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      BYLAWS
      DUTIES
      CBYCA

               SALEM YACHT CLUB, INC.
                  1930           -         2010

 SYC Members, when renewing their Boat U.S. Membership, will
pay one-half the regular fee when mentioning Salem Yacht Club

                          SYC Website:

      Past Commodores become eligible for membership in

Please advise the SYC Secretary of any necessary corrections.
                            Thank You!

       Welcome to the 2010 boating season! I am very excited to be
your commodore this year and would like to encourage all SYC
members to be very active in all of our planned activities this year!
Please contact our Fleet Captain, Tom Farrell to sign up for any of
our planned events. It was a rough winter, let’s relax and have a great
       2010 started for the SYC with the annual Commodore’s Ball. It
was another great night of food, drinks, and friendship. DJ George
provided the music for a fun night of dancing and everyone in
attendance appeared to have a great time. Thanks to all who
attended and please join us in January 2011 to make the event even
       The winter land cruise made a return this year with a twist. The
club traveled to the Poconos the last weekend of January for a skiing
and tubing trip. Special thanks to Dave Hall for the great idea. It was
a wonderful time and I am already looking forward to next year’s trip.
Joining the Hall’s and the Pratt’s on the trip were Debbie McCombs
and her children, Kaitlin and Steven, Mark McCombs, his son Mark,
and Angie Castelluccio. J.R. Elko and his son Christopher joined us
for a cold day of skiing at Big Boulder. The Baker’s were there
carving up the slopes as well. Very special thanks go to Don
Grandfield and Joanne Alegado for hosting a fabulous get together at
their beautiful Pocono Mountain cabin. Thank you to everyone who
attended, it was “the best ever.”
       As we get ready for this season I encourage all of you to
become active members in your club. Please help us to invite new
members to join the fun. The more the merrier. In closing I would like
to welcome our newest members, Jim and Sherry Mann from
Catalina dock at Tolchester. Please say hello and welcome when you
see Jim and Sherry.
                         Have a great summer,
                         St Croix #11

           2010 Salem Yacht Club Officers

Commodore                    Steven J. Pratt

Vice Commodore               Dave Hitchens

Rear Commodore               Carl Urban

Fleet Captain                Tom Farrell

Dockmaster                   J.R. Elko

Secretary                    Cindy Elko

Treasurer                    Debbie McCombs

Supply Officer               Kathleen Pratt

Chaplain                     George Baker

CYBCA Delegate               Con McGinley, P/C

        Alternates           Chic Holdstein, P/C

                             David Hitchens, P/C

                         SALEM YACHT CLUB
                                Rules of Conduct
    A membership application must be completed and signed by the Salem Yacht
Club member recommending the new applicant. No probationary member may
recommend a new member. This application must be submitted to the Membership
Committee. The recommending member will be notified of the next Membership
Committee Meeting, at a Yacht Club activity, at which time the recommending
member will introduce the prospective member to the Committee. If accepted, a
$25.00 initiation fee, plus annual dues, will be paid. The person becomes a
probationary member of the Salem Yacht Club for a period of one year. At this time,
if acceptable, he will become a member in good standing.
     The Salem Yacht Club has developed a favorable image with the host clubs
visited over the years. Since we are now a member of the CBYCA, this is more
important than ever. Profane language, vulgarity, or obscenity will not be tolerated at
any Yacht Club function.
   Any complaints pertaining to the Salem Yacht Club, or host club, should be
brought to the attention of the Commodore or Vice Commodore of Salem Yacht
   Members with guests at any Yacht Club function will be responsible for their
guest(s) behavior.
   The present Officers and Past Commodores will be in uniform at official events
(summer or winter) as described in the Yacht Club Roster Book (see BYLAWS).
    Other members will dress as prescribed in the notice of each Club activity. As
you know, our host clubs have regulations governing the mode of dress. We, as
guests, must honor these regulations. We will use the following standards in our
   All Salem Yacht Club notices will contain a rendezvous point to form the cruise.
Cruises are under the control of the Fleet Captain. Each boat joining the cruise after
underway, will contact the Fleet Captain by radio.
   For those members not traveling with the cruise, a point will be specified on each
Cruise Notice where all boats will rendezvous, so the entire SYC cruise may arrive at
our host club together.
Dockmaster(s) of the SYC will arrive early at the host club to arrange dockage
and also to accommodate off early arrivals. When the Fleet Captain arrives with

the cruise, he and his Dockmaster(s), under the supervision of the host club
Dockmaster, will manage the docking of the cruise.

