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									                             FERNDALE WOODS E.S.
                             Susan Enns         170 Ferndale Drive South               Phil Conway
                             Principal             Barrie, ON L4N 8A1                  Vice Principal
                                                  Safe Arrival 733-5636 Ext. 1
                                              School website:

                                                                                         DECEMBER, 2008

                             Principally Speaking….
                             Our hearts grow tender with             Christmas Cheer
                             childhood memories and love of          Once again this
Dec. 1
                             kindred, and we are better              holiday season
Barrie Food Bank
collection begins            throughout the year for having, in      Barrie and District
                             spirit, become a child again at         Christmas Cheer is calling on
                             Christmas-time.                         the Ferndale Woods
Dec. 9
                              ~Laura Ingalls Wilder                  community to support its
School Council Meeting                                               campaign. In the past we
7:00 in the Library (There   As we approach this festive
will be no January School
                                                                     have displayed great
Council Meeting)             season I want to thank the              generosity. This is necessary
                             Ferndale Community for the              to ensure that all families in
                             support demonstrated once again         our community have a happy
Dec. 10                      this school year. We boast              holiday. Donations of non-
Gr. 2‘s to Huronia           approximately 100 volunteers!           perishable food items and new
Museum                       The benefits to our school and          unwrapped toys will be
                             students are too numerous to            collected at the school from
                             name! It was a joyful experience        Monday, December 1st until
Dec. 12
Gr. 1‘s to The Nutcracker
                             to chat with so many families at        Tuesday, December 16th.
                             our recent McDonald‘s night.            Please help make this holiday
                             (Mr. Conway did a terrific job          season brighter by supporting
Dec. 15 & 16                 preparing various food items and        this program!
Theater Production           looked great in that hair net!)
―Scrounged‖                  Our staff has also been extremely       Thank you!
                             busy providing the ‗extras‘ for
                             students through organizing
Dec. 18
Gr. 5‘s to The Nutcracker
                             various clubs, musical and                  Theatre Presentation
                             sporting activities. Thank you                 ―Scrounged‖
                             staff. Your dedication in                   December 15th & 16th
Dec. 22 – Jan. 2:            providing so many worthwhile              Day Time Show: 11:20 am
Christmas Vacation           opportunities for student                  Evening Show: 7:00 pm
                             involvement is appreciated.
                             I wish all staff, students and          Ferndale Woods students are
Jan. 5                       parents a safe and wondrous             busily preparing for the
First day of school 2009!
                             holiday time with family and            Theatre Presentation
                             friends!                                ―Scrounged‖, featuring a full
                                                                     cast and the junior choir. The
Jan. 15
                             Christmas Vacation                      choir will also perform
Gr. 8 Open House at Bear
Creek- Details to follow     The last day of school will             additional pieces and the
                             be Friday, December 19th, 2008.         ―Shake-It-Up Percussion Club‖
                             Students return to school on            will be performing.
                             Monday, January 5th, 2009!
School Bus Transportation                          Indoor/Outdoor Recess—Inclement
and School Closures                                Weather
Parents are responsible for                        Please ensure that students are
deciding if it is safe for their                   appropriately dressed to spend
children to leave for school                       up to 30 minutes outside at
during severe weather                              lunch time. This may require
conditions. School bus operators determine         sending an extra pair of gloves
during pre-dawn hours if it is unsafe for buses    or mittens and socks. All
to travel during inclement weather. As well,       students are expected to go outside for
school superintendents and principals together     recesses and we cannot provide additional
determine whether school closures are              indoor supervision for those not wishing to go
necessary depending on local weather               out. In general, a child who is too ill
conditions for each area of Simcoe County.         to go out for recess should not be at school.
(School closure decisions are based on severe      Students will stay indoors at recess if the
weather conditions and NOT on school bus           temperature falls below –25 degrees C, and
cancellation decisions). In addition, please       regardless of the wind chill factor if it is
note the following procedures relating to          reported to be –28 degrees C or colder.
severe weather:                                    There are times where the buses are cancelled
                                                   because of weather conditions, but the school
Cancellation of buses and school closures will
                                                   remains open.
be announced on local radio stations and the
home page of the Board web site
                                                   Winter Reminder as well as other media
                                                   As the colder weather is
broadcasts. All Ferndale students who use
                                                   approaching, please ensure
school bus transportation are on Sinton Route
                                                   that your children come to school with proper
                                                   winter coats, mittens or gloves and hats.
