— Leigh Beihl Edible Arrangements stores are located at 17665

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					motifs with juicy pineapple daisies, spires of grapes and
luscious strawberry blossoms, are a great addition to any
buffet table, with chocolate-dipped varieties making a
perfect dessert.
    Like the traditional fruit basket, these are great gifts
for clients and employees, as well as family members.
Themed arrangements are available for holidays and
special events.
    Edible Arrangements also offers gourmet boxed
treats: strawberries and apple wedges dipped in dark or
white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed nuts.
    “So many people are making better eating choices and
there’s clearly a move toward fresh foods and a healthy
lifestyle,” says Ms Conley. “We still want treats. We still
like things that are tasty and attractive, but we want
treats that are good for us, too.”
                                                    — Leigh Beihl

    Edible Arrangements stores are located: at 17665 Leslie
St., north of Davis Drive in Newmarket; at 209 Main St.
Unionville; in Richmond Hill at the northeast corner of
Leslie and 16th Avenue; and in Vaughan at Tuscany Place at
Vaughan Mills mall. Products can also be seen online at

Neat Treats: Jocelyn Conley tastes a fresh slice of watermelon from one
of her creative fruit baskets.        Photography by Michael Barrett

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62   north of the city

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