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					                                                         UNITY CHURCH of
                                                         November & December 2009

                                         By Joel Baehr

The Wise Menthewere instructed to keep
 their eye on   star. My dad told me
                                               as we know it. If you and I lived Jesus-like
                                               lives we’d be nurturing the earth and loving
to keep my eye on the hanky at the other       everybody. There would be no military
end of the field. The Wise Men found           spending. The entire earth would be a gar-
Jesus and I learned to plow a straight fur-    den.
row by never looking back.
                                                            You think that’s impossible?
If your eye is single, said Jesus,                          Wrong! How can it help but
your body will be full of light.                            be dynamically possible when
I guess that means that your                                Jesus Christ is your mirror im-
lookin’ determines your gettin’.                            age. I mean that He is a living
                                                            demonstration of your original
We give Christmas lots of at-
                                                            being. Is it so illogical that at
tention – but where does that
                                                            some point enough people will
take us? We celebrate Jesus but
                                                            give their physical lives for love
do we keep our eye on the star,
                                                            instead of revenge?
or the hanky?
                                                            Jesus spoke of the end of the
Jesus lived a life of complete
                                                            age. This is what He was talk-
simplicity, focus, forgiveness
                                                            ing about: the end of unloving
and loving action.
                                                            living. That will be the end of
We live more complicatedly. In this coun-      the world as we know it today.
try we spend about 15% of our gross do-
                                               The whole point of one’s life can be the
mestic product on health-care costs. About
                                               pleasure of living happily and helping oth-
70% of that goes to heart disease, cancer,
                                               ers do the same. Why spend mental energy
stroke, diabetes and obesity, most of which
                                               on what might happen? Use that juice to
could be successfully treated through proper
                                               live a Christ-like life today. All that scary
exercise, diet and better lifestyle choices.
                                               stuff is just a Halloween movie. While
Mexican drug cartels thrive because of our
                                               some people are making others afraid, you
ravenous consumption of what they have to
                                               and I should be making people feel loved.
sell. Hmmm, complicated and depressing!
                                            But what if the world ended after all? If
Some folks say an end of some sort is com-
                                            you’d have been following the star, where
ing. We go through this every so often, you
                                            would you be? Or, if you’d have been ex-
know. I hear that December, 2012 is the
                                            pecting the end, would you feel good about
due date.
                                            being right? Merry Christmas, and for
Of course, if everyone really believed in   2010 – keep your eye on the star (or the
Christmas, it would be the end of the world hanky of you happen to be plowing!).
                         SUNDAY SERVICES
           Usually one hour long and begin at 9 & 10:30 a.m.
Nov 8: A PEBBLE FOR YOUR                      David Robert Ord who is our guest
POCKET                                        speaker on Palm Sunday
   According to Thich Nhat Hanh
   Jimmy Boyd & Renée Morgan Brooks
CREATIVITY                                        Unity Church of Mesa
   Some of Matthew Fox’s thoughts on      2700 E. Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85204,
   New Member Sunday                              office@unityofmesa.org
   Music: Jimmy Boyd &                             www.unityofmesa.org
   Jeanne Mac Laughlin                           Phone: (480) 892-2700
                                                   Fax: (480) 892-2664
                                             Church Office and Sanctuary Hours:
                                                      Tuesday – Friday
   Eknath Easwaran thoughts
                                             8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Prayers 9am)
   Jimmy Boyd
                                           Youth Program Sunday School Classes:
Nov 29: NOW! NOW! NOW!
                                                 Nursery at both services
   According to Eckhart Tolle
                                                   All others 10:30 a.m.
   Music: Jimmy Boyd & Barbara Horton
                                              Bookstore Hours: Tuesday – Friday
Dec 6: DON’T TAKE IT                                8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
PERSONALLY                                        Sunday: 8:30 a.m. – Noon
    Says don Miguel Ruiz
    Special Guests: Will & Madeleine         Prayer Line: (480) 892-1777, ext. 50
    Tuttle                                           Silent Unity Prayer Line:
Dec 13: THE MASTERY OF LOVE                            (800) NOW-PRAY
    don Miguel Ruiz’s thoughts
    Music: Mark Stanton Welch
                                          Board News...................................4
    Candlelighting Ceremony
                                          Calendar ........................................8, 9
    Music: Paul McDermand & Jimmy
                                          Classes/Workshops ...................5, 11, 14
Dec 27: YOUTH ED SUNDAY                   Community Support Groups....14
    Music: Jimmy Boyd                     Concerts.........................................4, 5
                                          Counseling ...................................3, 4
Jan 10: LAY MINISTRY SUNDAY               Holiday Happenings .................4-7, 15
Jan 14-Feb 28: We begin our 7 week        Love in Action Group Events...12-13
    Commitment Program based on the       Singles Activities ..........................10, 11
    book ASK YOUR SELF THIS.              Staff Directory ............................16
                                          Sunday Plans.................................2
Mar7-April 4: Our lessons will be based   Youth Ministry ...........................7
   on the book Your Forgotten Self by

