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					                             First Presbyterian Church - Portville, NY

Volume 12, Issue 2                                                             November / December 2006

                     Message from Our Minister
      Where you go I will go, and where            struggle with spiraling despair and ends
          you stay I will stay.                    with unimaginable hope.          It remains
 Your people will be my people and your            timeless—speaks to every age—embraces
      God my God. [Ruth 1:16 NIV]                  circumstances that are unique to each of
                                                   our lives.    It is God’s eternal way of
       Our Scripture reading journey in            keeping in touch with us; sending us
November begins with a passage from the            encouragement; speaking words of love
O.T. Book of Ruth. That’s probably all I           and hope; reminding us that we are never
need to say for some of you who walk               alone. It is God’s way of bringing us
along with God’s Word through your                 together into community; to share our
days…days that have piled up into years.           faith together; to find strength in each
Ruth is for most, like a welcome pair of           other; to find love; loyalty; to know hope
comfortable old shoes. No matter how               together. As we continue to worship and
many new pairs you get, you never throw            work together, we continue to grow in our
away that favorite old pair. No matter             loyalty—for one another and in our love
how much Scripture you read, there are             and loyalty towards God. May God bless
certain stories that fit just right—that           the community of faith kept here in the
never wear thin—that always bring a sense          Name of Christ, and continue to
of wholeness to your heart, as you slip            encourage the witness we carry wherever
into them and let them carry you along.            we go.
      The story of Ruth and Naomi is a             Loving the journey in favorite old shoes,
story of love and loyalty. It begins in a                                          Marilyn

Inside this issue:
Lectionary                              Page 2         Nursery Schedule                        Page 7
Worship News                            Page 2         Hanging of the Greens                   Page 7
Mission News                            Page 3         Informational Ads                       Page 7
Talking Faith on the Fifth              Page 4         Calendar of Events                      Page 8
Finance News                            Page 5         Birthdates                              Page 9
Fast Fact For Food Pantry               Page 5         November Volunteers                     Page 9
Elusive Recipe                          Page 6         December Volunteers                    Page 10
PAGE 2                                                                                 V OLU ME 1 2, I SSUE 2

Lectionary for November / December 2006
November 5                         November 26                       December 17
31st Sunday of Ordinary Time       Christ the King Sunday            3rd Sunday of Advent
Psalm 146                          Psalm 132:1-12                    Isaiah 12:2-6
Hebrews 9:11-14                    Revelations 1:4b-8                Philippians 4:4-7
Mark 12:28-34                      John 18:33-37                     Luke 3:7-18

November 12                December 3                                December 24
32 Sunday of Ordinary Time 1st Sunday of Advent
                                                                     4th Sunday of Advent /
Psalm 127                  Psalm 25:1-10                             Christmas Eve
Hebrews 9:24-28            1 Thessalonians 3:9-13                    Luke 1:47-55
Mark 12: 38-44             Luke 21:25-36                             Hebrews 10:5-10
                                                                     Luke 2:1-14 (15-20)
November 19                        December 10
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time       2nd Sunday of Advent              December 31
Samuel 2 1:10                      Luke 1:68-79                      1st Sunday after Christmas
Hebrews 10:11-14, 19-25            Philippians 1:3-11                Psalm 148
Mark 13:1-8                        Luke 3:1-6                        Colossians 3:12-17
                                                                     Luke 2: 41-52

