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									Author                           Title                      Description
Altea, Rosemary                  You Own the Power:         Shows us how to unblock &
                                 Stories & exercises to     develop our gifts through simple,
                                 inspire & unleash the      effective & proven excercises.
                                 force within
Altman, Nathaniel                The Deva Handbook:         The author draws on native
                                 how to work with           traditions from around the world
                                 nature’s subtle energies   as well as modern teachings to
                                                            explore the roles, characteristics,
                                                            and significance of the devas
Benish, Gloria                   Go Within or Go            Weaves motherhood, matrimony,
                                 Without: A hands-on        household chores, unexpected
                                 guide to healing body,     humor, & a deep love for
                                 mind & spirit              humanity into the magical fabric
                                                            of daily miracle-making
Bodine, Echo                     The Gift                   Understand & Develop Your
                                                            Psychic Abilities
Braden, Gregg                    The Divine Matrix:         Are the miracles that we see in the
                                 Bridging time, space,      quantum world actually showing
                                 miracles, & belief         us our greatest possibilities rather
                                                            than our scientific limits? Could
                                                            the spontaneous healing of disease,
                                                            an instant connection with
                                                            everyone & everything, and even
                                                            time travel, be our true heritage in
                                                            the universe?
Chase, Pamela Louise & Pawlik,   Healing with Crystals      An easy-to-follow introduction to
Jonathan                                                    using clear quartz crystals for
                                                            personal & spiritual growth
Choquette, Sonia                 The Psychic Pathway: A     A practical 12-233k program for
                                 workbook for               expanding awareness,
                                 reawakening the voice of   reconnecting to intuition &
                                 your soul                  imagination, & discovering a
                                                            personal pathway to the soul.
De Long, Douglas                 Ancient Teachings for      Auras, Chakras, Angels, Rebirth,
                                 Beginners                  Astral Projection
Gawain, Shakti                   Living in the Light        Listening to our intuition,
                                                            acknowledging & embracing our
                                                            shadow side
Gawain, Shakti                   Creating True Prosperity   While embracing the reality that
                                                            finances are an important aspect of
                                                            personal prosperity, Gawain shows
                                                            how money can be used to teach
                                                            people to identify where more
                                                            balance is needed in their lives &
                                                            ultimately achieve freedom
Hawkins, David R.                Power Vs. Force: The        “Perhaps the most important and
                                 Hidden Determinants of      significant book I’ve read in the
                                 Human Behavior              past 10 years.” Dr. Wayne Dyer
Huffines, LaUna                  Healing Yourself with       Create a blueprint for rejuvenation
                                 Light: How to Connect       that restores your body, mind,
                                 with the angelic healers    emotions, & spirit; raise the light
                                                             in your cells; revitalize the systems
                                                             of your body; receive guidance
                                                             from your inner healer; reverse
                                                             damage from injuries or a chronic
                                                             illness; build an inner harmony of
                                                             vitality, health & joy; open the
                                                             way for profound spiritual growth
Jahnke, Roger                    The Healer Within:          Movement, massage, meditation,
                                 Using traditional Chinese   breathing
                                 techniques to release
                                 your body’s own
Keen, Linda                      Intuition Magic:          Read & adjust auras, protect
                                 Understanding Your        yourself from “psychic noise”, get
                                 Psychic Nature            grounded, maintain healthy
                                                           chakras, apply your new intuitive
                                                           skills to everyday life
Maclean, Dorothy                 To Hear the Angels Sing: Dorothy Maclean’s life-story is an
                                 an odyssey of co-creation inspiring account of a journey
                                 with the devic kingdom    through self-discovery to an
                                                           awareness of those forces which
                                                           overlight & give order to
                                                           creation—the angelic kingdoms
McLaren, Karla                   Your Aura & Your          A clear & comprehensive text for
                                 Chakras: The Owner’s      the restoration & maintenance of
                                 Manual                    your subtle energy system
Myss, Caroline                   Sacred Contracts:         Explains how you can identify
                                 Awakening your divine     your particular spiritual energies,
                                 potential                 or archetypes, and use them to
                                                           help you find out what you are
                                                           hear on earth to learn & whom you
                                                           are meant to meet
Myss, Caroline                   Invisible Acts of Power:  An account of the chakras & their
                                 personal choices that     special role in spiritual grace gifts,
                                 create miracles           & empowerment
Noory, George                    Worker in the Light:      In Worker in the Light, we first
(Host on Coast-to-Coast radio)   Unlock your five sense & explain the rationale behind self-
                                 liberate your limitless   empowerment, the science behind
                                 potential                 the discovery of the methods of
                                                           self-empowerment, and then guide
                                                            readers through sets of exercises
                                                            that allow them to discover the
                                                            power within. And, here’s the best
                                                            part, it’s all based on science. In
                                                            essence, Worker in the Light is
                                                            about my journey to figure out
                                                            what makes people more focused,
                                                            productive, and happy, and how to
                                                            help them get there.
Osho                            Creativity: Unleashing      A handbook for those who
                                the forces within           understand the need to bring more
                                                            creativity, playfulness, &
                                                            flexibility to their lives. A manual
                                                            for thinking “outside the box”--&
                                                            learning to live there.
