venues. They play about 40 minutes at         All-Events pass, Rally admin. fee, use of     will end at 4:30 on Sunday. This festival
a venue, there is 20 minute break and         River Run accommodations, free Shuttle        is the largest, oldest and most prestigious
a new group then performs. All this for       bus service. Parking, $30 for the week,       event of its kind in America and attracts
your listening and dancing enjoyment to       is not included in the Rally Fee but paid     thousands of folks from across the United
the sounds of ragtime, jazz, big band,        separately. (See coupon) Volunteer op-        States and the world. It is considered to
and swing music from the streets of           portunities are also available. All Events    be the premier platform for professional
New Orleans, the Roaring ‘20s and the         Pass and parking fee costs will be            storytellers and features a wide and
Big Band Era. Special events include a        refunded for volunteers who contribute        culturally diverse group of storytellers.
Pianorama, Tuba Tirade (that’s 6 or 7         about 12 hours of work. Ask us for details
Tubas - - in concert (?), Marching Band       if interested. (The Jamboree organizers          When you come to Jonesborough
Salute, a traditional Big Band Bash,          look forward to and plan on our help.)        you take a journey into the past, as it
jazz worship services, impromptu jazz                                                       is a unique 18th century town, which is
sessions, plus new events, all provided          Many of us will arrive on Saturday         centrally located in Northeast Tennes-
by jazz legends of today. The jamboree        afternoon (9th) to be there to watch the      see among the towns of Johnson City,
offers free shuttle bus service from our      Trailing of the Sheep through Ketchum         Kingsport and Bristol. Jonesborough
RV site to all music venues and downtown      on Sunday and take in some of the Trail-      was founded in 1779, is the oldest town
Ketchum. Most venues provide dance            ing of the Sheep Festival that weekend.       in Tennessee and was the capital of the
floors, food and drink. (See the web site     Come in early and join in the fun. No         State of Franklin. (The state you may
at                        extra charge. Visit trailingofthesheep.       NOT remember!)
                                              org for more details.
    Sun Valley and the surrounding                                                             We hope you will plan to come and
Sawtooth Mountains comprise some of              Contact hosts R.B. or Zelma Bernd          enjoy this wonderful event. For more
America’s premiere destinations, with a       at (360) 459-4342,Email: rnzbernd@            information on the festival you can go
wealth of entertaining, educational, ex-, or Judy Medford, registrar,      to: or call
citing activities in which to partake away    at 360-491-4229, Email: aa7ip@juno.           800-952-8392. Check out rally details
from the music venues all accessible and      com, with any questions.                      and registration form in the back coupon
guaranteed to make your Rally stay most                                                     section.
enjoyable and memorable.
    RV parking (dry) is available be-
ginning at noon Saturday, October 8,

38            Blue Beret/May 2011
Region News

                                 Region 1
                          Russ Melocik, Region President                                         Industry Leader in
                                                             RV Ventilation & Fans

    When I sit down to compose a little something worth reading, the first thought to
enter my mind is a vision of a giant blank blackboard. Something usually appears
after a while. Today it is the recollection of our former Airstream and its first trip – to
our first rally, May’s Yankee Doodle Dandy Rally at the Washington County Fair-
grounds in Richmond, Rhode Island. With the exception of the snow dumps and
dunes on north-facing ground, the ravages of winter had mostly disappeared. With
the exception of some terminally ill batteries, the trailer had survived winter storage
outdoors nicely. After a little de-winterizing, we took it away from its semi-muddy site
down a steep, semi-muddy driveway onto a semi-muddy town road then to a paved
road where we completed the hitch-up. Those first few hundred yards began our
first season of trailering. After a brake and tire pressure check, we hit the Interstate
for RI. The receding frost heaves quickly reminded us that winter was over but not
entirely forgotten.                                                                               MADE IN USA
    We had no trouble finding the rally site thanks to accurate directions on the rally
flyer. Today, however, we are nearly totally dependent on the GPS. We were greeted            ■ Exchange cabin air in minutes
by the “Registrar” who checked us in and radioed for a parker who showed up with                with clean, fresh, natural air
a scooter and a huge smile. Sadly, the registrar and the rally are no longer with us.         ■ Highest quality components
But the parker, the smile, our neighbors in the field, the cooks, servers, dish wash-           proven to withstand harsh
ers – everyone we came in contact with – are. For that and our first impressions as             weather
a “First Timer” we are grateful.                                                              ■ Maximum air exchange with
    Things have changed little since then. After its first winter in Vermont, the trailer       minimum sound levels & power
and its successor have spent winters in Florida and summers on the road to Inter-             ■ Fully Open Dome Stability
national, Region and Unit rallies and visiting family and friends. And right now we             While Driving
are getting on with the summer routine as we prepare for the trip to Du Quoin and             ■ Upgrade Kits Easily Add:
subsequent activities in Region One.                                                              - Reverse Air Flow Switch
    See you down the road? Maybe so. This year, we hope to see you up the road                    - Built-In Thermostat
in Riviere Rouge Quebec at August’s Region 1 Rally. For current information, see                  - Pop ‘N Lock Screen
                                                                                                  - Variable Speed Control
< > And stay tuned for details on the Region One Caravan                - Hand Held Remote
to and from the rally.
                                                                                              ■ Expert Technical Support

                                 Region 2                                                     ■ Trusted and Installed by more
                     Bonnie MacDonald, Contributing Editor
                                                                 Serving the RV Industry
                                                                                                  for Over 25 years!
   I hope that everyone is enjoying all those May flowers. For us in Region 2, we
look forward to those first blooms of spring and the hope for new growth both in our           Signature Products,
gardens and also in our organization.
   Our Region 2 Rally will soon be here and we hope to see you there. These rallies
                                                                                                Signature Service
are a great way to get to know other members who share many common goals as
well as visiting a new area where tours, meals and knowledgeable people are there               BRINGS THE OUTSIDE
for our enjoyment and assistance. Our Region 2 Rally is in a very historical area and
we are looking forward to learning more and visiting other attractions during “Apple
Blossom Time in Pennsylvania” at the South Mountain Fairgrounds in Biglerville, PA
from May 26 – 30, 2011. Here, the very important business of WBCCI will be discussed
and provide the information to send well-versed representatives to the International.
   Speaking of business, Region 2 is still in need of a 2nd VP elect to be sworn in at
the International Convention/Rally in Du Quoin. Out of all of our members there must                                             ®
be one who is willing to go that extra mile for this club. I am reminded of a lesson that
my dear departed Mother tried to impart to her family. “You only get out of something
                                                                                                ... INSTANTLY.
what you put into it” and putting that extra effort into serving this organization has
many great rewards. If you have any questions about this position, please talk to
any of the Region 2 team.                                                           
                                                                                                     Blue Beret/May 2011             39
Region News
   Our International President Norm and First Lady Linda are or my cell phone at 757-377-
providing us with lots of adventure this year and we will find it     3725 as soon as possible, so I can get a count.
in Du Quoin, IL. There have been many articles about all the              The Region 3 Rally in 2012 will be held in April at Myrtle
plans for this yearly get-together. For first timers, get involved!   Beach, SC. We are holding a contest to pick a theme for the
You won’t be able to do everything but join a committee that is       rally. Many of our rallies have had a “beach” theme, but we
requesting help and this will really show you who the unsung          want this one to be different. Send your contest entry to me
heroes are. A happening such as this does not just occur. It          at the above e-mail address or phone number by June 1.
requires many, many man hours of pre-planning and even                The winner will receive a FREE Region 3 luncheon at the
more time during the rally to make sure it runs smoothly. Join        International Convention/Rally.
us in Du Quoin for lots of adventure!
   Don’t forget to use that pull-out from the February issue to
plan other adventures this summer. Years ago we met some
                                                                                          Region 4
very dear friends when we discovered a caravan from another                        Nancy Brett, Contributing Editor
Region that worked into our travel plans. We would have                      
missed many hours of fun with these special people if we had
not looked farther afield. Thanks Jim and Dixie for welcoming             Greetings from Region 4! It’s not too late to sign up for the
us with open arms when we arrived for your caravan, East              Computer Rally in Van Wert, Ohio - May 9-13, 2011. Connecting
and West of the Colorado, way back when!                              to a wireless hot spot, investigating the new Microsoft Office
   We will miss some of our members this year as they fight           programs, tours and Friday garage sale visits will be part of this
health issues or some who are contemplating retiring from             year’s computer rally. Contact George and Rosa Greenway
travelling. We will think of you and truly hope that things will      at (419) 358-8211 or Email:
work out for you and yours.                                               There is still time to sign up for the 35th Annual Region 4
   Safe travels and we hope to see you down the road.                 Rally - “Flags, 50s and Fun” - May 17-22, 2011, in Van Wert,
                                                                      Ohio – Email: Don’t forget to bring your
                  Region 3                                            camera so that you can participate in the 3rd annual photog-
                                                                      raphy scavenger hunt. There’s a lot to see and do in Van Wert
              Carol Bell, Contributing Editor                         including Ice Cream with the real Tin Roof Sundae! Region 4
                                officers and staff hope to see you there -
                                                                          Have you finalized your caravan to Region 4 and to the
   The members of WBCCI in Region 3 should be celebrating             International Convention/Rally in Du Quoin, IL? Adding the
and all other WBCCI members should be happy for us. We                Spirit of Cleveland National Rally to your summer traveling
now have a full complement of Region Officers. At the Region          makes a perfect starting point for your caravan to the Inter-
Board Meeting in February, Jay Thompson was nominated                 national. Caravanning to a rally brings added dimensions to
and elected Region First Vice President and Dick Martiny was          new friendships – some that last a lifetime!
nominated and elected Region Second Vice President. Jay                   Dates to remember:
and his wife, Elna, and Dick and his wife, Judy, are welcomed             • The Spirit of Cleveland National Rally, June 8-12,
and very qualified additions. President, Rick Bell, is delighted              Email:
with their acceptance of these positions and looks forward to             • Region 4 Luncheon at the International – 11:30
working with them. Region 3 can now continue to exist and                     a.m. - June 26, Tuscany Grill, Du Quoin, IL
look to the future for more fun, friendship, and adventure.               • The 54th International Convention/Rally – “Adven-
Thanks to the Thompsons and Martinys for your willingness                     ture Is Where You Find It,” June 28 -July 4
to serve and your dedication to WBCCI and Region 3.                       • Michigan Rally “In the Good Old Summertime” Ka-
   The Region 3 luncheon at the International Convention/                     lamazoo, August 17-21 Email:
Rally will be held July 1, at noon in the First Heat Room. The            • Swiss Festival National Rally, September 24–October
luncheon will be a buffet that includes 4 entrees, salad and                  1 – Website:
vegetables, dessert, and beverage. The cost for a ticket will             Safe travels – see you down the road!
be $20.00, which includes tax and tip. Tickets will be sold
during registration at the rally. Please look for the Region 3
table and purchase your ticket.
                                                                                          Region 5
   I am asking each Unit to provide a centerpiece for the                         Nancy Green, Contributing Editor
tables we will use for our luncheon. The tables are rectangular           
in shape and will seat six people. Your arrangement can be               Tired of going the same old places? Try somewhere new.
anything you want it to be. The only thing I ask is that it not       There are 3 choices and one is FREE. Two choices are just
be too tall as to interfere with conversation. The rally colors       $5. Take your time to get ready. Many of your friends will be
are yellow and brown, but your arrangement can be any color           going in September. Plan to join them. How do you do that?
you choose. You might want it to reflect your Unit, your locale,      Find the coupon for Region 5 Rally and check one tour only.
or the red and white theme of Canada Day. I would like to                Choice one is for a tour of Pittsboro One Room School
hear from someone from each Unit to make sure we will have            and Hendricks Cty. Museum. At school you can step back in
enough centerpieces. We need twenty. Please contact me at

40            Blue Beret/May 2011
Region News
time to 1911 and the school marm will give lessons in elo-
cution and ciphering. There will be books, maps and slates                                Region 6
from 1911 along with a modern air conditioner to keep you
comfortable. At the museum you can see the old jail and the
                                                                                   “Shake, Rock, & Roll”
county sheriff’s Victorian home. Artifacts from Central Normal                    Lee County Agri-Center
College and American Indians are there along with period fur-                        Tupelo, Mississippi
niture and equipment. Tour two is at the Challenger Learning
Center and the museum. This center simulates space flight                           October 26-29, 2011
with all its wonders and challenges. The third choice is Eli Lilly                        Kathleen Hedgepeth
Corporate Offices in downtown Indianapolis. A recreation of
the original office and early production of medicines will be           Mark your calendars now for a unique rally in the town of
shown. You’ll have an opportunity for a Dutch treat lunch in         ELVIS PRESLEY’S birthplace. A Region Rally has never been
the outstanding corporate office. So try a new place. Check          held in this area, therefore, you will see a lot of history in this
your coupon and put it in the mail today.                            part of Mississippi. Ladies get your poodle skirts and saddle
   Another feature of the rally will be an entertainment night       oxfords and guys your jeans and white t-shirts ready and
entitled “Region 5’s Got Talent.” Your Unit president will have      lets have a fun time. Who knows, we might even spot Elvis.
information on this special night requested by some Region 5            At Elvis’ birthplace you will tour the original house where he
members. Remember the dates are September 14-18.                     was born, a statue of him at the age of 13, Memorial Chapel,
   By the way, our first event of the year was attended by 52        Fountain of Life, The Story Wall, portraying his life as a boy
at the dinner in Sarasota, FL.                                       in Tupelo, Museum and Gift Shop.
   Next event is the luncheon at International Convention/              Not only do we have the birthplace of Elvis, but there are
Rally on June 29. Also remember the Computer Rally will              many other attractions. Following is a list of that you will want
be held September 11-13. It’s time to make those plans to            to visit:
attend all these activities.                                            • Tupelo Automobile Museum - displays over 100 cars
                                                                              from the 1800s -1900s

                      Region 6                                          • Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo - where more than 150
                                                                              buffalo roam over 175 acres, plus many other exotic
            Sandy Stumpf, Contributing Editor                                 animals. You can take a bus ride into the herd.
                                                                        • Oren Dunn City Museum - a restored dogtrot cabin
    The Special Event Canton Arts/Crafts Rally will be held at                with many historic buildings on the property for your
the Multipurpose Complex, Canton, Mississippi, May 9-14. If                   enjoyment
you have never been to this rally, you need to consider attend-         • Tupelo Veterans Museum - located in the Barnes
ing this very special rally. Artisans participate by invitation,              Crossing Mall
and the products must be hand-crafted and of superior quality.          • Natchez Trace Parkway Headquarters Visitor’s
The prime sites are located on the historic courthouse square,                Center - a must see
where the courthouse scene in “O Brother, Where Art Thou”               • Tupelo National Battlefield Park - commemorates the
was filmed. Craft sites extend to outlying streets, all within                last major engagement of the Civil War in Mississippi
walking distance. The historic Trolio Hotel provides a comfort-         • Pvt. John Allen National Fish Hatchery - tour the
able place for resting and storing purchases. Transportation to               historic Manager’s House
and from the market is provided at regular intervals from the           • Bancorp South Arena - last, but not least!
rally site. The rally site has full hookups with concrete pads.         Included in the Rally Fee are 2 dinners, 3 breakfasts, 3
    Step back in time and consider taking the historic Natchez       night’s entertainment and 4 nights parking. Early parking is
Parkway, which has no commercial traffic, on your way to             available beginning Monday, October 24, 2011, at 2:00 p. m.
Canton. Many optional tours will be available for those going        for $15.00/night.
to Canton, which include the Governor’s Mansion (on the Na-             Following the rally, you may want to travel over to Ripley,
tional Historic Register), the Wildlife Museum, the Agriculture      Mississippi, for their FIRST MONDAY FLEA MARKET held
Museum, movie museum with props from the films which were            on November 4-6, 2011. It’s one of a kind.
filmed in Canton, the Coffee Company where coffee beans                 A coupon, for THE “SHAKE, ROCK, & ROLL” RALLY, is
from many different countries are roasted and packaged,              located in this Blue Beret.
and others. Also, in the area is the National Battleground in           Hope to see you in Tupelo.
Vicksburg, a petrified forest and botanical gardens.
    Included in the rally fee are two catered meals and one
breakfast. For additional information, contact Harriette Warren                           Region 7
at 601-856-7549 or Evelyn Hitt at 601-992-1405.                                    Joan Lahr, Contributing Editor

                                                                        The time is here to make your reservations for the Region
                                                                     7 Rally, Wings, Rails, & End Zones, which takes place in De
                                                                     Pere, Wisconsin, on July 24-29. Besides the BIG attractions,