Worship Committee News                                               by Vickie

The Worship Committee              friends gather for dinner and      on this in the weekly bulletins
recently met under the             thank God that we can be           closer to that time.
direction of our Chairperson       together again. It is a time to
                                                                      Another Advent tradition that
Dave D. It has been brought        say our thanks for all of the
                                                                      is upcoming is the Advent
up that “Daylight Savings          blessings that have happened
                                                                      workshop on Nov. 2nd at North
Time” ended on        Saturday,    over the past year. Of course,
                                                                      Presbyterian Church in Wil-
October 28 . We hope every-
                                   we don’t need it to be
                                                                      liamsville. Anyone interested
one remembered to everyone         “Thanksgiving” to do that. We
                                                                      in going, please see Rev. Hale
to fall back one hour!       We    have that chance each and
                                                                      or Stephanie.
hope that everyone enjoyed         every day as we say our
that extra hour of daylight this   prayers. After all, we all
                                                                              We will be celebrating
past summer.                       have many things we
                                                                              our      traditional
                                   can be truly thankful
Now is the time when we look                                                  Christmas Eve service
to the changing of the                                                        again this year. The
seasons, yet again, as the         Shortly     after   our                    service will be centered
leaves change color and “fall”     Thanksgiving feast, it will be     around the Christmas Story
off the trees; the air turns       time to prepare for the Ad-        and will include readings and
chillier and the area starts to    vent Season when we decorate       lots of special music. It will
prepare for the winter months      the sanctuary for the coming       be at the usual time of 11
ahead. It won’t be long and        Christmas season with      our     o'clock p.m. We hope that
Thanksgiving will be upon us       traditional “Hanging of the        many can attend this wonder-
and we will be preparing those     Greens” event. This will take      ful service that brings the joys
wonderful turkey dinners! It       place on Sunday, December          of the Lord’s birth so close to
is a time that family and          3rd. Look for more information     our hearts.
VOLU ME 12 , ISSUE 2                                                                                 PAGE 3

On another note, the Worship “faith journey.”        On those           from Scripture and a hymn or
Committee is presenting a “fifth” Sundays, these “talks”                hymns you would want
new idea for worship entitled: will replace the sermon.                 included in that service. The
“Talking Faith on the                      Presentations will           worship service will be
Fifth.”    This special    “Talking Faith c o m e        from           tailored around the topics to
service will take place                    volunteers. If you           be presented. Please speak to
in the months that          on the Fifth”  don’t wish to “talk”         Dave or Rev. Hale if this is
have “five” Sundays.                       in a service, we are         something that you think you
We are looking for one or two also looking for articles for the         would like to do, to get
people who would like to newsletter—from you—about                      scheduled in.      We will be
make a 5 to 10 minute talk on your faith walk. We are not               putting notices in the weekly
how God has influenced their l o o k i n g  for    so me o n e’ s       bulletins as the time for these
lives; how God is a part of complete religious philosophy               talks approach to remind
their lives; where they see God but rather how God interacts            you—give you time to prepare
making a difference in their with your life—how your belief             your presentation. Be watching
lives, or how some specific in God has influenced and                   your bulletin if this is something
belief or religious experience continues to influence your              that you would like to do.
has influenced them on their life. Please include a passage

Mission Committee News                                              by Cso W

Thank you all for your             to participate in.                   Judy M. has taken charge of
generous support of the                                                 the “Gift Tree” Giving Project.
                                   Stephanie H. and Emily W.
Peacemaking Offering. Money                                             There will be gift tags on the
                                              are coordinating the
collected in the Peace Banks                                            Christmas tree in the Sanctu-
                                              Har vest      Sunday
totaled $115. You also                                                  ary on Sunday, December 3.
                                              Food        collection.
contributed $466 through the                                            Take a tag, purchase the gift
                                              Our goal is to
Peacemaking envelopes. The                                              item on the tag, wrap the gift
                                   provide 2 local families with
total collected was $571                                                and put the original gift tag on
                                   Thanksgiving food baskets.
exceeding our goal of $560 by                                           the gift. Once all of the gifts
                                   Look for information about this
$11. Our portion of the funds                                           are brought in, Judy will re-
                                   in the bulletins and listen for
collected will help send a local                                        place the original gift tag with
                                   Announcements on this as
youth to Peace Camp during                                              a tag that has the person’s
                                   well. The Harvest Sunday food
the 2007 camping season at                                              name on it that will be receiv-
                                   collection will start on Nov. 5th
Camp Duffield.                                                          ing the gift. Sometimes we
                                   with all donations being in by
                                                                        Presbyterians want to go that
Please keep the Katrina Relief     Nov. 19th to provide some
                                                                        extra step and place that per-
volunteers (Stephanie and Joe      time for the purchase of
                                                                        fect gift tag on the gift you
H., Judy M., Mark H., Shelley      turkeys and the baskets to be
                                                                        purchased. This slows down
P., and Russ D.) in pray as they   assembled.
                                                                        the process of organizing the
work in the Slidell, LA area on                                         gifts because Judy uses the
                                   We will again be “Ringing the
the continued repair and                                                gift tags as a check against a
                                   Bells” for the Salvation Army at
cleanup of homes of that area.                                          master list     to assure each
                                   the Portville Park and Shop.
The group will be leaving on                                            family member has the same
                                   This event is planned for
Friday, Nov. 3 and Saturday,                                            amount of gifts. If the original
                                   Saturday, December 2. Barb K.
November 4. The group will                                              gift tags are not on the gifts
                                   and Barb F. are coordinating
retur n   to    Port ville    on                                        Judy has to unwrap to gift to
                                   this hands-on mission project.
November 12th.                                                          identify the gift. (No! Judy has
                                   Listen during Announcements
The Mission Committee has          for when the sign up sheet will      not developed x-ray vision
been very busy with plans for      be available for “Ringing the        yet - as much as she wants
some hands-on        Mission       Bells”.                              to!)
projects for the congregation
PAGE 4                                                                        V OLU ME 1 2, I SSUE 2

