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Volume 1, Issue 7…..…………..…..…………www.midcentralmo.com……………………….…….April 2009

President’s Corner                                                                 May Meeting
    It’s April and the weather is threatening                           Tuesday, May 5, 2009 – 6:30 pm
a spring cold. Imagine that? A day with 29                             Doug Wolter, Horticulturist with the St.
degrees when we were just getting used to                                     Louis County Parks Department
60. Cover tender perennials with pots or
tarps for a few days till this passes.                               “Developing with Gardens with Children and
                                                                                Children’s Gardens”
     We have a very busy month so LOOK                                Learn the ABC’s of gardening with children.
AT THE CALENDAR. Join us to have fun!                                    This is an audio visual presentation.

       For those who have not picked up                              Hostess – Debbie Field
their purple ribbon for their diamond coat
hanger, see me. I’d also like everyone to
wear these at the meetings. You never                                May Roll Call: What child or children have you worked
know what we will add to them.                                       with in a garden?

        Elaine Fix                                                           Share Table – Bring your magazines, plants or
                                                                              books to share with others (Books – Please
Mid-Central District website www.midcentralmo.com - Clubs –                  Pick up your rocks when you arrive
Fleur de Lis Garden Society                                                  Remember your coffee mug
                                                                             Bring your styrophome to RECYCLE
                                                                             Introduce yourself to our guests and welcome
FGCM website www.gardenclubsofmissouri.org                                    them!


1      President’s Corner; April Meeting; April Roll Call;
       Reminders; Diana Kelewae’s March 29, 2009 photo
2      Officers & Committees; Calendar of Events; The Blue
3      Tips for Tillers; Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society Flower
       Show Designs by Robin Gosnell
4      April Minutes
5      April Minutes continued
6      Butterfly Report – Tiger Swallowtail
7      Horticulture Report – Beautyberry Shrubs
                                                                     Photo by Diana Kelewae – March 29, 2009!
8      Conservation Report – Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE
9      March & April Birthday Girls!

                                                      Fleur de Lis Garden 1
                        Fleur de Lis Garden Society
                                2008 – 2009
President       Elaine Fix                              efix@earthlink.com
                                                                                                   Please consider the environment
                636-462-3025                                                                       before printing this E-newsletter
Vice President Robin Gosnell                            lndscppntr@centurytel.net
Treasurer       Diane Goodman
Secretary       Diane Goodman                           buckshottt@aol.com
Parliamentarian Tasha Dunne                             Tasha.dunne@edwardjones.com

COMMITTEES                                                                                      *HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR
50/50           VickiBarnard          barnard0418@att.net                                       Garden Forum in color?!!! –
Arbor Day       Monica Koenig         Monica_k@charter.net                                      WINTER-SPRING 2009 - View it
                Dee Ray               deeray1538@charter.net
Birds           Tasha Dunne           Tasha.dunne@edwardjones.com                               online at
Blue Bird Trail Don Miller            retireddonmil@yahoo.com                                   www.gardenclubsofmissouri.org
Books           Pat Lang              plang@lditool.com
Budget          Janet Rosner          jroz@charter.net                                          *HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR
                Diana Kelewae         Kelewae@att.net                                           National Gardener magazine – Winter
                Debbie Field          deb@fieldusa.com
Cards & Flowers Janice Dickmeyer      journeyman@socket.net                                     2009? See Elaine for the copies that
Citations       Elaine Fix            efix@earthlink.net                                        just arrived.
Conservation Cathy Stockglausner      cstockglausner@sbcglobal.net
Floral Design Louise Chambers-Krueger happywease@yahoo.com                                      “HAVE YOU READ YOUR
Garden Tour     Janice Dickmeyer      journeyman@socket.net                                     “Keeping in Touch” – NGC
 (Members only)
Historian       Florene Gosnell                                                                 magazine? View it on the FGCM
Horticulture    Eunice Aubuchon       aubuchon7@yahoo.com                                       website.
Membership      Jeanne Davis          jkd1030@sbcglobal.net
Plant Sale      Diana Kelewae         kelewae@att.net                                           Cardinal Birdfeeders for sale $ 10.00
Programs        Robin Gosnell         lndscppntr@centurytel.net                                 each
Tree Tour       Joyce Baker           joytoteach@yahoo.com
Yard of Month Pat Lang                plang@lditool.com
                 Diane Goodman        buckshottt@aol.com
                Beverly Lane the document or the
   [Type a quote from                 mlane59721@aol.com

                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS

   April 3 Arbor Day *(In Mo. – first Friday of April)

   April 7 – Cathy Stockglausner’s Birthday!