                                                                                                         Blue Beret/May 2011         41
Region News
the EAA AirVenture, the Super Bowl Champions Green Bay
Packers, and the National Railroad Museum (including a train                                 Region 8
ride), many other fun and inexpensive attractions for kids are                   Paul & June Ryan, Contributing Editors
just minutes away! Take in the Bay Beach Amusement Park
where there are 17 exciting rides for all ages at a cost of 25 or              
50 cents a ride. Have fun at Kastle Park go-kart track or enjoy
the neat exhibits at the New Zoo. See the free Waterboard                   IT’S RALLY AND CARAVAN TIME….
Warriors Water Ski Show. Enjoy the beauty at the Green Bay                  Yes, rallies and caravans will soon be in full swing. Our
Botanical Garden or walk the many trails at Bay Beach Wildlife          Region Rally will soon be over and I hope you all have a
Sanctuary. For the grown-ups, a golf course is right next door          great time in Amana. Being in Amana during their Maifest
to the campground, wineries abound, and shopping galore just            (Celebration of Spring) is a great experience to learn about
minutes away in Green Bay (population 110,000) including                the Amana culture and their ways of life.
Cooks Corner, the nation’s largest kitchen store. Big walleyes               We will not have a Region 8 Caravan to Du Quoin. We
are prowling the waters of Green Bay waiting for anglers to             all live close enough that it will only take a day or two to get
make the big catch. Complete the coupon in this issue of the            there. We do hope you will all plan to attend. Du Quoin
Blue Beret and join us for an awesome rally!                            is a small town but has a great fairground. All the parking
    All of our Units have fun and interesting calendars planned         will be on well established grass in several different lots
for 2011. Below are some of the exciting activities the Min-            separated by hard surface roads and it is all flat ground. Be
nesota Unit’s officers have planned for the year.                       sure to bring your bikes, because this will be a great place
                                                                        to ride. There is a gravel road round the lake and behind the
                                                                        race track where you can also ride. You may have to share
               “Traveling New Roads,                                    the road, not only with the RVs and cars, but with the horses.
               Making New Friends”
                         by Pete Yanke
                                                                        They have 2 race tracks and there will be a horse show while
                                                                        we are there. See you there…..
                                                                            We will have a Region Caravan this fall when the trees
    The Minnesota Unit President, Jim Costello, and his wife,
Lorie (1st VP), have chosen this as their motto for this year. As
                                                                        are in full color. Ed Knernshield will lead the “OZARK COL-
                                                                        ORS” Caravan through Missouri and Arkansas coming back
                                                                        to Branson, Missouri, to Silver Dollar City and the National
you read you will understand why they picked it. We started
the year with an easy, relaxed installation rally that was just our     Harvest Festival. The caravan will rendezvous in Nevada,
style at the Airstream Park in Clear Lake, Minnesota. The fall          Missouri, on October 17th and will end on the 26th. Ed would
Rally was to New Ulm, Minnesota, for the 29th annual October            like your reservation by June 1. The coupon will be on the
Fest. We had a good turnout (19 RVs) and we got to know a               website and in the Blue Beret. I am sure this will be a caravan
few of our fellow Airstreamers just a little bit better while explor-   to remember and we hope the trees will be beautiful.
ing the town and later talking around the campfire. Some we                 Next month will be our last article for the Blue Beret. June’s
met for the first time. We have several get-togethers planned           term as Region 8 President will be over and Fred Steurer will
for the rest of the year, which began with the Valentine’s Day          be your new President. We have enjoyed our term and wish
Luncheon in February and the St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon in              the best to the new officers and all the members of Region 8.
March. Then spring will be here! As I write it is 2 below zero.
Kathy (2nd VP) and I are planning a quick caravan to attend
the Region 8 Rally at the Amana Colonies in Iowa. We’re
                                                                                             Region 9
excited about the “Mystery Rally” in early June. Jim hinted                        Jim Schwerdfeger, 1st Vice President
that we won’t “mind” the drive. Continuing from that point we’ll              
head up to Lake of the Woods for some spectacular walleye                     What comes to mind when you see the letters DQ?
fishing at one of Jim’s favorite spots. This will be a “buddy”          You might say... ”Dairy Queen”... (belt busters, blizzards, ice
rally, so if you have some friends interested in possibly joining       cream) OK.. good thinking! but what should come to mind is
our group, bring them along. As is customary, the First Vice            DQ....Du Quoin, Illinois, site of the 54th WBCCI International
President, Lorie Costello, is planning the 10-day slow caravan          Convention/Rally, June 28 - July 4. Raisin (the good wife) and
to the International Rally in Du Quoin, Illinois, in late June. She     I are loaded...(well, the trailer is) and it’s ready to roll. I know
is excited about the trip and has some great things planned.            it’s early but we are excited! We are part of the Welcome
For those of you who can’t caravan on weekdays, we have a               Committee and we will be there, Good Lord willing, to welcome
weekend trip to the Red Wing area just before the long caravan          you to Du Quoin. I know that everyone in Region 9 is planning
so you won’t miss out. Third VP Steve Jedlund is planning a             on attending, but just in case you’re spending too much time
caravan to the Region 7 Rally in De Pere, Wisconsin, in July.           at Dairy Queen, and forgot to sign up for the rally, you can do
More details on these events later in the Minnesota Unit Silver         it’s not too late. There’s a coupon in the Blue Beret.
Times and the website. Before we know it we come back to                    I’m working on the Region Rallies for 2013 and 2014, but
the next installation rally. With all these events and plans it is      for now, let’s talk about 2012. That’s when the Fiesta San
easy to see why Jim and Lorie chose the motto. You should               Antonio Rally gets reborn. The rally fee includes 7 nights
come along and join us as we look forward to….                          parking, full hookups, cable/satellite TV at Admiralty Resort,
    “Traveling New Roads, Making New Friends.”                          San Antonio, Texas, starting April 22 through April 29, 2012.

42             Blue Beret/May 2011
    Region News
    You’ll have big bus transportation to and from all events, with     climes, however, only one has the distinction of meeting in the
    reserved seating at the River Parade, the Battle of Flowers         middle of our Region (well almost). US Highway 160 takes
    Parade....there will be bus tours to San Antonio, the Alamo,        you to Four Corners, the only point in the United States com-
    the Institute of Texas Culture, the San Antonio Missions,           mon to four states. You can actually have your picture taken
    SAS shoe factory, Fort Sam Houston Museums, King Wil-               standing in four states! Here in the heart of Navajo and Ute
    liam Historic District, the Texas Hill Country, LBJ Ranch and       country you will find enough places of interest to keep you
    much 6 breakfasts, 4 dinners, salsa/dip party,           busy sightseeing for weeks. Monument Valley and Canyon
    evening entertainment and lots of Blue Bell ice cream. Don’t        De Chelly National Monuments are just south in Arizona, and
    delay and miss this great rally. Sign up now with Joe Long or       then to the west in Utah you’ll find Canyonlands and Arches
    Gayle Ketchum at 210-860-6006 or              National Parks, to the north in Colorado is Mesa Verde National
        Raisin and I celebrated our Anniversary March 31st...55         Park and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and to
    years of wedded bliss. I asked her where she would like to          the east is Aztec Ruin National Monument and Chaco Culture
    go for our anniversary. She said “some where I haven’t been         National Historic Park. You won’t want to miss shopping at the
    in a long time.” I suggested...“how about the kitchen?” And         various trading post to find that special souvenir. These are
    that’s when the fight started. See ya!                              only a few of the highlights of this beautiful Region, so slow
                                                                        down and enjoy the journey as you travel through Region 11,
                      Region 10                                         Vacationland USA.
                                                                           Be sure to check out what’s going on around our Region
             Kathy Ciokiewicz, Contributing Editor                      and join the Units for a rally.
        Ah, spring is here, even though you can’t tell it some days,                       Region 12
ara-with our fickle weather. It’s nice to see the rallies starting up
    again with Airstreamers heading here and there to get together
    with old friends and relay winter stories and travel adventures.
                                                                                   Connie Squires, Contributing Editor

    Looking over rallies set for Region 10 I am seeing some new
    venues, which should make for some fine experiences. One
    of the very best advantages of being a member of this club
                                                                            WBCCI’s 54th International Convention/Rally (June 28 -
                                                                        July 4) is just weeks away. Get your registration in, pronto, if
                                                                        you haven’t done so already. Don’t want to travel alone to the
    is the opportunities it offers to learn so much more about our      rally? Check the Region 12 website: http://region12.wbcci.
    own home state or province. Attending rallies takes us to           net for a “tag along” caravan. And, while at the International
    parts of our home territories that we would probably never          Convention/Rally, be sure to attend the Region 12 breakfast
    see on our own.                                                     on June 29th at 7:30 a.m. for an opportunity to connect with
        As you travel to the International at Du Quoin and back,        other Airstreamers from the Region.
    remember to watch your Blue Beret for rallies of other Units            For folks who are staying closer to home these days, there
    that may be held near your path of travel. It is always fun to      are endless places to explore in the county where the Region
    stop over at a rally away from your home Unit and you are           12 Rally, “Flamingos In the Foothills,” will be held this October.
    always welcome to do so. Be sure, though, to give them a            Jackson, the county seat of Amador County, is nestled in the
    heads-up about your plans to attend, if possible.                   foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range in California and is the
        If you are registered for the International Convention/Rally    location of Jackson Rancheria RV Park, the rally site. The
    in Du Quoin, you might want to consider taking one of the three     new, full service RV Park is in a forest setting on the Jackson
    National Caravans commencing after the rally. They all look         Rancheria Reservation, owned and operated by the Jackson
    very exciting and are always adventuresome.                         Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians.
        Should your summer plans keep you closer to home, then              The Northern Sierra Miwuk settled in this area many cen-
    it’s time to sign up for your own Unit rallies giving them sup-     turies ago along rivers and streams. They caught fish, hunted
    port and giving you loads of good times with minimal travel.        game, and gathered plant life to sustain themselves. Indian
    If this is what you end up doing, call a new member of your         Grinding Rock State Historic Park, eight miles east of Jackson,
    Unit and invite them to come along with you or meet you             has open meadows and large valley oaks. The park features
    there. A special invitation is sometimes all a new member           a Regional Indian Museum with an outstanding collection of
    needs to take part.                                                 Indian artifacts. A Miwuk Village and roundhouse have been
        Oh, so much to do and so little time!                           reconstructed in the middle of the valley.
        Happy travels!                                                      The peaceful existence of native life in the meadows around
                                                                        Jackson was dramatically altered with the advent of the gold
                        Region 11                                       rush in 1849. Jackson became the place “to strut your stuff,”
                                                                        with boundless gambling and prostitution into the 1950s.
              Barbara Vaughn, Contributing Editor                           Gambling was revived in the 1980s when the Jackson Band
                                     of Miwuks started a bingo hall, which has evolved into today’s
        Time to de-winterize the Airstream’s and wipe off the dust,     major casino, located at Jackson Rancheria.
    it’s travel time! The snow is almost gone in the higher eleva-          As Danny Kaye said, “Life is a great big canvas, and you
    tions and the deserts are getting hot. May marks the time           should throw all the paint on it you can.” Paint your canvas
    when the Arizona desert is replaced with the beautiful high         with a trip to Amador County.
    country as a favorite get away. Many roads lead to cooler
                                                                                                           Blue Beret/May 2011         43

Amateur Radio Club                                                        The end of our caravan is open for discussion when we
                                                                     all get together at Fort Massac, depending on when you have
Jim Cocke, President                                                 to report to Du Quoin.
                                                                         When reserving, mention my name and WBCCI Free Wheel-
                                                                     ers. They will try to put our group close together. Giant City
   We’re going to have a lot of fun in Du Quoin, IL. We’ll visit
                                                                     St. Park is so large they asked someone for my confirmation
with each other, set up our radio station, visit with each other,
                                                                     number to be sure they were putting them in the right area.
set up our antennas, visit with each other, test our station
                                                                     It is #2-653171, Site 40.
equipment, visit with each other. The WBCCI Amateur Radio
                                                                          You members of Free Wheelers will be getting another
Club is full of folks who are good listeners and like to talk.
                                                                     newsletter on this subject sometime in May. (And members
   Did you know over 30,000 new hams are licensed every
                                                                     please let me know if you DID NOT receive the March news-
year in the USA? June 30, 2010, there were 694,346 licensed
                                                                     letter, which is chock-full of more details.) In the meantime
amateur radio operators, an increase of 18,000 in just six
                                                                     please call me with any questions, or if you are single and
months. Amateur radio is very alive, very interesting, and very
important to our nation and to people in every nation.               want to become a member of Free Wheelers.
   Disaster response in every country is assisted by amateur
radio operators listening and relaying messages in country
and world-wide. This volunteer effort is an important service,
because it always works, mobilizes quickly, and is operated by
trained and licensed amateurs who practice, practice, practice       Vintage Airstream Club
proper radio operation.
                                                                     Bob Herman #8556, Contributing Editor
   Come see the Wally Byam Amateur Radio Club at our sta-
tion at this year’s International in Du Quoin. You no longer
need morse code to become licensed, and don’t have to do                VINTAGE CLUB 2011 WAGON WHEEL
anything at all except drop by and visit with us. We’re a friendly   CARAVAN TO INTERNATIONAL CON-
bunch, we keep coffee hot all day, enjoy showing visitors our        VENTION/RALLY, Du QUOIN, ILLINOIS.
station, and welcome everyone to drop in and say hi. Come            RENDEZVOUS WILL BE AT BLACKHAWK
by and see why 30,000 people annually are joining the ham            LAKE REC AREA, HIGHLAND, WISCON-
radio community in the USA.                                          SIN, on Wednesday, June 15th. Email Kevin
   Jim Cocke, President, Ph. 704-430-9192, Email: as4822@            Allen, WAGON MASTER or go to VAC web-                                                            site for further details.
                                                                        WBCCI INTERNATIONAL RALLY, JUNE 28 - JULY 4,
                                                                     2011, Du Quoin, Illinois. Huge Vintage Parking Event. See
                                                                     Blue Beret for registration form. Further VAC details will be
Free Wheelers                                                        given in later issues.
                                                                        VINTAGE RALLIES:
                                                                        NATIONAL TEXAS VINTAGE RALLY, May 12-
Intra Club for Single Member of WBCCI                                16, 2011, Tres Rio RV Resort, Glen Rose, Texas. Contact
                                                                     Jean Beebe, registrar at
Barbara Carney, President
                                                                        REGION 10 VINTAGE RALLY, July 1-4, 2011, Baker
   We are continuing to finalize plans for a fun-filled combina-     City, Oregon. This is Wally Byam’s birthplace and the Baker
tion Free Wheeler Caravan/Pre-Rally starting June 8, 2011, in        Heritage Museum in Baker City will be opening a new display
Fort Massac State Park, in the town of Metropolis, IL.               on Wally Byam and his Airstreams on July 4th, 2011, Wally’s
   The final dates are a little different from those reported in     birthday. Contact: Teresa Taylor 503-440-1121, or Email:
the April Blue Beret. Our itinerary will be as follows:    
                                                                        REGION 9 VINTAGE AIRSTREAM CAMPOUT, 2nd
   June 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 - Fort Massac State Park, IL. Make      LONE STAR/CHISHOLM TRAIL VINTAGE CAMPOUT,
your own reservations at, or call             April 14-17, 2011, LBJ NAT’L GRASSLANDS near Decatur,
1-800-246-5082.                                                      TX. Email lonestarvac@gmail or call Paul Mayeux/Ann Fla-
   June 13, 14, and 15 - Giant City State Park, IL. Make your        nagan at 817-919-3651
reservations at or call 1-800-246-               4th ANNUAL VINTAGE RESTORATION RALLY, FOUR
5082                                                                 CORNERS UNIT, JUNE 9-12, 2011, Enchanted Trails RV
   June 16, 17, and 18 - Cape RV Park, Cape Girardeau,               Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ken Johansen, Email:
MO. They are holding 10 spaces for us. We will pay when we 
arrive. No need for you to call.                                        BOB HERMAN 407- 810- 5579 or Email: RB85586@
   June 19, 20, and 21 - Hawn State Park, St. Genevieve,             MAC.COM
MO. To reserve, go to, or call 1-877-
   June 22, 23, 24, and 25. Make your reservations at 618-
332-7700. Make it for the number of days that suits you.

44            Blue Beret/May 2011
Airstream • 937-596-6111

                                                                          Dave Schumann, General Manager
                                                                             Customer Relations Group

   Wow, here we are and it is May already. Things are getting busy here in Jackson Center with customers coming to our Ser-
vice Center with their Airstreams, people visiting and taking the Factory tour to getting ready for the up coming Alumapalooza.
Hectic, but fun! I am sure that everyone has their schedule put together for the summer and have started traveling—enjoy.
      I have been trying to pick out some questions that we have received through our Customer Service Department that
may be helpful to you or just interesting, here are a few more.

