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									Dog’s Best Friend News
  Edited By The Mandell Boys                   Kids and Dogs Edition                       June, 2009

Welcome                                      Dog of The Month                          Happy Birthday

                                                 Baxter Streader                 Max Primbsch       Buddy Aguirre
Dear Dog-Lovers,                                                                 Bailey Novoa       Aksel Brown

                                                Baxter has had many
Welcome to our Kids and Dogs                                                      Raise Your Paws in Praise For…
                                             adventures in his short life...
                                                                                      Patron Ellis for Passing his
                                           He found a loving home in the              Canine Good Citizen Test
School’s out, so we couldn’t think
                                        Streader family, with an awesome big
of a better time to celebrate the two
                                            brother, Luke (shown below).                  Burley Overdorf for
things we love the most, Kids and                                                         Passing his Therapy
Dogs!                                                                                    Dog International Test
                                            He has lots of canine friends,
                                        including DBF’s own Karma, Cricket
They have more in common than we                                                Coming In July…
                                        and Toby, and has spent many days
sometimes realize and are both
                                          chasing his pals around his yard.
equally special in our lives.                                                   Kids and Dogs; Teaching Your Kids
                                                                                To Be Their Dog’s Best Friend
                                           Baxter is a feisty little guy who    One Hour Seminar July 11th
In this issue we’ll focus on those
                                           took a wasp sting like a trooper,
similarities and how we can make the
                                         endured several trips to the vet and   Dog’s Best Friend’s Basic Manners
Summer fun and relaxing for the
                                               has worked hard on his           Group Class Starts July 11th
entire family (yes, I said relaxing).
                                                   Basic Manners.
                                                                                Canine Good Citizen /Becoming a
                                                                                Therapy Dog
                                        Thanks to the hard work of his Mom,
In This Issue:                                                                  Group Class Starts July 11th
                                          Dad and Brother, this adorable
                                        puppy does a mean Sit/Stay, goes
-June’s Dog of The Month                                                        RoveReactive/Dealing with Leash
                                        to his Mat when you ask him and loves   Aggression in Dogs
-June Birthdays
-Raising Kids and Dogs: How It’s Not
                                             playing Hide-n-Go-Seek             Group Class Starts July 16th
All That Different
-Coming In July                            Welcome to the world, Baxter!           All classes taught by Rebecca Mandell
                                                                                        To register please contact
-Rescue Corner
-Raise Your Paws in Praise                   We look forward to watching
-Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Be
                                                      you grow-up!              Just Retrieved….
Their Dog’s Best Friend
-Woofs of Wisdom
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                                                                                 Summer Issue of Dog’s Life Magazine
         Dog’s Best Friend News

Featured Article…                                     Part Two…                                         Woofs of Wisdom …

                                                                                                         “No symphony orchestra ever played
    Raising Kids and Dogs;
                                                         Dogs are sentient beings. Try to be                  music like a two-year old girl
    How It’s Not That Different
                                                        empathetic to their feelings of fear and                 laughing with a puppy.”
           By Rebecca Mandell
                                                       anxiety. An extra walk on The Strand or                               Bern Williams
                                                       throw of that tennis ball can often make a
 Raising dog s is just like raising kids.
                                                              huge difference in their lives.
                                                                                                             Teach your Kids to be their
                 It’s true!                            Dogs need quiet time in their “room.“ too.                Dog’s Best Friend by
                                                        Summer is lots of fun because of all the                    teaching them to…
   Both take lots of love, patience and                 exciting activities we plan and the people
understanding. Dogs, just like kids, have               that come to visit us here at the Beach.          -Ask if it is okay before you pet a dog
 good days and bad days. Rather than
 punishing your dog for misbehaving, it’s              Dogs enjoy this fabulous time just as much        -Let an animal sniff you first & never
  best to try to understand why they’re                as the kids, but they can get overwhelmed            raise your hand above his head
acting up. Was their routine interrupted                by doing too much or by having one too
in some way? Did they get less attention                many well-meaning relatives shower them           -Tell an adult if you see a stray or
than usual? Is it possible that they’re just                   with unsolicited affection.                  injured animal
   not feeling well? Give your dog the
  benefit of the doubt and try to answer               Play close attention to signals of stress in         -Act kindly & gently towards animals
these questions before getting too upset                 your dog. The tucked tail is the most
with them for having an accident or eating              obvious, but also pay attention to their            Courtesy of Denise Fleck Sunny-
  your favorite Jimmy Choo’s. Maybe                    breathing; are they panting a lot? Eating             dog Ink,
 they’re just having a bad day and need a               habits; have they stopped taking those
hug and/or a nice walk with Mom or Dad.                  treats they usually love? How’s their                    Rescue Corner
                                                      energy level; are they usually rambunctious,          It’s time for Rover Rescue’s Run for
  Routine is VERY important to dogs.                          but are now acting lethargic?              the Life of A Dog. If you’d like to support
   Just like kids, dogs get used to the
                                                                                                        Spencer in his bid to get the most donations,
everyday routine of their daily lives. They            If so, maybe they just need some quiet time      please send checks payable to Rover Rescue
  can feel uneasy and frightened when                 in their crate or hanging out on their bed in a       to DBF, 703 Pier Ave., Suite 144
        things in their normal lives                   cozy bedroom with their favorite chew toy               Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
            suddenly change.                                 and TV show (my boys watch
                                                                       NFL Live).
If something new or different is happening
 in your home/life/schedule, try to ease                   See, kids and dogs are not all that
the transition for your pup by giving them                 different. With a little bit of love,
something positive to focus on, such as a             compassion and smart parenting, your family
 new, fun toy or bone, or by setting up a                can make it through the Summer with
special play date, walk or trip to the park.                     happy Kids and Dogs!

                                                                                                                      Spencer, Saved by

Continued…                                                          The Tail End                                    Rover Rescue in 2003

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