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									OUR COMMUNITY’S VOICE                           OCTOBER 2010
 Brought to you by your Tuscany Community Association

 The 2nd Annual
 Tuscany Race & Chase
THE TUSCANY SUN                                                         OCTOBER 2010                                                             3

                                                               What Do You Think?
Tuscany Community Association                                  A recurring theme in the Sun and          and that you take the time to connect
www.tuscanyca.ca                                               from the Community Association            with one another, yet again.
P.O. Box 27030 Tuscany RPO                                     is “community” and I hope the
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2Y1                                       residents who participated in the         All the Best to You and Yours,
                                                               Amazing Tuscany Race and Chase            Michelle
President .......................... Glen Furtado              on September 12th felt that sense of
Vice President .... Michelle van de Reep                       community as strongly as I did. As my     Also posted on www.tuscanyca.ca.
......................... vice_pres@tuscanyca.ca               friend Kim and I were just discussing,
Treasurer..........................Lee Bardwell                the last few weeks of letting go of
Secretary ............................ Tyla Willett            summer schedule (or lack thereof)
Tuscany Committee Email Addresses                              and getting back into all the routines
Communications Committee                                       has left us a little exhausted and
.................... membership@tuscanyca.ca                   certainly, on the morning of the event,
Events & Recreation Committee                                  I was feeling pretty draggy (I really
Events...................events@tuscanyca.ca                   do cherish an extra fifteen minutes
Recreation ........ allsports@tuscanyca.ca
Parks and Planning Committee                                   snuggled in my duvet in the morning).
............................... parks@tuscanyca.ca             When I arrived at the race, the energy
Tuscany Sun Newsletter                                         of the volunteers and the excitement
................................news@tuscanyca.ca              and focus of the runners really
Traffic and Safety Committee                                   energized me. The fact that everyone
.............................. traffic@tuscanyca.ca
                                                               cheered each other on, shook hands,
Elected Officials                                              posed for photos and helped each
Alderman:                                                      other out during both the Race and the
Dale Hodges                                                    Chase just buoyed my sense that our
dale.hodges@calgary.ca                                         community is growing and connecting.
MLA:                                                           It felt great and I can’t wait to do it
Lindsay Blackett                                               again next year.
calgary.northwest@assembly.ab.ca                               The TCA would like to thank the
Rob Anders                                                     members of our community that
403-292-6666                                                   volunteered their time to make this
www.robanders.com                                              event so successful. We could not
                                                               have had the day we had without
Tuscany Sun Newsletter
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Michelle van de Reep                                           energy and support. Thanks so much!
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                                                               houses rather than the mall for candy
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In Our Community
                                            in the original zoning. I was told the     Let’s try to enforce the speed limit in
 The Talk in                                petition will have to have 70% support
                                            from the effected street. The process
                                                                                       this community but kids belong in the
                                                                                       park – not in the streets.
 Tuscany                                    can take months. Having to have car
                                            stickers displayed in your vehicle and     Thank you
                                            clearly visible so the very unpopular      FM
                                            CPA do not ticket you for parking
                                            outside your own home is something         Roads are not for Children!
                                            else that concerns me. I have read of      I remember growing up and having
                                            residents in other communities who         responsible parents who ALWAYS
                                            have been ticketed by the CPA for          stressed to not play in the roads and
                                            simply having tinted windows and the       to look both ways before crossing the
                                            sticker not being visible enough.          street. In today’s day and age with
                                                                                       the population drastically increased
                                            Carl Machin                                and therefore traffic is also increased,
Talk in Tuscany belongs to you. Have                                                   where oh where would they ever get
you read something in the Sun you’d         Playing in the Streets                     the idea that it is ok for their children
like to comment on? Are you looking         I read the arguments in your last          to commandeer our roads?
for some feedback on an issue? Or,          issue, the pros and the cons, about
would you like to comment on what’s         kids playing in the street. It is one      “Rollerblading and cycling, etc. are
happening in and around Tuscany?            of the cases where RH and MB are           best played on an asphalt surface,
We’d all love to hear what you have to      both right and wrong. It’s kind of sad     which means some play will be on
say. Email news@tuscanyca.ca.               that we have to always go to the pass      our residential roads.” ROADS are for
                                            to remember the good times we had          cars and driving not kiddie activities.
LRT – Parking Concerns                      when we were kids and were able to
As I live close to where the LRT            play practically anywhere we wanted.       YOU had the children. It is YOUR
station will be built, I am concerned       Times have changed and this is a           responsibility to get off your butt and
of the issues surrounding parking. I        different society.                         take them to an appropriate location.
know that many commuters will be                                                       You are simply using the road as
ill mannered enough to park outside         I am positive that RH is a sound parent    a backyard so YOU don’t have to
peoples homes close to the LRT. The         taking good care of their kids. I don’t    actually get them to a skateboard
whole area will need to be zoned for        think it could be anymore enjoyable        park or take them out on one of many
parking which will also effect myself.      to see your kids playing anywhere.         walkways, etc. in our community.
I have seen the same problems occur         However, there are two situations
in Scenic Acres and Silver Springs.         that comes to mind: why do we have         Use the school playgrounds. Enroll
Representatives at the open house           parks, some small, some huge, built        them in hockey leagues or baseball.
told me they were surprised how far         in our community? Why do we have a         Expecting drivers to babysit your
commuters are prepared to walk just         Tuscany club with all the amenities?       children is unbelievable.
to save paying the $3 per day LRT           Why we take such good care of the
parking fee. I attended the open house      coulee?                                    As for RH, I for one, intend to call the
and was not surprised at the lack of                                                   police each and every time I encounter
interest from the residents in Tuscany.     RH, I understand your frustration, but     an A-frame board saying “children
Approx. 110 people attended.                between seeing my kids playing in the      at play” in the middle of the road, or
                                            park and seeing my kids under a car,       am faced with children playing on
Concerned Tuscany residents need            I take the first option. We can have all   the road with their parents approval.
to wake up to the issues surrounding        the signs you want. We can have all        THEY ARE BEING A NUISANCE
parking. I was also told at the open        the speed bumps. The fact is that it’s     AND THEIR PARENTS SHOULD
house that in order for your street to be   going to be a car around the corner        BE INSTRUCTING THEM TO
zoned for parking means a petition to       that won’t be able to stop or the child    PLAY ANYWHERE OTHER THAN
the city if your street was not included    didn’t see the car and then what?
                                                                                                           continued on next page
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                              7

In Our Community
 The Talk in
THE ROAD! The absolute nerve
in thinking that the rest of the street
and neighbours would want to put
up with that! Some of us don’t have
children and do not want to be doing
the parenting for those lazy ones who
plunk their kids in the middle of the
road and think the community should         This concerns me, as I would not want      a sign reminding fellow drivers that
take care of them.                          to see a child injured because he/she      there are kids at play. The first time
                                            was not taught that a street is indeed     I saw one of these florescent green
Like I said, EVERY TIME I run into          a dangerous place and certain safety       signs on our street I thought it was a
this, I will call police.                   rules need to be followed.                 fantastic idea! Kudos to you!

Unbelievable that you would put your        The person that stated that there is no    We specifically built our house on a
kids at such risk. My aunt was just         law against playing on the street is       street that we felt would be safe for
hit by a car and she is in ICU with         correct. But, the law also states that     our kids to be able to play on. All
a broken neck, a broken back, and           vehicles have the right of way, and        of our children play on the street in
every rib she has is broken! Wake up        bicycles using the road must obey the      front of our house/park and they will
people.                                     rules of the road.                         continue to do so. Have you ever tried
                                                                                       playing ‘street’ hockey or riding a
Pamela                                      I’ve had to honk my horn at some           bike on park grass? We live on a street
                                            children while they were playing           exploding with children and to us,
Playing in the Streets                      hockey, because they ignored my            there is nothing more wonderful than
Hi. Since I live on the same street         presence and I had to come to a            hearing children play happily outside
that is being described in the previous     complete stop. This resulted in one of     in the park OR on the street.
articles, I felt that I should voice my     the children giving me the finger. At
opinion.                                    other times, I get dirty looks from the    When you drive into a quiet street
                                            children because I’m interrupting what     with a playground zone and a bunch
I grew up playing hockey and                they are doing.                            of children playing, take the extra 30
performing bicycle jumps on our quiet                                                  seconds to slow down and wait for the
street. I still occasionally play hockey    Like I said, I have nothing against        children to move. If you would like to
on the street!                              playing on the street, just educate your   draw attention to something important,
                                            children that cars have the right of way   what about all the yahoos who rip
So, I have to agree with some parts of      and should look-out for them and give      through the Playground Zones with no
everyone’s previous message. I totally      way. It’s all about staying alive.         cares but their own?
encourage play on the streets, but only
in a safe and educated manner.              Thanks,                                    There are much bigger things to
                                            RV                                         complain about in this world of ours.
I drive at 20kms when I come down
my street and I still have to slam on       Playing in the Streets                     TB
the brakes very often, because some         Dear MB & Tuscany Residents,
children are driving their bicycles from    From the bottom of my heart, I would       The opinions on this page do not
the park or their driveway onto the         like to thank those parents who care so    necessarily reflect the opinion held by
street in front of me, without looking to   much about our children’s safety that      the Tuscany Community Association.
see if a vehicle is approaching.            they would go out of their way to buy
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                          9

In Our Community
                                      2nd Annual Amazing Tuscany Race and
                                      Chase a Big Success!

The TCA would like to thank our
sponsors, participants, community
residents and volunteers for all their
help in making this day such a success.

With over 90 runners registered for
the 5/10km races, the day started off
with a bang. Well, it started off with
an official car horn compliments of
Jeff Neustaedter of Remax Group, the
event’s main sponsor! “The race was
awesome, although I had to dig in to
get through the last 2 kms! Tuscany
has a hilly course that’s great to run,”
stated Gary Millard, 3rd place 10
km winner. Jacqui of the Running
Room, who organized and held the
race for our event, seconded this
idea. “Runners love running different
courses and Tuscany is great for its
hills, pathways and clear air.”

After the Race, it was time for
the Amazing Chase. Ten teams
participated this year and it was          BBQ that featured lots (and I mean       volunteers for the day’s activities.
awesome to see that competitive spirit     lots) of food, a climbing wall, bouncy   As well, a huge thanks goes out to
in Tuscany doesn’t mean trouncing          tent, spray tattoos, popcorn and         the Running Room and Jacqui for
your fellow competitors. “I’ve             cotton candy and a fantastic magician    organizing and holding the morning’s
never been in a community where            that still has me shaking my head in     race for us. Allison Kiss of Kiss
people actually help each other get        wonder. Prizes were given out to the     Fitness took the time and her own
through tasks,” marveled Maura of          1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for       music to help our runners warm up in
Zest Corporation, organizer of the         both the 5km and 10 km runs and to       a fun way and Sobeys made shopping
Chase. “It’s really incredible.” The       the 1st place and Runners-up of the      and delivering food fun and easy!
Sherringtons – last year’s winners –       Amazing Chase.                           We’d also like to thank KPMG – they
squeaked in to finish with 10 minutes                                               donated all the prizes for our winners
to spare and were able to hold on to       The TCA would like to thank our          of the two events. We really appreciate
their title of Amazing Chase Winners.      main sponsor, Jeff Neustaeder            the support. And thanks so much to
                                           and Associates, for helping with         Amaranth and Synergea for providing
The day finished with a community          the funding of the event and with
                                                                                                       continued on next page
THE TUSCANY SUN                          OCTOBER 2010   11

In Our Community
such an amazing rest station to our
Chase participants.