                             2010 Events
                      Memorial Day Shakedown Cruise
                                May 29 - 31
                         Raft Out at Fairlee Creek

                          July Fireworks Celebration
                                   July 3 – 5
                                 Skipjack Cove
                                Sassafrass River

                            Summer Cruise Week
                              July 30 – August 8
                          July 30, August 1, 2, and 3
                          Solomon’s Yachting Center
                               Solomon’s Island
                              August 3, 4, 5, and 6
                        Herrington Harbor South Marina
                               August 6, 7 and 8
                                Magothy Marina
                                 Magothy River

                             Labor Day Weekend
                           Raft Out To Be Announced

                           SYC Meeting and Picnic
                               September 18
                              Tolchester Marina

                              Fells Point Festival
                               October 1, 2, and 3
                            Inner Harbor East Marina

  Inner harbor, MD


1936      Thomas Hilliard**        1978      Robert E. Horton
1937      John J. Oeschle          1979      Robert W. Levell
1938      John S. Dunn**           1980      John W. Anothony
1939      Dr. Lee Hummell**        1981      Dr. Wm. H. Miller**
1940      Fred Otto**              1982      Raymond S. Riale, Jr.**
1941-50   J.W. Cowan**             1983      Thomas Euler
1951      Dudley Pancoast**        1984      David P. Misko
1952      Pete Collins             1985      Charles J. Holdstein, III
1953-57   William H. Harris**      1986      John J. Walsh
1958-59   J. Evan Hitchner**       1987      Morant Hassler, II
1960      Ernest C. Sutton**       1988      L. Booth Humphreys, III**
1961      Raymond B. Mowers**      1989      George P. Sparks
1962      George C. Rogers, Jr.**  1990      Jeffrey M. Ziemer
1962      Elwood R. Smith          1991      Ronald G. Bunneer
1964      Joseph A. Crane**        1992      Con C. McGinley
1965      Harold L. Tyson          1993      Robert Vaughn
1966      Charles H. Frick, Sr.    1994      Morant Hassler, II
1967      Russell H. Magsam        1995      Charles J. Holdstein, III
1968      William L. Godwin**      1996      Robert W. Lovell
1969      William A. Baker         1997      Con C. McGinley
1970      William F. Davi          1998      Kenneth J. Bickel
1971      John A. Lees**           1999      Richard O. Conaway
1972      Klaas deWilde**          2000      Bonnie J. Bickel
1973      Gleave L. Baker**        2001      David P. Misko
1974      Frederick C. Creasey, Sr.2002-03   C. David Hitchens
1975      Paul Davis, Jr.          2004       Ralph Dolinger
1976      Kenneth J. Bickel        2005       Edgar L. Batzel
1977      Martin G. Weber          2006       James J. Hannan
                                   2007       Daniel Harvey, Sr.
1975 Albert H. Hall, Honorary Commodore**     Michael Sobieski

** Deceased

                  SALEM YACHT CLUB


1970      Debbie Ann Smith
1971      Pattie Billingham
1972      Deborah Lees
1973      Patricia Ann Talley
1974-75   Linda C. Baker
1976-77   Caroline Downs
1978      Debbie Euler
1979      Mimi Stuchel
1980      Luann Marie Dunham
1981      Sherry Holdstein
1982      Lynn McVaugh
1983      Veronica Polen
1984      Letitia C. Baker
1985      Tracy Bickel
1986      Deanna Bennett
1987      Tracy Bickel
1990      Jeannie Mogavero
1992      Jennifer Hassler

for proper Official Officer’s Dress (his/her).

              (Approved by the Board of Governors on March 6, 2006
                and Adopted by Membership September 16, 2006)


The name of the Club is Salem Yacht Club, Inc. (“SYC” or “the Club”).


It is the object of SYC to encourage the sport of boating and to promote the
science of seamanship and navigation.


SECTION A: The officers of SYC shall be the COMMODORE, VICE
SECRETARY, TREASURER, and SUPPLY OFFICER. The first five named shall
be the FLAG OFFICERS of the Club.
SECTION B: A written report of all annual activities and functions of each office
shall be submitted to the Secretary by each Flag Officer at the end of each term.


It shall be the duty of the Commodore to take command of SYC and to preside at
all meetings of SYC and the SYC Board of Governors. The Commodore shall
have entire supervision of SYC and its property. The Commodore shall have the
power, pending action from the Board of Governors, to (1) suspend a member for
violation of the ByLaws, rules, or regulations of SYC, and (2) override the
appointment of assignments. The Commodore shall be an “ex officio” member of
all committees. The Commodore shall set the “Uniform of the Day” at all
It shall be the duty of the Vice Commodore (VC) to assist the Commodore in the
discharge of his duties, and in his absence, officiate in his stead. The VC shall
take charge of the Club and the Burgee, and shall appoint his committee to
assist. The VC shall be responsible for planning and executing the
Commodore’s Ball/Dinner.

