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									                           Windsor Park CE(C) Middle School

July 2008

Dear Parents

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to Windsor Park.

I hope the children will be very happy here and that you will all become fully involved in the
activities of the school.

We try to keep our school rules to a minimum and any we do have are those that are essential to
enable five hundred people to live together sensibly and safely. My own "golden rule" is USE

I hope that the information in the school prospectus given to you last October, or whenever you
visited us, has answered most of your questions about Middle Schools. If not, then please do
not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will help us to provide a better education for your children by enabling a close
relationship between yourselves and school to develop and that if any of you have time to spare,
we would welcome your appearance in the classroom, helping the PTFA or serving on the
Governing Body.

I look forward to our association over the next four years.

Yours sincerely

Chris James
                        WINDSOR PARK CE (C) MIDDLE SCHOOL

                                TEACHING STAFF 2008 - 2009

1.    Mr C James                    Headteacher
2.    Mr P F Slater                 Head of Physical Education      Deputy Headteacher
3.    Mrs A Powell                  Physical Education              Assistant Head
4.    Mr P Birch                    Mathematics                     Assistant Head
5.    Mr J Spence                   Head of Geography               Head of Woburn House
6.    Mr A Stirrup                  Science                         Head of Haddon House
7.    Mr R Thomas                   Mathematics                     Head of Chatsworth House
8.    Mrs Y Upton                   Head of English                 Head of Blenheim House
9.    Mr S Andrew                   Head of History
10.   Miss R Baramuszczak           Head of French
11.   Mrs E Barker                  Head of Science
12.   Miss H Taylor                 Science
13.   Mr. M. Burke                  SENCO
14.   Mrs J Dann                    English
15.   Mrs George                    English
16.   Mrs S Goodwin                 Head of Religious Education
17.   Mrs K Bould                   French
18.   Mr P Halfpenny                Head of Mathematics
19.   Mrs. H Jones                  French
20.   Miss E Kelly                  English
21.   Mrs J McQuaide                English
22.   Mrs E Neville                 Head of Art
23.   Mrs L Rose                    Head of Art
24.   Mrs M Tideswell               Mathematics
25.   Mrs L Wilbraham-Jones         Head of Technology
26.   Miss H Walker                 Physical Education


 1. Mrs C. Hollins (F) Chair
 2. Mr M. Hannan (C)
 3. Mrs L Toyne (F)
 4. Mr I Johnstone (P)
 5. Mrs S. Williams (LA)
 6. Mr D Price (P)
 7. Mrs F Ballentyne (P)
 8. Mrs N Taylor (P)
 9. Mrs M. Taylor (P)
 10. Mr S Finnie (P)
 11. Mrs H Drury (T)
 12. Mr C James (HT)
 13. Mr P Slater (T)
 14. Mr J Spence (T)
 15. Mrs C Lewis (F)
 16. Rev T Whittaker (F)

 (LA = County F = Foundation P = Parent T = Teacher C= Community)

All pupils are responsible for their own belongings. Everything brought to school must be
named. A small rucksack or satchel is necessary for carrying personal belongings and books.

Pupils are required to have their own pens, pencils, coloured pencil crayons, a ruler, a rubber, a
basic calculator and a glue stick. (N.B. we do not use ball pens (biros)! We prefer 'Berol
Handwriting pens or fountain/cartridge pens.

A separate bag (a polythene one will do) is needed for games/PE/swimming to avoid wet and
dirty books.

A pocket dictionary would be useful.

All pupils require an apron for Design & Technology/Art.
(Aprons and Stationery items can be purchased from the school office)


The school will have a lunch break of one hour (12.15 – 1.15). Lunch is cooked on the
premises and will cost £1.85 DAILY. There is always a choice of main courses including salads,
ploughman‟s and filled rolls; a choice of potatoes and a choice of two or three sweets including
fresh fruit and yoghurt. The meal includes a drink, which can be milk or diluted fruit juice. Water
is also available.