There may be occasions when in-town busing
is possible even though transportation in rural    We ask that you refrain from purchasing winter
areas is cancelled due to road or weather          clothing with drawstrings as they pose a safety
difficulties. These details will be included in    hazard. PLEASE help your child to understand
announcements sent to the media.                   the importance of WARM WINTER
During very cold temperatures, please take         CLOTHING during the winter months. We
extra measures to ensure children are dressed      want our students to remain healthy and
appropriately and please do not send children      happy as we know that these are two
to the bus stop too early (to avoid having them    important ingredients for successful learning!
standing in cold weather for lengthy periods).
                                                   Let it Snow!
When the buses are cancelled in the                The arrival of snow is usually greeted with
morning, they will not run for the                 smiles for young children as it provides them
afternoon return trip. Parents are asked to        with many different things to do at recess. We
make alternate arrangements for the care of        remind students regularly that throwing
your children at times when the school may         snowballs is dangerous and insist that they
have to be closed or if the buses are cancelled.   refrain from this at Ferndale Woods at recess
Please review with your children the               and on their way to and from school.
arrangements you have made for them.               The decision to keep a student home on a
Unless we hear otherwise we will proceed           snow day rests with the parent. Our school is
on the basis that your children know of            open on snow days and we provide a full
and will follow your alternative                   program for students. Sometimes, that
emergency plan. For updates on school              program may vary from a typical day
closings and bus cancellations, please listen to   depending upon how many students are in
radio stations B101 FM or Rock 95 FM.              attendance. Students are welcome and
                                                   encouraged to attend school on snow days.
Lost & Found In The Office:
We have had a number of
items that have been found
and turned into the school office. Of particular
interest are house keys, glasses and especially
jewellery. We have a child's small diamond
gold ring that we have had for some time and
we are sure that someone is missing it. Please       The YMCA is currently accepting registration for
feel free to drop into the office to inquire about   children ages 2.5 – 10 years of age. Our YMCA
these items.                                         offers half day, full day and before and after
                                                     school program. If you or anyone you know
                                                     requires quality child care, please contact the
              QSP Magazine Subscription
                                                     YMCA 733-3833.
              Are you looking for great holiday
                                                     For the major part of the past 11 years, I have
              gifts for family and friends? Did
                                                     been the supervisor of the YMCA Child Care
              you forget to renew one of your
                                                     Centre of Ferndale Woods and have been lucky
favourite subscriptions? Go shopping at
                                                     enough to have had many of the Ferndale Woods and support our school at the
                                                     students register within our YMCA. At this time, I
same time! Our school group number is 9064
                                                     would like to inform all of the families of the
and the internet site is open to take your
                                                     Ferndale Woods School that I have accepted a
orders all year long! Subscriptions can be sent
                                                     position with the County Of Simcoe as a Child
to any Canadian address and there is a great
                                                     Care Representative, effective December 1, 2008.
selection of children‘s magazines! Give the
                                                     I have appreciated all of the smiles and ―Hi
Gift of Reading—all year long! Remember: If
                                                     Sherry!‖ that I have received within the school
you have any questions about your magazine
                                                     hallways over the years.
orders, please call QSP directly at 1-800-667-
                                                     Special thanks to the school staff who have
Congratulations to our lucky QSP winners:            always made me feel a part of the ―Ferndale‖
Clatyon M. - Mr. Conway to do homework for a         team. I feel so comfortable here at Ferndale that
night, Kathleen H. - Mrs. Enns to do homework        I often refer to it as ―home‖.
for a night, David D. - Wendy's lunch, Darren
T. - Tim Horton's lunch, Bryan C. - McDonald's       I look forward to making new memories at the
lunch, Macalin G. (Mrs. Trojan) -- Free gym          County Of Simcoe.
time, Ryan Z. - 5 lbs chocolate bar, Sammy D.