                         Unity Church of Mesa, Page 2
                     HOLY DAYS EVERY DAY
                         By Kathy Peters, Prayer Ministry Director

The busy activities of November and              are called to let go of our busy lives long
December are beginning to call for our           enough to experience unity with the One
attention. Personal calendars become             Presence. When anything we do becomes
crowded with holiday activities while our        an obligatory ritual for hand~me~down
ego minds chatter away                                           beliefs, the true inner
about everything. We pray                                        meaning of what is offered is
and plan that nothing falls                                      lost. Specific holidays are a
through the cracks into the                                      human invention, and
never~land of things we                                          unknown in the Mind of
have forgotten to do. But                                        God. The Divine simply is,
maybe Life is just waiting to                                    and is fully present in the
reveal Its’ mystery if we                                        Eternal Now. Our lives are
accept the invitation to slip                                    really about giving up the
between the cracks of time                                       path of least resistance and
and space, into the Silence.                                     choosing instead the high
                                                                 road of mindfulness,
One day in 1934, Admiral                                         prayerfulness, and loving
Richard E. Byrd voluntarily slipped              kindness, every holy day.
through the cracks of life as we know it,
hoping to discover more about the icy land    We receive more as we grow more in
of Antarctica. He was on a quest for          spiritual consciousness. The spiritual gifts
scientific data, and totally isolated from allof holy days are ours to claim. All we have
other human life.                             to do is move beyond the open cracks of
                                              busyness and venture into the real world of
He survived extremely cold weather            silence. You may find this wonderful place
conditions, including a constant, biting      to be anything but silent. Today is a new
wind. Standing absolutely still in a frosted beginning for us. It’s the season for our
world, he became aware that there was         lives to reflect the new and larger footsteps
nothing there to study, measure, or collect; that are not repeats of yesterday. HOLY
there was only empty silence. In his diary    DAYS EVERY DAY ~ that’s my desire
he wrote, “I had never known such utter       for you.
quiet.” In that instant of complete stillness
came the realization that he was part of      The Prayer Ministry is privileged to
God, part of the universe, and that he was support you with prayer. Our Prayer
not alone. When he returned to                Chain, Sunday Prayer Partners, Prayer
civilization, he reported feelings of great   Line, Sanctuary Prayer Team, Bear
peace and deep faith.                         Ministry and Prayer Shawl volunteers are
                                              available to serve as you request. Call Kathy
We are inwardly called to the same world Peters, (480) 892~2700 x 18 for
of spiritual simplicity that Byrd knew. We information.

                             Unity Church of Mesa, Page 3
  Message From the President of our Board of Trustees
                           Tony Mustapich
We are rapidly approaching the                             this the Board commends the
end of another year and it has                             good stewardship of Joel and his
been interesting to be sure. In                            excellent staff. For some, this
the previous newsletter I painted                          whole topic has become
a less than rosy financial picture                         tiresome. I must admit that I
for our church, but now I am                               don't enjoy it very much
able to be more positive about                             either. In the future, I and the
our current status and prospects                           Board will use other means to
for the future. Why the change? First and        keep you up-to-date on all matters of the
foremost, the increase in donations the past     church's business and will minimize using
2+ months has brought our year-to-date           the Sunday service for this purpose.
income to budgeted levels. THANK
YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY                      Now we head into the happiest time of the
AND PRAYERS! Coupled with this                   year and I wish everyone a very Happy
effort has been a significant reduction of       Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a New
the church's operating expenses, without         Year filled with Prosperity, Peace and
crippling our day-to-day operations. For         Understanding.

 •     Kathy Peters, M.S. Licensed Unity Teacher 480-892-2700 ext. 18,
 •     Bill Raines, Ph.D. 480-503-1183, livlover1@cox.net
     Contact them directly to schedule an appointment. No one refused for financial reasons.
            Counseling Services with a Spiritual Perspective

           Deck the Halls
        A Holiday Sing Along
               Friday, December 11, 7-8:30p
Pianist Lynne Haeseler brings her art of improvisation
and love of music to the holiday season at Unity of
Mesa. It's an interactive evening of sing along Christ-
mas carols, classical masterpieces and Silent film
shorts, and cookies afterwards! Fun for everyone, the
evening will lift us into the spirit of Christmas.
$10/person or $25/family. In the Sanctuary
For more info about Lynne visit www.Lhpiano.com

               Unity Church of Mesa, Page 4
 UNITY CHURCH                       Wendy
    OF MESA                    Craig-Purcell
Invites you to join us on:      Here January 14
                               The Commitment Pro-
                               gram we are going to
                               begin in January is based
                               on her book. Wendy
                               notes, Questions are like
                               channels through which
                               our mental, emotional and
                               creative energy flows.
   www.facebook.com            Asking good questions is
 Thanks to the efforts of      the doorway to personal
   Kathleen Konzen!            transformation.