Airstream Funeral Coaches
      I recently received a call from a gentle-
man wanting to know if Airstream had really
built Funeral Coaches, he stated he had seen
one advertised for sale.
   Yes, Airstream did manufacture a Custom
Funeral Coach from 1981-1988 in Jackson
Center, Ohio. Airstream had a Commercial
vehicle Division at that time and built the
high quality “Air Coach” as well as Funeral
Coaches. Airstream built the Funeral Coaches
on 27 and 28 ft Chevy Chassis with 454 En-
gine and in 1991 they built a special version
for a customer on an Airstream 350 chassis.
   There were a total of 32 Funeral Coaches
manufactured over the years. The Funeral
Coach offered more space for less money
in addition to fuel savings from the need
for fewer vehicles. It would hold 14 people,
flowers and the casket; average price was
approximately $70,000-$80,000.

What is the coating used on the current Airstream trailer aluminum?
    Alcoa uses a coating from PPG called: PF8AO-1 Clear Fluorocarbon Finish.
    Starting in 1999 units were built with metal that had a pre-applied coating from Alcoa.
    Airstream had been applying its own see-through protection (called Plasticote) since 1964, but new environmental regu-
lations in 1998 restricted the company’s use of paints and lacquers because of the chemicals that are typically released.
    Alcoa had developed an aluminum sheet packaged in coils and pre-painted with a clear coating that was thermally cured
so the sun’s ultraviolet rays could not degrade the polymer. No fading. No peeling. No cracking. The coating is environmen-
tally sound and environmentally safe.

What size generator is needed to run a 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner?
   Dometic states a 3500 watt generator is required in order to properly operate the air conditioner. While a 2800 watt gen-
erator may run the air conditioner, a 3500 watt generator is recommended due to the initial load during start up.

                                                                                                  Blue Beret/May 2011       45
Airstream • 937-596-6111
Airstream is celebrating 80 years
    Airstream is celebrating its 80th birthday this year, and I am looking for any old Airstream pictures,
brochures, ads or any thing interesting about Airstream and its past. I want to add these items to our dis-
plays at the Factory Service Center or use for our archives to help preserve the past. If you have anything
you want to donate, make copies of or share in any way, please send to my attention at Airstream Inc.,
419 West Pike St., Jackson Center, Ohio 45334 or email me at . Thank you!

International Rally
     Anyone who wants to order parts and pick them up at the International Rally at Du Quoin,Illinois, please contact Kim
Britt at 937-596-6111 ext 7429 or Karen Vetter at ext. 7428 for ordering details.

  o   Why banks leave vault doors open but chain the pens to the counter.
  o   Why the sun lightens our hair but darkens our skin?
  o   Why don't you ever see the headline 'Physic Wins Lottery'?
  o   Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?
  o   Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?
  o   Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
  o   If con is the opposite of pro then is Congress the opposite of progress?

   Have a great month and we will see you on down the road!

                            If you have a topic for this column, please send your suggestions to:
                      Dave Schumann, Airstream, Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

        If your topic is published, you will receive a “Schu’s News” t-shirt!

                                        Texas State Railroad Rally
                                                 by Sammie Musselman, #8447

    Linda Knezek’s first rally                                                                   other side of the locomotive
as Texas Alamo’s President                                                                       we posed for a group photo
was held in Rusk, Texas,                                                                         for our memory book.
at the Texas State Railroad                                                                         If you ever find yourself
Campgrounds. It was a long                                                                       in the historic, piney back
trip for most members but so                                                                     woods of East Texas, take
well worth the drive.                                                                            the time to visit Palestine,
    When we arrived to be                                                                        Maydelle and Rusk, Texas.
parked, we were in awe of                                                                        The train ride would also be
the tall East Texas pine trees.                                                                  a great way to hear some
With the theme of the rally
being “railroad” we were pre-
pared with authentic (well…
near authentic) railroad out-
fits. Some of the women
had their overalls blinged to the max! We had railroad caps          of the history
to wear and some of the caps were blinged too. For table             of the railway
decorations we had trains of all sorts.                              that was built
    On the day of the train ride we arrived at the Palestine Train   by prisoners
Depot early. As luck would have it we got to go into the cab of      in the late
the steam locomotive with the engineers there to answer any          1800s.
questions. It was a very warm experience as the fire box was
loaded and burning to make the steam. As we exited on the

46            Blue Beret/May 2011
Airstream • 937-596-6111

                           Blue Beret/May 2011   47
 Event Schedule

Jun 28-Jul 4    2011 International Convention/Rally
                Du Quoin, IL

May 12-16      TX Vintage Rally, Glen Rose, TX
Jun 8-12       Spirit of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
Aug 3-7        Potlatch & Salmon, Lacey, WA
Sep 12-18      Pendleton Roundup, Pendleton, OR
Sep 23-27      Antelope Hunt, Medicine Bow, WY
Sep 24-Oct 1   Swiss Festival, Sugarcreek, OH

May 9-14       Canton Arts/Crafts Flea Market, Canton, MS
Aug 8-13       Galax Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA
Aug 18-23      Santa Fe Experience, Santa Fe, NM
Sep 8-11       Old Threshers Rally, Yuma, CO
Sep 22-25      Autumn Leaf, Leavenworth, WA
Oct 6-10       Storytelling Festival Rally, Gray, TN
Oct            No Rally Tall Stacks & Turkey in 2011 will be
                                                                           TBA            N-41-D      The Civil War - Part 2 - Leader: Jones Ph.
               back in 2012, Cincinnati, OH & Brookville, IN
Oct            None in 2011 will be back in 2012 Balloon Fiesta,
                                                                           Jun 4-23       N-41-I      FILLED Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leaders:
               Albuquerque, NM
                                                                                                      King Ph.252-514-7497 / Bennett 919-467-3681
Oct 6-12       Columbus Day Rally, Provincetown, MA
                                                                           Jul 5-Aug 24   N-41-A      Landmarks West Following the Lewis & Clark
Oct            No Rally in 2011 - Victorian Days, Cape May, NJ
                                                                                                      Trail - Leader: Glassey 206-605-2986 / Bernd
Oct 11-16      Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID
Dec 28, 2011-
                                                                           Jul 8-Aug 26   N-41-C      The Yellowhead and More - Leader: Paulk Ph.
Jan 1, 2012   Rose Parade Rally, Pasadena, CA
                                                                                                      925-864-1683 / Hilton
                                                                           Jul 12-Sep 12 N-41-K       Alyeska, The Great Land - Leader: Johnjulio
                                                                                                      Ph. 216-533-1752
           NATIONAL CARAVANS                                               Aug 31-Oct 17 N-41-G       SW Adventure Caravan - Leaders: Thompson
                                                                                                      Ph. 850-766-0036 / Montague Ph. 850-212-
                                                                                                      3726                            Sep 3-Oct 5    N-41-E      The Wilder West - Leader: Paulk Ph. 925-864-
2011                                                                       Sep 12-Oct 12 N-41-B       The Great River Road - Leader: Andrzejewski
May 5-24        N-40-G     Taste of Carolina-Heartland - Leader: King                                 Ph. 603-770-1609
                           Ph. 252-670-8440                                Sep 17-Oct 20 N-41-M       Gone to Texas - Leader: Snow Ph. 281-251-
May 24-Jun 7    N-40-M     Fly Drive Alaska - Leader: Guy Ph. 704-560-                                7566 / Kindle 713-907-4624
                           3075                                            Sep 23-Nov 3 N-41-L        Ghosts on the East Coast - Leader: Hilton
Jul 7-31        N-40-O     CANCELLED Discover Ontario Caravan -                                       Ph. 352-205-9928
                           Leader: Morson Ph. 905-459-2008                 Oct 2-Nov 10 N-41-H        Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader:
Jul 6-Aug 6     N-40-E     The Northern Experience - Leader:                                          Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762
                           Andrzejewski Ph. 603-770-1609                   2013
Jul 8-Aug 30    N-40-F     Nor’ x Nor’ East - Leader: Levinson Ph. 845-    N-42-A         The Civil War - Part 3 - Leader: Jones Ph. 703-780-6597
                           562-0091                                        N-42-B         The Viking Trail - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762
Jul 8-Sep 4     N-40-C     The Viking Trail - Leaders: Buchanan Ph.        N-42-C         The Northern Experience - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-
                           321-243-2789 & Pember Ph. 913-226-4313                         770-1609
Aug 31-Oct 9    N-40-N     Watch It Made In The USA - Leader: George       N-42-D         Watch It Made In The USA - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-
                           Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 or 352-430-5834                        9928 or 352-430-5834
Oct 4-Nov 12    N-40-A     Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader:           N-42-E         Southwest Adventure - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-
                           Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762                                       0036 / Montague Ph. 850-491-7444
                                                                           N-42-F         The Maple Leaf Trail Caravan - Leader: Leach Ph. 281-536-
Mar 13-26      N-41-J1     Louisiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph.
Apr 3-16       N-41-J2     Louisiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph.

Apr 28-May 20 N-41-N
                           Springtime in Kentucky - Leader: Wilson Ph.                    REGION CARAVAN
                           270-792-2830                                    Oct 16-26      R-280 Region 8 “Ozark Colors” Caravan - Leader: Ed
                                                                                          Knernschield 573-480-5441

48              Blue Beret/May 2011
Event Schedule
                                                                            Jun 10-12      Rally - Hike Scenic Quechee Gorge & Tour Historic
              Region 1 Activities                                                          Woodstock, VT, Quechee Gorge State Park, Quechee,
                                                                                           VT, from I-89, VT Exit #2, take US 4 E 2.8 mi. to state park
                                                                                           entrance on L, Franklin Sanders 802-767-3611 or Email:
Region 1 Website:                                          
Jun 29        Region 1 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Du Quoin, IL, International       Jun 29         Region 1 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Du Quoin State FG, Du
              Convention/Rally, there will be a signup table at Du Quoin,                  Quoin, IL, Dan Dureiko / Bob Butler 860-917-2345, Email:
              Dan Dureiko / Bob Butler 860-917-2345                              
Aug 4-8       Region 1 “First Nations” Rally, Camping de la Municipalite
              de Riviere-Rouge, Quebec, Canada, Camping Municipal
              Sainte-Veronique, 320 Tour Lac Tiberiade-Riviere-Rouge,

                                                                                           Region 2 Activities
              Quebec, Canada J0T 1T0, approx. 110 mi. NW of Montreal,
              Clemence Lemay, Email: CLELEMAY@GMAIL.COM, 819-
Oct 7-11      Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving Special Event            Region 2 Website:
              Rally, hosted by Cape Cod MA Unit, Coastal Acres, 76R
              Bayberry Ave., Provincetown, MA 02657, Rt. 6 L turn at        May 20-23      Ontario Canada Provincial Rally, Blyth FG, Blyth, ON
              Herring Cove Beach Rt. 6-A, Continue on 6-A to Bradford       May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, South Mountain FG, Arendtsville, PA
              St., watch for signs, Tye Mott, Email:       Sep 7-11       PA State Rally, Lebanon FG, Lebanon, PA
                                                                            Sep 15-18      NJ State Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, S Seaville, NJ
                                                                            Sep 29-Oct 2   NY State Rally, Ulster Cty FG, New Paltz, NY
Canadian Atlantic Unit -                     Oct            None in 2011 Victorian Days, Cape May, NJ
Jun 17-19     Seven Hills Ox Pull Rally, Caledonia FG, Caledonia, NS,
              Tony Grange 902-521-3423, Email:           Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Unit
                                                                            May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, 615 Narrows Rd.,
Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit -                                       Arendtsville, PA, PA Turnpike E to Exit 161, US 30
May 13-15     Rally, Moose Lodge, Marlborough, CT, 303 S. Main St.,                        eastbound for 51.6 mi., L onto Rt. 234, (Buchanan Valley
              Marlborough, CT 860-295-9155, Dan Dureiko 860-823-                           Rd. that later turns into Narrows Rd.)
              9544, Email: / Bob Butler 860-
              917-2345                                                      Central Maryland Unit
Jun 10-12     Scusset Beach Buddy Rendezvous, Scusset Beach State
              Reservation, Sagamore, MA, Rich Walbridge 781-254-            May 13-15      Business Meeting, Piney Mt., 150 Pine Tree Rd., Ortanna,
              6399, Email:                                             PA, from the square in Gettsburg take Rt. 30 W 12 mi. to
Jun 29        Region 1 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Du Quoin, IL, there will be a                    Rt. 234, turn R on Rt. 234 go 3.3 mi. to Pine Tree Rd., park
              signup table & details in Du Quoin, Dan Dureiko/Bob Butler                   is on L, Lee Baltzell 410-848-2466, Email: jole14087@
              860-823-9544, Email:                        

Charter Oak Connecticut Unit -                    Central Pennsylvania Unit -
May 6-8       Business Rally, Mineral Springs CG, Stafford Springs, CT,
              I-84 East to Rt. 32 N, Lynn Blackwell 860-918-4107, Email:    May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, Arendtsville, PA, Roy MacDonald
Jun 2-5       Joint Rally w/New England Unit, NY City by way of New
              Jersey, Rich Kushman 860-608-8668, Email: rich.kath@
                                                                            Delaware Valley New Jersey Unit
                                                          May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, Arendtsville, PA
                                                                            Jun 3-5        RV Improvement Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, Seaville, NJ,
New England Unit -                                            Pat Berkey
Apr 29-May 1 Spring Cleanup Rally, Recompence Shore CG, 143 Burnett
             Rd., Freeport, ME,, Michelle        Delmarva Unit -
             Plunkett 603-457-3815, Email:
May 13-15    Business Meeting, Salisbury Beach State Park, MA,
             Michelle Plunkett 603-457-3815, Email: burtandbuddy@
                                                                            Hudson-Mohawk New York Unit -
    / Per Hamnqvist 603-866-6440, Email:               May TBA        TBA, Bob Lawless 845-876-2431, Email: maturekids@hvc.
Jun 2-5      Joint Rally w/Charter Oak CT Unit, Discover NY City,           Jun 2-5        Whittle Buddy Joint Rally w/NY Finger Lakes Unit, Lake
             Liberty Harbor CG, NJ, Per Hamnqvist 603-866-6440,                            George Travel Trailer Park, Geoff Whittle 518-783-1606,
             Email: / Rich Kushman 860-608-                        Email:
             4321, Email:
Jun 17-19    Annual Hot Balloon Craft & Music Festival-                     Keystone Pennsylvania Unit -
             Rendezvous, Quechee, VT, directions: http://www.
                                                                            May 12-14      “Amish Ambiance” Rally, Beacon Hill CG, Intercourse, PA
   , Andre Baillargeon 603-778-
                                                                            May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, Arendtsville, PA
             8447, Email:
                                                                            Jun 11         Picnic Noon, Blue Marsh Lake, Bernville, PA, Steve Loden
Jun 25-27    Rendezvous at: Penn Wood Airstream Park, Limestone,
             PA, quick caravan to International Rally from Region 1, Per
             Hamnqvist 603-866-6440, Email:
Jun 29       Region 1 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Dan Dureiko / Bob Butler           Metropolitan New York Unit -
             Ph. 860-917-2345, Email:                      Jun TBA        Beach Rally, Smith Point Park TBA

Quebec Canada Unit -                         Mid Atlantic Unit -
Jun 10-12     Rally, St-Valier, QC, Gilles Daigle & Colette Levesque Ph.    May 26-30      Region 2 Rally (Unit Business Meeting), South Mtn. FG,
              418-884-1333, Email:                            Arendtsville, PA

                                                                            New Jersey Unit -
White Mountains New Hampshire Unit -
May 20-22     Business Meeting Rally, Apple Island Resort, 71 Rt. 2,
              South Hero, VT 802-372-3962, take I-89 to Exit 17, follow     May 13-15      Pre-Region 2 Rally & Mother’s Day, Jersey Shore Haven
              Rt. 2 W across the Sandbar Beach Causeway, Apple Island                      Airstream Park, 728 Dennisville Rd., S. Seaville, NJ, Ph.
              is on L, marina on R website:,                     609-861-2293, Venables 856-220-9934, Email: MCCCCJ@
              Dick Wheatley 802-899-2839, Email:                         AOL.COM
                                                                            May 26-30      Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, Arendtsville, PA, Roy
                                                                                           MacDonald, Email:

                                                                                                                     Blue Beret/May 2011             49
Event Schedule
Jun 17-19     Rally, Jersey Shore Haven Airstream Park, 728 Dennisville      Coastal Georgia -
              Rd., S. Seaville, NJ, 609-861-2293, Charlie Petrillo 732-      Jun 8-10     Georgia State Park Rally, Georgia Veterans State Park,
              533-9713, Email: MCCCCJ@AOL.COM                                             2459 US Hwy. 280 W. Cordele, GA 800-864-3275 or
Jun TBA       Unit Breakfast (check Unit Bulletin Board), Charlie Petrillo                online, need to make your own reservations, Jerry Hobbs
              732-533-9713, Email: MCCCCJ@AOL.COM                                         912-713-5789, Email:
New York Finger Lakes Unit -                 Eastern North Carolina Unit -
May TBA       Luncheon TBA, Dave Horn 585-659-8378, Email: Dhorn7@
Jun 3-5       Joint Rally w/Hudson Mohawk NY Unit, Lake George RV            Florida Unit -
              Park, Lake George, NY, Ted Gula 585-392-6715, Email: 