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank
you to all our volunteers who made the
day so successful. Some of you were
our spouses and shall not be named
– thanks for helping us to volunteer
and then volunteering yourselves
for community duty – and all of you
were awesome community members.
Let’s see if I get this right – Jodi,
Jade, Barry, Lexi and friend, Corrine,
Mason, Sydney and Kennedy, Brad,
Dana, Ric Lockhart, Chris Harper,
Charmaine, Rose, Celeste, Yvonne and
her friend, Kelly and the staff at the
Tuscany Club.

Here’s to a great event and a great
community. We hope to see you all
again next year and invite the rest of
our community to join us in the fun.
THE TUSCANY SUN                               OCTOBER 2010                                            13

In Our Community
                                                                    Phillies Check in 2:22
Tuscany Amazing Race Times                                          Dawson Bachand
                                                                    Carson Barth
5K                                   56:54   Christy Nolin          Tanner Greves
25:25   Matthew Mitchell 1st Male    57:08   Travis Willms          Maddux Greves
27:31   Ben Coxson 2nd Male          57:14   Jennifer Cherniwchan
28.21   Laurent Hache 3rd Male       57:19   Mark Steele            Dodge Ems Check in 2:25
29.22   Jean Francois Amiot          57:30   Dawson Milbury         Mathieu Dery
30:56   Karle Green 1st Female       57:31   Theresa Dewis          Michelle Dery
31:42   Robert Vessey                57:57   Erin Power             Jacqueline Dery
31:50   Steve Dowler                 58:20   Melanie Draper         Ethan Dery
32:19   Melanie Tolloch 2nd Female   58:57   Mary Rodriguez
32:19   Jean-Romain Botembe          58:58   Amber Dutchak          Ravine Ravens Check in 2:56
32:36   Kelsey Clark 3rd Female      59:17   Earl Bothwell          Gary Millard
32:57   Dale Walper                  59:29   Nicholas Cherniwchan   Brynna Millard
33:49   Bailey Lever                 60:14   Joan Vlasschaert       Maya Millard
33:49   Loraine Lever                60:38   Susan Keller           Jodi Marshall
34:03   Nadine Gamache               62:25   Melanie Janzen
35:25   Marnie Gallant               62:46   Karen Blasetti         The Happy Holoboffs Check in 3:04
35:46   Jennifer Dowler              63:27   Donna Moore            James Holoboff
37:00   Chantal Somers               64:14   Debbie Willms          Sophie Holoboff
37:52   Janet Sullivan               65:10   Jake Harris            Nicholas Holoboff
40:43   Brenda Borgeson              66:42   Tara Harris            Nicole Holoboff
40:44   Rhonda Risdale               66:43   Neil Ross
41:40   Lanna Hojski                 68:32   Pamela Frey            The Blackett Clan Check in 3:05
41:52   Ramona Remesat               69:00   Bart Peake             Jennifer Blackett
42:20   Rachel Remesat               69:00   Bonnie Taylor          Lindsay Blackett
42:54   Megan Barnett                69:07   Brad Nightingale       Jasmine Blackett
51:42   Hilda Leon                   69:26   Arielle Douglas        Samuel Blackett
52:07   Wendy Heibert                69:26   Leah Campbell
59:14   Paula Coxson                 70:16   Chet Dobson            Sobeys Pharmacy Phish Check in
59:14   Sebrina Fystro               71:48   Vreny Pegoraro         3:09
61:32   Nicole Clark                 71:50   Khriza Castejon        Lori Kroon
61:32   Ryan Clark                   73:47   Angela Scrivens        Maxine Mitchell
                                     77:10   Patti Morris           Audrey Lemessurier
10K                                  77:10   Shawna Dubord          Wendy Fyffe
41:49   Ken McWilliams 1st Male
41:55   Carl Miller 2nd Male         Chase                          Mixed Nuts Check in 3:10
44:48   Gary Millard 3rd Male        Spasmodics Check in 1:55PM     Doris Szeto
47:55   Greg Barnett                 Margot Sherrington             Jerry Koppenol
51:15   Jeffery Miller               Ian Sherrington                Alex Koppenol
51:57   Lawrence Keller              Fiona Sherrington              R. Stagg
52:15   Kim Maguire 1st Female       Jenna Sherrington
53:03   Andrew Dalton                                               The RugRats Check in 3:15
53:13   Steve Morin                  Schnellsters Check in 2:05     Calleigh Regan
53:33   Brett Hillier                Lon Brewster                   Ryan Ferguson
54:31   Stacey Kelley 2nd Female     Jodi Brewster                  Nicolas Regan
54:40   Roy Baxter                   Andrew Schnell                 Christopher Regan
55:29   Tasha Carty 3rd Female       Pam Schnell
56:21   Michele Twerdun
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      OCTOBER 2010                                                          15

In Our Community
Tuscany Sports Our Schools
                                                                                       as well as to give some time for some
                                            Tuscany                                    of our parents to come on board with
                                                                                       these changes.
                                           Tuscany School has had a tremendous
                                           start to the school year with a big         Our school would like to thank
                                           focus on safety. Our Kiss N Drop,           • Honorable Lindsay Blackett,
                                           Crosswalk Patrol and Parking Patrol           Alderman Dale Hodges, Constable
Sports in Tuscany!                         programs have gotten off to a great           Roy Moe, St. Basil School and the
• 95 soccer and 8 ball teams had an        start and they couldn’t have done so          Community Association for their
  exhilarating season                      without the help of so many parents,          participation in the Safe Routes to
• 2000 people enjoyed the sports           staff members and community                   program and for their help with our
  BBQ                                      members generously giving of their            first and second days of school.
• 200 coaches gave their time and          time.                                       • Dougie White of St. Basils for all
  knowledge each week                                                                    his time in meeting with us about
• 700 families enjoyed watching their      This month, our grade 4 students will         Parking Patrol and then helping us
  children and siblings play soccer        be beginning their duties as Crosswalk        to implement everything.
  and ball                                 Patrollers. Please give them special        • Annette, Anil and the amazing St.
                                           consideration by slowing down at our          Basil Crosswalk patrollers (Katie,
Thank you to the hundreds of               crosswalks in order to ensure their           Victoria, Alexis, Billy, Jesslyn,
volunteers who came together to            safety and success as they volunteer          Taylor and Krysta) who volunteered
organize teams, collect fees, distribute   to help people cross safely in our busy       their time on our first two days
equipment and wrap hotdogs.                school zone.                                  of school to help us start our
                                                                                         Crosswalk Patrol off on the right
Thank you to Albi Homes, Landmark          Our Parking Patrol program has met            foot.
Homes and Tim Horton’s for their           with a great deal of success with           • All the parent volunteers (32 in all)
donations in support of the Soccer and     the majority of parents being polite          who gave their time this month to
T-Ball jerseys.                            and understanding when approached             Kiss N Drop, Crosswalk Patrol and
                                           about a parking infraction. We have           Parking Patrol.
Thank you to the following sponsors        already seen a difference in parking
for their support of the 2010 Sports       and driving choices being made at           We hope you have a great October.
BBQ:                                       our school but, as we all know, Rome        If you’d like more information about
                                           wasn’t built in a day so please be          our school and these programs, please
• Starbucks Tuscany                        patient as we all work to get this right,   visit our website at schools.cbe.ab.ca/
• Darren Cameron - Royal LePage                                                        b393.
  “Your Tuscany Realtor”
• Sobeys Tuscany
• Home Depot Tuscany

Registration for the 2011 season will
begin next February. Look for signs in
the community in January.

The TCA Youth Outdoor Sport
Programs are already planning for
the 2011 season. If you are interested
in helping please contact soccer@
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                        17

Our Schools
 École St.                                   Stop Your Engines: Idle Free Zones

Hello and welcome back from the staff
of École St. Sylvester School. The
new school year has begun. The kids
and staff welcomed the new school
year with bright smiling faces and we
all got into the swing of things right
away. September included such events
as the Meet the Teacher Barbecue,
parent teacher meetings and the school
opening mass held at St. Peter’s.
As well, a sacramental recognition
celebration took place at St. Luke          Please turn off your engine when            suspension, steering and wheel
Parish attended by Bishop Frederick         you are parked somewhere and when           bearings.
Henry, priests and deacons from             you are dropping off or picking up        • Even under winter conditions, fuel
Calgary and surrounding areas, students     your children from school or another        injected engines require only about
who received and the family members         location. Read below some facts from        30 seconds to a couple of minutes
of students who were recognized.            the City of Calgary website.                of idling to circulate oil through
It was a wonderful celebration                                                          the engine. If your windows are
recognizing Calgary Catholic School         Why Vehicle Idling is a Problem             clear, the best way to warm your
District students who received one or       When vehicles are left running while        vehicle in cold weather is to drive
more sacraments during the 2009-2010        parked, they produce emissions that         it - avoiding high speeds and rapid
school year, a milestone year marking       contribute to air pollution and climate     acceleration for the first 5 km.
125 years of Catholic education.            change, affecting our health and          • If we could reduce the idling of
                                            the environment. Putting a stop to          all of Calgary’s vehicles by just
École St. Sylvester will continue to        engine idling is an easy way to reduce      1 minute per day, in one year we
accept registrations for students new to    emissions, save money, and protect          would reduce Calgary’s greenhouse
the communities within the boundaries       your vehicle’s engine!                      gas emissions by 11,200 tonnes,
of the school. A baptismal certificate                                                  save over 4.7 million liters of fuel
is expected, however if you are not         The Truth About Idling:                     and over $3 million!
Catholic, please call the school and        • More than 10 seconds of idling uses     • According to Clean Calgary, an
talk to the office staff (403-500-2063)       more fuel than turning your engine        idling engine actually releases more
as space may be available for residents       off and restarting it again. So if        harmful emissions than an engine
of Silver Springs. Feel free to visit our     you stop for more than 10 seconds,        does during driving.
school website at cssd.ab.ca/schools/         except in traffic, turn off your
stsylvester to learn more about our           engine!                                 Please be considerate of the children
school. École St. Sylvester School          • Excessive idling can cause engine       and caregivers who are walking to and
is a place where caring, respect,             damage.                                 from school. The exhaust fumes from
responsibility, trust, and family are       • Idling is NOT an effective means        idling cars are hazardous to our health
taught and lived!                             for warming up your vehicle in the      and the environment, not to mention
                                              winter. Idling does nothing to warm     unnecessary. Do your part - help to
We are all looking forward to what            your vehicle’s transmission, tires,     make Tuscany idle free!
October has in store!
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      OCTOBER 2010                                                         19

In Our Community
 Community Garden Coming to Tuscany!
Community Meeting on
Thursday October 14, 7-9 pm.