                  THE SIMPLE TRUTH
                  A new class taught by Joel Baehr
                  Making sense of life with all of its social, political, economic issues
                  can make a person’s head spin. If you want to understand how life
                  really works; if you want to know how to keep a clear mind in the
                  midst of confusing situations, then this class will bring you a new
                  sense of security and direction. This class is for teens and adults.
                  Tuesdays, 6:30-8p, until 11/24, in the Sanctuary, on a love offering
                  basis. Each class stands on its’ own so drop in anytime.

Guest musician at both services ,
Sunday, December 13

Mark is a singer, songwriter, and educator whose
music and activities are intended to be in
alignment with the integrity of humankind
supporting compassion, wholeness, personal
spiritual evolution, and the manifestation of
planetary oneness.

December 13, 1:30-3PM
Music for a Stress Free Holiday

                         Unity Church of Mesa, Page 5
                       Holiday happenings
           The holidays are coming up and we make it really, really fun
HOLIDAY MARKETPLACE                             and Summer Camps. This years event in-
Sunday, November 8, 9a to 2p. This is a         cludes dinner served by the teens, dancing,
perfect opportunity to have some fun and        a silent auction, and a cookie contest!
help make the church some money! The            For the silent auction, we are asking for
last two times we did this the quality of the   donations of gift certificates for services. If
products sold was amaz-                                            you can donate a gift bas-
ing! Everything from                                               ket/certificate, contact
fine-art to jewelry.                                               Hal, halbass@q.com.
“The Best Vending                                                  Bring 4-5 dozen of your
Space” will get a prize.                                           cookies the day of the
Best not just defined by                                           event to enter the cookie
festive and attractive but                                         contest. Place your vote
also by vendor attitude.                                           for the favorite cookie by
To place your vote for the best space, sim-                        throwing change in the
ply place the vendor’s name or their as-        appropriate jar. So bring your spare
signed space number in the provided jar.        change to cast your vote! The winner re-
For info contact Sangita,                       ceives an apron designed by the Y.O.U!
Sangita@unityofmesa.org, 480-892-2700.          Tickets are on sale in the garden between
                                                services. $7 for kids under 12, $15 for
THANKSGIVING POTLUCK                            anyone 12 and older. Tickets can be pur-
November 26, noon to 2p. This is a              chased in the bookstore via credit cards for
Unity tradition. Every year we have great       an additional $2 per transaction.
spread that even accommodates the many          This event is a great way to kick off the
vegetarians our congregation seems to at-       holidays and show your support for our
tract. So fix something and show up! The        amazing kids and teens.
potluck will be in the YFM Building.
If you plan on attending please sign up by      CHRISTMAS EVE - CANDLE
placing your name on the sign up sheet in       LIGHTING & CAROLING
the Family Rm. or contact Robin, 480-           Thurs., Dec., 24, 6-7p This is a very sweet
833-2708, reflexrobin@gmail.com. We             old fashioned family service where we light
need volunteers to cook turkeys, traditional    our candles and sing our old favorites.
food items (yams are covered), ham, set up      Our Youth & Family Ministry is putting
and clean up help and table stewards.           on a play called Surprise Party.
WINTER BALL                                     BURNING BOWL CEREMONY
Sat., Dec 5, 5 to 9p-Dinner , Dance, Si-        This traditional New Years Eve ceremony
lent Auction and Cookie Contest for             will begin at 5:30pm and is designed to
only $15/person. This is the YFM's              help get rid of all the bad stuff from the
largest fundraiser of the year. Funds raised    past year so you can usher in the new.
go toward scholarships for Regional Events

                            Unity Church of Mesa, Page 6
As usual we have a lot planned                  1st. The cost for this exciting party is just
Nov 8 Uniteen Picnic                            $15 per adult and $7 per child.

Nov 13-15 YOU Fall Rally                        Thursday Dec 24 6pm Christmas Eve
                                                Service presented by the YFM. The YFM
Sat Dec 5 5pm to 9pm YFM Winter                 will present an original play entitled
Fundraiser: Come kick off your December         Surprise Party! This Christmas play was
in style and help us send our Uniteens and      written by Unity’s own Kelly McMahon,
YOU to regional events and our Unikids,         Youth Director at Unity Spiritual Life
Uniteens, and YOU to summer camp                Center in Laguna Hills California.
                                                Sunday Dec 27 both services presented by
This is the YFM’s biggest fund raiser of        the YFM.
the year! This year we will have a dinner of
lasagna, spaghetti with or without meat         Sunday School Classes
balls, garlic bread, and salad, all served by   •   Newborn-Preschool: Child care and
the Uniteens and YOU. We will have                  Sunday Lessons are provided during
water, lemonade, coffee, tea, and hot               both services for this age group in the
chocolate available. You are welcome to             Nursery/Truth Rm.
bring your own wine in a bottle labeled
                                                All other age groups meet at 10:30am in
with your name on it and check it in with
                                                the YFM Building
our “bar tender.”
After dinner there will be time for dancing •       Kindergarten-2nd Grade: YFM
and socializing with your Unity family. As          Fillmore Rm.
in the past, we will have a silent auction. •       3rd-5th Grade: YFM Cady Rm.
This year, we are asking the congregation
                                            •       6th-8th Grade (Uniteens): YFM
for donations of gift certificates for
                                                    Arizona Rm.
                                                •   9-12th Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.):
A fun new event we will be having is a
                                                    YFM Freeman Rm.
cookie contest. Bring about 5 dozen of
your best cookies and we’ll take care of the
rest. Everyone will vote by                                    Youth Ministry Directors
placing money in a jar by                                      For information or to see
their favorite cookie.                                         how you can help our youth,
Whichever cookie makes                                         please contact us.
the most money wins! The
winner will receive a special                                  •   Hal Bass,
apron designed by our                                          halbass@q.com (6th-12th
teens.                                                         grade)
                                                               • Moriah and Jeff
Tickets will be on sale in
                                                               Salzman, unikids@cox.net
the garden after both
                                                               (K-5th grade)
services starting November