   April 10, 2009 – Friday 9 am. till 11 am - Inventory wild flowers at Spring
   Bend. See website (Spring Bend) for map.
                                                                                                    The Blue Buzz
                                                                                    Fluorescent blue attracts bees.
   April 10, 2009 – Friday 6 pm. Meet at Forest Pansy Red Bud Tree for Arbor
                                                                                    Findings: While attempting to trap cereal leaf beetle pests in
   Day celebration and photos                                                       jar traps, Oregon State University entomologist Sujaya Rao
   April 13 – Joyce Baker’s Birthday!                                               found bumblebees by the hundreds-but only in the traps with
                                                                                    blue lids. Rao contacted native bee expert Bill Stephen,
   April 18, 2009 – Sat. 9 am till 11 am – Inventory wild flowers at Spring Bend.
                                                                                    emeritus professor at OSU, and together they began
   April 16, 2009 – Mid-Central District Spring Luncheon – 9 am till 2 pm           conducting experiments with bees and colors. In every part of
   Union, Mo. East Central College                                                  the state, they found that native bees preferred the blue traps
                                                                                    over other colors. Further investigations indicated that it was
   April 21 - 23, 2009 “Maple Leaf Rag” 76th FGCM Convention                        not simply the color, but the combination of the blue with a
   April 24, 2009 - Friday 9 am. till 11 am - Inventory wild flowers at Spring      fluorescent dye in the lids that was responsible for the
   Bend.                                                                            attraction.
                                                                                    Our advice: Lavender, California lilac, salvias and agastache
   April 25 – Monica Koenig’s Birthday!                                             are blue and purple flowers you can grow to attract native
                       www.midcentralmo.com                                         bees.

                                                                                    Source: Organic Gardening magazine.

                                                                        Fleur de Lis Garden 2
              Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society Flower Show – March 28, 2009
Oops! Gardening Mistakes (We
know; we’ve made them all)

      Letting weeds go to seed -
          This year’s lapse becomes
          next year’s frustration.
      Planting too close together
          - Sure, the garden looks
          sparse in spring, but plants
          do grow. A lot.
      Over fertilizing - Too
          much food leads to
          unhealthy growth. In
          plants, too.
      Buying plants already
          blooming or fruiting – Robin Gosnell – 3rd Pl – Class 2 - Toast
Robin Gosnell - Design Sweepstakes                                          Robin Gosnell – Best Design in Show -
          Greater St. Louis their
Winner – You want allDaffodilenergy      with Butter & Jam                  Class 1 – How do you like your eggs?
Society Flower Show – Class 5not fruits,
          going to roots,     - Fruit                                       Poached, Please.
          when you transplant them.
      All work and no
          relaxation makes
          gardening a chore – Sit
          and enjoy – you’ve earned
          it!                                   Fleur de Lis Garden 3
                                  Fleur de Lis Garden Society Minutes
                                 St. Charles Police Dept/Municipal Courts
                                      1781 Zumbehl, St. Charles, Mo.
                                    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2009 6:30 P.M.

          Call to Order - 6:45 pm
          Welcome Guests: Jarrod Kincaid – 2nd time, John Tomlinson, Helena Santurri, Sid Aslin and Sharon
           Roeder. John, Helena and Sharon were Diane Goodman’s guests. Sid was Dee Ray’s guest. Helena
           joined our group, welcome!
          Roll Call: “What is your favorite vegetable to plant in your garden? Members called out their
           favorite and the tomato was the far and away winner! Members in attendance were Eunice
           Aubuchon, Joyce Baker, Jeanne Davis, Beverly Lane, Tasha Dunne, Elaine Fix, Diane
           Goodman, Florene Gosnell, Robin Gosnell, Don Miller, Dee Ray and Janet Rosner. Deb Field,
           Monica Koenig, Louise Krueger, Pat Lang, Janice Dickmeyer, Cathy Stockglausner, Diana
           Kelewae, Peggy Sloan, Vicki Barnard and Vonna Tedhams were unable to attend. While we
           were getting ready for the meeting Robin Gosnell showed us her winning floral designs she
           received on March 29, 2009 at the Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society Flower Show.
           Secretary’s Report – Diane Goodman (emailed to current members).
          Treasurer’s Report – No report until final audit is finished