The Tuscany Community Garden
Steering Committee is thrilled to have
recently received approval from The
City of Calgary Parks to construct a
community garden at the corner of
Tuscany Hill and Tuscany Meadows
Drive. The concept plan has been
completed and includes raised beds
for rental, some communal beds and
fruit trees and a central gathering place
for all members of the community to
gather and enjoy the space. The next
phase is to get fundraising in order to
be ready to build in May 2011. We
have an ambitious plan and need your
                                            • An understanding of plants and          last fall. She is a Mount Royal College
The Steering Committee will be                nature for children, youth and adults   Interior Design graduate and worked
hosting a community meeting at the          • Less expensive organic food             as a high-end kitchen designer for
Tuscany Club on Thursday, October           • Encourages active living                seven years before joining Ina two
14 at 7:00 pm to present the concept        • Collaboration and exchange of           years ago. She loves using her design,
plan and to get your ideas and help           gardening knowledge and expertise       drafting and space planning skills in
on different fundraising opportunities      • Increases neighbourhood security        her new design field.
over the winter months. And with              and safety
that in mind, please bring your wallets     • A place to escape the fast pace of      Specializing in beautiful and
as we’ll be selling tickets to win            urban life                              functional landscapes, Ina along with
Death By Chocolate for Two at the           • Models “green” living in our            Suzanne at Garden Designs employ
Palliser hotel. In the meantime you           community                               their extensive knowledge of plants,
can check us out at our blog: http://                                                 site analysis, and design principles
tuscanygarden.wordpress.com/.               The Designers                             to create pleasing, practical and
                                            Ina Kitchner & Suzanne Van Hill           ecologically sound landscapes.
What is a Community Garden?
A community garden is a single              Ina Kitchener is a Tuscany resident       William Dorman
piece of land gardened collectively         who has spent almost 20 years helping     Garden design and planning is being
by a group of people. Gardens can           people successfully implement             done with assistance from William
be exclusively vegetable or flower          their landscaping ideas. She is winner    Dorman, owner of Renaissance
gardens or a combination of both.           of the 2003 Calgary Award for             Landscaping. Mr. Dorman is a
                                            Environmental Achievement for her         Tuscany resident who has served
Benefits of a Community Garden              Design of the Cornerstone Gardens         as a board member at the Calgary
• Beautification of our physical            at Calgary Christian School: A            Horticultural Society and is an active
  environment                               Schoolyard Naturalization Project.        volunteer for gardening causes
• A place to gather as a community                                                    throughout Calgary.
  and develop friendships                   Suzanne Van Hill moved to Tuscany
THE TUSCANY SUN                                    OCTOBER 2010                                                     21

In Our Community
                                                                                  Your Tuscany
                                                                                 The TCA is a non-profit organization
                                                                                 run by a core group of volunteers
                                                                                 who are committed to the needs and
Support Tuscany!                                                                 constructive development of Tuscany
                                                                                 and its community. The TCA has
Buy Your Community Membership Today!                                             a broad mandate to represent the
                                                                                 community to external stakeholders

                                                                                 such as the City and to provide

                                                                                 community sports programs. We also
                                      ...do you have your                        have an emphasis to preserve and
                   Community Association membership yet?                         protect the natural environments in

  Benefits of Membership                                                         This year, the TCA is focusing
                                                                                 its efforts on three broad goals –
  • A healthier and more enjoyable        • Effective representation and         community cohesiveness, traffic
    community through the provision         advocacy to external third parties   safety and the development of youth
    of community sports and                 about issues of concern to the       programs in Tuscany. If you would
    recreation activities like soccer –     community, including public          like to participate in the development
    your membership contributes to          health and safety, development       and implementation of these goals, the
    the costs of operation                  and the natural environment          TCA is always looking for committed
  • Insurance coverage to participate     • Maintenance and preservation of      volunteers. For more information,
    in Community Association                the natural environment,             contact president@tuscanyca.ca or
    organized sports, such as soccer        including Twelve Mile Coulee         go to our website at
  • Discounted insurance rates -          • A safer community through our
    email president@tuscanyca.ca            advocacy on traffic and other
  • Up-to-date information about            safety issues
    issues affecting you and the          • Pride and a sense of community
    community through the Tuscany           through participation in
    Sun and our website                     community activities

                    YES! I would like to become a member of
                      the Tuscany Community Association

      Go to www.tuscanyca.ca to register online
             for your membership today!
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                          23

In Our City
NW Recreational Centre Update
Our NW Recreation Centre May              1. Rallying Council to prioritize           There are many needs for a city
Be in Jeopardy!                              recreation                               and not enough financial resources
Attention: Residents of NW Calgary.       2. Allocating promised budgets              to satisfy those needs. There’s no
Ask yourself the following question:      3. Removing bureaucratic hurdles            question the CNRCS is biased toward
What’s more important for the well        4. Championing the delivery of new          recreation as a top priority. But our
being of Calgarians of all ages: a           facilities, including a NW recreation    team has learned there is a strong
billion dollar tunnel, new roads, a $20      centre, until they are built             feeling among NW residents that this
million designer bridge or recreation                                                 centre is a good thing, it’s needed
facilities?                               The pending election is the best            now and the need for the facility will
                                          opportunity for NW residents to             increase as this quadrant of Calgary
In September 2007, I attended a           voice their concerns about the lack         expands.
breakfast where Mayor Bronconnier         of progress on this project. The next
announced $300 million of funding         mayor will set the City Hall agenda         In 2007, the CNRCS was told we
for three new recreation centres and      for the next four years. If recreation is   could have a centre by 2012. At the
facility upgrades, including $70          not prioritized, a new NW recreation        current pace, even if this project
million for a NW recreation centre.       centre will become a fleeting fantasy.      started in early 2011, we’ll be lucky
                                                                                      to have a new centre operating in
The Calgary NW Recreation Centre          When casting your ballot, we suggest        2016. What happens if the incoming
Society (CNRCS) was formed                the core criteria of your choice for        mayor doesn’t include recreation as a
shortly thereafter, as 11 community       mayor include assessing their stated        cornerstone for their mandate?
associations formed a partnership         commitment levels to construct this
to work with the City to make this        centre and their passion for recreation.    Sandor Kiss
facility a reality. So where are we at    To assist you, we’ve researched             Chair, CNRCS
today?                                    the priorities and background for           cnrcs.info@gmail.com
• No committed land*                      each candidate and their views on
• No confirmed timelines                  recreation. Visit our website at cnrcs.
• No clarity on next steps                ca for a summary.
• No shovels in the ground

*Note: The province offered
provincially owned land (near the
Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak Wal-Mart off
Stoney Trail and Country Hills Blvd)
to the City to build the centre on.
Negotiations for some type of transfer
(land swap, lease, City purchase) have
been ongoing for about one year.

I commend Aldermen Dale Hodges
and Gord Lowe, and MLA Lindsay
Blackett for their support of this
project and efforts to date. But
what our group feels is critical is a
new Mayor who will commit to the
construction of a NW recreation centre
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      OCTOBER 2010                                                        25

In Our City                                                                           Be a Homework
                                           details, contest                           Hero
 Alderman's                                rules and
                                           entry forms,                              The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary
 Report                                    please visit the
                                           City’s website
                                                                                     invites you to be a Homework Hero,
                                                                                     and share your quest for knowledge
                                           calgary.ca                                with children and youth in the
In my previous article for the Tuscany
                                           and search for                            community. Homework Hero is an
Newsletter, I provided some current
                                           Bowmont Park Photo Contest. Entry         afterschool program that provides
information on the Stoney Trail/
                                           deadline is October 8, 2010.              students in grades three to 12 with
Nose Hill Drive NW Interchange and
                                                                                     access to academic tutoring at both the
Bowmont Park. In this article I am
                                           Help Prevent Dutch Elm Disease            community clubs and group homes
including information on a couple of
                                           Alberta has the largest stand of Dutch    facilities. Volunteers can engage youth
great topics: the Bowmont Natural
                                           elm disease (DED)-free American           and excite their imaginations with
Environment Park and Help Prevent
                                           elms in the world and Calgarians          math, social studies, language arts and
Dutch Elm Disease.
                                           can help keep our trees healthy and       other interesting subjects.
                                           disease-free into the future.DED is
Bowmont Natural Environment
                                           a fungus that clogs the tree’s water      “Volunteerism profoundly impacts
                                           conducting system, causing it to die.     communities. This is an opportunity
Did you know that today’s volunteers
                                                                                     for people to provide mentorship to
play a major role when it comes to
                                           This fungus is primarily spread           children and youth, grow and expand
the health, needs and protection of
                                           from one elm tree to another by the       their skills, and network with a
this major natural environment park?
                                           European elm bark beetle. This beetle     diverse group of people,” says Nicky
Crews invest many countless hours
                                           is attracted to weak and dying trees      Blackshaw, volunteer specialist.
of hand picking weeds, such as the
                                           because they serve as breeding sites.     “The goal for Homework Heroes is
Crested Wheatgrass Seed Head to help
                                           Once the beetles mature, they fly to      to enhance the value of education
prevent further spreading. Restoration
                                           healthy elms to feed, and in doing so,    for children and youth, and to enable
plantings have been installed on
                                           transport the fungus on their bodies      them to feel good about learning while
“Fournier Island” and within the
                                           from one tree to the next.                confronting the barriers that create
Wildlife Preservation Area. Please
                                                                                     academic challenges for them.”
also take note that the Hogsback
                                           Symptoms include leaves that wilt,
escarpment is now closed to the public
                                           droop, curl, become yellow and brown      The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary
for restoration because of the severity
                                           and may drop prematurely. Leaf            facilitates several programs that
of the erosion that has taken place over
                                           symptoms are accompanied by brown         provide educational support and
                                           staining under the bark.                  career development. These programs
                                                                                     enhance the opportunity for students
Construction information signs on the
                                           For City-owned trees displaying           to progress in the classroom and
Storm Water Retrofit Project for two
                                           symptoms, contact 3-1-1. For              challenge barriers to learning. Taking
new wet ponds should be installed
                                           privately owned elm trees with            the “work” out of homework promotes
around the end of September. The new
                                           symptoms, contact your local tree care    learning and education, and empowers
wet ponds will not only protect our
                                           professional and call 3-1-1 to report     kids and youth to thrive academically.
waterways but they will also benefit
                                           confirmed cases.
park users, wildlife, rivers and the
                                                                                     If you are interested in becoming a
natural environment landscape.
                                           Calgary’s elm trees not only provide      Homework Hero and for information
                                           shade and aesthetic appeal, they are      on how you can volunteer at the Boys
The Bowmont Natural Environment
                                           an important part of Calgary’s urban      and Girls Clubs of Calgary, visit
Park Committee is once again
                                           forest, which is one of the assets that   boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca or
conducting their amateur photo
                                           make this city a great place to live,     contact volunteer specialist Nicky
contest. All photos must be taken
                                           work and play.                            Blackshaw at nblackshaw@bgcc.
within the park between November 1,
                                                                                     ab.ca or 403-520-1548.
2009 and October 1, 2010. For more         From the office of Dale Hodges
THE TUSCANY SUN                                         OCTOBER 2010                                                               27

