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					FÖRSVARSHÖGSKOLAN Örlkn Stefan Mattsson


19 100:2003 Bilaga 1

Swedish National Defence College ESSAY
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LtCdr Stefan Mattsson
SNDC supervisor

ChP 01-03

Professor Nils Marius Rekkedal, Cdr Christoffer Werner
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19 100:2003

Naval Surface Fire Support – A future Swedish capability. Abstract: The aim of this essay is to contribute to an increased knowledge concerning Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS). It also aims to examine how the Swedish NSFS capability in the year of 2010 will affect the ability to act according to the military theories stated. It also examines if the military theoretical foundation, the technical evolution and the change of aim and direction for the Swedish defence will lead to an increased need for NSFS. It covers the areas of a new direction for the Swedish defence, military theories, NSFS and the Swedish NSFS capability in the year 2010 by using a descriptive method. Literature, public documents, doctrines and interviews covering above areas have been used as source material. The definition of NSFS has been narrowed down to include only artillery and missiles for the engagement of land targets. This essay shows that the Swedish NSFS only gives a limited capability to act according to the idea of the military theories. The reason for this is that the artillery system on the Visby corvettes will be the only system with any NSFS capability in the year 2010. This results in limitations in range and a lack of ability to deliver indirect fire. The essay also shows that the need for NSFS has increased but that no decision for acquisitions has been made that will give operational effects before the year 2010. Keywords: NSFS, NGS, artillery, land attack missiles, fire support, ground targets.

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