PAPER Research Original Thought Papers for Negotiation ADR by liuhongmei


									         Research/Original Thought Papers
            for Negotiation & ADR Class
     If you select to write a paper as the major factor for your
grade in this course. This handout describes the paper and gives
some ideas.

     The paper is described as a research /original thought paper.
It should be 10-15 pages in length. A 10-15 page paper (double
spaced) is usually considered to be about 3,000-4,000 words. The
paper topics might varying greatly.    You might do research on a
particular ADR topic which has been previously written about. You
might summarize the literature or take existing ideas about ADR to
new levels.   You might interview ADR practioners about some ADR
topic. You might write an original thought paper (generally making
a proposal about ADR).

     The paper should have a one-page "executive summary"
summarizing your main conclusions, proposals, or findings, and the
basis for those conclusions, proposals, or findings. (This does
not have to be included as part of your word count).

Here is a partial list of some possible topics:

Advocacy in mediation
     (most mediation literature is about how to be a mediator).
     How can a client or a lawyer best advocate for their side in

A variety of "ADR in ..." papers.
     ADR in Health Care.
     ADR in education.

Gender differences in negotiation.
Cross cultural differences in negotiation / mediation.

Negotiation styles in local culture in Hawaii.

Power imbalances in mediation
     (Some people argue abused women should not mediate their

Confidentiality in mediation.

Limits of evidence rule 408 (prohibiting evidence of settlement
discussions in later trials).

Enforceability of mediation agreements.
Is there really a litigation explosion?

What types of cases should not be mediated?
Are win-win solutions really possible in the real world?

Embedded ADR clauses in consumer contracts
     (If you do business with a company, you give up your right to
     sue. You must arbitrate).

Tax consequence of settlement.

Appellate mediation.

Evaluative mediation techniques.

Proposal: Special ADR fee for lawyers
     Do lawyer resist early settlements because they will not be
     able to bill as many hours?    Should their be some type of
     non-hourly fee that would encourage lawyers to seek an early

Proposal: Open settlements
     Settlement are confidential. Should court settlements be
     "open" so that anyone can see the range terms and amounts?
     Would making the terms of settlements public encourage other
     settlements of similar cases because parties would know what
     the range of values are for similar cases?

Proposal: Multi-level discovery

Effective competitive negotiation tactics.

Criteria for evaluating mediators.

Should mediators be certified?

Children's mediation.
     This is a new, dispute prevention technique in which parties
     to a contract meet in a retreat setting to build
     relationships and open lines of communication before any
     disputes arise. Frequently used in construction contracts.

ADR web sites.

Review   of  research   on  persuasion   in   negotiation.   (e.g.,
effectiveness of opening offers, etc.)

Using technology for negotiation and dispute resolution (using e-
mail, fax, video conferencing, etc.)

Multiparty negotiations.
Post-negotiation (or post-arbitration) mediations.
     Once the parties have reached a negotiated settlement (or an
     arbitrator has issued an award), the parties might agree to
     further mediation the conflict. If both parties prefer the
     newly mediated settlement better than the negotiated
     agreement of the arbitration award, the newly mediated
     settlement replaces the earlier negotiated settlement or
     arbitration award.   The mediator gets paid a percentage of
     the increase in benefits that each party receives.

Creativity in Negotiations
     What creative techniques are used to reach negotiated or
     mediated solutions.    Any differences in cross-cultural

Varieties of arbitration
     (Binding, non-binding, high-low)

Arbitration topics:
     - Review of when arbitration awards can be vacated.
     - Review of the arbitration rules of Japan or some other
     asian country.
     - Comparison of the arbitration rules of the U.S. and Japan
     (or other asian countries).

For a quick view of short articles about recent developments in
ADR, see the publication called Alternatives to the High Cost of
Litigation.    In Westlaw, the database is called ALTHCL.        I
sometimes search this database by using any of the following words
in a title search - negotiat!, mediat!, ADR, arbitrat!.

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