In Our City
 Calgary Connection
Bags, Babies & Beyond: Handcrafted           and Edgemont Superstore weekends               City Links main switchboard at
purses, accessories, baby & toddler          in October. Help to support the Spark,         403-974-3112.
items, jackets, pet accessories & more.      Brownie, Guide, Pathfinder and Ranger
Oct. 15, 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Oct.      units in the Nitanisak District. If you miss   Be a Homework Hero and help take
16, 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. South Calgary      the opportunity to purchase                    the ‘work’ out of homework! The Boys
Community Association, 3130 – 16 St.         cookies, please contact Pam at                 and Girls Clubs of Calgary is looking for
S.W. Profits support the Grandmothers of     403-275-7761.                                  volunteers for our afterschool program
Africa who are raising the AIDs orphans.                                                    that provides students in grades 3 to 12
403-931-3539 or ujamaagrandmas@              Homeless Awareness Calgary Commit-             with access to academic tutoring. www.
platinum.ca.                                 tee (HAC): Focuses on educating people         boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca or 403-
                                             about the realities of homelessness and        520-1548 for more information.
Depression Research Study – Volun-           inspiring our communities to take action.
teers Needed: The Depression Research        The highlight of HAC’s year is Home-           The Calgary Sketch Club: Art show
Laboratory at the U of C is investigat-      less Awareness Week (HAW), observed            and sale will be held at the River Park
ing the relationship between mood and        the 3rd week of September. For more            Church, 3818 – 14A Street S.W. on the
thinking. If you are an adult between 18     information on HAW or to engage a guest        corner of 37th Ave. and 14A St. S.W. on
and 65, have had one or more previous        speaker at your own community event,           Saturday, October 16, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00
episodes of depression but are not cur-      visit                                          p.m.
rently depressed, please call Laurie Ching   www.homelessawareness.ca.
at 403-455-5963. All inquiries will be                                                      Mayoral Forum: Get informed! Make
kept confidential.                           Global Festival Sale: Oct. 29, 6:00 p.m.       your vote count! You're invited to a
                                             – 8:00 p.m. Oct. 30, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.     Mayoral Forum to hear the candidates
Calgary Block Parent Association             & Oct. 31, 12:00 p.m. –                        running for Calgary's top job share their
2010/11 School Calendar: Purchase            2:00 p.m. at the Woodcliff United              views on our great city. Wednesday,
a 16-month calendar and contribute to        Church, 5010 Spruce Dr. S.W. (south en-        October 6, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the
community safety. 403-269-6460 or            trance to Edworthy Park). Find wonderful       Southcentre Mall Centre Court. Moder-
www.CalgaryBlockParent.ca.                   treasures for yourself or to give as gifts,    ated by Nirmala Naidoo, CBC Calgary
                                             such as hand knit cotton & alpaca sweat-       News Anchor.
Guiding’s 100th Anniversary: Oct. 3,         ers, baskets, nativity sets, ornaments,
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Parkdale United        instruments, games, coffee, tea, chocolate     Support Public Education in Election
Church, 2918 8 ave N.W. For former           & much more.                                   2010: Volunteer on a trustee candidate's
Girl Guide members. Please preregister       www.woodcliffunited.com                        campaign; attend a Trustee Forum; and
by emailing homecoming@calgary-                                                             VOTE on October 18. For more infor-
girlguides.com or calling 403-283-8348,      Girl Guides Registration for 2010-             mation: 403-294-8259 or cbe.ab.ca/
ext 222. $10 at the door & a Food Bank       2011 Programs: Sparks, ages 5-6 ;              trustees/elections.asp
donation.                                    Brownies, ages 7-8; Guides, ages 9-11;
                                             Pathfinders, ages 12-14; Rangers 15-17;        Calgary Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue
4Kids Provincial Lottery: Proceeds           Leaders 18+. Please call 1-800-565-8111        Support Group Meeting: We meet at
provide funding for crisis care, family      for more information.                          the Arthritis Society offices at 1301-8 St.
support and mentoring for children and                                                      S.W. Admittance is free. Meetings are
youth. Cash prizes ranging from              The City Links Employment Prepara-             fragrance free.Saturday, October 16, 2:00
$100 to $700,000. Tickets are $25            tion Program of The City of Calgary            p.m. – 4:00 p.m. There will be 2 speak-
each, 4 for $60, and 10 for $100.            Seniors Services Division is currently         ers: CPP and disability applications and
www.4kidslottery.ca or 1-877-508-6192.       accepting new clients for light house-         Herbs and Nutrition. To register to attend
                                             keeping, yard maintenance and snow             call Liz at 403-699-9686 or Rochelle at
Girl Guide Cookies: Chocolaty Mint           removal services. For more information         403-241-9059.
Cookies for sale at the Hamptons Coop        and eligibility criteria call the
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                                      29

In Our City
                                                                                     Tickets, admission or registration may be required
 Events In and Around Calgary                                                        for events. Event details are believed correct as of
                                                                                                 press time but may change at any time.

11th Annual Ambulance Chasers             Playing for Change Concert: Oct.              Scary Puter & the Corrupted Hard
Charity Run and Walk: Oct. 1,             13, 8:00 p.m. MacEwan Hall, U of C.           Drive Comic Mystery: Oct. 22,
7:00 p.m. Join the Calgary EMS            Join Inn from the Cold for an evening         Deane House Restaurant & Historic
Foundation for a family fun run or        celebrating our community’s commit-           Site. Four course, served meal &
walk with numerous prizes for partici-    ment to ending homelessness, featur-          show. Computer wizards and glitch
pants. Contact Pat at 403-955-9607        ing international musical sensation           witches work their magic against the
or pat.weigel@emsfoundation.ca            Playing for Change. Tickets: $35.             evil Lady Scuzzyport, who enforces
                                          www.innfromthecold.org                        conformity. www.greatfun.ca
Calgary Baby & Tot Show: Oct.
2 – 3, BMO Centre. Come and see a         Rocky Mountain Food & Wine                    BEYOND An Artisan Marketplace:
wide variety of exhibitors showcasing     Festival: Oct. 14 – 16, BMO Centre.           Oct. 22 – Oct. 24, Blackfoot Inn.
a variety of products and services and    Enjoy an array of samples of interna-         Meet 50 amazing Artists and Artisans
much more! www.calgarybabyshow.ca         tional wines, port, scotch, liqueurs,         with work from painting, pottery,
                                          beer, spirits, and delicious food sam-        glass, wood, fashion accessories,
Heritage Park - Thanksgiving              ples prepared by Calgary’s restaurants.       jewellery and more. Begin your
Thank You Weekend: Oct. 9 – 11,           www.rockymountainwine.com                     Christmas shopping at BEYOND.
Heritage Park Historical Village.                                                       www.beyondmarketplace.com
Enjoy free rides all during this appre-   Con-Version 26: Oct. 15 – 17,
ciation weekend. A traditional Thanks-    Quality Inn Calgary Airport. Calgary's        Cochrane & Area Humane Society
giving meal is served throughout the      longest running Science fiction,              Book Sale: Oct. 22 – 24, 62 Griffin
weekend at the Wainwright Hotel.          fantasy and horror convention.                Industrial Point, Cochrane. Used book
www.heritagepark.ca                       www.con-version.org                           sale with all proceeds benefitting the
                                                                                        shelter. www.cochranehumane.com
Thanksgiving Memory Walk and              Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival:
Run: Oct. 10, Eau Claire Market. The      Oct. 15 – 17, BMO Centre. A number            Halloween Howl Calgary: Oct. 23,
Alzheimer Society of Calgary's sig-       of art forms will be on display includ-       Eau Claire Market. 10 km run, 5 km
nature family event. Register for the     ing sculpture and painting, and the fes-      run/walk, 10 km/5 km teams run or 3
event through the Running Room.           tival will also include all things related    km fun run/walk. Costumes encour-
www.AlzheimerCalgary.com                  to and associated with tattoo culture.        aged. In support of ADF-Diabetes Re-
                                          www.calgarytattoos.com                        search. www.events.runningroom.com

 Concerts                                 Calgary Fall Antiques Show & Sale:
                                          Oct. 16 – 18, Big Four Building, Stam-
                                                                                        Boo at the Zoo: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1, Cal-
                                                                                        gary Zoo. Take a terrifying journey
• Great Big Sea: Oct. 27, Jubilee         pede Park. Top Dealers from across            that will surely delight your 3-12 year
• The Trews: Oct. 29, MacEwan Hall        Canada offering deluxe antiques               old. www.calgaryzoo.com
• Grease: Nov. 2 – 4, 5 – 7, Jubilee      and vintage bargains.
• B.B. King: Nov. 8, Jubilee              www.antiquesbydesignshows.com                 Heritage Park After Dark: Oct 27
• 3OH!3: Nov. 10, MacEwan Hall                                                          – 30. Heritage Park. Get ready for the
• April Wine: Nov. 13, Deerfoot Inn       The Anti Graffiti Symposium                   ghosts and ghouls to come out! Enjoy
  & Casino                                (TAGS) 2010: Oct 19 & 20, Coast               this spooktacular Halloween favourite!
• Barra MacNeils Christmas Con-           Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre.              www.heritagepark.ca
  cert: Nov. 24, Knox United Church       Open to individuals working for
• Stuart McLean Vinyl Café                municipalities, law-enforcement agen-         Cocktails for Critters: Nov. 6, Hotel
  Christmas: Dec. 2 & 3, Jubilee          cies, departments of justice, schools,        Arts. A celebration of people and
• Carrie Underwood: Dec. 19,              community groups, businessesses and           pet art and fashion in support of the
  Pengrowth Saddledome                    other agencies affected by graffiti van-      Calgary humane Society.
                                          dalism. www.tagsconference.com                www.calgaryhumane.ca
THE TUSCANY SUN                                  OCTOBER 2010                                                         31