Talking Faith on the Fifth                  by Vickie S.

I am not one to get up in      was of her for overcoming     churches before we felt truly
front of everyone and talk     some of the obstacles in      welcome. On our first visit to
so I thought that I would      her path.     This was a      this church, we were greeted
like to do mine via the        pretty emotional time for     by Mark Hendrix. He made
newsletter as was one of       both of us. You see, she      us feel so welcome.        He
the suggestions that Dave      also did not have a lot of    greeted us with the same
made on Sunday. As a           God's influence in her life   kind of greeting that you
child, I attended the          prior to her joining the      would give an old friend.
Baptist Church in Castile      Marines.    She had just      Needless to say, this is the
then the Baptist Church of     started her Catechism         church that we were lead to.
Belmont.      Growing up I     classes and was begin-
didn't think a lot about the   ning to be aware that we      Since being baptized and
presence of God in my          all need to have some         joining this church, I have
life. I guess as a teenager    divine help. She told me      had some rough patches to
some of us think that we       of her hopes and dreams       get thru. Most of them deal
can handle what life           and that she wanted to be     with the loss of a loved one.
throws us on our own.          a career Marine.              My Grandma Swain passed
                                                             away in September of 2002,
As an adult, I sometimes       As I reflect back on this     my Grandma Bliven in July of
thought about God but          talk with her, I began to     2003 and then my Dad in
still really never felt cen-   realize that she in turn      November of 2004. Each of
tered around him. Boy          was helping me. I think       these losses was a great trial
how life can change in the     this was her way of pre-      for me but I know my Dad's
blink of an eye. When he       paring me for the days        passing was by far the hard-
finally did get my atten-      ahead. She had only been      est. But each week I come to
tion he did it in a big way.   back on base 1 month          church and see that circle
I think God mostly made        when she was killed. If       above the pulpit and read the
me aware of his presence       not for our talk, I would     words written there.     Each
when my niece Brenda           not have known where to       week I find the comfort that I
Frederick was tragically       turn when writing the         so need. I know that God
killed in a training acci-     eulogy that my brother        brought me to this church for
dent at Fort Leonard Wood      asked me to write. In-        this reason-to help me
in Missouri.                   stead I was able to look to   believe that we will meet our
                               the bible and hear what       loved ones again and it will
She had just been home         she had told me about         truly be a joyous time.
with us for Christmas. One     God's steadfast love and
day    while    here   she     how it endures forever.       There is a song that we sing
stopped in to see me at                                      sometimes that I have a hard
work at Kaybee Toys in         After this event, Carey       time singing but only be-
the mall. I took my lunch      and I both decided that       cause I stop to listen to my
break                          we needed to go to            heart. One Sunday when I
and walked with her. We        church to find the solace     was young,       I attended
had a wonderful talk that      that only a sanctuary can     church with my Grandpa and
day. I told her how much I     offer. I need to say that     Grandma Bliven and they
loved her and how proud I      we visited many area          sang this song during their
VOLU ME 12 , ISSUE 2                                                                         PAGE 5