Ontario Canada Unit -                               Florida Springs Unit -
May 13-14     Rally, Ottawa Municipal CG, 411 Cookstown Rd., Napean          May 5-8      Rally, Grand Lakes RV, Bushnell, FL, Rosalie Stone 352-
              (Ottawa), Ontario, Ron Henry 613-850-5082, Email:                           486-1822, Email:
May 16-18     Rally, Seaforth FG, Seaforth, ON, 130 Duke St., Seaforth,      Florida Suncoast Unit -
              ON, John Smith 705-842-1808, Email:
May 20-23     Rally, Blyth CG, 337 Gypsy Lane, Blyth, ON, Tom Cada
              519-473-9266, Email:
                                                                             Florida Treasure Coast Unit -
                                                                             Jun TBA      Unit Luncheon, International Rally, Du Quoin, IL
Penn Lehigh Unit
3rd Fri ea mo Luncheon 1 PM, Coopersburg Diner, Rt. 309, Coopersburg,
                                                                             Georgia Unit -
              PA, Al Hart 610-797-5672, Email:              May 18-22    Memorial Day/Buddy Rally, Top of Georgia Airstream Park,
                                                                                          14255 Hwy. 75 N, Helen, GA, Matt Hackney 706-860-
May 26-30     Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, Arendtsville, PA, Roy                        8690, Email:
Jun 9-12      Unit Birthday Bash, Numidia Airport, Numidia, PA, George       Northern Virginia Unit -
              Beaver 570-799-0008

Pennsylvania Unit -                                         Palmetto State South Carolina Unit -
May 6-8       Feast of Spring Rally, Penn Wood Airstream Park, 4 mi. S
              of PA 66 from I-80 Exit 64, Alex Kensington 317-319-6577,      May 20-22    Buddy Rally, Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table Rock
              Email:                                          Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, Email:
Jun 3-5       Rally, Penn Wood Airstream Park, 4 mi. S on PA 66 from            
              I-80 Exit 64, Ken Williams 570-265-8899, Email: leskenw@       Jun 10-12    Grandchildren’s Rally, Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table
                                                                 Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115,
Washington DC Unit -
May 19-22     “Belle Isle on the Rappahannock” Rally, Belle Isle State       Piedmont North Carolina Unit -
              Park, near Lancaster, VA, John Gilliland and Tom Waugh         May 12-15    Rally, RVacation CG, Selma, NC, I-95, Exit 98, Smithfield/
Jun TBA       Airplanes & Airstreams, see website                                         Selma, NC, Jerry Shelton 910-893-9757, Email:
Watchung New Jersey Unit -                              Jun 9-12     Rally TBA, Robert “Scotty” Stewart 919-846-2370, Email:
May 26-30     Region 2 Rally, South Mtn. FG, Arendtsville, PA, 615              
              Narrows Rd. (Rt. 234), Biglersville, PA, Fred Brugmans
              908-647-3215, Email:                   Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Unit -
Jun TBA       Caravan to International in Du Quoin, IL, Fred Brugmans
              908-647-3215, Email:
                                                                             May 20-22    Rally, Highland Haven, off Rt. 221, Copper Hill, VA, Julian
                                                                                          O’Dell 540-943-9750, Email:

                                                                             South Carolina Coastal Unit -
             Region 3 Activities                                             Jun 3-5      Grandparents’ Rally, River Bottom Farms, Swansea, SC,
                                                                                          Reserve 803-568-4182, Kathy Narowski 843-553-4947,
Region 3 Website:                                               Email:
Jul 1         Region 3 Luncheon Noon, First Heat Room, Du Quoin, IL
Aug 9-13      Galax Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA                           Tampa Bay Florida Unit
                                                                             May 5        Luncheon Noon, Buddy Freddys Rest., Plant City, FL, Jim
Big Bend Florida Unit -                                        McCollough 863-859-0913, Email:
May 12-15     Buddy Rally, Stephen Foster State Park, Live Oak, FL, Jim
              Weilhammer & Katherine Kamiya 850-894-4416, Email:             Tidewater Virginia Unit -
     / Martina Pelley 352-481-4353,          May TBA      Joint Rally w/Northern VA & Eastern NC Units TBA, Ed
              Email:                                             Whitacre Ph. 757-566-4824, Email:
                                                                             Jun TBA      Rally TBA, Ed Whitacre Ph. 757-566-4824, Email:
Carolinas Unit of North Carolina -                                              
                                                                             Virginia Unit -
May 12-15     Rally TBA
Jun 9-12      Rally, Stone Mountain State Park, 3042 Frank Parkway,          May 19-23    Rally, Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown, VA, I-64 Exit
              Roaring Gap, NC, Ph. 336-957-8185, Reservations via:                        234, Harold Hamlett 804-769-0812, Email: DanishPrince@
     or Ph.        
              877-7-CAMP-NC (722-6762), Website: http://www.ncparks.

50             Blue Beret/May 2011
Event Schedule

Jun 19-21     Rally, Natural Chimney National Park, I-81 Exit 175 for US     Jun 5       Picnic, Don Burkholder’s home, 2677 Rt. 46 S, Jefferson,
              11 toward Natural Bridge, Doug Doberer 540-631-6322,                       OH, from the N, travel Rt. 11 to Rt. 46 (Jefferson), go about
              Email:                                             9 mi. S on State Rt. 46, house on R (west) of road, Don
                                                                                         Burkholder 440-576-6560, Email: catmat@embarqmail.
Western North Carolina Unit -
May 19-22     Rally, Park Place, Flat Rock, NC, Bill Rosendale 828-698-      Metro Detroit Michigan Unit
              5829, Email:                             May TBA     Rally TBA
Jun 9-12      Joint Rally w/East TN Unit, Miles Motors RV, Swannanoa,        Jun TBA     Rally TBA
              NC, Dan McIntrye, Email:,
                                                                             Miami Valley Unit of Ohio
                                                                             1st Wed
                                                                             ea mo       Breakfast 9:00 AM, Roush’s Rest., 405 W Main St.,
                                                                                         Fairborn, OH, Ed Mueller 937-748-8272, Email:
             Region 4 Activities                                               

Region 4 Website:                                      Michigan Unit
May 9-13     Region 4 Computer Rally, Van Wert, OH                           Apr-Sep
May 17-22    Region 4 Rally, Van Wert, OH                                    Last Tue
TBA          Region 4 Luncheon, International Convention/Rally, Du           ea mo       Dinner 6 PM, Cottage Cafe at Days Inn, 420 Munson Ave.
             Quoin, IL                                                                   (US 131), Traverse City, MI, Sharon Webster 231-839-3249
Aug 17-20    All MI State Rally, Kalamazoo, MI                               Nov-Apr
Sep 24-Oct 1 Swiss Festival National Rally, Sugarcreek, OH                   1st Thur
                                                                             ea mo       Luncheon 1:15 PM, Old Country Buffet, 5220 West Main
                                                                                         St., Kalamazoo, MI, Alice Taylor 269-344-4888
Akron Ohio Unit -                                         ea Tue      Luncheon Noon, Call for location, Geraldine Craig 517-
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert Cty FG, 1055 S. Washington                        321-3468 or Pat Hatfield 517-589-9190
              St., Van Wert, OH, Jack Ketterer 330-494-2415, Email:
     / Ron Swan 330-875-1601, Email:           Jun 1-5     Rally, Rogue River CG, Grand Rapids, MI, Norm Kiel 616-
                                                       457-1989, Email:
Jun 9-12      Golden Anniversary Rally, Canfield FG, Canfield, OH, Vern      Jun 18-27   Caravan to Du Quoin, IL, Norm Kiel 616-457-1989, Email:
              Ketchum 330-488-0462, Email:                     

Appalachian Unit of West Virginia                                            Mid East Michigan Unit
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert FG, Van Wert, OH                      May 12-15   Rally, McCurdy’s Orchard, 3840 Hunters Creek Rd.,
                                                                                         Metamora, take I-69 to Exit 163, Lake Pleasant Rd., go S
Auglaize Valley Ohio Unit                                                                on Lake Pleasant 1 1/4 mi. to Hunter’s Creek Rd., go W 1
                                                                                         1/4 mi. to 3840 Hunter’s Creek, Please call ahead, Early
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert FG, Van Wert, OH, Kirk Taylor                     parking available on Thursday, Ray Kohr 561-512-5855 or
              419-235-2972, Email:                                  989-656-2221 / Ed McCurdy 810-724-0841
Jun 9-12      Joint Rally w/Mohican Valley OH Unit, FG, Wooster, OH,         Jun 16-19   Rally TBA, Ray Kohr 561-512-5855
              Kirk Taylor 419-235-2972, Email:
                                                                             Mohican Valley Ohio Unit
Cincinnati Ohio Unit
                                                                             May 12      Luncheon 11:30 AM, Old Warehouse, 320 W Center St.,
Jun 2-5       Buddy/Youth Rally, 4-H FG, Brookville, IN, John Turner                     Marion, OH, Norma Gantt 740-389-1810, Email: rdgnmg@
              586-567-6634, Email:                         
                                                                             May 17-22   Region 4 Rally, Picnic at Ault’s trailer TBA, Van Wert, OH,
Cleveland Ohio Unit -                                            Audrey Ault 419-468-6537, Email:
May 9-13      Region 4 Computer Rally, Van Wert, OH                          Jun 9-12    Joint/Buddy Rally w/Auglaize Valley OH Unit, Wayne Cty
May 13-15     Rally, Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, OH, Todd LeVeck,                     FG, 199 Vanover St., Wooster, OH, Audrey Ault 419-468-
              Email:                                                   6537, Email:
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert, OH                                   Jun 16      Luncheon Buffet 11:30 AM, Pizza Hut, 820 Harding Way
Jun 8-12      Spirit of Cleveland National Rally, Burke Lakefront Airport,               West, Galion, OH, Marty Weithman 419-468-5004, Email:
              1501 N. Marginal Rd., Cleveland, OH, Tom Christopher             
              Email: / Bill Johnjulio 814-484-        Jun TBA     Caravan to International Rally, Du Quoin, IL, Ron Ault 419-
              7221                                                                       468-6537, Email:

Columbus Ohio Unit                                                           Northern Ohio Virtual Airstream
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Unit Breakfast TBA, Van Wert, OH     
Jun TBA       Unit Breakfast, International Convention/Rally, Du Quoin, IL

Land-O-Lakes of Ohio Unit
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert, OH John Turner 586-739-0225,

 Jun 3-5
              Rally, Dick Kreuter’s Farm, from S, go N on Rt. 60 to                      Region 5 Activities
              Fairview Rd., turn L, 2nd house on R or from S on Rt. 60,
              turn R on Fairview Rd., 2nd house on R, Guy Porter 304-        Region 5 Website:
              550-6336 or 304-550-0092, Email:          Jun 29      Region 5 Luncheon Noon, Second Heat Bldg., Du Quoin
                                                                                         FG, Du Quoin, IL
Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit -                               Sep 11-13   Region 5 Computer Rally, Hendricks Cty 4-H FG, Danville,
May 9-13      Region 4 Computer Rally, Van Wert Cty FG, 1055 S                           IN
              Washington St., Van Wert, OH, I-76 W to I-71 S, Exit 176,
                                                                             Sep 14-18   Region 5 Rally “On the Road Again,” Hendricks Cty 4-H
              travel US 30 W for 121.3 mi., then turn L onto US 27 (US
                                                                                         FG, Danville, IN
              224) for 2.2 mi.
May 17-22     Region 4 Rally, Van Wert Cty FG, 1055 S Washington St.,
              Van Wert, OH, I-76 W to I-71 S, Exit 176, travel US 30 W
              for 121.3 mi., then turn L onto US 27 (US 224) for 2.2 mi.,
              Jim Harris 440-942-2067, Email:

                                                                                                                   Blue Beret/May 2011             51
Event Schedule
Central Indiana Unit -                                2nd Mon
May 12-15      Joint Rally w/Southern IN Unit, Odon City Park, Odon,           ea mo       Dinner 6 PM, TBA, Montgomery, AL, call for directions,
               IN, S Spring St., Mike Brown 317-877-1745, Email:                           Paul Aehnlich 334-277-9647, Email:
Jun 9-12       Youth/Buddy Rally, Free Spirit CG, 4140 Erie Church             Arkansas Razorback Unit
               Rd., Bedford, IN, Karen Bell cell 317-418-2529, Email:          1st Thur
                                                   bi-mo       Starting Feb-Luncheon 11:30 AM, David Gulley 501-851-
Illinois Lincolnland Unit -
Jun 3-6        Canal Walk, Geneseo CG, Geneseo, IL, CG is 3 mi. N of           East Tennessee Unit
               Geneseo on Rt. 82, E side of road, Jeff Elliott 815-673-        May 13-15   Unit Business Rally, Smoky Bear CG, Gatlinburg, TN,
               3373, Email:                                                 directions at: , Terry
                                                                                           Moore 423-479-2017, Email:
Indiana Unit                                                                   Jun 10-12   Rally, Misty River CG, Walland, TN, 5050 Old Walland
1st Mon ea mo                                                                              Hwy., Brent Latham 865-389-5855, Email: bclatham@
except Dec     Dinner 5:00 PM, Ryan’s Rest., Anderson, IN, 6315                  
               Scatterfield Rd., Jct. of I-69 at Exit 26, S, Rest. on W side
               of Scatterfield Rd., Bob Green 765-644-5289                     Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit
1st Thur ea mo                                                                 May 10-15   Canton Arts & Craft Special Event Rally, Canton, MS,
except Dec     Luncheon 11:30 AM, Golden Corral, 4747 Lima Rd., Ft.                        Selma Evans 504-682-3002, Email:
               Wayne, IN, Exit I-69 at Exit 111A onto Lima Rd., go SE a        May 21      Luncheon & Street Car Ride Noon, ride the street car then
               short distance on R, Fred Bennett 260-244-4507                              have picnic in park, New Orleans, LA, Charles Bourgeois
                                                                                           225-664-6460, Email:
Kentucky Unit -
Jan-Nov                                                                        Louisiana Unit
1st Tues                                                                       1st Sat
 ea mo         Luncheon/Dinner, TBA see newsletter, Richard Lewis 502-         ea mo       Luncheon Noon, alternates between Covington and
               452-6507, Email:                                         Denham Springs, call for location & directions, Dale
                                                                                           Spillman 225-753-9546, Email:
May 5-8        KY Derby Reunion, Good Ole Days CG, Midway, KY, 544
               Old Frankfort Pike, Larry Spaulding 859-653-1936, Email:        May TBA     TBA, Gerry Peltier 504-737-2610, Email: biggyiggys@aol.
Jun 2-5        Buddy Rally, Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park, Hwy.     Jun TBA     TBA, Gerry Peltier 504-737-2610, Email: biggyiggys@aol.
               68, Mt. Olivet, KY, Larry Spaulding 859-653-1936, Email:                    com
                                                                               Louisiana Acadiana Unit
Northern Illinois Unit -                     May 12-15   Rally, Lagneaux’s “Bingo Ranch” CG, Lafayette, LA, from
May 20-22      Rally, Lee Cty 4-H FG, Amboy, IL, Jim Matkovich 708-567-                    I-10 Exit 97 at KOA, go S on LA 93 (doglegs to R 3/4 mi.)
               4686, Email:                                            at caution light, L S on LA 724 (Fieldspan Rd.) 4 mi. to sign
Jun 22-27      Caravan to International Convention/Rally, Jim Matkovich                    on L, Ralph Bernard 318-346-4692, Email: ebbunkie2@
               708-567-4686, Email:                          

Southern Illinois Unit -                     Memphis Tennessee Unit
May 13-15      Virtual Caravan, North Sandusky CG, Fitzgerrell State           May 13-15   Business Meeting Rally, Columbus Belmont State Park,
               Park, Rend Lake, I-57 Exit 77, then IL-154 W to Fitzgerrall                 Columbus, KY, from Memphis take US 51 N at 76 mi.
               Park Dr., website:                           to Dyersburg - turn L at Lake Rd., take ramp to I-155 E/
               recreation/campingns.htm, Steve Mentz 314-603-3006,                         US 412 E, follow I-155 E, continue onto TN 3/US 51 N
               Email:                                                      for about 30 mi., turn L to stay on TN 3 N/US 51 N at 3
Jun 10-12      Buddy Rally/Virtual Caravan, Perry Cty FG, Pickneyville,                    mi., turn L at TN 21 E/N Clover St., go 4 mi., continue
               IL, IL-13E & IL-154W, SW side of town, http://www.                          on KY 239 N about 10 mi., turn R at KY 123 S, go about
     , Gordon White 618-319-0523,                      2.2 mi., turn L at KY 58 W & go about 9 mi., slight R at E
               Email:                                                   Hoover Parkway, turn L at Cheathem St. go about 0.3 mi.
                                                                                           continuing onto Carrington St. following signs to park, Fred
Southern Indiana Unit -                                          Kern 901-853-2068, Email:
1st Thur                                                                       Jun 10-12   Rally, Hernando Point, Hernando, MS, take I-55 (MS) to
ea mo          Dinner 5:30 PM, Sirloin Stockade, Evansville, IN, Shirley                   Exit 271/MS 306 W, turn R onto Hwy. 51 N - go 3 mi., turn
               Clodfelter 812-626-0696                                                     L at Wheeler Rd., go about 5 mi. & follow signs to CG, Carl
                                                                                           Pulley 662-393-3672
May 12-15      Joint Rally w/Central IN Unit, Odon City Park, Odon, IN,
               Bill Schrader 812-275-1955, Email:           Mississippi Unit
                                                                               1st Tue
                                                                               ea mo       Luncheon 11:30 AM, will be notified by email or phone,
                                                                                           Evelyn Hitt 601-992-1405, Email: hittman1955@bellsouth.