In Our City
Bowness Library                          Crowfoot Library                         City News
It’s Big. VERY BIG.                     • The Nesting Dolls by Gail Bowen:       A Sign Regulation,
Calgary Public Library presents           Oct. 29, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. No      Policy and Review
One Book, One Calgary: November           registration required.                 project is underway.
2010. Come together by reading the      • Home Rehab Expo: Oct. 16,              One issue is where
same book.                                12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. No              digital freestand-
                                          registration required.                 ing and digital third party advertising
Mavericks: An Incorrigible History      • Beyond Borders Film Series:            will be permissible: near residential
of Alberta by Aritha van Herk             Oct. 2, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. No       communities, brightness and off-site
Join the conversation. Realize            registration required.                 impacts; safety issues, and near major
the possibilities! Pick up your         • Discover Your Style for Women:         roads, intersections, and other transit/
copy at your local branch or visit        Oct. 5, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.          transportation. The interim measures
calgarypubliclibrary.com                • Fire and Ice: Oct. 9, 11:00 a.m. –     were only for direct control districts.
                                          12:00 p.m. Ages 5 to 12.               The new rules and uses will be added
October 2010 Programs                   • Colour Therapy: Oct. 13, 7:00 p.m.     to the land use bylaw and are due no
Conversation Café at Your Library         – 8:30 p.m.                            later than December 2010. If you have
Drop-in for an afternoon of             • Citizenship Preparation Class:         any questions, you can contact Ken
stimulating conversations with people     Oct. 23, 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.         Melanson at the City 403-268-3775.
who have diverse views and a shared
passion for engaging with others.       DID YOU KNOW? Read With Me               There is a Multi-Residential District
No registration required. Tuesdays,     is a program designed to enhance         Review (from townhouse to large
September 7 to December 28 from 2 to    reading level skills and interest        multi-storey, apartment buildings).
3:30 p.m.                               in reading; through one-on-one           The aims are to have more flexibility
                                        interaction between an adult volunteer   and potential for mixed-use,
Check out NEW library programs this     and a child in grades 1-6. Find out      in a market which accounts for nearly
fall:                                   more at the library!                     one-third of Calgary’s housing units.
• Drop-In Family Storytime;                                                      There are different cycles of develop-
• Drugs and Teens;                      Visit www.calgarypubliclibrary.com       ment. In developing areas, there is no
• CyberSeniors Connect;                 for more information on these            established pattern of development. In
• Discover Your Style for Women         programs. Registration is required for   developed areas, rules should reflect
And more… for more information          all programs unless otherwise noted.     what already exists in the community.
call 403-260-2620 or visit                                                       For more information, you can contact
calgarypubliclibrary.com.                                                        Lisa Kahn 403-268-1456 and Lauren
                                                                                 Morhart 403-268-3738.

                                                                                 City Council invites individuals to vol-
                                                                                 unteer their time and expertise. Ab-
                                                                                 original Urban Affairs, Audit Commit-
                                                                                 tee, Accessibility, Airport Authority,
                                                                                 Public Art Board, and Public Library
                                                                                 Board are only a few of the eighteen
                                                                                 boards, commissions, and committees.
                                                                                 To be eligible, an applicant must be an
                                                                                 elector/resident/citizen. Visit www.
                                                                                 calgary.ca for details or contact the
                                                                                 City Clerk’s Office at 403-268-5861.

                                                                                 Anne Burke
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          33

In Our City
 Halloween Safety                                                                      Firewater
Alberta Health Services EMS would                                                      This upscale pub located at 222, 7th
like to remind parents and trick-or-                                                   St. S.W. caters to a dynamic crowd.
treaters of some basic Halloween
safety tips as October 31st approaches.                                                The menu is sure to please even the
As a member of the UNICEF Partners                                                     pickiest eater. There are wings and
for Safety, ambulances, along with                                                     potato skins for those who prefer
police, fire, transit and Shaw Cable         been tampered with, or that are not       typical “pub grub”. If you are more
vehicles will be out patrolling              properly wrapped.                         adventurous, I recommend the Hun-
communities on Halloween night to                                                      garian Mushroom Soup—it had the
provide a visible safety resource for       Costumes                                   right amount of spice to add kick,
parents and trick-or-treaters.              • Choose bright colored costumes that      and was hearty, robust, and full of
                                              are highly visible. Adding reflective    flavour.
Trick-or-Treaters                             tape to costumes further increases
• Remember: all regular pedestrian            visibility.                              For the main course, I loved the Kung
  rules still apply. Be sure to cross the   • Consider sending your children with      Pao. The noodles were pan fried to
  road at marked cross walks or well          a flashlight for additional safety and   perfection and complimented with
  lit corners only. It is safest to work      increased visibility.                    seasonal vegetables. The Tequila
  your way up one side of the street        • When purchasing or making                Shrimp and Crab was decadent and
  and then cross once to the other side.      costumes, look for materials and         left me wanting more.
• Stay away from houses that are not          accessories that are labeled flame-
  well lit and do not accept rides from       resistant.                               Be sure to try one of their “soon to be
  strangers or enter any home you feel      • All costume accessories, such as         famous” martinis. I recommend the
  is unsafe.                                  sticks, rods or wands, should be soft    Key Lime Pie—it actually tasted like
• Let your parents know where you are         and flexible with no sharp edges.        taking a bite out of a key lime pie!
  going to be at all times and advise       • Consider using hypoallergenic make-
  them if you will be late returning.         up kits instead of masks that may        Firewater is truly the “little black
                                              impair vision or breathing.              dress” of downtown. It is perfect for
Parents                                     • Be sure costumes are loose enough        unwinding after a long day of work,
• Be certain that young trick-or-             to be worn over warm clothing – but      watching the game with friends or
  treaters are accompanied by an adult.       not so baggy or long they become a       even a night out with the guys or
  Older children should stay in groups        tripping hazard. Costumes should not     girls—complete with golden tee
  of three or more.                           be longer than your child’s ankles.      golf and free pool. High definition
• Pre-determine boundaries to trick-or-     • Ensure your child is wearing             screens adorn the walls, providing
  treat within and establish a firm time      adequate foot wear that takes into       a great angle to catch every crucial
  to return home.                             consideration weather conditions and     play, no matter where you are sitting
• Advise children not to eat anything         walking.                                 in this multi-level chic venue. The
  until they return home. Dispose                                                      versatility of Firewater will not disap-
  of any items that appear to have          Alberta Health Services                    point even the most discerning critic.

                                                                                       Megan Hidson
 Halloween: What’s in A Name?                                                                      Food * * * *
 The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish             Atmosphere * * * *
 variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Eve, that is, the night before All Hallows Day.               Service * * * * *

 Halloween has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holi-
 day of All Saints’ Day.                                                               Restaurant Review
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        OCTOBER 2010                                                        35

In Our City
 No Cost Spay/Neuter Program:                                                          Stunning Book
 Benefitting Calgarians and Their Pets                                                 by Martel
As responsible pet owners already            through cat licensing.                    Fans of Life of
know, spaying or neutering your pets                                                   Pi will want to
increases the likelihood that they will      Starting this fall, Calgarians will be    pick up Yann
enjoy good health and a long life. It        able to submit an application to          Martel’s newest
also helps to reduce pet overpopulation      qualify for free spaying or neutering     novel Beatrice
and the thousands of homeless and un-        of their cats or dogs. Application        & Virgil (Al-
wanted animals that end up in shelters       forms and eligibility requirements        fred A. Knopf
every year. The City of Calgary Ani-         will be available on-line at calgary.     Canada).
mal & Bylaw Services is proud to fulfill     ca/animalservices or by calling 3-1-1
phase three of a commitment made to          and having applications mailed out.       When you begin
Calgarians to assist in controlling the      Pet owners can also come in person        reading this
cat overpopulation problem in our city.      to the Animal Services Centre at 2201     novel, you will initially think this
Phase three is the start up of our no-cost   Portland Street S.E. to obtain their      is truly crazy, off-the-wall stuff. A
spay/neuter program for low income           application form.                         writer meets up with an old taxi-
Calgarians.                                                                            dermist, who creates a play about a
                                             To request the assistance of an inter-    donkey (Beatrice) and her howler
This program follows the first two           preter or to be connected to the No       monkey friend (Virgil). As you
phases which were the implementa-            Cost Spay/Neuter Program Adminis-         read, the story soon captivates you.
tion of the Responsible Pet Ownership        trator, citizens can call 3-1-1.
Bylaw in 2007, making cat licensing                                                    By the end, you will be stunned
mandatory, and the grand opening of          Animal & Bylaw Services believes          by the impact of this book. “Once
the new Animal Services Centre Clinic        this important step will help Calgary     you’ve been struck by violence,
in 2009. Since the opening of the clin-      continue to be known as a city of best    you acquire companions that never
ic, spay and neuter surgeries have been      practices. Working together with our      leave you entirely: Suspicion, Fear,
performed by our in-house veterinar-         Responsible Pet Ownership Group           Anxiety, Despair, Joylessness.” The
ians for our own adoptable animals.          partners we continue towards the vi-      “games” at the end of the book will
This soon expanded to include cats           sion of a city where all animals are      challenge your deepest beliefs.
through the Spay/Neuter Assistance           wanted and humanely treated.
Program (SNAP). All operational costs                                                  Martel, who now lives in Saskatoon,
for the clinic are completely funded         Animal & Bylaw Services                   has created a superb new piece
                                                                                       of work.

 Addressing the Problem...                                                             Book of the Month
Often times, when members of Com-            For your safety, please be aware that
munity Services & Protective Services        under the Community Standards
or Alberta Health Services/Emergency         Bylaw, your address must be clearly
Medical Services respond to a call,          displayed at the back of your property,
time is of the essence. When ac-             if adjacent to an alley or public walk-   "People forget how fast
cessing a property from an alley, the        way. Calgary Fire, CPS and Animal         you did a job—but they
difficulty comes when addresses are          & Bylaw Services appreciate your
not clearly displayed at the back of         support and assistance.                   remember how well
the home. It is even more difficult in                                                 you did it."
areas where houses are built in close        Animal & Bylaw Services                                     Howard Newton
proximity to one another.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          37