It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore (RC) to assist the Commodore and
Vice Commodore in the discharge of their duties and, in their absence, to
officiate in their stead. The RC shall be the chairperson of the membership
1) It shall be the duty of the Fleet Captain (FC) to communicate with the officers
   and members of SYC on behalf of the Commodore. The FC shall arrange for
   all rendezvous, cruises and other affairs in coordination with the Commodore
   unless otherwise relieved of these responsibilities, in which case the
   Commodore shall designate appropriate individuals to be responsible for
   these functions.
2) The FC shall be responsible for sending appropriate information on all events
   in ample time to allow all members adequate time to reply.
3) The FC shall be in charge of the following equipment: hand-held VHF radio,
   mast and yard-arm assembly, officers’ flags, SYC burgee, national ensign
   and miscellaneous items delegated to his charge.
The Dockmaster shall assist vessels at docking. The Dockmaster will assist the
FC as determined by the Commodore. The Dockmaster will enter ahead of the
Fleet to coordinate with the host club/marina.
     1) It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes and documents
        related to the business of SYC. The Secretary shall receive all
        application(s) for membership in writing and forward them to the Vice
        Commodore and Commodore for signature of approval or disapproval.
        Upon return, the applications will then be submitted to the Board of
        Governors for approval or disapproval.
     2) The Secretary shall notify all members-elect of their election and will
        provide them with an appropriate membership card and fleet roster
     3) The Secretary shall keep a correct list of the boat name, ownership,
        make and home port of all members. This record is to be known as
        the Fleet Roster.
     4) The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of SYC and its Board
        of Governors.
     5) The Secretary shall receive and record all invoices and submit them to
        the Treasurer for payment.

     1) The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of SYC and shall keep a
        true record of all receipts and disbursements and shall render a written
        financial report at the Annual Meeting of SYC and meetings of the
        Board of Governors.
     2) The Treasurer shall receive all bills for which SYC is deemed
        responsible and secure approval of the Board of Governors, after
        which the necessary steps will be taken to satisfy said invoices.
     3) The Treasurer shall prepare the records of the account for annual audit
        by members of the Board of Governors appointed annually by the
        Commodore. Audits shall be prepared and completed annually in the
        month of January.

SECTION H. Supply Officer
It shall be the responsibility of the Supply Officer to order and maintain a supply
of SYC supplies, including burgees and other club paraphernalia for purchase
and distribution to the members.


SECTION A: The activities of SYC shall be managed by a Board of Governors
(the Board) which shall consist of members as follows: Commodore, Vice
Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Dockmaster, Secretary,
Treasurer, Supply officer, and Past Officers. The Board shall, by a majority vote,
have the power to fill all vacancies on the Board which shall occur for any
reason, during a member’s term. Five members of the Board shall constitute a
quorum to transact the business of the Club.
SECTION B: The Board of Governors shall at all times have full power to
suspend or expel any member for shown good cause, after the member has
been notified in writing of such action and has been afforded to opportunity to
present their defense. The Board shall have the right to reconsider the expulsion
or suspension of any member for any cause, at any time, and may, by a three-
fourths vote of the entire Board, reinstate the member upon the terms and
conditions as the Board may prescribe.

SECTION C: The Board of Governors shall meet at such intervals as necessary
to conduct the business of the Club. Special meetings of the Board may be
called at any time by the Commodore or at the request of three members of the
Board upon notice of time and place to all members of the Board.

SECTION D: The Board shall have the power to adopt rules and regulations
governing SYC and its members as may be found necessary, not in conflict with
these Bylaws, and when adopted by a quorum (50%)of the membership to be of
the same effect as these Bylaws.

SECTION E: The Board may create additional committees when and as often as
may be required to support the best interests of SYC. The Board may reduce the
number of committees for same purpose.

SECTION F: The Board my appoint, with the approval of the general
membership, Honorary Flag Officers.


SECTION A: Honorary Members
The Board, by a unanimous vote, may elect as an Honorary Member someone
who has rendered important service or benefit to the Club, or whom, for any
reason, the Board may see fit to honor in this manner. Honorary Mem Members
shall enjoy all privileges of SYC except voting.

SECTION C: Proposed members
Names of Proposed Members shall be presented to the Board and the Proposed
Member must attend one SYC function prior to a vote by the Board. The officer
in charge of the meeting shall prompt discussion about the proposed member. A
vote shall follow the discussion with a two-thirds majority necessary for
Any member has the privilege of entertaining guests at any SYC function.
SECTION E: Eligibility
No individual may submit an application for membership to SYC until they have
reached their eighteenth birthday.