               Region 6 Activities                                                         net - North MS members TBA, contact: Ethel Grisham 662-
May 9-14       Special Event Rally, Canton Arts & Crafts Festival, Canton,     May 9-14    Canton Arts & Crafts Special Event Rally, Multipurpose
               MS                                                                          Complex, Canton, MS, I-55N to Exit 119 at SR 22, W 1/2
Oct 6-10       Storytelling Special Event Rally, Gray, TN                                  mi. on SR 22 to Watford Parkway, take L 0.6 mi. on L,
Oct 26-29      Region 6 Rally, Lee Cty Agri-Center, Tupelo, MS                             Evelyn Hitt 601-992-1405, Harriette Warren 601-942-3085

Alabama Unit                                                                   Nashville Music City Tennessee Unit
2nd Sat                                                                        May 19-22   Rally, Canal CG on Land Between the Lake, off I-24 W
ea mo          Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Ruth Hollingsworth 205-345-                         near Grand Rivers Exit, S on the Trace, follow signs, Don
               6077                                                                        Gordon 731-456-2298, Phil Gordon 731-456-2884

52               Blue Beret/May 2011
Event Schedule
Pensacola Florida Unit                                                       Iowa Unit -
May 19-22     Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 591 Mystic Springs Rd.,       Nov-Apr
              McDavid, FL, GPS Coordinates for the Park, 30 degrees          1st Thurs
              51.141 N, 87 degrees 18.784 W, Park Host 850-256-3280,         ea mo          Luncheon - Meet at 11:45 AM Eat at Noon, Golden Corral,
              Email:                                               1868 North Power Rd., Mesa, AZ, Doris Jean Cabalka 480-
Jun 16-19     Mystic Olympics Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 591                          216-8096
              Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, GPS Coordinates for the
              Park, 30 degrees 51.141 N, 87 degrees 18.784 W, Park           May 12-15      Buddy Rally, Madison Cty FG, Winterset, IA, 1/2 mi. E of
              Host 850-256-3280, Email:                            junction US Hwy. 169 & IA Hwy. 92, W side of Winterset,
                                                                                            Charles Cabalka 480-216-8096

                                                                             Kansas City Missouri Unit -
                                                                             May 1-4        Mini Caravan from Amana to Rally site
             Region 7 Activities                                             May 5-7        Rally, Rutlader’s Outpost RV Park, Louisburg, KS, 33565
                                                                                            Metcalf Rd., Henry Roberts 785-229-2580 (cell)
                                                                             Jun 4          Luncheon 11 AM, Hometown Buffet, 13720 E. 40 Hwy.
Region 7 Website:                                                  (Noland Rd. & 40 Hwy.), Independence, MO, Gary Ball
Jun 30        Region 7 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Tuscany Grill, 1664 South
              Washington, Du Quoin, IL, Linda Agre Ph. 320-295-1117,         Missouri Delta Unit
Jul 24-29     Region 7 Rally “Wings, Rails & End Zones,” Apple Creek         May 20-22      Rally, Old Greenville COE Park, Greenville, MO, 1 mi. S of
              CG, De Pere, WI                                                               Greenville, MO near bridge over St. Francis River, Ruby
                                                                                            Shoemake 573-856-4973, Email:
Minnesota Unit -
                                                                             Missouri Greater Ozark Unit -
May 20-22     Mystery TBA, Jim Costello 651-483-6989, Email:       
May 24-25     Fishing Rally. Jim Costello 651-483-6989, Email:               May 19-22      Fishing Rally, Paradise Valley RV Park, Roaring River State
                                                           Park, Cassville, MO, Lloyd Bruce 417-833-9412, Email:
Jun 18-28     Slow Caravan to International Convention/Rally TBA, Lorie           
              Costello 651-483-6989
                                                                             Nebraska Unit -
North Dakota Peace Garden Unit                                               2nd Mon
May 14        Luncheon Noon, TBA, Bismarck, ND, Laverne Zink 701-            ea mo          Luncheon Noon, Old Country Buffet, 144th & 14525 West
              255-3169, Email:                                          Center Rd., Omaha, NE, Dwight Olson 402-490-6431,
Jun 9-12      Rally, Red River Valley FG, West Fargo, ND, I-94 Exit 343                     Email:
              in West Fargo, Laverne Zink 701-255-3169, Email: vern.
                                                     May 1-3        Caravan from Region 8 Rally, Amana, IA to Omaha, NE via
                                                                                            Pella, IA, Dwight Olson 402-490-6431
Wisconsin Unit -                                       Jun 23-28      Caravan to International Convention/Rally - Nebraska to Du
                                                                                            Quoin, IL, Leaders: Bob & Sue Heist 712-304-1843
May 18-22     Rally, Sweet Minihaha CG, N4697 Cty Rd. E, Brodhead,
              WI, from Brodhead, WI, take Cty Rd. E 5 mi. W to CG on         North Iowa Unit
              L, John Sellers 937-478-7267, Email:
                                                                             Jun 2-5        All Aboard the NI Express Buddy Rally, Wilder Park, Allison,
                                                                                            IA, Dave Shaw 515-334-4379, Email: theshaws1@gmail.
                                                                                            com / Ted Holmen 507-282-9103, Email: tedh1031@

             Region 8 Activities
Region 8 Website:
Apr 27-May 1 Region 8 Rally “Springtime in Amana, Amana RV Park,
             Amana, IA, June Ryan, Email:
                                                                                            Region 9 Activities
Jun 29       Region 8 Breakfast 7:30 AM, Illinois State FG, Heat 2           Region 9 Website:
             dining room, Du Quoin, IL, Fred Steurer, Email: steurerf@       May 12-16      National TX Vintage Rally, Tres Rios River Ranch, Glen
                                                                        Rose, TX
Greater St. Louis Missouri Unit -                   East Texas Lakes Unit
May 1-3       Unit Caravan, will leave Region 8 site May 1st to St. Louis,   starting Jan
              Leader: Ed Knernschield 573-480-5441, Email: ehk9559@          ea mo          Luncheon Noon, call for location, Alonzo Sosa 956-793-
                                                                           3151, Email:
May 19-22     Our French Heritage Rally, Perryville CG, St. Genevieve,
              MO, Hwy. I-55 S of St. Louis to Exit 129, turn R then N on
              outer road to 300 Lake Dr. on R                                Heart of Texas Camping Unit -
Greater Wichita Kansas Unit -                                                TBA            Monthly Activities TBA, please visit our website
May 20-23     Rally, Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Manhattan, KS, Lee Cantrell     North Texas Unit -
              785-468-3579, Email:                      2nd Sat
Jun TBA       Sunflowers to Du Quoin for International Convention/Rally,     ea mo          Luncheon 11:30 AM, Spring Creek BBQ, 3608 S. Cooper
              Robert Brown 785-823-7952, Email:                             St., Arlington, TX, 1 mi. N of I-20 W side of Cooper, June
                                                                                            Gravley 817-793-0943, Email:

                                                                                            Please note correction:

                                                                                                                     Blue Beret/May 2011             53
Event Schedule
May 19-21     Joint Rally w/Texas Unit, Procter Lake, Corp of Engineers,   Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit
              8 mi. NE of Comanche off US 67, 97 mi. SW of Ft. Worth,
              TX, Melinda Wasson, TX Unit, 830-895-2521, Email:  
    , June Gravley 817-793-0943, Email:          May 19-23     Rally, Rosthern, Saskatchewan, N of Saskatoon, SK, Ted
                                                            Dumont 306-249-1792, Email:

Texas Unit                                                                 British Columbia Unit -
1st Thur                                                                   May 11-18     Sheridan Lake Fishing Derby Rally, Loon Bay Resort, 100
ea mo         Luncheon 11 AM, location TBA, Kerrville, TX, Frank Murray                  Mile House, BC, Bob Halliwell, Email: halliwell4840@telus.
              830-367-2360, Email: (reservations are                    net
              not necessary)                                               May 19-Jun 27 Northern Lights & Legends Caravan, BC, Gene Van
                                                                                         Iderstine, Email: / Doug McGill
May 20-22     Joint Rally w/North TX Unit, Proctor Lake, Corp of               
              Engineers Park, 2180 FM 2861, Comanche, TX, Melinda
              Wasson 830-895-2521, Email:
                                                                           Idaho Unit -
                                                                           2nd Sat
Texas Alamo Unit -                             ea mo         Breakfast 8:00 AM, Golden Corral, 8460 W. Emerald St.,
1st Sat                                                                                  Boise, ID, Bill Grange 208-327-1238
ea mo         Dinner 5 PM, Las Carrelas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San
              Antonio, TX, Paul Zappe 210-260-8081, Email: zappiii@        May 20-23     Mystery Rally, Duyane Canada 208-921-2860, Email:
                                                                           Jun 17-20     Rally, Castle Rock State Park, Almo/Oakley, ID, Earl Brace
May 26-29     TBA, Linda Knezek 361-571-3140                                             208-376-0305, Email:

Texas Coastal Plains Unit -                       Montana Unit -
May 26-30     Rally, McKinney Falls State Park, 5808 McKinney Falls        Jun 1-6       Rally, TBA, Red Lodge, MT
              Parkway, Austin, TX, Email:
                                                                           North Cascade Washington Unit
Texas Gulf Coast Unit -
May 12-15     Wellness Plus Extras Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor,
              located 5 mi NE of Zavalla, TX on Hwy 147, Phil Lanasa       May 19-22     Rally, (limited to 12 RVs), Jim Creek Recreation Area,
              940-642-6418, Email:                                  21027 Jim Creek Rd., Arlington, WA, from I-5 take Exit
Jun 9-12      Free Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi NE of                     208 (Arlington), go E on SR 530 through Arlington towards
              Zavalla, TX on Hwy 147, Phil Lanasa 940-642-6418, Email:                   Darrington for 7.5 mi., 1/2 mi. past mile marker 25, turn
                                                           R on Jim Creek Rd. (266th St. NE), you will pass Trafton
                                                                                         Store & Gas Station on L just before coming to Jim Creek
                                                                                         Rd. on R, follow Jim Creek Rd. approx. 7 mi. and to the
Texas Highland Lakes Unit                                                                end front gate Naval Radio Station Jim Creek, Bruce Rohm                                                             360-240-1309, Email:
1 Tue ea mo   Luncheon 12:45 PM, Luby’s Café., 5200 Brodie Lane,
              Austin, TX, Harvey Craig 512-633-0380, Email: eharv@         Oregon Unit -
                                                          1st Sat ea mo Breakfast, Marie Callendars Rest., 16261 NW Cornell
                                                                                         Rd., Beaverton, OR, Gene Parker 503-538-7172, Email:
May 12-16     TX Vintage Airstream Rally, Tres Rios RV Resort, Glen            
              Rose, TX, 2322 CR 312, Harvey Craig 512-633-0380,
              Email:                                         May 13-15     Rally, Tumalo State Park, Bend, OR, Mike Rogers 503-624-
Jun TBA       Caravan TBA from Austin, TX to Du Quoin, IL, Harvey                        2657, Email:
              Craig 512-633-0380, Email:                     Jun 17-19     South Beach Campout at the Beach, Newport, OR, Brad
                                                                                         Taylor, Email:
Texas Hill Country Unit -                           Jun 18-Jul 17 Sampling Oregon Caravan, Walt Weber 503-625-3688,
Texas Plains Unit                                                          Washington Unit
except May, Aug & Dec                                            
1st Sat ea mo Luncheon 11:30 AM, Furr’s Family Dining, 6001 Slide
              Rd., Lubbock, TX, James Durham 806-745-9564, Email:          May 6-8       Crab Feed Rally, WA Land Yacht Harbor, 9101 Steilacoom
                                                               Rd., Olympia, WA, Exit 111 off I-5, S approx. 2 mi., L
ea Thur       Balloon Volleyball Games 1 PM, (meal follows at various                    on Steilacoom Rd., Don Lisius 360-456-0677, Email:
              locations) 2001 19th St., Lubbock, TX, Sam Spence 806-           
              785-7785                                                     May 8-20      Fishing Caravan, Eastern WA Lakes, meet at WA Land
except Thanksgiving                                                                      Yacht Harbor, 9101 Steilacoom Rd., Olympia, WA and
& Christmas                                                                              caravan to Eastern WA Lakes, Judy Medford 360-491-
ea Thur       Dinner 5 PM, Home Plate Diner, 5600 S. Bell, Amarillo, TX,                 4229, Email:
              Don Goforth 806-356-0077, Email:

May 12-15     Rally, Yoakum Cty State Park, State Rd. 214, 7 mi. N of
              Denver City, TX, Ellene Osburn 806-829-2165, Email:
                                                                                        Region 11 Activities
                                                                           Region 11 Website:

              Region 10 Activities                                         Jun TBA       Region 11 Annual Board Meeting TBA, International
                                                                                         Convention/Rally, Du Quoin, IL
                                                                           Aug 18-23     Santa Fe Experience Special Event Rally, Santa Fe, NM
Region 10 Website:                                         Sep 23-27     47th National Antelope Rally, Heward Ranch, Medicine
No Region 10 Rally in 2011 will be back in 2012                                          Bow, WY
                                                                           No Region 11 Rally in 2011 will be back in 2012

54             Blue Beret/May 2011
Event Schedule
Arizona Unit -                                     May 12-15   Rally, Hitch-n-Post RV Park, Kanab, UT, Carrol Noonan
May 19-22     Rally, Mormon Lake Lodge & RV Park, 1 Main St., Mormon                    702-221-0564, Email:
              Lake, AZ, Email: or 520-876-2506           Jun 16-19   Huck Finn Bluegrass Rally, Mojave Narrows Regional
                                                                                        Park, Victorville, CA, David Stahlhut 702-838-4838, Email:
Denver Colorado Unit -
May 13-15     Maintenance Rally, Lakeside KOA, 1910 N. Taft Hill Rd., Ft.   Northern California Unit -
              Collins, CO, Rob Davis 303-733-2044, Email: maxwell@
                                              May 4-8     Rally, Edgewater RV Park, Kelseyville, CA, Hedda
Jun 10-12     Rally, Mountaindale RV Resort, 2000 Barrett Rd., Colorado                 Smithson 916-961-7214, Email:
              Springs, CO, Roger Pruter 719-475-8899, Email: pruter7@       Jun 2-6     Rally, Sequoia RV Park, Three Rivers, CA, Hedda
                                                                       Smithson 916-961-7214, Email:
                                                                            Jun 7-26    Tag-a-long Caravan to Du Quoin, IL, Tom Smithson 916-
                                                                                        961-7214, Email:
Four Corners Unit of New Mexico -                                                San Diego California Unit -
Jun 9-12      Trailer Restoration Rally, Enchanted Trails RV Park,          May 13-15   Rally, Boodocking, Crocker Goat Ranch, 35124 Hwy. 79,
              Albuquerque, NM, I-40 W of Albuquerque via Del Cerro                      Warner Springs, CA, Bill Wright 760-828-2042, Email:
              Exit, Ken Johansen Email:                 
                                                                            Jun 11      Unit Picnic, the Wrights, 642 Windmill Ranch Rd.,
New Mexico Unit -                                            Encinitas, CA, Bill Wright 760-828-2042, Email: wrightw@
Jun 2-5       Rally, Paliza CG, 3 mi. E of Ponderosa, NM, N of
              Albuquerque, NM on NM Hwy. 4, Tom Stallings 505-298-
              8355 / Bruce Gaither 505-281-0941                             San Fernando Valley California Unit
                                                                            May 13-15   Rally, Ventura Ranch KOA, Santa Paula, CA, Bobbi
Utah Unit -                                                       Kingsland 949-689-4378 Cell, Email: vbwkngslnd@yahoo.
May 5-8       Rally, Shooting Star Airstream Resort, Escalante, UT,         Jun TBA     Unit Luncheon TBA, West Hills, CA, Bobbi Kingsland 949-
              Michael Glenn 801-406-9876, Email:                      689-4378 Cell, Email:
Jun 10-13     Basque Festival Rally, Winnemucca, NV, Michael Glenn
              801-406-9876, Email:
                                                                            San Joaquin California Unit -
Wyoming Unit -                                     May 12-16   Buddy Rally, Vineyard RV Park, Vacaville, CA, Cecelia
                                                                                        Stansbury, Email:
May 8         Work Day 10 AM, Antelope Rally Site, Medicine Bow, WY,        Jun 2-6     Rally, Flag City RV Resort, Lodi, CA, Exit I-5 at Hwy. 12 &
              Patrick Foley 307-637-2866, Email:                       follow signs to park, Nancy Harrington, Email: scottie148@
Jun 10-12     Rally, Curt Gowdy State Park, Cheyenne, WY, Patrick             
              Foley 307-637-2866, Email:
                                                                            Santa Clara California Unit -
                                                                            May 12-16   Buddy Rally/Joint w/Golden West CA, San Joaquin CA
                                                                                        Units, 4985 Midway Rd., Vacaville, CA, Robert Stansbury
                                                                                        925-200-4360, Email:
            Region 12 Activities                                            Jun 2-6     Joint Rally w/Golden West CA & San Joaquin CA Units,
                                                                                        Flag City RV Resort, 6120 W. Banner St., Lodi, CA, Dale
Region 12 Website:                                            Harrington 925-944-1685, Email: Scottie148@sbcglobal.
Oct 13-17    Region 12 Rally, Jackson, CA
Dec 28, 2011
Jan 1, 2012  Rose Parade Special Event Rally, Pasadena, CA
                                                                            Sierra Nevada Unit -
                                                                            May 19-22   Rally, BLM CG, Ft. Sage, near Doyle, CA, off US
Central Coast California Unit -                                                         395 N, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, Email: hq@
                                                                                                                             Jun 23-26   Rally (Ham Radio Field Day), Sweetwater Summit, off Hwy.
May 13-15     Rally TBA, Roxanne Gross 805-531-1042, Email:                             338 between Smith, NV & Bridgeport, CA, Diane Leipper,
                                                      775-972-5011, Email:

El Camino Real California Unit -                        South Coast California Unit -
                                                                            May 6-8     Rally, Pechanga RV Park, Temecula, CA, Robert Smith
May 11-15     Rally, Carmel by the River, Carmel, CA, Pat Gunter 559-                   714-639-8596, Email:
              903-3950, Email: / Dede Fairbanks          Jun 3-5     Rally, Chula Vista RV Resort, Chula Vista, CA, Robert
              760-533-1116                                                              Smith 714-639-8596, Email:

Golden West California Unit -
May 12-16     Buddy Rally, Vineyard RV Park, 4985 Midway Rd.,
              Vacaville, Bob Stansbury
Jun 2-6       Rally, Flag City RV Resort, 6120 W. Banner St., Lodi, CA,                          REMEMBER...
              Nancy Harrington, Email:
                                                                                              The next time you see
Long Beach California Unit -                                            an Airstream without
May 19-23     Rally, Lake Elsinore Marina Resort, Lake Elsinore, CA
                                                                                               numbers, introduce
Nevada Unit -                                                                them to
1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Marie Callender’s Rest., 4800 Eastern
              Ave., Las Vegas, NV, NE corner of Eastern Ave. &
                                                                                                   W B C C I.
              Tropicana Ave., Myrna Austin 702-870-0037                                        (MembershipApplication
                                                                                                 on the back cover.)

                                                                                                                 Blue Beret/May 2011            55
              PERMANENT ADDRESS CHANGE                                                           WBCCI NUMBERS & DECALS

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      E-Mail: Deb Sailor, Member Services,
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                                                                                                                          Blue Beret/May 2011             57
                                       2011 WBCCI National Caravans
2011                                                                             N-40-F NOR’ X NOR’ EAST                                     7/8-8/30/2011
N-40-A SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR                                               START: WA CTY. FG, RICHMOND, RI STOP: CORNWALL, PEI, CAN
                                  10/4-11/12/2011                                Come travel with us as we spend 54 days exploring the beauty of New
                                                                                 England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Stops are scheduled in
                                                                                 Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and the Boston area. Then it is on to Booth-
If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the
                                                                                 bay and Ellsworth, Maine near Acadia National Park. We then cross into
United States, this is the caravan for you. We will visit an historic US Life-
                                                                                 Canada. The first stop is Campobello Island, summer home of President
saving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat
                                                                                 Roosevelt. We will then travel to St. John, NB, home of the 40 ft. tides.
seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit
                                                                                 Experience Moncton, NB’s tidal bore and the Flower Pots. While in Wind-
countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood, and see the
                                                                                 sor, NS, you will have an opportunity to visit Kentville and Hall’s Harbour.
sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we are going to eat
                                                                                 We will visit the Digby, NS, area - famous for their scallops. Other desti-
seafood? We will also attend graduation ceremonies at the US Marine
                                                                                 nations include Lunenburg, Halifax, Antigonish, Louisbourg, Baddeck, and
Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan will travel about six
                                                                                 Cape Breton, where you will have an opportunity to drive the Cabot Trail.
weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park (south of Rehoboth
                                                                                 Lastly, it is on to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables,
Beach) and traveling (eating) through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North
                                                                                 and the Anne of Green Gables musical. This trip offers many “Kodak
Carolina, South Carolina, and ending at the Georgia sea islands. The
                                                                                 moments” and several great golfing opportunities. Kitty fee includes
kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many meals, boat, car-
                                                                                 camping, many tours, meals, ice cream socials, and a final banquet. Most
riage and bus tours, museum admissions and much more! Leaders: Ron
                                                                                 stops are in campgrounds or fairgrounds with hookups, but there are two
& Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Phone: 623-974-4762, Email: car9@
                                                                                 stops with limited electricity. Leader: David Levinson WBCCI #802, Phone:, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave., Souix Falls, SD 57106,
                                                                                 845-562-0091 Cell 914-213-5333, Email:, Address: 35
Kitty Fee w/2 $3,500.00 est.; Kitty Fee w/1 $2,900.00 est.; Guest: TBD;
                                                                                 Stony Run Rd., Newburgh, NY 12550, Co-Leader: Gary Levinson, Total
Deposit: $250.00; Cancellation: $50 before 4/1/2011, Leaders discretion
                                                                                 Nights: 54, Number of Stops: 16, Kitty Fee w/2 Est. $3975.00; Kitty Fee
after, Max RVs - 20
                                                                                 w/1 Est. $3125.00; Guest: Est. $900.00; Deposit: $200.00; Cancellation:
                                                                                 $50 before 4/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Min RVs - 16; Max RVs - 25
N-40-C THE VIKING TRAIL                   7/8-9/4/2011
The 2011 “Viking Trail Caravan” will travel quickly through New Brunswick
                                                                                 N-40-G TASTE OF CAROLINA - HEARTLAND 5/5-24/2011
and Nova Scotia to Newfoundland/Labrador spending 53 of 59 days in the           START: SALISBURY, NC        STOP: REIDSVILLE, NC
Province of Newfoundland/Labrador. This caravan highlights the history           The central “Piedmont” sections of North Carolina is rich in history, loaded
of the Province and provides an opportunity to meet and experience the           with culture, busy with business, and has lots of great food. Join us as we
warm hospitality of the wonderful people who live on Newfoundland. We            time-travel from the early settlers to the first American gold rush to the era
will spend overnight at the Woody Island Resort, so bring an overnight           of steam railroads to the opulence of the early 1900s to today’s NASCAR.
grip. Here we will experience the way of living in Newfoundland prior to         There will be a wine festival, an historic Moravian Village, a major railroad
1960 when the Canadian government transported all Newfoundlanders                yard and transportation museum, a visit to Mayberry, a major NASCAR
to the mainland, so they could provide medical and educational service.          track, and lots of other things in between. Leaders: Jamie & Susan King
While visiting Newfoundland/Labrador we will enjoy many activities, such         WBCCI #7018, Address: PO Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571, Phone: 252-
as whale watching in the north sea, attending a playhouse in Stephen-            249-1549 Cell 252-670-8440 and/or 252-514-7497, Email:,
ville, visit Saint Johns the oldest city in North America (bus tour), and        Total Nights: 20, Number of Stops: 5, Kitty Fee w/2 Est $1800.00; Kitty
travel throughout the many peninsulas of Newfoundland. Included in the           Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250 with registration, Cancellation:
kitty fee are more than 30 paid activities, more campsites with electric         $200 before 2/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 20
(caravanners request) than ever before, boat tours, bus tours, cookouts,
dinners, entertainment and all ferry cost to and from Newfoundland. Lead-
ers: Al & Gracie Buchanan WBCCI #800, Phone: 321-728-2789 Cell                   N-40-M FLY DRIVE ALASKA                              5/24-6/7/2011
321-243-2789, Email:, Address: 766 Floyd            START: ANCHORAGE, AK                        STOP: ANCHORAGE, AK
Bennett Dr., Melbourne, FL 32901 and Leaders: Marion & Carol Pember              You will fly to Anchorage AK, rent a class C Motorhome, tour for 14
WBCCI #4634, Kitty Fee w/2 $4,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $3,900.00; Guest:            days, then fly home. We will go to Seward, Homer, Palmer, Denali Park,
TBD; Deposit: $250.00; Cancellation: $50 before 4/15/2011, Leaders               Talkeetna, and back to Anchorage. Your kitty fee will include campsites,
discretion after, Max RVs - 30                                                   boat trip, musk ox farm, Iditarod headquarters, dinner theatre, bus ride
                                                                                 into Denali park, several meals, plus our final banquet at the beautiful
                                                                                 Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. Note: We will also make arrangements if you
N-40-E THE NORTHERN EXPERIENCE          7/6-8/6/2011                             want to come two days early and tour Anchorage. You will be on your own
START: SIOUX FALLS, SD STOP: WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA                                and it is not part of the Caravan. There is a lot to see and do in Anchor-
Rendezvous in South Dakota and travel North above the 53rd parallel in           age. KITTY FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR FARE OR MOTORHOME
Manitoba to enjoy Up North in the summer blooming season. See and                RENTAL. Leaders: John & Thelda Guy WBCCI #24905, Address: 565
hear Beluga Whales with calves in their summer range of the Churchill            Bonum Rd., Clover, SC 29710, Phone: 803-831-1276 Cell 704-560-3075,
River at Hudson Bay in Churchill, MB. The Beluga Whales, often called            Email:, Total Nights: 14, Number of Stops: 5, Kitty
the “White Whale” or the “Sea Canary,” are part of the bountiful Western         Fee w/2 $1,500.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $1,000.00; Guest: $700.00; Deposit:
Hudson Bay population, which are both healthy and approachable. Your             $200.00, Balance Due: 1/15/2011, Cancellation: $50 before 1/15/2011,
visit Up North will give you the opportunity to experience the tundra in         Leaders discretion after, Min RVs - 15, Max RVs - 18
full spring bloom, view several unique species of birds and who knows,
we may also see a polar bear. The entire journey from rendezvous to
Churchill permits us to transition from midsummer back to spring and then        N-40-N WATCH IT MADE IN THE USA EST 8/31-10/9/2011
to very early spring Up North shortly after the ice leaves the lakes and         START: WAPAKONETA, OH       STOP: MILWAUKEE, WI
Hudson Bay. Join us to enjoy the Up North culture above the 53rd parallel        The “Watch It Made In The U.S.A.” caravan is the start of a journey that
for a Northern Experience. Leaders: Dave & Linda Andrzejewski WBCCI              gives tribute to the hard working men and women who have engineered
#811, Phone: 603-770-1609, Email:, Address: 196                and manufactured many of the products we use every day. We invite you
Rainbow Drive #9616, Livingston, TX 77399-1096, Total Nights: 31, Kitty          to travel along with us in the heartland of our country to satisfy a common
Fee w/2 $4800; Kitty Fee w/1 $3700; Guest: $1800; Deposit: $500.00;              curiosity of how products are made. America is a great country with hard
Cancellation: $100 plus Non-Refundable deposits before 11/15/2010,               working folks that engineer, design, and manufacture many of the world’s
Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 20                                           greatest products. Other countries often just copy what these fine Ameri-
                                                                                 cans do. We will tour factories to watch such things made as Airstream
                                                                                 Travel Trailers, John Deere Farm Tractors, Caterpillar Bull Dozers, Harley
                                                                                 Davidson Motorcycles, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Miller Beer, Eli’s Cheese-
                                                                                 cake, Spangler Candy, and many more. We will also visit factory historical

58               Blue Beret/May 2011
                              2011 - 2012 WBCCI National Caravans
sites and museums such as the National Truck and Auto Museum, Auburn-           river turns from a babbling brook in the tall pines to a mighty highway
Cord-Dusenberg Museum, and McDonald’s 1st Restaurant. The rendez-               of commerce. We will crisscross the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois,
vous point will be just a stone’s throw from where our beloved Airstreams       Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee as we enjoy the old river towns and
are manufactured. Then we will proceed for 40 days and 850 miles to Mil-        the modern cities that have played such an important part in the history of
waukee, WI. Along the route we will enjoy 10 different campgrounds with         our great country. There will be boat trips, bus & trolley tours, dinners and
full hookups and we will move approximately every 4 days for an average         entertainment including an evening with Mark Twain Himself. Join us for
of 85 miles per move. The final banquet will be a dinner celebration cruise     this great 30 day trek as we meander through countryside that provided
along the historic Milwaukee River. Each following year this caravan will be    Tom Sawyer and his friends their boyhood adventures. Leaders: Dave &
a unique tour with a new route to different factories and factory museums.      Linda Andrzejewski WBCCI #811, Ph: 603-770-1609, E-Mail: mrsa811@
There is limited space so sign up to reserve your place. Leaders: George, Address: 196 Rainbow Drive # 9616, Livingston, TX 77399-
& Sharon Hilton WBCCI #7009, Address: 1452 San Clemente Ct., Lady               1096, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD,
Lake, FL 32159, Phone: G 352-205-9928 or S 352-430-5834, E-Mail:                Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 plus non-refundable deposits before, Total Nights: 40, Number of Stops: 10, Kitty Fee           4/1/12, Leaders discretion after.
w/2 $3,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500.00, Cancel-
lation: $50.00 before May 1, 2011, Leaders discretion after, Max
RVs: 25
                                                                                N-41-C THE YELLOWHEAD AND MORE      7/8-8/26/2012
                                                                                START: WINNIPEG, MB, CAN STOP: QUESNEL, BC, CAN
N-40-0 DISCOVER ONTARIO CARAVAN                              7/7-31/2011        The Yellowhead and More caravan will be re-scouted during summer
Come along with us, see what Ontario has to offer for a fun filled time of      of 2011. The following is our plan: We will be travelling the Yellowhead
meeting new friends experience the magic of Shakespeare at the Stratford        Highway and will be cruising through the Inland Passage to Juneau (3