                             Unity Church of Mesa, Page 7
                                                     NOVEMBER 2009 AT UNITY CHURCH OF MESA
                                    Sunday             Monday                  Tuesday                   Wednesday              Thursday          Friday                    Saturday
             1  9&10:30am Services           2 6:30-8:30p               3   Election Day            4 7-9p 11th Step Cen-      5   2-4p Pranic   6   7-9p A        7 7:30a Singles Hike
             11:45-1:15p Understanding Green Pranic Healing             6:30-8p The Simple Truth    tering Prayer              Clinic            Course in         Treasure Loop
                                             Clinic (FL)                (S)                         7-8p AA & Al-Anon                            Miracles          10a-12 Buddhist Wkshop
             11:45-12:45p Singles Potluck
             8-10p Master Co Meditation                                                                                                                            12:30-2:30p Al-Anon
                                                                                                                                                                   7p Singles Drumming
                                                                                                                                                                   Circle & Potluck

             8   9&10:30am Services                  9 6:30-8:30p       10 5:30p Singles Plan-      11 Veterans Day            12   2-4p Pranic 13            14
             9:30-2p Holiday Marketplace             Pranic Healing     ning Meeting                7-8p AA & Al-Anon          Clinic                    YOU Fall Rally in California
             Uniteen Picnic                          Clinic (FL)        6:30-8:30a Creative Visu-   5:30p Singles Dinner &     6-8p Prayer      7-9p A        7:30a Singles Hike S. Mtn
                                                                        alization (FL)              Jazz                       Shawl Ministry   Course in     10a-12 Buddhist Wkshop
                                                                        6:30-8p The Simple Truth                               6:30-8:30p: New Miracles       12:30-2:30p Al-Anon
                                                                        7-8:30 GA (AZ)                                         Member Mtg

             15                New Member Sunday     16                 17   6:30-8p The Simple     18  7-8p AA & Al-Anon      19                20 7-9p A 21 7:30a Singles Hiero-
             9&10:30am Services                                         Truth (S)                   7-9p 11th Step Centering                     Course in glyphic Traill Hike
                                                                        7-8:30 GA (FL)              Prayer                                       Miracles  10a-12 Buddhist Wkshop
             YOU Fall Rally (CA)

Unity Church of Mesa, Page 8
                                                                                                                                                           12:30-2:30p Al-Anon

             22                 9&10:30am Services   23 6:30-8:30p 24         6:30-8p The Simple    25   7-8p AA & Al-Anon     26 12-2p          27 7-9p A 28 12:30-2:30p Al-Anon
                                                     Pranic Healing     Truth (S)                                              Thanksgiving      Course in 10a-12 Buddhist Wkshop
                                                                        7-8:30 GA (FL)                                         Potluck           Miracles
                                                                                                                                                     Church office closed

             29                9&10:30am Services    30    6:30-8:30p   Join Unity Church of Mesa: If you have been attending this ministry for at least six months, we
                                                     Pranic Healing     invite you to become a member. Just complete the Membership Brochure, located in the Family
                                                     Clinic (FL)        Rm., read The Story of Unity and The Simple Truth, and attend the pre-membership meeting at
                                                                        6:30p on Nov. 12, and the 10:30a service on Nov. 15.
                                                         DECEMBER 2009 AT UNITY CHURCH OF MESA
                                       Sunday                           Monday                     Tuesday        Wednesday              Thursday             Friday                     Saturday
               CHURCH OFFICE HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Our                                               1              2 7p AA & Al-Anon 3 2p Pranic             4. 7p A              5  8a Singles Hike
               church office is closed Nov. 26 to 30 and Dec. 24 to Jan. 4.                                                                               Course in Mira-
                                                                                                 7-8:30 GA (FL) 7p 11th Step Center- Clinic                                    10a Buddhist Workshop
               The bookstore will only be open Sunday mornings. Sunday                                          ing Prayer                                cles
               Services and scheduled events will continue as usual. The                                                                                                       12:30p Al-Anon
               church staff will not be available to return phone calls and                                                                                                    5p Winter Ball
               emails during this time.                                                                                                                                        7p Drumming/Potluck

