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"The mind is refrigerated by interruption; the thoughts are diverted from the principle subject; the reader is weary, he suspects not why; and at last throws away the book, which he has too diligently studied." Many students, at one time or another, find these words of Samuel Johnson to hold some truth. Nonetheless, being a college student requires a discipline that forges such frustrations in the hopes of a final goal: graduation. Students, however, either succeed or fail at this goal depending on the type of student they are because each type of student encompasses various levels of motivation and determination. The three major categories of college students are underachievers, average achievers, and overachievers. As students, the underachievers have a distinct reputation of lacking the motivation or desire to obtain a solid education. On the surface, these individuals are post-secondary students; they register and pay for classes. However, beyond this, there is little commitment to student responsibility or success. The underachievers rarely make an appearance in the classroom; they are names on class lists that a teacher cannot place faces to. These students sometimes drop a course but never bother to make it official. Often times, underachievers only come to class for assignment due dates and tests; when they do come to class, assignments are slipped stealthily into the hand-in pile, without notice, before the underachievers disappear for the remainder of class time. Ultimately, the underachievers rarely pass all courses; if they do pass their courses, it is with low grades and little knowledge gained. Unlike the underachievers, the average achievers work at obtaining an education. This category comprises the majority of college students. Many students find the transition from secondary school to college somewhat difficult; the new level of independence in learning that comes with being a college student, however, does not waiver the average achievers. Average achievers work regularly at maintaining their marks and are diligent in completing and submitting assignments on time. Studying for tests is on the lists of average achievers but not as a priority. These students often find their grades lie in the C to B+ range. Teachers will often work hard to motivate average achievers because they display good work ethic and are more readily motivated.

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Essay Styles The most exceptional type of college students are the overachievers. Overachievers are well known to college professors as the students who actively strive for success and go beyond a professor’s expectations. These students are best characterized by their keen level of determination in the college world; they consistently work hard, continuously learn, and desire to know more. The overachievers’ thirst for knowledge is great, often pushing them to exceed their own goals and as a courses’ requirements. Overachievers frequently consult with their professors on numerous class-related issues; these students seek guidance from their professors and perfection from themselves. As well, overachievers often participate in numerous extracurricular activities encompassing sports, clubs, and fundraising. Nonetheless, the overachievers’ success in college does have its downfalls; the pursuit of academic perfection often reduces the social experiences associated with being a college student. Regardless, this means very little to the overachiever. Exceeding in education is the fundamental goal of the overachiever. Although a generalization of the entire college student body, underachievers, average achievers, and overachievers tend to be the three categories that consistently characterize college students. These categories decipher the students' levels of motivation and determination in obtaining the highest grades possible.

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