In Our City
 Why Vote?
On October 18, 2010, adult Albertans        system we currently live with,
will be eligible to vote in municipal       and voting is how we participate.
elections. In 2007, only 30% of eligi-      By not voting, we voluntarily dis-
ble voters chose to exercise their right.   enfranchise ourselves. An election
So, as this election approaches, there      gives us an opportunity to learn
is much talk of encouraging public          about the ideas and personalities
participation. Why do so few people         of the people who will end up
feel strongly about voting?                 representing us. It's true that we
                                            each only cast a single vote. But
When discussing our right and respon-       when we vote, we take our place
sibility to vote, I hear that those who     as a citizen. We show support for
don't vote have no right to complain        our preferred candidate. And we rec-       We can make our voices heard in other
about their government. But I have          ognize that, no matter how small our       ways at any time during the year. But
come to realize that voting is not the      contribution, democracy is too impor-      October 18, 2010 is our opportunity
only option. Citizens can also make         tant to leave to chance. Further, if ev-   to make our vote count. Make sure
their voices heard by writing letters       eryone decided to just stay home and       all your friends and colleagues know
to, phoning or meeting with their           let others vote, your single vote would    that you'll be voting, even if it means
representatives. Citizens can become        make all the difference. And when you      taking a short trip to vote at the local
involved in lobby groups, demonstra-        go to cast your vote, the people around    polling station. And encourage them to
tions or associations that represent        you see your participation, and they       vote, too.
their point of view. And politicians        will hopefully respond to your exam-
must listen, whether the citizen voted      ple and also choose to vote.               Trina Hurdman
or not, because they represent all their
constituents: those who voted for
them, those who voted against them
and those who didn't vote, including         Simplicity Makes Thanksgiving
children and permanent residents.
We are free to choose whether or not
to vote. In a municipal election, it is     What could be more beautiful to deco-      porch to welcome your guests.
clear that our choice represents only       rate your home this Thanksgiving but
one voice in ten thousand, at best. It      the simple things found in nature. Put     Place some colourful pillar candles on
takes a certain effort to learn about the   a large beautiful branch whose leaves      a platter (vary the sizes and heights)
positions and personalities of the vari-    capture all the autumn colors—reds,        and adorn the platter base with leaves,
ous candidates, to bring appropriate        yellows, oranges—in an elegant vase.       moss, branches with berries, and pine
identification and to travel to the poll-   This is a gorgeous backdrop for your       cones. Scented candles are a nice
ing station. It may appear that voting      buffet table.                              touch.
is more effort than it is worth.
                                            Fill the baskets you never use with        Take your inspiration from nature:
This year, I feel very strongly that        rose hips, flowers, and squash and         abundant, simple and elegant.
it's important to vote. There will be       small pumpkins. Put some on your
significant changes expected at city
hall and from Alberta Education, and
I want to have a say in determining          "Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see
which people play a part.
                                             the flowers in it."
Democracy is not perfect. But it's the
                                                                                                  Ralph Waldo Emerson
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                           39

Your Family
 Pinching Pennies                                                                       Sales, Sales,
I realize that most of us are just trying   chicken with your                           Sales!
to make it through Thanksgiving this        head cut off.
month. Preparing the house, cooking                                                    Halloween is ever so present on and
the turkey, and those cute fall out-        To start, make a                           before October 31st in the stores.
fits for the kids seem to take over at      list of all the gifts,                     The day after, however, brings a
the beginning of this month. A long         decorations, and                           multitude of sales and clearance
awaited breather is in store as the         food you want to                           items. This year, try to take advan-
October festivities finish. But wait,       buy. Keep the list                         tage of the fact that Halloween items
Christmas is just around the corner! If     in your purse and                          are marked down up to 75% the
you think you’re busy now, just imag-       while you are out                          days after. Stock up on those Jack-
ine how you will feel in a month when       and about running your regular er-         o-lantern garden bags, cute Hallow-
Christmas is in full swing.                 rands, try to check off as many things     een lights, decorations, costumes,
                                            on the list as you can.                    and anything else that catches your
In order to avoid the chaos that De-                                                   eye. Store your seasonal items in a
cember brings, why not be the envy          The true spirit of Christmas tends to be   plastic bin and label it so it’s easy to
of all of your friends and have your        lost each year. Bring back peace and       find next year. Come 2011 you will
shopping finished before December           tranquility in to your home by being       be thankful you planned ahead!
1st? This is the year that you will be      prepared this year.
able to enjoy the week before Christ-                                                  Megan Hidson
mas instead of running around like a        Megan Hidson

 Food For Thought: Soy
With the number of people affected by       found in soy milk powder, soy
lactose intolerance on the rise, many       protein powder, and soy baby for-
people are turning to milk alternatives     mula. According to Brett Stone
such as soy to replace cow milk prod-       and Kathy Nowak on www.
ucts. 10 years ago, soy milk was some-      earthsave.ca, both of whom are
thing to purchase at a specialty store,     registered holistic nutritionists,
but now it is a common ingredient in        the soy beans are acid washed
many products on the grocery shelf.         in aluminum tanks, soaked in
                                            a chemical solution to extract
Soy has recently come under scrutiny        proteins – which produces cancer
for its photoestrogen content, which is     causing carcinogens, and are
much like the human hormone estro-          spray dried using high tempera-
gen. Drinking two glasses of soy milk       tures which may form nitrates.             Small amounts of organic tofu, tempeh,
a day for one month contains enough                                                    miso, and soy beans a few times a week
estrogen to alter a female’s menstrual      These processes of fermentation are not    will help aid digestion, and reduce
cycle. I don’t know about you, but that     used when the product is organic. In       the risk of some prostate and breast
has sure turned me off of soy milk. I       small quantities, organic soy products     cancers.
have chosen rice, hemp, and almond          can be very beneficial to your circula-
milk as a replacement to soy milk.          tory system, and lower your LDL cho-       Remember, you should always consult
                                            lesterol. Avoid over processed products    your physician when embarking on a
There are also concerns regarding the       such as soy “hot dogs”, “burgers”, or      new diet plan.
fermentation process of the soy bean        luncheon “meats” as these are treated
creating “Soy Protein Isolate”. SPI is      with dangerous chemicals.                  Megan Hidson
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                           41

Your Family
 What To Wear For Fantastic Family Photos
So you have booked your family            it goes, after you go through your         competing patterns. I think we have
photo session, or maybe you are just      closets you may find nothing you           all been warned about the dangers of
setting the tripod up in the back yard.   think goes together. Now it’s time         wearing stripes and plaid - so don’t put
However you plan on capturing your        to go shopping. If you are investing       both in your photos. I LOVE colour
family moments you might as well          in custom photography, I think it is       in photos, I think it makes everything
look good doing it.                       important to invest in looking great       pop. Just make sure the colours all go
                                          and making these photos something          together and all will go well.
Gone are the days
of everyone in their                                                                                   As for maternity
acid wash jeans and                                                                                    photos, anything
white crew neck                                                                                        form fitting that
t-shirts. I believe                                                                                    shows off your
your family photos                                                                                     gorgeous belly will
should truly reflect                                                                                   be great. A tight
who you are as a                                                                                       fitting tank top and
family. I know very                                                                                    jeans or a form
few families that                                                                                      fitting dress are
can go out in white                                                                                    always good choices
and keep it that                                                                                       and to make them
way.                                                                                                   even better pair them
                                                                                                       with some chunky
For individual shots                                                                                   jewelry. Put your
of your kids, why                                                                                      partner in a shirt that
not let them help                                                                                      matches and you’re
pick out what to                                                                                       off.
wear. Maybe it will
be some crazy-                                                                                         I think that newborns
coloured capri                                                                                         look best in nothing
pants and a sparkly tee, or the hoodie    extra special.                             at all. Maybe a few shots in the special
that your son wears 5 days a week or                                                 outfit that Grandma made, or in the
maybe, if you’re lucky, that superhero    For the whole family to look great,        outfit his dad came home from the
cape that goes everywhere he does.        my biggest piece of advice is to NOT       hospital in when he was born, but the
They are your children and you want       all wear the same thing. Yes you want      rest should show off how pure and
to remember what was important to         unity and yes you want to match, but       precious these new little people are.
them, who they were, not how clean        you also want a representation of your
and perfect their clothes were.           family, and I think if most families       My last piece of advise is that make
                                          were to go out all in the same clothes     sure that no matter what you decide
Then the family photos: this is where     they might get a few double takes.         to wear, make sure that everyone is
you consider your style. Are you          When putting your outfits together         comfortable. This includes you, Mom
classic or modern, traditional or         lay them all out on your bed so you        and Dad. If someone is uncomfortable
contemporary. You want these photos       can visualize what they will look like.    in what they are wearing, it will show.
to represent you, so I recommend          Stay away from large logo tops (that
going through your closets and finding    favourite Elmo shirt of you son’s will     Erin Baer
what your clothes say about your style.   look great in a couple of the individual   Child and Family Photographer in
And why not let your partner and kids     shots of him, but in the group shot,       Tuscany
have a say too. And then, I know how      could be distracting.) Watch for
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                           43

Your Family
 Parenting Your Preschooler                                                           Witch Hands—
Does a Loving Parent Say, “No”?            could ask themselves is, if I yelled,      A Great
                                           “Stop” as my child chased a ball out
“No,” is a word that few people like       into the street, would my child respect    Handprint Craft
to hear. Is it ever appropriate for a      that boundary?
loving parent to say, “No” to their                                                  This is an easy craft to do with a
preschool child? Parents love their        Among the conclusions of a ten-year       crowd of children and the results are
children and wish to provide for their     study known as Harvard University’s       great for decorating the house. You
needs as well as for many of their         Preschool Project stated that the best    will need:
“wishes”. However the reason parents       parents did well in 3 areas:              • Green card or paper
set boundaries is precisely because        1. They excelled at designing             • Scraps of black, red or purple card,
they love their children and want what        and organizing their child’s             paper, felt, tissue paper etc.
is best for them.                             environment.                           • Pencils and pens
                                           2. They allowed their child to            • White glue
Parents provide safety for their              interrupt them briefly so comfort,
child out of love. If a preschooler           information, and enthusiasm could      Draw around the children's hands onto
is pushing a chair up to a hot stove,         be exchanged.                          the green card. Older children can pair
“No!” is a reasonable response.            3. They set firm boundaries at the        up and draw round each other’s hands.
Whether or not that “No” is taken             same time showing affection for        Cut out carefully.
seriously by the child is dependant on        their child.
whether or not the child recognizes                                                  Use the scraps of paper or card to cut
parental authority.                        By Betty Ann Chandler, B. Ed.             pointed oval shapes for long, spiky
                                                                                     finger nails and stick them on—em-
Three year olds often test boundaries                                                bellishing, if you like, with glitter or
to see whether the parent will back                                                  stickers.
up what they say. “May I have 5
pieces of Halloween candy before                                                     Draw some spidery veins onto the
supper?” “Do I need to come when                                                     hands, using your own hands as inspi-
I am called?” Will that boundary                                                     ration.
move? Boundaries create security for
the child. The child then knows that                                                 Why not add a wart or two? Make
he/she can trust his/her parents’ words.                                             them by scrunching tissue paper into
The child enjoys much freedom within                                                 a tiny ball and sticking onto the hands
the boundaries and is assured that                                                   with white glue.
parents care enough to create a safe
environment. If a child is repeatedly                                                Use the hands to decorate a notice-
successful in defying a parent, the                                                  board, the fridge, or the Halloween
child may lose respect for that parent.                                              table (place them on either side of a
In the long term, this can lead to loss                                              plate for a humorous effect). If you
of respect for other authority figures                                               attach them to the edge of doors with
and could put the child increasingly at                                              sticky-tack it looks as if someone
risk for anti-social behaviour later in                                              spooky could be hiding on the other
life. In the short term, the child is at                                             side! Alternatively, attach plain white
risk for direct consequences such as                                                 paper to the back of the hands and use
a burn from the hot stove mentioned                                                  them as invitations!
                                                                                     For more great craft ideas, go to
An example of a question parents                                                     allfreecrafts.com.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                             45