If preferred, a packed lunch may be brought and this will be eaten in the dining room with the
others having lunch.

No children go home for lunch. If you wish your child to come home we require notice of this in
writing. Children are not allowed off the premises without prior written permission and must be
collected from reception by an adult.


The welfare of your child is overseen by his or her Group Tutor and this is the person you should
contact initially if there are any problems. However, more serious problems will be dealt with by
the Head of House and/or Heads of Department. However, if the matter is not resolved it will be
referred to Mr P Slater (Boys Discipline), Mrs A Powell (Girls Discipline) and lastly to Mr C
James, Headteacher. Please use your child‟s Organiser as a way of communicating with subject
tutors and feel free to write questions in it. Pastoral problems should be sent by letter, to the
Group Tutor who will arrange an appointment for you.

We prefer children not to cycle to school.

To ride to school a child must:

a)     Live at least two miles from school

b)     Have permission from the school.
       (Please send a letter requesting permission to Mr. Slater (Deputy Head).

c)     Have completed a Cycling Proficiency Training Course.

d)     Have a roadworthy cycle.

e)     Have a cycle lock and chain.

N.B. Cycles brought to school are left entirely at the owner's risk.


Access to school is very difficult at the start and finish of the day with the arrival/departure of
                                    SCHOOL UNIFORM
All pupils are expected to wear school uniform. It is serviceable, sensible for school wear and
encourages a sense of belonging to the school community and a pride in their appearance. It
also avoids `one-upmanship' as far as their own clothes are concerned.

Items of uniform may be brought where parents wish or be home-made. The official uniform
stockist in Uttoxeter is “Buxton and Bonnett” in the High Street. Blazers are also available from
“Sportsland” in The Maltings.

For 2008 - 2009 our uniform is as follows:-

BOYS:        Blazers (Compulsory for Year 5)
             Grey Trousers (not cords, no outside pockets)
             Blue shirt
             House Tie (available from school)
             Plain grey V-necked pullover/cardigan
             Black shoes (not boots) i.e over the ankle
             Grey/White/Black socks

GIRLS:       Blazers (Compulsory for Year 5)
             Grey skirt/dress/ culottes/grey trousers (NOT bootleg or corduroys)
             Blue shirt/blouse
             House Tie
             Plain grey V-necked pullover/cardigan
             Black shoes (sensible)
             White socks/grey or black tights


BOYS:        GYM:                 Plain Black/White Shorts
                                  White `T' shirt
                                  Towel for showers
                                  White ankle socks

             GAMES:               Plain Black Shorts
                                  Football shirt - any colour
                                  Football socks – Navy Blue
                                  Football boots - do not buy until told

             SWIMMING: **         Swimming trunks and towel

GIRLS:       GYM:                 Navy shorts &
                                  White Aertex shirt
                                  Towel for showers
                                  White ankle socks

             GAMES:               Hockey socks 3/4 Royal Blue
                                  Hockey boots - do not buy until told
                                  Shin pads – mouth guard

             SWIMMING: **         Simple, plain, one-piece swimming costume
                                  Swimming cap if hair is long - towel.

**Only pupils who cannot swim or are ‘poor’ swimmers will attend swimming lessons.

* A sweatshirt is available to purchase from PE staff, which can be worn as an extra in
Games lessons.



„Aulos‟ recorders are available to purchase from “131” music shop in The Maltings, Uttoxeter.


This is not part of school uniform and should not be worn. (This includes any body-piercing,
tooth gems or ear-rings/studs). NO EARRINGS OR STUDS WILL BE ALLOWED SO

A wristwatch may be worn if desired.


Hairstyles are considered part of school uniform. In this respect styles should not be extreme.
For boys this means cut no shorter than a „No. 2‟ cut. No „lines or patterns‟
No hair colouring, bleach, metal slides or beads are permitted.
A bobble, clips or a hair net may be necessary to secure long hair away from the face. Boys with
hair long enough to get in the way of their work or to be a danger to their and others safety will
also have to wear a bobble etc.

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