Redfield, James                 The Celestine Prophecy      Contains secrets that are currently
                                                            changing our world
Redfield, James                 The Tenth Insight           Sequel to The Celestine Prophecy
Redfield, James                 The Celestine Vision        A nonfiction book that helps us
                                                            explore our unique mission on this
Ridge, Andrei                   Psychic Living: Tap Into    Psychic Living relies on
                                Your Psychic Potential      embracing the four archetypes of
                                                            the psychic: the seer, the empathy,
                                                            the warrior, & the shaman
Ridgeway, Andrei                Intuitive Living: 7 Steps   How to contact the loving forces
                                to Developing Your          around you; how to choose the
                                Intuitive Self              best time for a pregnancy or career
                                                            change; when to pursue a passion,
                                                            area of interest, or latent talent;
                                                            how to discover the link between
                                                            intuition & creativity; ways to
                                                            deepen & strengthen you love
                                                            relationships; methods for spotting
                                                            dark motives & hidden dangers;
                                                            How to see the “hand of the
                                                            unknown” in your life & pointing
                                                            the way to the future
Roads, Michael                  Talking with Nature         Through these two books, the
                                Journey into Nature         author describes his experiences as
                                                            he was led step-by-step to explore
                                                            the truth of separation, the
                                                            foundations of personal power, &
                                                            the frontiers of reality
Roman, Sanaya & Packer, Duane   Opening to Channel:         Step-by-step guide to channeling
                                How to connect with
                                your guide
Roman, Sanaya & Packer, Duane   Creating Money: Keys to     Channeled step-by-step guide to
                                Abundance                   creating money & abundance
Roman, Sanaya                   Personal Power through      Channeled course in sensing
                                Awareness                   energy. Learn to use your
                                                            sensitivity to send & receive
                                                            telepathic messages, increase your
                                                            intuitive abilities, & open to higher
                                                            guidance. Leave the denser
                                                            energies & live in the higher
Sanchez, Victor                 The Teachings of Don        A functional workbook containing
                                Carlos: Practical           precise exercises to help us break
                                applications of the works   through our egos & free the energy
                                of Carlos Castaneda         to act purposefully & bring some
                                                            of the magic of the separate reality
                                                            into our daily lives
Spalding, Baird T.              Life and Teaching of the    Six small volumes. Spalding’s
                                Masters of the Far East     descriptions of his Far East travels.
                                                            His encounters with the Masters
                                                            present a dramatic unfoldment of
                                                            spiritual teachings & episodes
                                                            unparalleled in all of Western
Speare, Grace                   Everything Talks to Me:     The author explains how you too
                                The true story of a         can get in touch with your
                                successful search for       subconscious & superconscious
                                enlightenment               minds. Learn how to interpret your
                                                            dreams, erase negative energy,
                                                            mobilize the natural healing power
                                                            of your mind & body
Stone, Joshua David             Soul Psychology: Keys       Integrating the three minds & the
                                to Ascension                four bodies, the Christ
                                                            Consciousness & how to achieve
                                                            it, pitfalls & traps on the path of
                                                            ascension, physical immortality,
                                                            an esoteric understanding of
                                                            sexuality, psychic self-defense, the
                                                            laws of manifestation
Tolle, Eckhart                  The Power of Now            Transcending our ego-based state
                                                            of consciousness is essential to
                                                            personal happiness & the key to
                                                            ending conflict & suffering
                                                            throughout the world
Tolle, Eckhart                  A New Earth:                Discover the freedom & joy of a
                                Awakening to Your           life lived “in the now.”
                    Life’s Purpose
Villoldo, Alberto   The Four Insights:         Wisdom teachings that have been
                    Wisdom, power & grace      protected by secret societies of
                    of the earthkeepers        earthkeepers, the medicine men &
                                               women of the Americas.
                                               How to shed emotional wounds,
                                               how to move beyond fear & anger
                                               to live & practice grace, how to
                                               step outside of time & into infinity
                                               to fix things before they’re born, &
                                               to heal destiny, how to dream the
                                               world into being by waking up
                                               from the cultural trance you’ve
                                               been educated in
Virtue, Doreen      Chakra Clearing:           Includes a chakra clearing CD
                    Awakening your spiritual
                    power to know and heal
Virtue, Doreen      The Lightworker’s Way:     Doreen teaches how to identify &
                    Awakening your spiritual   avoid the ego’s painful beliefs so
                    power to know and heal     we can stay centered in our true-
                                               self state of being
Virtue, Doreen      Messages from Your         Channeled messages from angels
                    Angels: What your
                    angels want you to know
Webster, Richard    Pendulum Magic for         Power to Achieve all goals;
                    Beginners                  Tap your inner wisdom’
                                               Find lost objects’
                                               Focus energy for self-
Weiss, Brian        Mirrors of Time: Using     Includes a CD
                    regression for physical,
                    emotional & spiritual
White, Ruth         Working with you           The author explains what guides &
                    Guides and Angels          angels are, their purpose in our
                                               lives, how we can learn to
                                               communicate with them, and what
                                               to expect.
Wolf, Stacey        Psychic Living: A          Get a raise, find a soulmate, make
                    complete guide to          savvy investments, lose weight,
                    enhancing your life        discover past lives, super-charge
                                               your workouts, radiate beauty
                                               inside & out, enjoy a bright
                                               outlook, snag those shoes on sale
Zukav, Gary         The Seat of the Soul       Is about the birth of a new species-
                                               -& the explosion of human
perception past the five senses. It’s
about the values of the soul, the
alignment of the personality with
the soul, and about nonphysical
guides & teachers.

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