Theatre Festival, the thrill of sailing up the Niagara River to the Falls,
dining in North America’s tallest free standing structure, sailing among
                                                                                overnights) and Sitka (3 overnights). Our travel route will take us from the
                                                                                rendezvous in Winnipeg to Churchbridge, Saskatoon, Lloydminster, Dev-

the 30,000 islands, cruising on the Trent Canal and being lifted 65 feet on     on, Jasper, Prince George, Houston, Terrace and Prince Rupert where we

the world’s highest hydraulic lift lock in Peterborogh. Enjoy a meal 1840’s     will board the ferry for Alaska (9 days including stops). Then to Kitwanga,
style at Old Fort Henry. Kingston, visit the RCMP Musical Ride Facili-          Hyder (known for up-close bear watching), Fraser Lake and terminating in
ties on Ottawa, the Parliament Buildings and enjoy our final banquet at         Quesnel. We will see some of the best of western Canada and southeast

the stately Chateau Laurier. Leaders: Gordon & Elaine Morson WBCCI              Alaska. A major portion of the kitty fee will be for the ferry and accommo-
#3620, 22 Wilton Drive, Brampton, ON L6W 3A1, Phone: 905-459-2008,              dations in Juneau and Sitka, Alaska. Due to the ferry and stops in Alaska,
Email:, Kitty Fee: w/2: $2495.00; Kitty Fee w/1:           a large initial deposit will be required. Passports will be required to
$1900.00; Deposit $250.00, Cancellation: $50. before 4/1/2011.                  travel in Canada. Leaders: Bruce and Enid Paulk WBCCI #2175, Ph.
                                                                                925-864-1683 cell, Email:, Address: 108
                                                                                Rainbow Dr. #843, Livingston, TX 77399-1008, Assistant Leaders: George
                                                                                and Sharon Hilton #7009, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1:
                                                                                TBD, Guest: TBD, Deposit: TBA Approx. $2000.00, Cancellation: $100.00
2012                                                                            before 01/01/12. Leader’s discretion after.
           THE LEWIS & CLARK TRAIL   7/5-8/24/2012
                                                                                N-41-D THE CIVIL WAR - PART 2     TBD (SPRING 2012)
This is a new caravan that combines the first half of the Landmarks West
                                                                                                           30 DAYS FROM START DATE
Caravan with the Lewis & Clark Trail. This 50-day caravan will rendezvous       START: CHARLESTON, SC          STOP: NASHVILLE, TN
at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers (where Lewis &         We’ll rendezvous in Charleston, SC and tour Fort Sumter where the war
Clark did). We will follow their route up the Missouri River, across mountain   officially began. Also visit The Citadel and the Confederate submarine,
passes to the Snake and Columbia Rivers and on to Warrenton, OR (Fort           The Hunley. Then we’ll make our way through Georgia stopping in Savan-
Clatsop), the western terminus of their journey. The Corps of Discovery         nah and touring Forts McAllister, Pulaski and Jackson. The infamous
spent the very wet winter of 1805-1806 here. We, however, will enjoy sea-       prison at Andersonville, the National Civil War Naval Museum, and the
food and great weather on the Pacific Ocean. Our route will take us from        Civil War Locomotive Museum among other sights. Moving into Tennes-
St. Louis across Missouri, up through Iowa, the Dakotas, across Montana         see our caravan will explore Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, Stones
(including Glacier National Park), then drop down into Yellowstone Nation-      River, the town of Franklin and more. Throughout the caravan we will
al Park for a few days; cross into Idaho and over Lolo Pass to the Snake        enjoy the majesty of historic antebellum homes and plantations, authentic
and Columbia Rivers down to the Pacific Ocean. Besides Glacier and              Southern cuisine (some meals will be enjoyed in historic homes), lovely
Yellowstone National Parks, you will have the opportunity to explore and        national parks, lively entertainment, places of great scenic beauty, and
visit many, many interesting, informative and beautiful locations. Our focus    other memorable events not always tied to the 1860s. Leaders: Ed & Beth
will be on the adventures of Lewis & Clark, but we will also take in several    Jones WBCCI #1515, Ph. 703-780-6597, Email: Thunderhorse16@yahoo.
other landmarks as we experience the West. Entertainment, excursions,           com, Address: 4200 Ferry Landing Road, Alexandria, VA 22309-3063,
cookouts, picnics, meals and, of course, campgrounds are included in the        Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD, De-
Co-leaders: R.B. & Zelma Bernd #306, Ph. 360-459-4342 and Phil & Mar-           posit: $350.00, Cancellation: $50.00 before September 30, 2011, Leader’s
gie Glassey #5328, Ph. 206-605-2986 Email: Send             discretion after.
your registration and deposit of $250 to Phil Glassey, 9101-69 Steilacoom
Road SE, Olympia, WA 98513-6127. Kitty Fee Estimated: Kitty Fee w/2:
$3,900; w/1: $3,200; Guest: $700; Deposit: $250 Refund in full, less $50,
prior to January 1, 2012, at leaders discretion thereafter. Limit: 25 RVs       N-41-E THE WILDER WEST                                 9/3-10/5/2012
                                                                                START: RIO VISTA, CA                           STOP: LAS VEGAS, NV
                                                                                Fall is an ideal time to travel the back roads of eastern California and west-
                                                                                ern Nevada. The caravan will begin by exploring historic California delta
N - 41 - B THE GREAT RIVER ROAD      9/12-10/12/2012                            towns dating back to the gold rush, Old Town Sacramento and a tour of the
START: BEMIDJI, MN            STOP: W. MEMPHIS, AR                              California Railroad Museum. We will follow the gold rush into the heart of
The longest National Scenic Byway in the United States is the Great River       the Mother Lode, a series of towns that extends along the western slope
Road, which starts in Minnesota and begins at the headwaters of the great       of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We will cross the Sierras over a scenic
Mississippi River in Itasca State Park. Come with us for an opportunity to      mountain pass. Then, on to a South Lake Tahoe where we will experience
explore the many scenic, historic and recreational attractions along the        the 21st century “gold rush” and enjoy a boat tour on the lake. Later, we
mighty Mississippi as it winds 2552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The Great      will take a steam train ride on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad; explore
River Road is the backbone for our journey from Bemidji, MN to West             the old ghost town of Bodie and the geologically rich area of Mammoth
Memphis, AR. Enjoy the sights and sounds as North America’s largest             Lakes. We will see the living ghost towns of Tonopah and tour Goldfield.

                                                                                                                          Blue Beret/May 2011             59
                                             2012 WBCCI National Caravans
We’ll venture into Death Valley and tour Scotty’s Castle. Then, we will              some Civil War history, a Winery or two, mountain crafts, and much, much
wind up our adventure in Las Vegas with a motorized “smooth water”                   more. A word of Caution: The Blue Ridge Parkway is a winding 2 lane
rafting trip through the scenic Black Canyon on the Colorado River, below            scenic road with a speed limit of 45 mph (you should drive slower than
Hoover Dam. Join us for a rip roaring good time. Leaders: Bruce & Enid               that to take maximum advantage of the scenery). It extends for about 500
Paulk WBCCI #2175, Ph. 925-864-1683, Email: bruceandenidpaulk@                       miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia., Address: 108 Rainbow Dr. #843, Livingston, TX 77399-1008.                 The road goes up and down and around the mountains -often- and the
Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD, De-               elevation varies from 650 to 4900 ft. Our longest travel day will be about
posit: $200, Cancellation: $100 before 4-01-12. Leader’s discretion after.           140 miles. If this kind of travel bothers you, you should not consider this
                                                                                     adventure. If you think this adventure is for you, your equipment should
                                                                                     be in top shape. Registrar: Jamie King, P.O. Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571-
N-41-G SW ADVENTURE CARAVAN      8/31-10/17/2012                                     home telephone 252-249-1549- cell 252-514-7497 - email KJ4JK@ARRL.
START: DURANGO, CO          STOP: SANTA FE, NM                                       NET. Contact the Registrar for more information if you wish to register
The 2012 Southwest Adventure Caravan will be in September and October                for this caravan. NOTE: Only standby status is available - the caravan is
capturing the awesome beauty of the fall landscapes. Beginning in Duran-             filled. Co-Leaders: Jamie & Susan King WBCCI #804 and Ph. Home 252-
go, you will visit the higher vistas first, before traveling on to lower altitudes   249-1549, Cell 252-514-7497; Email: KJ4JK@ARRL.NET, Address:
hoping to escape early snow. You will discover regions of New Mexico,                P. O. Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571; Co-Leaders: Bob & Marge Bennett
Arizona, Utah and Colorado that the casual tourist doesn’t see. Taking the           WBCCI #701, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD;
roads less traveled you will visit Indian pueblos, festivals, cultural centers       Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 before January 4, 2012.
and museums. Native American guides will help you to understand their                Leader’s discretion after 1-4-12
language, customs, and ancient rituals. You will enjoy touring Albuquerque
and Santa Fe by trolley or Segway finding wonderful shopping and dining
in both. A half-day boat trip on Lake Powell takes you to Rainbow Bridge             N-41-J1 LOUISIANA CAJUN HERITAGE      3/13-26/2012
while a narrow gauge railway delivers you to Silverton from Durango.                 N-41-J2                                4/3-16/2012
In Arizona, splash through Canyon de Chelly, then stroll through Ante-               START: HENDERSON, LA         STOP: CARENCRO, LA
lope Canyon. Keep that camera handy for around every bend there is a                 Come and go with us to Louisiana and take a boat ride into a bayou
new picture opportunity. Raft down the Colorado River and tour Monu-                 swamp, tour a real oil drilling rig, see the State Capitol and old plantation
ment Valley, then proceed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Come                 homes. We will go into the Cajun Country and experience the sound of
prepared for all kinds of weather as you travel at high and lower altitudes          a unique music and language, taste Cajun food and listen to Cajun ac-
– cold to warmer temperatures. America the Beautiful passes – formerly               cordion music. Tour rice and sugar cane farms and learn how they harvest
called Golden Age Pass will save you money for entrances into the many               crawfish. See live alligators, eagles, blue heron and more. Come and learn
parks we explore including Zion, Bryce, North Rim of the Grand Canyon,               all about the Cajun Culture. Some of the tours are walking tours. On the
Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Plans are to attend the Balloon                oil rig there are some stairs to climb. Leaders: Rick and Marilyn Solera,
Festival near Albuquerque. We conclude with a final banquet in Santa Fe.             WBCCI #252, Address: 725 Newman Ave., Jefferson, LA 70121-1234.
Come prepared to have fun with your fellow caravanners and leaders.                  Phone: 504-733-1582 Cell: 504-450-6486, Email:,
Co-Leaders: Jay & Elna Thompson WBCCI #7293, Ph. 850-766-0036,                       Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $800.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $580.00; Guest: TBD;
Email:, Address: 9163 McDougal Ct., Tallahassee,                  Deposit: $200, Cancellation: $50.00 before 11/1/2011. Leader’s discretion
FL 32312; Co-Leaders: Winston & Carol Montague WBCCI #5274, Ph.                      after
850- 212-3726, Email:, Address: 2062
Hill N Dale North, Tallahassee, FL 32317, Kitty Fee w/2 $3850, Kitty Fee
w/1 $2600; Guests: $1200; Deposit: $200; Payments due: 2/1/12 (50%),                 N-41-K      ALYESKA, THE GREAT LAND                       7/12-9/12/2012
4/1/12 (50%), Cancellation fee: At the discretion of the leaders                     START: DAWSON CREEK, YT                    STOP: PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.
                                                                                     “The Land of the Midnight Sun” - The Alaska Caravan will start in Dawson
                                                                                     Creek, B.C., where the Alaska Highway begins at Mile Post 0 and travel
N-41-H SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/2-11/10/2012                                   for 1500 miles to Fairbanks, AK. We will be travelling through Yukon Terri-
START: REHOBOTH BEACH, DE                     STOP: JEKYLL ISLAND, GA                tory, to Whitehorse where we will turn North and travel up to Dawson City,
If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of              YT where we will ferry across the Yukon River and drive the famous “Top
the United States, this is the caravan for you. We’ll visit a historic US            Of The World Highway,” to the town of Chicken, AK and then visit Eagle.
Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware,             (pop. 15) As we continue we will experience many activities such as “Klon-
eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia,            dike Kate’s,” Laird River Hot Springs, take the River Boat Discovery in
visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood and see                Fairbanks, and experience a real Alaska Salmon Bake and Dinner Show.
the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we’re going to             We will see many glaciers, visit Denali Park, Mount McKinley, Juneau, pan
eat seafood? We’ll also attend Morning Colors and graduation ceremo-                 for gold, travel along the famous Alaska Pipeline, and visit the North Pole,
nies at the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan              (home of the real Santa Claus). On our return south we will drive the Cas-
will travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park,            siar Highway into British Columbia and end the caravan at Prince George.
(south of Rehoboth Beach) and traveling (eating) through coastal Mary-               You will enjoy unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities, world class
land, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and ending at the Georgia             fishing, and astonishing scenery on this “Once in a Lifetime Adventure!”
Sea Islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many              Leaders: Bill (JJ) & Sandy Johnjulio WBCCI #242, Ph. 814-484-7221 Cell
meals, boat, carriage and bus tours, museums admissions and much                     216-533-1752, Email:, Address: 6193 Althom Road,
more! Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Ph. 623-974-4762,                    Tidioute, PA 16351, Limit: 35 RVs, Kitty Fee: w/2 $6,000; Kitty Fee: w/1
Email:, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave. #1704,                      $4,400; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500, Cancellation: $50 before 03/15/2012,
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-6360, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,725.00;                 leader’s discretion after that date
Kitty Fee w/1: $2,950.00; Guest: Contact leaders, Deposit: $250, Cancella-
tion: $50 before 4-1-12, leader’s discretion after

                                                                                     N-41-L GHOSTS ON THE EAST COAST     9/23-11/3/2012
                                                                                     START: SALEM, MA         STOP: ST. AUGUSTINE, FL
N-41-I TASTE OF THE BLUE RIDGE - FILLED 6/4-23/2012                                  Ghosts on the East Coast will start in Salem, MA and end in St. Augustine,
START: CHEROKEE, NC            STOP: STAUNTON, VA                                    FL. It will be a typical WBCCI National Caravan with cookouts, campfires,
Come with us as we travel the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end. It                 dinners, and the fun, fellowship, and adventure of the Airstream Caravan.
will be a 500 mile adventure as we explore the history of the area enjoy             The overall theme of this caravan is “Halloween” and the stories, his-
the scenery, listen to the mountain music, and soak up the beauty of this            tory, and festivities that make up this holiday. Such as, “Halloween” is
unique roadway and the surrounding area. The driving route will cover the            celebrated the entire month of October in Salem, MA and we will join some
entire Parkway and our stops will allow us to experience things like train           of those festivities. And, while in Salem, MA we will investigate the history
excursions, Early American history, the biggest private home in the USA,             surrounding the burning of the witches and visit the site and memorial to

60                Blue Beret/May 2011
                                          2012 WBCCI National Caravans
those individuals that were accused of witchcraft. As we make our way            Kindle WBCCI # 4126, Ph. 713-907-4624, Email: Airstream4126@gmail.
south along the East Coast we will stop in Williamsburg, VA; Savannah,           com, Address: 319 Mariachi, Crosby, TX 77532, Kitty Fee w/2: $2000.00;
GA; Charleston, SC; and more... where we will find pumpkin festivals,            Kitty Fee w/1: $1600.00; Guest: $400.00; Deposit: $250.00, Cancellation:
hear ghost stories with a Halloween theme and visit the grave site of            $50.00 prior to 5/1/12, Leaders discretion after 5/1/12, Final Payment due:
Edgar Allen Poe. You can expect trick or treat GAMS, pumpkin carvings,           5/1/12
and the final banquet will be in your finest Halloween attire. Overall, we
are trying to have fun. We think it will be a little spooky. And,... we don’t    N-41-N SPRINGTIME IN KENTUCKY                            4/28-5/20/2012
really want to actually find any ghosts. Please join us if this sounds fun and   START: BOWLING GREEN, KY                     STOP: RENFRO VALLEY, KY
interesting. Leaders: George and Sharon Hilton WBCCI #7009, Ph. 352-             Beautiful horses, lush green rolling hills, and home of the Corvette: these
205-9928, Fax: 866-205-0599, Email:, Address:                are just a few of the words to describe the beautiful state of Kentucky.
214 Rainbow Dr. #11436, Livingston, TX 77399, Co-Leader: TBD, Limit:             Kentucky has something for everyone! For the first time, we will begin the
25 Airstream RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest:           3 week caravan in Bowling Green, home of the Corvette, and from there
TBD                                                                              we will travel to 7 different areas, each with its own history, geography and
                                                                                 culture. You will have an opportunity to spend a day at the races at the
                                                                                 famous Churchill Downs, learn about the bourbon industry, visit a horse
N-41-M GONE TO TEXAS                                  9/17-10/20/2012            farm, spend a morning at My Old Kentucky Home, and visit the childhood
START: NTAC, HILLSBORO, TX                     STOP: KERRVILLE, TX               home of Loretta Lynn. We will end our journey at Renfro Valley, a mecca
The letters GTT were familiar in the United States during the early 1800s.       of bluegrass music that predates The Grand Ole Opry, and Berea, known
They meant GONE TO TEXAS. Come with us and see why it was the                    as the Art Capital of the State. In every area we will sample the southern
place to be as we travel from Hillsboro just south of Fort Worth, “Where         style “home cooking” without you having to do the cooking. And these are
The West Begins,” to the beautiful Texas Hill Country west of San Antonio.       just a few of the many places of interest you will explore! We can’t wait to
Along the way we will visit Buffalo country, Indian Country, Oil Patches,        welcome you to Kentucky, where hospitality is the rule, not the exception!
Carlsbad Caverns, Texas Salt Flats, Old Missions, Cavalry Forts, travel          Leaders: Larry & Shala Wilson WBCCI #10298, Ph. 270-782-6554 Cell:
along the United States Mexico border, A PASSPORT WILL BE RE-                    270-792-3814, Email:, Address: 809 Mooreland
QUIRED FOR ANY TRAVEL INTO MEXICO. A World Famous Obser-                         Dr., Bowling Green, KY 42103, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $2100.00;
vatory, Mystery Lights at Marfa, Big Bend National Park, The “Hanging            Kitty Fee w/1: $1500.00; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $200.00, Cancellation:
Judge” The Alamo, an exotic game ranch, a dude ranch, and much more.             $50.00 before 11/1/11, Leaders discretion after 11/1/11.
Leave a message for your friends—GTT. Moderate hiking may be re-
quired on some events. Leaders: Lyle & Peggy Snow WBCCI #7358, Ph.
281-251-7566, Cell 832-217-4508, Email:, Address:
20935 Jessica Rose Ln., Spring, TX 77379, Co-Leader: Bill & Dorma

                                                 NATIONAL CARAVAN APPLICATION
                                      (please type or print clearly - every blank must be filled in)

Caravan # _________________ Caravan Name _________________________________________________________________________

Last Name ______________________ First______________________Spouse_____________________WBCCI# ___________________

Summer Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________ Phone # _______________________________EMail __________________________________________