- Fist full of loonies, Sarah M. - Height in         Sincerely,
loonies                                              Sherry-Anne Dorion
                                                     Supervisor, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka
A BIG Ferndale thank you to all of our
students, staff and parents for participating in
our successful magazine fundraiser.                  GOOD –BYE!
                                                     We wish Sherry Dorion all the best in her new
We would also like to thank at this time             endeavours at the County Of Simcoe. The staff and
Mrs. Marnie Hermiston for her hard work              students of Ferndale Woods will miss you!
and dedication in organizing this wonderful
fundraiser. Thank you Marnie!                        Lost and Found
                                                     Our lost and found bins are bursting with
                                                     misplaced clothing. If you are in the school
                                                     before the Christmas break, please check it
                                                     out! All clothing items will be donated at the
                                                     end of the month! Please label your child‘s
                                                     clothing so that items can be returned to them.
Volunteering at Ferndale:                              Parking
At Ferndale, we are fortunate to                       Historically, parking has been a
enjoy and benefit from a very                          challenge at Ferndale Woods. Our
active and supportive volunteer                        parking lot is just large enough to
base. In the Simcoe County                             accommodate the parking needs of our staff.
District School Board, new                             In looking for a place to park, some people
volunteers are required to submit a                    have been parking in places that are not
CRC (criminal reference check) prior to volunteering
                                                       appropriate (e.g., fire route, handicapped
in our schools. Volunteers who submitted a CRC last
                                                       parking spots). Below are a few things we ask
year need only complete an Offence Declaration
(available at the office) in subsequent years. At      visitors to respect and abide by:
present, most of our returning volunteers have               When waiting for your child in the Kiss &
completed an offence declaration. Returning                   Ride area, please do not leave your
volunteers who have not submitted an Annual                   vehicle. This slows down the movement
Offence Declaration for Volunteers on or before               of cars in and out of the parking lot.
December 31, 2008 will be deleted from the Board              Please have your child meet you at the
volunteer database and will be required to submit a           Kiss & Ride.
new CRC in order to volunteer at Ferndale in the New         When entering the parking lot from the
Year.                                                         northbound left turn, please do not block
                                                              the flow of traffic in the southbound
Indoor Shoes                                                  lanes. This creates a dangerous
Daily, we see students walking about in                       situation for yourself and other drivers.
stocking feet. Indoor shoes are required to                  The school parking lot is for staff and
keep feet dry and to prevent slips and falls.                 visitors (e.g., volunteers working in the
Please ensure that your child has indoor shoes                school) to our school. We ask that you
each day. Thank you.                                          do not park in and amongst other cars,
                                                              often blocking them in. This is a
School Council Update                                         challenge particularly at the end of the
Our next School Council Meeting will take place               day when people leave their cars in the
on Tuesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. All                     lot, blocking the exit of others who need
parents are welcome to attend. If you have an                 to leave, to look for their children.
agenda item you would like to see addressed,                  Please consider using the Kiss & Ride or
please forward the item in writing to the office              walking to school with your child. It is a
a week prior to the meeting. Please include                   great time to find out about their day
some specifics to help direct the conversation.               and enjoy the winter season.
                                                             Though our driveway is ploughed,
The upcoming council meetings for the                         sanded and salted in snow conditions,
remainder of the school year are: February                    the hill exiting our parking lot can be a
10; March 10; April 15; May 12 and June 9.                    challenge for some vehicles. Some
                                                              vehicles have become stuck on the hill
Litterless Lunch                                              and have needed to back up in order to
In January we will be starting ―Litterless                    make it up the hill. In slippery
Lunch‖ @ Ferndale. The purpose of this is to                  conditions, please leave enough room
divert waste from the city‘s landfill. At the                 behind the car in front of you to allow
school, we only recycle plastics 1 and 2 so all               them to do this.
students will take home any other plastic                 We greatly appreciate your support in this
containers to go in their blue boxes. As well             area.
food scraps… will be taken home to go in the
green bin. We encourage students to use
reusable containers and to participate in this             DECEMBER NEWSLETTER DRAW
initiative as much as possible. Ferndale is an             STUDENT NAME:
                                                           TEACHERS NAME:
Thanks for your help in preserving our

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