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					                         PHYSICAL ACTIVITY WRITE-UP

Name of student submitting work: Kyndra Golden               Date: 03/9/11

Name of Activity: Dribbling Math Challenge

Grade (specific): 4th

Lesson Focus: foot dribbling

Lesson Sub-focus: mostly multiplication and division, but some addition and subtraction

T.E.K.S. taught:
                         PE: 4.B.
1(K) demonstrate key elements in manipulative skills such as volleying, hand dribble,
foot dribble, punt, striking with body part, racquet, or bat.
                         Math: 4.B.
(3) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student adds and subtracts to
solve meaningful problems involving whole numbers and decimals. The student is
expected to:
        (A) use addition and subtraction to solve problems involving whole numbers; and

(4) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student multiplies and divides to
solve meaningful problems involving whole numbers. The student is expected to:

       (D) use multiplication to solve problems (no more than two digits times two
       digits without technology); and

       (E) use division to solve problems (no more than one-digit divisors and three-
       digit dividends without technology).

Equipment: Soccer ball (one per person), 25-50 cones (with numbers on them), math
problem cards, 4-6 hula hoops

Organization: Will need a general space (medium to large gym). The hula hoops will be
at one side of the gym. The cones will be spread around the gym. Students will take turns
getting/returning a soccer ball off of the rack.

Description of Activity: The teacher will pass out the math cards to begin with. At the
sound of “go”, students will dribble while walking to their answer. (I will not tell them
what the cones say so that way they will get more practicing dribbling while they find
their answer.) Once the students have found their answer they will check their answer
with people around them. After everyone has checked students will go back to the hula
hoops and put their card in the hoops and grab a different card. On “go” the will repeat
the process.

Teaching Suggestions/Variations (at least 2!):
       1. Go over some basic multiplication and division skills to get students ready for
          the game.
       2. Have students start with a walk and then work up to a jog and slight run to
          make the dribbling more challenging.
       3. For students with vision problems, assign them a partner. Have the partner
          dribble and both students will answer the question. (This way both of the
          students are getting exercise and one is practicing the skill.)

Safety Considerations (at least 2!):
Remind students:
    Watch where you are going, don’t bump into others.
    No pushing or tripping others.
    No kicking the ball at others.

Source: http://www.pecentral.org/lessonideas/ViewLesson.asp?ID=3789

(I changed up some of the instructions and equipment.)

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