worship service. When we           front near my Dad's casket,      I can say in mere words.
sing this song, I can still        I could look up and yet          All I need to do now to
hear my Grandpa's tenor            again the words above the        know his presence and the
voice singing it. Needless         pulpit were there to             presence of my loved one
to say, God again was at           remind me that I will see        is listen to my heart.
work in my life but at the         him again. I now believe         There I find them each and
time I did not realize it.         that if you truly need God,      every time waiting for me
The song is "How Great             ask and he will come to          to come to them. Look to
Thou Art." Each and every          you.     I asked him after       the "circle" if you need a
time we sing it I am taken         Brenda was killed and he         little boost and you will see
back to that time.                 answered by bringing me          the words that I am talking
                                   to this church.                  about.       "So you have
I had requested that this                                           sorrow now but truly I tell
song be sung at my Dad's           These are the moments in         you, we will meet again
funeral because I thought          my life that have brought        and no one will take that
we all needed to remember          me to where my heart is          joy from you." Then when
that in the time of great          today. My "faith journey"        we sing "How Great Thou
grief God is still with us         took awhile in coming but        Art" think of all the
and that we should praise          when it did it was amazing.      wonderful works God has
him for all of his truly           My faith in God now has          done in your life.
great works. As I stood up         brought me more joy than

Finance Committee News                               By Kathy H.

       The 2007 pledge         November 12th!                              Please take the time
letter will soon be arriving                                       to consider what message
in your mailbox.        The    •    Be ready for commitment.       God is placing upon your
Finance and Stewardship        •    Be ready for stewardship.      heart. Is he first? He needs
Committee would like all       •    But most of all, be ready      to be in the forefront of all
members of the congrega-            for God!                       of our commitments! God is
tion to be ready on                                                first in 2007! Amen

 Fast Facts For Food Pantry                                          By Cso W.

The Portville Community               tables                       and pick up a food item or
Food Pantry has seen a rise        • 58 bags of egg noodles        two. If there are not enough
in the number of families          • 70 boxes of macaroni          boxes of spaghetti for
being served in the last              and cheese                   distribution that food item
year or so. Below are              • 70 cans of soup               is purchased using funds
statistics from the Food           • 70 cans of applesauce         from the Food Pantry
Pantry distribution day for        • 46 small cans of tuna         account. In the past $100 in
the month of October.              • 12 large cans of tuna         petty cash was enough to
• 58 families served               • 70 lbs of spaghetti           take care of 2 months worth
• 139 people served                • 70 cans of spaghetti          of extra food purchases.
• 1,251 meals provided                sauce                        Today, we are using about
• 70 cans of green beans           Please keep these facts in      $100 per month to buy the
• 70 cans of mixed vege-           mind as you buy groceries       extra food needed.
PAGE 6                                                                               V OLU ME 1 2, I SSUE 2

The Elusive Recipe                      By Ronda P.

       The recent gift of a church cookbook to our church library by Wilda H. brought
back many fond memories of a recipe that I had a very difficult time tracking down. It
was in the early 1970’s that I was invited to an annual holiday party at which the most
tender melt in your mouth Parker house Rolls were served. They were tiny and because
of the shape you could make small sandwiches with the little pieces of ham and beef
plus condiments that were served. I discovered that the caterer was none other than a
Portville lady that many of you may pleasantly remember – Thelma Gayton.
       It was while Thelma worked as a cook for the Donald Dusenbury family in the
1930’s that she honed her culinary skills and was later able to start her own catering
business. For many years Thelma catered many parties, weddings, christenings etc.
throughout the Olean-Portville area.
       Getting back to the holiday party I mentioned, I decided I just had to have the rec-
ipe for those rolls. When asked, Thelma replied that the recipe was in the Presbyterian
Cookbook. I checked all the Presbyterian Cookbooks I owned, As Portville Presbyterians
Cook, 1954 by the Women’s Christian Council and an undated later publication, Cooking
Favorites of Portville by the same group. I went over and over the cookbooks. No recipe
that seemed anything like the one I was searching for. Had I overlooked it? I didn’t
know of any other cookbook published by our church.
        A few years went by and then one day my Mother-in-law, Christel Pollock, was
showing me some of her cookbooks. Here was a hard bound Portville Presbyterian
cookbook I had no idea existed. Forty Years of Famous Foods compiled and edited by
The Busy Bee Organization of the First Presbyterian Church of Portville, NY, 1940,
printed by the Olean Times Herald. I quickly search the yeast breads recipes and there it
was on page 12! I couldn’t wait to try it. It is such great dough and can be used suc-
cessfully for stickie buns as well as the rolls. I think it’s the real mashed potatoes that
are the important ingredient so you shouldn’t substitute potato flakes.
       Since I can no longer eat wheat, I have adapted the recipe using gluten-free flours
And when I am feeling very generous I make the original recipe for the family and dream
about the way things used to taste.
       Our appreciation to Wilda for making this cookbook available to all our church