Annual dues shall be an amount determined by the Board and due January first
of the active year, payable no later than January thirty-first, in order to be
appropriately entered into the Fleet Roster. Annual dues paid by new members
after July 15 shall be valid for membership through the following calendar year.


SECTION A: Submission of Resignation
Resignation of members of officers shall be sent in writing to the Secretary of
SYC and acted upon by the Board. Any debts to or by SYC shall be paid or
reconciled at the time of resignation.
SECTION B: Cessation of Privileges
The rights and interest in any property of SYC, as well as any and all privileges of
SYC membership, shall cease with the termination of membership

SECTION C: Delinquent Membership
A member shall stand suspended without action or notice by the Board when
said member is one year in arrears for dues or other indebtedness and has been
notified by the Treasurer of such indebtness.


SECTION A: Membership Committee
  1) The Rear Commodore shall be the Chairperson of the Membership
     Committee and responsible for appointing two to four members to the
  2) All applications for membership shall be forwarded to the Membership
  3) The membership committee will promote SYC and actively recruit new
   4) Members of the Committee will be assigned to review new applications
      and make recommendations to the Board for approval.

SECTION B: Nominating Committee A nominating committee shall be
appointed at least sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting for the purpose of
nominating officers for the coming year. Nominations may be made by the
general membership provided (a) the nomination is submitted to the Secretary in
writing thirty days prior to the Annual Meetings and (b) the individual nominated
has included a letter stating they are willing to serve if elected. Nominations will
not be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
    1) The officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.
    2) The Nominating Committee shall notify the Secretary in writing of their
       proposed nominees in ample time to allow the general membership to be
    3) All persons nominated for office must be present at the Annual Meeting to
       accept the nomination and stand for election unless reasonable excuse is
       given to the Commodore.
SECTION C: Audit Committee
  1) The Commodore shall appoint an Audit Committee.
  2) The Audit Committee shall examine the books of the Treasurer for
     accuracy and authenticity in January, and, when there is a change in
     Treasurer, before the transfer of books to the incoming Treasurer.
  3) The Audit Committee shall report to the Commodore the results of the
     audit prior to February 28th of that year.
  4) Should the audit be favorable, the Commodore shall instruct the Audit
     Committee to release the books. Should the audit not be favorable, the
     Commodore shall request a meeting with the Treasurer and the Audit
     Committee to resolve the discrepancy.

SECTION D: Other Committees
The Commodore may appoint other committees and chair people as needed.

SECTION E: Dissolution of Committees
The Commodore may remove any chairperson, member of a committee, or
dissolve an entire committee if the committee is no longer active or necessary.


SECTION A: Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of SYC shall be at the end of the season at a time and
location to be determined by the Board.

SECTION B: Special Meetings
Special Meetings may be called by the Commodore or at the written request to
the Commodore by ten or more members, provided the business of the meeting
is stated in writing. A quorum for the membership of SYC must be present at a
Special Meeting and only the specific business for which the meeting was called
may be considered.

SECTION C: Good Standing
A member is considered to be in good standing when their dues are current. Only
members in good standing shall vote at any SYC meeting and all voting must be
done in person or by proxy submitted in writing to the SYC Secretary prior to the
SECTION D: Order of Business
  1) The Order of business at all meetings shall be:
     a. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
     b. Reports of Board of Governors
     c. Reports of Officers
     d. Review of bills and communications
     e. Reports of Committees
     f. Old Business
     g. New Business
     h. Adjournment
  2) The order of business may be changed at any meeting by a vote of the
     majority of those present.
  3) Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the standard procedure at all meetings.


SECTION A: Identification Badges
Engraved SYC badges shall be provided for all officers.

SECTION B: Uniforms
  1) Male officers shall wear a red sport coat, white short or long sleeve shirt,
     black tie and black dress trousers at events designated by the
  2) Female officers shall wear a white blouse and black skirt or slacks at
     events designated by the Commodore.
  1) Pins shall be worn by all officers on the shirt or blouse collar with point of
     burgee pointing outboard on left side midway between the tab of the
  2) Three stars shall be worn by all Past Commodores on the right side of the
     collar in a position bisecting the angle of the tab.
  3) Stars of the appropriate number shall be worn by the Commodore, Vice
     Commodore, and Rear Commodore on the right collar in a position
     bisecting the angle of the tab.
  4) The Fleet Captain shall wear an anchor on the right collar.
  5) The Dockmaster shall wear a porcelain SYC burgee on the left and right
     shirt collars with the point of the burgee pointing outboard.
  6) The Secretary shall wear a maple leaf on the right collar.
  7) The Treasurer shall wear an acorn on the right collar.

SECTION F: Officers’ Flags
The officers’ flags shall be the standard yacht club flags.


