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         2006/2007 Synchro Season       Synchro Parents
                                            Synchro Parents is a quick newsletter for parents. It
                                            has various helpful hints for new and old synchro
                                            parents. As well there are different articles reminding
                                            parents why children participate in sport and what
                                            children get out of participating in sport. As well on
                                            the back please take note of “The Parents Contract”,
                                            this is a code of conduct to help you be reminded of
                                            what is needed from you as the parent of an athlete.

                                            Mini– Glossary of Synchro Terms
                                            Figures– a succession of            ture used on the swimmer’s         mental skills program for
                                            movements done as pre-              hair to hold the hair in place     swimmers of any age with
                                            scribed in the current syllabus     during a routine competition.      instruction ranging from basic
                                            bearing such strange names          (it washes out fairly easily and   to advanced skills.
                                            as “kip”, “Eiffel Tower”,           doesn’t harm the hair– just
                                            “Crane”, and “Barracuda”.           messy!)                            Figure marks– points are
                                                                                FINA– stands for the               awarded out of 10 by a panel
                                            Routines– A timed program           “Federation International Na-      of judges who will who their
                                            performed to music containing       tation Amateur” and is the         marks at the same time.
                                            parts of figures, strokes and       name of the international
             Volume 1, Issue 1

                                            body movements                      governing body which sets up       Synchro Saskatchewan Rules
                                                                                policies for synchro around        and Regulations– is a rules
                                            Routine Element– a routine          the world                          package that denotes rules
                                            element is like a figure, it is a                                      and regulations unique to
                                            skill that must be performed        Tier– A tier is a classification   Saskatchewan .
                                            in the routine. Elements differ     level for competitive swim-
                                            for each tier level.                mers. The tier program is a        Synchro Canada Competitive
                                                                                program that is skill based, a     Tier Program Requirements- is
                                            Hair Pieces– decorations worn       swimmer is then placed in a        a package that contains all of
                                            on the head of the swimmer          tier according to their level of   the figures and routine ele-
                                            during a routine competition.       skill as opposed to their age.     ments that are required for
Inside this issue:                                                                                                 each of the Tiers.
                                            Gel– refers to a gelatin mix-       Star Program- is a develop-
Gelling your Child’s Hair           2

Nutrition Tips for your Ath-        2
lete                                        Volunteering
Parent’s Roles and Respon- 2
                                            Synchro Saskatchewan is the         volunteer. You are able to         bership. Synchro Saskatche-
sibilities                                  Provincial Sport Governing          commit as much or as little as     wan is only as good as its
                                            Body for synchro in Sas-            you like. If you can spare a day   membership and Volunteers.
The Six Cornerstones of      3
Successful Sports Participa-                katchewan. The best way to          or even more, Synchro Sas-         So if you are interested in
                                            get to know more about what         katchewan is happy to have         finding out more please con-
Why do Children Play                3
                                            is going on with synchro in         parents help out. Because          tact: Kathleen Reynolds, Ex-
                                            Saskatchewan is to volunteer        Synchro Saskatchewan is a          ecutive Director at 306-780-
The Parent Contract                 4       with Synchro Saskatchewan.          non profit organization we         9227 or by email: syn-
                                            There are many position avail-      need to rely heavily on our
                                            able for which parents can          volunteers and general mem-
Synchro Parents
                           Page 2
                    Parents Roles and Responsibilities
                    To begin, parents should encour-         gies. Coaches can serve as a valu-      their child is. Some parents thus
                    age participation in sports. But         able resource by answering ques-        become “winners” or “losers”
                    children should not be pressured,        tions, and referring them to sport      through their child and the pres-
                    intimidated, or bribed into playing.     related educational materials.          sure placed on the child to per-
                    In fulfilling their responsibility,      Some parents might unknowingly          form can be extreme. A key to
                    parents should counsel their chil-       become a source of stress to their      reducing parent-produced stress
                    dren, giving consideration to the        children. All parents identify with     is for parents to understand that
                    sport selected and the level of          their children to some extent, and      youth programs are for children
                    competition at which the young-          thus want them to do well. Unfor-       and that children are not minia-
                    sters want to play. And, of course,      tunately, in some cases, the de-        ture adults. Parents must ac-
                    parents should respect their chil-       gree of identification becomes          knowledge the right of each child
Volume 1, Issue 1

                    dren’s decisions. Parents have a         excessive. The child then be-           to develop athletic potential in an
                    responsibility for acquiring an          comes an extension of the par-          atmosphere which emphasizes
                    understanding and appreciation of        ents. When this happens, parents        participation, personal growth and
                    the sport. This includes knowledge       begin to define their own self-         fun.
                    of basic rules, skills and strate-       worth in terms of how successful

                                                   Nutrition tips for your Athlete
                                                   •       select a variety of pasta,              good source of vitamins.       •    When making sand-
                                                           rice, bread and bagels          •       Chose whole grain foods             wiches , do not use any
                                                   •       Chose hot cereals– oat-                 for more fiber.                     additional fact on the
                                                           meal, cream of wheat or         •       Select block cheese in-             bread such as mayo or
                           Do Not Allow
                                                           five grain– or unsweet-                 stead of processed cheese           butter.
                         Yourself to Use                   ened cold cereals               •       Use lower fat cooking          •    Cook chili, stew, soups
                                                   •       Choose frozen product                   methods such as steam-              etc… one day ahead and
                                                           without added sauce                     ing, poaching, roasting,            skim off the fat that
                                Criticism          •       Select dark green or or-                braising, baking, broiling.         harden on the top.
                                                           ange vegetables and or-                 Limit deep fat frying and      •    Include a variety of foods
                                                           ange fruit. These are a                 pan frying.                         from the food groups.

