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Shaune Royer
What genre/s of music will your
      magazine cover?

 R„n‟B because there is a wide variety of
 people who like this genre & also
 people who are involved with this genre
 i.e the artists
Who is the target audience? How
   old are they? Where do they
 live? What are their interests?
• Target audience is 16 yrs +
• Aimed for girls & boys who live mainly in
  east & south London because the genre is
  known most in those to places
• They should be interested in the
  new/latest music, ringtones, concerts,
  competitions etc
 Name of your magazine? Why?
• Another BANG!!- because
  RnB music always has something new if
  that‟s either artists or music & it always
  gets rated as people all over the world
  from places like America & England listen
  & like the music
• It always comes out with a big BANG to
  wow its audience
   What will your masthead look
 like? Do you have any ideas for
• Thick & bold to stand out & appeal to the
  readers naked eye
• The use of 1st & secondary colours due to
  more variety
• More leaning towards blue as the “B” in
  R„n‟B stands for blue (Rhythm & Blues)
  What will be the focal image for your
              front cover & why?
What photography will be required? Give
  details in shot type, angle & position
• A mid shot image of the artists I will
  interview facing the camera with a front
  body pose because as they are a new
  artists, it will be clear for the readers to
  see there features properly
• A close up would be used in the interview
  to get close & personal to the artists
     What mise en scene will be
   required? Location? Clothing?
     Make up? Lighting? Use of
• A plain light or dark colour background
  (depending on the colour of the person)so the
  image of the artist can be clear & visible
• Tight, fitting clothes as it‟s a girl- plain white top
  as that represents purity & as she‟s a new artist
  bringin new music
• The use of gold jewellery to accessorize for her
  personal needs
• High or low key lighting to give an effect
 What would be your sell lines?
 How will you entice your target
• The names of other artist that feature in
  the magazine alongside their new
  single/album giving the reader a taste of
  what to expect inside
• Other things such as competitions, tickets,
  concerts etc
   What items & feature articles
    would you need on your
          contents page?
• A letter from the editor with a small image
  besides it
• A list of what‟s included in the magazine
  with page numbers to make it look more
  professional & for easier access
What is the focus of your double
  page spread? (interview?
   Feature? Reviews? etc)

• An interview of the artist front my front
• Also concerts coming up, what‟s old music
  (2009) & what‟s new music (2010)
    What photography will be
  required for the double page
  spread? Give specific details.
• Image of artist getting interviewed
  including long shots & mid shots, front
  lighting (shows a clear view), silhouette
  lighting (if needed, just an idea) etc
• Images of new singles/albums

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