SECTION A: Fleet Roster
A boat shall be registered on the Fleet Roster when the owner files with the
secretary a description of the boat; comprised of the name, ownership, make,
size and port of call.
SECTION B: Change in Boat Name
Members shall notify the Secretary when a boat is sold, a new boat purchased,
or the name of the boat is changed.


SECTION A: Amendments
These Bylaws may be amended as deemed necessary by the affirmative vote of
a majority of the Board of Governors. A copy of the revised Bylaws shall then be
forwarded to the general membership for ratification at the next meeting. An
amendment may be voted on at any SYC meeting, provided notice of such action
has been provided to the Secretary in writing no less than ten days prior to the
SECTION B: Publication of Bylaws
The current Bylaws, including any amendments, shall be provided in their entirety
in the next published Fleet Roster and shall include the approval date of any


SECTION A: The terms of office shall be one year, with installation of officers at
the Commodore’s Ball or at a place and time designated by the Board.

Officers may hold terms as follows:
Commodore:                No more than two consecutive terms
Vice Commodore:           No more than two consecutive terms
Rear Commodore:           No more than two consecutive terms
Fleet Captain:            No more than two consecutive terms
Dockmaster:               No more than two consecutive terms
Secretary:                No more than five consecutive terms
Treasurer:                No more than five consecutive terms
Supply Officer:           No more than five consecutive terms

                  2010 BOAT LISTING
       (Member’s Boat Names Listed Alphabetically)

ABOUT TIME                        Don & Joanne Grandfield
ANGEL ANNE II                     Russell & Amy Fontana
CHEERS                            Michael & Penny Sobieski
COUNTRY GIRL                      Dave & Joan Hitchens
GROUP THERAPY                     JR & Cindy Elko
HARVEY WAVEBANGER TOO III         Dan & Gerri Harvey
LADY LUHRS                        George & Deb Leone
                                  Ralph & Vicki Pawlowski
MELISSA VI                        Ron & Cathy Muhlbaier
NO SHOES                          Larry & Nancy Elliott
NEVER ENOUGH                      Mark McCombs
                                  Debbie McCombs
PAPILLON                          Carl & Renee Urban
PLAYPEN III                       Rich & Jen Wesley
REST MY CASE                      Tom & Linda Farrell
SECOND WIND                       Pete & Dale Melchiorre
SOUTHER COMFORT                   Bruce & Terry Constantine
SPLICE OF LIFE                    George & Maureen Baker
TEACHER’S PET                     Steve & Kathy Pratt
THIRD WISH                        Ralph & Lynn Dolinger
TIA TOO                           Jim & Sherry Mann
TOP BILLING                       Dan & Loretta Puleio
TSUNAMI SUE                       Dave & Sue Hall

                       History of the Salem Yacht Club
                      Respectfully submitted by Sally Collins

   Salem Yacht Club (SYC) was organized in 1930. The first commodore on
record was Thomas Hilliard of Salem, NJ in 1936. The first commodore who was
not a Salem resident was Dudley Pancoast in 1951, followed by Pete Collins in
1952. William Harris, J. Evan Hitchner and Ernest Sutton were all Salem
residents. Raymond Mowers was an Alloway, NJ resident and George C.
Rogers, Jr. was from Woodstown, NJ. Then the Club had commodores from
other parts of New Jersey and later from Pennsylvania or elsewhere. Their
commitment to the Club was the only requirement. Morant Hassler is the last
commodore from Salem. He served in 1987; and again in 1994.
    In the early days, the only event was the Planked Shad Dinner held at the
Salem Country Club. In 1959, about 200 people attended. Friends of the Yacht
Club members were invited and there was an orchestra and dancing, while some
members hosted cocktail parties at home, in order to have everyone get together
instead of at separate parties, the Yacht Club started serving free cocktails at the
Country Club. This continued for many years.
   In 1963, the first roster was printed. The roster was the idea of Joseph
Crane. At that time, the SYC had 96 members and 73 boats. Only male
members were counted – wives were listed but not considered voting members.
There were four events listed:
    one cruise (3 days on Labor Day weekend)
    a November dinner meeting
    a January dinner dance
    an April 1964 shad dinner with installation of officers
The 1964 roster shows:
    a March 28th shad dinner with installation of officers
    three cruises
    three meetings
There was also an April 24th shad dinner with installation of 1965 officers.
   In 1970, the shad dinner included the selection of a princess. She was
Debbie Ann Smith, an excellent choice, but the Club was led to believe that she
could not be Queen of the Chesapeake because our Club was not on the
Chesapeake. Therefore, SYC could never attain the status of Queen.
    In 1970, there were five cruises including a “shake-down” cruise in May and a
“frost-bite” in October. In 1979, SYC had its first one-week cruise. This was
continued until 1997 when it was discontinued because of poor attendance.