                    Gelling your child’s Hair
                    Materials: Knox gelatin, old             tions and braid each section.           may have to bring it back over
                    towel to protect clothes and             Secure with ponytail holders.           the bun 2-4 times. Depending
                    catch drips, comb, ponytail hold-        Pour some gelatin into your             on how stretched out your circu-
                    ers, bobby pins, circular comb           hands or on a paint brush and           lar comb is you may have to
                    and hair net. Instructions: Pre-         smear all over the head. You            wrap it around twice. Put the
                    pare the gelatin. The thicker the        may have to microwave gelatin           circular comb on the near scalp
                    better, try to make it smooth.           to make it smooth. Wrap braids          line and fasten it.
                    Wet hair and squeeze out the             around the base of the ponytail         Slowly push it towards
                    excess water and comb out                one at a time and pin the ends          the bun so it pulls the
                    tangles. Put all the hair into a         towards the center of the pony-         hair tight. Apply more
                    tight ponytail. Position the pony-       tail. Apply more gelatin to head        gelatin and then you
                    tail where you want the bun to           and bun– be generous. Stretch           are done.
                    be. Divide the pony tail into sec-       hair net around the bun– you
                                                                                                                                           Page 3

                                    Why do Children play Sports?

                                    1. To Have Fun                         5. For excitement                       9. To learn new
                                    2. To improve                          6. To get exer-                            skills
                                          skills                                 cise                              10.To win
                                    3. To make new                         7. To play as part                      (From “Children in

                                          friends                                of a team                         Sport– A fundamental
                                                                                                                   skill development pro-
                                    4. To be good at                       8. For the chal-
                                          something                              lenge

The Six Cornerstones of Successful Sports Participation
How your child feels in any                should feel competent.                 a variety of life skills, such        Let your child’s
sports program is important.               Perceived incompetence is              as problem solving and                coach know about
There is evidence to suggest               a major barrier to participa-          decision making, and can
that a program that makes                  tion in physical activity and          effectively use these skills.         your child’s sport
young athletes feel safe, wel-             sport among children.                  In the sporting environ-
                                                                                                                        experience– are
come, competent, connected,                Young people should have               ment, young people gain a
empowered and special en-                  the opportunity to develop             sense of power when                   they enjoying the
hances their self-esteem or feel-          skills they need to feel com-          coaches allow them to
                                                                                                                        activities or
ings of self-worth. As a result,           petent.                                make meaningful decisions
they enjoy the program more.         4.    Connected: Young athletes              and give them responsibil-            having fun?
1. Safe: if children fear their            feel connected to a pro-               ity.
     own safety in a sporting              gram when they gain satis-       6.    Special: Children need to
     environment, they are not             faction from associations              be recognized for their suc-
     likely to relax and enjoy             that are important to them             cesses. They feel special
     participating. Sports pro-            and when these associa-                when others think that
     grams should protect young            tions are accepted by oth-             they’re special and when
     athletes from physical and            ers, especially parents,               they are able to do things
     emotional harm.                       coaches and peers. Their               that no one else can do.
2. Welcome: Children should                associations can be to the             Being encouraged to be
     feel welcome in a sporting            people, places or things               creative and expressive
     environment, regardless of            involved with a sport.                 also makes them feel spe-
     their age, gender, ability,     5.    Empowered: Children de-                cial. To feel special in the
     cultural background or the            velop a high sense of power            sporting environment,
     language they speak.                  when they have the re-                 young people should re-
     Sports programs for young             sources, opportunities and             ceive approval, acceptance
     people should be inclusive,           capabilities to affect the             and enjoy being different.
     not exclusive. Children               circumstances surrounding
     should not feel discrimi-             their own lives. They also
     nated against or harassed.            feel powerful when they
3. Competent: Young athletes               think they are competent in

#235-510 Cynthia Dr.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan                                 Circular Process of Low Self Esteem
S7L 7K7
                                                                     Low Self-Esteem
Phone: 306-975-0853
Fax: 306-780-9445
E-mail:                   Negative Feedback              Lack of Self Confidence

                                                           Failure             Low Motivation

                                                        Circular Process of High Self-Esteem
                                                                     High Self Esteem

                                                Positive Feedback              High Self Confidence

   Were on the Web                                         Success             High Motivation

                                The Parent Contract
                                The following code of con-           feel like a winner             and physical abuse
                                duct is modeled after one            every time by offering         from children’s sport-
                                developed by the Cana-               praise for competing           ing activities
                                dian Centre for Ethics in            fairly and trying hard     ◊   I will respect and
                                Sport:                         ◊     I will never ridicule or       show appreciation for
                                                                     yell at my child for           the trained coaches
                                ◊   I will remember that             making a mistake or            who give their time to
                                    my child plays sport             losing a competition           provide sport activi-
                                    for his or her own         ◊     I will remember that           ties for my child, un-
                                    enjoyment, not mine.             children learn best by         derstanding that I
                                ◊   I will encourage my              example. I will ap-            have a responsibility
                                    child to play by the             plaud good player’s            to be a part of my
                                    rules and resolve                performance by both            child’s development
                                    conflicts without re-            my child’s team and        ◊   I will respect and
                                    sorting to hostility or          their opponents                show appreciation for
                                    violence.                  ◊     I will not force my            the other parents who
                                ◊   I will teach my child            child to participate in        share these beliefs.
                                    that doing one’s best            sports                     ◊   I will be a good role
                                    is as important as         ◊     I will never question          model for my child.
                                    winning, so that my              the official’s judg-       ◊   I will become more
                                    child will never feel            ment or honesty in             familiar with my
                                    defeated by the out-             public                         child’s sport
                                    come of an event.          ◊     I will support all ef-
                                ◊   I will make my child             forts to remove verbal     Signed:________________

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