                 6 9&10:30am Services-11:45a Singles 7 6:30p Pranic Healing                      8  6:30-8:30p    9   7p AA & Al-Anon   10 2p Pranic      11 7-8:30p           12 10a Buddhist Work-
                 Potluck                               Clinic (FL)                               Labyrinths &                           Clinic            Holiday Sing-a-      shop
                 11:45a Understanding Green            7-8:30p Will Tuttle Piano                 Why they Work                          6p Prayer         Long                 12:30p Al-Anon
                 1-3p Will & Madeleine Tuttle Workshop Concert                                   (FL)                                   Shawl Ministry    7-9p A Course
                                                                                                 7-8:30 GA (AZ)                                           in Miracles

                 13 9&10:30am Services                          14   6:30p Pranic Healing        15             16 7p AA & Al-       17 2p Pranic         18 7p A              19  8a Singles Hike
                 1:30-3p Music for a Stress Free Holiday              Clinic (FL)                7-8:30 GA (FL) Anon                 Clinic               Course in Mira-      10a-12 Buddhist Workshop
                 with Mark Welch                                                                                7p 11th Step Center-                      cles                 12:30p Al-Anon
                                                                                                                ing Prayer                                                     7p Singles Xmas Party

Unity Church of Mesa, Page 9
                 20             9&10:30am Candlelighting Ser-   21    Winter Begins              22               23    7p AA & Al-     24 6p Family      25    Christmas      26 10a-12 Buddhist Work-
                               vices                                                             7-8:30 GA (FL) Anon                    Christmas Eve                          shop
                                                                                                                                        Caroling &                             12:30p Al-Anon
                                                                                                                                                         Church office closed 12/24 to 1/4/2010

                 27            9&10:30am Services               28                               29               30    7p AA & Al-     31 5:30p            Call our Prayer Line 24/7?
                                                                                                 7-8:30 GA (FL) Anon                    Burning Bowl
                                                                                                                                        Ceremony            (480) 892-1777, ext. 50 for
                                                                      Church office closed 12/24 to 1/4/2010                                                      Prayer Support
                          SINGLES ACTIVITIES
All adults are welcome, to all singles          mile hike on rocky terrain. Meet at 7:30a
activities. Just be sure to mention that you    at the Village Inn. Bring water and shoes
are not single if you aren’t! It is necessary   with good tread. Allow 2 hours. RSVP
to RSVP for all events, except the              Kathy at morka14@juno.com, 480-982-
potlucks, at least 2 days in advance. If a      8400.
contact person is listed for the event please First Sundays of every month - Meet &
RSVP to them. Leave your phone number         Greet Potluck: Introductions and potluck
in case of changes, reservation requirements  (after the last service) starting at noon in
or rain-outs.                                 the YFM Bldg./Annex. Bring any
Tuesday, Nov. 10, 5:30- 6:30p - Planning nutritious dish you would like to
Meeting for Jan. & Feb. Events: At Red        share. Table service and water is
Mountain Library (Power & Adobe               provided. No RSVP needed but contact
Roads). Bring your calendar and ideas         person is Nancy Spence at
with specific information including: date, nancyactpar@cox.net or 480-357-0998.
time, location, carpool info, cost, and event Saturday, Dec. 5 – HIKE Garden Loop
name. RSVP: Nancy, 480-357-0998,              East of Apache Junction: A beautiful 6-
nancyactpar@cox.net (email preferred).        mile trail in the Superstition Mountains!
Wednesday, Nov. 11 & Jan. 13 – Dinner           Meet at 8a behind Village Inn on Apache
& Jazz at L.J. Pizza: Meet at 5:30p for         Trail between Idaho and Ironwood Rds.
food, fellowship, and jazz at 1038 E. Main      Bring water, snack, and shoes with good
St, Mesa, between Stapley & Horne (north        tread. RSVP Kathy at (480) 982-8400,
side). RSVP by Thursday Pat Flahart             morka14@juno.com
480-983-6829 pflahart@gmail.com.                Saturday, Dec.5, 7p - Drumming Circle &
Saturday, Nov. 14 – HIKE to South               Potluck: Food, fellowship, and noise-
Mountain’s Fat Man’s Pass: Plan to hike         making fun around Monica's fire pit.
for three hours, approximately 8 miles at a     11412 E. Wier Ave., East Mesa. Bring
moderate pace on National Trail through         food to share, drums, Native American
Hidden Valley & Fat Man's Pass. Those           flutes, or rattles, a folding chair and a
wanting a slower pace can arrange with          happy spirit. RSVP Monica, 480-235-
Norma to go part way only as this is a          6169, mpsleiman@gmail.com
fairly strenuous uphill rock climbing,          Saturday, Dec. 19 - Hike Pass Mountain
adventure with rewarding views. Bring a         to Saddle and back. Uphill to the Saddle
picnic lunch/snack to enjoy at the pass.        with beautiful views of the desert and
Bring at least 2 liters of water and shoes      Fountain Hills. Approx. 6 miles round
with good tread. Meet at 7:30a at Rhodes        trip. Meet at 8a at the trailhead at the
Jr. High, in the East parking lot 1860 S        northern end of Meridian Rd (between
Longmore (of Baseline in Mesa). RSVP            Signal Butte and Ironwood Rds, off
Norma Bartelt by noon Friday 480-620-           University). RSVP: Kathy 480-982-8400
7813.                                           or morka14@juno.com.
Saturday, Nov. 21 - Hieroglyphic Trail in
the Superstition Mountains. This is a 4-