    In 1970, the roster lists 212 members and 186 boats. This was the peak for
SYC. The large enrollment happened because members of the Great Oak Yacht
Club (GOYC) joined for the then current fee of only five dollars. They were than
able to show our card at the Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC) and receive all
privileges of the AYC. Membership in the GOYC was considered a commercial
club, which operated for profits while Salem did not. These members did not
attend any events of the SYC so the rules for admittance were changed.
   From 1973 to 1981, the home of the SYC was the Conquistador Restaurant
and later the Cohansey Casino, located on the Cohansey River just off Ship John
Light at Greenwich, NJ. There is a marina and boat yard there to-day, but no
restaurant or casino in operation.
    One event that was well attended by SYC was opening day at Baltimore
Yacht Club (BYC), Sue Island, Middle River. The event was always held on
Memorial Day weekend for three days and all yacht clubs were invited. BYC
gave free electric and water connections, but because of the crowd many boats
had to raft out beyond the slips. SYC attended from 1966 to 1995. During that
time, SYC received many plaques whose count has now reached 18. Some
were given to the Fleet Captain, who was an officer when the plaques were won.
From BYC, the SYC has five for the most boats attending and four for the boat
traveling the longest distance.
   The SYC has plaques from Maryland, Bodkin, Northeast and Bush River
Yacht Clubs for the longest distance traveled. They also have one plaque from
the Chesapeake Commodores Club for having the most attendees at their
weekend in January 1985 for the installation of officers at an Ocean City, MD
   Salem Yacht Club had several winter land cruises in the past and they were
held at Hotel Hershey, Pocono Mountain Resorts, Harrison’s at Inner Harbor and
the Steamboat Model in Lancaster.
    When Salem Yacht Club was young, yacht clubs often gave free dockage
because they did not have to supply electric or water. Boats had ice boxes and
alcohol stoves. Boaters were welcome just for what they spent on meals and
gasoline, but now expect to have power for air-conditioning, cooking and
refrigeration plus a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.
   Salem Yacht Club has been a member of Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club
Association (CBYCA) for many years. CBYCA is a viable, non-profit volunteer
association of yacht clubs dedicated to the concerns and interests of its member
clubs, safe boating, quality legislation regarding recreational boating and the bay
    This history was compiled from the records in the rosters and from memory.
If more detail is desired, it can be found in the minutes of the Salem Yacht Club

Arrives 2-3 hours earlier than the cruise

It is the duty of the Dockmaster to arrive 2-3 hours early at the Host Club or
Marina with hand-held VHFs fully charged. Learn all that is possible about the
marina layout – get plot plan from management, if possible. If no plot plan is
available, make one. Confirm your list of boats with management list. Try to
obtain dock assignments for each SYC boat. Get to know where each and every
slip is located. Move your vessel (if necessary) to obtain best possible vantage
point. Hoist Cub Burgee as high as possible on your boat (as reference point for
incoming boats). Stand by VHF channel designated by the Club for the cruise
(i.e., channel 68) ONLY for arrival of Fleet. (Never, but never, change
frequency!). Direct boats to their slips from your drawing of marina. Remain on
your boat or dock to direct incoming traffic. As soon as a few boats are squared
away, assign assistants to help tie up others. Pass out handhelds as necessary.
Hoist Club Burgee at visiting Club.

Bring: flags & mast, burgee banner, head-table name plates. (These will all be
given to you at the Commodore’s Ball November prior to your year as

Bring “everything” – some things to be used that night; everything will be passed
along to the next victim that night.

                              Fleet Captain
1st boat in procession

It shall be the duty of the Fleet Captain to meet with the Commodore in
December or early January to discuss the plans for the upcoming cruising
season (Memorial Day through the Frostbite Cruise and including the Summer
Cruise). In planning activities, the Commodore has authority to authorize
expenses up to $100.00. Any projected expense higher than $100.00 has to be
approved by the Board of Governors. With the Commodore’s approval of the
summer schedule, the Fleet Captain should present the summer schedule at the
January Board of Governor’s meeting for approval.

The Fleet Captain should arrange for all rendezvous, cruises or other affairs for
the upcoming boating season.

The Fleet Captain should send to all members, around one month before cruises,
reservation forms stating all details such as location, times, rates, and radio
channel to monitor.

Fleet Captain should prepare a list of boats participating in the cruise and supply
both the Dockmaster and Commodore with a copy.

The Fleet Captain is responsible for all aspects of the cruises, including, but not
limited to, holding raffles at each event, conducting activities for the children,
arranging cocktail parties, and in the event of a picnic, make necessary
arrangements for the cooking/catering of food, obtaining of beverages, etc.