Committee Reports:
      Arbor Day – Dee Ray checked out the Forest Pansy Redbud tree we planted last year and we
         will have an Arbor Day Dedication, Friday, April 24 at 6 pm. See the website for the handout.
         Robin Gosnell provided a picture of Morton May and the history of Arbor Day on the AV. See
         the handout on the website.
      Bird/Butterfly Chairman – Tasha Dunne presented the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, see the
      Birthdays – Cathy Stockglausner - April 7, Joyce Baker – April 13 received her crown and
         a heart shaped pin with a tree on it wrapped in a Walgreens leaf recycling bag and many
         cards. Monica Koenig – April 25
      Bluebird Trail Chairman – Don Miller no report. We discussed having a bluebird trail in
         Quail Ridge Park. Elaine will get Don Ben Grossman’s phone and email to contact.
      Books/Library - Pat Lang was not here for a report.
      Budget – Janet Rosner, Diana Kelewae, Elaine Fix and Diane Goodman met to audit the books.
         A final report should be available by the May meeting.
      Conservation Chairman – Cathy Stockglausner was not there but we have a list of recyclable items
           that RecycleFirst will take. See the link on the website
          Fleur de Lis E-Newsletter – Elaine Fix – Mar. E-Newsletter is on the website.
          Fund Raising – Elaine Fix (Sold 1 cardinal and 2 sets of tabs)
          Garden Tour (members only) – Janice Dickmeyer - Start thinking now about having your
           garden for our members only tour in June! See Janice to sign up. Vicki Barnard, Eunice
           Aubuchon, Janice Dickmeyer and Elaine Fix will be on the tour. We need one more garden so
           contact Janice.
          Horticulture Report – Eunice Aubuchon presented the Beautyberry Shrub. Handout is on the
          MCD Website Report – Elaine Fix
          Membership – Jeanne Davis - one new Far & Away member Micha Kornblum and welcome
           Helena Santurri!

                                               Fleur de Lis Garden 4
            Spring Bend Park – Elaine Fix - We will be cataloging the wildflowers starting in April. Dates
            to be the second and fourth Friday of the month from 9 am till 11 am. For those who work
            during the week, the third Saturday of the month from 9 am till 11 am will be for them. Mark
            this on your calendar. April will be the only month for us to do this. See Wildflower Tour
            brochure attached.
            Yard of the Month – Pat Lang, Beverly Lane & Diane Goodman - we have been asked to
            judge a garden contest at Sunnydale Mobil Home Park off of Juengerman on June 11.

        New Business:
         Daniel’s Open House April 11, 2009 9 am till 1 pm.
         MCD Spring Luncheon East Central College Union, Mo. April 16, 2009 – Elaine Fix See
          attached invitation. Members donated bird items for our basket. Four people are going and
          should meet at the Wherenberg show at Hwy 40 & DD to carpool. Tickets are $ 18.00.
         Dogwood/Azalea Festival – Charleston, Mo. April 16 – 19, 2009
         FGCM Convention April 21 – 23 – Elaine Fix - The “share table” displayed the photography
          that will be entered in the Art Walk by Diane Goodman and Elaine Fix.
         Diana Kelewae’s photo of her redbud with snow on March 29th was on the 9 pm news. See
          the photo on the website. Beautiful shot!

        Old Business:
         Trivia Night – We will join together with Gardeners of St. Charles County on Tuesday, October
           6, 2009, to have a Trivia Night with the public invited at the Senior Center behind the Spencer
           Library. Our October meeting will be moved 1 week back to 10-13-09. We will have a sign up
           sheet for appetizers & refreshments. More on this will follow in the next few months.
         Yearbooks – Elaine Fix passed out Page 43 to everyone to add a Support our Sponsors page to
           everyone's yearbook. See the information table.
         Other:
         Attendance Prize was won by Dee Ray – A box of Fleur de Lis soaps.
         50/50 Drawing Winner was Elaine Fix. She did not pick out the soccer ball so another $19.00 goes
            into the pot. It is now up to $ 93.00!!!
       Adjournment at 8:30 pm. Refreshments were provided by Tasha Dunne – turtles, brownies and
white chocolate daisies set in clay pots with ribbons topped with coffee beans as dirt. Lovely, Tasha! Yum!

Our program was given Diane Goodman, Master Gardener Intern, who spoke on “The Backyard Vegetable
Garden”. She gave a very informative and inspiring talk, with a hand-out on “Vegetable Planting Calendar”.
She had “starter pots” of vegetable for us to take home to plant in our gardens that she painted black with a
gold fleur de lis.

