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The Impacts of Globalisation on Country Music


									Authenticity in Country Music:
   Continuity & Change
       What is Country Music?
   Music of Rural White American people.
                        Can still be heard in
                         its original form in the
                         rural southern states
                        Influenced by
                         Anglo/Celtic & Gospel
                        Vocal Music About
                         Rural American Life
Hank Williams
(1923 - 1953)
   Father of Country
   I‟m So Lonesome I
    Could Cry – epitome
    of early Country Music
   (now playing)

   What is Authenticity?

   Why does authenticity matter?

   What are the challenges to authenticity?

   Is Country Music losing its authenticity?

   What are the likely outcomes in the future?
What is Authenticity?
            Generic Markers

   A rural Pastoral image.

   Hay Bales, wagon wheels.

   Live performance.

   Openness of Character.
Dolly Parton
(1946 - )
   Rapport with the
   Draws Attention
    away from her
    Fame and Wealth.
   Just “plain folks”
   „Jolene‟ (now
               Generic Markers

   Lyrics based on real life.
     Wallowing     in Sadness!
     life   can‟t have been that bad!
   Real life has changed!
           Generic Markers?

   These generic markers were professionally

   „Is Authenticity a Commercial Product in
            Generic Markers?
   Does the Loss of these Generic Markers
   Is Country Music Losing its soul?
   Or is it merely losing its fabricated façade?
   Should these markers be considered
    authentic any more?
   Has what is considered Authentic in
    Country Music Changed?
      Authenticity is Relative.
   Nashville Sound came to be regarded as a
    “lost and valued tradition” (Joli Jensen)
   We shouldn‟t judge the past by the ideals
    of the present,
   Is it realistic to base our perceptions of
    what is authentic today on the generic
    markers of the past?
What are the Challenges to

  How is Country Music
  Responding to these
   Fusion
   Caused partly by the globalisation of
Nickel Creek
   Jazz Influence
   “Why Should the Fire
       Rock Influence
       Track 10 “Best Of
        Luck” (now playing)
       “When In Rome”
Nickel Creek “When In Rome”
   Nashville Sound
     less twangy, softer, lusher

     Chet Atkins,

     Criticised as being bland,

     Increased air-play.

     “The sound of money”
   Nashville Sound
     Successful Artists not Authentic?

     “Is something made for money
      automatically less authentic?”
      (Joli Jensen)
   Something once done for other reasons is
    now being done for money.
   Is commercial music bland?
   “The diversity in Country Music was
    strangled somewhat by the formulaic
    approach of the record producers like Chet
      Modern Country Music

 Resurgence in the 90‟s
 “Pop music sung by people with
  country accents”
 “Not about the music anymore”

 production

 “Beautiful girls in sexy outfits”
Shania Twain
(1965 - )

   Is she Country or not?
   America - Country
   U.K. - Pop artist.
   Country roots still peep through
          Modern Country Music
   Is it still country?
   The music has changed
       Song subjects,
       Modulations,
       Chord Progressions,
       Even Instruments.
   Ultimately Country music is changing.

   “Country” implies rural roots.

   Country music was never supposed to be
    slick and sophisticated.

   But does this matter?
Why does Authenticity Matter?
   Contested Subject.

   Defining Country Music.

   Not Just About the Music.

   Not a music in a vacuum.

   Deep meaning about American Life?
   Is authenticity somehow tied into our
    perceptions of quality?

   One Authentic Style?
   “Country Music is constantly changing and growing in
    complexity, just as the society in which it thrives also
    matures and evolves” (Bill Malone)

   Authenticity in itself Un-Authentic
 Would country of Country Music
The Sources music still be around
today if it wasn’t for globalisation and
             Hart Benton
     Would country music still be around
    today if it wasn’t for globalisation and

   Did Commercialisation create an awareness?

   Globalisation does not always lead to
What are the likely outcomes
 for country music in the
   “Would the music lose its identity, and its
    soul as it gained the world?” (Malone)

   Or is this homogenisation leading it down
    the road to ultimate extinction?
   Will a music that cannot define itself be
    the first to go?
   Country music is about life.
   While there is life there is country music?
   But what life is country music rooted in?
   Will it become like the slave songs?
   “if music was simply a commodity, then
    genres would blur and become
    indistinguishable without anyone caring”
   But people do care.

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