In the event of any problems – health, facilities, etc. – the Fleet Captain should
be notified. He/she shall handle the problem. If necessary, review with the

These, and any others the Commodore deems necessary, are the duties of the
Fleet Captain.

This is the year of WORK! The Fleet Captain is responsible for all cruises and
activities. Keep in mind, however, everything planned should be discussed with
the Commodore and his decision will be upheld.

2nd Boat in procession, falling just behind the F/C

It is the duty of the Commodore to take command of the fleet; preside at all
meetings; set the uniform of the day at all functions; and appoint necessary
officers and/or other special committees deemed necessary. In addition, the
following are other duties of the Commodore:
     1. Early in January, announce/hold a meeting of officers and the board of
     2. Approve/disapprove summer schedule of events for the Club
     3. Appoint a nominating committee (on the July cruise).
     4. Hold the SYC Annual Meeting of Membership on the Labor Day Cruise.

                          Vice Commodore
3rd Boat in procession falling just behind the Commodore

The main responsibility of the Vice Commodore is the organization of the
Commodore’s Ball in November.
   1. Arrange date, site, and music.
   2. Choose menu, arrange decorations for tables, and appoint a master of
      ceremonies & someone to give invocation.
   3. Order & send reservations to entire membership PLUS several other
      Yacht Clubs.
   4. Collect all monies.

Other responsibilities include:
   1. Chairman of Membership Committee – approval of all membership
   2. Fulfill the duties of the Commodore if necessary.
   3. Any other duties deem necessary by the Commodore.

                          Rear Commodore
Last boat in procession

Your main responsibility is SYC’s April Opening Day/Princess Contest/Shad

  1. Confirm date, time, rates with Salem Country Club (this event is always
     held at the SCC because of the Shad Dinner part). Also confirm music
  2. Appoint a general chairperson for Opening Day.
  3. Secure a master of ceremonies – can be same as general chairperson
  4. Oversee Princess Contest (see separate rules/duties pertaining to
     Princess Contest. LOTS to do if there is a princess!).

  1. Send out announcements/invitations for Opening Day to membership and
     other Clubs.
  2. Collect all reservations and monies.
  3. Have programs printed – include names of visiting Club’s
  4. Confirm number of princesses attending. Alert supply officer so SYC
     charms are available at Opening Day for each princess.

…and any other duties deemed necessary by the Commodore.

      Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association
         This information was taken from the 2006 Chartroom Chatter Roster Issue
          (Partial list of clubs on the Chesapeake Bay / Visitor Docking Available)
                            For more information see

Admirals Annapolis Yacht Club
88 East Lake Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403                       (410) 721-1550
Amber Lighthouse Yacht Club
7501 Brightwater Beach Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060            (410) 255-6382
Baltimore Yacht Club
P.O. Box 7728, Baltimore, MD 21221                            (410) 682-2310
Bay Region Mariners Sailing Association
Rock Hall, MD 21661                                           (610) 688-3991
Belt’s Wharf Landing Yacht Club
960 Fell Street, Baltimore, MD 21231                          (410) 327-5066
Belvedere Yacht Club
419 Alameda Parkway, Arnold, MD 21012                         (410) 647-3594
Berrywood Yacht Club
125 Berrywood Drive, Severna Park, MD 21146                   (410) 544-8248
Bodkin Yacht Club, Inc.
8081 Bellhaven Avenue, Pasadena, MD 21121                     (410) 255-9833
Bohemia Bay Yacht Club
1026 Town Point Road, Chesapeake City, MD 21915               (302) 529-1138
Boumi Shrine Yacht Club
5050 S. King Ave., Baltimore, MD                              (410) 391-6400
Bowley’s Point Yacht Club
1700 Bowley’s Quarters Road, Baltimore, MD 21220              (410) 335-3010
Bush River Yacht Club
P.O. Box 499, 4001 E. Baker Ave., Abingdon, MD 21009          (410) 676-1122
Cambridge Yacht Club
P.O. Box 287, Cambridge, MD 21613                            (410) 228-2141
Capital Yacht Club
1000 Water St., SW, Washington, DC 20021                      (202) 488-8110
Castle Harbor Yacht Club
Castle Harbor Marina, Ken Island, MD                          (856) 678-5673
Charlestown Yacht Club
P.O. Box 297, Charlestown, MD 21914                           (717) 569-7915
Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Association
P.O. Box 6311, Annapolis, MD 21401                  
Chesapeake Cruiser Association
Kent Narrows, Chester, MD 21619                               (410) 758-0123
Chesapeake Yacht Club, Inc.
4943 Hine Drive, Shady Side, MD 20764                         (301) 261-5296
Chester River Yacht and Country Club
7738 Quaker Neck Road, Chestertown, MD 21630                  (410) 778-1369