                           Unity Church of Mesa, Page 10
Saturday, Dec. 19, 7p – Singles 7th            Your Desires. Learn the nine powerful
Annual Christmas Party: At Walt Stover’s       principles for creating habits to match our
house 3935 N Recker Rd. (N. of                 desires. Learn how to recognize and revise
Thomas). Food, fun, fellowship and our         out-of-balance thoughts. We will meet in
fabulous traditional gift exchange. BYOB.      the YFM Fillmore Rm.
Bring a $10 generic gift and a special snack   Saturday, Jan. 9 – Ridgeline HIKE on
to share with 8 people. Wear your              South Mountain: Rigorous 2 hour hike.
Christmas outfit and a big smile. RSVP:        RSVP: Norma Bartelt, 480-620-7813.
Walt walt_hs@hotmail.com, 480-854-
4699.                                     Saturday, Jan. 30 - Hike & BBQ in the
                                          Superstition Mountains: Meet at 3p to
Sundays, Jan. 3-31, 6-7:30p - Book Study, hike Or meet at 5p at Lynette's home for a
Wayne Dyer's BEING IN BALANCE: 9 potluck. RSVP: Lynette Grence,
Principles for Creative Habits to Match   lgrence@hotmail.com, 480-671-7210.

 Pranic Healing for Children Jan 9 to Feb 27
 Our lessons include energy healing, vir-      Saturdays 10a to 1 pm, in the YFM Fill-
 tue, yoga, super brain yoga and medita-       more and Cady Rms. Discounts available
 tion. Sign up for the whole session or for    for Volunteer Healer’s children and fami-
 an individual class. Pre registration re-     lies with multiple children enrolled. For
 quired to ensure we have enough materi-       more info contact Shawna, 602 549 3059
 als. Ages 3-7: $12/class or $96/session       or Lynne Stevenson, 480 812 5887 &
 Ages 8-12: $20/class or $160/session          also see page 12.

                                                           Health & Nutrition Products

Will & Madeleine Tuttle
Sunday December 6th
  • Guest Speaker/Musician at
    both services
                                                  CLEAR VISION
  • Workshop from 1-3p                            WINDOW WASH
Monday December 7                    Our Goal: To Provide You With a Clear Vision
  • Concert 7-8:30p                        Serving the Valley Since 1991
Private sessions for intuitive
music and spiritual painting by
Will & Madeleine available by       SCOTT TODD                          P.O. Box 8751,
                                    clearvisionscott@yahoo.com               Mesa, AZ
                                    480-926-7898                                85214

                           Unity Church of Mesa, Page 11
11TH STEP CENTERING PRAYER: better afterwards and I am not sure but
11th step reads: Sought through prayer & there seems to be a happy glee in the eyes
meditation to improve our conscious         of the little bear as well. Who knows this
contact with God as we understood Him is a bear blessed by the congregation and
praying only for the knowledge of His       spirit knows when they are helping us feel
will for us and the power to carry it out. better, God does work in mysterious ways.
This prayer and meditation group meets Members of the Bear Ministry visit people
on the first and third Wednesday of each during challenging times by bringing
month. We meet at 7p for a 20min            prayers, a bear and some company. To
mediation in the Truth Rm. Then at 7:30 request a Bear Visit for someone, (they do
we go to the YFM Freeman Rm. To             not have to attend our church) or for
watch a video about The Contemplative more info contact Smokey, 480-497-
Dimension of the Twelve Steps.              2659, stb45@cox.net or Linda 480-985-
For information contact Sharon, 480-        6473.
325-8999, Maslonka1@cox.net.
                                            Packages from Home: We
A Course in Miracles                        collect items for care packages and then
(ACIM): This is an ACIM support and ship them to our military troops. Please
learning group that meets on Fridays from bring your travel sized donations to the
from 7-9p in the YFM Fillmore Rm. For church. Christine Mustapich, 480-641-
info contact Lonnie Frederick or Alison     0013, nonionthego@cox.net.
Wilson, awilson57@aol.com or (480)
892-4800.                                   PRANIC HEALING®: This highly
                                            developed and tested system of energy
Bear Ministry: A special thanks             medicine utilizes Prana to balance,
from the Bear Ministry for the bears        harmonize and transform the body's
                        brought in for bear energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word
                        Sunday. The         that means life-force. This invisible bio-
                        thanks we get when energy or vital energy keeps the body alive
                        we deliver a bear   and maintains a state of good health. In
                        makes it so         acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this
                        rewarding and it    subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruah
                        would not be        or the Breath of Life in the Old
                        possible if the     Testament.
                        congregation did    Beginning in January, we are offering
not provide us with the bears. I got my     Pranic Healing Classes for Kids. For info,
personal bear a few years ago when I was see pg 11.
hospitalized and I still have it today and We have scheduled several live Internet
when I need that hug and prayers I just     lectures/guided meditations with Master
take down my little bear and have a talk    Co. These will be held in the Sanctuary
and a big hug. I always feel so very much on a love offering basis:

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•    Dec 2 & Jan 1: Full Moon                 share. For info contact Thomas Pearce,
Meditations                                   480-654-3711, thpearce@worldnet.att.net
• Dec. 22: Esoteric Meaning of
Christmas                                     Scribe Tribe: This writers’ support
                                              group meets monthly. Contact Linda
Pranic Healing Clinics are offered here on
                                              Roujon, 480-985-6473 for the schedule.
the following Mondays & Thursdays:
Nov. 5, 9, 12, 23 & 30, Dec. 3, 7, 10, 14,    Understanding Green: Each
& 17. Mondays 6:30-8:30p, Thursdays 2-        ton of paper recycled can save:
4p. Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm,
Thursdays from 2-4pm, in the Fillmore         • 17 trees
Rm. Barbara Sherrod,                          • 380 gallon of oil
bjswhitecat@aol.com, 480-654-3693,            • Three cubic yards of landfill space
                                              • 4000 kilowatts of energy
Prayer Shawl Ministry: We                     • 7000 gallons of water
              knit/crochet items for people   • 60 pounds of air pollution
              experiencing challenges. We
                                              Since March 2009, through your efforts at
              usually meet on the second
                                              Unity Church of Mesa,
              and fourth Thursday of the
              month in the Family Room,       WE HAVE SAVED:
offering instructions for beginners on the    • 110 trees
fourth Thursday. However we will not          • 2,470 gallon of oil
meet on Thanksgiving Day or on                • 20 cubic yards of landfill space
Christmas Eve.                                • 26,000 kilowatts of energy
If you would like us to send someone (who     • 45,500 gallons of water
is experiencing challenges) a prayer shawl,   • 390 pounds of air pollution
nominate them by filling out a Prayer
                                              Congratulations !!!! Please continue to use
Shawl nomination form or contact Delaine,
                                              the paper recycling bin located in the west
ddeda2000@aol.com, 602-696-4957.
                                              parking lot of this building. Thank You.
Saturday Buddhist                             This group meets on the first Sunday of
Workshops: Every Saturday, from               the month from 11:45am to 1:15pm to
10a to noon (except on holidays) in the       discuss and implement environment
YFM Fillmore Rm. Open to everyone.            consciousness in our personal lives as well
Our motto is: “I WANT TO IMPROVE              as at church. For information, contact
MYSELF FOR THE SAKE OF ALL                    Lonnie, lonniefrederick@aol.com, 480-
BEINGS.” Our club activities are designed     892-4800.
to have fun and inspire household
Buddhists to engage in society with           Walk a Mile in My Shoes
wisdom and compassion. Presentations          (WAMMS): This group collects gently
(by almost-famous experts) about Buddhist     worn shoes and mails them to countries
beliefs and practices and group discussions   where they are needed. Money donations
are included. We do light exercise and        for postage are also appreciated.
meditation. Bring a yoga mat, a sitting       DonnaChristine Park, 480-373-5930,
cushion, and a small, healthy snack to        whsper0851@hotmail.com