         Refrigerator Rolls   Method: Dissolve the yeast      until doubled in bulk. Then
                              in lukewarm water. Pour         work down and place in the
1 yeast cake                  the scalded milk over the       refrigerator   until needed.
½ cup lukewarm water          shortening, salt, sugar and     One hour before baking
1 cup scalded milk            mashed potatoes. Beat well,     time take the desired
1/3 cup sugar                 and when lukewarm, add          amount of the dough out of
½ cup of shortening           the yeast and mix well. Add     the bowl and shape into
1 teaspoon salt               the eggs and flour to make      rolls.   Allow to rise until
1 cup of hot mashed pota-     a firm but not a stiff dough.   light, and then bake about
toes                          Turn out on the board and       15-20 minutes.
2 eggs, well beaten           knead until smooth. Place
51/2 or 6 cups of flour       in a greased bowl large         This recipe was contributed to the cook-
                                                              book by Mrs. Lois Strong Fobes, Olean
                              enough to permit rising
VOLU ME 12 , ISSUE 2                                                                              PAGE 7

Nursery Schedule November / December                                                by Julie P.

 Thank you to all our volunteers! We appreciate your time and willingness to serve the
 children of our church family. Please remember it is your responsibility to find some-
 one to cover for you in the event you are unable to fulfill your duties.

Month                  Week               Attendant                   Assistant
November               5th                Julie S.                    Bizzy W.
                       12th               Emmy W.                     Kristen W.
                       19th               Diana D.                    Kathlyn G.
                       26th               Lauri G.                    Kelsea G.
December               3rd                Jacquie H.                  Lindsay G.
                       10th               Lerin H.                    Clara H.
                       17th               Sharon H.-M.                Sophia H.
                       24th               Barb K.                     Emily L.
                       31st               Kari K.                     Courtney S.

       Hanging of the Greens - December 3
  List of Events for Hanging of the Greens
     (All events follow worship service)

                  Light Lunch
        Provided by Congregational Care

              Advent Craft for everyone
              Provided by Christian Ed.                        For the months of Nov. /Dec
                                                           the Portville Community Food Pantry
               Hanging of the Greens                                  will be collecting
              Under the direction of the
                Worship Committee
                                                                 Spaghetti and Sauce
                                                                  Macaroni & Cheese
                                                                    Pork & Beans
                       Ladies' Night Out                   Soup, canned fruits & vegetables
                    Tuesday, December 12th
                           6:00 p.m.                        Tuna, rice, pastas
                       Mickey's Outback
            Gift Exchange: Holiday Soap Dispenser        Please leave your food
           Sign up in the narthex or call (933-7540)
             or email (
                                                         donations in the basket
                                                         located in the Narthex.
PAGE 8                                                                      V OLU ME 1 2, I SSUE 2

Dates to Remember: November 2006
11/01        Finance Committee, 7 p.m.
11/02        Mission Committee, 7 p.m.
             Advent Workshop, North Presbyterian Church, Williamsville, 7-9 p.m.
11/04        Slidell volunteers leaving Portville
11/05        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship and Communion, 11 a.m.
11/06        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
11/07        Committee on Ministry, Orchard Park, 10 a.m.
11/08        Session, 7 p.m.
11/12        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.; Stewardship Commitment
             Slidell volunteers returning to Portville
11/13        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
             Interfaith Caregivers Board meeting, 3:30 p.m.
11/15        Food Pantry open 10 a.m. to noon and 6-8 p.m.
             USDA foods delivered
11/19        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.; Harvest Sunday
11/20        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
11/23        Happy Thanksgiving!
11/26        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.
11/27        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
11/28        Presbytery Meeting, Bacon Memorial Presbyterian Church,
             Niagara Falls, 1:30 p.m.