Choptank River Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. 145, Denton, MD 21629
48555 Bean Road, Ridge, MD 20680                     (301) 872-5187
Classic Yacht Club of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 25, Grasonville, MD 21638         
Columbia Sailing Association
31546 Sassafras River Ave., Galena, MD 21635         (609) 397-2851
Corinthian Yacht Club
48555 Bean Road, Ridge, MD 20680                     (301) 872-5187
Cresent Yacht Club
1840 Cape May Road, Baltimore, MD 21221              (401 687-2582
Davis Creek Yacht Club
23002 McKinleysville Road, Rock Hall, MD 21661       (410) 778-1414
District Yacht Club
1409 Water Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003          (202) 543-9788
Eastern Yacht Club
Seneca Road, Baltimore, MD 21221                     (410) 686-3555
Edge Creek Boat Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 146, Royal Oak, MD 21662
Elk River Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1957, Elkton, MD 21921
Fells Point Yacht Club, Inc.
Henderson’s Wharf Marina
1000 Fell Street, Baltimore, MD 21231
Galloway Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 70052, Baltimore, MD 21237
Georgetown Yacht Club
Rt. 213, Georgetown, MD 21930                        (410) 648-5112
Glenmar Sailing Association
2006 Dulaney Valley Rd., Timonium, MD 21093          (410) 252-0342
Golden Anchor Yacht Club
P.O. Box 16744, Baltimore, MD 21221
Goose Harbor Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 100, Chase, MD 21027
Great Oak Yacht Club
22170 Great Oak Landing Rd., Chestertown, MD 21620   (610)366-8418
Hances Point Yacht Club
P.O. Box 470, North East, MD 21901                   (302) 287-6090
Harbor Point Yacht Club
P.O. Box 558, Solomons, MD 20688                     (410) 394-6773
Harbour North Yacht Club
P.O. Box 182, Georgetown, MD 21930
Holiday Point Yacht Club
5610 Lee Way Drive, Churchton, MD 20733              (410) 867-7991
Kennersley Yacht Club
P.O. Box 1029, Dover, DE 19903                       (410) 758-1399

Kent Island Yacht Club
P.O. Box 135, Chester River, MD 21619             (410) 643-4101
Kent Narrows Yacht Club
428 Kent Narrows Way N., Grasonville, MD 21638    (410) 827-8888
Key Yacht Club
4044 Beach Rd., Baltimore, MD 21222               (410) 477-2578
Lord Calvert Yacht Club
Calvert Marina, Solomons, MD                      (571) 244-6474
Magothy River Sailing Association
P.O. Box 1135, Pasadena, MD 21123                 (410) 554-3657
Maryland Cruising Club
919 Wise Ave., Baltimore, MD 21222                (410) 437-4390
Maryland Yacht Club
1500 Fairview Beach Rd., Pasadena, MD 21122       (410) 255-4444
Middle River Yacht Club
200 Nanticoke Rd., Baltimore, MD 21221            (410) 687-1160
Miles River Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 158, St. Michaels, MD 21663              (410) 745-9511
Neptune Yacht Club
Anchorage Marina
2501 Boston St., Baltimore, MD 21224              (410) 522-7200
North East River Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 267, North East, MD 21901                (410) 287-6333
North Point Yacht Club, Inc.
1700 Wharf Rd., Sparrows Point, MD 21219          (410) 477-2471
Otter Point Yacht Club
600 Otter Point Rd., Abingdon, MD 21009           (410) 676-1744
Prospect Bay Yacht Club
311A Prospect Bay Dr. W., Grasonville, MD 21638   (410) 827-6950
Red Eye Yacht Club
2222 Poplar Rd., Baltimore, MD 21221              (410) 686-5399
Rock Hall Yacht Club
22759 McKinleyville Rd., Rock Hall, MD 21661      (410) 639-2182
Rotary Yacht Squadron of Chesapeake Bay
P.O. Box 157, St. Leonard, MD 20685               (410)272-2030
Selby Bay Yacht Club
1116 Turkey Point Rd., Edggewater, MD 21037       (410) 798-1415
Solomons Island Yacht Club
P.O. Box 206, Solomons, MD 20688                  (410) 326-3718
Somers Cove Yacht Club
P.O. Box 335, Crisfiueld, MD 21817                (410) 623-2240
Sue Haven Yacht Club
542 Edgar Ave., Baltimore, MD 21221               (410) 574-8290
The Haven Yacht Club
P.O. Box 603, Rock Hall, MD 21661                 (410) 239-6114
The Yacht Club @ Swan Point, Inc.
P.O. Box 73, Issue, MD 20645


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