Your Family
 Top Halloween Recipes
                                            Chocolate, chopped                        butterscotch chips to each cluster for
                                          • 1 cup Baker's Butterscotch Chips          the spider's eyes, then refrigerate as
                                          • 2 cups Chow mein noodles                  directed.
                                          • 1 cup each miniature marshmallows
                                            and salted peanuts                        3. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes or
                                                                                      until firm. Store in airtight container in
                                          1. Mix chopped chocolate and butter-        refrigerator.
                                          scotch chips in large microwaveable
Why is it you can never find the
                                          bowl. Microwave on MEDIUM 3 to 4
Halloween recipes you want when
                                          minutes or until chocolate and but-
you need them? Well, take a look at
kraftcanada.com for the top recipes all
                                          terscotch chips start to melt; stir until    "When I was
                                          chocolate and butterscotch chips are
in one spot—and even party hosting,
                                          completely melted and mixture is well        kidnapped, my parents
house decorating and game ideas!
Here’s one of their super easy recipes
                                          blended.                                     snapped into action.
we thought you would like.
                                          2. Add remaining ingredients; mix
                                                                                       They rented out my
                                          well. Drop tablespoonfuls of the             room."
Bakers Chocolate Spiders                                                                                      Woody Allen
                                          noodle mixture onto wax paper-cov-
What you need:
                                          ered baking sheets. Add 2 additional
• 6 squares Baker's Semi-Sweet
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          47

Your Family
                                                                                      comparisons. Even if you are telling
 Sport Parent Tips: Don’t Compare                                                     your child they are better than their
                                                                                      competitors keep in mind you may be
                                                                                      setting a dangerous precedent. Kids
Jennifer is sitting in my office with her   playing favourites and depriving her
                                                                                      whose parents do a lot of comparing
arms crossed defiantly. She is so mad       child of moving ahead?
                                                                                      end up doing a lot of sizing up them-
she can hardly get the words out. I wait
                                                                                      selves. They turn into the athletes who
a while, and eventually she launches in:    This train of thought will most surely
                                                                                      become over focused on who they are
                                            lead to panic, and subsequently some
                                                                                      competing against rather than focused
My Mother had a big fight with my           poor parental decision making or lack
                                                                                      on their sport.
coach today. She thinks I should be try-    thereof.
ing for my double axel because another
                                                                                      So instead of talking to your young
girl who is my age almost has hers.         It’s never a good idea to compare your
                                                                                      athlete about whether they measure up
Sure I want to get it but I don’t think I   child’s development or performance.
                                                                                      against others, direct them to improve
am ready either. Why does she always        It’s hurtful, and also unfair. Remember
                                                                                      skills and to develop personal bests.
have to compare my skating to hers? It      that kids develop differently. Even
                                                                                      These are ultimately things they can
makes me feel like a total loser.           within the same sport, at the same age.
                                                                                      control. In practice, this means com-
                                            Your child will have strengths and
                                                                                      menting on the activity not on the
Parents, like kids, can get competitive     weaknesses like everyone else. They
                                                                                      child’s ‘status’—i.e., “I really enjoy
sometimes, and for others it is more        might acquire one skill quickly and
                                                                                      watching you play” instead of “you’re
like a chronic condition. They wonder       take longer to get another. This does
                                                                                      the best player out there”.
why their child cannot do what an-          not make or break future success.
other does- might she be missing some
                                                                                      April Clay, Registered Psychologist
competitive advantage? Is the coach         There is another risk associated with
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        OCTOBER 2010                                                            49

Your Health
 Create A Diet Rich in                                                                     Reduce Your Risk
 Cancer-Fighting Foods                                                                     of Liver Cancer
When it comes to cancer-fighting             Fill up with as many of these cancer-        When its job is to fight off daily as-
nutrition, my philosophy is to keep it       reducing foods as you can: broccoli,         saults by toxins, viruses, unhealthy
simple and embrace your cause.               blueberries, tomatoes, garlic, Brussels      foods, alcohol and other threats, it's
                                             sprouts, dark leafy greens, cabbage,         not hard to see how the liver could fall
The Canadian Breast Cancer Founda-           soy, cherries, cranberries, green tea,       victim to cancer.
tion advocates for a balanced diet that      whole grains, beans, herbs and spices,
is high in fruits, vegetables and whole      and other red, orange and purple fruits,     Here are five ways to reduce your risk
grains, and low in fat and sugar to help     vegetables and berries.                      of liver cancer:
maintain a healthy body weight, which                                                     1. Get immunized against hepatitis.
is linked to lowering the risk for breast    I always look for food products that         2. Ask for liver enzyme tests as part of
cancer.                                      support breast cancer research, a cause      your annual physical.
                                             close to me. Country Harvest, for            3. Adopt a healthy diet and get lots of
Whole grain foods play a key role in         example, is donating a portion of the        exercise.
leading a healthy lifestyle because          proceeds from all products sold during       4. Limit your alcohol consumption to
they contribute to your vitamin, miner-      the month of October to the Cana-            seven drinks or less per week.
al and fibre intake. Make sure at least      dian Breast Cancer Foundation. Their         5. Quit smoking.
half of your daily grain products are        breads, bagels and wraps are made
whole grain. Know that not all grain         with whole grains and are a source of        Although liver cancer cannot be pre-
products are whole grain, so read the        Omega-3. For healthy and nutritious          vented, it can often be treated – and
label. Look for “whole grain…” as the        recipes: www.countryharvest.com.             even cured – if caught early. If you
first ingredient in the ingredient list.                                                  know you have cirrhosis (scarring
                                             Kim Arrey, dietitian and nutritionist,       of the liver), chronic liver disease or
Eating across the food rainbow is vital.     News Canada                                  other risk factors for liver cancer, you
                                                                                          should be screened regularly to ensure
                                                                                          that any tumours are found as early as
                                                                                          possible. Liver cancer can be detected
 Trick or Teeth?                                                                          by ultrasound, blood tests, CT scans or

 Tips for Parents to Fight Tooth Decay                                                    MRIs. If you are concerned about your
                                                                                          risk factors, talk to your doctor about
                                                                                          getting screened.
This candy season, teach your little         Make tooth care fun and rewarding:
vampires, werewolves and toothy tigers       Set time limits for tooth brushing using a   News Canada, www.liver.ca
the importance of good oral health with      timer, singing or playing a song on your
some tooth-friendly tips:                    iPod. Or invest in the first-ever Philips
                                             Sonicare power toothbrush for kids.
Actions have consequences: Educate
little ones about sugar and tooth decay.     Seize the day: Allow for some over-
Take them to the dentist, search the in-     indulgence. Most dentists say it's okay
ternet or visit the local library and show   to let kids eat as much as they want for
them the true, nasty effects of poor oral    two or three days. After that, either take
hygiene.                                     it all away or let them have tiny, con-
                                             trolled amounts. It's long term exposure
Set limits: Teach kids to be their own       to sugar that can lead to tooth decay.
candy control board. Decide on a limit
together and reward them.                    News Canada
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      OCTOBER 2010                                                         51

Your Health
 Canadians Caught in a                                                              Calcium May
 Time Crunch                                                                        Increase Risk of
More and more Canadians are strug-                                                  Heart Attack
gling to meet the competing demands
of the workplace, their families and
                                                                                    Calcium supplements, commonly
their own need to refresh body and
                                                                                    taken by older people for osteoporosis,
mind, according to a new Canadian
                                                                                    are associated with an increased risk of
Index of Well Being report.
                                                                                    a heart attack, finds a study published
                                                                                    online in the British Medical Journal.
More of us are working non-standard
hours (weekends, evenings, nights and
                                                                                    The researchers found that the supple-
rotating shifts) and looking after chil-
                                                                                    ments were associated with about a
dren and seniors, while fewer of us are
                                                                                    30% increased risk of heart attack and
able to participate in social activities,
                                                                                    smaller, non-significant, increases in
attend arts performances or volunteer       poorer physical and mental health and
                                                                                    the risk of stroke and mortality.
for culture and recreation organiza-        less satisfaction with the quality of
tions.                                      our lives. The report puts forward a
                                                                                    Talk to your doctor if you have any
                                            number of positive public policy sug-
According to the report, the steep          gestions for improving the work-life
price we’re paying for this includes        balance of Canadians.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        OCTOBER 2010                                                               53

Your Health
 How to Make Your 40’s Fabulous
I know what happens when most of you         Get in the Kitchen: When you make            to hormonal
think of your age. First of all, if you’re   your own meals, you know what’s              changes). Have
like me, it’s SHOCK: you start to do         going into them and can use healthy          some fun with
the math and you can’t believe it. How       ingredients. Why does restaurant food        this one, but think
did those years creep up? Is it possible     taste so good? They often use tons of        things through.
for me to be 47? Holy cow!                   butter and other unhealthy ingredients.      I once made a
                                                                                          poor choice on a
Then it may be DISMAY. Are you               You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet:              summer day with
feeling your best and do you feel that       Sad but true, don’t think that you can       a strong wind,
maybe your best years are behind you?        eat poorly and then add a workout or         seriously, you can
I’m here to give you hope and some           jump on the treadmill and hope that you      just imagine…
ideas to make your 40’s FABULOUS!            can balance it all out. Eat clean to look
Some things are easier than others to        and feel great.                              Turn OFF the Idiot Box: The light
do, and some are kinda silly and fun.                                                     from TV can disrupt sleep rhythms
Here goes:                                   No White Carbs: Ban all things               and you won’t get into REM, the more
                                             white: sugar, flour, breads, bagels, rice,   restful stages of deep sleep you need.
Include Resistance Training: Main-           potatoes, etc. Introduce more brown          It’s best to choose a book to relax with
tain and build lean muscle mass.             rice, barley, rye, oats, quinoa and other    before shutting it down for the evening.
Women in their 40s have 10 pounds            grains into your diet. Make friends with     Or, refer to the ‘use it or lose it’ tip...
less muscle mass than they had in their      soluble fiber to help lower cholesterol.
20s. And by their 50s, they’re down 15                                                    Chin up! Try to see the cup as half full
pounds in muscle mass. This leads to         Have a Glass: If you aren’t trying to        instead of half empty. An optimistic at-
a tanking metabolism. Minimum three          cut calories, you can enjoy a glass of       titude changes everything. Life tends to
times a week on this one, but don’t          wine once in a while. Studies show           be a self fulfilling prophecy, so envision
think you need to be in a gym to do it.      that those that indulge in one alcoholic     what you want and make it happen.
You’ll be surprised at how strong you        beverage are less likely to have heart
become and how you can add muscle            troubles.                                    Remember Your Friends: You’re
with your own body weight.                                                                going to feel more energized and good
                                             Use It or Lose It: Sex that is. Good         about yourself if you connect with
Intensify Workouts: HIIT – High              for SO many reasons, not the least of        people you love, especially when you
intensity interval training is the way to    which is to keep the pelvic floor mus-       get to spend time with other women.
go! Sweat it up for improved fitness         cles strong and blood vessels dilated.       Don’t undervalue time spent with your
and fat loss. You need to work harder                                                     friends!
than ever before if you want results         Go Commando: Who needs the extra
you’ve never had before. The good            laundry?? Going panty-less decreases         Change your priorities: Take some
news with HIIT? Workouts are short           your risk for vaginal infections (which      time for YOU! As a busy woman, you
and intense!                                 are more common in midlife, thanks           may be last on the list after you take
                                                                                          care of everyone else. Time to bump
                                                                                          yourself to the top of the list! You can
 2000 New Words Added                                                                     care for others more effectively when
                                                                                          you feel your best.
 The Oxford English Dictionary added more than 2,000 words to its latest edi-
 tion in 2010. Internet, mobile messaging and social media jargon have had                There you have it, some tips to keep in
 a huge impact on our vocabularies—and on our dictionaries. Oxford added                  mind, and better yet, apply to your life
 words such as tweetup, micro-blogging, de-friend and paywall to reflect the              daily!
 changes in the way we use language because of technology.
                                                                                          Shawna Kaminski
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     OCTOBER 2010                                                         55