Respectfully submitted,
Eunice Aubuchon for Diane Goodman

                                                 Fleur de Lis Garden 5
                                     THE TIGER SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY
                                            Tasha Dunne, Bird Chairman

                                                             April 2009

The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio glaucas) is a strong flier with distinctive yellow and black striped markings on its wings
and body (some females are brown or black, mimicking the poisonous pipevine swallowtail). This relatively common butterfly has
a wingspan of 3.5-6.5 inches (9-16.5 cm). Southern subspecies are larger than the northern ones.
These butterflies are called swallowtails because they have long "tails" on their hind wings which look a bit like the long, pointed
tails of swallows (a type of bird).
Caterpillar: The caterpillar's first meal is its own eggshell. After that, the caterpillars eat the tulip tree (Liriodendron), sweet bay,
wild black cherry (Prunus), ash (Fraxinus), wild poplar (Populus), Basswood (Tilia), birch (Betula), lilac, aspens, or choke cherry.

Butterfly: Butterflies can only sip liquid food using a tube-like proboscis, which is a long, flexible "tongue." This proboscis
uncoils to sip food, and coils up again into a spiral when not in use.
Tiger Swallowtails drink sweet flower nectar, especially nectar from the pink flowers of the shrub

Caterpillar: The caterpillar is camouflaged to look like bird droppings when it is very young. Later,
it develops distinctive eyespots, which make it look like a snake,
scaring off some predators.

Butterfly: The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is not a poisonous
butterfly, but many females (especially southern subspecies) are
much darker, mimicking the poisonous Pipevine butterfly (Battus
philenor). Animals that eat it the poisonous Pipevine butterfly get
very sick and vomit (but generally do not die). These animals
remember that this brightly-colored butterfly made them very sick
and will avoid all butterflies with similar markings (including the
Tiger Swallowtail) in the future.

The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly frequents woodlands (including temperate deciduous forests) and grasslands, but is also found in a
variety of environments, including cities.

It is found throughout the Eastern USA and Canada.

It takes about a month for the adult to develop (from egg to pupa to adult).

                                                       Fleur de Lis Garden 6
Fleur de Lis Garden 7
                                                April Conservation Report
                                     Cathy Stockglausner, Conservation Ch.

REDUCE: Instead of eating on a dinner plate for meals – use a salad plate
REUSE: We now have more napkins available for your parties - 140 in total.
RECYCLE: National Garden Clubs Recycling Initiative: We will begin recycling ink cartridges, cell phones,
PDA’s, laptops, DVD movies, IPods, digital cameras. GPS’s and video game systems. RECYCLE FIRST at
www.recyclefirst.com will pay us for some of the recycled materials listed. I have a list of some of the items that
they will pay us for and the amount on our website. They will also pay for non working digital cameras and game systems and
provide shipping labels and guidelines, cell phone collection boxes, collection bags and posters. Please start
collecting these items and thinking of people to give collection bags and places to put collection boxes.

Don’t forget to bring in your POLYSTYRENE for recycling to the meetings!
Styrofoam or polystyrene is very commonly used in packing material as peanuts or expanded foam, in food
trays and is used commonly as padding in appliance packaging. The bad news is polystyrene is
manufactured from petroleum. It's highly flammable and it’s made with benzene, a chemical which is a
known human carcinogen. Polystyrene foam takes an incredibly long time to break down in the environment
and additionally, animals may ingest it which blocks their digestive tracts and ultimately causes starvation.
Packaging and products containing polystyrene can usually be identified by a recycling triangle logo with
the number 6 inside it stamped on the item. St Charles County does not recycle polystyrene but Lincoln
County does. So please bring it to the meetings and we will send it to Lincoln County for recycling.
You may also call the Peanut Hotline at 1-800-828-2214 to get list of companies who will accept clean, dry loose-fill packaging
materials. Currently it is Crown Packaging in Chesterfield and Pack Mail in Chesterfield and Creve Coeur.

Congratulations to Janet Rosner who brought her Styrofoam to the March meeting!
Congratulations to Joyce Baker who brought her Styrofoam to the April meeting!

                                                    Fleur de Lis Garden 8

                                       MARCH & APRIL BIRTHDAY GIRLS

           Birthday Girl – Janet Rosner Birthday Girls – Elaine Fix Birthday Girl – Monica Birthday Girl – Joyce Baker
                                        and Robin Gosnell           Koenig (center) with
                                                                  Diane Goodman and
                                                                  Janet Rosner

                                                Fleur de Lis Garden 9

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