Dates to Remember: December 2006
12/02        Salvation Army Kettle Program, "Ring the Bell" at the Service Store,
             9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
12/03        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship and Communion, 11 a.m.; 1st Sunday of
             Advent; "Hanging of the Greens"
             Craft and Luncheon following worship
         "   Tags" from the Gift Tree will be available
12/04        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
12/05        Committee on Ministry, Orchard Park, 10 a.m.
12/10        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.; 2nd Sunday of Advent
12/11        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
12/12        Annual Christmas Ladies Night Out, Mickey's Restaurant, 5:30 p.m.
12/13        Session, 7 p.m.
12/17        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.; Children's Christmas Program
             Gifts for the Gift Tree should be returned, wrapped with the "tag" attached
12/18        Bible Study, Jo Dunbar's house, 10 a.m.
12/20        Food Pantry open 10 a.m. to noon and 6-8 p.m.
             USDA foods delivered
12/24        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.
             Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 11 p.m.
12/25        Merry Christmas!
             Bible Study is canceled.
12/31        Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Worship, 11 a.m.– Talking Faith on the Fifth
V OLU ME 12 , ISSUE 2                                                                             PAGE 9

                                Birthdates to Remember
                November, 2006                                        December, 2006

           3               Megan P.                             5         Peg D.
           10              Tim Kl.                               6        Rachel B.
                                                                 6        Clara H.
           14              Mary Ann C.
                                                                 7        Diana D.
           16              Tom P.                               7         Ron L.
           17              Connie K.                            10        McKenzie G.
           18              Mark H.                              13        Norm K.
           21              Joyce R.                             16        Sophia H.
           24              Tom C.                               18         Emily L.
                                                                21         Kari K.
           24              Randy S.
                                                                21         Arlo W.
           30              Julie B.                             26          Lois A.
                                                                27         Anna B.

                  Welcome to our new church members
                            • Barb Bliven
                            • Julie Shields
                            • Joan Vaine

                  Volunteers for the month of: November 2006

       Date                 Nov. 5             Nov. 12               Nov. 19            Nov. 26

Greeters                                       Ruth B. &                           Judy & Randy
and Ushers               Bob & Barb F.                          Lila & Bob P.
                                                Julie B.                                M.

Liturgist                Sharon H.-M.          Diana D.              Jim B.         Shirley L.

Acolyte                 Holy Communion        Courtney S.            Clara H.       Kristen W.

                          Julie S./         Emily & Kristen       Diana D. &        Lauri G. &
                          Bizzy W.                W.              Kathlyn G.        Kelsea G.

Prayer                    Lauri/Sean         Rev. Marilyn                         Mary Lou / Ike
                                                              Amber H. & Family
Family                   G.snd Family            Hale                                  H.

Elder for the month:             Kathy H.
                   Volunteers for the month of: December 2006
        Date                  Dec. 3               Dec. 10          Dec. 17         Dec. 24        Dec. 31

 Greeters                                                          Ronda P. &        Mark,
 and                      Dave & Diana              The Hill                                    Mary Ann &
                                                                     Sharon          Kathy,
                               D.                    Family                                      Verna C.
 Ushers                                                              H.-M.        Sophia, Clara

 Liturgist                   Kathy H.               Lila P.         Rachel B.       Julie P.        Ray R.

                           Lighting the           Lighting the                     Lighting the
 Acolyte                                                           Lighting the                   Player to be
                              Advent                 Advent                           Advent
                                                                  Advent Wreath                   named later
                             Wreath                 Wreath                           Wreath

 Nursery                  Jacquie H. &             Lerin H.&     Sharon H.-M. &     Barb K. &      Kara K. &
                           Lindsay G.               Clara H.        Clara H.         Emily L.     Courtney S.

 Prayer                   Jacquie / Ed           Mark, Kathy                      Steph /Joe /      Norm /
 Family                                                             Wilda H.
                           and Family            Sophia, Clara                        Lerin        Connie K.

 Elder for the month:                        Shirley Longbothum

         PORTVILLE, NY
19 North Main Street
Portville, NY 14770

Voicemail: 933-6426

Worship hours:
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m. - ages 3 to adult
Worship Service: 11:00 a.m.


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