                          Unity Church of Mesa, Page 13
                          SERENITY GARDEN
The purpose of these gatherings is to par-       February 9: Voice Exploration and Spirit
ticipate in activities that contribute to liv-   Celebration: Using sound, song and chant
ing a more serene life. We usually meet on       enjoy a joyful, healing experience with
the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month            Merrily Toyne. No singing experience
from 6:30 to 8:30p. We will not meet             necessary – just a willingness to enjoy di-
Nov. 24 or Dec. 22 because of other holi-        vine harmony. Merrily is a long time New
day festivities. Unless otherwise listed         Thought student who facilitates A Course
adults and mature children are welcome.          in Miracles and a chanting group. She got
For more info, visit www.unityofmesa.org/        hooked on chanting the first times he
SerenityGarden.htm.                              heard Deva Premal sing Om Namo Bhaga-
                                                 vate. “I felt as if I was singing directly to
November 10: Creative Visualization:
Facilitated by Pat Flahart. Use your imagi-
nation to create what you want in your life February 23: A Workshop with Catherine
by making a VISION BOARD COL-               Vega: Details regarding this workshop will
LAGE. Bring pictures of yourself, words be provided soon!
and images that represent your desires,
poster board, scissors, glue tape… any-                COMMUNITY
thing you want on your vision board. If
you have never made one before, no wor-             SUPPORT GROUPS
ries bring what you have and we will sup-   These are 12 Step Programs that are not
ply the rest.                               affiliated with Unity Church of Mesa but
                                                 we are very glad to be able to provide a
December 8: Labyrinths: Taffy Lancer, a          space for them to meet.
much sought after labyrinth builder and          Smoking on church grounds is not permitted.
minister will teach us why labyrinth medi-       Al-Anon:
tations Balance, Center, Heal, and Con-          • Saturdays, 12:45-1:30p Beginners
nect. Where they originated from and so              Meeting; 1:30-2:30p Regular Meet-
much more. Taffy is responsible for many             ing. Both in the Truth Room. Con-
of the labyrinths in Arizona. She has                tact: Sandi M. (480)634-5132 or
taught many international workshops as far           Vali F. at (480)282-8765.
away as Russia. To learn more, visit             • Wednesdays, 7-8p.m. in the YFM
www.lanserlabyrinths.com                             Fillmore Room. Contact: Kathy B.,
January 12 & 26: The Shadow Effect:                  (480)982-1132
Hummingbird will show this documentary           Alcoholics Anonymous:
by Debbie Ford which will inspire you to         • Wednesdays, 7-8p. In the YFM
step out of the self that you've known and           Lending Library. Contact: Pepe M.,
break free from the bonds of the past by             (602)695-6960 or Dennis S., (480)
embracing the fullness of who you                    545-6186.
are. Deepak Chopra, Marianne William-            Gamblers Anonymous:
son, Dr. David Simon and others are also         • Tuesdays, 7-8:30p. In the YFM
featured. For info visit                             building Lending Library & Arizona
www.TheShadowEffect.com                              Rms. Contact: Curt 480-834-0819.

                            Unity Church of Mesa, Page 14
We now participate in this easy way of rais-        Unity of Mesa as the non profit organi-
ing funds. Simply shop at 'eScrip' mer-             zation you wish to support. Let them
chants such as Safeway. Simply do the fol-          know that Unity Church of Mesa is the
lowing:                                             Group Name and our Group ID Num-
1. Get a Safeway Club Card if you haven’t           ber is 500023112.
     got one.                                  Tony Mustapich, our Program Coordinator
2. Go to the Customer Service Counter          will be in the garden on Sun., Nov. 15 with
     (where you can buy a lottery ticket) at   more information on how to participate
     any Safeway and ask them to designate     with other merchants and signing up.

                           Unity Church of Mesa, Page 15

•   Office Support Team: We need a couple more people to help answer the phone
    and generally help out on Thursday afternoons & Fridays between 9a and 4:30p.
    Contact the church office if you are available.
•   Christmas Decorations: We need help making the church festive for the Holidays.
    If you are available to help decorate between December 1st and 4th. (We need the
    decorating completely up by December 5th.) or to put away decorations between
    Jan 4 and Jan 8th, please contact Peg, peg@unityofmesa.org, 480 892 2700. The
    church is open from 8:30 to 4:30, Tuesday thru Friday.
•   Ushers: If you are a member of our church and would enjoy interacting with more
    people on Sundays by ushering, contact Suzanne, suzannelynne@yahoo.com
•   Welcome Table: We want to resurrect this project again. We want to provide a
    means to help welcome new comers to
    the congregation. Therefore we want to
    have a wo/manned table in the Garden
    after each Sunday service that will
    contain information about our church
    and activities offered here. If you are
    interested in meeting new people this is
    your perfect opportunity! Contact the
    church office if you are available.

             Unity Church of Mesa Staff
Minister: Joel Baehr
Board of Trustees:
       Tony Mustapich, President; Alison Wilson, Vice President;
       Linda Burnette, Secretary/Treasurer; Doug Mathews, A/V Director;
       Chris Jones, Director
Spiritual Counselors:
       Bill Raines, Ph.D. (livlover1@cox.net)
       Kathy Peters, M.S., L.U.T., Prayer Ministry (ext. 18, Kathy@unityofmesa.org)
Church Staff:
       Gisela Arenas, Nursery Coordinator
       Hal Bass, Teen Education Director (halbass@q.com)
       Sangita Trivedi Daniel, Administrator (sangita@unityofmesa.org ext. 27)
       Nancy Hodges, Receptionist (ext. 14, office@unityofmesa.org)
       Jackie Rogers, Bookstore Manager (ext. 22, seeallgood@yahoo.com)
       Peg McElroy, Finance and Operations Director (ext. 20, peg@unityofmesa.org)
       Moriah & Jeff Salzman, Children’s Education Directors (ext. 11, unikids@cox.net)
       Rebecca Skelnik, Sunday Morning Coordinator
       George Walls, Grounds and Maintenance

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