Real Estate
 House Market Chicken Little
“The prices are falling...the prices are   chart that shows you a
falling.” The media is filled with the     5-year history of the bank
doom and gloom of another drop in          5 years Mortgage Rates.
housing prices. I guess if you want to
create a stir tell someone their home      Here’s what some “ex-
is about to drop in price by 30%. This     perts” are saying about
is what I have been reading in local       the 5-year rates. Mr. Sal
papers and financial tabloids. Well the    Guatiueri was quoted in
Chicken Little approach isn’t doing        the Financial post as say-
anyone any good.                           ing that he sees the prime
                                           rate jumping up by 4%
Lets review some facts about the           in the following 3 years
housing market. We just went through       resulting in a variable rate
a price correction taking the average      product of 6%. If you                     with the same terms the payments
price of a home in Calgary down over       review history one would believe that     will be around $1,718.37. Interesting
2%. If you review the chart to the         the 5-year fixed Mortgage could end       isn’t it?
right, you’ll notice very little change    up between 6 and 7%.
over the past 5 years in the average                                                 Now I’m not suggesting everyone
home price in Calgary.                     So now lets do some math. If one be-      jump into the Real Estate market im-
                                           lieves that the house prices are going    mediately. I am suggesting that if you
People are still moving into Calgary       to drop another 5% over the next little   are waiting to purchasing a home you
and as we have all heard, the Oil and      while and jumps in at that time here is   have to look at the entire picture. At
Gas industry is set to take off again.     what they may find.                       the moment we have a huge selec-
What that equates to is an increased                                                 tion to choose from. Interest rates are
demand for housing. I had a chat with      A home today drops from $400,000 to       at historic lows. House prices have
some of my Real Estate partners to see     $320,000. Wow what a deal...You’re        already taken a hit and as you can see
what the word on the street is. Well, it   proud of yourself for waiting a year...   by the chart they don’t jump around
seems that people are waiting for the      NOT SO FAST. At today’s fixed             too much in this market.
buyers and the buyers are waiting to       5-year interest rate (3.69%) with 5%
see what house prices are going to do.     down and amortized over 35 years the      I have always been a fan of “if you
                                           payments on $380,000 ( $400,000-          see a home you love and you plan on
One factor that the people waiting to      $20,000 down payment ) would be           living in that home for quite some
purchase a home have not considered        around $1,606.37 per month. On            time...buy it”
is what interest rates are going to do.    $304,000 ($320,000 minus $16,000
They are going to go up. Review the        down payment at 6% interest rate)         Vic Cotton, www.Mortgagecor.com
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          57

Financial Focus
 How To Turn Your Needs Into Goals
When it comes to money, everybody’s         retirement savings, money
objectives are different. By paying         for vacations and travel,
close attention to what you need            buying a second home
and want from your finances and             and even building an
investments, you’ll have a better           estate to leave to your
chance of getting ahead in your             heirs or charity. Whatever
financial life.                             your needs, it’s important
                                            that they be clearly
It’s important to differentiate between     defined.
needs and goals. This will help you
allocate income to the areas of your        Once your needs are
finances that require immediate             established, it’s time
attention, as well as plan and invest for   to establish goals. You
the long-term.                              transform needs into goals
                                            by assigning specific
To put both needs and goals into            dollar amounts and time horizons.          you’ll require.
focus, try thinking of your financial       Once your goals are in place, you          It works the same way for other long-
life as a pyramid. This will allow you      can devise a savings and investment        term goals. When are your children
to establish a hierarchy of financial       strategy for reaching them.                going to attend university or college,
needs, and help you develop a logical,                                                 and how much will it cost? Then you
systematic approach to formulating and      Take retirement, for example. You          can determine how much to save and
meeting your goals.                         know you need a comfortable income         invest from now until then.
                                            when you leave the workforce. But
At the base of the pyramid are your         you must also know how much money          A financial professional can help you
foundation needs. They form the             is involved and how much time you          assess your needs and work out your
foundation because they’re related to       require to meet that need.                 goals. With financial help you can
financial security. These are everyday                                                 establish a savings and investment
items to which you must devote part of      You must determine the level of annual     plan that will ensure your financial
your income-including shelter, food,        income you’ll require in retirement, as    objectives are reached.
clothing, health care, taxes and other      well as other financial commitments.
daily living items.                         For example, if you plan to buy a home     Provided By Kevin Baer,
                                            in the southern United States and retire   Financial advisor in Tuscany and
Other necessities that should be            as a snowbird, you’ll need money           NW Calgary
considered part of the foundation           to buy the house, as well as regular
include insurance and a cash fund for       income for living expenses. When you
emergencies. Adequate life, disability,     know how much
critical illness and long-term care         money is necessary,
insurance are essential to your and         you must determine
your family’s financial health. Proper      how much wealth
insurance coverage means you and            you’ll have to
your family won’t experience financial      accumulate.
hardship if you can’t work because of a     Then you can
serious health problem, or if you die.      calculate what you
Higher in the pyramid are lifestyle         should save and
needs. Once the foundation is in place,     invest every year
you can focus on these longer-term          from now until
requirements. Lifestyle needs can           retirement age,
include paying down the mortgage,           and the level of
saving for your children’s education,       investment returns
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          59

Travel & Destinations
                                                                                       Financial Security. "Subsequently,
 Travel Reminders for Snowbirds                                                        the Cuba Tourist Board advised that
                                                                                       Canadians could present their provin-
                                                                                       cial health insurance cards as proof of
With fall here, many snowbirds are            as a precaution.                         medical insurance. But, supplemental
itching to finalize their travel plans to   • If you're driving to your destination,   travel insurance is necessary because
warmer climes. If you count yourself          find out if you need supplemental car    the provincial health insurance plans
among these lucky-ducks, make sure            insurance.                               only offer minimum medical coverage
you've made the all necessary ar-           • Find out if you need to update your      abroad.
rangements before heading to Florida,         shots.
Mexico or the Caribbean.                    • Let your bank and credit card            "Regardless of whether you're out of
                                              company know about your travel           the country for a day or for several
Here's a quick checklist to help you          plans to avoid any confusion or          weeks, accidents or illnesses happen
get organized:                                service disruption.                      all the time and it's best to be pre-
• Tell a trusted friend or family-          • Most important, buy travel               pared," said Morel. "Hospital stays
  member about your plans and ask             insurance.                               abroad can reach into the tens of thou-
  them to keep an eye on your place                                                    sands of dollars. So, it's best to take
  while you're away.                        While most people know that travel in-     a few minutes to buy reliable travel
• Secure your home and turn off the         surance is important, many people may      insurance coverage."
  water.                                    not be aware that it is now a prerequi-
• Cancel the newspapers.                    site for entering Cuba. "Since May 1,      Consult your insurance provider to
• Forward or stop mail delivery.            2010, Cuban authorities require visitors   learn more.
• Make photocopies of your travel and       to provide proof that they can cover
  personal documents for yourself and       their own medical costs," said François    News Canada, Sarah Twomey,
  the trusted friend or family-member       Morel, sales consultant at Desjardins      www.desjardinslifeinsurance.com
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       OCTOBER 2010                                                          61

Food & Drink
 Savour Autumn's Harvest with a Hearty Stew
As the days get shorter and tempera-         • 1 ½ lb stewing beef                    over medium heat.
tures start to dip, nothing tastes better    • 1 cup onions, coarsely chopped
or is more comforting than a piping hot      • 2 cups mushrooms, coarsely chopped     Place beef back in pot with red curry
bowl of stew. Instead of turning to tra-     • 1 bottle VH Thai Market red curry      sauce and potatoes. Fill empty curry
ditional recipes, this fall, try something     sauce                                               sauce bottle with water
new and add some inspiration into            • 2 cups peeled potatoes,                             and add to pot, repeat.
your kitchen with a savoury stew that          diced                                               Bring to a boil and then
will tempt your tastebuds. Loaded with       • ¾ cup frozen peas,                                  reduce to simmer for 1½
tender beef, hearty potatoes and mild          thawed                                              hours. When meat and
curry flavours, this Thai-inspired dish is                                                         potatoes are tender, stir in
sure to warm the whole family on those       Spray tongs with cook-                                peas. Season with salt to
chilly autumn nights.                        ing spray. Heat vegetable                             taste.
                                             oil in a large pot over
Red Thai Curry Beef Stew                     medium-high heat. Divide                               Tip: If liquid in the stew
Total preparation time: 90 minutes           beef into two batches for                              is too runny, cook longer
Serves 4                                     searing. Using tongs, sear beef in oil   without lid until the liquid reduces and
                                             until well-browned, about 15 minutes.    thickens.
• Pam cooking spray                          Place beef on a plate. Add onions and
• 2 tbsp vegetable oil                       mushrooms to pot, cook for 10 minutes    News Canada, www.vhsauces.com
     SUNDAY                   MONDAY                   TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                       FRIDAY                  SATURDAY                    C
  REMINDER:                                                                                                                  1                          2
    • If you lose your pet visit Calgary.ca/animalservices to see if
      your dog or cat is in the shelter.                                                                                                                       Oct. 2 -3
                                                                                                                                                       Baby and Tot Show
    • Blue bin recycling pickup on garbage days.
                                                                                                                                                             BMO Center
    • Please pay your Valley Ridge Community membership fees –                                                                                         www.calgarybabyshow.ca
      it helps all of us.

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