Winter Address:             From: __________________________ To: _______________________________________________________


Phone #________________________________EMail ____________________________________________________________________

# of Adults__________Children_________Pets_________Ham #___________________MH/T_________ft. Handicapped?

Amount Enclosed: (US$) _____________________Check #________________

                                      Make checks payable to:              WBCCI National Caravan
                                                              Mail to: Caravan Leader

                                                                                                                          Blue Beret/May 2011             61
                         REGION 6 RALLY                                                STORYTELLING SPECIAL EVENT RALLY
                        “Shake, Rock & Roll”                                             Camping at Appalachian Fairgrounds
                       Lee County Agri-Center                                                      Gray, Tennessee
                         Tupelo, Mississippi                                             for the National Storytelling Festival
                        October 26 - 29, 2011                                                  Jonesborough, Tennessee
                                                                                                  October 6 - 10, 2011
WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________
                                                                              WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________
Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________
                                                                              Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________
Address ________________________________________________
                                                                              Address ________________________________________________
                                                                              City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________
                                                                              Phone_________________ E-mail ___________________________
Handicapped________Circle Type of RV: MH TR Vintage
5th Wheel Slide Outs Length________
                                                                              Emergency Ph. #_________________Amount Enclosed______

Rally Fee:                                                                    Please circle type: MH TR 5th Wh           Slideouts Lgth_______
Airstream w/2 adults            $165.00             $__________
Airstream w/1 adult             $105.00             $__________               Rally Fee:
Guest                           $ 60.00             $__________               Airstream w/2 adults             $150.00 $_________
                                                                              Airstream w/1 adult              $116.00 $_________
TOTAL                                               $__________               Each Guest                       $ 34.00 $_________
                                                                              TOTAL                                    $_________
Rally Fee will include three breakfasts, two catered dinners, great en-
tertainment, and four nights parking with water and electricity. There is a   Early parking begins Sunday, Oct. 2 at $18 per night. First 35 to register
dump site at the Agri-Center. Early Parking will be Monday, October 24,       full hookups. Dump station on site. Fee includes 4 nights parking, 3 break-
2011, after 2 PM for $15 per night.                                           fasts, kickoff evening meal Thursday night. Each person is responsible
                                                                              for obtaining their own tickets to the Storytelling Festival. Brochures
                Make checks payable to: Region 6 Rally                        and directions will be mailed when you register. (Refund minus $10
                  Mail to: Selma Evans, 2265 Hwy. 39                          for cancellation before Sept. 28th - after that minus money spent.) For
                         Braithwaite, LA 70040                                further info you can contact Sandy Hughes at: Ph. 423-239-9297, Cell
                                                                              423-612-3465 or Email:

                                                                                              Make checks payable to: Sandy Hughes
                                                                                                      Mail to: Sandy Hughes
                                                                                                      122 Countryshire Ct.
                                                                                                    Kingsport, TN 37663-2810

                                                     VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RALLY
                                                         Small’s Country Campground
                                                   Louisa, Virginia - More Than Meets the Eye
                                                            September 15 - 18, 2011

WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________                     Battlefield - the largest all-cavalry battle of the Civil War fought in June of
                                                                              1864, Historical Homes, Louisa Courthouse and more. James Madison’s
                                                                              Montpelier - 21 mi. from CG & Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello - 31 mi. from
Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________                     CG. A tour of the Lake Anna Nuclear Power Plant is set for Friday Morning
                                                                              for those arriving early.
Address ________________________________________________                      Make your reservations at Small’s Country CG by calling 540-967-2431
                                                                              and reserving with the Airstream Commonwealth Rally at a rate of $25 per
                                                                              night (plus tax) for water and electric. Sewage sites are available at an
City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________                    extra charge. Multiple dump stations are available on exit. Do not make
                                                                              the reservation on the Internet since the negotiated lower rate will not
                                                                              apply. For a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Phone_____________________Arrival Date ___________________                    Deadline is Sept. 1, 2011.
Rally Fee:                                                                            Make checks payable to: Virginia Commonwealth Rally
$50 per Adult                  x________=           $_________                           Mail to: Cole McGregor, 264 Windsong Hills Dr.
$25 per child under 12         x________=           $_________                                          Elkton, VA 22827
TOTAL                                               $_________

The rally fee includes three breakfasts, two evening meals, and two eve-
nings of entertainment. Area attractions feature Trevillian Station

62               Blue Beret/May 2011
              GALAX FIDDLERS CONVENTION                                              28th REGION 5 COMPUTERFEST RALLY
                 SPECIAL EVENT RALLY                                                       Hendricks County Fairgrounds
                     Galax, Virginia                                                             Danville, Indiana
                   August 9 - 13, 2011                                           Sunday, September 11 - Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________
Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________
                                                                               Guest(s) Names __________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________
                                                                               Address ________________________________________________
City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________
                                                                               City_________________State/Prov_______Code __Phone _______
Phone_________________ E-mail ___________________________
                                                                               Hdcp Parking: Yes No         WBCCI # __________
Date of Arrival_____________Trailer_______ft. MH_________ft.
Early parking Aug. 8th; water & limited electricity-LIMITED to 50 RVs. Rally
fee - pay in advance                                                           Rally Fee:
Parking:                                                                       Airstream w/2 adults                      $60.00     $__________
_______nights x $15 per night            $_________                            Airstream w/1 adult                       $55.00     $__________
(PAY ON ARRIVAL)                                                               Guest                                     $10.00     $__________
Rally Fee:
Airstream w/2 adults          $80.00     $__________                           Pizza Party Sun. (optional)_____ea. x     $ 7.50     $__________
Airstream w/1 adult           $40.00     $__________                           TOTAL                                                $__________
Guest                         $40.00     $__________
Children 6-14                 $20.00     $__________                           Rally Fee includes three nights of parking, breakfasts Monday and Tues-
TOTAL                                    $__________                           day and two full days of seminars Monday and Tuesday. (Include a SASE
                                                                               for receipt.) Full refund cancellation accepted until Sept. 1.
Rally includes: 1 dinner, country breakfast, watermelon feast get acquaint-
ed social, morning coffee and Sunday continental breakfast. The conven-
tion begins with youth talent on Monday night and ends Saturday night.                        Make checks payable to: Region 5, WBCCI
Continuous entertainment and all week downtown activities. SASE #10                            Mail to: Ron Gordy, Region 5 Treasurer
envelope for receipt and brochures. Cut off for registration is August                        202 McCutcheon Drive, Lafayette, IN 47909
4th. Cancellation fee $5.00. No refunds after August 4th (or discretion of
chairman). For more information call Betty Patton 276-233-1109, Email: Hosted by the Virginia and NORVA Units.

          Make checks payable to: Joe Kolb, Galax Fiddlers
                Mail to: Joe Kolb, 1789 Peacock Dr.,
                         Hillsville, VA 24343
                          Ph. 276-766-3121

                                             32nd NATIONAL POTLATCH & SALMON RALLY
                                                   “Tell Me About The Good Old Days”
                                                     Washington Land Yacht Harbor
                                                          Olympia, Washington
                                                            August 3 - 7, 2011
Name ___________________________ Mate ___________________                      Deadline for registration is July 29th

Address ________________________________________________                       Children under 10 are FREE. The rally fee includes, Alder Smoked Salm-
                                                                               on dinner as well as several other delicious meals, entertainment, games,
                                                                               with fun and prizes. The Fashion Show Luncheon (men’s fashions also).
City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________                     Parking will be additional. Cancellation fee is $2 per registration. SIGN
                                                                               UP NOW. No refunds after July 20, 2011. To preregister, send Rally and
                                                                               Fashion Show fees only. Parking will be collected on arrival.
WBCCI # __________ Phone_________________Unit ___________
                                                                               Interest Survey: For early arrival on Monday & Tuesday the 1st & 2nd
No. in party___ Adults ___ Children_____ Wheelchair_______
                                                                               ____Persons would like to golf.
                                                                               ____Persons to tour the local attractions to include Cider Mill, Antique
Disabled_______ Estimated dates of stay ____________________                       Cars & Farmers Market, and more if persons are interested.

Rally Fee:                                                                               Make checks payable to: Washington Unit WBCCI
Registration                  $55 p/p x___persons $________                                            Mail to: Lois Hamilton
Fashion Show Luncheon         $ 5 p/p x___persons $________                                 National Potlatch Registrar, WA Unit WBCCI
TOTAL enclosed                                    $________                               9101 Steilacoom Rd. SE #78, Olympia, WA 98513

64              Blue Beret/May 2011
              SUN VALLEY SWING-N-DIXIE JAZZ                                              SWISS FESTIVAL NATIONAL RALLY
                     JAMBOREE RALLY                                                        “In the Heart of Amish Country”
               River Run Ski Lodge Parking Lot                                                     Sugarcreek, Ohio
                       Ketchum, Idaho                                                      September 24 - October 1, 2011
                     October 11 - 16, 2011                                               Hosted by Land-O-Lakes of Ohio Unit

 Name___________________________Spouse _________________                     WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________

 Address ________________________________________________                    Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________

 City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________                  Address ________________________________________________

 WBCCI # __________ TP:_________Email: ____________________                  City_________________State/Prov_________Zip_______________

 Cell:_________________________ ___________________________                  WBCCI # __________ Phone_________________Unit ___________

 Volunteer to work a shift: Yes____No_____ (# volunteers)_______             Motorhome____Trailer____5th Wheel____Size ________________
 Rally Fee:
 Per person           $125.00 x_____=                  $__________           Natl. Officer________Position___________Reg. Officer_______
 Parking              $ 30.00                          $__________
 Total                                                 $__________           Position __________________ 1st Timer______No. in Party___
 Rally Fee: $125 Fee includes: Sun Valley Jazz Festival “All Events” pass
 ($120 per person (include tax) before July 31); admin. fees $5, access to
 River Run and all Sun Valley facilities (no charge). Parking is $30. Can-   Adults_____Children_____ Dog?___Coming w/Caravan_____
 cellation Fee: Before Oct. 5th - $25; after Oct 5th - no refund.
                                                                             Handicapped? (Dr’s slip please) ____________________________
                Make checks payable to: WBCCI Caravan
                     (that’s the acct. we are using)
                         Mail to: Judy Medford                               Hobby Show _______________ Golf_______Flea Market _________
                      9101-182 Steilacoom Rd. SE                             Rally Fee:
                           Olympia, WA 98513                                 Airstream w/2 adults    $180.00 $__________
                       REGION 7 RALLY                                        Airstream w/1 adult     $140.00 $__________
                    Wings, Rails & End Zones                                 Guest                   $100.00 $__________
                       DePere, Wisconsin                                     Children under 18       NC       $__________
                        July 24 - 29, 2011                                   TOTAL                            $__________

WBCCI # _________________ Unit __________________________                    You will be provided with water, 3 amp. electric, nightly entertainment, and
                                                                             a wide choice of tours. Enjoy a game of golf at the 27 hole course adjacent
                                                                             to the park. Visit the many gift, antique and craft shops and enjoy a deli-
Name ___________________________ Spouse _________________                    cious home cooked Amish dinner at a nearby restaurant. Register by April
                                                                             1 and be eligible for a special drawing. CANCELLATIONS: 10% service
                                                                             charge prior to August 31. After Sept. 1 refunds at discretion of chairman.
Address ________________________________________________                     PARKING: Starts at 9:00 AM, September 24, no early parking except
                                                                             caravans of 5 or more preregistered may park 1 day early on Friday,
City_________________State/Prov_________Code _____________                   Sept. 23, 2011, until 3:00 pm. Reservations guarantee parking. Enclose
                                                                             SASE for acknowledgment.

Phone_________________ Cell _____________________________                            Make checks payable to: Swiss Festival National Rally
                                                                                              Mail to: Roland Jenkins, Chairman
                                                                                         366 Oakland Park Ave., Columbus, OH 43214
Email______________Vintage?_____Hdcp?_____1st Timer___                                                 Ph. 614-267-2658
Rally Fee: (US dollars)
Per Person             #_____ x            $110.00          $________
Child age 5-11         #_____ x            $ 85.00          $________
Child under 5          #_____ x            $ 25.00          $________
Sport fishing-adult #_____ x               $ 96.00          $________
(Note: based on 4 people in boat, this amount will
increase slightly if less than 4 people sign up. Fishing
license is required.)

TOTAL                                                       $________

NOTE: Rally fee does not include campground fees. Please call Apple
Creek Campground to reserve your campsite 920-532-4386. For further
information contact: Joan Lahr 262-327-4336, Email:
Reservation forms due June 1st.

               Make checks payable to: Region 7 WBCCI
                Mail to: Pete Yanke, 1013 SE 13th Ave.
                          St. Cloud, MN 56304

                                                                                                                      Blue Beret/May 2011             65
                                      54th International Convention/Rally
                                                       Du Quoin, Illinois
                                                     June 28 - July 4, 2011

 LAST NAME ____________________________________________ FIRST__________________________________WBCCI #_____________



 CITY__________________________________________________________ST/PROV ________________________ ZIP______________

 Number                                       Fees           Amount                  Mark boxes that apply:
                                              after Jan. 1                                          
 Airstream w/2 adults                        @ $500.00      __________               First International
 Airstream w/1 adult                         @ $400.00      __________
 Additional adult in Airstream               @ $130.00      __________                    Staying Off Site
  _____ Youth (Ages 4 - 19)                  @ $ 60.00      __________                    Prefer to park in Dog Section
 Youth after two full youth pmts:
     _____Youth (Ages 4 - 19)               @ FREE                                     Vintage Parking
 Not bringing Airstream                DEDUCT $200.00 __________
 WBCCI Life Members                    DEDUCT $5.00   __________                     Handicap Parking
                                                                                                Application on file at Headquarters
                                                                                 
 TOTAL FEES INCLUDED                                    $ __________
                                                                                                For registrars only:
 FEE REFUND POLICY All rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15,            Amt:__________ Check #__________
 2011, and must include the complete pass receipt. All cancellations will be assessed a   Date:__________ Recd. by:________
 $30.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15 except
 as approved by the International Rally Committee.
                  Make checks payable to: WBCCI               Canadian checks must be stamped US FUNDS
                  Mail to: P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

                                             APPLE BLOSSOM TIME IN REGION 2
                                                South Mountain Fairgrounds
                                               615 Narrows Rd., Biglerville, PA
                                                     May 26 – 30, 2011

WBCCI# ______________ Unit______________________________              There will be tours of Gettysburg and surrounding area, historical, winer-
                                                                      ies, etc. Bus trip to Hollywood Casino, a minimum of 40 people required
                                                                      and receive $25.00 in free slot play, costing you nothing. There will be
Name _________________________ Spouse __________________              entertainment, door prizes, golf tournament, and seminars. Please join
                                                                      in the fun. A catered dinner and morning coffee and the doughnuts are
Address_________________________________________________              included in the rally fee.

                                                                                    Make checks payable to: Region 2 WBCCI
City _________________ Prov/State _______ Code____________                             Mail to: Bill Kent, Region Treasurer
                                                                                       11220 Craft, Detroit, MI 48224-2436
                                                                           or 1011 Talbot Trail, RR #1, Wheatley, ON, Canada NOP 2P0
Region Officer__________________Intl. Officer________________                Ph. 519-825-9308 • Email:

Handicap Parking?________Email:______________ Pet Y___N___

Rally Fee:
Airstream w/2 adults         $150.00          $_________
Airstream w/1 adult          $120.00          $_________
Guest                        $ 40.00          $_________
Bus to Casino (per person)   $ 25.00 x_______ $_________
TOTAL                                         $_________

66              Blue Beret/May 2011
If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. Pictures may be used for promotional material, the Membership
Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes.” Photos should be of rally/caravan activities. Please include a description of the picture,
member names, specific rally/caravan, dates, etc. and send to or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334.
NOTE: File formats in .jpg are preferred or send original photos.
Carolinas Unit of North Carolina 50th Anniversary Celebration - submitted by Linda Fishel, #16765

During a visit to the Anne Murray Museum while on the Nor’ by Nor’
East Caravan, members of the caravan presented Anne Murray a cer-
tificate of appreciation. L-R: David Levinson, Anne, Gary Levinson
-submitted by David Levinson, #802

                                                                             Scraps (a 16 yr. old rescue cat) took to retirement and Airstreaming
                                                                             just fine! She loved International and won 3rd place with this photo.
                                                                             -submitted by Rita Richardson, #4939
Region 8 Early Workers Caravan parked by Chimney Rock in Bayard,
NE - submitted by David Shaw, #6318
                                                                                                                      Blue Beret/May 2011            67
  WBCCI Headquarters                    Welcome to the Airstream RV Association

                                                  J o i n To d a y !
  803 E. Pike Street
  Jackson Center, OH 45334
  937.596.5211                                                                 WB

     To join, contact Deb Mann,
     Membership Director,
                                        Affordable Adventure is now yours!        Na

     or go to
     and join online!


2011 International Dues - $65.00 plus unit dues

68           Blue Beret/May 2011

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